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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 21, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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your future is whatever you make it. so make it a good one. >> there you go. doc brown has a message for all the fans today on "back to the future" day. huey lewis is going to join us in the after the show show. >> what a treat. >> thanks so much. bill: paul ryan he he's ready to lead with conditions. republican meeting behind closed doors to say he's willing to run for house speaker but there are qualifiers. martha: ryan says he will only run for speaker if everyone unites behind him on the republican side. and he's giving his colleague until friday to decide if they can get behind him together. >> what i told members is if you
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can agree to these request and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. if i'm not unifying that's fine as well. i'm happy to say where i am. i came to the conclusion this is a dire moment for congress, the republican party, and our country. i think our country is in desperate need of leadership. martha: mike, will the house republicans accept paul ryan's terms for leading in the them? >> we should soon get an idea how the house republicans are feeling after the meeting after hearing paul ryan's term.
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he said his flame should still come first and there should be regular recorder in the house and make it easier for republicans to fire the speaker. >> he said he's willing to serve if he can be the choice of all the wings of the republican party. the republican study group and the freedom caucus. there watch overwhelming applause. i didn't see anyone booing. >> some house freedom members expressed concerns and scepticism. we'll see if he can unite the caucus. reporter: florida congressman
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daniel webster said he will still run for speaker of the house. the other candidate immediately dropped out. >> i'm out and i'm in with paul. he's the right person at the right time. he showed why he's the kind of leader this conference need. i'm out and i'm in with paul. reporter: webster does give those who don't like ryan an option. martha: they are up fairly early and meeting already. bill: there are conditions attached. if it happens, how long does the honeymoon last? martha: to have the damocles sword hanging over your head like john boehner has.
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ryan says i'm perfectly happy to go back to my job at ways and means. bill: the republican front runter according to the abc poll, republican voters think he's the candidate most likely to get the republican nomination by a huge margin. 42%. 43% say he has the best chan to win the general elect. i'm sure think is banging off the marble hallways up there. >> he has not trailed in a single poll either nationally or state poll in iowa, new hampshires, south carolina or nevada since a week after he announced his candidacy.
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basically going back to the year 2,000. the key thing about those numbers is the sense of inevitability it build. those numbers are tremendous for a guy who two month ago most of the party dismissed as a side show. donald trump is a serious candidate and the most likely. >> let me try to dig down just a bit here. what is trump doing right and what are the others not doing correct at the moment. >> you look at the campaign fin reports that we just got last week. donald trump is running a modern campaign. he expected to spend up to $25 million onitying. he hasn't spent a single dollar onitying because he's using the
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press so well and the internet so well to get his message out there. jeb bush's top expenses were manpower and consulting. the old-style campaign. donald trump is right there at the right moment with a segment of the republican party who has been waiting for a champion. bill: what's joe biden going to do? he said numerous times this week that republicans are not the enemy which is a direct contrast to what hillary clinton said last week. here is biden. >> when there i a problem i get sent to the hill, which, by the way, is a useful use my time because i respect the members up there. i still have a lot of republican friend. i don't make my chief enemy the
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republican party. >> we talked about donald trump and his inevitability going up. biden going into the race means hillary clinton's inevitability going down. it shows why the broader electorate would benefit from biden coming into the race. he bring a healthy respect of congress and the process. and he brings a voice the democratic party need in this conversation in their debates. bill: you say if you are interested in a real elect you should welcome the entrance of joe biden. is he in or out? >> sure, i say yes. talk to you real soon.
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martha: the abs "washington post" poll are giving us a snapshot of how the race is shaping up. hillary clinton is up 54%. a bloomberg poll out of new hampshire look good for bernie sanders still. he edges her out 41-36. the vice president in double digits. no doubt all of these members weigh on joe biden's mind. bill: today's date october 21, 2015 is the day featured in that 1985 film "back to the future," part two.
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the rubio campaign is painting clinton and bind as outdated candidates. >> there is a lot i would like to do on the successes of president obama. but also as i'm laying out to go beyond what i represent as generational change. martha: very interesting. bill: they did get a few things right. martha: one major thing wrong. they did not anticipate he human being would be walking down the street driving their car with a cell phone attached to their body. sad news to report as all of s. fighter jet crashed in england. the associated press reported a
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short while ago the pilot that f-18 died in that crash. we'll keep you posted as we get more information on that. bill: there is this today. martha: you don't see that every day. the crowd got up and personal in a bull fight. he lept into the stands. bill: syrian president bashar al-assad showed up in moscow. what this means on the hill. john mccain is here live after the commercial break.
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>> harry truman must be spinning on his grave. the president when he signs off is responsible. what you would expect of a commander-in-chief is to say it failed, i'm responsible.
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martha: spectators scrambling
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after a massive bull jump'ed a barrier in peru. that was unbelievable. the bull lept into the crowd and crushed some people in its path. spectators jumped into the rink to keep from getting hurt. bill: syrian president bashar al-assad flying moscow to sit down with vladimir putin. syrian television says the pair talked about keeping up operations against what syria calls terrorists. russia calls them terrorists, too. the chairman of the senate armed services committee, john mccain, is here.
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assad knows he has an ally that will in all likelihood keep him in power. >> that's exactly right. we announced with great fanfare that we have an agreement with the russians so our aircraft will not conflict with their aircraft. so we'll be watching the russians bomb and kill young men we trained to fight against bashar al-assad. thank god there won't be a mid-air collision between a russian and american airplane but we'll witness the killing of these young men we trained. bill: do you think it admin flat out missed this? or did not mind that putin filled the void. >> i think a combination of both. the delusions as a result of the
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nuclear agreement will increase their presence and ground troops in syria, protected by russian air as they wipe out the moderate opposition, presenting us with the unacceptable choices that support bashar al-assad or isis. this is the path to a situation the likes of which we have never seen, due to this feckless leadership our president has displayed. bill: you are having a hearing and bob gates will be the sole witness. he was with bret baier last week and said some astonishing things about the white house and how it interacts with the white house and the u.s. military. >> it was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts of white house and staffers
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calling senior command materials on the field asking questions second-guessing commanders. if i tried to call a field commander going around dick cheney who was secretary of defense or colin powell who was chairman of the giant chiefs, i would have had my head handed to me, probably personally by the president. that kind of interference was unheard of when i was on the nfc at the white house. >> targets have to be approved by the secretary of defense. pilots are watching convoys of isis and they are not allowed to target them.
