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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance every night and it hurts our feelings when you don't join us. see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> we cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years of our city's policy toward undocumented immigrants in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news. >> city of san francisco insulting the family of kate steinle. it says there will be no change letting criminal aliens out of jail. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this outrageous story. as my family and i have worked through the grieving process is it may be that process closes the window on nominating -- mounting a realistic campaign. i have concluded it has closed. >> vice president biden giving hillary clinton a
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huge gift. he will not run against her for president. ed henry with the inside story. [chanting] >> black lives matter. also he a head the radical group black lives matter disrupting and shutting down a community meeting. [chanting] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. anarchy in america. that's the subject of tonight's talking points memo. we are a nation of laws no longer. we saw that yesterday in the senate as 44 democrats and one republican kirk of illinois voted against defunding sanctuary cities
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as well as punishing illegal alien felons who defy deportation. 45 senators failed to uphold federal law violating their oath of office. where is the outrage? sad truth. there is very little. in san francisco yesterday the board of supervisors directly insulted the family of kate steinle. the young woman who was murdered by illegal alien felon who was released from a strand jail after federal authorities asked the sheriff to hold him. the supervisors voted to retain their sanctuary city policy and not cooperate with federal authorities when asked to detain criminals. if you think that's outrageous, listen to this sound bite directed at kate steinle's family and supporters. >> we cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years, 25 years of our city's policies towards undocumented immigrants in our city.
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[ applause ] and more importantly, more importantly, we cannot allow hateful conservative news stations to drive how we respond to incidents in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news. and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. [cheers and applause] >> so let me be very clear. that woman is a disgrace. and if i were the attorney general of the united states, i would immediately place her under arrest. i might not win the case, but i would send a message to all subversive office holders in this country that if you do not obey federal law, you yourself will be prosecuted. and where is president obama on upholding the law? what does he have to say about his own party's vote in the senate? the president is silent. now, if congress doesn't believe immigration law is good for america change it, don't defy it because then every single american can
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pick and choose what law to obey under equal justice for all, right? no question that our elected officials in washington and in places like san francisco are active li undermining the rule of law in this country. what kind of message does it send when the senate condones a city like san francisco releasing a seven-time foreign felon who who then kills an innocent woman? as for the city of san francisco, it's hopeless. a free fire zone of antiestablishment behavior. as talking points stated yesterday, there comes a point when the american people have to rise up and elect responsible people to run the country and throw out the irresponsible people. right now you know what? things are officially out of control here. that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from washington senator ted cruz who did vote yesterday to were sanctuary cities and kate's
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law. you voted on legislation kate's law as a stand alone. why did that not happen? >> well, bill, i agree with you and i'm the author of kate's law and the senate introduced it months ago and certainly have been pressing for a vote on it as a stand alone. republican leadership decided to bind them together. i filed it again this time on the senate floor so it's available on the calendar to be pulled up directly kate's law for a vote on it. i hope that leadership does that. i think you are right we ought to have a clear vote. >> when you are talking leadership you are talking mitch mcconnell he is the leader of the senate. >> mitch mcconnell majority leader decides what to allow on the floor of the senate. >> now, i tried to call mitch mcconnell and he would not take my call which i thought was kind of disrespectful because all i wanted was information. i have a very simple question. why did you decide to put sanctuary cities with kate's law when you knew that the democrats would filibuster and no vote would take place? everyone knew that correct,
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senator? everyone knew there wasn't going to be a voted, right? >> i think everyone knew that was the likely outcome and. >> so why would senator mcconnell do that? for what reason? >> well, as i explain yesterday on the senate floor, there was value to having a vote yesterday to get people on record but it was likely just to be a show vote because the democrats would block it. and if we're going to get this passed into law, the only way i believe to do so is to attach it to must-mast legislation. that's what i urged republican leadership to could. >> people don't know what must-pass legislation is. what is that? >> so that means legislation either the continuing resolution or an omnibus appropriations bill or debt ceiling. legislation that has to pass into law. if you want to get an actual change in law. >> why can't you, look, isn't it worth the american people knowing exactly who will not vote for kate's law? just that law? see, sanctuary cities is a bigger deal. and the liberals can hide behind all kinds of theory.
