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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the 33-year-old officer shot in the head pursuing a suspect in harlem last night. they were responding to a call about shots fired when they began a chase that turned into a gunfight. officer holder shot in the head and brought to the hospital in critical condition where he died surrounded by family. dozens of fellow officers lining the streets outside as the ambulance carrying their fallen brother left. >> tonight, he did what every other officer in the nypd does. when the call comes, he ran towards danger. it's the last time he'll respond to a call. >> the unidentified suspect was shot in the leg, expect to be okay, and three others in custody are being questioned. officer holder was a five-year veteran of the force and worked in a housing patrol unite. he came from a family of police officers. his father saying he was fun loving, caring, and always had a
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smile on his face. holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. heather, back to you. >> prayers to the family. thank you. jury deliberations begin today in the appeal of the defamation case of jesse ventura against chris kyle. experts warn the decision could put free speech at risk. our los angeles bureau has more this morning. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, heather. the key issue is called actual malice when a defendant knowingly makes a false statement. he wrote in his memoir he punched ventura in a bar about making an offensive remarks about navy seals in 2006. ventura said it never happened. the jury awarded him 1 preponderate 8 million, the bulk from the book's profits. this is where the free speech comes into play.
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legal experts say being awarded a share of profit for defamation never happened before in american history. several media companies and first amendment groups filed briefs backing the kyle estate. the former wrestler turned governor took a shot at the family in appeals court in st. paul, minnesota. >> after they did poor mouthing three or four times saying this was affecting the kyle family when the reality was it was not. it affected me. do you realize this cost me a million dollars? >> reporter: attorneys for the kyle estate made two big arguments. first, venturventura's lawyer s snirns was on the hook, not the estate. second, the jury gave the judge bad instructions. she's confident she'll win a new trial. >> it doesn't change the truth or people who know him, his character, integrity, or the 11 other witnesses who showed up
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with their integrity. >> reporter: the jury returns to court at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, and a decision could come as early as today. >> thanks, will. senate democrats just blocking consideration for kate's law, preventing sanctuary cities in america. 24 bill named in honor of kate, the woman shot and killed by an illegal alien as she walked with her father on a san francisco pier. the bill designed to punish local governments by withholding funds if they do not enforce federal immigration laws. on that note, tyake a look t who is talking. bill o'reilly is fired up about kate's law. >> there comes a point where the american people are going to have to take back their government. when a 32-year-old woman can be gunned down by an illegal felon
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who was deported five times, and you can't get this law passed, when that happens? you don't have a functioning government. juan lopez sanchez was convicted of seven felonies in the usa including selling our drugs. he was deported five times. he came back six times. he broke into a car in san francisco. he stole a gun. he recklessly fired the gun in a public place. kate died. yet, he's portrayed as a homeless man who just might have committed an accident. it's up believable. unbelievable is too gentle a word. >> republicans might have found the new speaker of the house. republican congressman paul ryan says he'll answer the call to run slopgs a few demands are met
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first. we have the list of the conditions, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. paul ryan made it clear this is not a job he wanted or sought after, but it is one he's willing to take if and only if he has unanimous support from the entire republican conference. >> i considered to do this with reluctance. my worry is the consequence of not stepping up, having my kids ask, when the stakes were so high, why didn't you do all you could do? why didn't you fight for my future when you had a chance to do so? >> the 45-year-old republican congressman laid out the vision for the house gop from being an opposition party to a proposition party. stipulations include he would delegate the travel and fu fundraising demands to spend time with the family, but the most controversial demand is eliminating the demand of house members to remove the speaker with a simple majority vote, the threat which prompted joan
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boehner. it's not clear if he the unanimous support exists for ryan to enter the race, but others running have backed out of the race to support ryan. he has support among some democrats, senator reid says he's a fan of paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman say republicans have until friday to let them know where they stand and if they want him to be the speaker. >> thank you very much. and then there were four. former virginia senator jim webb drops out of the democratic presidential race. on the way out, he slammed hillary clinton for saying republicans are the enemy. >> the other party's not the enemy. they are the opposition. in our democracy, we're lucky to have an opposition in order to have creative debate, it's healthy. >> webb is considering running as an independent now. vice president biden changing the story when it comes
