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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 21, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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take a look at the big board. the dow is off. we just started falling at the end of the session you can see in the last 25 minutes. what is that all about? neal knows and here he is. you are right, jeff. what a weird market day. we are going to get to that in a second. i want to update you on something happening in capitol hill. paul ryan, a guy who is object sten cybilly not interested in becoming speaker of the house is doing all the things you do to become speaker of the house. he is going to meet with members of the freedom caucus, 40-members strong largely republican committee. they said they are tired of john boehner and dan webster, with whom i will be talking to later this hour. for the time being, it seems that paul ryan can be pushed into a position that he has rejected, wanted family time, didn't want to travel as much. didn't want the job to be the
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same way it was under john boehner. regardless, he is meeting with all the key people that might have differences with him when it comes to policy and how to push the republican way on the hill. house republicans will vote to nominate a speaker nominee one week from today and speaker, john boehner says, if all goes as planned shall they will elect a speaker next thursday. paul ryan says he is open to the opportunity to be the next speaker of the house if he is seen as a unity candidate. the party must unify now. the whole team must vote on him. he wants to make a change in the ability to fire the speaker. today, the retiring house speaker offered this endorsement. >> we all know paul ryan. he is a very good member. he works hard. he is very bright. he has good relationships with all the wings of the party. that's why i think he will be doing fine.
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>> ryan has spent much of this day behind closed doors answering questions from his colleagues about questions he would like to make if elected speaker. this hour, he with will meet with the conservative house freedom caucus addressing some of their concerns. >> the only concern i have, it appears that he is asking for more power to be in the speaker's office instead of less power. >> the speakership is a 9:00 to 5:00 job. i have family. that's why i'm not running for speaker or anything else like that. you have to work on the weekend. >> those say he is open to taking arrows in the chest from his political opponents but he doesn't want to be shot in the back by his fellow republicans. neal? >> good luck on that one. thank you very much. we'll see what happens by now, you probably have heard that a certain vice-president isn't going to make the third time the charm. he isn't going to make it a third time. joe biden taking himself out of
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this presidential race when it seemed just 24 hours ago, minutes ago, he was doing everything that seemed that he was telegraphing a move. a former texas governor and former presidential candidate, rick perry, of what he makes of that. the read is that he reassessed things and republicans are excited, they figure hillary clinton is a better candidate to run against than joe biden. >> certainly, anyone that puts themselves up for public office, joe biden and i don't agree on the political side but i take my hat hoff off to him for the yea has given. i am sure hillary clinton and bernie sanders are breathing a huge sigh of relief.
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he was a very capable individual. >> right now, according to the latest polls, he was the one with the best shot and these are fleeting of beating any of the top republican candidates. hillary clinton was losing to those top republican candidates. we air long way from that. do you agree with some of your colleagues that seem to say, better to run against hillary clinton than joe biden? >> whoever the democrats are going to put up, it is going to be an individual that thinks more government, bigger government. so it will be hopefully a candidate on the republican side that believes in less government and more freedom to create an economy where the people in the country have more freedom with how they spend their money. the democrats believe we are not smart enough to decide how to spend our money. we will take most of it from you and we will redistribute it. that's not the policy i think americans want. regardless of who the democrats put up, i think the republicans have as good a chance as in a
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long time to regain the white house and certainly with control of the congress and the senate, we can get some things done and get this country back on track again. >> right now, it looks like donald trump is that guy? what do you think? >> i think whoever wins the republican nomination, i am going to be working whoever that may be. >> even donald trump? you guys have said nasty things about each other. >> we have had our issues and i will continue to point out where i disagree with any of the candidates. whoever the republican party puts up is going to be substantially better than this country, a government knows best or a real life socialist with bernie sanders. >> that's surprising. i had donald trump on here a few days ago. he still talks about you. i want you to listen. >> do you ever think that you hit back a lot harder. they come at you with a pea
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shooter and you come at them with a bazooka. perry went to washington and made a whole half hour speech about me. >> he is not letting go. i don't know what happened between you two. i don't know if i can broke are a peace pipe agreement here. what is it with you two? >> i don't think a peace pipe agreement needs to be done. i don't mind pointing out when i disagree with someone, whether it is on issues like private property rights. i know more about the border than anyone that was running for the presidency. his idea that he brings some good issues to the table. obviously, the border needs to be secured. i don't think you are going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. i'm going to point that out i think i do know better how to deal with that. there were some substantial ways to make that border more secure and not just be throwing rhetoric out there. when i hear rhetoric, i'm going to point it out and say, listen, this is not correct. i don't agree with it. at the end of the day, whether
