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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 22, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the benghazi select committee. >> she will try to avoid an outburst like this one from 20 13. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> clinton will be questioned about her actions during the 2012 attack in libya, which left four americans dead. testimony expected to last all day. the focal point is going to be what did she know? what were the facts on the ground? what was going on as the deteriorating situation was apparent on the ground in libya. why wasn't it apparent at the state department? why didn't it break through to those officials responsible to their safety? these are questions that i think the american people have a right to know and particularly moving forward. how do we make sure this never happens again? because this was a disaster and four people were murdered.
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>> the hearing gets under way at 10:00. and the clinton campaign is using today's testimony about the death of four americans to raise money for hillary's presidential run. an e-mail sent to her supporters says we don't know exactly what will happen when hillary goes before the politically motivated run committee, but i can tell you one thing, it will be an important day to be in hillary clinton's corner. then that message links them to donation forms. we're going to have much more on today's testimony, coming up live from capitol hill at 5:30. well, it is a no-go for joe. vice president biden announces he will not run for president in 2016. so how does this change the democratic race? garrett is live for us in d.c. with hov more on what is next. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, heather. joe biden's announcement that he will not be entering the race gives hillary clinton much more of a clear shot to the nomination. now, only bernie sanders stands in the way, but with her strong
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lead in the poll since the debate, it's now more than ever clinton's race to lose. in his announcement, joe biden said the window for mount ago winning campaign has closed, but the vice president vowed to be an influential voice going forward on where the country is headed. he appeared to take a shot at hillary clinton, though, suggesting republicans were the enemy during last week's debate, a point bernie sanders jumped on, as well. >> i don't believe, like some do, that it's naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are our opposition. they're not our enemies. >> i obviously have strong disagreements with the republicans on every issue. but i would not use the word, quote, unquote, enemies that describe a fellow american. strong differences of opinion, opponent, i wouldn't use the word enemies. >> for her part, the former
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secretary of state praised biden following his announcement tweeting, vp is a good friend and great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. >> up next for hillary clinton and her campaign is her appearance for the benghazi committee later this morning. some are still wondering if biden is out for good. charles said his speech seemed more like an announcement speech. sheer why. >> if lightning strikes hillary, meaning if the department of justice indicts her or somehow she disappears, i just bought myself a stand by ticket on air force one. so he's first in line. there's nothing he could have done as a candidate to depose her, particularly after the debate. it was a 13-point swing in her standing against sanders. but right now, he's waiting in line. if something happens, he's just announced that he's ready and i think he would be the logical
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candidate. so he's got the best of both worlds. now to s a man has been charged with murder in that road rage killing of an innocent 4-year-old little girl. police say tony torres confessed, telling police he was driving in a car, there was a heated exchange and torres pulled out a gun and fired. a bullet hit little lily in the head. also in albuquerque, a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times at a traffic stop. the eight-year veteran is in critical condition after two surgeries. the accused gunman was arrested with one hand cuff on his wrist after a massive manhunt. police believe that he might have shot the officer while being arrested. lyman has a long history of violent crimes, including a murder charge back in 2001. a gunman accused of
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murdering a new york city police officer behind bars this morning and now police are trying to figure out why the suspect with a long criminal wrap sheet was out on the streets to begin with. arthur cheean has the latest. >> randolph, the fourth police officer killed in 11 months represents more than a heartbreaking statistic, shot once in the head as he pursued a suspect along the ifdr drive in harlem, he died at the hospital. tyron howard is in police custody, slowed but a gunshot wound to his scene. police sources say howard has been arrested 28 times. assault, robbery, narcotics, in 2009, it was for a shoot-out that struck an 11-year-old girl and 78-year-old man. yet howard was released after being arrested in a big gang crackdown last year. a program run by the manhattan district attorney's office called a divergent program. the police commissioner flat-out lamenting the d.a.'s decision to release howard. >> i'll speak for myself.