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to the raid leaving bin laden dead. he said he was on the fence about the raid previously, but now said he supported it in a private conversation with the president. >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i told him my opinion, i thought he should go, but follow his own instin s instincts. it would have been a mistake. imagine if i said in front of everyone, go or don't go, and his decision was a different decision. >> the white house not saying which version of that story is accurate. new overnight, syria president assad makes a surprise visit to moscow meeting with his strongest ally, vladimir putin. in the first trip abroad sincere ya's civil war erupted in 2011, assad thanked putin for military operations against insurgents. putin describes syria as a friend and promised to continue support in the region. assad already has returned to
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syria. now to extreme weather. dramatic rescue on camera in phoenix after a woman in the car is stranded by those fast driving flood waters. crews are in knee deep water trying to reach here, her van, and bringing her to safety. mean time, the tropical storm patricia is forming off the coast of mexico right now. maria malina has the latest. >> good morning. it's impacting parts of mexico here over the next couple days, could be a hurricane, impacting central parts of that country across the pacific ocean, but i want to take you to the flood threat that's continuing in portions of new mexico and into texas. we have this flood threat in place over the next few days because of the gulf moisture and pacific moisture meeting here and the upper level low pulling up the moisture producing heavy rain and flash flooding in
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states like arizona as you saw and in nevada and southern california. it's been ongoing here for several days, and it's a slow mover. still on the move today and could bring risks for severe storms in new mexico and western texas today, damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornados are possible, and, of course, also a risk of flash flooding with several inches of rainfall in the forecast. that risk for severe storms continues into texas as we head into tomorrow. looking at the radar, the forecast radar, you see that forecasted to rain here, flash flood watches in effect in parts of texas and eastern new mexico because we expect the rain to continue throughout the day today, and eventually, that system continues to move eastward here over the next few days. over to you. >> all right, thank you, maria. well, former "price is right ho host" bob barker rushed to the house. the 91-year-old tripped and hit
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his head on the sidewalk. officers saw the whole thing, rushed to the hospital, and released after suffering minor cuts and bruises. he surprised fans with a special april fool's day appearance. lamar odom is undergoing kidney analysis. if they fail, the only option could be a transplant. his estranged wife broke silence for the first time since being found unconscious from an apparent drug overdose. she says, in part, you can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that lamar received and strength that i was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure. well, the new york mets are one win away from the world series. their hottest hitter leading the way again. >> and this ball is drilled to right center field. it is deep. man alive!
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>> man alive, daniel murphy homers for the fifth straight game tieing the playoff record. the mets take the lead over the cubs for good in the sixth inning, 5-2, game four of the nlcs is tonight. the kansas city royals are a win away from returning to the world series winning game four in the alcs against the blue jays. game five here this afternoon. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. he just got a face-to-face with the president, but, apparently, that was not enough to impress him. the clock kid and why he's giving up now on america. big changes coming to subway. the famous sandwiches about to get longer. can you really be pulled over for drinking coffee while driving? stick around for that story. ♪
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a fox news alert this morning. listen to this story. police in new mexico are desperate for leads today on the person who shot and killed a 4-year-old little girl in what appears to be a road rage incident. investigators say she was in the car with her family riding on i-40 when another driver pulls up next to them and just starts shooting. one of the bullets hit 4-year-old little girl in the head. it is the video taking the internet by storm, dash cam catching the moment a motorcy e motorcyclist is run down by the car. the driver of the car swerved right into the motorcyclist, and now there's an arrest. 68-year-old william crumm is charged with two counts of
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aggravated assault for the accident. if convicted, he faces 40 years in prison. >> thank you. hours after meeting with the president at the white house, clock kid announces that he's moving to the middle east. the family is relocating from texas to qatar after the teen accepted a scholarship to the qatar foundation for education, science, and community development. now, this is the latest honor for the teen after being led out of school in handcuffs when the teacher mistook the clock as a bomb. >> i'm glad this happened because i get to spread my word out to the people, but it's not by the color of the skin or religion, but by your heart, and you always judge a person by your heart, not by what they look like. >> he was never charged for that clock incident. well u you have seen it before in the movies. >> i've got it right here in front of me.
