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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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i see is, we will tell you on the second hour of "happening now". >> thanks for joining us, "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: this is "outnumbered," and sandra smith, with this today harris negative, andrea tantaros, melissa frances and one lucky guy, former ambassador to the united nations ambassador john bolton and he is "outnumbered". great to have you back. >> you all arranged it, you appreciate it. harris: that meeting between vladimir putin and bashar al-assad we arranged for you.
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sandra: let's get to the news. the drama on capitol hill where hillary clinton is said to face-off once again against republicans on benghazi, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, testimony that could last all day. the democratic front runner will defend her actions in connection with the attacks that left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. this department turned over some 1300 printed pages of ambassador stevens's e-mail including a cable from july of 2012, two months before the attacks, where he pleaded for more security. outgoing house speaker john boehner slamming the state department for taking so long to turn over those documents. >> they have been stonewalling us for three years on giving us the documents we need in order to get the truth out. the only interest the committee has and secretary clinton is,
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and her e-mails with regard to benghazi. we are not interested in the rest of these e-mails but if it were not for this committee we would never have known about her private server. sandra: we never saw these e-mails before. harris: the reason you are looking at the white house is we expect vice president joe biden to step up to the mic and make some sort of announcement. that is coming up in a few minutes. we are told to expect it to happen that -- 11-1/2 minutes from now. we don't have any comments coming. he will make the statement said the white house, that is all that is confirmed. i will tell you that we have been told a little bit of the talk back and forth what to expect this week. the question being would he get into the race for the white house in 2016? is that what is going to be talked about today?
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vice president joe biden has not tipped his hat one way or the other. we know last weekend he had a meeting with family. we seen past runs with him, sometimes it will take a family member to get him to make a move like this so that has been part of the consideration. the other thing we know for sure is hillary clinton who would be his main opponent, democratic side although bernie sanders leads and a lot of polling in the early primary states, the front runner is hillary clinton, said to testify at the benghazi committee hearings tomorrow. the conventional thinking was if joe biden were to get in would he do that ahead of that committee to kind of soak up the limelight and media fanfare leading up to that hearing? we don't know in detail what the vice president will be talking about and i am sure he likes it that way because it is an element of surprise. i am hearing from our producer that they have moved up the schedule now.
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is not going to be 11 minutes from now, it will be 5-1/2 minutes from now. someone is very anxious to make an announcement at the white house. before it is almost a metaphor. when you broken the breaking news, sandra was asking about hillary's e-mail scandal and what happened, this announcement stepped right on that story. i am acutely going to watch what joe biden says and it is an interesting backdrop because it is the white house. if he is making some kind of presidential statement about what his intentions are it is different from the other candidates. we saw hillary clinton not have white house or formal backdrop. you mentioned a lot of people were thinking your theory or the when you flooded which was will he do this to is sort of suck some energy out of her story or the contrary? why would you let the story be about hillary clinton if you're going to run against a? your opponent is under investigation by the fbi, why
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not let this play out and see how she does and perhaps an ounce on not monday? they will all watch to see what he says? >> one reason he might not do that is a lot of pokes say that would be opportunistic. right now he has the sympathy card. he is going to run because his son told him on his deathbed that is what he wanted him to do but if hillary clinton goes out tomorrow and looks weak or beaten up does he look mean-spirited and opportunistic if he jumps on back of that? what if she does great tomorrow? the window closed for him? >> when you are under investigation by the fbi being a girl for lapse of security when you were secretary of state and four americans died you can come out of the hearing looking so fantastic and further politicians are opportunistic by nature so i am not sure any of them care -- >> one of our fox news contributors said this over in the weekend, it joe biden didn't carry at he would miss this
