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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and ipad. >> not someone breaking into your house. not being able to find your phone. >> i'm creeped out by clowns also. >> clowns and spiders. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. another cop shot in the head and killed while chasing down a criminal. what we know about the officer an the suspect. we have details coming your way. another fox news alert. congress paul ryan stepping up to the plate to run for house speaker. first he's handing his fellow republicans a list of demands. how is that going o work? we'll know by friday. what if your doctor prescribes you this? ♪
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well, it baffles the experts. it's been solved by taylor swift. >> yahoo. >> your move, madonna. mornings are better with friends. what's going on, huh? where are we? >> when are we? >> we're descending towards hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> hey, wait a minute. >> that's today. >> we're here. >> years ago in the movie back to the future, you saw doc, and marty mcfly in the delorean. to commemorate the anniversary, live from new york, it's a gold delorean. nice for you to lend your delorean. >> i can barely catch my breath.
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i wrote kevin mccarthy and said i have tears that we're celebrating back to the future with the delorean and the stars of the movie. i'm looking for my jig a watt charger. >> the unsung heroes of the movie, hugh i huey lewis is on show. >> without him guiding us through the movies -- >> by the way, do we have the rain jackets that would automatically dry. that was guaranteed to us like the hover board that i'm still in love with. that perfect pepsi. >> that didn't happen. >> they did forecast wireless video games. they did forecast tablets that we would use. like you're holding right there. however, they forecast the cubs were going to win the world series. >> that doesn't look nearly as good today. >> get out of here right now. we have a fox news alert to bring you. a new york city police
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officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. the suspect is now in custody as we learn new information about the officer's final moments. this is still unfolding right now. "fox and friends" co-anchor, anna kooiman is here for the latest. >> good morning, brian and everyone at home. new york city police commissioner bill bratton saying this is simply as bad as it gets. 33-year-old officer randolph holder was shot in the head pursuing a suspect in harlem last night. he and his partner had been responding to a call about shots fired. when they began a chase that turned into a gunfight. officer holder was shot in the head and brought to the hospital in critical condition where he died surrounded by family. dozens of fellow officers lining the streets outside as the ambulance carrying their fallen brother left. >> tonight is what every other officer in the nypd does when the call comes, you ran toward danger. it was the last time he will
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respond to that call. >> the unidentified suspect was shot in the leg but is expected to be okay. three other people taken into custody are now being questioned. officer holder was a five-year veteran of the force and worked in a housing patrol unit. originally, from guyana, he came from a family of police officers. his father telling the new york post, he was fun-loving, caring and always had a smile on his face. holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in just the last 11 months. back to you. >> terrible statistic. >> terrible news. >> this is what they wanted all along. this has been rumored for a while. he's always said no. i'm talking about the chairman of ways and means. former budget chairman paul ryan is now seemingly coming to grips with the fact that he would in fact take the job of speaker reluctantly under certain conditions. >> in the capitol basement had a
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meeting, met with the freedom caucus as you alluded to, to try to get all three arms of this party unified behind him. interesting move in leadership. saying i don't want to sound conditional, but i'm throwing out conditions here. >> exactly. the key, though, is because even though there are republicans, there are many temperaments there. darrell issa broke down the three key endorsements future speaker ryan would need to get by friday. here they are. >> congressman ryan is willing to serve if he can be the choice of all three wings of the republican party. he's looking for appropriately endorsement from all three major groups and the expectation is that will make the final decision. >> when will we find out? >> the republican study group, the tuesday group and the freedom caucus. >> did they offer any reaction? >> there was overwhelming applause. i didn't see anyone boo'ing. >> that's good news. regarding the freedom group,
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that's the one they're most concerned with because they are the hard line to the right. >> they pretty much kicked boehner out the door and prevented mccarthy from stepping in. >> he has paul ryan with the freedom works, he's had a lifetime score of 80. kevin mccarthy had a lifetime score of 70. by comparison, the fellow they actually endorsed, dan well webster, he has a 63% rating. so if you look at just the numbers, paul ryan on paper looks great to the far right of the republican party. >> this is a good move, you need to meet with the freedom caucus to make real progress moving forward. this is a smart move. >> bill bennett is in the wings talking about -- he gave paul ryan one of his first jobs. did he see the potential in paul ryan then that he is right now? this is the only time ryan can make the conditions. once he's in there, there's no backing out. but he has to be able to get something done. >> on friday, they're going to all get together, say okay, is
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everybody for me? if you are hold up your hand. if you're not, phase two. >> we'll let you know saturday morning. >> good luck, there's 11 other candidates. heather nauert is back with us. >> thank you for heather childress for fill in. feeling much better today. starting out with an alert. police in new mexico desperate for leads in the search for the person who shot and killed a 4-year-old girl in what appears to have been a rote rage incident. investigators say the little girl was in the car with her family on the interstate on i-40 in albuquerque. that's when another driver pulled up next to them and started shooting. one of the bullets hit the 4-year-old in the head. also overnight, serious presidential bashar al assad makes a surprise visit to moscow meeting with his strongest ally, vladimir putin. it's his first trip aboard since the syria civil war erupted in
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2011. assad thanking putin for help with his military operations against local insurgents. the same being backed by the united states by the way. russia started their strikes in syria last month. putin describing syria as a friend and promised to continue his support in the region. and just hours after meeting with president obama at the white house, the clock he announces he's leaving the united states and moving to the middle east. the family deciding to relocate from texas to qatar, after the teenager accepted a scholarship from the qatar foundation at the science of community development. this is the latest honor for ahmed after being led out of the school in handcuffs when a teacher mistook his so-called clock for a bomb. you see a picture of it right there. >> last week he was honored by a war criminal, the president of sudan, who is accused of assisting in the genocide in darfur. the new york mets are one win away from the world series and guess who had a really big
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night. >> and this ball was drilled to right center field. it is deep. man alive! >> man alive. daniel murphy homered for the fifth straight game. tying a playoff record. the mets take the lead over the cubs for good in the sixth inning. final score, 5-2. game 4 of the nlcs is tonight. the kansas city royals a win away from returning to the world series. they beat the blue jays 14-2 in game 4 of the alcs. game 5 is this afternoon. those are your headlines. a lot going on this morning. >> the most disappointed man in america. >> this could set up a brian kilmeade team versus the steve doocy royals team. >> we might demand separate hours. >> i'll be moderating. >> you'll be working in the freedom caucus, decide who you like better. let talk about this. we've got a map to show you.
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we'll show you the sanctuary cities in america. currently, we're sitting in a sanctuary city. san francisco, famously is a sanctuary city. >> what does that mean? >> what that means is those municipalities don't have to comply with federal immigration law. a republican backed bill in u.s. senate would have cut off federal funding for cities and governments if they did not follow the law. that never came up for a vote because they only got up to 54 nod in the u.s. senate. two democrats actually went with it as well. it was bipartisan. but it failed. >> this all came up because of kate steinle's death and murder on that pier in san francisco and it was pushed forward with great heart in order to avoid this happening again. giving a minimum sentence of five to ten years for any person convicted of a felony or drug-related misdemeanor re-entered -- that's kate's law. >> this is what moved this forward to get the emotion
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behind this bill and why everyone was starting to really think about the sanctuary cities policy. it didn't go forward. senator harry reid mocked the bill saying it's vile. watch this. >> this vile legislation will be called the donald trump act. like the outrageous disgusting language by donald trump. it's not solving the problem within the immigration system. donald trump act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they're criminals and threats to the public. >> how soon until harry reid retires? how unbelievable is it that he's condemning an act to enforce the federal laws when it comes to illegal immigrants selling our drugs and killing americans randomly. among the people who don't believe it's a vile act, mary ann mendoza. her son was killed by an illegal. >> here's what i'd like to say to harry reid. number one, did you actually really read the bill?
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number two, have you had a loved one killed by an illegal? number three, this is targeting repeat criminals who are considered dangerous by ice. the last thing i'd like to see, if you're for keeping the illegal criminals in our country, you need to retire harry reid. that's what i think of him. >> bill o'reilly believes when republicans decide to put the funding in with the bill, they've put in a death sentence with the bill prevented democrats politically from going along with it and he actually called out senator mark kirk and rand paul as republicans who better, in his terms, wise up. >> he said i'm going to come after you. this is a dysfunctional government and our people are paying the price. >> all the bill would have done is to have the local towns follow the law. but democrats said no. meanwhile, it's the saddest story you'll hear all day. >> i lost my television show and i could get no employment for
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two years. >> my emoji with tears out. >> jesse ventura issuing another attack on the late chris kyle and this time it's taking a bizarre turn. >> he also feels awkward at seal reyooups. donald trump, is he conservative enough to lead the republican party as president of the united states or will his past come back haunt him? some surprising insight when we come back. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah.
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if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. he is leading the race for the republican nomination. but is donald trump truly a conservative? his opponents say no way. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful. >> as far as single payer, it works in canada and scotland. if putin is taking over what we started. >> if he wants to fight isis, let him fight isis. why do we always have to do everything? >> there are some of his sound bites. radio show host bill bep et is a former secretary of education. he has a new book out. he joins us live in morning.
3:18 am
>> good morning steve. is donald trump conservative enough? >> i'm going to be the victim of a tweet here no matter what i say. i'll be mugged on the way out. i don't know. i don't know exactly what his views are. there's a history of his views in favor of eminent domain, economy thrived better under democrats, a host of other things he said which makes me wonder. i know some of the conservatives who i believe in, like paul ryan, marco rubio, they deviate one iota on one thing and people are ready to jump on them. this guy has been off the reservation on a lot of things. >> you're both in the prism of bill bennett how he sees america, you say that donald trump and carly fiorina would be the best candidates for the united states when it comes to free enterprise. >> i think that would be their trademark. i think that's what people identified them with. that's fair enough. he's worked in the private sector with some success. he's done this all his life. carly fiorina has also, mixed record people would say. if you had a trademark, that would be those two. again, what's the record?
3:19 am
>> when it comes to individual liberty, you say, regarding their record, rand paul and ted cruz are the standouts. >> i think that's right. trademark. what they're known for and what they speak about. the problem is everybody is for individual liberty. all conservatives are. we need to articulate what that means. when you come into collision with things like national security, that's when you determine what the real deal is and what you're prepared to give on. >> from national security to best national defense, you say marco rubio and lindsey graham. >> lindy graham has been consistent on this. this is all he talks about. i think he's been eloquent and totally unconvincing to the american people i'm sad to say. marco rubio is strong on this issue too. they're all right. the need -- the reason i wrote the book is to explain the principles to a largely doubting public and media. conservatives are more self-identified. conservatives and liberals in
3:20 am
america. we always seem to be on the defense. that's what i'm trying to react to. >> next week the speaker could be paul ryan. he said he'll run provided -- you've got a personal history with him. will he be able to unite the three parts of the republican party? >> i don't know. he was my intern, used to carry my coffee in one hand and the book of virtues in the other. now i walk around saying i know paul ryan. i know paul ryan. look, there's no one else who can. they came to him. he didn't come to them. they came to him and said, you're the only one who can unite. but if he does take the speakership, these conditions are agreed to, steve, he can expect criticism right away. it's a contentious crowd that republican house. but i do think he is the one man who could lead successfully and i hope he does. >> this book is called america is strong. coming up on this wednesday, a drastic change in rules for women. get fewer mammograms? start later?