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he has missed ni eed nine days. >> i asked for a car, i got a computer. >> but this new movie, one high school student, two others charged hacking into a school computer in a real life "ferris bueller" stunt. he hacked into the computer, changed grades, and for 300 students and now faces 7 years in jail for that stunt. after a long lawsuit, subway now making a change that is sure to give you and me and all of you your money's worth. >> yes. get it, long? fox business is here to explain, cheryl? >> reporter: good morning, ladies. subway announcing all sandwiches are exactly 6 or 12 inches long as a settlement of the 2013 lawsuit accusing the chain of
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selling customers shorter sand witches than advertised. they are also going antibiotic free in 2025. amazon announces plans to double the work force this holiday season, adding 100,000 temporary workers. right now, they employ 90,000 at shipping locations around the world. this is a 25% increase over the holiday hiring last christmas. the hedge truck is back. the toy truck, the hess fire truck ladder rescue is available online and select malls starting november 1st for $30.99. finally, the "star wars" fourth advanced smashed ticket records two months before the film is even released. it beat the previous record set by "the how long hunger games" eight times the amount of
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tickets. back to you. cheryl casone, live for us, thank you. go to for the latest. a major shift for the american cancer society with new guidelines for mammograms now. get them later and less often. what you need to know coming up next. and what are you most afraid of? forget the creepy crawly things. it's what's lurking around washington? >> that is scary. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
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believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president
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for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back. a major shift from the american cancer society when it comes to
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getting those mammograms. the organization now says that women should have them later and less often. wnyw reporter sharon youley explains. the american cancer society has guidelines for breast cancer screens. healthy women with an average risk of developing breast cancer are advised to get the first mammogram at age 45 and continue every year until age 55 when they should get screened every two years. earlier, it had been recommended women start getting mammograms at age 40. the chair of the american cancer society guidelines panel. >> the risk of breast cancer slowly increases from the mid-30s into the early ho 40s and includes ages 45-49. >> reporter: some doctors think the guidelines are a mistake. >> the most aggressive breast cancers come in women who are in their 40s, and those are the
2:24 am
ones to detect early so they don't grow large . >> reporter: one of the reasons they call for changes is because healthy women can get false positives, causing stress and unnecessary invasive tests. even though car mmen had three false positives, she still thinks she needed to start mammograms at age 40. >> i believe we should get one every year. it's very important for women, especially as you get older. >> reporter: in the end, doctors say, if confused, check with your individual caretaker. >> you might want to finish the cup of joe before jumping in the car this morning. a woman pulled over for sipping coffee behind the wheel. >> i was completely dumbfounded, like, dooup what you were doing wrong? i had no idea. she said drinking coffee. it's against the law to drink coffee while you're driving.
2:25 am
>> had no idea. police in minnesota say anything that takes attention away from the road is distracted driving. she was begin a warning and ticketed for not wearing a seat belt. a new jersey school banning halloween parties, blaming that decision on the diverse community. a decision at seth boyd elementary school said past halloween celebrations made some feel left out. they cancelled last year, but the acting superintendent reinstated it, and 20% of the students still opted out of last year's celebration. and it is time now to brew on this. just in time for halloween, a new survey reveals what americans are most afraid of, nothing to do with spiders, snakes, or monsters. [ screaming ]
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>> researchers at california chapman university found 58% of the 1500 people surveyed were most afraid of corruption of government officials, cyber terrorism was second, and government tracking, and personal information terrorist attacks, biowarfare, and identity theft made the list. what are you scared of? e-mail us, and we'll share them later in the show. >> all right. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. a packed plane on edge after this guy hauled off in handcuffs. what cops say he was doing that diverted the whole flight. most reliable cars on the road revealed. is yours one of them? what you need to know before you go. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed
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wednesday, october 21st, a fox news aletter. one of new york's finest gunned
2:30 am
down overnight, and what we know about the officer killed doing a job that happens to run in his blood. and joe biden still deciding on a run, but did the white house just make a big slip? >> you just called him a candidate, do you know something we don't? >> no, i don't. i meant potential candidate. i misspoke. live from washington as the vice president turns up the heat on hillary clinton. and stop that flight. one man's mad dash on to the tarmac, catch that, caught on camera, and "fox & friends" first continues right now. good morning to you, and welcome to "fox and friends" first. it's 5:30 on the east coast beginning with a fox news alert. a new york police officer is gunned down in a fire fight. >> a suspect now in custody as we learn new information about the officer's final moments. >> our weekend cohost is here