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window if he hadn't already after the first debate democrats. >> a lot of analysts say this is a very calculated decision as far as timing. joe biden said this is an emotional decision, make sure his family is on board and will be prepared and ready for this decision. ambassador john bolton based on your experience and knowledge i will ask you to analyze this, we are looking at a picture of the white house, joe biden making potentially his announcement to run for the white house and the white house where president obama is the current president. strategically, is that interesting to you, i would have thought he would have made this announcement away from the white house. >> i will make a prediction since there are four minutes to go i don't have to agonize over it. i believe he was going to run. i think it is something he has always wanted to do so i think he will decide to get in. i would be stunned if the announced in four minutes the white house is not the place to do it, not appropriate -- maybe
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he is going to announce national ground hog day. it would be a mistake for him to announce that he was running the day before the benghazi hearing. maybe he will announce he is not running to take the edge off. that is the possibility too. it would be more legitimate to announce that he is not running at the white house. >> he is hiding in his office at this point speaking of opportunistic, you hit the nail on the head to make an announcement at the white house, what a great presidential backdrop. that opportunism at its peak, he will announce, he is going to come out dressed as a dock with a white lab coat. >> i don't think that will happen. >> trying to preempt this show is what it comes down to. >> we're still on the air. >> we know from reporting
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president obama at least and joe biden talked about him having offices for potential staff members at the white house, there were a couple that were going to be offered to him they wanted to do business, it is not completely out of the realm of possibility that you would have that be your backdrop but this certainly speaks to the issue if he makes the announcement today of who carries on his legacy better, hillary clinton or joe biden. if you make your announcement at the white house you got that nailed. >> i think joe biden is plan b. they have to be seriously concerned about the ongoing fbi investigation and if it goes to a grand jury or results in something public in the spring of next year, if there's no fallback other than bernie sanders then i think the democrats are in tough shape. joe biden has been a longtime member of the judiciary committee, former chairman of the delete, knows the fbi well,
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he may be hearing things we are not hearing outside. all of this weighs in favor of him getting in but in terms of timing and location i will be amazed if he announces in the next -- >> a couple things, we're looking at file footage, in 4 shots of the vice president at out lectern. that is not live because we know the details he will be making the statement from the rose garden, beautiful day on the east coast as you see from the picture on the left so they will gather out of the rose garden for this announcement. we have seen a lot of things happen in the rose garden. i think this would be a first of the vice president is going to step up and say i am running but i haven't heard of anybody else is doing it. >> the president will be in attendance for the announcement. i don't think it is groundhog day. >> you are not big on the back to the future date dressed as of. i stillof . i still think whether he
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announces-so much pressure on vice president joe biden to run because there front runner isn't investigation by the fbi which is a big deal. it does make a difference but all the joe biden talked isn't point to something positive. they looked to him and a we need plan b. >> if you look at recent polling, what is interesting is the person who gets hurt most by joe biden getting into the race is not bernie sanders but hillary clinton. >> that is why hillary clinton got a bump in the polls after her debate performance, people moving away from joe biden back to her because the meow had declared her the winner. it is a temporary bump.
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word people overestimate words, she did great in the debate, that doesn't decide the contest. >> the biggest threat from joe biden would be to hillary clinton for sure. i don't think that impact bernie sanders at all. these are down the middle of people, the folks that voted for president obama last time who are looking for the party democrat that continues the same platform, bernie sanders folks would not be excited by joe biden. these are the people looking for a dramatic change from where we have been. >> we are a minute and a half past the brand new time of 12:10, that has been adjusted, we are inside an official 5 minute warning from the vice president delivering a statement. president obama will be in attendance, this is open to the press corps as well. we are starting to get more details, all gathering in the rose garden. if we take that live picture we will be able to see that.
