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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it was my very first vote. >> oh, yes. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" with a lot of news right now. tonight "on the record" donald trump and dr. ben carson continuing their domination and wydening their lead over the 2016 field and more traditional candidates. top two tier candidates hot on the campaign trail. >> the president thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. [boos] >> this is the news. >> i get a chance to speak in a lot of different places, but my favorite place to speak in is at church. >> hillary and bernie sanders, they just couldn't give things away fast enough. and they are giving them to illegal immigrants. listening to this guy, he is going to tax you people at 90%. going to take everything. and nobody has heard the term communism. you know what? i call him a
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socialist/communist, okay? because that's what he is. >> are there bad, rotten teachers? yes. bad, rotten doctors? yes. [ laughter ] bad, rotten politicians? >> yes. [ laughter ] i have the nasaist looking picture for for a period of time that's what we have got to do. >> brand new polls showing two political outsiders are the one to beat. one outsider on decline. donald trump in first with 25%, dr. ben carson sitting just behind with 22%. but carly fiorina falling to 7% after soaring in the polls earlier in the race. former white house deputy chief of staff under george w. bush karl rove goes "on the record." good evening, karl. and are you coming to terms with the fact that donald trump could be the nominee of your party? >> well, he could be the
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nominee. look, we are a long way away. you go back to september and october of 2011, and september and october of 2007, and different person was in the lead in each of those months than ended up being the nominee. we are going to start voting this time around a month later than we had in the last two presidential contests. in 2008 and 2012. we have a long way to go. 26.2%, mr. trump's number in the real clear politics average is still a long way from 50%. >> so what changes the path? because if you look at the numbers, his have continued to go up so have dr. ben carson. that's his biggest challenge right now. what changes it so his numbers don't continue to rise or start to decline? >> let's be careful. he actually peaked in the real clear politics average, mr. trump did, the donald was at 31, nearly 31 on september 19th. he is down now in real clear
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politics 26.2. he looks like he is moving up in the "wall street journal" poll because he improved over the last time that they did it but if you average all these polls together and follow them, he peaked on september 19th. declined and has risen a little recently. ben carson has been rising pretty much through most of september and october. and sort of plateauing out. carly fiorina is the one that sort of real willly the interesting movement. between the 1st of september and the 28th of september, in all the polls she was somewhere between 13% to 15% in the polls. and today she is in the real clear politics average i think just over 5%. >> what happened to her? how do your numbers go down? >> lots of people have not made up their decision. vast majority of voters are not locked in or even might have made a decision. they might have a preference who you are for today but not locked. in carly fiorina did well in the debates, she did well in the kennedy dee baits and
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well in the second one. boosted the numbers. out of sight and out of mind. you need to have a second or third act besides what you are doing in the debates. she is, i think, falters because after the debate lights were turned off she sort of disappeared from public view. the question is will she move again when this debate comes up and that's going to be important for the national polls. what's really mattering now is how are these candidates doing in building an organization connecting with voters in iowa, new hampshire, to a lesser extent south carolina and nevada. and we won't know that for months. i mean, remember, at this point rick santorum in the national polls was an asterisk and he was the guy who would be the iowa caucuses. >> all right, karl. thank you very much. i concede that we have got a long way to go. a lot can happen. thank you, karl. donald trump and ben carson obviously the g.o.p. favorites. at least for now. how are more traditional candidates called insiders doing in the new nbc news "wall street journal" poll putting marco rubio in third
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with 13%. ted cruz with 9%. and jeb bush with 8%. the "on the record" political panel is here from "the washington post karen tempty and senior editor nina easton. let me give you receipt verse question i gave karl. how do these insiders and governors and senators, that you do they get their numbers up? >> how do they get the numbers up? donald trump gets out of the race. i think part of the problem is that there is a bit of wishful thinking going on among so-called establishment republicans that donald trump is just -- he is going to fade, right? we're now in the third month of him sitting atop the polls, even if as karl says he peaked. and he -- and, when you compare him to somebody like a lot of republicans like to say well giuliani was on top in 2007, through most of that year. and actually went in and lost iowa, new hampshire, but he was never ahead in iowa and new hampshire. and donald trump is. that is the bigs that the big elephant for a lot of