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but kate's law isn't. are you going to protect the american people from aggravated felons who come back after being deported or not? yes or no? and i think it's instructive for the american people to see who says know because then, anyone running against them for the senate can say, look, are you going to vote for somebody who is looking out for the aggravated felons who live in foreign countries? is that how want to serve? that really really puts pressure on the other side, does it not? >> bill, i think you are exactly right. so i had been pressing for months for a stand alone vote on kate's law which is my bill. and, let me say thank you for all of the leadership you have provided. >> that's okay. because i'm not doing it for any other reason but for kate steinle's family. they are coming up right behind you. that's the reason and i'm doing it because it's the right thing but prime merrimanly because i promised them. all right. now,. >> bill, let me say, i have had the opportunity to visit with kate can steinle's family. they came and testified in the senate judiciary
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committee. >> yep. >> what i urged senate democrats to do is look them in the eyes and explain why they are choosing to stand with convicted felons like the murderer of kate steinle rather than with the american people. the people we should be standing and protecting. >> that's what it is all about. i think mitch mcconnell will finally put it up for a stand alone. we encourage all americans to call his office in washington. we have number on bill o' to suggest that he do that. you think it's going to be up for a vote, too. right? >> i certainly hope. so and i think the most effective way to make that happen is for the american people to hold our politicians accountable. >> absolutely. all right. paul ripe, looks like is he going to run for speaker of the house. do you support that? >> you know, i'm staying out of that. >> come on, come on, come on. you are a powerful senator. you are a conservative guy. do you support paul ryan or not? >> it's a question for house republicans to make but i will tell you this. >> i'm going to say no because if you support him i know you would have said look, i think the guy you is
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right for the job so you don't want him there? >> actually, bill, i have consistently stayed out of house leadership elections. let me tell you what i think the next speaker should be. the next speaker should be someone who takes seriously honoring the promises we made to the men and who elected us to office. >> paul ryan is a serious man. he may not be as conservative as you are. that's what i'm trying to get at. come on, senator, do people have to be as conservative as you are in order to serve? >> i amgen winly staying out of it i understand it makes for better tv for me to get in the middle of that i'm going to leave that to house republicans. >> all right. president bush anonymous source, we don't put credibility to anonymous sources, i have to tell the audience. but it was widely reported that he didn't like you or whatever it may be. i don't know if that's true. do you care to comment on that? >> listen, i like and respect president bush. i was honored to work for him for a number of years. i don't think it's surprising that he is supporting his brother's campaign and that he is attacking the candidates who
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they sees a a threat to that campaign. but, you know from, my perspective, i met my wife heidi working for george w. bush and i will always be grateful to him and i have no intention of reciprocating and saying an ill word about him. >> all right. that's good. did i ask you about paul ryan? i forgot. [ laughter ] >> i did. so you are supporting him then. okay. you have a big debate next week. you have got to do well or you are toast. you know. no spin zone. if you don't do well, you are done. you got any plans to break out of that big pack? >> it's interesting. the first two debates, after the first debate we raised a million dollars in just 100 hours. people all over the country going to ted the second debate we raised a million dollars hours people all over the country going to ted so i'm hopeful the third debate we will see continuing building momentum. bill, what i have been most encouraged by is we are seeing more and more conservatives unifying behind our campaign.