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i don't know if we can see that. i can see the gathering in the rose garden "happening now". inside of five minute. joe biden was said to be in still on the fence by david axelrod, a former white house adviser talking about this yesterday. this is such a tough decision for him and if he -- if you wait to miss this window, he really was still on the offense. what would he be really looking at outside the family? >> part of it is he understands he only has one chance to make a first impression as a candidate. he has to have every doc in a row. cannot make a mistake, that is why he did not go before the debate because he would not have been prepared. that is why i don't think he will go today and with the president being there is inconceivable that he would announce he was running because that would be a clear signal by the president the joe biden was his guy and i don't think obama is ready to do that. >> hard to imagine him not
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getting into the race at some point. you look at someone who has run so many times, he knows what is involved, he does seem to have the support going on everywhere he goes, politicians love the adulation, he has never gotten more, he is always aspired to this job, so hard to believe what would keep him out of isn't the fact that he is getting in late. >> we know his family has not been that supportive behind-the-scenes because he had to talk to them so they were not initially on board. he is looking at the numbers. he will not give the can't win. the last couple days and weeks we have seen the clinton machine has been on full tilt. will be bloody and will be nasty. >> the lead story sandra opened with, the breaking news that finally at the obama state department turned over those documents from ambassador
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stephen, freedom of information by the media, she hasn't been transparent, we have not seen those documents but we finally got some. i have seen this administration is giving her cover. the state department gave for cover, the president gave her cover and 60 minutes. after watching the democratic debate where they didn't go after her, potentially he will come at and say i am not running? >> the only way joe biden can win is over hillary's politically dead body. if he is not willing to attack her he will lose and we have seen signs of that in the past couple days where he said something to me really incredible, we had two wonderful secretaries of state but only i speak directly for the president. if that is not a slap at hillary i don't know what is and then saying not enemies, those are both 90 as about to get into it. it has been said he lost twice before, two earlier efforts never got off the ground, i remember in 1987 the plagiarism
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issue, his campaign had never started. in his mind this is his first campaign. >> donald trump pointed that out very recently as a reason he is not fearing his entrance into the race. >> we are told to expect the vice president in seconds, we are going to focus our attention on the lectern set up in the rose garden. this is open to the press corps. the vice president expected to be in attendance with president obama. let's watch and listen as he makes the statement. we are going to pause for just a moment to let our fox broadcast stations join us as well. this is fox news coverage of the vice president who is about to make a statement at the white house. i am harris falkner. vice president joe biden is expected to step up to the lectern. we do not know the contents of his comments but it has been talked about that he might get
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in to run for the white house in 2016 or he may not. last weekend he met with his family, there has been some back-and-forth about his decision to run, vice president joe biden today will actually be accompanied by president obama. it would be an interesting optic to see the current president stand next to the man who would say he would like his job. will that happen? we don't know. we know he has run twice before, 1987, 2007. will joe biden decide again to run for the white house in 2016? we are now inside the two minute warning. i can tell you a couple things. the rose garden is open to the press corps at this time. i am not quite certain it is indicative there could be questions but maybe. maybe after this announcement there could be questions. joe biden decides not to get into the race what does that mean for the front runner for the democratic party, hillary clinton. she is set to double for the benghazi committee on capitol
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hill tomorrow and that is anticipated to be a heated discussion between lawmakers and hillary clinton about september 11th, 2012, when our ambassador to libya in been gauzy and three other americans were killed. as we watch the scene now vice president joe biden about to make a statement. let's watch. >> good morning, folks. please sit down. mr president, thank you, in the rose garden for a minute. as my family and i have worked through the grieving process i have said all along time and again that it may very well be that that process by the time we get through it closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president.
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it might close. i have concluded it has closed. i know from previous experience that there is no timetable for this process. the process doesn't respect or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates in primaries and caucuses, but i also know that i could do this, i couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready. the good news is the family has reached that point but as i have said many times, my family have suffered loss, and i hope there would come the time, i have said this to many other families that sooner rather isn't later, when you think of your loved one is it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. that is where the bidens are today thank god. beau is our inspiration.
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unfortunately i believe we are out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as that nation. and this is what i believe. i believe president obama has led this nation from crisis through recovery and we are now in the cost of resurgence. i am proud to have played a part in that. this party, our nation will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. the american people have worked too hard and we have come too far for that.
