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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 21, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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o'reilly factor. good night from your nation's capitol. tonight on "red eye", why would the director of the cia be using an aol e-mail account? who wouldn't want the free 50-hour cd's to go to waste, would he? and flossing is a waste of time. i promise to dig into the story until i make my gums bleed. and the new "star wars" trailer premiered during monday night foo football. america said, what? to jar-jar? we provide news and delight. first, a news break. >> live from mesh's news had beens, i'm will carr. congressman paul ryan is seriously considering a run for speaker of the house and giving colleagues until friday to unite behind him. the wisconsin reason says
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he -- the with us wise republican says he will speak if all factions can share his vision and he can get the endorsement of the major caucuses. >> first we need to move from an opposition party to a proposition party. because we think the nation is on the wrong path, we have a duty to show the right one. our next speaker needs to be a visionary one. >> he will no longer run for speaker and they said, quote, he is the right person at the right time. >> the crisis has john kerry moving to the middle east later today. he is escalating violence between the israelis and the palestinians and kerry will discuss it with a russian foreign minister. another sad week for the nypd blue. one of the officers died after being shot in the head while chasing a gunman. the suspect who was also shot
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-- suffered a gunshot wound is the fourth killed in the recent months. >> rescue crews try to save a woman whose van was rushed away. subway sandwiches will measure up. they are now agreeing to measure the 6 inch and 12 inch subs. it is part of an agreement to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of making its sandwiches shorter than advertised. i'm will carr and now let's gt you to our overnight show we know you just can't get enough of. that show called "red eye." >> hello, tom -- hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy
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levy. >> can't believe it, tom. can't believe you won't talk about the new "star wars" trailer. >> it is only like the biggest movie ever. why would you talk about it? >> yoing you were listening at the top of the show when i said -- >> i get it, we can show you the barber shop clips, but when the movie comes out that's not big enough news for you. >> you go to hell, tom shillue. >> let's welcome our guest. the force is strong with this one. he must be glad to be here and his one-man show ends as a guest on "red eye." >> her last name only looks like a typo. reporter for the national review and fox news contributor. and he appears on premium blend. you know that makes me want a cup of coffee? let's start the show.
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>> a teen says rehabbinged his aol account. he told the new york post held seasons tiff files including his 47-page application for top security clearance and the personal information of top intelligence officials. there were also sensitive videos like this one. >> very sensitive. >> he described himself as an american high school student who is not muslim. on twitter he bragged that he owns john brennan of the cia. the cwa stands for crackas with attitude. that refers to him and a classmate which is weird because that's the name of my first barber shop group.
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>> please join me in welcoming crackers with attitude. >> there was some nerves there. that is as white as it gets. >> how did two teens hack into thecia director's account? we made a helpful video. >> the hacker called verizon and tricked them into providing brennan's personal information. the tactic is known as social engineering. the hacker then duped america on-line -- >> you've got mail. >> into resetting his pass word. the hacker called the new york post to gloat. >> well, well, well. it wasn't that complicated at all. welcome to the show.
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i feel like you were just here 10 years ago. >> i feel like i wasn't just here. i feel like i wasn't. >> let's bring your insicive political mind and put it to work here. should the head of the cia have known better? >> yes. i could look at this as being proud of the stoner kid, but i tend to look at thingsing they tiffly. anyone who said hillary didn't put anyone at risk with her e-mail is an idiot after seeing this. what makes idiots, idiots is to realize how stupid they are of the some little stoner kid can hack into an e-mail. >> you make a good point about hell re. what if she spins this to everyone was doing it including the head of the cia. >> i don't she will. she doesn't like to take responsibility for her ago.
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for her action. >> do you think this was the responsibility of the cia director to be more careful with his files? >> i think he made a mistake by having an aol account to be begin with. did he sign up for tay after the go go's concert? it is 2015. it doesn't make any sense. >> they were probably offering the free support. you can call them at any hour for free support. >> if it is free there is something wrong. that's what i was taught. i love how the kid went straight to blaming the jews. it is israel's fault and they cut right out of the nonsense. >> are you sure? >> i believe he was angry at the united states support. i think he will get hired by the u.n shortly. >> what do you think? are they going to track this kid down? >> something tells me he is getting nothing like microsoft. >> he won't be at the white house showing off? >> he won't be invited.