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these candidates. outside of dallas hundreds of candidates. 14,000 member church. and as the 6,000 people who showed up to listen to these six who were there going in, the name, i kept hearing more than any other was the name of one of the guys who wasn't there, which was donald trump. and, again, donald trump is exciting this much interest in an evangelical audience tells you that, you know, the republican base is really, really disbursed right now. >> there is talk at that time so-called establishment is going to go after him. it's so interesting that every time they have tried to go after him, anybody, even like club for growth tried to go after him, showing him as a flip flopper and you are just a bunch of chumps if you think he is not a liberal, right? what does he do? he dismisses club for growth as this insignificant organization by the way they tried to hit me up for money. any time and karen mentions
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evangelicals, way back last summer when he said i don't really need to ask forgiveness for anything and by the way my book sold about as many as the bike and it still didn't turn off evangelicals. where is the point of attack that you can make? >> so as republican so-called establishment, are they beginning to embrace him and recognize that there is a possibility if you look at the numbers, the election were today he is the guy. if they begin to embrace the fact that he may be the candidate? >> i don't know that they are embracing the fact that he may be the candidate but you do get this sort of seven stages of grief going on here they have moved out of denial. >> what's money going to do? come january i think governor bush has a lot of money. does the dynamic change where money is going to make a difference? >> he is running low on money at this point. >> governor bush is? >> at this point. you know, he is in terms of cash, he has raised a lot but he has spent a lot. >> what's he spending it on? >> on salaries and
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advertising and so the question is i don't know what kind of resource situation he is going to be in. >> who is the richest candidate besides going in donald trump is a billionaire. who is going to be the richest candidate? >> ted cruz has some big individual supporters. marco rubio. going back to this poll, marco rubleio is the one candidate the insider candidate that seems to be moving up. and it's interesting that ted cruz, even some establishment republicans are thinking ted cruz is going to be the one that everybody goes to once donald trump falls. once again, you know. >> but he hasn't fallen yet. >> in fact, the trend is the other direction. at least for now. anyway, karen, nina, thank you both very much. >> thanks. and one quick move vice president joe biden propping himself up and simultaneously taking a swipe at secretary hillary clinton. clinton has claimed she was always 100 percent behind the daring seal team six raid. today vice president biden saying that might not be true. >> there are only two people
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who were definitive and absolutely certain beyond panetta said go and bob gates who has already publicly said this don't go. others were 59, had 41. some said go. it was such a close call. i joked and said y'all sound like 17 larry summers, economists on the one hand are and the other hand. and he said joe, what would you do? there was a third option that i didn't really think we should do. i said well, i think we should make one more pass with another uav to see if it is. and the reason i did that is i didn't want to take a position to go if that was not where he was going to go. as soon as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs. i said i told them my opinion i thought he should go but to follow his own instincts. it would have been a mistake. imagine if i had said in front of everyone, don't go
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or go and his decision was a different decision. it undercuts that relationship. so, i never on a difficult issue never say what i think finally until i go up in the oval with him alone. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry joins he moo. ed? >> good to see u greta. you know what's significant what said a long way of saying he revised where he was on the usama bin laden raid at the very end. the vice president has told this story many times about being with the entire war cabinet and sort of, you know, being careful to not say what his position was. hillary clinton in her book by the way last year said that vice president biden was very skeptical of the raid. all of that is consistent until the last part where the vice president today added something new, which is after that meeting in front of everyone, he went upstairs with the president and told him one-on-one i
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think you should go but you have to go with your gut. that's what's new today. what's significant about it is again in her book, hillary clinton says she was saying let's go. vice president biden was skeptical. that makes him look weak on one of the most important national security decisions obviously that any president, not just this president has made ever. and so this sign, adding to the fact that he beat up a bit on hillary clinton today for the second straight day, the vice president said in his speech republicans are not my enemies. they are my friends. that contradicts what hillary clinton said in the debate there when she was asked about her enemies. all of these are tea leaves saying is he revising things. is he launching attacks. he is getting ready, perhaps, to get in. >> do we have a date when we can expect? ridiculous. >> here is what i think is really going on. i have talked to several people close to him who say that in phone calls and private meetings he has indicated he wants to get. in is likely to get in, but that he is not going to be
