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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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kelly file or megyn kelly. here are some apparently divisive moments from our own past. here's my son. my dog who was supposed to be a flapper but some said she looked like a hooker. and there's yours truly with hammer back in the america's newsroom days. what are you going to be? tonight -- >> it may very well be that that process closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. i've concluded it has closed. >> vice president crazy uncle joe biden announces he's not running for president. donald trump dominates in brand-new polls. >> other people don't talk about polls. you know why? because they're doing lousy in the polls. >> so is the party establishment now looking to take him out? plus congressman paul ryan says he'll consider running for speaker of the house, but he has conditions that have many concerned. >> if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will
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gladly serve. >> bill bennett will be here tonight with reaction. plus an nypd officer is gunned down in the line of duty. >> these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer. >> bo dietl and sheriff david clarke will have reaction. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight major developments in the 2016 race. joe biden announced he will not be running for president, and domd trump continues to dominate the gop field. here with the latest, carl cameron joins us with all the details. >> there's more evidence of donald trump's total dominance in the polls. and in the latest batch, particularly bad news for jeb bush. check this out. when republicans are asked who they expect to win the nomination, trump destroys the field with 42%. ben carson and jeb bush are the closest, and they're only in the teens. looking ahead to who republicans thing can actually win the
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general election, the top three all gain a point and rubio actually emerges with 11%. now, when you get to the actual horse race, the abc poll shows trump's at 32%, carson's at 22%, rubio's got 10 and bush is at 7. all this looks just great for trump, but pollsters have begun digging deeper into voter attitudes and there's a new "wall street journal" poll that shows instead of satisfied and optimistic that the gop candidates will do a good job if and when they get into the white house, most americans are uncertain and pessimistic. carson seems to have the most confidence. 42% said they're optimistic. 50% are uncertain and pessimistic. rubio and fiorina are second and third. by 2-1 republicans are uncertain and pessimistic about whether jeb bush, ted cruz and donald trump will make good presidents. those numbers will eventually start to shift as soon as the actual nominee emerges next
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yee year, at which point gop unity will be important. this time a huge uniting factor on the right is the likelihood with biden now out, it will be clinton on the left. >> carl cameron, thpg. here with us now with reaction, author of the brand-new book "america the strong." and washington fellow at the clairemont institute, our friend bill bennett. long time no see. biden, he's not in. >> never would have mattered much anyway. >> she's the nominee unless he gets really mad and gets interesting and endorses bernie or larry david. >> or larry david. >> one or the other. >> let's go to these polls. five polls have come out this week. look at this latest abc poll. trump up by double digits in that poll. you look at not even close who they expect to be the nominee, who will be thegoing to be trum.
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there's a reason for this, and that's 60% of republicans feel betrayed by republicans. i'm a registered conservative. i'm one of them. >> i understand. i hear folks every morning say that to me on my radio show. i feel a little bit betrayed as well. >> why a little bit? i feel a lot betrayed. because the constitution, there's the limitations, peel still do not appreciate what limitations you have. >> why did they promise they would defund obamacare? >> they promised they would try to defund obama care. >> they never said try, they said would. >> we can parse it closely. look, i'm very frustrated, too. main task is to get a republican president and not to divide in party even further the way it's been div fided lately. >> you ok with a donald trump candidacy? >> no, i'm not okay at all. >> why not? >> i look at a man in the totality of his acts and his record and the things he's stood
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for, i think he's probably not too principled in his convictions except he's a businessman that does things his way, his own idiosyncratic way. i do understand the appeal. people are angry, mad. he seems big enough, he's a big guy. >> i see a guy that wanted to keep his workers working in new york where democrats outnumber republicans 8-1. >> right. >> a guy that played the game because, you know what, that's the system. he didn't set it up. and i've asked him specifically on the economy, i've asked him on health care, i've asked him on immigration, on planned parenthood. >> no more singer payer for her, right? no more impeachment of george w. bush. no more supporting pelosi and reid. >> you can say all these things. >> well, they're true. >> he supports health care savings accounts, he'll control the border, immigration is a huge issue right now. i thought his economic plan was really good. paul ryan even said it was good. >> that's interesting, isn't it, that we cite paul ryan. here's paul ryan who is being skewered by a lot of our