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the moderates are fighting like cats and dogs and conservatives are coming together. that's a very encouraging development in the race. >> all right. senator. get kate's law on the floor, please. >> amen. >> thank you. next on the rundown, we will, as mentioned. talk with kate steinle's parents and i feel very bad for them. and later, miller on therapy for rich people and the hottest halloween costumes in the nation upcoming. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? continuing now with lead story the city of san francisco saying it will not change policies that led to a convicted felon seven times being released and killing kate steinle. joining are her parents. your reaction to what's happening in san francisco and washington? >> surprised and disappointed mainly with our
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government. but we was back -- my son and i were back in ohio a couple weeks ago and people would come up and ask us where is kate's law? where is kate's law? and we kind of hem hawed around it and talked about it deep down when we was in washington i didn't get the feeling any warm and fuzzy feeling that kate's law would hit -- would hit the senate or be passed. so, when i heard about it again, kind of -- it's depressing and aggravating and we are a bit angry about it. but that's the government that we have now. >> don't give up. don't give up. most people are with you. and we will hold these politicians accountability. ms. sullivan, what's your reaction? well, it's very frustrating to see how washington works. it's frustrating and aggravating and something
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needs to change. it's just business as usual. nothing. >> in san francisco, they are aggressively proud of their sanctuary city program which just makes me even more furious, but we will continue to stay on it now, mr. steinle, you have -- your family has started the kate's endowment fund. its challenge athletes foundation, challenge what is that and why did you found it in kate's name? >> well, the foundation has been around for 25 years. and kate's best friend, traveling friend nicole's family started that. but it was a passion of kate's and so we did the endowment with funds sent to us throughout the united states of people didn't know us from a load of coal, but empathized with us and sent money in to go fund me and why closed that and if you have any funds to send to
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challenge athletes. but it's a foundation that supplies prosthesis, medical help and care to people that's lost arms and legs and so forth. and the first endowment fund went to a pair of 6-year-old girls with spina bifida and her endowment pays for wheelchair and medical care for those two. so, that's part of kate's legacy. >> that's excellent. >> we're just sad. >> right. and you guys have been magnificent. >> it's for special wheelchairs for them to participate in sports. >> right. right. well, we are glad we can get the word out. you guys is have been magnificent as i said. you are using the power that you have and the recognition you have to help other people as your daughter would want. and we won't give up this fight. and we will check back in with you and we are all praying that kate's law gets passed. thank you. directly ahead. vice president biden says no to a presidential run.
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we will have the inside story. then a big brawl in los angeles as black lives matter disrupts a mayor's town hall meeting. [shouting] the factor is coming right back. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
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internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. factor follow up segment tonight, former secretary of state hillary clinton will testify tomorrow in front of a house committee about benghazi and mrs. clinton got a big gift today. vice president biden says he will not run against her. unfortunately i believe we are out of time. the time necessary to mount
8:22 pm
a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> joining us now from washington ed henry covering the clinton campaign. big day for hillary clinton, right? give me some inside stuff. >> it is a big day because she is all but clearing the field. 24 hours ago jim webb who was going nowhere but was a moderate democratic alternative he got out. now joe biden is not getting. in the field is basically cleared for her. she has got to take care of bernie sanders. in terms of inside stuff, in one of the phone calls that joe biden made to a prominent democrat a few days ago he told this top democrat that he had no plans to endorse hillary clinton any time soon. of course he wasn't going to do it today in the rose garden with the president there. no one would expect that. he is planning to get behind her. the fact that he fired another shot at her in the rose garden and made a comment referencing back to what she said in the debate that republicans are one of her enemies. that has back fired on her and the fact that joe biden
8:23 pm