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from indianapolis, a man dancing on the roof of a burning house. police say it was his ex-girlfriend's home and he had barricaded himself inside and waited for the police before setting the fire. he was tased and arrested boy, am i confused. the man in this viral video has been arrested you can see the bike begin to pass the car when the car swerves into it. william crumb has been charged with two counts of aggravated
3:25 am
assault. he faces up to 40 years in prison. he said he was stung by a wasp. i'm not buying it. >> thanks, brian. a stunning move by the american cancer society this week telling women around the world to have their mammograms later at the age of 45 instead of 40 and less och as they grow older. when it comes to cancer, is less a good idea? we have a doctor here who is a breast cancer and oncologist. >> what did you think about this new recommendation? >> i think this is a really confusing and dangerous message that we're sending women and their health care providers. we have three different groups now saying three different things. we have the task force suggests mammograms at 50. the american cancer society suggesting them at 45. of course, the american college of obstetrics and gien koynecol recommending it at 40. there are mixed messages.
3:26 am
>> when you look at the numbers, the majority of the 230,000 breast cancers diagnosed annually are found at early stages. giving women a 90% survival chance. so i'm hearing all along in my lifetime, prevention is key to living your life. but now we're giving five years away in terms of prevention. this seems absurd to most women. >> it's absolutely absurd, elisabeth. unfortunately, in this situation, we're sort of disempowering women and their rights as far as choosing for their health care. the new guidelines suggest that women should be given the opportunity to have mammograms from the age of 40 to 44. unfortunately, that opportunity will not be up to women but will fall on their insurance companies, which i think is the real fear and concern. >> you actually compare this opportunity for women to evaluate and start learning about what procedures they should be having to you replacing the tires on your car.
3:27 am
>> that's right. i know nothing about cars and tires, to ask me my opinion on what tires i want is ludicrous. similarly, we have to give advice and advise women. not leave it up to their whims or their insurance company whims. >> this is ultimately bad news for women? >> i think it's a dangerous and confusing message. i think we really need to look at the details of this study. once again, unfortunately, they looked at older data where digital films and 3d mammography were not used. they looked at film mammogram which is difrp than today's mammograms. >> thank you for your time today. >> thank you, elisabeth. bob barker was just rushed to the hospital. we'll find out what happened to the former price is right host. we are celebrating back to the future day. we have the stars and a special edition delorean. you do not want to miss this. i'm talking jiga watts here. first, happy birthday to carrie
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well, there's a lot that i would like to do to build on the successes of president obama. but also as i'm laying out to go beyond. >> what i represent is generational change. >> i run for president because i believe the 1988 election at its heart can be reduced to a fundamental choice between two paths to the future. >> yesterday is over. we're never going back. >> they're never going back. it's your shot of the morning republican presidential hopeful, marco rubio.
3:32 am
the republican celebrating back to the future day with that brand new campaign ad. >> how exciting is back to the future. democrats like hillary clinton and joe bide ep a blast from the past and promises rubio will be the one to move the country forward. >> governor o'malley says -- >> we're standing in front much something very special. because what better way to celebrate back to the future day than with a gold delorean and one of the film's famous stars, most recognizable faces from the '80. james hole ken. also known as principal strictland. >> i don't see any slackers here. >> there's no mcfly. >> no mcfly, of course. >> let's get out of the way for a second. tell us about the memories. whenever you see -- this is a gold wrap. keep moving out of the way so folks can see it. this is a gold wrapped delorean. what kind of memories every time you see a delorean do you think of?
3:33 am
>> when you see back to the future and we were going, we don't need roads. >> yes. >> it was actually repeated. president ronald reagan. >> absolutely. >> it was a moment no one can forget there. this car right here is actually wrapped in gold to commemorate the anniversary and 3m is the sponsor behind that. how cool is that? >> very cool indeed. >> talk about your role. you get to call, you're on broadway and they say we want you to do this movie. you have no idea how great it would be. >> i was on broadway and i got a call from the director, bob zem kiss, i said i'm never going to hollywood until they send for me. he had seen me in a movie, prince of the sea. he offered me the role. no meeting, no audition, no anything. >> he ended up being the principal in the movie.
3:34 am
you do the first one in '85, the second one in '89. >> you did top gun as well. >> right after that, yes. >> i love the story about one particular line. you were out of miramar, you heard a military man use the line. you used it. >> i said look, when they screw up, incompetent want to talk to a squadron commander. when they screw up, how do you talk to them. he said last week, i said son your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. you're going to fly yourself right into a box. i went to the director and we put that line in. they would not let me say fly into a box. that was my contribution above and beyond to that movie. >> when you were filming, actually in the back to the future film and there's a hover board, there's a self-walking dog and there are all these inventions, did you think, yes, we're going -- we will have those things? i might have been a bit skeptical.
3:35 am
but nevertheless, here we are. >> there are a few things that we have that were predicted to have in 1989 when this come to october 21 ts, 2015. for example, our 3d movies. kech mccarthy talked about that with us. >> something they had in the move that i elisabeth had in her hand every day all the time, they suggested in back to the future someday we would have tablets >> and we do. >> they also suggested and this was way out there, this is never going to happen. they suggested someday there will be a baseball team in florida. that happened. >> video conferencing in wall mounted wide screen television. we don't have flying cars. >> they also said the cubs might win the world series. >> but the mets had a little something to say about that last night. >> they sure did. >> been a special series. you like when people come up to you, principal and say i remember you in this and -- >> necessity want me to call
3:36 am
them a slacker. they know that somewhere in them there's a slacker. they say will you call me slacker? all right. you're a slacker, kid. >> you're not slackers, but for the moment, you are slackers! >> thank you very much. >> our pleasure to have you. >> huey lewis will be with us in a little while. maybe we'll get him to hum that song. meanwhile, we'll go to heather and get headlines. thank you. jury deliberations begin in the defamation case between jesse ventura and the family of american sniper chris kyle. that case is under appeal. ventura claims that kyle lied in his memoir about punching him at a bar in 2006. ventura's name was never mentioned in that book, but he was awarded 2 million d last
3:37 am
year. the former wrestler turned politician slamming the kyle family outside an appeals court in minnesota. >> listen to this. >> three or four times, talking about how this was having such an effect on the kyle family. which it was not. do you realize this has cost me a million dollars? >> attorneys for the kyle estate say the judge gave the jury bad instructions and they want it thrown out. the former price is right host, bob barker, rushed to the hospital after fall outside his hollywood home. >> bob barker! >> police say the 91-year-old tv legend tripped and hit his head on the sidewalk. officers in the area saw the whole thing. they rushed to help him. he was released from the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. barker recently surprised fans with a special april fool's day appearance alongside the host, drew carey. and the nba star, lamar odom
3:38 am
is undergoing kidney dialysis and experts say if his they continue to fail, his option may be a transplant. his estranged wife breaking her silence for the first time. she says in part, you can never be prepared for an experience like this. but without the outpouring of love and end less prayers that lamar has received and the strength i was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure. singer taylor swift, another amazing story about her. helping a north carolina woman shake off her memory loss. ♪ ♪ >> an amazing story. 19-year-old charlie robertson, you can see her there. she has cerebral palsy. three years ago she suffered seizures so badly that it erased her memory. when doctors started to give up
3:39 am
hope, her mom started playing the pop star's music. immediately the memories returned and she'll have a chance to personally thank taylor swift tonight before her concert in greensboro. what an amazing story. those are your headlines. now outside o for a look at weather with maria molina. >> we're tracking a system in the western part of the u.s. bringing flash flooding to states like arizona and nevada. today, it's moving eastward and bringing in more severe weather to new mexico and western parts of texas and you can see that over the past 24 hours, a lot of rain has come down out here. we're looking at possibly even several informs that came down. of course, it's a big concern. the tex tech panhandle and western parts of oklahoma. widespread area looking at that danger for flash flooding, damaging winds and strong storms. temperaturewise in eastern
3:40 am
texas, up into memphis, mild temperatures today in the 80s. in new york city and raleigh, north carolina, not bad either. temperatures forecast to be in the 70s. nowlet go back inside. >> yep. it feels like back to the future day. >> it does. so great to be outside. i was saying goodbye to mild weather and i can walk around without a shirt on like it's august. >> just like at home. >> yeah. >> i was waiting for a comment, steve sfiemt 20 minute before the top of the hour. people buy products all the time specifically because it's labeled made in the usa. now one big retailer accused of lying about it being made in the usa. apparently not. is it time for another truth that history is about to repeat itself? can we take the scaffolding down yet?
3:41 am
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welcome back. we have quick consumer headlines for you now. walmart is being forced to remove all of its made in the usa low dpoes for products on its websites because they're made overseas. the federal trade commission had launched an investigation after a watchdog group said it found more than 100 examples of items that were misleading consumers. consumer reports releases its annual list of the most reliable cars and lexus tops the list. they ask customers what problems or repairs they had over the years. the fiat 500l came in last. size matters. at least at subway it does. the chain will now measure the length much their bread. it settled a class action lawsuit claiming their foot long subs were only 11 inches long.
3:45 am
every inch counts. >> thank you very much, elisabe elisabeth. the moments that reshape our history. i'm talking about the american revolution, the end of the civil war that kept our country alive. the day that president roosevelt signed the new deal which sustained our economic system perhaps. america may be on the verge of a fourth revolution. at least according to my next guest. james pierson. >> thanks for having me on today, first of all. the united states has been through, as you just described, three revolutions in the past. the revolution that created our country, the territorial and slavery crisis and the new deal world war ii crisis. each of these situations we reorganized our politics, new political party came in. >> it takes a catastrophe. >> that's right. it takes a crisis. out of these crises, we reshaped and reorganized our politics. usually with the leadership of a
3:46 am
new political party and an important leader. >> so you see another party emerging other than republicans or democrats. one goes away and one emerges and the civil war. you see something else happening? >> i see the party system being reshaped. not necessarily a new party. that could happen. but the party system being reshaped, maybe by bringing new voters into the system, some voters leaving one party to join another. and a new synthesis being created. basically, the system is not working anymore. >> we know that. how does it work? what causes it to break? we have growth. not a lot of growth. we're not necessarily -- there's tensions everywhere. doesn't seem to be a tipping point. >> the financial crisis o was a kind of a trigger. we brought in barack obama, a new face. but old ideas. >> actually got worse. >> it hasn't worked. our economy is growing very slowly. we have an enormous amount of debt in the system.