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democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on the record. we have got a lot of work to get done over the next 15 months and there is all what that the president will have to get done. but let me be clear, we will be building on a really solid foundation. it all starts with giving the middle class a fighting chance. the press loves to call me middle-class joe, in washington that is not usually meant as a compliment, in means you are not that sophisticated but it is about the middle-class. it is not just the matter of fairness or economic growth. it is on matter of social stability for this nation. we cannot sustain the current levels of inequality that exists in this country.
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i believe the huge sums of unlimited and often secret money pouring into our politics is a fundamental threat to our democracy and i really mean that. is a fundamental threat. the middle class will never have a fighting chance in this country as long as several hundred families, the wealthiest families control the process. it is just that simple. and i believe we have to level the playing field for the american people and that is going to take access, education and opportunity to work. we need to commit. we are fighting for 14 years, we need to commit to 16 years of free public education to all our children. we all know that 12 years of public education is not enough's. as a nation let's make the same commitments to ocala education today that we made to a high school education 100 years ago.
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children, and child care, is the one biggest barrier for working families. we need as the president proposed to triple the child care tax credit. that alone will lead to a dramatic increase in the number of women able to be in the workforce and will raise our economic standards. there are many ways to pay for this. how do you pay for this? there are many ways to pay for this, we can pay for all of this with one simple step -- by limiting the deductions in the tax code to 28% of income. wealthy folks will pay a little bit more but it is my guess and i mean this sincerely, my guess they will be happy to build a stronger economy and a better educated america. we need to beat more by the power of our example as the president has, than by the example of our power.
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and more than a decade of large-scale open ended military invasions. we have to accept the fact, pecan solve all the world's problems, we can solve many of them all alone. the argument we just have to do something, when bad people do bad things, isn't good enough. it is not a good enough reason for american intervention and to put our sons and daughters's lives on the line, put them at risk. i believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart and i think we can. it is mean spirited, it is patty, it has gone on much too long. i don't believe like some do that it is naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemy. they are our opposition, they are not our enemies. for the sake of the country we have to work together. as the president said many times
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compromise is not a dirty word. look at it this way, folks. how does this country function without consensus? how can we move forward without being able to arrive at consensus? four more years of this kind of pitched battle may be more isn't this country can take. we have to change it. we have to change it. i believe we need up moon shot in this country to cure cancer. it is personal. i know we can do it this. the president and i have already been working hard on increasing funding for research and development because there are so many break throughs just gone up rise and in science and medicine. the things that are just about to happen. we can make some real. with a national commitment to
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end cancer as we know it today and i will spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as i can to accomplish this because i know, at there are democrats and republicans on the hill who share our passion to silence this deadly disease. if i could be anything, i would have wanted to be the president who ended cancer because it is possible. i also believe we need to keep moving forward in the art of this nation toward justice. the rights of the lgbt community, equal pay for women and protecting them from violence, rooting out institutional racism. at the core every one of these things, every one of these things is about the same thing, it is about the quality, it is about fairness, it is about respect. as my dad used to say it is about affording every single
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person dignity, it is not complicated, every single one of these issues is about dignity. and the ugly forces of hate and division won't let up, but they do not represent the american people. they do not represent the heart of this country. they represent a small fraction of the political elite. the next president is going to have to take it on. most of all i believe there is unlimited possibility for this country. i don't know how many white house staff heard me say repeatedly that we are so much better positioned than any country in the world, i have been doing this for a long time, when i got elected as a 29-year-old kid i was called the optimist. i am more optimistic of the possibilities, the incredible