brought this up on a day it was supposed to been him had and his family took a little shot at hillary clinton suggests they are not going to patch things up quickly. >> i have got to say by den is going to support hillary clinton. he will even campaign for her. because he is a party guy. and. >> he is a loyal. >> i don't think obama is going to do much for her but biden i suspect will. where is hillary clinton today? is she like studying up on the benghazi thing? >> what's very interesting is that she has taken several days off the campaign trail. it's been almost a week since she has been out there. because she has been huddled behind closed doors with aids. they say for a big day like this what she likes to do is go through sessions, practice sessions of republicans asking her questions. she goal over her notes. she will redo it again and again she is somebody who is very good with preparation she is not always so good with getting the sound bites out. if you remember the last time she went through this, she sort of snapped and at
8:24 pm
one pointed that i that comment. >> she will not make that mistake again. >> what difference does this make republicans fouled it up on the way in and that helped her with kevin mccarthy and others saying it's about politics. >> how she performs under the questioning. the questioning has to be simple and direct. you remember robert gates, the defense secretary under both president bush and president obama. that's how good this guy must be to work in those -- both of those administrations as secretary of defense. well, today, he was testifying on a matter of military importance in front of a senate committee and he said this: go. >> the national security council and its staff were created to provide the president with organizational mechanism to coordinate and integrate their efforts. how well that works depends entirely on the personal relationships among the principles and talents and skills of the national security advisor. even this structure
8:25 pm
headquartered just down the hall from the oval office works poorly as the secretary of state and secretary of defense can't stand one another as was the case for a good part of my time in government. >> oh. that's hillary clinton. the other alternative is condoleezza rice. and everybody loves condoleezza rice. it has to be hillary clinton, rights? >> well, look. he also served in government for decades. >> not as secretary of defense, henry. >> he is referring broadly to rumsfeld and powell, remember that as well they were feuding. but, yes, here is where i think it's relevant in his book robert gates pointed out he overheard a conversation at one point between president obama and then secretary of state clinton where they were openly saying that they opposed the surge in iraq back in 2006-2007 because of politics leading into 2008. he said he was disgusted by that. >> no doubt he means hillary clinton. >> that's the kind of thick. she is in a very commanding position right now.
8:26 pm
the whole idea she is craven and all about politics this kind of antidote. >> craven record of the day. one more question, henry, is that a pink tie pocket hankie combo you have on? >> i wore this just for you and the pocket square has some polka dots, too. >> it does, okay. and where are you going for dinner tonight because i want to make sure you are safe. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what you mean by that. >> good, i'm glad you don't. ed henry, everyone. plenty more ahead had as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller on very wealthy people in therapy and the nation's hottest halloween costumes this year. mac that maccallum on black lives matter intruding on town hall meeting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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personal story segment tonight, about two weeks ago i said this in a debate with sir continue powers. >> this myth that there are kids that don't have anything to eat is a total lie. you're telling me that you believe in the united states of america, with all the entitlement programs and food stamps and everything else, there are urchins running around that don't have any food because of the system? >> there are children. >> no, it's their parents who are abusing them. >> well, after that segment i received a letter from an attorney in philadelphia who says i am wrong. with us now nikki johnson houston who is also an advocate for the poor. all right. so you heard what i said. >> yes. >> where am i going wrong?
8:31 pm
>> where i think you are going wrong is two fold. i think that you overestimate the availability of those services and poor people's ability to access them. >> that's -- >> -- first off. and secondly i. >> go ahead. >> the second point was that you were making the point that because children might be hungry it's totally the parent's fault and that it was a form of child abuse. and i thought that your characterization of the poor was unfair and not nuanced enough. >> let's take your situation, all right? from what i understand our research of you, in san diego, when you were growing up, there was a six month period in 1983-84 where you were hungry; is that correct? as a child. >> i was homeless. >> you were homeless and hungry. >> that is because your mother, no father, right? >> father wasn't around. >> okay. your mother was an alcoholic; is that true? >> she had alcohol and drug issues, yeah. >> and drug issues. my point is, i feel terrible for you that you had to go through that, i really do. and i give literally