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friends, a lot of people who are my friends in the house, paul ryan for deviating on a couple of points. the trade deal. >> immigration. >> immigration. here's trump with a record, you know, longer than your arm wrong on all these things getting all the support, that's what makes me angry and makes me think there's a lot of irrationality. if trump's the nominee, i will support him because i won't support hillary. but there's so much uncertainty. >> i was interviewed by "usa today." you know paul ryan, i know paul ryan, he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but i don't think this is the job for him. i'll tell you why, because the next speaker is immediately going to face a debt ceiling battle. >> yes. >> the next -- immediately conservatives are going to want to know are you going to be willing to stand firm on defunding obamacare or aspects of it or use reconciliation, are you going to defund planned parenthood, and what are you
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going to do on the iranian deal. i'm not sure he's viewed by the 60% as john boehner. >> as one of his closest friends and someone who he says was a mentor, that's me, i'm not sure i want him to take the job. i think he's in the perfect job for him now, chairman of ways and means. >> he's a policy wonk. >> that's what he does. but isn't that interesting, everyone turned to ryan. conservatives turned to ryan. yeah, i know they're criticizing him, but why was he the one guy? because they know he's a true conservative who has deep convictions who can lead. >> tell me if you think this is a bad plan for whoever becomes speaker. i think number one they've got to hit the reset button and say, this is a new regime. don't hold me responsible for what the old regime did. >> right. >> republicans because they don't trust these guys, i think they need to make promises to america, a contract with america, call it what you will. >> right. >> put it on paper, get the entire conference to sign it to say if you elect us, we will do
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these things and then do them. and stop making -- >> fine. but as the song says, don't make promises you can't keep. and newt gingrich's contract with america had a lot of things in it. some of them they were able to keep, some they were not. he had a pretty good record. but there are limitations to what you can do until you get that white house. and that's got to be said, too. look, the minute paul gets that job, if he takes it, he's going to be criticized by the conservatives. >> you mentioned the constitution. >> yes, sir. >> the constitution gives the power of the purse to congress. >> yeah, sure. let's get to the endgame here, power of the purse, they can shut down the government. >> newt gingrich shut it down twice. he was the last to leave a balanced budget and surplus for this country. and laid out intellectual ideas to bring republicans to power for the first time in 40 years. >> he was a great speaker and great leader. >> conse ken shall. >> i think ryan can be the same. but it wasn't by shutting down the government that he achieved this. >> he shut it down twice. >> i know he did.
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>> but when congress says he won't do it, they surrender. >> i don't think you should say it ahead of time. >> maybe you should let obama shut it down. >> pass the bill and get it through the house and the senate, the house has done a pretty good job getting the bills through. >> and if the senate doesn't take it up, meet them in conference or sit on your hands and let them do what they've got to do. keep your promises. >> let who? >> let the senate do what they're going to do and late obama veto the bill. >> as we know they have, the democrats have enough votes to bottle these things up. >> what about reconciliation. >> you can only do so many things through reconciliation. not all these matters you're talking about. >> what about the military that harry reid used? >> i don't think we want to do that. we want to respect that idea. >> even if it means allowing a president to push unconstitutional, illegal executive amnesty, that's not worth taking a stand on.
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>> i think mccarthy's right, the way to do this is impeachment. it will never happen. but that's the remedy. >> you don't think the power of the purse is the remedy. a constitution provision. >> when you can use it in a rational way that won't end up biting you in the back. >> i love this idea. i would like to see the next speaker do is what you're saying here, conservative ideas. i want them on paper. and you write america the strong. >> right. >> if we don't get our act together soon, we're losing the country. >> right. >> and it's got to be built not on anti-obama, anti-hillary, but ideas that will get americans back to work, out of poverty and off of food stamps. >> this book has all those ideas. but nobody better embodies these ideas than paul ryan. the fact that he's being held to a ridiculous standard is damaging. i know reagan better than all the people that are invoking reagan. i sat with him, i was in his
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cabinet, a friend of his. reagan would be thrown out by this caucus today. >> i don't believe that. >> tax increases. >> from 70 to 28%. >> the jury did that, too. >> immigration. >> immigration -- >> but reagan said it was the biggest mistake of his presidency. >> good, fine. you say you make a mistake -- >> i think paul ryan has to say -- >> people need to look at this realistical realistically. he's the next reagan. >> secure the borders first, no path to citizenship. >> that sounds like paul ryan. >> it sounds like bill bennett endorses somebody. >> i knew him well and i knew reagan well, he's the right heir. that's why i love the guy. >> i love your books. >> that's a good book and it's a good book if you need -- >> at this time. >> if a young person needs to defend himself against liberals or people who say they're conservatives. not you're conservative.