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possibilities to beat forward and i have been at any time in my career and i believe in my court that there is no country on the face of the earth better position to be the world in the 21st century than the united states of america. washington has to begin to function again. instead of being a problem it has to be part of the solution. we have to be one america again. at our core i have always believed what sets america apart, every other nation, is that we ordinary americans believe in possibilities, unlimited possibilities. the possibilities for a kid growing up in a poor inner-city neighborhood with spanish-speaking home, or at a kid from mayfield, delaware or pennsylvania like joel and i to
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be able to anything we wanted to be, to do anything, anything that we want. that is what we were both tossed . if we ever lose that we will have lost the veryif we ever lo have lost the very soul of this country. when i was growing up my parents in tough times looked at me and would say to me, my brothers and sister, honey, it is going to be okay and they meant it. they meant it. it was going to be okay. some of you go back to your old neighborhoods, talk to your contemporaries, too many people
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in america, too many parents who don't believe they can look their kid in the eye and say with certainty, it is going to be okay. that is what we need to change. is not complicated. that will be the true measure of our success. we will not have matched its until every parent out there can look at their kid in tough times and say it is going to be okay and mean it. that is our responsibility. and i believe it is totally within our power, the nation has done it before in difficult times. i have had the great good fortune and privilege of being in public service most of my adult life since i have been 25 years old and through personal triumph flaps and tragedies, my entire family, my son beau , my son huntley, my daughter ashley,
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the sounds quarterly but we found purpose in public life. we found purpose in public life. so we intend, the whole family, not just me, we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we have always cared about, what my family has always cared about, with every ounce of our being, working alongside the president and members of congress and future nominee, i am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. we can do this. and when we do, america won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. thank you for being so gracious to jill and me, for the last six or eight month and our whole career but i am telling you, we can do so much more. i am looking forward to
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continuing to work for this man again. thank you all very much. [applause] >> if you're just tuning in to the fox broadcast station or fox news channel and only heard the last little bit of vice president joe biden you might be a little bit confused because it certainly sounded like a man who would want to run for president but in fact today we found out through a grieving period he and his wife and family lost their son, through that period they do not feel they can do that healing within a window that would stay open for him to have a realistic presidential run at the white house so he will not be a candidate in 2016, joe biden telling the countries that. chris wallace is anchor of fox news sunday. what are your thoughts? >> reporter: this was classic joe biden. he took longer to stay out of a presidential race the most a to get into a presidential race. except for the first paragraph where he said he wasn't going to
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run the rest of it sounded like an announcement and rationale for running and how we plan to run and the tone he intended to take. i also think the timing is very interesting. the fact that he would do it today rather than friday the day after hillary clinton testified before the benghazi committee so he can give the sense he is doing this on his own timetable because of his own decision not because of hillary clinton did very well and her strength forced him not to get into the race. this was an effort on his par to dictate the terms of this but it was certainly curious as you say, the contradiction between the fact that he is not running but let out a strong rationale in a very impressive eloquent rationale for why he would be an interesting candidate for president. >> he laid out some things that make him different from hillary clinton which is
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nominee he would continue to voice those differences, he said he would get behind anybody who would end up in that position but it is interesting, the white house would give a full throated support at hillary clinton as she faces the benghazi committee? >> certainly going to support her speaking before the benghazi committee, former secretary of state, there's not a chance in the world the president obama is going to endorse her, he will lead the democratic primary process play out but you are exactly right, joe biden took a not very veiled shot for the third day in a row at hillary clinton when he said i don't view the republicans as our enemies, we have to reach out and it is not naive to talk to them and hillary clinton last week famously talked about who her enemies are including the nra, iranians and republicans, joe biden has been pushing back on that hard.