8:32 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities to help kids who are in your circumstance. so should know that. >> thank you and i appreciate it. that's not society's fault that your mother was a drug addict and alcoholic and you didn't have a father. it's not my fault. that was my point and it was clearly made. i didn't say that's the point you were making and i didn't say that it was society's fault. but we as a society have said that we are not going to let children go hungry and we have put an apparatus into place with our tax dollars and i'm saying it's not working the way that you think it is. >> let me challenge that. okay? society is responsible for providing safety nets, all right? >> absolutely. >> here in philadelphia where you live. >> yeah. >> if you are a poor person making $19,000 or less in philadelphia, here is what you are entitled to right at this moment. more than $6,000 in food stamps. more than $7,000 in housing. that's rent. all right. about $15,000 in day care
8:33 pm
subsidies, which means that your kids will be minded by somebody else and fed while you work. all right? about $7,500 per child and 10,000 per child for head start and early start educational programs. the package adds up to more than $40,000. >> but a lot of the programs that you cited are not money that comes directly to the parent and, again. >> that's because many of these parents are drug addicts and alcoholics as your mother was. what i'm trying to say. >> that's not the reason that we ended up on the streets. someone took our money and, look, i'm not saying that my mother was perfect. she made mistakes but we said in the united states that people have second chances at life. and you know what? >> look at you. look how successful you have been. >> i am. i'm not blaming the system. i'm saying in this sense the system worked for me. >> that's what i want you to understand and everybody else hear me. it is not the system or the country's fault that irresponsible people have
8:34 pm
children and then cannot feed or raise the children. >> everyone who is poor is not irresponsible. >> that's not what i said, counselor and you know that. >> you are confusing economic status of someone with their character. and people make mistakes in life but you know what? my mother loved me and what you put forth was that people who are in these situations, that they are abusing their children? i know people who have been abused. i was not abused and my mother did the right thing by me which was to put me in a more stable -- >> -- your grandmother took you. >> yes. >> i contend and i am glad you love your mother. i contend it's not america's fault. >> no one said it was america's fault. >> that's what i i was telling kirsten powers who was saying that there are droves of hungry children. >> she wasn't saying that it was america's fault. >> she said it was the system's fault. the system is america. >> no, she was saying that it doesn't always work the way it's supposed to. she was saying that she volunteers her time and she sees it on the ground and so do i. >> we applaud that but there
8:35 pm
is nothing on earth that america can do. >> absolutely can. you know what the social system was put into place to allow people like me to have a shot at the american dream. >> and you succeeded. >> and it worked. i'm saying what worked in my situation and how we duplicate that for other people but by calling parents names does not move the conversation forward. >> in my opinion, and you should respect it. >> i do respect it. >> mother or father. >> i respect that you are wrong i respect it. >> who is addicted to a substance and allows their children go hungry because of said addiction is abusing the child. my opinion. i have got to go. >> okay. >> okay? and one footnote. kirsten powers still working on bringing a family in that has hungry children. and we're looking forward to talking with them. when we come right back, it will be miller time, therapy for the very wealthy and hot, halloween costumes. miller is next. why do so many people choose aleve?
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly.
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♪ the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, let's get right to the sage of southern california who joins us from santa barbara. miller, you are a 1%er.
8:40 pm
did you know there is a new type of therapy called wealth therapy that treats people who feel guilty about being prosperous. so, it's not all that easy if you have got stuff in america because you just -- you feel guilty about it. did you know that? >> it's pretty easy. you have got to buck up and soldier on. you have got to put one salvador skid loafer in front of the other one just keep moving forward. i have been broke and had some money. i was in therapy once because i was so broke and now i have a few bucks, i hire a kid to go to therapy for me. i got him from a company called rent akavitch. he meets with me each week and i meet with him to wipe about. if you are wealthy in america you hit the mother load. i busted my --
8:41 pm