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rushed. in one phone call i'm told very recently he said "i'm going to get in but over the next month." >> he is not going to be on the georgia ballot if he does that. >> when you heard timetables of 48 hours or whatnot. someone inside the biden camp is throwing out a timetable might be artificial. vice president, you have got to go. because he has blown through some deadlines. when you see trial balloons and leaks, somebody is saying enough is enough. if you really want to do it, do it. i think he wants to do it but he hasn't quite pushed the button. >> ed, thank you. >> good to see. >> you this is a fox news alert. another deadly day in israel. palestinian terrorists mows down two israelis ramming his van straight into them. that palestinian pulling out a knife before being shot dead. fox news correspondent conor powell is live in jerusalem. conner? >> yeah, greta. another bloody day here for just a few hours ago. an attack on israeli soldier near hebron, that brings the total four attacks today. unlike previous days and
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weeks here, none of the attacks in jerusalem. they are primarily centered in the palestinian west bank and israeli settlements there. now, u.n. secretary general ban can ban ki-moon has arrived here to bring calm and ease tensions here. is he meeting with both israeli and palestinian leaders in the next 48 hours. he urged poet sides today to step back from the, quote: dangerous abyss. the visit comes after weeks of blood shed that erupted over tensions at jerusalem's holist sites known as. temple mounts. the attacks happening here taking place in other places but primarily here in jerusalem. most of the attackers that we have seen on the palestinian side coming from east jerusalem that seems to be the hot bed of the activity. although we are starting to see some of these attackers come from hebron and a place we have seen a lot of attackers in the past come from. secretary of state john kerry is expected to arrive here in the region in the coming days. it's not quite clear where
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he will goal and who he will meet with exactly. he is expected to meet with israeli prime minister and president mahmoud abbas, the palestinian authority some time in the coming days. we are told, greta, that could coming as late as friday. so, for all the talk of urgency and reducing texas here and ending theviolence. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry doesn't appear to be in a huge rush to get here. he has meetings in europe. and it may be be the end of the week before any type of dialogue happens between the secretary and other leaders here in the region, greta. >> conner, when i spoke with prime minister netanyahu about two weeks ago in new york. he said to me, he was very down on the u.n. dolls he see ban ki-moon coming to israel as siding with the palestinians or does he see him coming to israel with with sort of an open mind to try to resolve this and recognizing at least prime minister netanyahu's position this is predicated on the fact that president abbas lied twice about the israelis and that provoked the violence? >> yeah. prime minister netanyahu was pretty gracious to the secretary general arriving
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today. in all honesty, neither the palestinians or israelis have a great deal of hope for the u.n. in terms of solving the problems here. i would say they have a slightly more hope that secretary of state john kerry could come here. the fact of the matter is that the ongoing conflict here is based on tensions here that are long running, and the international community whether or not it's the u.s., the eu, the un, they have proven to be ineffective in solving the problems here. i don't think either prime minister netanyahu or the palestinian leadership has much in the way of great hope for any of these international diplomats that are arriving here in the coming days, greta. >> conner, thank you. and as noted, the secretary of state john kerry is heading to berlin. that's to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there who has h. existing trip to germany already planned. the secretary's trip is to escalating violence in israel. today as conner just reported the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon did make that surprise visit to israel and prime minister
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netanyahu slamming the palestinianians and president mahmoud abbas today. >> in the face of this terrorism, israel is acting as any democracy would to defend its citizens. we are not, i repeat, we are not using excessive force. now, international community truly wants to help end the blood shed and the violence, i believe it must affirm israel's proven commitment to the status quo he in the temple mount. it must support israel's right to self-defense. and it must hold president abbas accountable for his dangerous words. mr. secretary, these are pressing subjects. i look forward to discussing them with you. how we can restore calm and reconciliation and security. that is important. and that is the order of the day. i welcome you here in jerusalem. like forward to our discussion. >> former u.n. ambassador to
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the united nations john bolton is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. the secretary u.n. going to the region. i can't see that as well received to the prime minister. he spoke about the fact that there have been 20 resolutions against israel this year and only other countries that got sanctions against them was iran, syria. and syria wasn't one of them. ban ki-moon more even handed than other people at the u.n. i'm surprised that ban ki-moon did go to jerusalem. one of the reasons i felt back in 2000 of he would be a good secretary general was he was not obsessed with the idea of this even handed so-called solution between israel and the palestinians. and i have to wonder if there is something else at work here. not just a concern about the violence but whether there is some message that he is conveying to netanyahu privately and particular netanyahu about the mood at the u.n. or maybe reinforcing what i'm afraid