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it is donald trump, jeff bush, car lee fly fiorina, whoever ou nominee is, i will be working hard to see them elected president of the united states and get the country back on track. >> you know joe biden, if you listen to the first minutes of his remarks, you think he was running for president but is there a possibility he still could? if she implodes, he is there at the ready. do you think he is? >> i think he has analyzed very well that getting in late is problematic. i did that in 2011. i got in very, very late. obviously, that didn't work out very well for me. i think he has wisely looked at this, analyzed it, talked to a lot of people and cop to the right conclusion. i respect him for that. again, i respect him for his long years of service to this country. >> governor, when you stepped
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out and then later scott walker, i know it was governor walker that said, well, we all have to unite around it. that's an alternative to donald trump. he was compelling those in the serious digits to seriously continue doing so. >> are you surprised? >> not necessarily. i don't think there is any great rush by anyone to get out and certainly not any rush by me to endorse a candidate. there is plenty of time here to look at all of the positions to querly the candidate. >> you were polling better than half a dozen have o the guys still in the race and they are still in the race. >> as i shared with you the week after i got out, there were two things that had to happen last summer for me to be a legitimate candidate. one of them was standing on that main debate stage, missed it by
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0.2 of a percent. and this indictment out there. it is a corrosive effect on me and my ability to make money. when you run out of money, find a place to safely land. >> thanks, governor. >> good to be with you, always. >> probably one of the most influential democrats out there, former ubs america's ceo, robert wolf. very big in the obama fundraising world. he is on a first name basis with the president and here he is with us. we are honored. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> i remember you were saying right after the debate, the democratic debate, that that might have been a turning event for biden and his supporters. hillary clinton, at least debatewise, did well. she was up against guys that weren't hitting out of the park.
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only within the last 48 hours. what changed? >> when i met with him -- >> you were pushing him to do it. >> i always think more is better during the primary. i never opposed. although i am publicly supporting the secretary and i was then. i don't oppose the vice-president running. >> obviously, you were sampling other flavors. >> no, no, no. i went public that day. come on, now. i think his heart was there. his head was there and his heart wasn't. his heart took time to get there. it came. if you look over the last 10 days, the trajectory of secretary clinton has been on rocket fuel. >> the last two days is different. i don't buy it. >> no, because i think two things. one, the macarthur statement that the benghazi positions partisan and her phenomenal debate crap.
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>> you can say what you will, it looks to me more like -- we always knew she was a good debater. i want you to rekact. within the last 48 hours, he said, i'm the vice-president. the leaders know that i have the ear of the president. that's a bit of a dis. he was sort of reconfiguring history of what he recommended to the president in 2011 versus what he was saying just yesterday. so it led some to believe he is hedging here and>> listen. i don't think he is hedging. >> something is up. you are too smart. it doesn't make sense. >> first of all, secretary clinton has 33 million on hand. now, you are going into november. he was not ready to run. >> i don't buy it. >> you don't buy it either.
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>> i dubao buy it. >> someone, something happened. >> listen, these guys look at polls more than i would ever look at polls. the trajectory has been ridiculous. the secretary is now winning in new hampshire and up in iowa. that lane was going to have to be where sanders wins, i win new hampshire and he goes for south carolina. it looks like she is going to now take all three. >> benghazi and the e-mail thing and all this, with the democratic loading base, that has not registered with them. independents, 40% say no worries to us, we think there is something there. does the party, the guys that raise money and want to put a democrat back in office, do they worry she could be damaged goods? the fire isn't there. the excitement isn't there. it is not like barack obama. >> i think at the end of the day. >> or are you getting all cozy -- >> when the vice-president asks you to meet just like when kneel
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neal caputo asks you to me him, you meet him i went that afternoon publicly supporting the secretary, did not veer from that. i have been on your show and maria's show. >> you were toying with other flavors? >> no. >> you think any big name comes in? >> no. i think the narrow path that was opened is closed. if she stumbles, it is bernie sanders. can he get electeded president? >> it will not be bernie sanders. it will be secretary clinic. >> can you envision bernie sanders being elected president of the united states? >> i will find that highly unlikely. >> that's a very good answer. thank you very much, robert wolf. take the president and play golf. >> i want to play with you. >> miniature golf. thank you very much. >> i'm right there. in the meantime, valeant
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pharmaceutical, sliding, down around $19.2. the company trying to bet the stock goes lower, it was another enron. it was completing its sales and also just giving this real sort of tricky back and forth with a company that later comes out with a statement, not so, don't believe it. this was hillary clinton, blamed one of the companies. she said, they are rigging you, gouging you. companies like this, we have to put a cap on these drug prices and pharmaceutical prices in general. >> we told you about paul ryan meeting with that very influential caucus, freedom caucus that right now has ostensibly gathered around dan webster. he is still in the race for speaker. he is knicks. next.