3:47 am
>> just tell me what the revolution will look like? >> you know what, i wish i had a crystal ball. but i don't. but i would say this. look out for the next recession and stock market crash. when that happens, all sorts of things will -- there will be a cascade of events in the system. various states, localities, pension funds will be underwater. we won't be able to pay the promises that we've made to seniors, to students, to pensioners. we'll have to renegotiate all those promises. there will be a huge political problem. somebody will have to come along that can solve these problems. we're going to have to restore growth in our economy. how are we going to resolve this enormous amount of at the time in the system? >> i don't know how this is resolved. but it will have to be resolved through the political system and by a political party or leader who breaks the mold. >> one person or one party? >> i believe it has to be a party.
3:48 am
>> donald trump is breaking the mold. he's fighting the establishment in both parties. he's doing things you're not supposed to do. steve asked in the last segment about bill bennett. is he a conservative? no. he's not a conservative. does that matter? i don't think so >> the fact that he's winning backs the premise of your book. >> i think he's breaking the mold. at the end of the day, the solution to our problems may look a lot like what donald trump is proposing. jobs, restore american greatness. trade, immigration will begin to solve all these problems. >> if he wins -- >> i don't think he's going to win. but we're not there yet. this will be a process that will take maybe a decade. >> it's all in your book, shattered consensus. james pierson, thanks for joining us today. >> tenuous times, times have changed. that's straight ahead. mean while on our show, we'll be joined by former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani.
3:49 am
talking about the fourth cop killed in new york city, this in the last 11 months. remember ben carson's pitch to fix the economy. >> we need a significantly changed taxation system. and the one that i've advocated is based on tithing. i think god is a pretty fair guy. >> turns out that's not the only financial lesson we can learn from the bible. let's look at financial tricks you have missed.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
we need a significantly changed taxation system. and the one that i've advocated is based on tithing. because i think god's a pretty fair guy. >> typically speaking, ben carson, the doctor was right. it turns out there are tons of valuable financial lessons hidden in the good book. joining us now national financial expert and radio talk show host chris brown. he's also a former pastor. thanks for being with us, chris. we actually have found over 2,350 references to money in the bible. so what can we learn from it, practically speaking every day? >> yeah, it turns out that that book that's on the end table, that gets opened very little, has a lot to say. and to help us in this area. one of those verses would be found in 1 tim think chapter 6 versus 6, and it says that contentment is great gain. this idea of contentment, it's
3:54 am
the number one characteristic for those who are successful with money. and what it does is it allows us to not have that -- be on that latest quest for whatever will -- whatever purchase will make us happy. and so it's not based on that. and so we want to make sure that we're content. it doesn't mean lack of ambition. it doesn't mean apathy. it just means not being entitled. >> and a little gratitude in there. >> also, proverbs 13:22 says a good man leaves an inheritance to this children's children. look at that. the bible is talking about estate planning. >> yes. we want to make sure we have our goals in front of us. we want to make sure we know the whys. so when we make the daily decisions and daily sacrifices, when we know the why, that we're trying to pass something to the next generation, it makes sacrifices so much easier. this is more than just money. this is character. this is integrity. we want to make sure we're passing millions of dollars to the next generation so that they can handle it and they're not going to mess it up. >> you also point to proverbs
3:55 am
22:7. what does that say? >> this is the rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is enslaved to the lender. that's not talking about poor as far as salary. that's talking about poor as far as financial position. many of us are being robbed of our incomes because of debt. and it's very hard to give, it's hard to save, it's hard to invest when you're obligated to monthly payments. so my encouragement to folks, get out of debt and stay out of debt. and you'll be freed up. and you will be no longer in that bondage. >> right. ultimately, though, chris, you know, what the bible talks about is don't be a slave to money. and so many people wind up, you know, going down that path. and, not necessarily good thing. >> no, it's definitely want. want to make sure that we own our money. the money doesn't own us. >> hmm, interesting tips right there. straight from the bible, with over 2,350 opportunities to learn what it says about money. chris brown, thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> all right.
3:56 am
>> interesting look. >> indeed. meanwhile, straight ahead, a huge show still on tap for this wednesday. back to the future day continues with the movie's stars stopping by all morning long. >> oh, what a sight. >> rudy giuliani in the delorean. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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when you have kids, you'll understand. this is the life of a rebel. sorry, mom.
3:59 am
a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. it happened again. another cop shot in the head, and killed. while trying to chase down a criminal. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here with us live. meanwhile, another fox news alert, congressman paul ryan stepping up to the plate. he says he will run for house speaker, but first he's got a list of demands and he needs the
4:00 am
republicans to give him their best. all right, brian? >> the day has finally arrived. >> doc, what's going on? >> when are we? >> we're descending toward hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m., on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> yes, the future is here. it is october 21st, 2015. and the "back to the future" biggest stars are here, lea thompson is here, we also have a special surprise including the writer and singer from the classic movie theme song. may i remind you that mornings are better with friends? ♪ got to get back in time back to the future ♪ ♪ on a roll of the dice >> take a look at that.
4:01 am
that is the delorean. here we go. >> featured in the 1985 movie. it was 30 years ago that "back to the future" said, remember when doc programmed into the delorean the dates, and it was today's date, october 21st, 2015. he opened it. >> i cannot get over the fact today brian is riding in the delorean right now. it's making my 1.21 gigawatts in my heart just go crazy. this is so exciting. >> watch this. see what year it actually is. because i'm not really sure because we went so fast in the cold open. i don't even know. i lost my equilibrium. >> how is that thing, brian? >> there we go. go it? >> butthead. >> don't forget to look at the flux capacitor. >> the flux capacitor is not working. so i'm 25 minutes ahead. you remember? 25 minutes ahead. i'm going to go inside. so there's brian with the delorean from the movie and right next to it with a gold wrapped by 3m and delorean. >> and steve, i can't wait to see, do we have flying cars?
4:02 am
are there whoever boards? >> hello, mcfly! >> there are hover boards, kind of. >> one of the things they did forecast in the movie is people would have tablets. >> they predicted facial rejuvenator which we have versions of that for sure. the jacket that would dry itself off. go that there would be a baseball team in florida. but they also predicted that the cubs would win the world series, and right now that's not looking -- >> did they predict we will still be talking about this fantastic movie? you're back! you did it. >> we couldn't get passing or going. >> you started -- >> i was -- >> i wake up short a gigawatt. >> i think the basis -- >> heather nauert is back. >> great to see you out there. we begin with a fox news alert. a very serious story to tell you about coming in to our newsroom. a u.s. fighter jet has crashed into england. the air force says it was an f-18 and it went down about five
4:03 am
miles northwest of a base in suffolk, raf lakenheath right there. witnesses say the pilot was able to eject before the plane crashed. no word on what happened to that pilot afterwards. it is not clear what caused that crash. we'll bring you the latest details as we get them in. breaking overnight, a new york city police officer is shot in the head and killed in the line of duty. 33-year-old officer randolph holder was chasing a suspect when gunshots were fired last night. he was a five-year veteran of the force. he died at the hospital surrounded by his family. the alleged gunman was also shot but is expected to survive. three more people were taken into custody, and they're being questioned at this hour. holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty within the last 11 months. our prayers go out to his family this morning. wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he will run for speaker of the house, but only if his party unites behind him. republicans have been urging the 45-year-old to consider that job since majority leader kevin
4:04 am
mccarthy withdrew his candidacy. but the 2012 vice presidential nominee says it has to be on his own terms. listen. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> well he has young children, and a lovely family. ryan says that republicans have until friday to let him know where they stand. and the new york mets can clinch a spot in the world series, after beating the cubs yet again. >> this ball is drilled to right center field. it is deep. man alive. >> daniel murphy homered for the fifth straight game, tying a playoff record. the mets would take the lead for good in the sixth inning. the final score, 5-2. they could face the kansas city royals. they took a 3-1 lead against toronto. they crushed the blue jays in game four. game five is this afternoon.
4:05 am
and brian kilmeade over there is celebrating. >> i cannot believe it. a guy with 14 homers during the year hit five in the postseason and ties the record. i wonder if mr. yankee fan the mayor of new york city, america's mayor, can you believe that? the greatest team ever to play. >> the yankees are the greatest team ever to play. >> then why aren't they in the world series? >> you're happy for them. i can sense it a little bit. >> of course. i root for the mets when i don't root for the yankees. >> i'm the same way. i'm not a hater. >> i have a standing bet on the jets every week with one of my good friends. friendly bet. because he's one of these giants fans who's a jet hater. i'm a giants fan who likes the jets. >> right. you know why? because jets vote. >> also, even before that. you know, i root for the new york teams when -- >> you love this city. and that's why this next topic, i know, is going to make your heart. we have the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in 11 months. when you saw this, this
4:06 am
33-year-old officer randolph holder, rushed to harlem hospital where he was pronounced dead by 10:22 p.m. when you hear fourth officer killed in the line of duty in the past 11 months, your reaction? >> takes me back to my worst days as mayor. not only september 11, but the 24 times i was at the death bed of a police officer who died in the line of duty. i remember the very first one. commissioner bratton was my police commissioner. and we stood there, i remember the church, too, because it was the church i went to, saint rayfield's church where they had the funeral. these are the worst days to be mayor or police commissioner. because you realize that you're asking the police officers of this city to keep us safe. your life is not at risk in asking them to do it. but theirs is. and they're the ones who give up their lives. i reduced homicide by 65%. but i didn't do it. police department did it. so every time a police officer was shot, wounded, i -- my heart was broken. >> sure. >> i also understood how much i owed to them because they're the ones who got the job done.
