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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ breaking news, a police officer murdered shot in the head while chasing down a criminal in upper manhattan. and tonight "on the record" police under siege, already this year 30 police officers across the country shot to death. murdered. former nypd commissioner ray kelly, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and homeland security deputy jeh johnson all here to go "on the record." this violence against police is not just in new york city. it's a national epidemic. just last weekend a sheriff in minnesota shot dead by a prisoner. and in september alone across america, six officers gunned down in the line of duty. "on the record's" griff jenkins and our ted williams investigating that part of the story. but right now, the suspect accused of murdering an nypd police officer is being questioned by police.
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fox new york's arthur is at the police station where police are talking to him tonight. arthur, what's the latest? >> well, greta, let's talk about how all this started it started as gang shooting where gunfire was exchanged. the police was called in. the suspect being questioned right now tried to flee when he was confronted by two police officers. he opened fire shooting one of them in the forehead. that police officer is 33-year-old randolph holder, a third generation cop came to u.s. as immigrant from guana where both his father and grandfather were police officers. the suspect being held here has been identified as tyrone howard. he is a career criminal, greta. he has more arrests on his record than nearly years he has on this earth. he is 30 years old 28 arrests including assault and robbery and narcotic its which involve selling crack cocaine to undercover police officers. at this time yesterday, even before the shooting, there were three active warrants out for his arrest. one of them for shooting last month on september 1st. and our sources also tell us
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about another incident in 2009, another shooting in which an 1 is 1-year-old girl was struck as well as 78-year-old man. this has led both the mayor of this city and the police commissioner today to question what this guy was doing out on the street especially considering he was arrested last year in an intricate gang sweep up here in upper manhattan. now, he is currently undergoing interrogation. and sources tell us physical evidence as well as video evidence are being collected in this case that's being made against him. as for officer holder, he is the fourth police officer to be killed in the line of duty pertaining to what you just referred to. and just the last 111 months here in new york city. funeral arrangements for him are still being worked out here. greta? >> arthur, in terms of gang violence, i take it there is a whole lot of that in new york city? >> absolutely. that continues to be a problem in this pocket of this city in public housing there are a couple of gangs competing for turf. last night in that shooting alone that we mentioned that sparked all of, this three
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separate shell casings, three types of guns were used in that exchange. even with this individual in custody. two others involved this that shooting that have yet to be taken into custody, greta. >> arthur, thank you. and as arthur just pointed out new york city getting hit hard with the wave of violence against police officers. 11 months city of new york has lost four officers to murder. >> there is no denying in this country over the last several years there has been a antipolice attitude that has grown and that's unfortunate. as well we do have problematic officers in our ranks among our 800,000. the vast majority of the 800,000 like the officers last night continually on behalf of the citizens of this city and this country go toward the danger. put their lives on the line and last night as we saw lost a life trying to protect everybody else. this is an issue that we need to be mindful of, that we need to try to find some
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balance in the national debate that's underway at this time so that we don't foster or encourage those that think that they are being supported when they exhibit antipolice behavior or attitudes. >> former nypd commissioner and author of the book "vigilance, my life serving america and protecting america's city" is here to go "on the record." i know you feel like commissioner bratton tonight. this is one of yours. >> absolutely. it's gut-wrenching. it reverb united states throughout the city. every police officer thinks that it could have been him or her. always a terrible experience when an officer loses his life. >> is there a trend across this country against police officers? >> i think so. you can feel it. i think the numbers bear it out somewhat. withbut you can feel it the rhetoric has gotten very strong. certainly after ferguson. it's one of those aftermaths
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of ferguson. it's in the ferguson affect if you will where people feel free to threaten police officers, different movements are out there. putting them more at risk than normal. >> how have we as a nation allowed that to happen? every single day, you know, i see police officers out there trying to protect us. and how is the message gotten out there that suddenly, you know, that they are out there to protect us but that some think they are there to, you know, to take on? >> i think there has always been people who have said that in some way, shape, or form. but the media, i think, bears some responsibility in this. they will give a forum to the people who want to actually incite violence against the police. that's probably, you know, good media, good television to a certain extent. and i think that compounds the problem. >> are some police -- now, last night these two police officers who confronted this
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killer, one of them, of course, survived, they ran towards the danger. they heard gunshots. they knew the two gangs were fighting. i hear something like that and frankly i run the other direction. but they ran to the danger. are we going to it see or do you fear that police officers will start -- stop having sort of the courage to run towards the violence to stop it? >> no. police officers are always going to run towards the danger. that's what they are paid for. it's in their d.n.a. they selected this world in which they operate. it's dangerous, obviously, it puts them at risk, as we saw so tragically last night. but they are always going to do that. that's what it is all about. >> all right. now, this incident last night was gang violence. turf war over drugs. where are these drugs coming from? >> well, in new york city, 90% of the guns that are confiscated are coming from out of state. they are coming from local states like or close states like pennsylvania.