>> situation as you, miller. i have no money at all and now i have some cash. i don't even think about the money. i don't think about it and i submit to you. >> well give it to me. >> you don't deserve it i give it to deserving people. >> write a book called killing my bank account and give it to me. >> look, if you obsess about money then you should be in therapy. but you have got to admit that a lot of these wealthy people, all right, they should feel guilty. i mean 18 cars and 95 homes. and, i mean, come on. i you mean, just a little moderation, you know. set up a foundation. >> you know, billy, i don't pay attention to other people's business. i just don't. i'm saying maybe that's your take on it. i honest to god don't care about that. people's money it's their business. >> i home see the extremes. park avenue people and go up to harlem and see those people. look, it's in the bible, it says it's harder for a rich
8:42 pm
man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through a needle's eye. i think there is a lot of wisdom to that. let's get to my favorite. one of my favorite holiday's that's halloween. there is a survey taken about favorite costumes in each individual state. now, miller has chosen four states. beginning with vermont go, miller. >> if i lived in vermont i would go out as bernie sanders and i would say here is what you should do in vermont. send one kid out, call him the one percenter, have 99 kids not trick or treat and then have the one percent kid split up all his money to the other 99. that's keeping with vermont. the second state would be new york. i was looking at your list. and i think i saw that the number one costume in new york is snow white. right? >> correct. >> you know what sharpton said, racist, racist. that's. >> that's an interesting new
8:43 pm
york state selection snow white. >> yeah. >> snow white hasn't really been in the news lately. i don't think she is part of the kardashian crew yet. and. >> that snow white you just showed? >> yeah, that was snow white. >> let's add an 8th dwarf horny if that's snow white nowadays that's snow white in her teen years. >> is she working over at duffy square? >> that's times square. posing for picture with tourists. >> times squares are achanging, billy. >> new jersey, also. >> flapper girl is the number one costume in new jersey. this is the welcome back the new depression. we're going to go back to a lot of things. bred lines but it will have to be gluten free bread. there is a new depression coming the flapper girl. the joan crawford dancer is the new symbol of that depression. >> it came out of nowhere why the flapper girl in new jersey. what dogs that have to do with new jersey? >> because it's 1929 plus 86
8:44 pm
years. >> okay. california where you live, alice in wonderland. that's appropriate. >> well, billy, i'm out on the ground here doing some on-the-field reporting. i have tell you have got that wrong. i was going to go out first off i should tell you first off as boehner. there is a drought. i couldn't get the local water authorities to hook up a sand pipe to tear ducts. i had to change my approach. i want to show you the number one costume this right here, this is called the jerry brown costume. you don't even have to wear it it it's an empty suit. you know jerry brown makes dennis kucinich look like sharla main war time -- win stan churchill. ward, sorry. >> you want to go over that one again? sharlamane? >> i said jerry brown makes
8:45 pm
dennis kucinich look like a tri headed hydra of churchill, humrabi and sharlamay. that's what i said and i'm sticking to it. >> okay. >> how are you doing? hi, everybody. i'm jerry brown. i went off the public nickel on to my father's dime when i was 18. bi, everybody. governor brown. >> you know what, miller, i have to be with you friday and saturday. starting to get worried put on extra security. there he is. dennis miller. >> bye-bye. >> we got it. see you on friday. >> bye-bye. >> miller and i looking forward to seeing everybody in st. louis and chicago this weekend for don't be a pinhead show for don't be be a pinhead. martha maccallum on deck, another intrusion by black lives matter.
8:46 pm
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and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco. back of the book segment tonight, did you see that on monday in los angeles a mayor held a meeting with folks to address their problems. all of a sudden, this: >> a town hall meeting with eric in south l.a. taken over by angry activists including those who identify as part of the black lives matter movement. >> we this meeting usurp and invite everybody but us. >> black lives matter in a unique way. you and i you see eye to eye i hope on this. >> not everyone was pleased with the outcome. moyer of unarmed teenager
8:50 pm
was disappointed. >> i'm shocked. i didn't realize it was going to get out of hand like this. i want us to get answers and i want the community to get -- want things to be solved but i don't think it can happen like this. >> with us now to explain further martha maccallum. anyone anyone arrested for disrupting the meeting? >> no. >> and then the mayor could bt continue, right? >> they stood up, everyone turned their backs to the mayor. the real tragedy is there's someone who wanted to talk about the community, they wanted to talk about jobs. the woman on the left lost her son in a police shooting. these people are genuinely upset. they feel that it's not taken seriously enough by the mayor. they swarmed the car, banged on the hood of his car. he got out of there safely, but it was a totally day yachtic situation and nobody accomplished a single thing. >> and this is anarchy.