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>> cool hack. if we have learned everything from the clinton e-mail scandal, nonscandal, scandal, nonscandal. >> it is a scandal and don't listen to anything they say. >> dh is probably -- this is probably about john brennan's yoga practice and the favorite frozen yogurt. he can do his work at home and go through the class tied files. classified files. >> uh pawrnt leahy september his security clearance application through this account. i guess smelly guy on horse or carrier pigeon was not available. the fact he even has an aol account and is using it still is mind boggling. the head of the cia. >> when you take jobs like this you you incur a different
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responsibility. i'm sorry. you don't get to have a personal e-mail account. get rid of the personal e-mail account. i don't care if you have to be an antique. >> like lyndsay graham. >> exactly. >> you don't get the same rights as everyone else because you are dealing with information that has the potential to threaten us. you are dealing with high level national security information. you don't know what was in that application he sent or what potentially could have been sent. we don't know what hillary sent. when you apply for the high level jobs you give up some of your free m do's and some of -- tree domes and some of your -- freedoms and luxuries. >> he had the great aol screen name. >> the moral of the story is nobody with an aol address can be hired for a job. jay here is how he -- >> here is how he described himself. >> i am an agent. 20 yours old. smoke pot and live in mid-land
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america. >> and you smoke pot? >> every day. >> you may have hacked the director of the cia while you were high? >> probably. >> that is an indoes stree yous -- indust reyous young man. >> do you know how dumb it makes us look? when they see any idiot can hack in? i tricked verizon. wow. anybody can do this and get potentially top secret information. maybe they didn't get it this time, but who knows what was in hill rue's e-mail. >> -- in hillary's e-mail. >> it is a couple of hackers in a darkroom. >> think of what he could do if he wasn't high. >> it puts everything on his head about not wanting to speak to a person. people usually want to speak to a person. >> i hate speaking to people. moving on, now it is time for -- i love college towns. the coffee is good.
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you you can usually find a nice craft beer. people are nice. you would almost never know you are in a able to bubble tucked safely away in a super power. that's why i love vermont. it is a college town in the shape of a state. the biggest pan on campus is bernie sanders. the proud democratic socialist. but writing in today's "new york times" says bernie isn't a real socialist. he says after all mr. sanders does not want to nationalize the steel mills or the auto companies or even the banks. he believes in a mixed economy. where capitalist institutions are mediated through you taxes and regulation. that's okay because bernie supporters are not real socialists either. they like life just the way it is. they want all of the benefits of capitalism. they just want to be able to sit in a coffee shop and continue complaining about it. they used to be in their contained campus bubble, but now they are a college town at large. and instead of the crowded bull -- bulletin board they have the whole internet and
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bernie. he is the perpetual student who never left the campus. his windows are so overgrown with ivy he can't see the capitalism on the outside. plans that will never happen. that's okay. deep down he and his fellow students know that things wouldn't be so nice if they got their way. >> another great moment in the tom shillue monologue. >> both parties do this. they try to make the person seem morey -- more ecentrist. when they were running they tried to make him a pragmatist. he is not that and never was. now they are trying to do it with bernie sanders. oh he is not really -- it is impossible to do it with him because he is actually authentic. he doesn't claim to be anything else other than he
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is. he is a self-proclaimed socialist. he is to the left of obama. he regularly says that we should be more like sweden and denmark and norway. >> as do everyone from college campuses. it would be like the whole country was wandering around lost in an ikea store. >> that's why we go on vacation to see what it is like over there. >> please. >> is that all we have to say is please? >> the college campus, why is it that -- why does it hold people in liberalism and in perpituity? >> it is a little bubble and you can say whatever it is you are feeling, and if anyone doesn't like it -- your feelings are very important, right? if someone says hey, but there are people dying or it is hurting people's feelings or what about the poor? if you try to say maybe this -- -- you hate the poor? you hate the poor? it is a great narrative if you
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don't want to give your money away. they are doing a good job of painting the rich or the people that they will be taking money from as like some big fat white guy with a hairy chest and cigar laying back. poor people, pah. that's all they are hearing all the time and of course that's what they will think. >> why do they have such feelings in college? i don't remember feeling anything in college. i wasn't feeling anything. i wasn't an emotional type of person. i didn't know cat was going bring my dad into this. >> your dad is in that tub? >> my dad is a professor and i was warned early. he said we will run into the real world and it is nothing like college. be prepared. there is some fear on their side that beer nissan deer -- bernie sanders is popular and he is getting a lot of attention and people are supporting him. they say how do we mainstream this because he is not really what we are trying to paint him to be.