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my understanding of this individual's track record. he would have been the last person in new york city i would have -- i wanted to see in the divergent program. he has shown no propensity with the number of arrests over many a period of time for changing his ways. >> even as howard allegedly killed a police officer, he was being sought for another shooting on september 1st. a gang turf war. skipping court appearances he was on the run. community and religious leaders today tore into those in their own community who knew howard, yet did nothing to report him to police. >> the ridiculousness of anybody allowing or knowing this individual to have been a shooter and not saying anything to turn him in, it actually jeopardizes the relationships that we see to build to make our communities better. overnight, two arabs armed with knives shot by israeli police in jerusalem. that hamgs r happening 25i789 as secretary of state john kerry was meeting with ben ya men
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netanyahu. this comes one day after the controversial comments being spurred on by al husseini. a teen hacker allegedly stole documents from john brennen's personal aol account. some of them include a national security clearance form, a document on how a future president should deal with iran and exchange of concerns with the intelligent community post 9/11. the cia maintains none of the documents contain classified information. heavy rain and flooding possible for some of you over the weekend. >> good morning, heather and ainsliey. we have this big storm system out west that's going to be moving eastward and it's bringing in a risk for flash flooding early this morning across western texas and the
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possibility for severe storms. we have a tornado watch in effect right now across western texas that's in effect through this morning because of the possibility of rotating storms. damaging winds and large hail possible with this line of storms that is continue to go move eastward. there's a lot of heavy rain associated with it, as well. that we have a number of watches in effect not only across parts of texas, but also across oklahoma, eastern new mexico and in dallas you're under that watch, as well, because a lot of that rain is moving eastward and impacting you across places like the city of dallas and across parts of texas by the time we head into this weekend. it's going to be very significant rain. we're talking about a potentially a foot or more of rainfall. this could potentially be a dangerous situation here across portions of texas over the next few days into the weekend. otherwise, temperaturewise across the eastern u.s., not bat bad at all in places across new york city, but in raleigh, still chilly out there. 43 degrees for your current temperature. as we head farther west across
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the rockies, chilly this morning. temperatures in the 40s in denver. cooler as you head farther north. 34 in missoula. >> thank you, maria. all around the country, dancing, waking up very happy. >> and strike three called. they haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> the mets sweep the chicago cubs in the nlcs with an 8-3 win. >> and daniel murphy setting a playoff record by homering in his sixth straight game. he was named the series mvp. >> and the mets wait for the winner of the alcs. toronto staying alive in game five. game six is tomorrow. it is now nine minutes after the top of the hour. well, their daughter was killed by an illegal who was deported
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five times and democrats just blocked this bill which might have prevented that from ever happening again. >> deep down, when we was in washington, i didn't get the feeling any warm and fuzzy feeling that kate's law would hit the -- would hit the senate or be pass. >> it's very frustrating to see how washington doesn't work. it's pretty consistent. and it's sdmrsh kate's parents are sounding off. we'll hear more from that this morning. and he raised his finger to praise god after this touchdown. then he was penalized. did that ref make the right call? and some good changes coming to mcdonald's. if you thought the dollar menu was the deal, stick around for this.
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welcome back to "fox & friends" first. a fight for faith under the friday night lights. a high school quarterback gives glory to god, right there, after scoring a touchdown. and then he gets hit with a penalty. will cart is live for us in los angeles with the controversial call. good morning, will. >> hey there, heather. a big controversy this morning. 17-year-old daunte torro had a touchdown run teenagers dream about. 73 yards all the way down the field only to have his celebration shut down. why? because he pointed a single finger to the sky thanking god for the game. the ref called the motion unsportsmanlike conduct slapping the team with a 15-yard penalty and telling him, quote, don't do it again. a call that potentially cost the team the win. the school's rule book defines unsporesman like conduct as -- the team says after the call he
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calmly explained to the ref he wasn't trying to put down the team at all. instead, he was praising god for his power play, but the ref still insisting the play was taunting. the ref's association not budging issstatement. the covering officials interpreted this action as signaling that he was number one drawing attention to himself at the expense of the opponents. the rule is clear that the auction was taunting and the penalty was appropriately assessed. the penalty had nothing to do with penalizing a religious expression and the coach, parents and players have led the media to begin. if he's lucky enough to score another touchdown when he takes the field tomorrow night, he says he'll do the same thing, taeg a moment to honor god despite the recent controversy. >> will karr live for us, thank you. that brings us to our view on this, was the penalty fair or foul? send us your comments. don't miss that football player