4:18 pm
john kerry may be telling netanyahu in germany when they meet. >> you know, what's upset israeli prime minister is the suggestion that sort of this moral equivalency when the -- when the prime minister said that this was provoked by two lies by president abbas. and i'm curious whether you think that the u.s. saying this moral equivalency was not necessarily met because they believe it or the only way to sort of get the palestinians to the table as well to try to put the lid on this violence? >> well, it doesn't matter which of those motives really is at work because they are both wrong. and i think that until that's understood, this is going to go nowhere. that's why i think ultimately the obama administration doesn't really care what the israeli government's position is. i think they are moving toward, in effect, a unilateral american recognition of a palestinian state. and that's why i wonder whether the secretary general is helping out. there is a small issue coming up tomorrow. small in the political
4:19 pm
sense, that unesco of all things will vote on the situation in the middle east by declaring the western wall, the western wall of the jewish temple right there in jerusalem part of the mosque. which is a typical unesco out utterly irrelevant political decision can that will inflame people in israel. they are trying to put control of the wall outside of israel's sovereignty. it's a bad idea but i'm afraid we are going to see a lot more of this. i think israel will be under more pressure. they will not have a defender in the obama administration. >> ambassador bolton, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and does vladimir putin have a secret plan in syria. congressman adam kinzinger is here. a woman pulled from van after car is swept away by floodwaters coming up. and we are waiting wisconsin congressman paul ryan is expected to speak as he decides whether to run for speaker of the house. g.o.p. conference wrapping up in moments. and we are going to take you there live if chairman ryan speaks during "on the
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it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. syria more than fighting isis. bloomberg is now reporting that the russians admit their real goal in syria is to help syrian president bashar assad against u.s. backed rebels. air force veteran adam kinzinger goes "on the record": i suppose it's not a big surprise. >> no. >> admit it? >> like saying water is wet. when i heard that the russians were going to syria. i actually gave a speech on the floor of the house and i just said, look. there is no doubt we're not there about isis. they are there to prop up bashir al assad.
4:24 pm
this is their puppet in the middle east. they need this to get their foot back in the middle east. frankly, they haven't had had a role there since the 70's. now they are finding themselves as one of the great powers in the middle east. it's quiet obvious what they are doing. >> plan this out for me. suppose we don't do anything. suppose we just sit and watch. what's it going to look like in five years? >> it's hard to tell. i don't know what the syrian conflict is going to end up looking like. i will tell you iran will have a presence in syria as they do now. somebody i met with with on the border commander ishmael was killed two days ago by the iranian revolutionary guard backed up by russian air power. this is happening. >> all right. we are talking about russian airplane. the u.s. and -- air power. we are on the rebel side and they are on the assad side. yet, now we have an agreement to share the skies. >> yeah, i think it's absolutely a joke. >> you are a pilot, too. >> yeah, i think the best deconfliction between the russians. >> is for them to get out. >> get the hell out of
4:25 pm
syria. that's what you have to do. instead we are saying we don't believe in what you are doing. you are bombing the i have people that we have trained and equipped. the actual prod democrats simply want to free syria. but, you know, if you are going to do it we will get an agreement with you to make sure we don't get our planes near each other is ludicrous. >> to me it's so birds that we are giving up the war game. it's like you take the red pieces and we will take the blue pieces. like a parchese game. >> i'm reading dick cheney's book about the strong america and the difference when he talks about how ronald reagan was in the cold war. and, you know, went to negotiate with gorbachev and still walked away over sdi. you see what real strength is what you see in president obama is a very left wing philosophy if we smile, if we shake hands if we become buddies we will get long. >> where does it lead it though. >> it leads what we have seen utter chaos. middle east utterly chaotic right now. >> can it be reversed?
4:26 pm
>> i think yes. but it's going to take strong american leadership. that leadership will probably be the next president of the united states hopefully a republican. it's going to be a long process. more days that go by more innocent people are killed by the russians or by assad. or by isis. >> for our mistakes? >> you create more and more enemies and more and more anger. it spills. it is like a volcano spills over in the middle east. >> if we actually go over and meet the people like in the refugee camps and you see that this is real stuff. >> the real people and these are kids that just want to glow up to be doctors and policemen and want to have a family and they are being killed. >> congressman, thank you. nice to see you sir. >> you two. >> senator john mccain say barack obama may havest ignored his advisors. here next. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card.