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russian air attacks have increased. ours have decreased. we don't want to interfere with russian activities. bill: there is a policy that might face a veto pen. that's expected. what's the effect of that? >> the effect of it is, it does direct damage to the men and women in the military pay, benefits, housing, equipment, training on a bill that has nothing to do with the president's problem as far as the budget is concerned. that's an appropriations bill. this authorizes the military's ability to defend the nation. so what the president is doing is putting his priority over the budgetary process, the way we are funding things, over the welfare of the men and women in the military and their ability to defend this nation.
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bill: you most white house says go ahead and raise the non-defense spending, too, and you might have a deal. what do you think about that? >> i think i would enter into negotiations and discussion. but that has to do with the money bill. it's disgraceful. this is probably the single most reformed bill we have had since barry goldwater was chairman of the committee and he will retoaf the bill and it will directly harm the men and women serving in the military. that shows his priorities. martha: it was a mad dash on the runway when a man who missed his flight refused to be left behind.
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bill: a new york police officer shot in the line of duty. >> new york police officers go out every day and carry themselves like super heros on the street. but the reality is when we are attacked we bleed, and when we bleed we die, and when we die we cry.
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bill: no one likes missing a flight. one guy in denver taking it to a new level. police say this man pushed open an emergency door, and ran out on the tarmac. needless to say, he did not make the flight. instead he got a trip to jail. he went too far.
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i clearly understand the anxiety. martha: i went so far as to bang on the door after they closed it. bill: did you go to jail? martha: it's not happening, lady. the plane is pulling away. but he needed to get where he was going. but now he's not going anywhere. for the fourth time in 11 months an nypd officer has been murdered in the line of duty. this time it was officer randolph holder, 33 years old, shot in the head while he was trying to chase down a gunman. the police union asking the public to pull together. >> these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer. by it can't end there. we need your support every day on he corner in he neighborhood
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so we can continue to carry ourselves like superheros so we can save you protect you. martha: what were the circumstances here? >> officer randolph holder was a five-year veteran. he was responding to a 911 call which erupted from two rival gangs in east harlem. the suspect were all involved, they are scattered, and the 33-year-old officer gave chase. the suspect shot at holder, striking him in the forehead and he died shortly after at a local hospital. the suspect was shot in the leg, and transported to the hospital where he's being treated for his wound. he's expected to be released and arraigned later today. new york mayor bill deblasio and
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chief bratton spoke today about bratton. >> when the call comes he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. reporter: all flags in new york city will be flown at half-staff, and they will return to full after the day after for holder's funeral. martha: what more have we learned about officer holder. >> he had an incredible life and incredible family. he's a third generation privilege and immigrant from ghana. his far it was also a police officer. he was dating a woman and they
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were in the process of buying a home together. his far it said he may take hi son home to ghana for burial. we want to mention officer holder is the 101st for killed in the line of duty this year alone. martha: what a tragedy. we'll talk more about this coming up in a little while. bill: hillary clinton gearing up for a showdown on benghazi. she probably want to avoid another moment like this one. >> we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because guys out for a walk decided to go kill some americans. what different at this point does it make? >> we are moment away from former defense secretary robert
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gates testifying on capitol hill on the future of our military. >> i think there were people in the white house, and i don't want to name any names, who were constantly goading him saying the military is trying to box you in and trap you and bully you.
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by the senate armed services committee. you will see senator john mccain making opening statement. secretary bob gait slamming the administration for what he called micromanagement on behalf of the white house of the u.s. military. >> my view i when a president
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send floops harm's way -- send troops in harm's way, he has to convince them risking their lives is risk while. he has to convince them their cause is noble and just and warrant their sacrifice. and even after he sent an additional 60,000 troops to afghanistan. the president just didn't do that. bill: this is secretary gates' first appearance since leaving the pentagon a year ago. martha: hillary clinton testifying on the hill tomorrow. her supporter already taking shot, attacking trey gowdy and
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the credibility of fray gowdy. last time she testified she was on defense. >> we were mislead there were supposedly protests and the assault sprang out of that. it was easily ascertained that was not the fact and the american people could have known that within days. >> with all due respect. the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because guys out for a walk one night and decided to kill americans. what is the difference at this point does it make? it's our job to do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. from my perspective it's less important today looking backward as to why the militant decided they did it than to find them and bring them to justice and maybe we'll figure out what was going on in the meantime.
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martha: so many questions raised by those moment and some of them will be addressed tomorrow. what difference does it make is one of the questions they will endeavor to answer tomorrow. fray gowdy has waited for this moment for a very long time. the credibility of this committee has been brought into question due in large part by the comment of kevin mccarthy. >> democrats view the committee as a partisan hack job trying to suppress mrs. clinton's poll numbers. i think the public by and large is attempting to get to the truth and mrs. clinton and her people resisting the truth. the clip you just ran, she was no longer secretary of state. she was pounding away we have to find out what happened. as she was saying that, she knew
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her four years of emails were in her custody and not in the state department's custody. she knew. and the public did not yet know that she used the private server. four looser later the emails were revealed. guess where the 2 1/2 month gap is in the type period immediately following benghazi. it starts before benghazi, the gap. who noticed that gap? the people look for her eachs from the freedom of information case. the judge appointed by her husband has questioned her credibility from the bench. and the committee has a lot of materials that have not been made public. if they ask her questions professionally and prudently we'll get some light. if they argue with her and let her take over as if she were in
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charge, she has a tendency to do that when the questioner is not prudent experienced cross examiner. then it will be the hillary clinton show. martha: trey gowdy has worked hard on this, it's something he has been passionate about and he tales claimed she was one of 50 witnesses they were going to bring forward. in his position, the focus was figure out what happened, and not just on hillary clinton. how damaging has all of this been and what kind of impact do you think it will have on the demeanor on those questioning her tomorrow. i have advised congressman gowdy on air, on fox, that he and the committee members should not ask her a single question. they should hire professional cross examiners, somebody like john bolton who spent many years
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in the courtroom and know how to examine witnesses. a 15-second sound bite from the questioners, a lot of questioners aren't experienced with how to question a witness or control a witness. congressman gowdy is an experienced cross examiner. mrs. clinton isn't it truth last time you were here you didn't tell us you used a private server and the emails you sent back to us, you did not send back the emails about benghazi. isn't it true you kept those emails and destroyed them. martha: someone -- i would hope, was going to say to her why are there so many missing emails from the period surrounding benghazi.