4:07 am
>> absolutely. and in this particular case, this officer was responding to a report of a guy with a gun. so rather than running away from the problem, these guys, it's their job -- >> if they're not doing their job. people say they're not doing their job. i think maybe this proves it, tragical tragically. this man was doing his job. doing what my fore-uncles did, so many police officers that i work with every day now in my security business do. you get in trouble, all of a sudden, police become real little important and we start to understand -- >> worried that this is such a vocation and a calling. to serve and protect. do you worry that people will hesitate before jumping in to this profession with the season we are in now? >> well, you know, honestly, if you do, then it's not for you. i have to go through this conversation with my assistant u.s. attorneys. particularly all the mafia cases. some of them would say it's dangerous to be an assistant u.s. attorney. and i said -- >> on mafia cases. >> i think the general rule is that they don't kill the police,
4:08 am
they don't kill prosecutors, they don't kill judges. but there have been exceptions. and the fact is in a job like this you're also going to run into insane people. so if you can't handle that, take another job. >> but do you sense, or do you think it's disproportionate that we care so much that we're putting too much emphasis on it. do you sense there's a lawlessness out there that makes it more dangerous than ever to be an officer? >> there's no doubt that's true. i'm not going to say this incident is connected to that. this seems more like the usual, unfortunate, tragic incident, where crime is in progress. >> guy is wounded -- >> targeting police officers, we know that. all you got to do is go on social media and you can see the people are targeting police officers. i don't remember that since the black panther days. which i also lived through and was a prosecutor through. we haven't had that kind of thing where people are actually now tweeting, and saying, you know, kill the police, get the police. but, still less than a year ago
4:09 am
where a guy came to new york specifically to kill a police officer. >> we just had their families here with us. >> i don't know if this case fits in to that scenario. but if you're asking me is that going on, i travel the country. police officers come up to me all over the country because they recognize me -- >> what do they say? >> they know whose side i'm on and they tell me they're targeting us. this is terrible. this is awful. police officers feel it. how they react to it, then, is another matter. but if you're asking me do police officers feel they're being targeted right now? absolutely. >> sure. it was just about a week or so ago, you actually came to the assistance of somebody who was in trouble. you were, okay so you had taken the red eye from aleppo, traveling down the fdr when that white suv flipped over. what did you do? you jumped into action? >> i was half asleep -- >> you were driving? >> sal desalvo who was a former new york city sergeant and a former emt, thank god, and mark
4:10 am
mccadey my law partner were in the car. we all jumped into action. mark called 911. i asked him to use my name, to see if we could get people there quickly. which is why people thought i was involved in the accident. >> i think somebody called my wife and said that i was involved in an accident. i wasn't involved in it. but we stopped. sam and i went to the car. believe it or not, ex-new york city firefighter came along. sal told the man to put the ignition off. the man was in a shat of shock but conscious. he put it off. then, the firefighter went down, sal went down. two guys that were running stopped. they helped hold the car against the rail. and i helped sal stabilize it. and i helped the guy, and we pulled the guy out. then we sat the guy down. then the guy was conscious, but then i started directing traffic for a little while. >> right.
4:11 am
>> i moved -- >> one of the cars in the central lane so i moved him over into the other lane so the other two lanes would be open. i haven't gotten a call from the mayor yet saying i helped with the movement of the traffic. then we noticed there was a young woman who was crying. and she was about 100 yards ahead of us. she had been hit by the car. because the car went like this. and we got her to make sure she got to new york hospital. >> i think rudy giuliani just pulled me out of a car. >> one young police officer came over to me, he was a rookie, he had the gray uniform on and he said, must be like riding a bike, once you learn emergency response, you never forget. >> all right. let's talk politics a little bit. it's one of the things you might want to get. back in 2007 you were ahead in the race. >> this late, was i still ahead? >> about now. >> about now. and the thing turned around. >> started to turn it around >> when you look at where donald trump is right now, and
4:12 am
there's -- >> 24.5% in the last poll. >> there have been a number of stories about how it looks like the republican establishment is waking up to the fact that he could actually be the nominee. >> well, first of all, no two elections ever mirror each other. if you think you're going to go to a prior election and find the answer to this election, you're wrong. and this is a very different year. very different things are going on. and donald trump has had something happen to him which is interesting. he's already dropped and come back. wasn't a big drop but i dropped down from about 28, 29, 32 to about 21, 22, 23. now he's back at 26, 27. that's a sign people actually coming back to him rather than going away from him. i don't know. >> you're just saying right now. you do not know what's next? >> no, in fact. the reason he is where he is, the republican establishment may actually help him.
4:13 am
>> but you got to start thinking this election. >> yes. >> everybody, same thing with war and emergency response. we think of the last war, but we think of the last attack and we prepare for it. and somebody does something different. everybody runs the last election. this is this election. there's something going on if trump, carson and fiorina are -- >> trump -- in a way that carson could be his running mate. >> well, the two of them -- the two of them are responding to something. right? they've got a majority of the vote. if you throw in fiorina and she went down a little, but next debate she's probably going to go up again because of the way she debates. she's clearly a talented debater. the three of them command the field. and they're all outsiders. >> they are. >> well i don't know, that's sending me some kind of message. certainly there are ways to attack any of these candidates, including trump or bush or rubio. but i don't know the way i'd do it is by establishment going after trump. you might see him poof. >> you never know. >> rudy, thank you very much for
4:14 am
joining us. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> all right, meanwhile coming up straight ahead. even after spending millions of dollars and adding more manpower america's veterans not getting the care they deserve from the v.a. is it time to start hiring and start firing? mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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it's been more than a year since president obama signed a bill promising to fix the v.a. yet all around the country, our veterans are still being asked to wait in lines. take san antonio, for example, where 20% of all vets are waiting more than a month to see a doctor. sure makes you wonder why democrats in the senate just blocked a bill that would have let the agency fire all of its bad apples. fox news contributor and ceo of concerned veterans for america, pete, i can't even imagine how fired up you are about the dems that blocked this bill. >> we watched it live. senator blumenthal went down to the floor, senator rubio tried to propose a bill. he's been a great champion of v.a. accountability. senator blumenthal blocked it. and it has nothing to do with veterans and had everything to do with government employee unions. >> explain. >> who don't want anything to change. they don't want anything to change at the v.a. these unions are so wedded to all the protections that surround employees that they can never be fired.
4:19 am
as a result blumenthal who is a big union supporter, gets a lot of money from them, he trots down there, wants it to be really quiet and blocks it based on a lot of rhetoric that has nothing to do with vets, accountability, nothing to do with fixing the v.a. that's why vets are so fired up about this. it's the institution that's status quo in washington, surrounding politicians and prevent real policy from ever happening. >> is it salt in the wound that blumenthal was accused of lying or not being forthcoming about his service in vietnam? >> well, there were certainly some notes about that on twitter afterwards. i mean, ironic that he's the man to do it. i think -- but you talked about san antonio. it's not just san antonio, it's phoenix, its gainesville, it's fayetteville. across the country veterans are waiting even longer, even longer and almost nobody's been held accountable for the wait time scandal. this accountable act which rubio already passed the house in a bipartisan vote, we think it would pass the senate, but senate democrats, blumenthal in particular, government unions, want nothing to do with it. we're going to keep fighting back, elisabeth, because there's
4:20 am
no other option. at this point if we don't have accountability, the culture is never going to change at the v.a. >> what a day right here. pete hegseth, always great to talk to you and to see you this weekend. >> absolutely. we're going to keep fighting. >> good fights. incredible. coming up, what do you miss, what do you do, when you miss your flight? book another one or chase the plane? right on the tarmac? like this person right here? and we continue going back in time today, to celebrate "back to the future" day. up next, one of the movie's biggest stars lea thompson, joins us with the one thing that no one knows that she did to get in to that classic 1950s character. she's going to tell us next. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
we got some quick headlines from outside. first up, new video captures the moment a man sprints onto the tarmac at denver international airport, look at that right there. officials say he was desperate to stop the plane that was leaving without him. great. he has been sentenced to two years' probation. probably not going to do that again. a plane packed with people diverted to phoenix because witnesses say a drunk passenger threatened flight attendants with finger guns. the american airlines flight was on its way to dallas-ft. worth from san jose. the fbi detained the guy, but he has not been charged. talk about a leap of faith. a french sailor tucked his cat, look at this, into his jacket, and jumped from his sailboat to a nearby rescue ship. the ship was disabled by strong waves off the alaskan coast. both man and cat, right now, are dry. and that's the news. >> good camera work, steve. >> actress lea thompson cemented
4:25 am
her status as a hollywood legend playing marty mcfly's mommy in "back to the future." remember this? >> you're my -- you're my -- >> my name is lorraine. lorraine bates. >> yeah! but you're -- it's all -- it's all -- thin! >> that was 30 years ago. so where is she right now? >> she's still thin. >> oh, she sure is. looking fabulous right on our plaza, joining us now actress lea thompson. when you see that clip, what goes through your mind? >> i don't know. it was a lot of fun. and i loved the script. and i'm so happy that it's being celebrated today. >> you called michael j. fox at that time calvin. because? >> it was calvin klein on his underwear so i thought that was his name. >> either that or mr. klein. >> remember back 30 years ago, in the movie, when doc dials up a date, way in the future, he
4:26 am
actually puts today's date, october 21st, 2015. back then, that just seemed so far away. we're never going to get there >> no, no, no. but here we are. and we're looking hot you guys! here we are with the delorean. you look fantastic in that. >> look at that. >> there are some secrets that you had in preparing for your role. what did you carry with you? >> i had money in my pocket that was from the time. like i went and found money from 1954, 1953, and i had lipstick the exact color that was at the time. and i listened to mr. sandman before every take, because i -- to get in character. >> you wanted to get back to the moment? >> to get so wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. >> so you're an emerging stale. michael j. fox is an emerging star. steven spielberg is a legend already. did you sense that you had something special? >> yeah, well the script was so great. really it's all about the script. but you know, the joy of this movie was watching bob zemeckis enjoying watching his vision come to life. >> right. >> and he was just be giggling
4:27 am
at the craziness of it all. >> his vision, part of it was to give a look into the future and some of the things that actually came true. we've got a list of them. in the movie, "back to the future," our obsession with 3-d movies is equaled. >> mm-hmm. >> handheld tablets is one of those things. >> i'm clearly obsessed. >> video conferencing, and of course flatscreen all happened. a lot didn't. we do not fly around in cars. >> thank god. >> we do not have a hover board except for one -- >> i was waiting for my hover board. >> we cannot put garbage in our cars for gas. >> no. that will be good. let's figure that one out. >> did anybody tell you how to work this? >> you know, i drove one -- i was on "dancing with the stars" last year and i drove one. they don't drive so great. >> that car is 30 years old. >> my daughters, you know, they kind of grew up with people saying you're the girl from "back to the future." so they're used to it. so, i don't know. it's just part of our life. you know. but i'm worried.
4:28 am
but it's good. it's good. because i've had a long career. >> you have had a very long, successful career. you've been working nonstop ever since. >> yeah, yeah. i'm still on friendship earth and i just directed a movie with both my daughters in it. >> how was it to work with them? >> it's great. one of my daughters wrote it, too. >> what's it called? >> the year of spectacular men. i just wrapped that. >> oh, really? >> i keep trying new things. and even driving deloreans. >> do your daughters listen to the mother or do they listen to the director? >> they listen to the director. oh, you know. stand on your mark and say your lines. >> it's good for them that they know. you've had incredible success and you're so lovely. we've had such fun with you on our plaza right now. >> thank you. >> no matter what you accomplish, people are going to say "back to the future." >> the future is today. >> i know! isn't that exciting? and the good news is i'm not 87. that's what i was in the "back to the future." >> even better news for us --
4:29 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> you can close our show. >> we're serious about this. >> is he going to sing? >> oh, my gosh! >> kevin costner is going to be here in about 45 minutes. >> he's a dream boat. >> ear going to ask the question who is sexier you or kevin? finally get to the bottom of it. >> lea, it is so great having you here. how much fun is "back to the future" day? we're fired up on 1.21 gigawatts. now we've got to make like a tree. >> coming up straight ahead, did you hear this? >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said, i told him my opinion. that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. >> that appears to be joe biden's flip-flop as he's not even in the race yet. what does that tell us about what his plans are? and the kid whose clock looked a lot like a bomb making a major announcement just hours after a meeting with the president. well you know what? he's leaving america!