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>> i have decided to maintain our current posture. >> drawdown but not a sufficient number. >> i support the decision but i don't support the number. >> as commander and chief i will not allow afghanistan to be used as a safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. >> it doesn't seem like this is a plan. it doesn't seem like it's enough people. again the president's heart doesn't seem in it. >> when a president sends troops in harm's way, he has to convince them that he believes risking their lives is worthwhile. >> i know for a fact that military leaders recommended a much larger number
4:31 pm
recommendation i'm told was 20,000. >> tonight did president obama's decision to cut troops in afghanistan go against his advisors. senator john mccain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. we just heard in that sound bite that you heard the number went as high as 20,000. >> yeah, that's indeed correct. the thing that makes one nervous about this whole process is what happened with train and equip the free syrian army in the dod program where his spokesman said that the president felt vindicated when it failed because he had not supported it all along. that's the arm and trained equipment of the free syrian army that totally collapsed. does the president believe in this one? is he going to feel vindicated if this one fails? >> in my wildest dreams, i wanted to talk about afghanistan. but you talked about that 500-million-dollar deal with the syrian to train the
4:32 pm
rebels that you just spoke about. why in the world would he have gone along with that if he thought that i think the term he used with "60 minutes" is he was skeptical of it from the very beginning. why would you do that? >> i cannot imagine any president of the united states authorizing a program that put people's lives in danger. i don't know how many were killed. cost of $500 million, at least $43 million. and then have hissay well, i wal about this all along. harry truman must be spinning in his grave. as the president when he signs off he is the commander and chief. is he responsible. what you would expect of a commander and chief is to say it failed. i'm responsible. his spokesman said he was vindicated. he was vindicated by the expenditure of $500 million of the taxpayer's money? i have never seen anything like this, greta. >> you know, i assume every
4:33 pm
conflict is different. but, in looking at iraq, the drawdown in iraq, which was so rapid, and we saw what happened in iraq and syria. we have got isis there. now have found a very comfortable home in those two nations. if we have a drawdown in afghanistan that goes counsel to the numbers president obama wants, can we expect something similar or are these conflicts so unique that maybe his numbers are correct? >> well, first of all, in iraq, we warned lindsey graham and joe lieberman and i predicted this and we predict the same thing in afghanistan if he goes down to the 5,000 that he is talking about in the second year. the 9800 is on a ragged edge. it's barely enough and when you do -- it's barely enough, then you put the men and women who are serving in combat in greater danger. because he wants these lower numbers. i know that he asked for five options from our military leaders. there should have been only
4:34 pm
one option. and that's the option they felt would be the way that they could keep afghanistan stabilized and not lose everything that we have spent so much american blood and treasure on let. >> let me turn to the act. i have a problem with with defense bills i don't know how anybody comes up with the numbers. none the less it's a bipartisan bill the president says he intends to veto it. will he? >> he says that he will and very disappointing to me his secretary of defense said that he agrees with him had. look, this is the same amount of money the president requested. this is a budgetary situation. this isn't -- which has everything to do with appropriations not where is the money. this is an authorization bill. for the men and women who are serving in the military. to equip them better. changing the retirement system. acquisition reform. i mean, there is a long list of importance to the men and
4:35 pm
women who are serving this nation in combat. and the president is going to veto because he doesn't like the way it's funded even though it's the same level that he he had requested it be funded. greta, you can only draw one conclusion. the president cares more about the budgetary ways of reaching the numbers that we need to defend the nation than he is about protecting and helping the men and women who are serving in the military, and it is disgraceful. four times presidents have receipted defense authorization bills in the last 53 years. each time they were over a specific provision. that was fixed. now the president is going it veto over nothing we can fix. >> senator, nice to have you join us, and i just want to take the last word on it maybe hadn't wasted that a $500 million, maybe we could take better care of some of our people but that's just me. anyway,. >> you are right. >> thank you for joining us,
4:36 pm
sir. >> thank you. >> and developing now congressman paul ryan in closed door meeting on the hill. will he or will he not be the next speaker of the house? fox news chief correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike? >> greta, geographic. house speaker john boehner says paul ryan has the credentials to build the gap between conservatives in the house and house g.o.p. leadership. ryan has not said much to supporters today who have been following him all over capitol hill. instead paul ryan's focus has been on meeting with colleagues and if he decides to run for speaker, he needs to win at least some support of the house freedom caucus can. the house conservative group. bottom line on "special report" a short time ago, boehner said there would be news tonight from ryan. >> paul, i believe, will have an announcement later on this evening. i'm not sure what that announcement is going to be. >> ryan's communication director brendan buck tweeted as if i wasn't getting enough emails thanks speaker boehner. i still do not expect a
4:37 pm