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>> what's that cheap shot? >> that's just a gentle -- >> i want the country to be saved. we're losing the country. >> i've been called wishy-washy by the guys in some of the right wing media they don't remember. good to be in the fight. >> i want to be in the fight. >> i know you are. >> i am every night. >> with donald trump soaring in the polls, a new report indicates that the establishment is working on a strategy to take him out. but is that working for the party? hurrica hillary clinton heads to testify before the benghazi committee. did she break laws? is there a possibility she can go to jail? a new york city police officer is shot and killed. we have reaction, sheriff david clarke and bo dietl. at's a good?
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. the house freedom caucus saying it will back congressman paul ryan for speaker. this comes one day after ryan announced he would run if he received the backing of all the gop's major caucuses. ryan says he's still waiting to hear from two other groups but itses a a positive step towards a unified republican team. the u.s. and other western nations calling on the u.n. to take action against iran's latest missile test. they claimed the missile launched on october 10th is capable of delivering a nuclear weapon. it was iran's first test since the july 14th nuclear deal. wikileaks now posting material from what appears be the cia director's personal e-mail accounts. the hacker claims he stole personal information from john brennan's contact list. he says he's protesting american
7:16 pm
foreign policy. let's get you back to "hannit . >> all right, welcome back to "hannity." as 2016 front-runner donald trump remains a huge lead over his rivals, members of the republican establishment are reportedly very worried and they're preparing a strategy to take down trump over these positions that he's taken on some issues. watch this. >> eminent domain is something you need. . do you support taking private property for private use? >> if somebody has a property in the middle of a 7,000-job factory, as an example, that's going to move into the town but they need this one corner of this property and it's going to provide 7,000 jobs in a community that's dying of which we have many in this country, okay? i am for that. russia wants to get rid of isis. we don't want to get rid of isis. maybe let russia do it.
7:17 pm
what the hell do we care? >> there's a north american free trade agreement. >> and there shouldn't be. it's a disaster. we need fair trade. not free trade. we need fair trade. it's got to be fair. >> you split up families, deport children. >> no, no, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but you're going to kick them out. >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. they have to go. we either have a country or we don't have a country. >> here with what the trump campaign can expect. rich lowry from the "washington times" and we have charles hurt. we read byron york's piece. i have zero doubt that establishment candidates in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, else where, they're going to dump millions in trying to tear down donald trump. so far he defies conventional political gravity. and they've not been successful. but i would also say donald trump's not going to sit back and let them fire away and not
7:18 pm
fire back. so i would expect that if they unload on him, he'll unload twice as hard on them. how is that going to play out? >> well, before i say anything else, let me say hats off to charlie. when he went out and outfitted his entire family with make america great gear a couple of months ago, some of us scoffed. >> but isn't that a great slogan, though, make america great? because right now america's falling behind. it's an inspiring slogan. >> very simple and memorable. look, this barrage, if trump stays this strong going into next year, there's going to be a barrage of negative ads against him. what i would counsel for folks trying to take him down is you got to be really careful because this is not a conventional candidate. and if you just go up with kind of typical cookie cutter negative ads, there's a strong chance that those will backfire. and also you have to be very careful. and i've established over recent months, i'm not a trump fan, but you have to be very careful to
7:19 pm