9:34 am
i don't want to be too cynical but you have to wonder on the one hand saying he is not running but on the other hand making a very appealing speech, wasn't perhaps saying is a possibility if the whole clinton thing falls apart i am still here and a pretty attractive plan b. >> you could see that in his comments, he said i would like to be the president who under my watch, paraphrasing a little bit, found a cure for cancer and lay out his tax reform code. it was detailed what he said. chris wallace, we are so glad you handle this breaking news, you will be talking about this even more. thank you. we will wrap it up here. on the left side of the screen, take the deal from moments ago when the vice president was laying things out i can tell you a little color from the rose garden he was reading a text that was rolling across flat
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screen and a prompter, his sister valerie, his chief of staff, and this was open to the press corps. they walked away without taking questions. i can only imagine what would have been asked but they were tale of two speeches. i'm getting out but in case i get back in this is what i would do. stay tuned to the fox news channel and this fox broadcast station for continuing coverage of this breaking news story. i am harris falkner in new york. >> now we're back out to the couch on the fox news channel, we give broadcast stations a chance to get whatever programming they were watching before. it is interesting when you talk about what this means for hillary clinton before she goes before the ban gauzy committee. >> this is the biggest campaign contribution hillary has ever
9:36 am
received. if you thought bernie sanders giving her a pass on the e-mail was a good thing, this story will dominate the press tomorrow, people will be talking about it, it takes the pressure off clinton, not that i thought was going to be that dramatic and i think what joe biden may have in mind with the speech and things he would do is if the e-mail investigation by the fbi, continue if the shark in the water surfaces he is still ready to go. >> he even talked about the economy. >> very much defended president obama's record, encourage democrats to run on that record, very specific about that. his tone significantly changed, running from president to i will not be silenced. i heard his tone changed but he did say we had gone from crisis
9:37 am
to recovery, he is -- any reference to obama's legacy. >> he will be the enforcer. if hillary clinton tries to slide away, you will hear from joe biden. >> when we were broadcasting to our big fox stations, chris wallace of fox news, are we able to bring chris back for a few minutes because it would be great to get his thoughts on other things. as we drill down on this it was very interesting to see the body language from president obama. you were saying before this house could you say you are running for president when the guy you it actually has the job is standing next to you? what are your thoughts on that? >> i heard what john bolton said, i thought he was absolutely right, there was not
9:38 am
a chance in the world that in that than you in the rose garden with president obama next to him that joe biden was going to announce he was running for president. it would have been unseemly, inappropriate, barack obama was not in any way going to be standing next to joe biden announcing for president with what that would have looked like, tacit endorsement when hillary clinton was out there. it seemed to me it was pretty clear he was not going to get in the race given what was going on here. one area i would disagree is saying this is a big campaign contribution, somehow this will overwhelm clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee tomorrow. the way that we in this modern world consume news, by tomorrow morning he will be completely forgotten. i don't mean that a negative way, when she goes up and puts up her right hand and says she promises to tell the truth she she is going to be the a plus
9:39 am
story of the day, with this she does well or badly, joe biden has not provided any cover. i don't know how tomorrow will turn out but she will be the big story and joe biden announcing today was more about his wanting to do it on his terms and his timetable than in terms of hillary. >> one point the ambassador has made a lot of folks have made online this release as democrats are going to get full lead behind hillary clinton in everything including coverage on a the e-mail scandal and benghazi, now that this alternative has removed himself he doesn't feel like there is anyone else out there who is viable. that may have been the ambassador's point, democrats, you better not let her go down with the ship on this hearing or the e-mail scandal, now the other alternative is he is out. >> except did he really say he was out. as we all say he made a pretty attractive speech.
9:40 am
as to how i could always go back in, my point is this. when she testifies before the committee and i don't know how it will go but they had 17 months, span $5 million, we have gotten thousands of e-mails, a whole bunch of chris stevens, the ambassador to libya who was killed just yesterday which is pretty astonishing, they have information that will damage clinton or not, she will answer or not. she is going to sink or swim based on her own performance and whatever the facts are and what ever joe biden said or whatever democrats are saying the fact will come out tomorrow either for or lack of fact will come out. >> this is even bigger than a hearing tomorrow. to me it seems, and have been saying this for weeks, this administration is covering for her. i say that because just today we learned the state department turned over those e-mails,
9:41 am
listen to president obama giving an interview on 60 minutes where he clearly seemed to be giving cover on this one. judge andrew napolitano has been on this couch and said the fbi will not in sight until they call the west wing of the white house and get their blessings so from where i sit i look at this and say they are circling the wagons in an obvious form and nothing is going to happen with this e-mail scandal. they are all on message, that democratic debate not one whit negative against her, bernie sanders to had the guts to do it came back and said i am sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails, they are all on the same song sheet because they're all in on it. it flout the law, is lawless, she is not an out water, this is the modus operandi of the whole bunch. >> i can understand that. the only point i would make is either the republicans on that committee have come up with something or they haven't. if they have and all the protection from the white house won't do her any good.