8:51 pm
i've said that from the very beginning. the black lives matter crew has alienated clear-thinking americans because they are encouraging police violence. but, you know, their actions, if you're a mayor and then you come to a meeting to talk to your constituents and you can't hold the meeting, that's an article kiln. and i don't know why the l.a.p.d. didn't put an end to this and escort them out and arrest them. that's what you do. there's a new poll out. tell me about this poll and why i should care about it. >> this is an abc poll that came out for donald trump. it's pretty significant. it says 42% of registered republicans believe that donald trump will win the nomination and will go onto win the general election. 43% believe that. and one of the things that's really significant here, you'll see jeb bush at 12 pnt and 13 pnt. when we went back to july and looked at these same numbers, what the majority used to feel in these polls was that they liked don trump a whole lot.
8:52 pm
they were attracted to his message, but they believed in tend that these numbers would prevail. >> i talked to trump on the phone today. and i promised him that i would tell everybody that yesterday, there's a sound byte where a hispanic activist doesn't want him to host "saturday night live" said he was fired from "the apprentice." trump didn't like that. there were a lot of tweeting ant it. i'm now relaying the message that donald trump was not fired from "the apprentice." he resigned. he can't do both. so we want to correct the record. i didn't even hear that sound byte, by the way. it was a set up to a piece and i was probably getting made up or something like that. but we do want to keep this an honest program. but trump continues to do well in just about every single poll on every single subject. >> and he's the first one to tell you that. >> but that's okay. i mean, it's working for him. >> absolutely. he has the right to say it everywhere he goes. he also scored well on strongest
8:53 pm
leader. those are the attributes. the things that he grew weaker on, honesty, trustworthy and it doesn't care that people care all about those things. >> it's an anti-politician vote. people are now angry. donald trump reflects that 5:00er and that's what you're seeing. that's got to change. i have to tell everybody, that's going to change. >> giuliani was at 31%. he was at 31% leading in all the same polls back then. >> that was eight years ago? >> yeah, but, in many ways, it was a more similar envoirnt. romney was ahead four years ago. >> tack xx tip of the day, shopping update part two. a lot of you woet in about my tip on internet shopping moments away. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?!
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8:57 pm
i feel you. it's hard to believe that they put it over the american people. but that's exactly what's happening in the senate. jams, greenville, kentucky. why was it so foolish to put it with case law? it gave the left cover. they'll never vote to defund sanctuary cities. but protecting people like kate steinle? come on, it's a much more vivid example of i recall responsenty when you vote against something like that. >> i am getting seriously angry with some politicians who are actuallily hurting the folks. doesn't senator mitch mcconnell have the power to put up state law? he certainly does. and we hope he does it soon.
8:58 pm
richard branson is nuts. how much benefit is there to society to allow hard drugs to be consumed and sold legally. drug users, and there will be a lot more of them if the continuing legalization madness gets into law. kenny young, i was never a big fan of ronald reagan. but after reading "killing reagan," i am now. and that is the consensus of the thousands of letters i received on the book, candy. as well as reader reviews on amazon and barns& that's the point of "killing reagan." know the man as a person and understand what he overcame. and finally tonight, shopping, part two. after i told you guys i had a bad experience, scores of viewers wrote in saying they like cyber shopping. patricia anne harris wrote bill, i am a personal, online shopper. i'd be honored to handle your
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purchases free of charge. i ordered a toilet and got it delivered in two days from amazon. well, they might have received an emergency in your case. i don't buy very many things because i'm essentially a boring guy. i don't want to denigrate them, but, for me, i like to see this stuff in person. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor web site. if you wish to opine the word of the day from billagele, do not be didactic. on the hill talking about benghazi, you know we'll have the best coverage, you know we will. >> a special waters on the ben ghazi hearing. hope you're with us tomorrow. big day tomorrow.
9:00 pm
again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, a general election match-up between businessman don trump and former secretary of state. it was a big day for political news, starting with a new abc news poll showing donald trump dominating the gop field. he sits ten points ahead of his nearest competitor, dr. ben carson. but the really big news is that trump is now number one among republicans in two important categories. first, they think he is the candidate with the best chance to win the nomination. and, second, the


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