make it clear that you're taking on trump and his position and not his supporters. >> charles, to add to that, you know what? the guy's a pretty wealthy guy. he can spend a lot of money and fire back. i imagine his ads will be harder hitting than anybody else's. look at what we just played. the country is with him on his immigration plan. i believe in free trade, but i'm tired of china not allowing american cars to be sold there. when he dismisses the idea, let putin do it, i think people understand where he's coming from. maybe some pushback on eminent domain, but i think people get that, too. >> well, he has quite brilliantly found that daylight between the republican party platform and voters who are very frustrated right now. but rich is exactly right. you have to be careful going up against him, and you're right, he has a lot of money. but the reason he has a lot of money is because he's careful about spending it. and he's so good at getting earned media, i think he is
7:20 pm
going to be a little bit reluctant to go too far into his own reserves. but a big problem the establishment has created for itself is they've fired every bullet they have at this guy and repeatedly and he's managed to -- i mean, they've accused him of rape, of misogyny, of hating veterans, and he's managed to weather it all. and he comes out much stronger in the end for it. so they have to come up with something. >> i asked him about it last night, oh, yeah, the american people will be reminded these are super pacs that have agendas of candidates that haven't gotten the job done. and by the way, i'm not on their side. there's a powerful risk that i'm not so sure these guys are going to measure before they -- look, i do martial arts. you're either all in, meaning it's all-out war or you're not in at all. there's no in between here. and if you go all-in with trump, you're going to get bloody. >> right. and also, there's nothing that
7:21 pm
helps him so much as being attacked by the establishment. we've seen this dynamic with jeb bush. there's nothing that trump likes more or benefits from more than having a fight with jeb bush. and jeb just doesn't seem to get that he can take trump on, but it's not going to help him, and it's not going to hurt trump. >> it's going to be interesting. i'll tell you, it will be a great couple of months. when we come back here tonight on "hannity." >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because guys out for a walk and decided to go kill some americans? what difference at this point make? >> a huge difference. hillary clinton made that cringe-worthy comment the last time she testified about the benghazi attacks that left four americans dead. she'll face off with lawmakers again tomorrow. judge napolitano will be up with what we can expect and how it relates to the e-mail server,
7:22 pm
what laws she might have broken. and later tonight an nypd officer viciously shot and killed last night. sheriff clark and bo dietl react. hat in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? sflfrmts welcome back to "hannity." hillary clinton is all set to testify in front of the benghazi house select committee. what can we expect to hear? and how will she explain her actions? here with analysis fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. only 27% of americans are satisfied, if you can loo at this poll, embassy news, "wall street journal," with their answers. here are the three issues we've got to maintain which also opened up the e-mail issue. before we know for a fact ambassador stevens requested security because of the deteriorating situation. >> right. >> he was denied. during i've interviewed a number of guys at the annex. they all said the same thing.
7:25 pm
they were told to stand down instead of going to help and save. they defied that order. they saved lives. afterwards we now know they knew within minutes that it was a terror attack. but they went on with this narrative about a youtube video. >> right. >> and this being the spontaneous demonstration. what you are looking for in the hearings? >> i'm looking for mrs. clinton to acknowledge that she has held back information or to protest an ignorance of facts that we know she knows about. i am looking for her to say things which help the fbi put together the puzzle of whether or not she committed espionage by failing to protect and preserve national security secrets, destruction of government property by attempting to destroy e-mails. obstruction of justice by attempting to destroy e-mails and perjury by swearing under oath that she submitted all the e-mails that she had.