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but florida, georgia, virginia, west virginia are are major contributors to the guns in new york city. >> what about the -- >> -- national approach we are always going to be plagued by that. >> what about the drugs though? because they are fighting over drugs. and i assume that if, you know, the drugs are giving oxygen to these fights. what are these illegal drugs coming from? >> well, some of the fights are over drugs. some of it also is over turf. it's just a question of this is my neighborhood, and not your neighborhood. this is my housing project. not yours. drugs are coming from traditional locations. 60% of the drugs in this country are coming -- are trucked across the border from mexico. that hasn't changed in many years. >> if you were commissioner tonight, what do you say to your new york police department? >> well, i think commissioner and mayor have said the right things. we know cops are going to continue to do their job. it's such a gut wrenching experience.
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every police officer tonight, he or she is looking over their shoulder. they have to be concerned. they are concerned every night but every day, but this is such a stark reminder of the dangers that they face. so, i think you tell them and you support them, in doing their job. you tell them you are going to support them. and they need that backup. >> commissioner, thank you, sir. >> thank you. so, is there a war on cops across the nation? many in law enforcement say there is an anti-cop sentiment and it's growing stronger and stronger. >> here in new york city a police officer died after a suspect shot him in the head last night. >> new york city police commissioner bill bratton saying this is about as bad as it gets. >> did what every other officer in the nypd does when the call comes, he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. >> in new york city, the ambush execution of two police officers, police are being told to stay in pairs
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and watch their backs. >> it has happened again. a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. >> he said he was going to go look into some suspicious activity then his radio went dead. >> his murder comes just days after houston, texas sheriff deputy darren go forth was ambushed and shot to death at a gas station. >> we take this on willingly, we volunteer for this. this service here. but what we're beleaguered by is the fact that we don't have any support from the political class. >> are politician can could doing enough to keep our men and women in blue safe? i want to know what you think. should president obama make an on camera statement in support of police? tweet yes or no using #greta. i will will tell you what i think off the record tell end of the show and show you live results. former new york city rudy giuliani joins me. good evening, mayor. >> good evening, greta. >> mayor it, seems to me that there are two types of these police digits. like last night gang violence and police officer
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in hot pursuit and police officer shot in self-defense. someone seen in a police car and someone went up to the police car and executed them there was no confrontation or interaction. none the less, a lot of police officers are feeling pretty burned these days. i talked to them. do you think that there is sort of a war on police in this country? >> i have no question that there is. not only that, greta, i travel all throughout the country constantly and police officers now come up to me for the last 8, 9, 10 months and tell me they don't feel supported. they don't feel that they are understood. they feel that they are being maybe unfair target of a lot of people who are using words that are incendiary. the mittology of ferguson, the idea that that was some kind of a unjust killing, when, in fact, it was a completely justified situation of a man who had committed a crime and was rushing toward the police officer and the police officer shot him really it save his own life. but you have these people,
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people in high political offices who still do the hands up thing which turns out to be totally false. i could give you many situations like that. and i think that it's being fostered. it's being fostered politically. and it's a tragedy what actually we should be doing is we should be be telling people every time you see a police officer, say thank you for putting your life on the line, for protecting me and my children. that's what officer randolph was doing. that's what the officers who were involved last night were doing. next couple of days it wouldn't be a bad idea if the citizens in america just stopped the police officers they saw on the street like the one i saw walking up here today and said to them, you know, thank you for protecting us. most of us love you and most of us understand what you are going through. and there are just a couple people unfortunately some of them in significant political positions that have allowed this to become sort of a just unfair attack on you.