6:39 am
but the f.b.i. has several servers they are investigating and they are trying to figure out whether she put any information into a sphere of endangerment. all of this matters because some of the material they are look for is on those servers. so is there anything they need to do to protect that investigation that's ongoing by the f.b.i. where she could face criminal charges? >> i would imagine congressman gowdy, an experienced federal prosecutor, has been in touch with the f.b.i. and knows what areas to address and what areas to avoid. the f.b.i. may be on to something and they don't want to tip their hand to what they are on to and they may ask congressman gowdy, and say as a courtesy to us can you not
6:40 am
address this or as a courtesy to us since she is under oath, and if she lies under oath, we have another thing to investigate. can you ask her these questions. there is nothing wrong with that kind of collaboration. enjoy the. thank you, judge. bill: a 4-year-old girl shot and killed after a case of road rage. the latest on that investigation moments away. martha: jeb bush blasting donald trump in a scathing editorial. now trump respond. what he's saying about that next. >> jeb said, "we were safe with my brother." the world trade center just fell down. i'm not blaming anybody.
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when he said we were safe, that's not safe.
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martha: blue jays blew out the royals in game three. the royals lead the series 3 games to one. a win away. the mets also one win away at this point. daniel murphy hitting his 5th consecutive host season home run. game 5 is tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on cbs.
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bill: 15 minutes before the hour. jeb push firing the latest shot on the fight over his brother and 9/11. it's yet another exam well he says on national security issues. alan colmes, host alan colmes show and brad blakeman, who's getting the better of this, brad? trump is just lap can the field right now.
6:46 am
-- he's just lapping the field right now. >> i think trump is. trump's diversion is jeb's distraction. what does trump do? he says of course he's going to stick up for his brother. jeb should be talking about the issues. he should dismiss trump. everybody knows who has common sense about them and some experience. i lost my nephew and i was also a member of the president's senior staff. the president did everything possible to secure our nation. we got hit and afterwards he made us safer by reorganizing government. first sa and the patriot act. bill: what's the harm in
6:47 am
engaging? >> trump hit jeb at his most vulnerable point, his brother and 9/11. when jeb tweeted out we were attacked and he kept us safe. but jeb is a much more serious policy person where trump is demagoguing where he got and said obama is going to take your guns. he's not a serious policy person, jeb is. that's the difference between the two candidates. here was trump's explanation with sean hannity. >> i respect the fact that jeb is sticking up for his brother. i would stick up for my brothers also. but this started when he said we are safe, the country was safe.
6:48 am
the world trade center was just attacked, it fell down, 3,000 of people were killed and thousands injured and to this day are injured taint was the worst attack in history. you can't say he kept our country safe, because he was president. bill: we are not quite sure which way he's going to go. but i think jeb bush's strategy is interesting. he's going after truck on understanding and temperament. saying we should not be in syria, let assad do what he wants. it's an interesting strategy. >> i don't think going after trump every time he bates yo --y time he baits you into an argument. i think he has to be above
6:49 am
debating of trump. what does trump do. this is all part of the rurks st of the ruse that has become donald trump. breaking news are martha. martha: we just learned that the house will select and vote its speaker next week. we are waiting for republicans to wrap up the meeting after paul ryan announced he's willing to step up and run for house speaker. they will choose their leadership october 28. the floor votes october 29. bill: you have got a debate that same day. martha: yes, you do. >> we have become the problem. if my colleagues entrust me to be the speaker i want us to become the solution.
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march report house will vote on a new house speaker. congressman paul ryan saying he's willing to run but he has conditions. we expect comments after that. ryan says he will run if the party is behind him and. he still has the weekend to be with his family. >> i cannot and will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. and if i can truly be a unifying figure then i'll gladly serve.
6:54 am
martha: how do you think this goats? >> ryan has a lot of leverage because he doesn't want the job. you can't blame him for not want to go do it. it's sticking your hand in a bag of hideous snakes. you think how do you keep the 40 folks who are basically pledged to unhorse, unseat, destroy the speaker on key issues, but how do you keep the rest of the 200-some members moving together in the right direct and not saying stupid things. why would you want that if you were paul ryan? he's able to say to those holdouts. vote against me and i'll walk away. martha: watch ...
6:55 am
>> paul ryan is a good man. he understands policy. but as we have said many times, we think what is more important than the who. martha: what is more important than the who. you have got the debt ceiling coming up. my question is what is tonight for the minority? what is in it for the freedom caucus members in backing paul ryan? >> these are sort of the republican members of the u.s. house, this is a large enough minority that it can demand things. what they are angry or supporters outside of congress say they are angry about is ryan's support for what he calls comprehensive immigration reform.
6:56 am
they call it amnesty and that makes them mad at ryan. it's the number one issue. so that's them. then on top of that, they are angry of what necessity saw as john boehner and his leadership teams use draconian measures to punish dissent on any issue. ryan want rule changes saying they are not allowed to team up with democrats to unseat him as speaker. that's what he says. if i'm going to do this, you agree to lessen your ability to team up with democrats to yank me out of the speaker chair. they want rule changes that make it easier to get legislation on the floor and not fight through committees. martha: chris, thanks so much. bill: a lot of drama. new polling shows trump is the
6:57 am
guy republicans think has the beth shot at winning the general election. and the come figure is not even close. . (0209fox555a.ecl)
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♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before.