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>> are you saying that the "new york times" is saying, hey, everybody, relax, he is not a real socialist? >> absolutely. >> no doubt. they are pulling -- [inaudible] >> interesting. we don't have anyone on the right doing that with trump, do we? >> it is true. they need to pull him a little more toward hillary clinton. she will be the nominee. she will be the person the left needs to come out and vote for if biden doesn't get in the race. i think biden has a chance. college kids love bernie sanders because they don't have anything. so no one is coming for their stuff. they will be on the receiving end of our stuff. we will pay all of the taxes and the money will get redistributed to them, and they will get free tuition. like i said before a little rainbow and a pot of gold and potentially freshly baked cookies every night and bernie sanders will make himself. so that's why they love him. he is a lovable santa claus. >> he is a santa claus. >> he leads with college will
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be free. college people go -- >> they don't have to pay back those loans. >> dental news. >> stay away from sugary treats and brush with a fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly. now new research is a waste of time. an advisor tells the daily mail shows no reduction in plaque, bleeding and gum disease between people who brush and floss and those who just brush. without evidence, the foundation recommends it regularly with one trusty saying they believe it is effective, even if they, quote, don't know exactly why. now that makes sense, doesn't it? >> i want to come up with something like this. somebody sat around and said
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let's have people take a little piece of thread and rub it between their teeth and we will sell this product and make them feel obligated. i go to the dentist and i floss for a solid week because i feel gill tooy and then somebody takes my money. i want a product that i can play on people's guilt and collect their cash and it serves no purpose. >> you feel so guilty because the dentist says you have to floss. >> and why does the dentist say that? he has a dime in the floss business. >> i floss frequently. you told me you floss religiously. >> you get an opinion of teeth from england. >> that's it. >> i am just trying to understand. >> they should know. >> that's like getting a study from france why working hard is a good thing. that doesn't make sense.
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>> i am a flosser. >> i floss. >> that does not surprise me in the least. >> it does not surprise me that you sit every night and you are like it is time to floss, man. i brush my teeth and i will floss. >> katherine, i think floss is more important than brushing. you have to get that stuff out of your teeth jie. what do they mean there is no proof this will help your teeth? do we need proof that keeping rotting chunks of food in your teeth will be bad? hello! i never have had a cavity which makes me an expert on dental health. >> i flossed before i came here and i feel fantastic. i don't understand how they can say it makes no sphrens. difference. you are getting stuff out of your teeth. it is like one of those studies coffee is bad for you. coffee is good for you. eggs are bad for you. eggs are good are to you. you have to drink eight glasses of water a day. what are we dolphins? it has to feel good to floss and get today out of them. >> side by side people who
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only brushed and the brushed and flossed and the people who just brushed are fine. >> all i know is when i was a kid my parents brought my parents to italy to see relatives. some of them feel like showering is optional. they are okay, but it depends on the person. >> i say everyone keep flossing. travel to a galaxy far, far away without leaving your couch. the "star wars" trailer is next.