final decision tonight. the nuances is ryan is expected to say if house republicans will unite behind him, then he is willing to run for the job that he has never sought before. ryan did tell us that he will will speak with reporters after this meeting this evening. greta? >> mike, is the freedom caucus going to give him that support? >> that's the question we know that some have said publicly that they are willing to support him but it's not clear that all 40 will. he doesn't need all 40 go-to-go along but with he needs a good chunk of them. he certainly does not want to get elected with barely 218 votes. he would like to have 230 or maybe 240 to basically signal that republicans are behind him, greta. >> mike, thank you. and a rescue caught on camera. incredible. this woman was pulled to safety as the southwest gets hammered with wicked weather. plus janice dean's forecast straight ahead. major news from lamar odom and for the first time we are hearing from khloe kardashian. that's coming up.ll
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check out this crazy video. a water rescue practice. conducting a drill when they saw a boy slip under the water. the group's commander immediately jumping into the fast moving river grabbing the boy and flipping him to shore. the dramatic rescue caught on the camera. rescuer phoenix safety. that van partially submerged after swept away by fast moving waters. crews using ropes to get to the driver. heavy rain causing severe flooding. janice dean is tracking that storm. janice? >> low pressure system that's moving very slowly across the southwest. going to bring quite a bit of rain to not only the southwest but to texas. severe thunderstorm watch in effect 9:00 p.m. local time new mexico in toward texas.
4:43 pm
several severe thunderstorm warnings where we could see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. we have seen quite a bit of rainfall for the southwest. this is the desert. so if you see one to two inches in a short period of time, that's going to cause flash flooding. look ahead into the women texas. there is our forecast radar as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday. even some snow for the colorado rockies. but my main concern, greta, is going to be for new mexico and texas over the next couple of days where we could get upwards of a foot of rainfall across texas. not only if week but into this weekend we have this familiar setup where we have high pressure across the east, low pressure across the southwest, and look at some of the moisture that we could see anywhere from 8 to 10, even a foot of rainfall for parts of central texas. greta, back to you. >> janice, thank you. now get ready to speed read the day's other news.
4:44 pm
olympic blade runner oscar pistorius now out of prison. shooting death of his model girlfriend reva steenkamp sent home and now subject to house arrest. served one year of five year service. he says he mistook steenkamp for intruder and shot her to death through a bathroom door. senate democrats bill crack down on sanctuary cities. the bill would have allowed federal government to withhold funds local governments who don't cooperate with city officials. illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet shot and killed indicate steinfully july in san francisco as she walked with her father. and former florida governor charlie crist trying to make a come back. the former republican governor who is now a democrat announcing a run for congress. crist most recently lost in a close election to current florida republican governor rick scott.
4:45 pm
>> who are you? >> and the force is strong with the upcoming star wars sequel the first full length trailer released last night to awaiting fans during monday night football. the buzz causing the film to shatter ticket sales records. theater across the country already sold out. two popular ticketing websites, movie and fan dango crashed because of web traffic. september 18th. and that's tonight's speed read. and khloe kardashian breaking her silence over her husband lamar owe odom. b what chloe is saying tonight. next. (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want-
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4:49 pm
major update tonight in the case of missing baby chance. both parents of the 9 week
4:50 pm
old baby are now charged with murder of the infant. fox tampa bay reporter evan. what's the latest? >> you remember that the grandparents' suspicions were that kristen and joe the boy's parents knew what happened to him. we have now learned, remember, they begged for kristen and joe, the boy's parents to come forward and tell deputies what happened. what we learned today that kristen, the boy's mother did in fact do that. she told deputies that they dug their own son's shallow grave. it's just unbelievable. on september 16th this all started there was an argument between joe and kristen. the boy's parents now during that argument, the father beat the baby to according to the admissions by the boy's mother. now, at that point they have a decision to make. do we call 911 or not? they decided not to call 911 because she said i don't want to lose you both. obviously knowing that joe would be in quiet a bit of trouble. their decision was to put
4:51 pm
the baby in a crib and in a closet for eight days while the boy decomposed. now, after those 8 days, kristen started to complain of the smell. obviously it had been there so long. they wrapped the baby in plastic bags and according to her admissions, they dug a shallow grave 13 miles from their home and buried baby chance. now on september 27th, we remember that they fled the state. they went to south carolina and they went to georgia. in their words, to start a new life. now, during that trip, they had been a car crash. they run into some people without the baby. and they lied to deputies. saying that the baby died in a car crash. that they had given the baby away to somebody who had robbed them. at the end of the day they were taken into custody for custody for child neglect. the baby, greta, was reported missing on october 4th and kristen told deputies eventually after all this national attention that this story got that she and the boy's father did, in fact, bury the the baby.