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it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. bill: dual hearings are underway. both on national security, former defense secretary robert gates testified and before the senate armed services committee on the future of our military and he has been very outspoken against the administration in recent days in his interview with bret baier. interesting to see what he has to say in this forum. on the house side homeland security committee is hearing worldwide threats from the fbi director james homey. will join us in ten and it can't tell us what he hears from the top intelligence officers, the threat is bigger than ever from isis, potential home grown attacks. we will talk to peter king moments from now. in the meantime have you seen
7:01 am
these? donald trump crushing the competition dominating of the republican field in his national poll numbers as they need higher. these leading the pack in expectations as republicans look for a winner who condone the distance and win the general election which has been much discussed when it comes to donald trump whether or not he can do that. brand new hour of america's news in, i am are the mccallum. >> caller: i am the bill: i am bill hemmer. donald trump is leaving his rivals behind, trump pulling away 32% in the latest washington post poll, ben carson second, falling further behind by marco rubio, third, 10%, senator ted cruz no. 5, at 6%. martha: trump is seen as the best shot to win the general election. the best chance of winning evolving in 2016, 43% say donald trump has a better chance than
7:02 am
anyone else to beat the democratic nominee. carson, the second place finish here at 16%, can he win the whole thing followed by bush at 10%, ted cruz at 4%, who better to ask about what this means? the director of the center for politics, great to see you this morning. abc, a big national picture, surprising to you. >> that is what people say now. over time it will change. that is a reflection of who gets the lion's share of media attention. has there ever been a candidate, non incumbent who has gotten a larger share of media attention in such an enormous deal as this year as donald trump has? i don't think so. i can't remember one on either side of the aisle. that is partly what is being
7:03 am
reflected here. remember republicans don't really know how the democratic race is going to shape up, none of us do. we don't know whether joe biden is jumping in, he is sounding more like a candidate but hasn't said he is in. we don't know what is going to happen at the benghazi committee hearing for hillary clinton, so many unknowns. a lot of this is going to change and change and change again. as we move into the election year, election is over a year away. martha: it is a long way away which i bring up in all these conversations but it is a compelling story. when you look how donald trump has held the top spot for such a long time i don't think the media attention is likely to go away because everyone is fascinating with what he is saying out there in america as well so let's look at new hampshire. in these early states set the tone in many ways to come after that. donald trump, 24, carson 17, jeb
7:04 am
bush has launched 144 ads in the last month in new hampshire. donald trump, how many ads? >> zero. doesn't need them. martha: it is very interesting way this is shaping up. what is going on on the ground is different from what we see in the polls, people love us in new hampshire. do you believe that? >> no. in terms of jeb bush absolutely not. the worst news in this set of surveys is for jeb bush. they are spending tens of money especially in new hampshire on tv ads trying to turn people around. the problem is people already think they know jeb bush. maybe they don't, they know the family name, they had 12 years of a bush presidency. it is going to be very difficult, not impossible but difficult for jeb bush to join
7:05 am
the situation. is easier for some of the other candidates cause they are still unknown. marco rubio is relatively unknown, john kasich relatively unknown, carly fiorina went way up after that debate has gone way down. guess what? there is another debate next week. i wouldn't be surprised if she did well again. she may go back. the old roller coaster syndrome for party primaries. martha: we will see. i want to see, favorability new hampshire, donald trump bent jeb bush basically tied for favorability and carson is way above them on that measure at 74%. let's go through a little more of this, look at the next one which is donald trump, most authentic, most ready to be president, ties with jeb bush in new hampshire and who can best handle vladimir putin?
7:06 am
when that 31%. >> what jumps out at me is people attribute certain characteristics to the candidate they think they know most about and most favorable at the current moment. the most important number you mentioned was the favorability, sky high favorability for ben carson, too often people lock trump and person together as outsiders, they are actually yin and yang, they couldn't be more different. the kind of people who support donald trump are very different from the sorts of people who support and carson. they have different styles, they have different positions on the issues, different approaches, carson has the most room to grow of those two out fighters. martha: there is some talk that they should run together. but too early to say. that is the headline to take away from it today, thanks so much. we will see you soon.
7:07 am
bill: defense secretary robert gates testifying, he has been hypercritical the obama administration telling fox news the white house made him, quote, crazy with its micromanagement. in d.c. the first time he has testified since leaving his position as secretary of defense. has it seemed to be a partisan hearing so far? >> not yet. democrats and republicans say they won the former secretary of defense to explain how to fix the defense department they don't think is making the most of the great resources available to it. gates has been spode -- out spoken about defense reform, outspoken recently about problems with pentagon planning since he left including the recent rebel training program to try to battle isis and syria that trained a handful of rebels. >> the idea of training somebody from the outside and sending them in is not going to work.