7:26 pm
>> work our way up to that point in a second. before security denied, during security withheld, after, a lie told. all right. on all of those issues -- >> right. >> okay. she didn't tell the truth. >> she not only didn't tell the truth, but the areas of the most crucial times with respect to benghazi are where no e-mails were -- >> isn't that amazing? >> isn't that interesting. 2 1/2 months of no e-mails from right after benghazi, which is september 12th, going up nearly to thanksgiving of that year. >> now, this investigation then opened up the fact that they discovered she had a private e-mail which led to the server. >> right. >> which is in a bathroom of a mom and pop shop, that since we now discovered the russians tried to hack in five times, the germans, the chinese, maybe the iranians when all is said and done. the fbi is likely going to get the 33,000 deleted e-mails legally. if it's not about yoga, a wedding, a funeral and coverings with bill who doesn't e-mail,
7:27 pm
this is what she said they were about -- >> right. >> and she went e-mail by e-mail and destroyed them and they're about benghazi or they're about the clinton foundation or they have classified information on them, that means she is in real legal jeopardy and a potential criminal trial. >> absolutely. there is nothing that will frustrate the fbi more than obstruction of justice particularly by a lawyer, particularly by a high ranking lawyer in the government who knows what the law is and who has been briefed on what she can do and what she can't do. i told you they're looking for perjury and they're looking for espionage and destruction of property, but the thing that will goad them the most is obstruction of justice, frustrating their job by attempting to destroy evidence which we now believe her attempts were unsuccessful. >> my sources tell me and every i.t. expert tells me that as she deleted the e-mails, she really believed they were deleted. as she wiped the server clean,
7:28 pm
they never thought computer forensics would allow them to ever find them again. if they find them and we find that, in fact, she did have classified information there, i have a list of 15 statutes -- actually 16 now, that rudy giuliani thinks that ought to be investigated, that's up on the screen as we talk. many of the things we talked about, usc 793, for example, but also obstruction of justice, attempted conspiracy. if they find e-mails that -- what are the odds they're going to find this? >> well, sean i think they've already found e-mails like ambassador stevens' itinerary as he's traveling around libya. how can she say that's not top secret? the name of an cia officer operating under deep cover? satellite photographs of american satellites of military and nuclear sites. correct, correct. intercepts of foreign agents in the middle east. there's no conceivable way she could credibly say i didn't know
7:29 pm
that was classified. >> do you think there's a prima facie case against her now? >> i absolutely do. i've said this before and i'll say it again, her legal situation is somewhere between grave and worse than grave. now we might not learn about that tomorrow because they might not ask the questions as a skilled cross-examiner would ask. they might ask the questions as a politician asks. >> here then is my question. let's say comey is the straight shooter that people say he is. >> i believe he is. you're talking about the director of the fbi. >> director of the fbi. but he did also allow fitzgerald to go after scooter libby. i have real problems when they knew richard armitage was the leaker from the get-go. i share that problem. >> so let's say they find this evidence, let's say that the case is well beyond that which people have gotten prosecuted for in this administration, david petraeus, that we're talking about real felonies here. >> right. >> let's say loretta lynch doesn't want to bring forward a grand jury or indict?
7:30 pm
>> you will see either the threat to resign or real resignation from the most senior members of the fbi. >> you believe that? >> i do. i also believe you'll see this stuff leaked. in other words, the case will be brought to the american public. >> and the american public will know there's a double standard. >> and it will be so damning as if they sought and obtained an indictment. >> wow. powerful indictment by you. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> the fourth new york city police officer murdered in this city in the last 11 months. >> a new york city police officer gunned down in the line of duty. when is this war on cops going to end? david clarke and bo dietl are here tonight. >> do black lives matter or do all lives matter? let's put that question to senator sanders? >> black lives matter. >> so why is the democratic party aligning themselves so much with this radical black lives matter movement?
7:31 pm
juan williams, larry elder are here to respond to the group's latest demands and how the dnc is now giving in. that and much more on this busy news night. ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. new york city police officers every day go ought and carry themselves like superheroes on the street. but the reality is when we're attacked we bleed, when we bleed we die, and when we die, we cry. we need your support. we need your support. these police officers need your support as we bury our professor police officer. >> that was new york city pba president patrick lynch last night during an emotional press conference. the nypd has been rocked yet again as another officer has been gunned down in the line of duty. officer randolph holder, a five-year vet of the force was fatally shot in the head late last night while pursuing an alleged thief. this is the fourth nypd officer
7:37 pm
killed in just the last 11 months. the slain cop's fellow officers could be seen saluting his ambulance as it passed by them outside the hospital. the suspect, tyrone howard, was shot in the leg during the gunfight. he's in police custody. here we reaction, sheriff david clarke, nypd detective bo dietl. you got blue lives matter on your -- you're wearing a thing here. here's my problem in all this. i don't think we'll see people protesting about another cop gunned down. i don't think we're going to have people out on the streets carrying on. i don't think president obama's going to go out and make a big deal about this. why the double standard? >> we had four cops killed in new york city in the last year. i want to give the -- >> less than a year. >> breakdown, one asian, one puerto rican spanish, one black, one white. they're trying to call it's racism, the cops are all racists. first of all, we have one of the most diverse police departments in the country here in new york.