4:30 am
the kid. and by the way, "back to the future," there's the boxed set. she's got it. she's clutching it. your buddy ron is always
4:31 am
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(vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. we have a fox news alert for you right now. a new, overnight alert. a surprise meeting between syria's president bashar al assad, and russian president vladimir putin. heather nauert has been following this story for us this morning. >> good morning. yes, elisabeth, that is right. assad surprise visit to moscow to meet with his ally. in 2011 assad thanking putin for
4:34 am
his help with military operations against local insurgents. of course, those insurgents are being backed by the united states. russia began airstrikes in syria last month. putin describing syria as a friend, and saying they will promise to continue their support of assad in the region. we'll bring you more on that visit as we get it. those pictures just coming in. back here at home. new york city police officers headed to broadway. nypd commissioner bill bratton wants new recruits to attend a showing of ann and emmitt as a means of diversity training. this play imagines a conversation between holocaust victims anne frank and murdered american teenager emmitt hill. now bratton saw the play last year. he says he believes it will help teach officers about tolerance. the playwright agrees. listen. >> see the other person's humanity. see them as a human being. and i couldn't think of a better place than the police academy to
4:35 am
have this play with the men and women who wear the badges. >> hmm. well recruits will see that play later this week. a campus newspaper's budget is cut in half. the paper says it is retaliation for an op-ed that was critical of the black lives matter movement. the student assembly at wesleyan university, that's in connecticut, slashed $17,000 from the argus newspaper's budget after the paper ran an op-ed saying that the black lives matter movement was undermined by extremists who were calling for violence against police. recently on "fox & friends" the author of the piece expressed his shock over the response on campus. >> i wrote it to be, in a way that i would get some feedback. but i thought i would get constructive criticism back. but instead it's been basically an attempt to try to get me to never publish again. >> so much for free speech on college campuses. the budget cut could limit the number of issues the paper can present next year. and then star wars the force awakens obliterating record sales two months before it opens.
4:36 am
>> those stories about what happened. >> all of it. >> now many screenings of the seventh movie in the sci-fi saga completely sold out already. imax says they made $6.5 million in ticket sales on a single day. its previous record was $1 million. sar wars the force awakens debuts on december 18th. brian, are you going to see this one? you haven't seen any of them? >> no, i'm not going to see this one. i'm just not interested. >> not a single one? >> i'd rather rake or -- >> rake your lawn? >> no chewbacca? >> you're just not a guy who goes to the movies. >> i'm not a big sci-fi guy. if it didn't happen, don't bother me. >> do you like westerns? essentially star wars was a western in space. >> i don't understand that reference. >> it has chewbacca. >> i know that. you keep bringing back the guy. >> it's not a guy. it's a wookie.
4:37 am
>> c3po. >> did you know that chris just left his camera to yell at me? >> what kind of discipline -- >> elisabeth -- >> it's not like -- >> it's getting hot in here. >> it's not like it's ever focused anyway. >> we turn outside now to maria molina. tell me it's cooler out there than it is in here. it's hot. >> oh, yeah, it's chilly out here. and fortunately, though this afternoon we're going to be seeing those temperatures climbing across the northeast. i want to take you out west because across places like arizona we've been dealing with a lot of heavy rain and also flash flooding. someone was even rescued out there, and we're expecting more rain to continue throughout the day today, and that risk for additional flash flooding to continue into new mexico and also across parts of western texas and oklahoma, and you can see that over the past 24 hours, a lot of heavy rain rolled in to this area. so we have a number of watches in effect out here because of that flash flood concern. also, again, across western oklahoma, that area was also added in there. and you can see severe weather possible, as well. damaging winds, large hail from some of the storms will be a
4:38 am
concern. and that will be continuing in to tomorrow, as well. and there's a quick look at your temperatures that are forecast for today, 85 in dallas. not bad at all. and in new york city, 75 degrees. let's head back inside. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. >> some of the hot costumes for this halloween, you've got sexy donald trump, and you've got clock boy. of course clock boy is ahmed mohamed, about a month and a half or so ago, down in -- that actually happened just about a day and a half ago at the white house where the president met him. but it -- it started down in irving, texas, where he brought that clock to school. somebody looked at it and said it looks like a bomb. he got in trouble. as you can see he got cuffed, then he got invited to the white house. >> and thought maybe this would be settled. adding to that halloween costume, he's got two plane tickets to qatar because he's now moving there with this family. accepting a full scholarship there, in qatar, after meeting with the president of the united
4:39 am
states, to say the opportunity there seems like a better one for him after careful consideration the family said of all the generous offers received. we'd like to announce that we have accepted a kind offer from qf, qatar foundation for ahmed to join the prestigious group there to where they empower young people and foster a culture of innovation and -- >> you have to be arab. you have to be a scholar, show a lot of promise. and he evidently does that. even though his clock was basically taken from an existing clock. >> sure. >> doesn't even look like he's going to get an "a" on the project. >> there are some skeptics who say it was all a publicity stunt, larger motive. we don't know. we just know he did get an invitation from the president right after it hit the fan. the president said cool clock, ahmed. want to go to the white house? then, the white house played down he didn't really meet with the president, he was in a group, there was a picture where the president's kind of looking over his shoulder. i think that didn't quite work out so they thought, so now he's
4:40 am
going to qatar. good luck. >> yep. >> hope to see you soon. >> all right 21 minutes to the top of the hour. >> did you hear this one? >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs i said -- i told him my opinion. that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. >> talking about the bin laden raid. could that be joe biden's first flip-flop? he's not even in the race yet. will we see more of this if he jumps in? >> and another school canceling halloween because it might hurt somebody's feelings. hear the school's outrageous argument next. >> oh, boo. but first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1942 this tv judge wears a signature lace collar in the courtroom. who is she? be the first to e-mail us, with the correct answer. >> it's not piro, is it?
4:41 am
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let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. right now, 16 minutes before the top of the next hour, we've got some spooky halloween headlines for you. leave your costumes at home, a new jersey elementary school is banning all halloween festivities. boo. officials at seth boydon school say they don't want students in their diverse community to feel left out. they claim 20% of students opted out of last year's halloween celebration. no candy. forget spiders, snakes and monsters. a new survey revealed what americans are really most scared of. researchers in california's chatham university found 58% of the 1500 people surveyed were most afraid of corrupt
4:45 am
government officials! cyber terrorism came in second. and third, corporate tracking of personal information. >> first he said he was on the fence about the raid to kill osama bin laden. we may be witnessing joe biden's very first flip-flop. watch. >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said -- i told him my opinion. that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. but it would have been a mistake. imagine if i had said, in front of everyone, don't go. or go. and his decision was a different decision. >> yeah, well he told everybody, he said i'll wait seven days. is this a preview of what's to come for the democratic race should he get in? here to debate is executive director of the north carolina party and brad woodhouse to play the role of urban democrat, also president of correct the record.
4:46 am
let's start this. does this concern you, brad? >> well, i think it's interesting. i'm not sure what the point of that whole dialogue was there. the public record has been what it is for the last four years. >> which is? >> which is not what the vice president said yesterday. i don't know if he was trying to draw a contrast with hillary clinton. i don't know if he was just trying to repair what he thinks is not a good thing for him to get -- should he get in the race. but i think this is what you get with joe biden, you know, is you get this type of thing that may not suit him well in a campaign. >> may not. well how diplomatic of you to say that. dallas, it's trouble. if you're a biden supporter wondering if you should give your money to hillary, who is doing better now, or biden should he get in, what are you thinking? >> i don't think it is. i mean, look, the democrats, who knows whether they're actually for getting our enemies. because hillary clinton thinks
4:47 am
we are the enemy, the republicans. and i think it was very slick, and well done by joe biden, to contrast talking about bin laden, and then pointing out that the rest of us, who happen to be republicans, are not enemies. now brad, am i an enemy to hillary clinton? not an opposition, opponent, my wife an enemy? brian kilmeade i'm sure voted for some republican in his life. does that make him an enemy? biden really contrasted that well to talk about the real enemies of this country, like bin laden, not adversaries who happen to affiliate with the other party. >> is that a good point or do you like hillary clinton's stance of saying the other party is the enemy? >> well, first of all, if people remember that debate, that answer, she was laughing. she was smiling. i thought the answer was very tongue in cheek. but, whatever her answer was, i'm not sure -- >> do you think it's funny? >> i'm not sure -- >> to talk about your fellow countryman -- >> i'm not sure. dallas if it's tongue in cheek
4:48 am
then she didn't mean it. but what i'm saying is, is that look, if you want to get into the democratic primary saying that, you know, i'm a big fan of a lot of republicans, you should do that. i'm not sure it will suit you very well. >> well, i'm not sure it won't at this point, when everyone's going at each other and outside candidates are making the biggest hoopla. what about this, joe biden said he had more clout? isn't that interesting, we had more clout, i'm with him seven hours a day he said and kind of telling secretary of state hillary clinton, basically, you have to get an appointment. >> i got to tell you, if -- i live with my wife. and if she was with me seven hours a day, she'd go crazy. so i hope for the president's sake, and biden, they aren't really together seven hours a day. >> and you guys -- >> dallas got on your nerves, do you think that's bad? do you think that's bad that he -- that he's starting to disseminate between how close they were to obama? >> well, look, obama's doing pretty well in the polls right now. so maybe, you know, maybe there's a strategy there that, you know, if i embrace him and i get in, you know, maybe i can,
4:49 am
you know, maybe i can do well. i think the problem right now for any democrat that's not hillary clinton is that hillary clinton is doing really well. her favorability among democrats soared 18 points after the debate. >> well after you saw who she was running against, it should. >> one thing about joe biden, real quick, brian, he did give a speech there at an event honoring jimmy carter and walter mondale. not exactly the way to look like a forward-looking fresh leader. >> i can see what you mean. he does have to get the last word in. >> always. >> thanks a lot. coming up straight ahead. she's known as the pioneer woman, taking the food network by storm and now reese witherspoon is playing her in a new movie about her life. reigh drummond here cooking with friends. i can't wait. >> three sticks of butter with three cups of sugar. awe believe active management
4:50 am
can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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4:52 am
obviously judge judy the
4:53 am
winner today. sherry from texas you're going to be getting a copy of brian's newest book, thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates available on november the 2nd. from award winning blogger to food star network our next guest decided to escape to a simpler life on the ranch. never knowing that she'd find the inspiration she was looking for all along, and that it wasn't that simple. >> that's right. her new cookbook is the pioneer woman cooks dinner time. she joins us right now here in the studio. ree drummond. good morning to you. >> hi. >> pioneer woman. >> i have to thank you. because you get me through thanksgiving every year. i follow your brine, and i have more people say how good it is. your food is real, it's really great. i love all the pictures and instructions. >> just feels so authentic. >> thank you. >> this all looks fantastic. >> i am. well i have a new cookbook out and it's all about dinner time, that i teach. and i have a whole section about
4:54 am
breakfast foods. because we like to eat breakfast for dinner. >> we do, too. >> this morning i thought i'd make you all a breakfast for dinner recipe for breakfast. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> so breakfast for dinner what do you actually have her? >> so i'm making -- excuse me. >> are you awake? >> krois sant french toast. i'm going to add some sugar to eggs. just a little. splash of milk, and you can throw the vanilla and the cinnamon in there. >> all that cinnamon? >> yes. >> just a sprinkle of the cinnamon. not too much. >> and whisk that together. the great thing about french toast is we don't have to whip up a batter, you know, like you do with pancakes. and you can use whatever bread you have. that's actually how i came up with this. >> what a great idea. >> i had some left overcroissants that were languishing in my french. so you can brab whatever bread you have. you can use leftover banana bread or zucchini bread. dip it really quickly. what i love about crossoint
4:55 am
french toast -- >> you have a buttery crossant in there. >> they have an inherent light and airiness. you just need to let it cook and then it turns into this beautiful, flakety croissant french toast. >> through the magic of television. >> what do you serve with that? >> that's a really good question. >> i know there's more coming. >> are you using some of that stuff in the moonshine jar? >> yes, i brought some moonshine for you. >> thank you. >> what is that? >> a caramel sauce. this is the quintessential dinner time recipe right here. >> that's why i love this. >> grab some whipped cream. >> okay. >> and some fruit. and, actually, i'm turning this into dessert. and that's kind of what i tried to do with this cookbook is all of the recipes are really adaptable. you can turn it into, you know, a snack, or a dessert. >> beautiful. >> i thought you wanted --
4:56 am
>> you have instructed -- that hasn't gone over so well. >> oh, thank you. >> there was every minute of putting into it. they are -- >> well, thank you. >> this is reese witherspoon going to play you in the movie? >> -- for a long time. but we look so much alike that, you know, we have the same, you know, overall look about us. i wrote a story about how i met my husband. and we were joking before the segment that i grew up on a golf course, literally. >> not exactly a pioneer idea. >> exactly. and the reason that i'm called the pioneer woman is that my friends nicknamed me the pioneer woman when they heard that i was marrying a cowboy. they fell on the floor laughing. i was the last person anybody could picture living in the country. so, that was sort of where the term pioneer woman came from. and it sort of stuck. and anyone can be a pioneer woman. >> the pioneer woman cooks dinner time. it's fantastic.