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we are on capitol hill meeting with members of the freedom caucus, a caucus 40 members strong who were rallying around florida congressman, daniel webb. i don't know if that's still the case but good to have you. >> you are still interested in being speaker, right? >> i am surely interested in being speaker, because i am fighting against the way the process is. a power-based process. i want to see everything based on principle. >> a lot of your colleagues find paul ryan an acceptable guy to take boehner's place. do you? >> well, that may be the case but i don't see anything that portrays the idea of changing the way the process is. under a webster speakership, for example, we have a december 11th deadline on the appropriations for 2016. if we don't act, then we would shut down the government. i say we start day one, week one, as owe poed to waiting six
1:19 pm
weeks and passing something on the last day, which is the way it usually works and probably will work this time if we don't make a change. >> have you met with paul ryan? >> i have not. he is probably too busy to meet with me. >> he is meeting with the guys that chose you. >> they are only giving him the courtesy they gave me and every other candidate, an opportunity to meet and sell his waeres. i don't see them going anywhere. >> you are talking to me but they are talking to him. i am wondering if they are going to turn tail on you. >> i don't think so. >> have they told you, dan, we are with you? paul ryan is a great guy, a fine house and ways candidate. >> individually, they have. collectively, i have not met as
1:20 pm
a total group. i have met individually. they say they are going to stick with me. >> all 40 or most of the 40 will? >> i think they will. >> that would deny him 218 votes to become speaker. it would make it very problematic for you. with john boehner leaving, we don't have a speaker, right? >> well, we're going to have an election. that's been set. of course, we had an election set before. whoever the candidates are, whether it be me and paul ryan or some other combination, we are going to vote and the conference is going to select someone. >> do you know whether jason chaffetz and wes moreland, they seem to still in the race. they still seem to be gunning for it. >> i think they are still in it as long as paul ryan is in it. >> i didn't get that sense from wes moreland. >> that may be true.
1:21 pm
what i do know, i'm the only one offering up a plan that says, we can operate under principle, the only one that has executed a plan that has changed the legislative process and improved our public approval and made things great for the entire legislative body. >> congressman, thank you very, very much. he are still in it to win. watch what happens. mr. webster's comments notwithstanding, paul ryan is meeting with the group that has supported them. he says he is not interested in the job but ostensibly, he is campaigning for that job. we will have more after this. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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where are we? when are we? >> we are heading to hill valley, california, on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> 2015? you mean we are in the future? >> that future is now. i remember that movie like it was yesterday. it was 40 years ago. julie banderas today celebrating around the country right to the minute, aren't they? >> you know, i remember it like it was yesterday too, a little secret. i had the biggest crush on michael j. fox. i think i kind of still do. today is the future. it is the day, october 21st, 2015, that marty mcfly and doc brown traveled back to this day, which at the time was in the future. let's take a look at the video to bring the old and new fans back to the future to save marty's yet to be born children in the film that was set in
1:26 pm
1985. even the film's stars are surprised they still have huge fans and new fans. >> do you like these big "q" and "a"s. i realize half the audience wasn't born when the movie came out, which is an amazing thing, really special. >> a future generation of fans can watch it on the big screen all over again as the entire trilogy is rereleased so now that the future has finally arrived, a lot talking about whether they got the movie right. remember the part where doc goes, where we are headed, we don't need cars. where we are going, we don't need roads. i wish we had flying vehicles and hover boards. it is kind of nice to know people can go back and see it today. the second trilogy is sold out
1:27 pm
here at amc in times square. back to you, neal. >> incredible. thank you very much, julie. a lot has changed since then. you know about some of the things that the movie might or might not have gotten right or wrang. we are going to go back and say what things were like in 1985. debt then was $1.8 trillion. ten times that now. the interest rate on one-year cd, $7.9. now, .3%. that was then. this is now. better times then compared to now? >> simon, john, and monica. john layfield, what do you think? was that the time where ronald reagan was just starting his second term. then versus now? what do you think? >> i think then. i remember that movie very well. it is kind of like listening to a radio station and say, this is great and you realize you are listening to an oldy's station and it is your favorite music. i think that period you have