2:31 am
live with the latest, good morning, anna. >> reporter: good morning to you and good morning to everyone at home. today, the city of new york in mourning after yet another one of their police officers is murdered in the streets. 33-year-old officer ran jdolph holder shot in the head after pursuing a suspect last night responding to a call of shots fired when they began a chase that turned into a gunfight. officer holder was shot in the head and brought to the hospital in critical condition where he died surrounded by family. dozens of fellow officers lined the streets outside as the ambulance carrying their fallen brother left. >> new york city police officers every day go out and carry themselves like superheros on the streets, but the reality is when we are attacked, we bleed, and when we bleed, we die, and when we die, we cry. >> the unidentified suspect was shot in the leg, but expected to
2:32 am
to be okay, and three others are in custody expecting to be questioned. holder was a five-year veteran force and in the housing patrol unit. he came from a family of fellow police officers. holder's father telling the new york post he was fun-loving, caring, and always had a smile on his face. holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. >> sad story. thank you, ana. a plane packed with people diverted because a drunk passenger pulls out finger guns. >> went in the bathroom, would not come out of the bathroom, and then some men went back there to go to the bathroom, and next thing i know, they are holding him down. >> witnesses say the 26-year-old threatened flight attendants. the plane landed in phoenix. the fbi detained the guy. he's not been charged. the faa is now investigating after an american airlines
2:33 am
passenger spots a drone as the plane is coming in for a landing at new york's laguardia airport. the plane landed safely. if you own a drone, you are supposed to keep the drone five miles from an airport and fly no higher than 400 feet. fines could be up to $25,000. search is on for arsonist targeting black churches in st. louis. six churches burned in ten days with the most recent sunday. the atf says the arsonist is, quote, sending a message, but did not say what the message was. no one has been injured in the fires. a $2,000 reward is offered. student leaders at the university of mississippi vote to remove the state flag from campus in a 3 -15 vote. the student senator the flag is defensive displaying the confederate emblem. it heads to the chancellor for
2:34 am
approval. running for house speaker on his own terms, paul ryan will consider the role if demands are met first. we are live in washington with the conditions. what are they this morning, garret? >> reporter: well, paul ryan says he wants to put the house gop on a new path to change from an opposition party to a proposition party, but for that change to happen, he needs support from house republicans in order for him to run for speaker, particularly for those on the far right. >> what i told members is is you agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. and if i'm not unifying, that's find as well. i'm happy to stay where i am at the ways and means committee. >> reporter: garnering support is a challenge, though, thanks to another demand. eliminating the ability of house members to remove the speaker with a simple majority vote,
2:35 am
what members of the freedom caucus threatened to do to john boehner prompting resignation, and daniel webster of the freedom cause kus is the only other person still runs for speaker. all of the other candidates dropped out to support ryan. we'll likely know how things play out by the end of the week. paul ryan says republicans have until friday to let them know where they stand and if they want him to be their speaker. heather? >> all right. thank you very much, garret. well, to the 2016 election. as we wait for vice president joe biden to announce a potential campaign, the white house may have already tipped his hand. we are joined from washington with more. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. two interesting thins to listen to here. one, joe biden taking a not so vailed swipe after hillary clinton, and the other, white house spokesman, josh earnest, mistaking mistakingly, maybe, calling biden a cap dat.
2:36 am
>> spending a lot of time discussing the presidential prospects of a candidate. >> called him a candidate? do you know something i don't know? i misspoke. >> empowered me the same way because he saw how it worked for you. >> and the new poll shows hillary clinton gained over last month since the democratic debate last week, and bernie sanders more or less stayed the same. biden has fallen a bit. back to you guys. >> all right. live in washington, thanks, doug. well, now to extreme weather. a frenchman had his cut tucked inside the clothes as he is jumping to safety. the man says his 30 foot sailboat lost a rudder in rough
2:37 am
water and 46 miles per hour winds. maria has the forecast. good morning, maria. >> good morning, starting in the western u.s., flash flooding here, talking about possibility of even some severe weather in places like arizona, and that's what happened yesterday, and now we're seeing that risk shifting eastward today in new mexico and into western parts of texas. you can see that over the past 24 hours, we've been getting hammered by rain out here, and this is a part of country that does not take heavy rainfall well with runoff and flash flooding occurring, and that risk is in place today in eastern parts of new mexico and up into the texas panhandle. there's a number of watches in effect. severe winds possible, strong hail, and flash flooding possible in new mexico and texas and eventually the storm system shifts eastward, and it will bring risk for additional storms in parts of texas. temperature-wise, though, ahead of the storm, look at the numbers, mid-80s in dallas.