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>> we see that the catastrophic, like the murder last night of the two police officers who were executed or the guy who was putting gas in his car down in louisiana or texas. we see that but we have also seen instances lately for instance the police officer who went in to get a cup of coffee and someone wrote on black lives matter or something on the cup. another one was denied service down in florida because he was a police officer. nonlethal things being done to police officers as well as lethal. i having said that how do we sort of unravel the ferguson effect where -- so we start getting to the point where more people are taking a look at police officers and sort of, you know diffuse that war? >> well, we tell the truth like did i a year and a half ago and created a storm of anger at me when i said that, you know, 99% of these murders that occur, 99.9% are citizen on citizen. and police officer shootings are rare when police officers shoot people.
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the vast majority of those shootings are justified as what happened last night. and the real problem is the enormous amount of crime that is allowed to go on in these communities. also, you know, commissioner kelly was just on. and one of the things he certainly would have had had a right to point out is this whole pulling back on stop and frisk, yes, the guns come into new york. the guns were coming into new york when i was the mayor of new york city in large numbers except i reduced homicide by 65% because i seized the guns from people like that man that's involved in this. if he is alleged to have done it is he a career criminal. i also supported the career criminal bill and used it when i was a prosecutor. a guy like that should be in jail right now. he should be spending the rest of his life in jail. he shouldn't be out on the street being able to people. he is a crime machine. you cut back on stop and frisk, you don't give these people the sentences they
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deserve. you let people out of prison because, you know, you start feeling sorry they have been in prison too long and then you go ahead and person like o'malley says all lives matter and the man has to apologize for not saying black lives matter. all lives matter. police officers lives' matter. >> mayor, thank you for joining us tonight. thank you, sir. >> thank you. and police across america reigle at the news that another one of their owns a fallen, been murdered in the line of duty. "on the record" griff jenkins went to the national law enforcement officers memorial. >> they are not simply satisfied with controlling afghanistan or syria or iraq. they want to conquer the world. >> the new reality involves the potential for smaller scale attacks. >> we will go to griff jenkins. that was not the correct tape. griff, you have been down at the memorial today. tell me what the response has been down there to the news of the latest shooting. >> that's right, greta. down here at the memorial,
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the sentiment is heavy but very proud. there is actually a couple hundred officers here tonight that were at a prescheduled event but obviously all their thoughts and prayers with officer holder's family, and all of those in new york now trying to find that resilience after another officer gunned down in cold blood. and the tape we didn't have was actually i was talking earlier with craig floyd who is the ceo and chairman of the national law enforcement officers memorial here. is he run it for many years. he has talked about the very important task it is that we constantly honor him. in fact, i believe we have a little bit of it let's take a listen. >> sickening, really, to see another officer lost. another officer whose name is going to go on these memorial walls. happens once every 60 hours. somewhere in america an officer is killed in the line of duty. these men and women, they died for me and you. and, yet, so much of the rhetoric we are hearing in the media these day seems to
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be anti-cop. anti-cop rhetoric does matter. weak minded individuals can be influenced by that activity directed toward law enforcement. it has weak minded individuals going out and attacking and assaulting our officers, sometimes killing them. we saw it just recently, two months ago in harris county, texas. officer darren go forth pumping gas into his patrol car in europe form. and a man comes up from behind, shoots him 15 times in the back. simply because he was a cop. that man didn't know darren go forth, but he knew he was a police officer. knew the badge that he wore, the uniform that he wore. and he knew that he wanted to attack that man and ultimately kill him. >> a stark reminder that being a police officer is a noble but dangerous profession. that's the latest from the memorial here, greta. back to you. griff, thank you. ted williams is here. before ted became a lawyer,
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ted was a cop. ted, griff is down at the memorial more than 20,000 names etched into the wall. now the officer last night, deputy sheriff from minnesota over the weekend their names will be added to the wall. >> yeah, greta, you have got to wonder what's going on in this country when it comes to law enforcement. i have got it tell you it is my belief that the media bears some of the responsibility, greta. because when a police officer shoots a citizen, that has a way of cycling itself over and over for weeks and months. when a police officer is killed in the line of duty, it's like a one day or two day story and that is one of the sad commentaries. greta, just think about it, you hear shots ringing out. a police officer can't run like he is going home. he has got to go in that direction. he took an oath to serve and to protect the citizens of that community. and when you look at this guy, randolph holder, randolph holder, whose father, whose grandfather