1:28 pm
gone through such a good recession when he first started raising interest rates that the country felt like they were getting a resurgence. it was mourning again in america. you had a middle east and russia that was backing off from us. i don't think our foreign policy is as certain. so our place in the world is not as certain. i don't think we feel like we did in 1985 that we are coming that strongly out of a recession. i don't think we are s. >> what do you think, john? >> simon, i apologize. >> it's okay. it was a very different economic era. we are in recovery now. what was most interesting to me, neal, about how much lower the unemployment rate is today than it was in 1985. we have 2 points less of an unemployment rate. the stock market was 1,000. the dow jones is now 17,000. some things are better. some things, not so much. >> let me ask you. monica, when you look at it,
1:29 pm
with he wewe were just coming over the recession when barack obama came in. both presidents have come out of this in different ways. if you think about it, a lot ovt debt was beginning to pile up back then. it has really piled up then on to republican and democrat administrations. that's one thing that gets bigger and bigger and bigger. >> like the first guest, i would go back to the '80s. as a mid-career person in the '80s with 30 years out, you are looking at gdp that has risen by 3.5%. historically, that's been the rate for the last 50 years. now, if you look at the cdo and the reports of what growth will be like, you are looking at 2.5%. that's a big decline for anyone who is working today and thinking about, what's happening economy? there were more prospects back then than there are today. that would make me want to go back despite acid wash being
1:30 pm
around the corner. >> once we left leisure suits, it was just a fashion guess after that. every time when you go back 30 years, everything seems toe innocent. the idea that things have gotten more expensive and low inflation and ticket prices. there was a certain type of innocence. people in '85 were the same at 1955. i look back at that, simon -- i think we just lost john. he has been catapult back to 1985. simon, what do you think about that? memories can play different backgrounds. >> i think things are so fundamentally different today than it the way they were. >> apples and oranges.
1:31 pm
>> we are still the most powerful economy in the world. the dollar is still king. the stock market is risen. >> monica, what do you think? >> i don't know how long you can say the dollar is king a lot of people that have risen may have risen off of our back. free trade hasn't necessarily been fair trade for the u.s. it is a one-way revolving door that has been us pushing our jobs to china, mexico, canada and them giving us the middle finger. >> i don't know. john, i do want to show you just were back in 1985. this is layfield, back from 1985. i don't know. it is debatable whether you have improved at all since then? >> that was during the jim mcmahon area. if you remember the great
1:32 pm
chicago quarterback, the incredible '86 bears, which was the next year. that wasn't a mullet. that was a bi-level hair cut. >> we'll let it go. hillary, preparing for the benghazi hearings. is she ready? after this.
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spoke to congress, s about benghazi, she ripped them a new one. what will that do to this independent base?
1:36 pm
if you'd like to expect more from a committee that spent millions of dollars antons of time. hillary clinton is just about to testify to that committee mentioned in that ad. she is confident enough she has been able to label it the political hatchet job. she is not worried. is that a good strategy to take? >> joining me right now. one big reason why joe biden opted out of this race, because he thinks that no one is going to be able to lay a glove on her. democratic voters. what do you think? >> certainly, something like
1:37 pm
this. he doth protest too much. tell the story. tell the truth. the latest poll says that 44% of americans are dissatisfied with clinton's explanations of what happened at benghazi. we say to our clients, don't say anything. just answer the question. don't oppose it. just answer the question. get the facts out there. frankly, that's what we want. we want just answers. stop fighting against the system. >> now, as a very good lawyer and you know how to make presentations in court, how you do so and the confidence of these matters oftentimes is more than you say. some of the members on that committee, and going to kevin mccarthy speaking asthma jo maj leader has made it seem leak a political hatchet job. she has a little more wiggle room to go back at them. as a lawyer, regardless of if you are on the right or the left, is that a good strategy.