7:08 am
you can't do it, even if it worked you could do it in numbers that would make any difference. >> this is the first time he has testified since leaving his post at the pentagon. he joked he never thought he would be back with our subpoena. they gave this to bush and obama said his resume has a balance that is rare in hearings like this. bill: we will bring you back. martha: stopping crime that police say was a road rage in 7. the 4-year-old little girl shot in the head. the suspect is still at large. police -- following this. what do we know about this? >> reporter: the details are still sketchy in part because police said they are holding off on releasing too much information because they are looking for information on a car traveling westbound on i 40 that
7:09 am
started cutting off other cars. police say this began when the father of the young girl who was killed said someone pulled alongside their truck and began shooting and this was a result of road rage. a share a vested deride to find a 4-year-old girl with a gunshot wound. her parents were unharmed. she was rushed to the hospital where she died from the injury. >> we are begging for the community's held. this should have never happened. this is complete disrespect of human life and we are starting to see this throughout our nation and this is something that should not be happening in albuquerque, new mexico. >> reporter: police chief called is not only unexplainable but 100% preventable. authorities say they have on our interview in multiple winnerses but getting a variety of descriptions of the suspect's the vehicle, traffic was backed up for hours as police and sheriff's search for the suspect. cops say they not only have conflicting reports on the color
7:10 am
of the vehicle driven by the shooter but whether it had two or four boards. we need the public's help on this law enforcement is asking if anyone driving along interstate 40 in new mexico's largest 40 near exit 155 yesterday afternoon before rush hour to please call police. martha: thank you. bill: donald trump doubling down on his comments about 9/11. other republicans question whether he knew what he is talking about when it comes to national security issues. >> i said listen, the world trade center came down during -- there's nothing save one world trade center was attacked and came down during his reign. that is not saved. jeb said our country was safe. that is not the case. >> reporter: congressman peter king is taking serious issue with comments like that. he will explain live in a moment. martha: hillary clinton support is unleashing a wave of attacks on the benghazi committee attacking their credibility before she appears there on the
7:11 am
hill tomorrow. tim jordan is on the committee, question the secretary of state, he will be with us next. bill: san francisco's status of a sanctuary city in the spotlight after the killing, that city saying its policies are just fine. >> issuing -- quarter on his own department from under any circumstances, law-enforcement presence regarding immigration to me is -- become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your what matters most. you freen
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7:15 am
>> bill: the house republican leadership meeting with reporters, it will begin any moment now. they met at 9:00 eastern, paul ryan was going to talk about what the conservative wing of the republican caucus wants to do and wet. they backed paul ryan. they will meet later this afternoon and quote make interview him. that will be interesting. jim jordan is part of that committee and see whether he will back paul ryan. standby, more from the hill. martha: top intelligence officers are testifying that the homeland security committee worldwide threat hearing. among those at the table, secretary jeh johnson is there. chairman mccall underway.
7:16 am
also at that table is the fbi director, james comay telling us that our ongoing isis an islamic terrorist threats going on in every single state in the country. we are joined by congressman peter king, he is the chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. we appreciate it. i want to ask about donald trump's comments about 9/11. you are sticking up for president bush on this front which jeb bush is as well. what do you think of what donald trump had to say about that horrific event? >> i disagree with that. i have done contributions from donald trump in the past, have no involvement with the campaign. donald trump is wrong and misleading. president bush had absolutely no responsibility for what happened on september 11th.
7:17 am
he was meeting with the cia constantly asking for briefings and he was told there was no evidence of any threat against the united states. obviously we know al qaeda could attack, we have known that for years but on august 6th, less than a month before, president bush was given a top briefing by the cia and said there were no threats to the united states. any al qaeda operatives in the country were being monitored by the fbi. in his memoirs george tenet said there was no evidence of that tax on the u.s. the viet evidence indicated an attack in europe which suggests president bush was responsible for 9/11, same as saying franklin roosevelt was responsible for pearl harbor. president bush did rally the country and set up the counterterrorism infrastructure that prevented a major attack against the u.s. in the last 14 years. donald trump is basically echoing what people like michael more and all the liberal democrats in supporting from.
7:18 am
donald trump, liberal democrats and michael more against president bush. i will stand with president bush. martha: david cameron has launched a controversial ideas in the u.k. as a way to crack down on homegrown terrorism including the fact that parents can book past for its third children under the age of 18, encouraging universities to turn in people they think might be suspicious and one of those tenants has to do with potentially cracking down on mosques where they think there is activity going on that could be terrorist related. donald trump was asked about that. whether or not he would be open to shutting down a mosque which is a controversial suggestion. here is what he said. >> i would do that absolutely. i think it is great. they have a lot of proposals, you go fight for isis you can't come back, why can't you do it? you can do it here. i haven't heard about the closing of the mosque. it depends. of the mosque is loaded i don't know.
7:19 am
you have to look at it. martha: what to do you think? >> donald trump is talking before aquino's what he's talking about. i have been critical of people in the muslim community but you can't be shutting down mosques. we should have surveillance of mosques, find out what is going on in a mosque, is their activity in that mosque, weapons or conspiracy going on, yes you can take action but casually away donald trump seems to be talking about shutting down mosques, no. if you know plot is going on in a mosque you to take action. we have freedom of religion. my position is not against the muslims, the radicals in the muslim community. martha: that is the position most people in this country take, people want to stop terrorists wherever they are and if they are they can't turn a blind eye to either. let me ask about my hearing going on this morning.