9:42 am
i am not as short as you or judge andrew napolitano that the fbi will go in the tank on this despite what the president said, on 60 minutes, there was no national security damage done, that is the point of the fbi investigation. i'm not as convinced that this thing is as cooked as it is and we will see tomorrow whether the committee comes up with anything. we will see if the fbi finds anything, i believe in the system that eventually, we don't know if there are negative facts out there we will find them out. >> it is sandra smith. paints the picture now, joe biden out, he is not running. so many recent polls starting to affect him in because the belief was he was running. how do you predict hillary goes in the polls now that joe biden is officially exited or announced he won't be entering? >> i would have a better sense of it tomorrow night after we
9:43 am
see how she does in the benghazi committee hearing but assuming she does okay, for purposes of this discussion i think she will for. you saw that after the democratic debate that shows she has risen, standards have fallen, biden has fallen a little bit, the indications are joe biden was taking more support away from hillary than he was from bernie sanders because there both establishments characters so if he is out and no longer in those polls and people don't have that option my guess is this strengthens clinton's position depending on what happens tomorrow. >> the way the vice president termed it today was about realistic run for the white house said he didn't think he had that and he missed his window. that is different from wanting to get in and run. you wanted to win. chris wallace joining us with john bolton, we are going to continue the conversation but now we are going to step with a
9:44 am
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>> we are still reacting to what happened moments ago, if you're just tuning in we did not know
9:48 am
what vice president joe biden would tell world and the united states but what he said was the window closed for him to run successfully, realistically for the white house in 2016 and he laid out what sounded like the stump speech on what he would do if he were going to be president. and you are nodding. >> the very first issue he went to was free college. he struck a populist note out of the gate. he probably had the biggest audience he has had, people listening to see if he is going to run the first thing he said is we should make college freed the way we do high school. went on to talk about skirmishes in the middle east and say we cannot get involved because we have to do something, as a rallying cry but as to how to pay for it, was kerri candidate like. >> i wonder what presence he will have in the democratic run. what sort of presence will he
9:49 am
had in hillary clinton's run for president? >> we now know who the democratic nominee will be, it will be hillary clinton, it will not be bernie sanders, definitely not, not martin o'malley or jim webb. joe biden was also saying i will be the enforcer here and if there is legal trouble because of the e-mail scandal for hillary he is available and finally i think it is clear he will be a major campaign presence at the senatorial level to try to get control of the senate for the democrats. that is his point, for a number of republican seats that are going to have a strong competition, just underline, important the campaign will not be for the presidency. >> did we miss read the tea leaves in terms of the school in joe biden was giving hillary clinton since you treat a republican not as an enemy but as someone -- it sounded like he was gearing up to take her on
9:50 am
that may be just to lecture her. >> we saw he took guts white shot at her during this announcement. and policing the triangulation of the clintons don't go off message like they did in 2008 to protect the legacy. benghazi and the e-mail scandal, these are administration wide scandals, president obama, joe biden or hillary clinton were there that night. this is their scandal as well. president obama and the national security team, and a private server breaking the law. the administration wide scandal they are covering up. i cannot stress this enough.