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and his father coming up in the 7:00 hour of fox and friends. ainsliey. well, the group believed to have organized the july prison escape of mexican drug loss el chappa guzman, is now behind bars. no flights from new jersey to cuba until a cop killer is back on american soil. new jersey governor, chris christie urging the port authority to reject any flight routes from newark airport to havana. she was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper, escaped from prison and granted asylum down in cuba. right now, newark is not on the list of the 19 airports allowing flights to and from cuba, but united airlines is now pushing that. well, a recall to tell you about this morning over a major
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defect. cheryl from our sister network fox business is here with what we need to know. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, ladies. toyota recalling 6.1 million vehicles to fix power window switches. this covers the corolla and the cam ray models, years ranging from 2007 to 2011. if you love youtube, get out your wallet. youtube red launched on wednesday. it's a subscription service that will allow users to enjoy videos without ads. it costs $9.99 a month and includes music options. mcdonald's is introducing a new value idea to its franchisees. the two for $2 menu. they have to approve the measure, but if they do, a small fry and a mcdouble could be sold for as little as two bucks possibly by tend of october. and remember those sneakers from the movie back to the future? well, nike has officially launched self-lacing shoes. the mikey mag sneakers are real
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a morning day bonnie and
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clyde wanted for bank heights all along the east coast. the crimes began in lud low, massachusetts, nearly three weeks ago. since then, they have hit a wells fargo in florida and a bank of america in aberdeen, maryland. each time, joseph passes the teller a note that he is armed. the hub and wife are traveling in a stolen buick with at least seven dogs. police say they're using that stolen money to buy dog food and heroine. the search is on for a woman who attacked a elder will i vietnam veteran in a parking lot. he says that she wanted his wallet, but he refused to hand it over. so he tries to escape and run into the store and she follows him. no one steps in to help, but someone does eventually call police. the woman takes office. the veteran said if she had just asked nicely, he would have given her some money. heather.
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davinci's demons on stars is back for a third sdpienl season. >> they have my weapon. they have -- >> how can i find them? >> and what can we expect? let's step into the fox light. good morning. >> good morning. well, inventor, painter, mathematician, he was the original renaissance man, l leonardo davinci. it's about to kick off its third and final season. check it out. >> davinci. >> joining us right now is leonardo davinci himself, tom
2:24 am
riley. i can't believe season three. >> i know. >> you were just here for season one. it's great and it's been a wild ride, as well. this year, it's getting a bit more concentrated on the relationships of the characters. >> how are you going to continue to push the boundaries? >> we're not skimping on the explosions and the action and the sword fights. that's all going to be there. but we upped the ante emotionally this year. we're going to investigate quite how everything that has gone before has impacted our characters. >> i will double whatever lorenzo the magnificent pays his brother. >> in preparing for this role, is there one aspect of davinci that you learned that you didn't know? >> yeah. i didn't know that he dug up dead bodies or they dug up bodies for him where he literally cut people out of the ground, cut them in half, filled them with candle wax so he could see exactly how people worked. i had no idea about that. apparently if that had been
2:25 am
known, he would have been the most important -- to ever live, but we don't know. >> everybody knows davinci is this great artist and drawer. do you draw well? >> not well. should i draw you, my friend? >> oh, boy. here we go. >> i don't know, really. i've got the jacket and the different tickets temperatures of gray, which is just lovely. >> look at that. >> better than i could do. >> thank you so much for joining us. season three, catch it on stars, coming to a tv near you. >> i don't know. >> that looked good. >> he's got the hair down pat. >> looking pretty good. season three kicks off this saturday on stars. for all my celebrity interviews, check out in the there's that cheesy picture. follow me on twitter and instagram. easy to replace that with the picture that he drew of you. >> that's a good idea. >> let's do it. the time now is about 25 afterthe top of the hour.
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their daughter was killed by an illegally deported five times. and democrats just blocked a bill that may have stopped it from happening again. >> it's very frustrating to see how washington doesn't work. >> kate's parents up next. and a car left dangling after an accident with a 2-year-old stuck inside. how officers' quick actions saved the day. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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it is thursday, october 22nd, 2015 and this is a fox news alert. this may be one of the most important days of hillary clinton's political life. she's headed to the hill to answer some questions on benghazi. could she have done more to help those four americans killed? we're live in washington. the line up to the next gop debate, it's already out. who will take center stage next week as the candidates face off
2:30 am
again? and a day care center closes for the night and leaves a baby locked inside. >> oh, baby. >> the dramatic moment that that little girl was finally found. "fox & friends" first continues right now. good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" first. >> it is 5:30. we begin with a fox news alert for you. time to testify after months of anticipation, hillary clinton will appear before the house select committee on benghazi, just hours from now. >> will it be a repeat performance? the last time she was questioned by congress about the deadly attack. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night or decided they will go kill some xhernamerican?