4:18 pm
was a police officer, he went in the direction of the danger. and he lost his life, greta. that's the sad commentary about all of this. >> and, you know, even, ted, even the disrespect for some reason you know, going a cop doesn't get served coffee some place we hear stories about. >> there are many stories. you are right, it's the disrespect. >> not as bad as losing your life i have got to give you that it's sort of symptomatic. >> in my hometown of louisiana, state trooper going to help a man in the ditch and the man shoes him. i go to houston, texas, darren go forth, going back to his automobile. >> putting gas in his car. >> and gets shot in the head and shot 14 times. there is something going on in this country that's very sad. >> ted, thank you. and we're going to continue to monitor the investigation into the murder of the nypd officer. rear going to bring you any breaking news as we get it. and, turning to our nation, there are threats against our nation and they're
4:19 pm
getting harder and harder to detect. what are we doing to stay safe? homeland security secretary jeh johnson straight ahead. also big day tomorrow. former secretary of state hillary clinton testifies before the benghazi committee. a member of that committee is here to tell you what she should expect. than this. advil. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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last time you testified has it gotten better or pretty much the same? >> well, greta, i always hesitate characterizations of worse, better. >> how is it different? >> the global terrorist threat is more decentralized, more complicated and in many respects harder to detect because it involves use of the internet it involves terrorists-inspired attacks versus terrorist direct attacks. it's no longer as simple as something that is directed from overseas where you have an operative who comes here who is exported here, who is recruited overseas, trained overseas. now we have to be concerned about the the homegrown tears by something -- terrorist who is inspired by something he sees on the internet. we spent the last two and a half hours talking about this current environment which involves the type of potential for that type of activity in places where can you cannot always predict in chattanooga, tennessee, garland city, texas.
4:24 pm
along with places we are traditionally concerned about like new york. and so in that respect it's a new world. we have got to deliver a whole government effort to dealing with that kind of challenge. >> do you have what you need? i mean i realize it's a very fluid situation and you don't get much notice on terrorism. but do you have the resources or is there something you really need from the american taxpayers from congress? >> yes. >> what do you need. >> the answer is yes. >> what do you need. >> repeal sequestration, repeal sequestration and repeal sequestration. can i cannot do for the american public what they need for homeland security with a sequestered budget. right now we are headed to reverting back to sequestration. and so board of security, aviation security. maritime security, counter terrorism, cyber security are not free and i cannot deliver all those things on a sequestered budget. that's what i keep' stressing. homeland security is part of national security. homeland security is part of protecting the american public and so it is
4:25 pm
fundamental that the congress gives me what i need to protect the american people, that means repeal sequestration. >> what's the biggest change in your job since you started? >> i'm a lot older. [ laughter ] >> i mean, have the threats changed at all or the sophistication of the threats? or all of it? >> the evolution is becoming more and more clear every day. we have evolved from simply worrying about an underwear bomber type of attack where you have a guy who comes from overseas who is trained overseas at a camp who has been directed overseas, and then tries to blow something up here over the homeland to the type of situation where there is a guy who is here, has lived here. he might have even been born here. he was inspired by something he sees on social media which is really effective. he decides to take up arms and commit an act of
4:26 pm
violence here. you look at the recent trends. you look at ottawa, you look at what could have happened in garland city, you look at chattanooga. you look at the charlie hebdo attack in paris, and you see this new trend in the type of threat that we face, which is requiring a different type of vigilance. >> and i assume that you endorse the -- if you see something, say something. >> if you see something, say something message delivered by the department of homeland security. >> with the problem though some people don't want to be doing anything like profiling. they want to be politically correct. there is that sort of delicate balance. some people don't want to say something. >> correct. homeland security is a balance. you are exactly right. it's a balance between vigilance and not compromising our values. we don't want to make people suspicious of each other. because of who they are and what they look like. how they dress. but it means vigilance it means if you see a suspicious package, you should say something about it you should call somebody.