4:52 pm
they knew what happened. remember, greta, they found blood in the home. all the story that they had told deputies just wasn't adding up and finally, according to the documents that we got today, kristen cracked. she told deputies where baby chance was. they dug him up and they found him only in his diaper. >> evan, i don't know who is worse the mother or the father? it's like what a horrible story and that poor infant. anyway, evan, thank you for the latest. evan. and tonight former nba and reality star lamar odom now moved to a los angeles hospital and for the first time since he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel his he estranged wife khloe kardashian is speaking out. fox los angeles reporter is live in l.a. gina? >> well, greta, lamar was well enough to be transported here to los angeles but is he still a very is sick man. we have been told that he needs specialized treatment and that is why he is here at cedar sinai medical center. now, what we have heard is that he needs six hours of
4:53 pm
dialysis a day. his kidneys are are reportedly failing. and he may be in need of a transplant. as you know, it was last tuesday when lamar was found unresponsive at a wore house in nevada. he was there for three days while according to police using cocaine and sexual enhancement sum manies. lamar suffered several strokes and multiple organ failure. while he seems to be recovering, his kidneys are reportedly starting to fail. now, on her website, khloe kardashian, who has been by his side, she issued a statement thanking the hospital family and friends, and she added this: you can never be prepared for an experience like this. but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that lamar has received and strength i was given from my loved ones, it will be difficult to endure. thank you for your continued support. god is great. so that is the latest. we haven't seen anybody going in and out of the hospital. but we have been told that chloe is by his side. >> gina, thank you. and coming up, we have
4:54 pm
breaking news on capitol hill. will paul ryan run for speaker of the house? that's next. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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panera. food as it should be. this is a fox news alert. breaking news on capitol hill. do we know if com paul ryan is running for speaker of the house or not. congressman paul ryan is on the hill. >> we are not there yet. paul ryan told his colleagues inside the house republican caucus he is running to run poor speaker if there is significant support behind him. darrell issa told us after the meeting he wanted to see support from all the groups in the house republican conference and at the end of the weaning he would make a decision whether he would run. i'm told for sources that were inside the room, he doesn't want just 218 votes. the bear minimum to be elected the next speaker of the house. he wants solid support from across the conference. so at the end of his pitch. i'm told there was loud applause inside the house republican conference. no booing but basically he
4:59 pm
is putting it back in the court of the republican caucus to say if you support me, i will run. if not, you will have to find somebody else. bottom line he signaled is he willing to do it if there is enough backing for him to do so. >> this feels like homecoming king though the moment you are elected everybody will take a swipe at you. >> all down hill from there. tough issues on the agenda ahead. >> yes, indeed. anyway, thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. take a look at this. this is the best tweeted picture of the day. who doesn't love a fluffy an gore are a bunny. never miss my favorite pic of the day. best tweeted pick of the day. and if you can't watch live, play back "on the record" after you have done watching your other fox programs. i suggest 111:1001 each night is a good time to watch "on the record" dvr. you don't want to miss out
5:00 pm
any of this including the best tweeted pic. o'reilly factor. good night from your nation's capitol. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> and now the system is failing the steinle family again as the senate blocks kate's law. we predicted it we will tell you what happened today. >> people are tired of what's going on and they are tired of what's happening to our country. >> donald trump and ben carson continue to dominate the republican polling and it's all tied in to kate's law. we will tell you all about that. >> that's


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