2:31 am
what difference at this point does it make? >> live on capitol hill, doug, what can we expect today. >> it looks like this hearing is going to go on for the better part of the day. republicans are promising some tough questions for clinton. >> what was going on all during that time as the deteriorating security situation was apparent to americans on the ground in libya? why wasn't it apparent at the state department? why didn't it break through to those officials who are responsible for their safety? and there's a lot of e-mails, obviously, to discuss. >> now, the clinton theme meantime has questioned the political motivations of this committee and whether it's been really set up to simply derail clinton's political ambitions. republicans, though, say they have important questions to ask about what happened before, during and after those benghazi attacks. it's been a good day for hillary clinton. of course, yesterday vice president joe biden announced that he is not going to seek the
2:32 am
democratic nomination, which kind of clears the decks for clinton. heather. >> doug live for us, thank you, doug. it's going to be a long day. now to another fox news alert. a man charged with murder in the road rage killing of an innocent 4-year-old girl. police say tony toress confessed. he tells police that he was driving on i-40 in albuquerque when he cut off a care carrying lily garcia, her father and brother. there was a heated exchange and that is when toress admits that he pulled out a gun and opened fire. a bullet hit little lily in the head. toress is now being held on $650,000 bail. also in albuquerque, a police officer is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. the unnamed officer, an eight-year veteran now in critical condition following two surgeries. the accused gunman, devon lieman was arrested with one hand cuff on his wrist after a massive manhunt. police believe he may have shot the officer while being
2:33 am
arrested. lymon has a long history of violent crime, including a murder charge back in 2001. the man accused of shooting a new york city police officers in the head has been charged with murder. 30-year-old tyron howard has been arraigned in a courtroom that was packed with his brother in blue. police say howard has been arrested 28 times. and was wanted for a shooting i. last year, he was arrested for selling drugs, but a judge sent him to rehab instead of jail. >> if ever there's a candidate not to have been averted, it would be this guy. he's a poster boy for not being diverted. so the district attorney's office will look into the circumstances of that diversion. >> the judge who placed howard in rehab issing his decision. he claims that he was unaware of the suspect's violent past. it is time now for looking and talking this morning, former
2:34 am
nypd commissioner kelly is talking about the terrifying new trend facing our cops. >> the rhetoric has gotten very strong, certainly after ferguson. it's one of those aftermaths of ferguson, within the ferguson effect, if you will, where people feel free to threaten police officers. different movements are out there. putting them more at risk than normal. the media, i think, bears some responsibility in that they'll give a form to the people who want to actually incite violence against the police. that's probably, you know, good media. we've got good television, to a certain extent. and i think that compounds the problem. >> a day after senate democrats blocked consideration for kate's law against sanctuary cities in america, her frustrated parents speak out on the fox news channel. >> deep down, when we was in wag, i didn't get the feeling --
2:35 am
any warm and fuzzy feeling that kate's law would hit the -- would hit the senate or be passed. so -- >> it's very frustrating to see how washington doesn't work. it's pretty consistent and it's frustrating and it's aggravating. and something needs to change. >> a 32-year-old kate steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant, a felon on a san francisco pier. he has been deported five times. this week's san francisco unanimously denied a proposal to change its sanctuary city status. republicans will nominate a new speaker of the house on october 28th. the current speaker, john boehner, just picked a date to pick his successor. ryan just got the support of the house freedom caucus. s says they're backing towards the positive step of unifying the republican party. line up for the republican
2:36 am
debate next wednesday. ten candidates will be on the stage in boulder, colorado. donald trump, ted cruz, mike huckabee, john kasich, chris christie and ron paul, jeb bush and ben carson. four didn't make the cut. they are bobby jindal, rick santorum, george pataki and lindsey graham. it is 99% sure los angeles will be hit with a 5.0 magnitude earthquake within the next five years according to nasa. scientists are basing the findings on last year's kwieks. but the u.s. geological survey says nasa is wrong and there's only an 85% chance of that earthquake happening soon. maria is tracking the
2:37 am