4:27 pm
if you see somebody engaging in suspicious behavior, you should do something about it. say something about it. and so that's what we mean by that campaign. it's vigilance and awareness. >> the last time you and i spoke was at the law enforcement memorial here in washington, d.c. where over 20,000 names etched in the wall of fallen officers. last night a police officer shot and killed in new york. your thoughts? >> regrettably since the last time you and i have met, there have been more law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. and since we last met, i have decided to take on the practice of writing personally to the police chief of each department where somebody is killed. and that means i'm writing a lot of letters. it means i'm very cognizant of much more than i used to be. how many of our law enforcement personnel are killed in the line of duty on a regular basis? and it's really unfortunate and i hope we turn that tide. >> is there -- a lot of
4:28 pm
police officers think there is a war on police. do you think there is sort of a general antipolice among some? >> well, i sure hope not. and the policemen is someone who serves the community. that's the nature of what they do. to serve and protect. so many places i have been the community is appreciative of the good work the police do on a daily basis. i happen to believe that is the prevailing sentiment in our country. and i believe that's going to continue. >> mr. secretary, thank you very much, sir. thanks a lot. >> thanks, greta. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton heads to capitol hill that's tomorrow. she is going to be questioned under oath at a benghazi committee hearing. one of the committee members is right here next. where to go... and how to deal with my uc.
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dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy?
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does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab secretary clinton gears up for what might be a controversial appearance what questions can we expect to be asked. members of the house benghazi select committee peter rostrum is here to go "on the record." >> thanks, greta. >> you have a question to question the former secretary of state, what do you want to know? >> i want to know what was actually going on. we have had a lot of run it indicated. >> that night or before? >> the whole thing. what was the thinking before qaddafi was killed? what was the thinking when he was killed until, you know, the events of
4:33 pm
september 11th, 2012? what was going on all during that time as the deteriorating security situation was apparent to americans on the ground in libya? why wasn't it apparent at the state department? why didn't it break through to those officials who are responsible for their safety. and there is a lot of emails, obviously, to discuss. >> emails being -- not the emails on her server but emails being back and forth benghazi to the state department? >> yeah, that's right. there is a lot of discussion and conversation between her senior staff and herself. she has got a lot of input. political input coming from sidney blumenthal this character who has been in and around hundreds of emails inbound to her as it relates to libya. there is a lot of questions that have to be asked. because you cannot have an incident of this consequence and not ask the senior diplomat what was happening. >> you know what i still don't get, what i want to know is that she was at the state department that night. where was everybody else and what was everybody else doing? i for the life of me i still don't know what president obama was doing that night. whether he was part of the
4:34 pm
debate or discussion or not. i know that i think the secretary of defense was. but, you know, were they all on the phone together? that's what i don't understand. the missing pieces who was doing what. >> that's a good point. that's going to be the sung of some of the discussion tomorrow and that members are really -- like how was it that this was wrought to your attention? what were the next moves that you took? was this an email? was this, you know, a certain center within the state department? was this brought to your attention this way. what you can do from there. remember the charge of the committee number one find out what happened. really find out what happened. and then what do we need to do to make sure thisner happens again. and that's going to be the focal point for tomorrow. >> how much does majority leader kevin mccarthy's statement how much is this a damper on the investigation? >> it doesn't help but we are all familiar with misstatements. so secretary clinton herself, you know, couple at one point said regarding qaddafi, we came, we saw, he died. she regrets that that was a foolish thing to say. >> or what difference does
4:35 pm
it make? is that the same level? >> i think you so. and my view is this. i think all of that pregame stuff is going to burn off. once we're actually talking about these issues. there is is a loft hype and so forth. i think when it all comes down to it, the focal point is going to be what did she know? what were the facts on the ground? did she get the benefit of certain things or was she denied certain things. >> i still think the video discussion is weird. and the president carried it out really long. he went on television with it. i think he went on the view with it for a couple weeks. u.n. general assembly. the whole thing provoked by video. are a and for the life of me i first him heard they came down and brought mortars and rpgs when i was in wisconsin that wasn't a spontaneous protest by any means. i don't know why they drug that out so long. i can understand being a mistake in the beginning but why did it get dragged out. >> even when they were beginning these discussions these were contemporaneous with americans who were
4:36 pm
suffering at the time and under attack at the time. and it was being communicated out that these were, you know, prompted by a video. so, there is a lot of things that we need to cover. and these are questions that i think the american people have a right to know. and technically moving forward. how do we make sure this never happens again. this was a disaster and four people were murdered. >> it's a very dangerous world for all our diplomats. >> that's for sure. >> congressman, thank you, sir it. tomorrow night after secretary clinton testifies. benghazi select committee chairman congressman gowdy goes "on the record." and straight ahead, vice president joe biden is out. so we know what secretary of state hillary clinton is thinking. she is probably dancing. what about the republican candidates? what does it mean for them? that's coming up. but, first, today, it is escalating. more bloody attacks israel. we take you live to verizon, the latest next. and at the centl
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on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? this is a fox news alert. it is getting worse. the blood shed in israel intensifying today.