4:57 am
ree drop mond we're so thankful that you are here. >> thank you. >> for breakfast. that was delicious. >> all right, still ahead, "back to the future" continues with a delorean. huey lewis and kevin costner. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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5:00 am
good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert for you. one of new york's finest gunned down overnight. what we now know about the officer killed while doing his job. that ran in his family's blood. meanwhile, senate democrats killed kate's law, a plan to defund sanctuary cities, but not before harry reid could mock the bill. >> this bill might as well be called the donald trump act. >> what one mother whose son was killed at the hands of an illegal has to say to the senate minority leader. i hope you're watching, harry. >> and a stunner for paul ryan. it happened last night.
5:01 am
he is in for the nomination to be the next speaker of the house, representing the republicans. but not without demands. we'll go over his list. meanwhile, let me remind you on this "back to the future" day, some things never change. and that mornings are better with friends. hi, doc, what's going on, huh? >> well -- >> when are we? >> we're heading toward hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m., on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. ♪ back in time don't let your future ♪ >> 30 years ago, in the movies, "back to the future," doc put today's date, october 21st, 2015, into the delorean, and here we are. the future is today. and we've got a big show. >> great scott. huey lewis is here.
5:02 am
i mean -- >> i can hear him. >> i can hear him, too. kevin costner is here joining us on "back to the future" day, as well. and the flux capacitor is in full effect right there. 1:21 gigawatts of energy coming your way in this hour on "fox & friends." you're not going to want to miss it. >> i realized everyone is outside taking pictures of the delorean. new york is in a tizzy about this. new yorkers don't stop for anything, they're stopping for this. steve you brought up a good point, it's not that nice. it's not that nice. >> the gal wing doors, but the inside of it is kind of a stripped down car. like a vega. >> john delorean, actually, i do believe designed the vega. >> he also did the firebird and all sorts of cars over at gm before he took his car company, the delorean, and made that car. made about 10,000 copies. we should point out that car comes to us today by verizon and lyft. thank you very much. by the way, the lyft, the car service, is going to be using that car to give some people some rides right here in new york city later today.
5:03 am
also, 3m brought us a delorean. wrapped in gold. >> right. >> for "back to the future" day. >> huey lewis has been here before with the news. because it's a natural for him. do you remember when he said his daughter was going to nyu. did she graduate? i'm on the edge of my seat. >> we need to ask. huey lewis and the news to anna kooiman and the news. fox news alert to get to. >> that's because we have to tell you about a man down. a new york city police officer, in fact, new york city police commissioner bill bratton saying this is about as bad as it gets. 33-year-old, five-year veteran, officer randolph holder was shot in the head pursuing a suspect in harlem last night. he and his partner had been responding to a call about shots fired when they began a chase that turned in to a gun fight. holder was shot in the head, and brought to the hospital in critical condition, where he died surrounded by family. dozens of fellow officers lining the streets outside as the ambulance carrying holder left. the alleged gunman was shot in the leg. he could be charged later today.
5:04 am
three other people taken into custody are now being questioned. holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in just the last 11 months. earlier on "fox & friends," former new york city mayor rudy giuliani said it's never easy to lose a brother in blue. >> these are the worst days to be mayor or police commissioner. because you realize that you're asking the police officers of this city to keep us safe. your life is not at risk in asking them to do it. but theirs is. >> original from guyana, randolph holder came from a family of police officers, his father telling "the new york post" he was fun-loving, caring, and always had a smile on his face. this happening in the harlem area. back to you. >> sterile sto >> terrible story. >> that happened at midnight. this happened about 8:00. you kept getting these alerts. we all got them. fox news alert, it turns out paul ryan, after initially saying i'm happy in house ways and means, i don't want to be
5:05 am
speaker, thought about it for about a week and came being and said it looks like i will do it. he addressed his people and said listen, i'll put my name up for nomination to be the next speaker, however i have some conditions. >> he does. and in that basement meeting there, at the capitol, he wanted to make sure that the house freedom caucus, the moderate tuesday group, and the republican study committee all actually came together in unison, and got behind him, a smart move pro-active some are saying, before he actually gets in himself. >> i thought this was a telling quote. he said i came to the conclusion this is a very dire moment not just for congress, not just for the republican party, but for our country. this is not a job i ever wanted or ever sought. >> look. john boehner has been speaker for a number of years. he has done his best to try to keep the coalition of republicans together. but it has been fractured, to say the least. nonetheless, there are those three wings of the republican party that have to say on friday, we endorse you, paul
5:06 am
ryan, otherwise it's not going to do it. what are the three? darrell issa broke them down specifically, as he was walking away from some cameras. listen to this. >> congressman ryan has said he's willing to serve if he can be the choice of all three wings of the republican party. he's looking for appropriately endorsement from all three major groups. and the expectation is that will make the final decision. >> which three groups? >> the republican study group, the tuesday group, and the freedom caucus. >> did they offer any reaction when he said that? >> there was overwhelming applause. i didn't see anyone booing. >> okay, so the big key is, if on friday, those three groups say, okay, you got our endorsement, then he becomes speaker and they vote him in, with at least 218 votes. will he, going forward, actually wind up getting support from them? or are they going to wind up giving him the same problems that they gave speaker boehner? >> people say paul ryan's -- a chance to be -- that won't be
5:07 am
successful. if he's able to be successful and puts legislation forward and puts stuff on the president's desk and gets everybody together, he would be a favorite and future leader of the party. this is an opportunity to show leadership before you get to the oval office or try to get to the oval office. >> -- proof in the pudding of the past. >> so that's on the house side. yesterday, on the senate side, a bill came up that was designed to stop funding to sanctuary cities. there are a number of cities all across the country, that for -- they have made the decision that they are not going to comply with federal immigration laws. so the republicans backed a bill that would have caught up -- >> look at all those cities. >> 330 of them. >> we're sitting in one of them. new york city is the biggest one at all. would cut off federal funding for cities and governments that don't honor requests to hold criminal aliens in jail. and of course, very famously, after donald trump announced his run for the presidency, there was the case out in san francisco, kate steinle out walking with her dad on a pier, an illegal with a gun, he said
5:08 am
he just found the there on the pier, wound up discharging the gun, killed her dead right there on -- >> in reality he stole the gun from a car and shot randomly and killed her. and he's been here five times, he has been here four times -- >> deported. >> the last time he's now in jail. and there was actually a sympathetic article written in "the new york times" for his plight. >> that's right. >> but that alerted bill o'reilly to take action and push for kate's law. >> he did. >> he was outraged yesterday for a great reason. >> he said this is a sign of dysfunction in government. the bill failed 54-45. needed 60 votes, and on its way down senator harry reid took the shot at it, mocking the bill, calling it vile. >> legislation might as well be called the donald trump act, like the disgusting and outrageous language donald trump -- [ inaudible ] within our immigration system. this act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they're criminals to the public.