weather for us. >> good morning. we have some extreme weather early this morning. we have ongoing flash flooding across western texas and the possibility of severe weather with a tornado watch in effect out here. that's in effect until 9:00 a.m. central time. the concern here is as these storms continue to move eastward, some of them could rotate and produce brief tornados or damaging winds. it's a big concern. and the threat for flash flooding is going to be continuing over the next couple of days, so into the weekend, as well. because of that, we have a number of flash flood watches into parts of texas, oklahoma and eastern parts of the state of new mexico. you can see the city of dallas included, as well, san angelo. we're talking about some pretty big cities here. in the city of dallas, we have significant rainfall forecasts here over the next few days. some areas could potentially be looking at anywhere between 8 to 12 inches. some amounts higher than a foot are possible here in terms of rainfall over the next few days. so a big concern. the one woman news is that we
2:38 am
have drought conditions in place across texas. we just hope we don't get too much rain in a short amount of time because, of course, it's going to be bringing in that dangerous flash flooding. severe storms will be possible later on today, as well. across western texas and through oklahoma, large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados will be possible, heather and ainsliey. >> thank you, maria. and a 2-year-old little girl after a terrifying car crash near a north carolina high school. police in winston salem north carolina called after this car dakel heed over a tunnel. the driver escaped and an officer had to carefully climb in and save a baby inside the car. students say the rescue happened just in the nick of time. >> if the bell would have rung, it would have been like a hundred kids, bhor than that coming through the tunnel. >> it's just open for no reason. i feel like they should put a border up. that way no kid does get hurt,
2:39 am
say, if that happened again. >> thankfully, is that kid, that baby did not get hurt. also in north carolina, a 911 dispatcher helped a north carolina dad deliver his baby girl in the front seat of the family car. now, brian and amanda wescott were on the way to the hospital, but the baep would not wait. so brian pulled into a gas station and called for help. >> tell her to grab her knees. >> grab your knees. >> pull they are to her chest. >> pull them to your chest and push. that's it. push as hard as you can. come on, it's coming. it's coming. >> oh, baby joy was born within minutes. a few days later, the family met with that dispatcher to thank her. healthy little girl. >> welcome to this world. how cute. 39 minutes after the top of the hour. something happened inside this restaurant that sent 12 people to the icu. what is making people sick? and the president says that we will take in thousands of syrian refugees.
2:40 am
one problem, the feds admit that there's no way to make sure they aren't terrorists. and you've heard the ads to lease a smartphone, but is it the best deal? should you looet lease or should i buy? we are answering that question, next.
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. . .
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if fbi admitting there is no way to screen the 10,000 refugees expected to flee here to the u.s. the obama administration announced it will allow those refugees into america, but those who are not already in the agency's database cannot be checked for a risk of terrorism. >> that is scary. thank you, answerly. the secret service can now track cell phones without a warrant. a brand new policy allows the agency to pick up cellular
2:44 am
information on its sting ray tra tracking devices. if there is believed to be a nonspecific threat to the president or other protected person. the sting ray cannot listen in on calls or capture text messages. >> that's good. every second matters in those situations. do you lease or do you buy? that's the question when it comes to getting a new smartphone these days. which one is really worth your money sdmp. and adam schapiro from our sister network, fox business, is here to break it down for us with the answer. >> good morning. decisions, decisions, decisions. the tech folks at the "new york times" crunched the numbers. in the past, all of us signed add two-year contract and the monthly cell phone bill included the cost of leasing the phone and at the end of the that contract, we could buy the phone or upgrade. now we can buy the phone up front or pay monthly installments with options for early upgrades. at the ends of the deal own the phone. that's called leasing to own. right now, a new apple iphone 6
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with 64 gig of memory will cost you $750. leasing the phone will cost you $450 a year at at&t. $425 a year at verizon, $321 a year at sprint and $425 a year at t-mobile. these are average numbers. but here is the bottom line. if you lease and upgrade every year, you'll wind up paying more over the long-term than if you bought the phone, held on to it for a few years and sold it when you purchased a new phone. leasing allows you the flexibility and the monthly costs are pretty low. buying the front up front looks more expensive, but after two years, selling that phone lowers your total number and it may make it the better option for you. i hope you can follow all that. back to you. >> thank you so much, adam. to find the fox business network, log on to the newest muppet to join "sesame street" is jult ya and