4:41 pm
four separate attacks, leaving at least three people attacked and many injured. john huddy is live in jerusalem, john? >> greta, the boat count continues to grow. in fact just a couple hours ago, we heard sirens racing up the road here to a central bus station where apparently according to the latest report. israeli security forces shot to death and israeli man, a jewish man that they mistakenly thought apparently was a palestinian attacker. at this point we are hearing there was some kind of argument. they thought he was going for one of the soldier's guns, they opened fire. this is indeed the case, greta, it certainly adds to concerns and raises concerns about again, the fear and unease because of the violence leading to deadly cases of mistaken identity. and vigilantism. you may recall on sunday, a security guard shot a man that they thought was a terrorist attacker. a palestinian attacker involved in a terror attack in southern israel.
4:42 pm
turents out the guy wasn't. and then after being shot, he was attacked by an angry mob and the man later died. so, a lot of fear and unease with the violence. and as mentioned, the violence continued today. i will walk you through it. earlier in the west bank, a palestinian man attacked a female israeli soldier with a knife. stabbed her in the neck. she is in critical condition. suture attacker was taken into custody. and then later, palestinian roxboro in the west bank attacked military vehicle for whatever reason, the vehicle pulled over. and when the soldiers got out, they were rammed and run over by a vehicle. the soldiers were moderately injured. that driver was shot. no word if he was killed. but this leads to concerns about maybe this is a new terror attack terror tactic. rock throwers damaging a vehicle. driver pulling over, getting out. and then run over, hit by
4:43 pm
another vehicle. hopefully not. and as the violence continues, we talked about the political dissension, greta. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon has been in the region. he met with israeli prime minister netanyahu and also palestinian president mahmoud abbas. talking about quelling the overall violence. right now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, greta is, in germany, he will be meeting with u.s. secretary of state john kerry, again, to most likely talk about jump starting talks between both sides but, you know, greta earlier, i spoke with the senior israeli official, and i asked is there any type of political discourse, peace talks, et cetera, on the horizon in the answer was short and simple, no. so, the cycle of violence continues as the body count continues to grow. as well. greta? >> john, thank you. thank you, john. and get ready to speed read
4:44 pm
some other news. a person of interest now in custody after 4-year-old girl shot and killed in albuquerque. police are calling it road rage. police say a gunman drove up beside the family's car and opened fire. the 4-year-old daughter was hit and killed. may be a new bonnie and collide on the loose. police across the country searching for husband and wife who across the last month have robbed three banks across the east coast. joseph and jennifer are using the money to fuel a drug addiction. the couple traveling with several dogs. lamar odom a second chance at marriage. tmz is now reporting that the couple is calling off their divorce. the former nba star and his reality star wife filed for divorce in 2013 but a nudge officially signed off meaning they are still legally married. and today a judge dismissed the case. odom is now recovering in a los angeles hospital after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. and star wars taking china by storm.
4:45 pm
the movie hosting this massive event on the great wall of china. 500 of the iconic storm troopers lining the wall. disney handing out light sabers and other merchandise. no release date for china has been set. but here in the united states, the movie hits theaters december 18th and that's tonight's speed read. and vice president joe biden, he is out for the 2016 race but guess what? he is still talking. that's straight ahead. s fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. now available in geltabs.