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use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. a channel not too far away, the new "star wars" trailer
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debuted during monday night football. it was the union of two separate, but equally crazy fan bases. behold, "the force awakens." >> there are stories about what happened. >> it's true. all of it. the dark side, the jedi, they're real. >> the force is all up to you. >> just let it in. >> maybe it was the return of han solo and maybe it was the memories of football players giving them noogies, but the trailer brought grown men to tears. >> chewbacca tweeted, at "star
12:24 am
wars," i'm all teary eyed now. at my childhood. "star wars," i cried when i saw this. # it's almost there. and jude put it simply, "star wars," i cried. the way these men reacted, you would think some guys sliced off their hand and we vealed he was their -- revealed he was their father. jedediah, you are particularly a "star wars" expert. >> i have never seen -- that's funny. i have never seen "star wars." i do have a princess -- princess lay yaw costumes, but that's different. >> that didn't inspire you? is it the one enslaved by jaba the hut? >> i just know there were a lot of buns. i like these comic book guys and i lose points. i lose nerd credentials when i say i don't know anything about "star wars." >> they are like, netflix, lady, one night. >> i start equating "star wars" with star trk and uh pearnt -- star trek and
12:25 am
apparently that's a big no-no. somewhere andy levy is blowing up somewhere. >> that would make a nerd's head explode if somebody said captain kirk was on "star wars." >> i would never get a date with a cool comic book guy again. >> we are from the original "star wars" and i think the crying and everything, i think it is a little over the top. >> it is a little much. i hated the last trilogy, the prequels. i am looking forward to this being a good complement. >> it looks better. >> it looks more authentic to what we saw as a kid. have i to say it is interesting to see your childhood movie heros play the same character 30 years later. i was explaining to my nephews how harrison ford was hans solo and indiana jones at the same time and their heads almost exploded. it is weird. >> it is interesting to see how hans solo could look how i
12:26 am
feel now. >> i know. he is quite -- he looks pretty good. he looks better than he has lately. >> he is very handsome. >> i don't know if i'm a young jedi with my life on the line i would ride with a 70-year-old han solo and an elderly wooki.they may as well y drive the ship of the. >> you're gonna hear from him. katherine, what do you think? >> look, i said it before and i'll say it again. i never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their space nerd sticks and i am not gonna start now. you people are crazy. you "star wars" people are crazy. yesterday i tweeted something and all i said was that i wasn't familiar with "star wars" because i have been too busy liking cool things and being attractive. people threatened my life. you are not branding yourself in a way that will make me want to join your life-threatening club. >> did they threaten score
12:27 am
life or did they threaten to poke you with their nerd stick? >> i was ready to jump on the nerd stick. >> i want no part of it. >> what do you do with your nerd stick? >> if i could poke cat with it and teach her something -- >> this is harassment. is anybody watching this? >> i think this -- to my understanding the last episode -- not the current trilogy, but wasn't the store over? it ended well. they were -- >> they don't know when to quit. >> i think luke is doing it to cleanse his pallet of the last bad trilogy. >> lucas admitted he followed it up with all of this stuff in between. >> i think even lucas would go, i have to do something to make up for this. i don't know why this is being done. >> it is more about the fact that disney bought lucas films.
12:28 am
and jj abrams is making more "star wars" movie. >> they are making lucas do this? >> disney can make you do anything. >> that's why it was on monday night football. disney and espn and they debuted the trailer in the middle of monday night football. >> a director in charge knows how to make a movie. >> can i just say though i don't like "star wars," but i like the crying. i like the men crying. >> you do? over this? >> i like a sensitive man. these are guys who grew up with this and feel nostalgic about it. i like a guy that can cry over an old comic or a trailer or -- listen, i don't need all of that testosterone. >> i like when men cry, but only when it is over me. >> they go to funerals and they cry about "star wars." >> it is like a soft spot. yawn.
12:29 am
candy -- handicaped it off with some comic relief. half time is next
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live from mark's news headquarters, i'm will carr. paul ryan says he will run for speaker of the house, but only under certain conditions. the wisconsin congressman says he will run if he is the unity candidate of the so-called divided republican party. ryan spoke to the house gop
12:33 am
behind closed doors last night giving his colleagues until friday to express their support. >> what i told members is if i can agree to these requests and if i can truly be a unifying figure then i will gladly serve. and if i am not unifying, that will be fine as well. >> news out of moscow where the senior president has met with vladimir putin. spooking after the meeting putin says he will act in close contact with other world powers for the peaceful meeting in syria. federal investigators say the captain of the doomed cargo ship that sank during a hurricane made a risky decision to pass 65 miles from the center of the storm. the ntsb says the el faro left after an advisory was sent out
12:34 am
that then tropical storm joaquin was predicted to be a hurricane. the freighter eventually sank and a navy team is still searching for the wreckage. the 14-year-old muslim student from texas who visited the white house this week will be attending school in the middle east. ahmed mohamed family is moving to qatar after they will pay for high school and college. he was arrested after the homemade clock he brought to school was mace taken for an explosive -- was mistaken for an explosive device. i'm will carr. now to the overnight show we know you love, "red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> how are you? >> good. >> the mets game has been on so i don't really have anything. >> i see. >> were you listening at all with your left ear?