7:20 am
one of the problems with the conversation you and i are having is looking backward. we have been told by the fbi director that he has investigations going on in every state in the nation. we need to worry about the next attack and what shape it may take in this country. what do you want to know when you get in the room? >> director comby producing an outstanding job, the extent to which isis has recruited people in this country and the extent to which we have to be concerned about isis communicating with people in this country through social media to carry out their attacks, the extent to which foreign fighters have gone from the u.s. to syriac and the danger of coming back into the u.s. and what we're doing about the 2,000 european some have gone to fight to syria, go back to europe and the u.s. without getting a visa at comes from the country's not requiring a visa to the u.s. so visa waiver countries. these are real threats and that is why i think the nature of the
7:21 am
threats, which is why over the fourth of july weekend wheat saw five isis operatives arrested in the u.s. in new york city alone. we have seen 70 arrests at the beginning of this year. bring out the number of operatives in this country and the extent of the danger and too many people focusing on 9/11, we have real threats today. martha: that is what candidates need to talk about, what do they do about the threats we face today. congressman peter king, good to see you. >> bashar al-assad meeting with vladimir putin, colonel ralph peters says it is clear the two men have fought this war through. the colonel is next. martha: this morning we mourn melos of another police officer in this country in. while he was protecting his community. so where's the outrage for this
7:22 am
man? >> this whole city is in mourning, morning and man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us, we are humbled by officer holder's example, example of service, and courage. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
7:23 am
bill: republican leadership meeting with reporters just talking to about the next speaker, kevin mccarthy. >> the opportunity your children have, one unique thing about america, every generation has improved on a generation before it. we care for those, a low income student doesn't get held back, the opportunity, the choice to go to private school, someone else that has income could. we use to have that in d.c. something the speaker had worked on. the president change that. we pass that bill this week, we
7:24 am
take up tom mcclintock's bill to make sure the default prevention act the we do not default on any principal or interest payment, we know as america we would never want to do that. there was a bill the chairman will come up here, this is the bipartisan bill, national defense authorization act. it has a history of being bipartisan. we did an enrollment assignment to the president. never in history have we had a president who said he wants a detour bill of this nature and something not even in the bill. we should never get to the point in this country where we play politics with our troops. this deals with the future, the security, deals with payment of how we treat them. i know there are problems in washington but it should never get that low. i hope the president
7:25 am
reconsiders. >> yesterday we sent president obama the national defense authorization act, this bill was worked through the committee process, chairman foreignberthbd some of the others, making sure guantanamo bay inmates cannot give an american rights, so much to protect america's safety abroad where there is an incredibly dangerous world. it gives real tools to our allies like the ukraine who want to push back against russia's aggression. this bill was a strong bipartisan bill that deserves the president's signature, not less threat of a politically charged the dough. the president needs to reconsider his veto threat, do what is right for our troops and for america's national security and sign this bill. we are also going to be voting
7:26 am
on the reconciliation legislation. this is a bill the we worked through going back to january when members came together and recognize with house and senate majority we had the first time since 2002 to pass a budget that gets the balance but also to give us the full of reconciliation which allows us with 51 votes in the senate president 60 to send a bill to the president's desk, we have done that, we have come together to bring the bill to the floor, that actually dismantles obamacare, and the fund's planned parenthood, allowing us with 51 votes in the senate to send the bill to the president's desk, looking forward to a very strong vote from the house, woodard the senate to follow suit and go through their process and send the bill to the president's desk, a bill that reach strengthens the priorities of the american people and help get the economy back on track and different priorities for our
7:27 am
country. >> the house and senate sent the defense bill to the president's desk. it was bipartisan, and it is legislation that we pass every year to fund our military. this legislation is the essential when it comes to providing a strong national defense that keeps us safe, eclipse those in harm's way and support the families of those military service men and women. the men and women at fairchild air force base and bases all around the world our priority should be to give them equipment and resources that they need. i co-chair the military family caucus and i hear regularly for military families concerned about whether they are going to make ends meet at the end of a month and whether or not they are going to juggle the demand when someone is deployed. when someone joins the military it is not just a job, it is a
7:28 am
family commitment they make to our country. they all make sacrifices, serve us, it is our responsibility to make sure they get support. when you think about it caring for our troops, and families is a cornerstone of military readiness. troops need to be the focus and we shouldn't have them worrying about whether or not we are going to be supporting them back home. we have an obligation, the president, the commander in chief has an obligation to insure that military and defense remains our top priority. mr. president, this bill. >> i too n deeply disappointed president obama has threatened to veto the bipartisan defense authorization bill. to be clear, the president
7:29 am
threatens to veto increases to troop pay and benefits and enhancement to the military's retirement system, reinforced mission to defeat isil, funding for the nation's military personnel and readiness and the necessary resources for a strong national defense that even reflects the president's own budget requests. for the first time in our nation's history, a president is holding this bill for ransom in pursuit of more money for his political agenda. this includes transferring guantanamo bay detainees to the united states and potential in northeast kansas, representing fort leavenworth, i know that is not in our nation's best interests yet president obama would prefer to move the world's most deadly terrorists to our communities rather than to pay our men and women in uniform.
7:30 am
mr. president, tur nation's security is no place to play politics. >> among the the headlines today is bashar al-assad going to moscow to thank vladimir putin for saving his regime. 22 afghan policeman were murdered by the taliban, and f 18 apparently crashed in england. meanwhile, there are thousands of men and women strapping on their body armor getting ready to go on patrol, fly their aircraft to protect the united states. it would be absolutely wrong for us to play political games with them and with the support that they depend upon. as has been mentioned included in this bill is a reform for
7:31 am
military retirement. to a 83% of people who serve in the military walk away with no retirement. this bill changes that. there are reforms that make sure if someone is on a drug when they are in the military to treat post traumatic stress or pain management they can stay on the same drug when they move to the va system. that is not happening today. a number of reforms improve the way the pentagon buys goods and services. all of that goes away with the veto of this bill. it would be unprecedented, it is time for the president to put our troops and national security first, he should sign the bill. >> young lady, young lady -- >> you dealt with the freedom process for a long time. what do you think the chances
7:32 am
are, of paul ryan's requests? >> i think paul ryan would make a great speaker but this decision is up to the members and i thought last night it went very well, by the end of the week we will have the nominee. >> what plan does it -- >> don't know. should say, should have said earlier. and 20 ninth of the election will occur. >> leaving, mccarthy, still stand. is there a viable option? >> i think paul is going to get the support he is looking for,
7:33 am