7:38 pm
i just looked outside when i come in, we have four black officers outside standing outside in front of fox today. we have a great police department, a great diversity. it's not cops against the blacks. you know what it's all about? it's cops against the criminals. and a cop is not black, white, asian or spanish, he's a police officer, he's there to uphold -- >> the rhetoric has contributed to an atmosphere where it's not safe to be a cop. >> and when you have cops in new york city that has to fill out a paper and hand it to a guy who you stop and then they can call a number to make a complaint against you, that officer -- first of all, my heart and soul goes out to his family. that officer ran into that action. he knew there was a man with a gun there. there were shots fired. that hero officer didn't think of anybody, didn't think of his family. he ran in there -- >> first of all, democrats are sucking is up to this black lives matter movement. let's play them and play some of the other anti-police rhetoric, for example, in ferguson, just a reminder of the atmosphere that
7:39 pm
has been created by these activists. remember, michael brown robbed a store, fought for a cop's gun, charged at the officer. the witnesses corroborated darren wilson's story, but that didn't stop everybody in ferguson, missouri, for example. here's what we heard recently. >> pigs in a blanket. >> fry them like bacon. >> what do we want? >> dead cops. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> police show not be bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs and report to the american people for what they see on the ground. we all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, particularly those of us in authority. there's no excuse for excessive force by police or any action that denies people the right to protest peacefully. ours is a nation of laws. for the citizens that live under them and for the citizens who
7:40 pm
enforce them. >> we've seen demonstrations and protests that have sought to bring attention to real and significant underlying issues involving police practices. >> there's a history we have to overcome because for so many of our young people there's a fear, and for so many of our families there's a fear. they've said black lives matter. and they said it because it has to be said. >> to those of you who wish to engage in brutality, misconduct, racism and corruption, let me be clear. there is no place in the baltimore city police department for you. >> sheriff clarke, then four of five democratic candidates asked the question, black lives matter, all live matter. black lives matter. i thought all lives matter. in that environment, based on what you just heard here, if i'm a cop, i'm not putting my life at risk. i'm not going out, going above and beyond like i might have in the past. why should you?
7:41 pm
>> sean, that montage makes me sick and those people make me sick. no words can express the grief that i have when a law enforcement officer anywhere in the united states gets killed in the line of duty. once again one of new york's finest. have we heard, by the way, from president obama yet? i know that he's busy tomorrow preparing for his staged backdrop with surrounding himself, cloaking himself with some law enforcement chiefs who are representing cities led by liberal democrat criminal sympathizing mayors in terms of this catch and release, this get out of jail free, releasing literally thousands, thousands of prison inmates back into communities. this guy who is in custody right now for the playing last night, when i looked at his record, it is littered with drug arrests, things like assault, things like criminal trespass. this is what the left likes to call nonviolent although level.
7:42 pm
what they fail to understand about criminal behavior, sean -- yes, i'm indignant right now -- is they failed to understand that these creeps graduate to felonious conduct. they don't start with felonious conduct. they graduate. they want to turn this to a low level offender. how do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? it happens over time. we have got to put our foot down. and we've got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back into our communities of these criminals. >> last word. >> and there are tens of millions of interactions between cops and police men all year long. one incident that occurs, there are tens of millions and they got to highlight this. those cops are out there to protect you. that guy with the gun could have killed somebody. that 12-year-old girl in long island got shot in the head by a gang member dead. the cops are out there to protect your lives and they give
7:43 pm
up their own damn lives. you got to support the cops instead of turning against them. >> well said, both of you. >> thank you, sean. coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> do black lives matter or do all lives matter? let's put that question to senator sanders. >> black lives matter. >> so why are democrats aligning themselves with this radical plaque lives matter movement? now activists are asking the dnc to host a black lives matter debate? a new report reveals the dmc is caving. larry elder and juan williams will weigh in on that ahead. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. (wa♪ r rushing) get the right price, right now on the seasonal items you need with new trophy deals, only at bass pro shops.