5:09 am
>> democrats, and there were a bunch of them who voted against this, democrats said it would undercut law enforcement, and was an unacceptable substitute for broader immigration reform. that's their rationale for not supporting it. and so, sanctuary cities will continue to get federal funding, despite the best efforts by the republican party. i'll tell you, somebody, mary ann mendoza, she would have loved to have seen this particular bill passed. her son was killed by an illegal. >> here's what i'd like to say to harry reid. number one, did you actually really read the bill? number two, have you had a loved one killed by an illegal? number three, this is targeting repeat criminals who are considered dangerous by i.c.e. and they want to deport these people out of our country. the last thing i'd like to say to him is, if you're for keeping these illegal criminals in our country, you need to retire harry reid. that's what i think of him. >> and as bill o'reilly wrote up, harry reid did you even read
5:10 am
the bill? you wouldn't be saying the things you are if you see what's included in it. and he said the minute you put financing, and the financing to the cities, laced in with this permission with the sanctuary cities, then you blew up the bill. because you couldn't have democrats vote for it. two republicans did not vote for it. >> and he said he has eyes on them. he's going right after them. >> all right. here is heather nauert. we have eyes on you. >> good morning to you. we've got an update on breaking news. fox news alert right now. we've just learned that a u.s. navy pilot has died in a fighter jet crash in england. the air force saying that the f-18 went down near the royal air force lakenheath base in suffolk just after taking off. local police say the pilot was the ohm one on board. it's not clear what caused the jet to crash. we'll bring you the latest on the details as we get them. our prayers go out to that person's family this morning. also a fox news alert. police in new mexico desperate for leads, and they need your help this morning. they're looking for the person who shot and killed a 4-year-old
5:11 am
girl in what appears to have been a road rage incident. investigators say that the little girl was in her car with her family, on the interstate, on i-40 in albuquerque. that's when another driver pulled up next to them, and then started shooting. one of the bullets hitting that 4-year-old girl in the head. tragic. well, a major shift from the american cancer society when it comes to mammograms, and this one is confusing a whole lot of women out there. the organization now says that women should have mammograms later, and less often. now under that change, it suggests screenings begin at age 45, instead of 40, for women who are in good health and at average risk. it also suggests that women 55 and older should only get mammograms every other year. experts say this is a dangerous and confusing message. >> women should be given the opportunity to have mammograms from the age of 40 to 44. unfortunately, that oortunity will not be up to women, but
5:12 am
will fall on their insurance companies. which i think is the real fear and concern. >> she also went on to say ignore those new guidelines and stick with age 40. women should talk to their doctor. and the new york mets are one win away from the world series. their hottest hitter leading the charge again. >> and this ball is drilled to right center field. it is deep. man alive! >> nice. daniel murphy homers for the fifth straight game, tying a playoff record. the mets would take the lead over the chicago cubs for good in the sixth inning. final score 5-2. game four of the nlcs is tonight. kansas city royals are a win away from returning to the world series. steve applauding over here. they beat the blue jays 14-2 in game four of the alcs. game five is this afternoon. and it could set up a real showdown between doocy and kilmeade. i'll see you soon. elisabeth and i will -- >> thank you heather. >> 12 minutes after the hour. coming up, it could be joe biden's first flip-flop.
5:13 am
this week. >> walked upstairs, i said -- i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. >> there he is talking about the bin laden raid. what does the reversal tell us about his plans? joe trippi joins us next. >> plus kevin costner embarking on a new adventure eight years in the making. and he's announcing it here with us. plus look who else is there. take a good look. that's huey lewis. >> we're name dropping. >> our "back to the future" show continues, next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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all right. joe biden's decision to enter the race, he's already made a major flip-flop about a major event. listen, on the bin laden raid. >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said -- i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. but it would have been a mistake. imagine if i had said, in front of everyone, don't go. or go. his decision was a diffet decision. >> that comment yesterday is different from his comments previously like in 2011, when he said he told the president to
5:18 am
wait seven days. why is he changing his tune? doesn't he know that we have vcrs? on the eve of what could be his jumping back into the election process. fox news contributor joe trippi who ran john edwards' campaign and everybody else's campaign on the democratic side, joins us now. joe, is this a big deal? it seems it. >> look, it's not really. a lot of cabinet members and vice presidents in the past have given the president different advice than what they've said they did in public. mostly to protect -- or to make the president look dood. whatever different reasons. but now he's got to run on his own so he's going to, you know, he's going to have to tell us publicly what he was saying in a more direct manner. i think, look, it's never good when you do this. and hillary clinton's had some of this with the tpp and the keystone pipeline. >> and when she said she landed under sniper fire when she actually landed and was handed roses. that was a big deal.
5:19 am
this is similar to that, joe, in my estimation. >> well, it may be. look, all these things are things that may come up in a general election regardless of which one of them is the nominee. frankly in the democratic party they're both well liked. both have high favorables. and both were given benefit of the doubt by democratic primary voters. i don't think it's going to have much impact. >> we're about to find out, i believe. let's listen to this. here is joe biden kind of setting the table for a conflict with hillary should they be running against each other. listen. >> it really matters when people know that you are speaking for the president, and you have his confidence. i will get sent to go speak to putin, or go speak to erdogan or go speak to whomever, and it's because the secretary of state, we've had two great secretaries of state, but when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. >> joe, your reaction? >> well, look, his way in to
5:20 am
this thing is to say that he'll be the obama's third term. that he's going to be the guardian of the obama legacy and the obama policies. the problem here is, that when you look at the obama coalition that got him the nomination over hillary clinton, he was winning white progressives and young people against her in 2008. well, bernie sanders has excited the white progressive base in the party, and young people. and african-americans were voting for obama 80% to 20% for clinton. they're voting for her 73% to 13% against sanders. and she beats biden two to one. so this is the problem. he's got to somehow pull those voters to him. >> joe trippi, it's going to be really interesting week. we'll find out what happens thursday in the benghazi hearing. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. straight ahead. christmas is more than two months away. but santa just ran out of one of the most popular toys. the shortage you have to hear
5:21 am
from us. and actor kevin costner, a brand-new adventure eight years in the making and he's announcing it here next talking to steve and elisabeth. i believe they're talking behind my back. literally. ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently
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got some quick headlines on this wednesday morning. first up expedia just launched a feature that will show you all the airlines' hidden fees up front. the upgrade options tool, passengers can see everything they're being charged for when booking a trip. that's nice. meanwhile, walmart being forced to remove all of their made in the usa logos from their products on its website, because, a lot of them are actually made overseas. not made in the usa. the ftc launched an investigation after a watchdog
5:25 am
group said it found more than 100 examples where walmart claimed it was a technical mistake. nonetheless, the label is off. and many children may be in for a disappointing christmas, because, well, santa has run out of legos. the danish toymaker, which helps santa around christmastime, says they won't be able to deliver orders in the remainder of the year because of a surge in demand. but you know what? maybe the kids will wind up with legos for easter. >> never too late. >> meanwhile, you know our next guest from many iconic roles like these. >> if you build it, they will come. >> don't try to strike everybody out. strike out the boring. ♪
5:26 am
♪ >> well i'm back now. and still have this family. >> yeah, yeah. >> he is taking his skill for storytelling and love for history and epic tales and embarking on a new adventure as an author. we are glad that actor and author kevin costner joins us now, the co-author john baird the new book called the explorer's guide volume one. they're so excited to bring it to us. stefan you're such a fantastic storyteller. you really are. through all of your work and now to see this book which looks like almost a book that we grew up reading. what do you hope people read this book and come out knowing and thinking? >> well, hope is that, i mean it's a little lofty one, but the books you're talking about were written last century, literally, if you really want to think about it. you know, jules verne, and kipling and these kind of people, and we hope, you know, there was something about those
5:27 am
books. they were big. they were thick. and when you took them off the shelf, you sometimes had to blow the dis off them. and we thought, you know, if we -- that's what we wanted for this book, to be able to take its place next to a book like that. now whether we did or not will be up for people to decide. but that's what we wanted. >> how did you get kevin's attention? >> it was like eight or nine years ago, i was with my brother and a friend of ours. we were taking this crazy kind of half formed idea of a secret society of explorers around. we were sort of building it as a return to that classic old adventure storytelling. we were lucky enough to put it in front of kevin. i think as a fan of the same stories we love he was drawn to it pretty quickly. >> when you first met with him, did you think, okay, this guy, this young writer, he's got some great ideas, and make a great movie? how did -- instead of a movie why did you make it into this book? >> we did animation at first. the truth was i didn't actually understand at first because he was babbling about -- >> you'll get -- and then i said come up to the house a week
5:28 am
later let's see. and the battle continued. the story didn't really make sense. and also i thought well let's work on this. this was eight years ago. so sometimes people think things are overnight success. or they just happen. but we messed with it for four years, and then we decided, john said let's write the book. john wanted to write the book so that's when it started. >> then you wrote it together. >> sets around world war i, and it's sort of an underground explorer group, right? and they're trying to find what? >> it's a mythical city that they're calling shambalat. somewhere beyond the chartered world. we learn that it's tied in with the war and with the fate of civilization, really. so it's like, what is the city? can it be found? and who's going to get there first. >> it didn't start off that way. we had worked on the animation and really knew a lot of the story we wanted to do. john started writing the book. i didn't start off writing the book. >> you were just typing up the babbling part? >> when you see it now, when you read it in form, do you think, can you already see it taking to
5:29 am
the format of film? >> well, you can. but it was on purpose, once we decided to go with the book, i didn't want to try to have a book where you saw the sign post for the movie. said let's make this a great novel. let's make this a -- let's have it take its time. you can feel the birth, the weight of this thing. and so it doesn't -- it's not just this thing with all the signs to make the movie. in our process, you know, it -- john started the book -- >> because of the book and not a film, and because it's something i brought to him i think initially kevin was thinking take more of a back seat role in it. then the pages were coming in. i think it was very natural for him to slip into it like he would any other project. >> i think one of the big stories here, you never said come back to my house. how come you got to go back to the house? >> i earned it. >> -- to articulate. >> keeps you guessing. >> it is one of those things that so many writers out there have great ideas and want to get to established stories, two
5:30 am
academy awards and three golden globes and don't get to them. you did that. >> i started off in the right city. and we were persistent. >> so this is volume one. obviously, if everything works out -- >> yeah. >> there's going to be a volume two? >> it was a little arrogant on our part. we're kind of leading with our chin right now. >> i'd say why not? go for it? you can't hit if you don't swing, right? >> but it did. it turned out better and it's because of john. i mean i'm really convinced that i couldn't have written this book by myself. i'm absolutely convinced john could have written it by himself. but it was a really -- >> -- of this book. >> it was a really interesting collaboration. and the art in there. there's probably over 600 panels of art. six i think oil paintings and rick ross himself. so it's a really -- it's an interesting team of us that, you know, how we come up with this -- >> well really glad you had a chance to come down and introduce it here to the show to our audience. and you got a chance to meet huey lewis, both you guyss?