12:35 am
>> not really. no, i was. the cia director hack. you did that story, right? >> yeah. >> i made notes before the show so hopefully -- you said the kid who hacked the account described himself as not muslim. is that true? he actually said that? >> i believe you. >> cat, you said you could look at this as being proud of the kid. this is on brennan, right? we have to blame brennan and not the kid. >> i blame him first definitely. >> tom, you said what if hillary says everyone was doing this including the head of the cia? >> the difference is that brennan didn't use a personal account exclusively. she only had a personal account. he had a work e-mail. >> what he did was wrong, but you can argue that's the
12:36 am
difference. jedediah when you take on-the-job you take on the responsibility for not having an e-mail account. the problem is using it for work purposes. >> even if you don't use it for work purposes there is a possibility that somebody could hack into it. privacy is dead. if i am in a top position they are coming for me and coming for my perm account. personal account. do you expect them not to inter mix their personal stuff with work stuff? >> why wouldn't i? >> true. >> i think he should resign. i absolutely think he should resign. the head of the cia? bye. by the way, keep in mind, tom, these are the guys you and your cripto fashists want to be spying on us.
12:37 am
you have been fried, man. >> i will stay silent on that one. >> bernie sanders is a college socialist. >> you said both parties do this. they can't do it with sanders because he is authentic. you said the same thing, but you said it was not the party,. sanders is not really -- he doesn't want democratic social limb. he wants a social democracy. he doesn't want to turnover production to the people. he wants -- a social democracy, basically what we have here, he wants it to be more so. i was gonna say, aren't we always a social democracy? >> yes. >> you are saying you agree with the guy and he wants to tax more. >> he wants the bigger part bigger. >> like a socialist. >> except it is not socialist. >> he is to the left of everyone in the party including obama.
12:38 am
he is as left as you can get in the united states. >> and still be if a major party. >> and still be in the democratic party as left as you can get. they are trying to pacify his image. >> isn't he officially an independent? he is not part of a major party. didn't he run as an independent? >> he left the democratic party and now he is back in the democratic party. >> why do you hate the poor? >> i don't hate the poor more than i hate everyone. >> a fair answer i completely agree with. >> and i would like to state for the record when i am in the bath with my cigar i am not saying the poor. >> you are too busy thinking about what? >> that is none of your concern. >> flossing is pointless. you said flossing is gross and they tell you to do it because they have a dime in the floss business.
12:39 am
>> this was a con perpetrated by big nylon in conduction with the ada and most dental schools. i can send my pamphlet if you want more information. >> that's where i was going. they took my board. >> thank you for backing me up. >> what do you mean flossing makes no difference? i think in the long-term studies flossing made not so much difference. >> rotting teeth makes the frns frns -- difference. by the way oral b that makes glide floss you probably heard of, they are a subsidiary of procter and gamble that has the satanic emblem. you can google it. i sense maybe you don't believe me. i don't want -- >> i just don't want popcorn in my teeth.
12:40 am
>> maybe you are familiar with gum, g-u-m. that is made by sun star whose predecessor was started in japan in 1932 and obviously not long before the cowardly attack on pearl harbor. >> there is your comic book nerd right there. so i won't be flossing very much, thank you very much. "the force awakens" trailer. i'm glad you took my advice from banter and did this story. >> you inspire me. >> you said of the men tweeting, jeez you would think a guys just sliced off their hand and revealed he was their father. what does that mean? what a random thing to say. >> it is random, but i don't want to say anything. jedediah hasn't seen it yet. >> mark, why did you take a shot at me in the segment dism something about being a pilot. >> i just meant it wouldn't be as cool to ride with the
12:41 am
millenium falcon if you were driving it. >> why not? >> that's with hans solo. >> you said she was harassing you? >> it is a patriarchy. >> and we don't want you to join our nerd club. >> i don't want to join your nerd club either. >> and we don't want you. i didn't want you first. >> you said he couldn't say no. >> couldn't he say. >> he has nothing to do with making of the film.
12:42 am
>> that's why the movie may actually be good. >> just quick facts before i go. fandango sold as many tickets as the previous record which was "the hunger games." sales beat the previous record holder 10 fold. imax pre sales generated $6.5 million in sales and they had never done a million pre sales in one day. i am going to a 2:00 a.m. show. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. more stories when we come back. >> hi there, "red eye". dana perino and dagin mcdowell and gavin mcginnis. we will see you on fox
12:43 am
business network.