laid out a clear vision of how he would run the speakerissue band members responded very well. >> we had so many fits and starts, the 28 and the 29. why should it happen this time. >> more next week. >> i am sure we will. >> on the right against paul ryan. not conservative enough. that he is just another mccarthy, another boehner. how does that sit with you? >> listen, i have pretty thick skin. and, we all know paul ryan. all right? he's a very good member. he works hard. he is very bright and he has a good relationships i think with all the wings of the party. so that's why i think he will be
7:34 am
doing fine. yes, ma'am? >> fund-raising aspect -- would you like to spend more time with his family. you are fund-raiser par excellence. what is your sense whether that job can be restructured so he is not the main fund raiser? >> there is a way to do that. i frankly outlined over the last week oar so a way that paul could do this differently than the way i did it. >> what way would that be? >> we'll let him decide. yes, sir? >> as you depart, you look back at your time there, what method, if any, do you have to the house freedom caucus after they united against you and did the same against mr. mccarthy despite his efforts to win their support, what message do you have he will for them now when considering running with paul ryan? >> this is not about us. not about us as leaders, not about us as members. our job is to do the right thing for the american people every
7:35 am
day. you heard me say this multiple times and i will say it one more time. if you do the right things every day for the right reasons the right things will happen for our country. thanks. >> are you planning to attend the benghazi hearing tomorrow? >> i am. bill: there were several comments directed at the president with his threat to veto the defense bill. right there at the end speaker boehner taking questions about the next speaker. matter at hand right now is paul ryan. he says he thinks right now i think paul ryan will get support that he is looking for. want to bring in jim jordan, chairman of the house freedom caucus. good morning to you. you will interview, i am told, interview is the word that was reported paul ryan later today. what are you hearing? >> yeah. we'll have a meeting with chairman ryan later today, ask him questions and talk about what we think is the best way. as speaker just said, best way we can do those things, maybe those changes that are going to help the american people and accomplish what we told the
7:36 am
voters we would do when they elected us to this position. bill: right now, does paul ryan get your vote? >> well, look, we're going to discuss all that. he made some statements in his presentation yesterday i thought were good. he made statements i think we need to have discussion about. that is what this afternoon we'll do with the entire group, sit down to answer questions and move forward. i think paul ryan is good spokesman. i think he is a great messenger for our party. i believe he believes deep down with the principles i do and we'll have the discussion. bill: i am not hearing a yes or no? am i hearing a maybe or are you 49-51 or less than that? >> of course we want to consider this. we think this is important. again that is why we're meeting and that's why the whole group will sit down. we met earlier this morning as a group. we need to have paul come in and talk about things. we all like paul. paul's a good friend. we want to make sure changes we
7:37 am
think will make a environment more conducive to the environment that we told voters we would accomplish. we want to make sure those changes happen. if it is same business as usual model that will not work even with someone dynamic as paul ryan. it is to everyone's interest to have those changes. bill: what is your question and what bus paul ryan need to say to get your vote and vote of your caucus? >> when we stand a position, make firm on position. make the senate do something. have rule changes in place take power away pro a few people at stop. i think about the steering committee. i said this week ago sunday on chris wallace's show. watching speaker have five votes on steering committee and everyone else is one. nowhere else do you have the model. those things will empower a broad cross-section of the congress, frankly everyone in the congress. we think that is environment much more conducive to making kind of changes that need made. bill: one more thing than i want
7:38 am
to november to north important topic. will we have speaker week from today? >> sure, i think so. this is how the place is supposed to work. you have real debate. you decide, you work things out. sometimes it gets a little messy. that is the way founders intended it. i think we work through the process and i think we'll be there. bill: 24 hours from now you know where you i will be. you will be in the benghazi committee hearing. we'll have it live here in "america's newsroom." 1300 pages from chris stevens were given to the committee. how does that change what we'll witness tomorrow? >> we're going through those. committee is going through them. night to have the information ahead of time. nice to have a lot of information we haven't received before we question former secretary clinton. but we are where we are. what we do know is this. we interviewed 50 people. we've interviewed 46 people never interviewed by the other investigation. seven eyewitnesses never interviewed by the other investigation. since the whole email thing broke in march, we had 33 people
7:39 am
interviewed. only one person dealt with email situation. that was the shortest interview of all because that individual took the fifth. so we have been focused on task which is to get to the truth for the american taxpayer, the american people and most importantly for the families who lost loved ones. bill: she has questioned the committee's credibility. says you're an arm of the republican national committee. you heard that last week and a few days ago. some have said you are going for a sound bite and not facts. what is your strategy when you will have the opportunity to interview hillary clinton tomorrow before the american people. >> if the democrats in the state department would spend as much time trying to get us records, the emails, the information from chris stevens and other people, give us documents we're frankly entitled to, if they spend as much time on that as they have on all political narrative they keep bringing out, maybe we could get to the truth and actually get answers to american people and families of four individuals who gave their life for their country.
7:40 am
that is the frustrating part about this. why should we get 1300 pages of many a ambassador stevens's emails the day before we're set to interview the secretary of state? how is that the way things are supposed to operate? that is the frustration chairman gowdy and rest of committee feels. to have democrats saying this over and over again, we have been focused on truth from the get go, just frustrating process. bill: jim jordan, republican from ohio. big mighting today with paul ryan and more important perhaps in the near term for the benghazi committee at this time, 10:00 a.m. eastern thursday. sir, thank you for your time from capitol hill. you bet. we'll talk again. martha. martha: awful news overnight. one of new york's finest shot and killed while chasing down a suspect. he is the fourth nypd officer gunned down in the line of duty in just 11 months. will there be protests for him? bill: also a trio of high schoolers looking at criminal charges, accused of hacking their school's system.
7:41 am
the computer system to change their grades. martha: wish i thought of that. >> there are a lot of kids who are really smart with computers and there are a lot of advanced computer classes. >> i thought it was horrible that kids would do a thing like that. for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . . . .
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7:44 am
bill: police in new york arresting three teenagers allegedly hacking into their high school computer system in order to change their grades. they broke into school after-hours and stole a treasure trove of user names and passwords. >> we would consider daniel to be ringleader. he is the student that accessed school district computers on each of event they're charged with. >> due to his age i will not make any comments. i won't make a full statement. i don't think it is appropriate at this point. we're waiting for full investigation to be done and maintains his innocence. bill: wow. they say the suspects changed schedules for about 300 students at school.
7:45 am
martha: sad story to report here. new york city police officer shot dead in the line of duty last night. officer randolph holder was a five-year veteran. he was shot in the head while he was pursuing a suspect. responding to the report of gunfire that was going on in east harlem between rival gang members. he is the fourth new york city officer to be killed in 11 months. there are pictures of other three whose stories you remember. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani reacted to this story on "fox & friends." >> these are the worst days to be mayor of, or police commissioner because you realize that you're asking the police officers of this city to keep us safe. your life is not at risk asking them to do it but theirs is. martha: catherine timms is reporter for "national review." julie roginsky political advisor, was a political advisor to the late senator frank lautenberg of new jersey.