9:51 am
both benghazi and the e-mail scandal, the timing is not a coincidence. >> if when you are saying is provable then it would be really would the conversation go? >> how do you choose which one should run? hillary emerges as the person they're going to back. >> joe biden was being very straightforward that he couldn't make the pieces come together given the personal tragedy his family faced but that doesn't mean the desire to run wasn't there and also this is an administration wide problem because it wasn't just hillary clinton's failure on september 11th, 2012, a failure of the administration's world view about the threat of international terrorism, what the proper american response should be and after the murders how little we have done an joe biden was part of that and made a point again today as part of the speech so i really think
9:52 am
this was careful political planning. they knew today was the right day to do it and we will see tomorrow. >> is there any good news for the republican party? >> does know mean no in this instance? can we count on there is -- joe biden will not no matter what happens with hillary clinton and this campaign? >> she is indicted she's not going to be president and someone has to be ready and i think joe is saying i will be ready. >> they already know she is going to be indicted. this is not a white house that doesn't coordinate. the only way to get those e-mails, gave them to them. it is not hillary -- it was the cia ticked off because general david petraeus face the prosecution for something far less than this. the cia is not happy about this. they were thrown into the bus about benghazi and their leader
9:53 am
being investigated and facing a penalty, that was the only way they got those e-mails. they're covering up as recently as today with the state department finally turning over those e-mails they have been advocating -- >> who is this good news for? is good news for republicans, hillary clinton is an easier candidate to run against an joe biden. if you look at the momentum, we are long way out. she got a bump from that debate, she has not intended the enthusiasm that some thought democrats hoped, joe biden felt like he was writing a real tied to. for republicans, it is a good deal. >> for joe biden to refrain the conversation inside washington as the president of the senate which he is as the vice president he is saying you can't
9:54 am
just have the bipartisan way forward, the only thing that heals america is to bring those sides together even outside the beltway. pcs a healing for the whole family which is interesting because it sure doesn't sound like someone who doesn't want to run. >> it reflects joe biden says the way you do that is just agreed with me. >> somebody tweeted it sounds like joe biden is talking himself into running for president. the video we saw of hillary clinton dancing that is what she is doing right now. she is doing the a jig. >> the question becomes as you point out, we don't know what the fbi has because unlike some of the -- the state department handing over the thousand e-mails, look what we've found, i am sure it didn't go like that but it feels like that. >> i think the fbi is conducting a series investigation. i don't think they can be pressured politically, this investigation can be stopped at
9:55 am
a level of the justice department but what we do know about what they found, what they're looking for indicates serious legal jeopardy for a number of people. one side of that was the i t guy who said he wasn't going to cooperate with the fbi. he is negotiating an immunity agreement and the rest of this is beneath the surface. you cannot judge an fbi investigation by what you see in the press. joe biden and obama know the fbi and justice department, their sense is she has real trouble. joe biden is not ready to go now but if the torpedo in the water hits he is ready to go. >> you made good point about that evening and that is what we will focus on, she went home that night, there was only one phone call beano of that happened at 10:00 p.m. we have not seen e-mails from that night and things were going on, do they exist, where are those e-mails and why did she go home then?
9:56 am
>> with this committee one thing judge andrew napolitano has said on fox news, they need someone who is the litigator who does court rooms which is a different muscles and being a lawmaker. we will come right back, stay with us. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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>> with the news that joe biden will not be running for the white house in 2016 there will no doubt be a lot of reaction, a lot of talk about how his speech went. at the rose garden at the white house with his wife and
10:00 am
president obama standing next to him. family members and a teleprompter in the rose garden. very interesting to watch. now what happens with the front runner for the democrat party? hillary clinton goes on the hill tomorrow to face the benghazi committee and a round and round we go, lot of news to cover. right now "happening now". the presidential race. >> the fallout from this decision and the reaction from the political world. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". to russia with love. syria's president makes a surprise trip to moscow to discuss the ongoing mission to fight terrorist. and what does it say about the kremlin's latest power play? and a shocking case of road rage. >> the maniac trying to run me off of the road. >> that turned


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