1:38 pm
>> it is not. >> this is all about information and getting to the facts. she is questioning their veracity to go after her veracity. >> she is. >> it is not effective to the vote. that's really what she is trying to do. she is trying to capture those votes and the confidence. it is not about this entire committee. she is really going to say i want to be the president of the united states. i have to get through this huge hurdle to get there. setting aside the e-mail disaster, we haven't gotten to what happened with with that. she is trying to get to the voter base. it is not about this committee or benghazi. it is all about i want to be president in 2016. this is an obstacle. let's just say this. the voters out there are going to believe it. not true. what the voters want, specially in these latest polls, they want to get to the truth. >> a survey of independents, 40% of them think there must be something there. when you ask americans whether this is a top issue, it is not
1:39 pm
republicans can say they have been stone walled and blocked at every pass and very good arguments for that. is that resonating, as a lawyer, if the case looks like it might be going your way? >> there is a reason why there are no statutes for murder. that resonates as a lawyer. that's the reason why individuals, you go to trial and have lives at stake. there is a reason why we make sure you tell your clients and don't fight against the examiner. someone on that committee has to bring home that point. she has to come forward and answer the questions and stop saying this is a hatchet job. they are attacking me because it is me. >> she hasn't endeared her self
1:40 pm
to that committee. we'll see. appearances are everything. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> you probably heard about joe biden stepping out of the presidential race for now. i bet you didn't hear what donald trump had to say about that. you will after this. 1(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. hillary clinton is relieved to believe that joe biden is not going to run against her. a lot of republicans, not so much. donald trump saying, i think joe biden made the correct decision for hip and his family. personally, i would rather run against hillary, because her record is so bad. >> so the fear is not so much a fear. the republicans feel they have a better shot against hillary clinton than they would have against joe biden who at least led against all the top-tiered republicans. asoupi
1:44 pm
assuming the race is a constant and is what it is. republicans seem to be grateful for the fact that hillary clinton looks like the candidate. should they be? >> she has her weaknesses. as you point out, the polls indicate she is losing to much of the field, not necessarily donald trump. i think having biden in the race would have been a real value for the republicans. even in his announcement shall he chided her for being too conservative, too hawkish for treating republicans like enemies. i think he would have given her a really spirited debate and helped to fracture the party a bit. the debate gave her a tremendous boost, as you know, neal. there is still not only just benghazi but the long-term e-mail problems she is dealing with, which is more fbi than court related than it is partisan. that was a good debate. bernie sanders, he was sort of
1:45 pm
giving a faculty are lecture. >> having said that, the idea would be that joe biden would have made it more engaging and tit for tat. having said that, you do begin to wonder whether republicans are assuming she is that easy to beat. normally, it is the better campaigner who wins. a lot of people think she got the better of barack obama in a lot of their debates. he is a far more engaging candidate on the stump. do we appreciate the fact or do republicans appreciate the fact that she could get to be a much better campaigner? she could rally this base that now has been distracted in the democratic party? >> to some extent, it is a
1:46 pm
question of self-confidence. when she came out of the debate, she looked revised. she has some campaign weaknesses. i think the campaign itself is going to be very, very good. it is going to be fully funded. i think she has learned everything and mostly hired everybody from the obama cap pain to the extent that the democrats have been dominating. they have had really great campaigns in '08 and '12. she is going to have most of it. i think what she is going to lack is that enthusiasm that hope and change brought, the charismatic, young obama brought. whether it is minority voters or young voters, i think that's going to be her big challenge, a close race if the republicans can sort this field out an find a strong candidate. >> find out whoever the heck that is going to be. thank you, floyd. do you buy the fact that as hillary clinton has tried to portray it and say the e-mails of benghazi were essentially a political witch hunt. do the voters agree?