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i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. it's official vice president joe biden is out at least for now. the vice president finally announcing he will not run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a
4:50 pm
candidate, i will not be silent. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill a.b. stoddard and abc news political. the first comment went to look for was hillary clinton. she says is he a graduate man today and ao change the world for the better dash h. meaning hillary. what is not written is like yahoo. >> yea, finally. obviously this is a case where the personal and the political just didn't align properly with vice president biden. you were left of this impression with him wanting to do, this striving to do happened looking for the opportunity and couldn't bring himself there. i will tell you though if you look at this, the window that he said is closed. he watched it close along the way. so he saw the political calculation that was part of this and hillary clinton was a big piece of that. she is the overwhelming frontrunner. he would have had to run a harshly negative campaign to get past her. i'm convinced of that. i think he was of that as well and i think this
4:51 pm
contributed to that. >> her campaign hits the skids for some reason a long time before the election, he will probably jump in to save the party as they say. a.b., the other tweet i must admit i called into the office and i said what did donald trump tweet? here is what donald trump tweeted i think joe biden made a correct decision for him and his family. personally i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. >> i knew instantly when the shocking news, i was actually shocked by. this i thought he sounded in the last three days like he was definitely running. i knew donald trump would be relieved. he doesn't feel so strong up against biden in the general election matchups. he does against hillary. that's not good news for democrats. but, it's interesting. he is, you know, he -- biden would have been a more authentic, more honest and sometimes more outrageous democratic nominee to deal with for donald trump than hillary clinton. >> rick, how does this fit into the calculus of the g.o.p. do any of the g.o.p. candidates care? does it help them or hurt them if biden is in. >> i think they would have preferred to see her sweat
4:52 pm
it in the democratic primary. all of the oxygen is out of that. bernie sanders still there and other candidates. if this was manomono. the party ripping itself to shah reds i think v. to think it's a preferable outcome for republicans. she lost the person who would have been her most formidable challenger. >> vice president biden did some sneaky jabs. >> today was very clear. obviously he didn't mention her name, mention the party. >> he didn't mention her name? i don't remember. >> oh, no, not at all. he didn't say we need to elect a democrat. he basically gave the speech he would give if he was announce he was running. he talked about his position. he has been putting a lot of energy in the past few days into drawing highlighting differences with her. he continued to do that today and he showed he was ready. and if she is indicted the party will run to him and beg him to run and he will be ready. >> the headline is stay tuned. rick and a.b. thank you both. a brand new block bust err
4:53 pm
greta talk podcast just released. comedian kathleen madigan and she really is the funniest woman alive. i'm not kidding. you want to hear this. tune in to the latest greta talk. download the newest episode to your phone using itunes, tune in, or stitcher. she is very funny. following the murder of nypd police officer, i want to know what you think. should president obama make an on camera statement of support to police. tweet yes or no using #greta. i will tell you what think off the record next.
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killed in the line of duty. and every day men and women in law enforcement put their lives in danger to protect you and to protect me. so, it's our turn. we need to do something. to at least send a message to these men and women that we give a damn that we appreciate them. that's showing appreciation it must be louder and beginninger that pathetic cop killers. white house president obama should go back to the rose garden where he was with vice president biden today and once again make a very strong statement on camera. a public statement condemning violence against police and thanking the men and women who serve in law enforcement. last night's murder we do need to send that message loud and clear that the message stands with our law enforcement. i know i do. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and before we go, your live twitter vote results should president obama make that on camera statement in support of police? you tweeted yes or no using #greta. and there are the results right there 74% say yes.
4:59 pm
and, of course, this is the best we did thed picture of the day. well, this one is a video. ♪ [back to the future theme music] >> great scott, if my calculations are correct it is now precisely october 21st, 2015. the future has finally arrived. yes, it is different than we all thought, but, don't worry, it just means your future hasn't been written yet. no ones has. your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one. >> that's to celebrate back to the future day and, of course, never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. "on the record" never miss the best tweeted pic or video of the day. if you can't watch "on the record" live you know what to do play back "on the record" after you watch other favorite programs
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maybe 11:01 each night. that would be a good time. can't watch live dvr but do watch it we want you to be a part of community and share. so things we do here. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> we cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city's policy toward undocumented immigrants in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news. >> city of san francisco insulting the family of kate steinle. it says there will be no change letting criminal aliens out of jail. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this outrageous story. as my family and i have worked through the grieving process is it may be that process closes the window on nominating -- mounting a realistic campaign. i have concluded it has closed. >> vice president biden


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