7:46 am
both are fox news contributors. it has been a tough year for all of these issues. we have seen, tough two years, when you look back. we've seen numbers of police officers that have been killed in this country rising and it is a dramatic and awful story. yet we do not see the protests for them that we have seen for some of the other individuals who have been caught up in some very unfortunate circumstances as well, that prompted some very ferocious protests. what is going on out there, julie. >> i don't know but we should. i think this whole concept of talking about all lives matter versus "black lives matter" should take into account that yes, indeed all lives matter including lives of police officers who rudy giuliani aptly put their lives on the line to protect all of us of the you know, some of the rhetoric you hear about police officers eminating from some quarters are unacceptable. there are bad apples as we talk about in every group. vast majority of police officers including one that got killed overnight, wake up every day, do their jobs to protect us and to
7:47 am
save our lives. so they should be commended for that and not disparaged. martha: we heard from rahm emanuel in chicago. katherine, he felt some police officers in chicago because of huge homicide rates there, were in the fetal position and because there has been backlash against police officers that in some cities they have reports are some of them have backed off. clearly officer holder did not back off. he ran right toward the danger last night. and he lost his life. >> yeah, absolutely. when i first moved to new york, actually this is the neighborhood i lived in and i was very happy to see police officers around there keeping me safe. when you have little specific incidents where tragic things happen, we have all the protests we can't forget every single day police officers put themselves at risk willingly, something like this happening to keep us safe. so not supporting full lit fact they're doing that is ridiculous and we should see more anger over things like this.
7:48 am
>> let me say this about this particular police officer, he was immigrant from guyana i understand. was third generation police officer. this person came to this country with the intent of coming to new york city and protecting lives of residents of new york city. so it is all the more tragic this is somebody that voluntary came here to do that. martha: he was a black officer, obviously. his life mattered as a police officer, as a black man. as a man as a human being and that, some people have lost track of in this debate. situation in los angeles where mayor garcetti, his car was swamped should have been a town meeting where people's grievances were heard, turned into a protest. a group of protesters were "black lives matter" people. they continue to want to have their voice heard on this issue of the they feel that, that you know "black lives matter" is sort of, should rise above the issue of all lives matter because of what they believe has been done to their community. katherine?
7:49 am
>> that is not the way to get anybody to listen to your point of view. disrespecting other people is not going to make you be respected. all lives matter. "black lives matter" movement understand things like criminal justice reform, very important to look at. but it is not important or, it is more important, as important that we take a look also at police officers just as important as it is we take a look at everybody. we need to, divisiveness doesn't solve anything? >> i understand the grievances of "black lives matter." i understand why they feel, rightly so, there are communities being singled out, including the black community. they have a point there. where this, you don't achieve those goals by attacks on mayor of los angeles or by swarming anybody's cars or physical violence against anybody else. most of the people in that movement don't advocate that. like there are a few bad apples in police departments there are a few bad apples in the movement. martha: keep him and his family in your thoughts today.
7:50 am
these people are out there to keep all of us safe. now there is one less person doing that as a result of what happened last night which is a tragedy and we send all of our prayers and thoughts out to his family. it's cliche but all we can do at this moment in time. that's what we do. thank you very much, ladies. >> thanks. bill: tough story there. ten minutes before the hour, it is october 21, 2015. you know what that means. that is the exact day marty mcfly flew forward to and back to the future to. guess what predictions made in that film, guess which ones they got right. ♪ hi i'm heather cox
7:51 am
on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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7:54 am
>> we're in hill valley, october 21st, 2015. >> 2015. you mean we're in the future. bill: we're been waiting all along for you. future is today, october 21, 2015 as you saw inback to the future part 2. 1989, they had self-drying jackets. flying cars. sadly those remain in the movies though. martha: shucks. bill: carley shimkus, fox news headlines, 24/7, siriusxm. >> it is under my feet right now. bill: they made predictions that actually came true. 3d movies. >> now seems like it. bill: tablet computers. >> hello. bill: miami, florida, baseball team. the cubs win world series. >> we're still -- bill: videoconferencing and
7:55 am
wall-mounted televisions. flat screen right. >> got a lot of stuff right. and also, the hover boards and the self-drying clothes, there are companies that are actually working on that technology right now, including lexus who release ad hover board-like machine over summer. bill: social media is having a lot of fun. >> this is top trending topic of the day. feels like holiday on social media. feels like halloween. people are going nuts. people releasing photos of deloreans they transformed look like "back to the future"-style car. michael j. fox tweeted out a video of him with christopher lloyd. they sort of mull over what the movie got right and wrong. it is toyota commercial. for a car for a sequel. bill: tell me what they got wrong. >> we can't time travel. bill: all right. >> we don't have flying cars. and here's the one i've been waiting for my whole life. you know that the microwaveable food freeze-died?
7:56 am
how come we don't have that yet! bill: predicted "jaws" 19. sleep inducing gadgets. >> that's true. bill: we have ambien. voice activated light fixtures. >> we have those. this movie really was such a good look into what our future is going to hold. bill: it wasn't terrible. >> there you go. bill: cubs or mets? >> cubbies, baby. bill: long way to go. >> yeah, well. bill: check her out on channel 115 siriusxm. >> thanks, bill. bill: martha. martha: i don't think there is anything about the kardashians in that movie. i don't think they saw that one coming at all. coming up right hire, congressman paul ryan might be willing to run for house speaker. there is a vote set for next week. can they agree. details coming up? jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
7:57 am
believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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martha: pretty big day tomorrow on capitol hill. former secretary of state hillary clinton will testify as she wanted to do for a long time.
8:00 am
they wanted her to do it for a long time. tomorrow is the day in front of the benghazi select committee. begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. stay tuned for coverage on "america's newsroom." we'll take you through all the events of benghazi situation. so you're ready for that at 10:00. bill: could be a long, long day. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: we begin with fox news alert. major developments on capitol hill as congressman paul ryan cracks the door for possible run for speaker of the house. welcome to "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. current speaker john boehner scheduled leadership votes for next week. he supports paul ryan to be the new speaker after he told reporters last night he would be open running for the top job if house republicans agree do his conditions, including gets support from the three wings from the gop conference which haven't agreed much lately on anything. here is what paul ryan said last night. >> we have become the problem.


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