2:38 am
not bad at all. further east in the eastern u.s., places like new york city and raleigh, north carolina are pleasant with temperatures in the 70s. over to you. >> thank you. a pair of identical twins have different birth dates after being born weeks apart. they were due in january of next year, but doctors were first to delivered the first baby after the mother went into labor 23 weeks into pregnancy. doctors kept his brother, logan, inside his mother's womb for longer, expectsed to stay there until his due date, but was also born prematurely 18 days later. they are both doing okay. they celebrate their birthday at the same time? i guess not. they are twins. amazing. zblnk the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, and yes, sir see ventura will not let the case rest against chris kyle. what's happening in court today
2:39 am
that could put free speech at risk. this picture of a cop and boy, look at that, it's going viral. the incredible story behind the photo coming up. the future is here. the morning that they visited in "back to the future," so how much did the movie get right? ♪ ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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♪ .
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you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right jury deliberations begin today in the appeal and defamation case of jesse ventura against chris kyle. experts warn it could put free speech at risk. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, heather. the key issue here is called
2:43 am
actual malice, when a defendant makes a knowingly false statement. he wrote that he punched ventura in a california bar for making offensive remarks about the seals back in 2006. ventura claims it never happened, the controversy boosts sales of the book and then movie, ventura awarded $1.8 million, the bulk coming from the book's profit. this is where it comes into play. being awarded profits for defamation has never happened before in african-american history. several media companies and first amendment groups filed briefs backing the kyle estate. the former wrestler turned politician claiming he's still affected by the alleged lies and spoke outside the white house in st. paul, minnesota. >> i lost my television show, got no employment for two years. you tell me how it affected me, this whole thing. i can't go to a reunion now and not sit back and who stabs me in
2:44 am
the back next. >> reporter: attorneys made two big arguments, first, ventura's lawyer said the insurance was on the hook, not the widow or the estate. second, the jury gave the judge bad instructions. she's confident she'll win a new trial. >> doesn't change the truth, and it doesn't change the people who know him and know his character and integrity or the 11 other witnesses that showed up with their integrity. >> the jury returns to court at 10:00 a.m. eastern and a decision could come as early as today. >> will carr live in l.a., we'll be watching, thanks, will. know before you go. consumer reports ranked the most reliable cars and a man who loves cars, adam schapiro from fox business is here this morning. >> reporter: you know me well. good morning to you and everybody. this is the first time the reliability study was done completely online, and 740,000
2:45 am
owner responses were used to compile the list of most and least reliable cars. among the most reliable, luxus topped the brand followed by toyota, audi, buick, hyundai, and mini. the least reliable brands, infinity, cadillac, ram, jeep, and at the bottom? fiat. ford moved up to no. 17 in reliability from 23rd last year, and the new f-150 scored above average. one big shock was that tesla motd e s luxury electric cars which testers called the best car they have driven, well 1400 owner responses, they disagreed as the owners listed problems with the tesla charging equipment, poorly built cars with squeaks and leaks and issues with the drive train. consumer reports no longer recommends the model s. new transmissions are causing problems for several car
2:46 am
manufacturers. including fiat chrysler, ford, accura and nissan receiving complaints with regards to the transmission. >> interesting. how much are teslas? >> as much as $127,000. my brother has one. he loves it. how he got $120,000 to get it? he probably robbed a bank. >> oh, thank you, adam. well, the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, and coming up, a new york city police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. we are live at that scene up next. and stop that flight. one man's mad dash, look at that, on to the tarmac, caught on camera. but what's coming up on "fox and friends?" >>. >> we'll get you to weigh in, and other news that you've been talking about. paul ryan, last night steps up to the plate saying he'll put the name in to be the next speaker for the house of
2:47 am
representatives, but he's got some demands. we'll review them. then, democrats block consideration of a bill designed to stop sanctuary cities and for illegal aliens to kill americans, but families who lost hands at the illegals are not laughing. are you? the former new york city may mayor is here at 7:00 a.m., and we got the news. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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can a business be...alive?