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do black lives matter or do all lives matter? let's put that question to senator sanders. >> black lives matter. and the reason, the reason those words matter is the african-american community knows that on any given day some innocent person like sandra bland can get into a car and then thee days later she's going to end up dead in jail. >> the point that the black lives matter movement is making is a very, very legitimate and serious point. and that is that as a nation we have undervalued the lives of
7:49 pm
black lives, people of color. >> we need a new new deal for communities of color. >> democratic candidates pledging their support to the black lives matter movement at the debate, but that doesn't appear to be enough for this radical movement. according to "the washington post," the dnc is reportedly allowing the black lives matter group to host a presidential town hall. really? larry elder and juan williams. let me get this. your democratic party, not all lives matter, black lives matter. it will allow the pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon group to host a democratic forum? what's wrong with your party? why don't you let the klan host a party? talk about killing cops? fry them like bacon. >> i don't think they were serious. you make that into that was the
7:50 pm
anthem of all the -- >> oh no? that was the black lives matter movement. >> you connect it to the death in houston had nothing to do with it. let's get to the politics of it where i'm more comfortable. the politics of it is they're they're saying they want attention for their issue. >> pigs in the blanket, fry them like bacon group. is that fair? they did it. >> the key number here is 95. 95% of black people voted for obama the last time. the same number for john kerry. they're scared to death of donald trump. his allegedw3 racism, 25% of blacks are supporting him. they're scared to death. they cannot win at the president level. >> how can you say black lives matter and all lives matter? hispanic lives don't matter? unborn lives don't matter?
7:51 pm
that to me is racist. >> because asians don't vote 95% for the democratic party. hispanics don't vote 95% for the democratic party. blacks do. they want to make sure they keep that. >> saying things like the republicans want to drug us back to jim crow. charlie rangel saying george w. bush is our burl conner. let's not talk about the economy. you can't talk about that. net worth for blacks are down. so called wealth gap. >> i think it is pandering. but larry is saying they're a large constituency and the democratic party is making sure they're addressing -- >> there is a group of
7:52 pm
republicans that are called white lives matter. >> there is a group called nra, let's have a shooting gallery. >> you can't add nra in this racism. >> excuse me. >> i'm an nra member. >> and -- [ speaking over one another ]. >> you're for big tax cuts to the rich, right? big pandering throughout american policy. here is why it's pandering. if you mean by black lives matter, 6,000 blacks were killed by other blacks let's talk about root causes. it has nothing to do with white cops racially profiling. it's young black people killing other young black people as a result of family breakdown, as a result of bad democratic policy.
7:53 pm
>> larry, you and i have come to a point of agreement. >> oh, my goodness. >> they're not addressing the key issue, family breakdown, education. they're lost on this issue. >> you're not breaking the key issue. the democratic party. . >> i don't know about that. >> up next, our ask sean segment. we need your help with the question of the day, straight ahead. ours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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jeb bush:believes thatnt, wamerica's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this.
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7:59 pm
nomination? why is that? if the g.o.p. cares why don't think unite behind if they care about this country so they can put forth their agenda to make our country a better place? i don't understand it. thanks. >> i hear what you're saying. you look like keith oberman. look. 11th commandment. don't criticize a fellow republican. they can learn from donald trump. he's a fighter. he has his agenda. he says he's going to go out and battle and is not mritly correct. republicans have caved and given in. they've been unwilling to fight. trump will fight. good point. if you have a question go to twitter, snend a video. we might just put it on tv.
8:00 pm
we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance every night and it hurts our feelings when you don't join us. see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> we cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city's policy toward undocumented immigrants in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news. >> city of san francisco insulting the family of kate steinle. it says there will be no change letting criminal aliens out of jail. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this outrageous story. as my family and i have worked through the grieving process is it may be that process closes the window on nominating -- mounting a realistic campaign. i have concluded it has closed. >> vice president biden


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