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in a new piece in "the guardian requests --" the guardian" she says she is done dating male feminists. it was one of the least m powering decisions i have ever made. they recount the categories. they are looking for a trophy
12:47 am
feminist girlfriend or pretending to be feminist to get girls. big shock there. feminism has enlightened and empowered moo. i put my foot down and say no more. now you can use the other scam to get girls. that's it. does it surprise you at all? she is finally waking up is she not? >> what they call feminism now is not really feminism. it is the opposite. it hurts our feelings too much. or this affirmative consent stuff where people are too weak to say no to sex. you have to say is this still okay? is this still okay? which is not creepy at all. you can say no to sex, i do it all the time. >> sometimes you do it when no one asks. >> just so you know, i will not have sex with you. everybody, thank you.
12:48 am
>> jedediah, do you think that this woman has wroiken up to something or is it the -- woken up to something or the guys have changed? what happened to the male? >> the real male with testosterone? i feel like men has too much ease spraw general. estrogen. i have dated some of these men. they don't open your door. they don't pay the bill. they don't act like gentlemen. they are afraid of hurting your feelings and making you feel like less of a woman like i need her to be independent and let her know she can be self-sufficient. they don't act like men and a lot of those roles women like. they like a guy who is a gentleman and will open the door and offer to pay for your meal and give you their jacket when they are cold. >> can you blame these guys? >> society is telling them --
12:49 am
female feminism is telling them to do that. we are independent and we don't need you. you know what they do? they complain. you are not a real man. they are taking their cues from the ladies. >> president do you wish women would wear a hat like a baseball hat? like a white one means feminist? >> i am an expert at few things and one is failed relationships. i have never been able to wrap my head around the whole male feminism thing. if you treat a woman with respect and kindness and dignity does it make you a male feminist or a good guy? if you do the opposite and treat her like crap he is a jerk. they are trying to put tags on something good guy -- it is a good guy or a jerk. they almost get uncomfortable.
12:50 am
>> if it is gonna work out date wise, yes. >> to me it sounds like she was poked with the wrong nerd stick. >> you may be on to something there. >> i am a feminist in the sense that i have no problem with women standing up for themselves and being treated decently. at the same time -- that's as broad as i can make it. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. eye" he will run and first time guest greg gutfeld. >> if you slurp they go berserk. some people have an extreme distaste for certain noises mouth sounds like chewing and lip smacking and foot taping and pen clicking and sniffling. the condition is known as misaphonia and 20% of the population may be affected. so should loud chewers try to
12:55 am
be more consider at? not necessarily. experts are clear that the person annoyed by the sounds is the one who needs to change and learn coping skills. if others accommodate what they eat and how they eat they are only enabling you. does that make sense? >> i just tune the world out. i tune everybody out. my mother has this. my father could be like three floors down in a corner apartment and pop his gum wrong and she will be like tony! she's deaf besides that. i call and i'm like hey mom. hello sph who is this? no recognition of my voice and no idea what is going on. if my dad cracks a cheetoe to the right of his insighser she is on that. i think when we are stressed everything bothers. basically we all need a vacation. where are we going? >> don't sweat the small stuff. >> my parents are similar.
12:56 am
my mom has been asking my dad to stop slurping soup and the guy hasn't and it created a lot of anxiety in the family. i had a migraine since i was in kindergarten with all of the yelling in the house. >> do you slurp your soup? >> no. >> do you hold it against others ? >> it is not a problem for me. if somebody has a problem with this there is something bigger going on emotionally and psychologically. >> there was a man at one of my jobs who would bring in large trays of meat and eat them loudly. i am absolutely going to tell him i you have a problem with that. he needs to go as a good samaritan that a lot of people will find him disgusting and it is not my problem, it is the disgusting person's problem. >> trays of meat. that's so strange. >> a lot of strange stuff going on there. >> you traveled with trays of meat.
12:57 am
>> i do see trays of meat. i heat them loudly -- i eat them loudly. you are the offender. keep talking. >> that does it for me, tom shillue. i'll see you next time.
12:58 am
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