1:47 pm
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so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. ahead of the benghazi hearings tomorrow, the consensus democrats don't care, they like hillary clinton this was a political cabal after her how does everybody feel? the pollster frank luntz knows better than anybody. what are you hearing? >> i'm looking at the independent voters, republicans believe that she's guilty. democrats believe she's innocent. independents just want the truth and neil, the context here has to be, that the american people deserve the truth. she has the responsibility to tell the truth and that's what
1:51 pm
this committee hearing is all about. if that is the context, it will be successful. >> but, i don't know that the theatrics to this. she's getting very haughty ahead of this with the ad that criticizes them for the political nature of this in her opinion. so i wonder if she's nasty in the q&a, and gets as defensive as she got with this same hearing a couple of years ago. then what? >> well that segment where she says, what does it matter to the american people? it does matter. what i don't believe that she's going to behave that way. i don't believe that that's what she's been coached to do. they want honest answers and they want something that is authentic. her presentation, it's a fair question, her presentation is as important as what she says. so in the end it's not just the language, it's also how she communicate it. that determines whether people believe her or not. >> i'm not a lawyer and we'll
1:52 pm
talk to legal experts tomorrow after she makes her remarks. she could say something that could get her into a big bunch of trouble, maybe not. do you think this is resonating as an issue, it's many years after the fact. this idea that the american people have moved on to focus on present-day issues? what do you think? >> i think they're focused on integrity. the number one attribute that the american people want in their next president. someone who says what they mean and means what they say. this is not just an issue of benghazi, it's not just an issue of emails. does she tell the truth? that's what the american people are going to be tuning in tomorrow. they have the right to know the answer to that question. >> feel better, my friend. it's always good having you, frank luntz. he's good at this stuff. i did want to let you know about ferrari, it went public today at around $55 a share. so it has a market valuation, just to tell you something here. in excess of what, $11 billion which is a price of a ferrari, come to think of it. is it me or something that
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you still interested in being speaker, right? >> i am surely interested in being speaker. because i'm fighting against the way the process is, the power base process, i want to see everything based on principle. >> so daniel webster is not out of the speaker race. paul ryan or no paul ryan. and we're told that paul ryan is meeting with the freedom caucus, whose members were supposedly behind mr. webster. who can sort this out better than our own chad pergram. who joins us now. do you know something that dan webster doesn't know? or dan, that you don't know? that the group is still behind him? he says it is, is it? >> it seems that there might be
1:57 pm
a math problem here. the house freedom caucus has a rule that they vote as a bloc. if 80% of them all agree one way or the other. and that means that voting for the speaker of the house. if you have 247 republicans, you basically need 218 members of the house to become the speaker. you can only lose 30. you can see if there's 40 members, this is kind of an algebra occasion. if you only have 40 members of the freedom caucus and 80% of that. that math doesn't add up. it's generally thought there's a robust group of supporters for paul ryan, pretty muscular. one of the questions they need to get from ryan, do they need his endorsement. one member said to me, we're never going to endorse him. paul ryan probably only needs about 20 of the group of 40 that's meeting with him right now. one of the things that the freedom caucus wants to get out of paul ryan is he for ro real? does he really want this job?
1:58 pm
as you, as you mentioned over and over again. he said no, multiple times. just not this year, but other years and several times in the past couple weeks until last night. that's significant. they also want to know about these demands that paul ryan is making, conditions, i'll be speaker if you allow me to perform in this way. and that's something that concerns them. some members last night of the freedom caucus said there's no way that paul ryan could ever get to yes. because it flies completely in the face of all the things that the freedom caucus is for. and another issue that's very important to them, is the issue of vacating the chair. declaring the speakership vacant. paul ryan says no, we can't have that sword hanging over top of us. one member indicated maybe we could still have that provision. it's very old. it goes back to thomas jefferson and jefferson's manual. which they still use to run the house of representatives these days. could they modify it and keep it and would that be amenable to a possible speaker, paul ryan?
1:59 pm
>> you know, ted, a lot of this is reminding me, maybe i'm showing my age here, i know you're a political historian. when ronald reagan, there was the dalliance of putting ford on the ticket. and ford's people almost wanted a co-president and reagan said the heck with it, and went to george bush senior and the rest is history. do you think paul ryan is trying to ask too much here? that there are certain requirements of the speaker, that you do have to work weekends, do you have to go on the road, that you're reinventing this job, that is after all, a job that requires a certain amount of all this stuff? and he's going to push himself out with these demands? >> every speaker would put their own print on this job. paul ryan is clear, he said i'm here four days a week. i'm not going to spend the other three days running around the country. it could be a situation where some members have said this gives him an out. he was pushed so hard by so many friends, mitt romney and others there was no way he could say
2:00 pm
no. >> he's putting every possible impediment to his own self. we'll watch closely. chad pergram. we'll see how the meeting goes, "the five" is now. >> hello, i'm eric bolling, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." well it's official, the invisible primary is over, vice president joe biden has decided he will not run against hillary clinton for the democrat nomination for president of the united states. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully and this is what i believe.


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