5:31 am
>> i love huey. he's one of the real guys out there. i'm glad -- i'm always glad to see that guy. >> each of you get a delorean. all right? >> this is really on the book shelf. >> -- it would be an heirloom that gets passed down. you don't want it to be disposable. hopefully people are reading this 100 years from now. >> that's the goal. you know the old saying if you write it they will read it. check it out. john baird, his name is above the title. it's the explorer's club volume one. kevin costner. >> thank you. >> great job. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, do you feel bad for jesse ventura? >> i lost my television show, and i could get no employment for two years. >> the former governor unleashing yet another attack on the late chris kyle and this time is taking a very bizarre turn. and the new york stock exchange getting a heavy dose of power this morning, nicole
5:32 am
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that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ >> wow it's your shot of the morning. this photo of a louisiana police officer and a little boy going viral. >> officer david taylor carrying the child after he was separated from his parents in a crowded festival there. at first the officer put the boy on his shoulders to see if he could spot his family. but it took a little while. >> took about a half an hour to track mom down. before they could find her the boy fell asleep and slid into the officer's arms. pictures were made and they have gone viral. how great is that? all right. >> beyond the patch. >> it is. 25 minutes before the top of the
5:36 am
hour on this wednesday. deliberations begin later today in the defamation case of ventura versus american sniper author chris kyle. >> experts warn that the appeals court's decision could put free speech at risk. garrett tenney joins us live in washington with details. >> good morning, elisabeth. the attorneys for jesse ventura may have crossed the line during their closing arguments at last year's trial. a three judge panel of this eighth u.s. circuit court of appeals is deciding whether it will throw out a jury verdict that america's deadliest sniper chris kyle defamed ventura with a passage in his book and whether the former governor can keep the $1.8 million the jury awarded him in the defamation case. attorneys for kyle's estate say that sum is unprecedented, and they argue that the jury received poor instructions from the judge during deliberations. even appeals judge william g. riley was critical of ventura's attorneys chiding them for telling jurors in closing arguments that an insurance company would be on the hook for monetary damages, not kyle's
5:37 am
widow. jesse ventura says he is still confident, though, that the jury got it right. >> i think when the judge reads all the briefings and understands that this was at the very end, after they did things three or four times talk about how this was having such an effect on the kyle family, when the reality was it was not. it had an effect on me. do you realize this has cost me a million dollars? >> there's also concern from major media companies that the previous court decision could set a precedent threatening first amendment rights of authors and investigative reporters. the court isn't expected to rule on the case for at least a couple of months. >> wow, thanks. he's always said he's not taking money from the families. now you're taking over a million dollars from book revenue. and chris kyle can't write any more books. >> when she was on our program last time you asked is the money coming out of your pocket? she said yes. >> absolutely. that's a big fally which he says
5:38 am
which is mostly lies. >> good morning to you. news to bring you right now. fox news alert, overnight syria's president bashar al assad held a surprise meeting in russia with president vladimir putin happening in moscow. assad thanking putin for his help with military operations against local insurgents. of course, those are the same insurgents being backed by the united states. russia started its airstrikes in syria last month. donald trump hitting -- hinting at a possible running mate, ben carson? he says he'd be open to putting the doctor on the 2016 ticket, but telling sean hannity it's just too soon to say for sure. >> i do respect some of the people that i'm running against. and i respect many of the people -- you have many good republicans out there that could really help and be terrific. >> well, however doctor carson probably not ready to concede that lead role just yet. a brand-new "washington post" poll shows that he is right
5:39 am
behind trump, 22%. hmm. well hours after meeting president obama at the white house, you know the clock kid ahmed mohamed has announced that he is leaving the united states and moving to the middle east. his family relocating from texas to qatar after the teen accepted a scholarship for the qatar foundation for education, science and community development. that's just the latest honor for clock boy after he was led out of school in handcuffs when a teacher mistook his so-called clock for a bomb. last week, you may recall, he was honored by the president of sudan, a war criminal, responsible for his nation's genocide in darfur. in the '90s he also harbored osama bin laden. and those are your headlines. >> all righty, thank you very much, heather. >> thanks. well riding in style at the new york stock exchange, a big day for sports car fanatics. >> ferrari files for an ipo and in less than an hour the luxury carmaker starts trading. >> ferrari. boy that should be fast and furious. fox business network's nicole
5:40 am
petallides is live with more. you've got cars in front of your building. just like you've got cars in front of your building. >> indeed. i saw you had the delorean from "back to the future." i got something a little more pricey. a little more luxurious. we are looking here at all the ferraris lined up in front of the new york stock exchange for the long-awaited ipo. the initial public offering. the ticker symbol is r-a-c-e. the ferrari i'm standing in front of is the spider. 200 miles per hour, 0 to 6 in less than three seconds and just about $600,000. so the ipo comes off of fiat chrysler. fiat chrysler is making about 9% of this company available. and it's a total value of roughly $10 billion. it's surprised at $52 a share. so in case you can't afford a ferrari and all the ferrari lovers out there can get a piece of this one. and when i spoke to the morningstar analyst, he said this is not about an automobile market.
5:41 am
this is a luxury brand. in fact, they made a 40 copy limited version of just three -- of 40 copies $3 million each. you know what they did? they called up ferrari owners and said, hey, $3 million. you want one? we only have 40 of them and they sold them off in just a few days. that's what this story is about. it's a luxury brand. >> it is. are the keys in them? yes. come on over. >> all right, nicole, thanks so much. >> meanwhile coming up, bob barker was just rushed to the hospital, find out what happened to the former host of "the price is right." and it's the hit song to one of the most popular movies ever. but did you know that huey lewis almost passed up the opportunity? find out why when he joins us for "back to the future" day. ♪
5:42 am
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just about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. we have quick headlines for you. "price is right" legend bob barker is rushed to the hospital. >> bob barker! >> police say the 91-year-old tv legend tripped and hit his head on the sidewalk outside of his hollywood home. he was released from the hospital with minor cuts and bruces. and an elderly woman accidentally becomes a stunt driver in wales. take a look at this. you can see her car tip onto two wheels when she hit the curb leaving a gas station. the car didn't roll over and the woman thankfully was a-okay. steve? >> thank you, elisabeth. outrage after senate democrats blocked a republican-backed measure to crack down on sanctuary cities. by playing politics. >> this vile legislation might as well be called the donald trump act. like the disgusting, outrageous language champed by donald
5:46 am
trump. this legislation paints all ill grants as criminals and rapists. >> that bill considered months after the murder of kate steinle. she was gunned down by a felon, illegal, who was walking free because of san francisco's sanctuary city policy. so why wouldn't senate democrats want to take action? here to discuss is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> because they want to set up a new, progressive, confederacy in american history. remember, secession? remember segregation? >> sure. >> remember nullification from american history where states would say, we don't want to comply with this. we don't want to comply with that. we don't want to make america equal. we want it separate. we don't want to bring the races together. we're not going to comply with federal law. so, 340 cities and counties and jurisdictions in america saying, we're not going to comply with federal law and immigration, and so we went to the united states
5:47 am
house and came up with this bill that said if you don't comply with the federal law, if you don't help the federal government deport the people that need to be deported then you're going to lose federal funding. you know what? the democrat senate stood in the way of it. so we hear harry reid talking about donald trump, trashing donald trump the same way he was trashing the koch brothers talking dirt, talking trash, and at the same time u.s. senate saying constitution doesn't matter. rule of law doesn't matter. supremacy clause of the constitution doesn't matter. we're not going to pay attention because we want to set up our own amnesty and allow people like the people named lopez who killed miss steinle in san francisco to kill again and again and again. and release thousands and thousands of people every month so they can go in to your neighborhood, into your community, with impunity, and kill you. yes. kill you. and that's not about murderers and rapists and donald trump. that's about an empirical fact that we are releasing people who
5:48 am
should not be released. >> peter -- >> who are going on to commit crimes in this country. >> here's the thing. all the republicans were asking was, let's enforce the law. >> the law of the united states. and on top of that, let's create a penalty that if you had a felony, and you are an undocumented immigrant, an illegal immigrant, if you had a misdemeanor, drug crime, that you go to jail for five or ten years. that we don't have this situation of turnstile justice. what happens in san francisco? and new york city and other places they say we're not going to tell you, federal government, we have an undocumented immigrant here. and he or she just did something really bad but their time is up and we're going to let them go. and they're going to go back out in to the united states, and you know what? you're not going to know where they are. or you can't find them. it's our amnesty. it's a new, progressive confederacy. constitution be damned. go to hell, constitution, go to
5:49 am
hell, federal immigration laws, we know better. >> peter johnson jr. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile coming up, he's the man behind the hit music "back to the future" but did you know that song almost didn't happen? huey lewis, live next. huey lewis. but first the news with bill hammer. >> great lineup. steve how are you? breaking news, officer shot in the head, updates on that today. new polling on how republicans feel about donald trump's chances of winning it all. fascinating. has congress found a new speaker? paul ryan comes with conditions first. and guess who showed up in moscow overnight. we show you the picture, and the future is back. some of the predictions actually did come true. martha and i will see you top of the america in "america's newsroom."u when you're sick. you need real relief. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms.
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5:53 am
well, it's been a "back to the future" frenzy all morning long. >> the future is today! >> i know. it's so exciting. >> i say, all right, you're a slacker, kid. >> huey lewis will close our show. >> oh, m.i.a. goy gosh, really? >> we're serious about this. >> is he going to sing? >> oh, my gosh, i'm staying! >> is he? >> we're going to answer that question. the fun surely is not over yet. good morning to you. >> ladies and gentlemen, huey lewis! >> i mean, this is a -- this is a big day of celebration. "back to the future" day. >> where is brian? >> have you seen him? >> oh, here he is. >> brian! >> i was worried. >> did you lock the door? >> brian you locked the door. >> unlock the door. >> he's with the -- >> we rehearsed this. >> we rehearsed this. >> inside. the delorean.
5:54 am
>> just hit the flux capacitor, i'm sure something will happen. >> just stick your face out. that's good. >> wait a second. that's not brian. >> briep's dressed up like marty mcfly. >> mcfly, we've been looking for you. you're late on "back to the future" day. >> ow, what year is it? >> almost get me out. >> every kid -- >> he looks like michael j. fox. do you remember? >> sure. >> everyone, i mean, here's this song, it's thrown back to this movie. and it's lasted through the years. but it almost didn't happen. right? >> kind of. i mean, they asked me to -- you know, they said i took a meeting with steven spielberg, bob zemeckis, bob gayle. next i looked we'd written this picture and the lead character marty mcfly's favorite bond would be huey lewis and the news, how about writing a song. i told them flattered but i didn't know how to write a song -- identify never written for film and didn't fancy
5:55 am
writing a song called back to the future. they didn't care what the song was called. so i said we'll just sing the next thing we write. >> and it became a huge hit. >> i didn't think it was going to work. because by then i'd seen the script and there was no overt love object in it. but, they used it great. >> how does power of love go? >> ♪ . >> there you go. >> et cetera. >> can't do the whole song. >> they called you back and they said okay, that's great. we need another song. >> what they did as bob remembers it, we remember differently because it was a long time ago. but, as he remembers it, i sent them a demo of the song, and they -- and they didn't like it, they wanted a different saying. so i sent them power of love the demo of power of love and that's the song, that's the demo that they used when michael j. fox plays -- >> -- of your career?
5:56 am
>> it was our first international hit. we had many hits in the states before. but this enabled us to tour in asia, you know, europe, as well. >> terrific. >> i think you look great as mcfly. >> check this out. as we go to break. find out what year it is. the only way to find out is with the delorean. >> in the iconic car. one more "back to the future" character we still need to hear from. the message is one for the road. >> oh. >> huey lewis! >> what a treat. this is great.
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your future is whatever you make it. so make it a good one. >> there you go. doc brown has a message for all the fans today on "back to the future" day. huey lewis is going to join us in the after the show show. >> what a treat. >> thanks so much. bill: paul ryan he he's ready to lead with conditions. republican meeting behind closed doors to say he's willing to run for house speaker but there are qualifiers. martha: ryan says he will only run for speaker if everyone unites behind him on the republican side. and he's giving his colleague until friday to decide if they can get behind him together. >> what i


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