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we are back on the fox news alert. a new york city police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. a suspect now in police custody. the wny reporter reporter moses is at the scene in harlem. robert. >> reporter: ainsley, this remains a very active crime
2:51 am
scene this morning. plifrgs are still scouring manhattan's east side looking for evidence. last night around 8:30. 33-year-old officer randolph holder responded to a call of shots fired. >> he armed an armed suspect on a stolen bike. the suspect fire and hit officer holder in the head. the officer was taken to a hospital in critical condition. he was pronounced dead just before 10:30 last night. his alleged killer is in custody. we're told he was wounded in an exchange of gunfire. holder is the fourth new york city police officer to be murdered in the line of duty in the last 11 months. a very emotional press conference last night, police commissioner bill bratton says he's been doing this for 45 years and this never gets any easier. heather, back to you. >> robert most moss live for us.
2:52 am
thank you. in other campus newspaper has the budget cut in half. the student assembly at wesleyan university in connecticut lost $17,000 from the paper's budget which could limit the number of issues printed each semester. there have been calls to boycott the ar gus, that's after an op-ed argued that the black lives movement was undermined by extremists calling for violence against police. the upcoming movie about the 2012 benghazi attack sparking controversy in libya. locals and officials calling 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi an insult to the north african nation. the unreleased film follows a group of ex-military security contractors following the attacks on the u.s. consulate. they claim it doesn't accurately depict the landscape and sends a message that the people there are ignorant and fanatical.
2:53 am
the movie set to release in january. great scott. the future is now. >> we're heading for hill valley, california at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> 2015? we're in the future. >> and that day has come. being back to the future day named after the iconic scene in the second film of that cult classic series. when marty mcfly travels to the future. what did the 1989 film get right? yes, we have 3d movies and video glasses and video conferencing. but we don't have the flying cars or hover boards. we're celebrating back to the future day. actress leah tam son thompson i here. and huey lewis and the news are here. forget the creepy crawlie things. america is most afraid of what's lurking in washington.
2:54 am
what scared you the most. your e-mails are up next. >> this picture of a cop and a little boy going viral. the incredible story behind that photo there. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. a new york city police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. officer randolph holder died after being shot in the head after a police chase and
2:58 am
gunfight. the suspect was also shot. jury deliberations begin in the defamation case between chris kyle and jesse ventura. kyle's estate wans the $1.8 million award thrown out. wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he will run for speaker of the house if his party unites behind him. so let's keep talking about paul ryan, do you agree with his demands. log on to "fox and friends" facebook page to weigh in. #keep talking. > we'll start with the good. a photo of a louisiana police officer that's gone viral. the officer carrying that child for harr an hour after being separated from his mom at a crowded festival. before they found her, the boy fell asleep in his arms. a squatter, accused of pawning $300,000 of artwork in a mansion he was living in
2:59 am
illegally. they discovered jeremiah calor camping up in a vacant house. this guy sprints on the tarmac, desperate to stop a plane leaving without him. he's been sentenced to probation and community service. now it's time for your brew. a new survey reveals what americans are most afraid of. according to researchers, 58% of the 1500 people surveyed were most afraid of corrupt government officials. cyber terrorism came in second and corporate tracking of information is third. >> we asked you. shane says clowns. clowns holding tar ant las. >> rich tweets, i'm afraid of not having enough money to retire. my parents ran out and we supported them. miss placing my ipod, phone
3:00 am
and ipad. >> not someone breaking into your house. not being able to find your phone. >> i'm creeped out by clowns also. >> clowns and spiders. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. another cop shot in the head and killed while chasing down a criminal. what we know about the officer an the suspect. we have details coming your way. another fox news alert. congress paul ryan stepping up to the plate to run for house speaker. first he's handing his fellow republicans a list of demands. how is that going o work? we'll know by friday. what if your doctor prescribes you this? ♪


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