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she has autism. it hopes to erase the stigmatism about kids who are faced with autism. >> i love that story. favorite one tonight. emoji fans, rejoice. apple just rolled out the latest update and it includes 150 new icons. some of the most celebrated, a taco, a battle of champagne and a unicorn. you can get the new emojis by installing the latest software update on your iphone. >> the unicorn. >> there's a ton. 46 minutes after the top of the hour. a day care center closes for the night and leaves a baby locked inside. >> oh, baby. >> the dramatic moment that little girl was finally found inside, next. and she is a homecoming queen like no other. she's also the star of the football team. let's check in first, though, to see what's coming up on "fox &
2:47 am
friends." >> she is the -- on the football team? >> yes. >> listen, we're capable. awesome. ladies, good morning to you. coming up on "fox & friends," hillary clinton prepares to testify before the benghazi committee later this morning. her campaign is raising money off of the hearing. despite the fact that four people died. and they're accusing the republicans of politicizing. and we also hear from gold star mom who was there the night jess jesse ventura and the late chris kyle got into that bar fight. and mega morning deals just for you, our "fox & friends" viewers, thing you're going to buy cheaply right here on the show, if you want. otherwise, just sit back and relax and enjoy the telecast. it starts in 12:28 from now.
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. welcome to "fox & friends first." a day care center closes for the night and leaves a baby locked inside. this dramatic rescue of this little girl here all caught on tape. watch. >> oh, baby. >> firefighters forcing their way inside the all things are possible for kids day care in chicago finding 1-year-old journey jones on the floor. her father says he tried pic upg and found no one there. the day care's excuse -- >> they thought journey was a doll. she's not that little to be a doll. >> nobody leaves kids behind, toddlers, i don't care how old they are. that's dangerous. the. >> day care has apologized.
2:52 am
child services is investigating. a california restaurant is being blamed for making nearly 100 people sick. health officials say patients are being diagnosed with something called shigella. it causes fevers and stomach aches. right now 12 of those 100 that got sick are now in intensive care. the restaurant is in san jose. it's been shut down. investigators are trying to pinpoint the source of the contamination. two lawsuits have already been fired. more than 2 million adults in the u.s. are green lighting the green. a new survey says recreational marijuana used among adults has doubled in a decade. with the increase one in three have said they still use the drug even though they know it can be damging to their health. giving it another go. khloe kardashian filed a dismissal to end divorce proceedings. she's been by his side ever
2:53 am
since he was found in the nevada broth brothel. they split and signed divorce papers this past summer but because of the court back log the divorce was not finalized. well, he is back. the next academy awards host has been revealed and he says it's great to be back. >> eddie murphy is a grade black comedian. michael jordan is a great basketball player, you know? eddie murphy is to comedians what nicki minaj is to spanx. >> chris rock returns to the oscars to host for a second time. the shows producer say he was their number one choice. the 88th academy awards will be held on february 28th. the time now is eight minutes until the top of the hour. just like crack, a news study says that one of your favorite
2:54 am
foods is as addictive as drugs. he raised a finger to praise god after this touchdown. then he was penalized. did that ref make the right call? your e-mails next. ♪ ♪
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it is three minutes before the hour. answer some questions before the select committee on the benghazi
2:58 am
incident that killed four people. let's talk about hillary clinton. can she say anything today that will make a difference? you can log onto the "fox & friends first" facebook page right now and use #keeptalking. five security members expected to be arraigned on the 2013 hazing death of a new york city student. they tried to cover up the fraternity brother's death. massive global recall from toyota. they have defective window switches that could overheat and catch on fire. now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. an alabama teen named homecoming queen at halftime and then she takes the field. that's jody fanetti kicking for an extra point and then helped
2:59 am
her dad win his last game as the school's head coach. the bad, do you love cheese? cheese addiction is a real thing. scientists say that it is thanks to habit forming proteins in cheese called casin. finally, the ugly. remember this camera woman caught tripping a hieg grant on camera in hungary. petra lazlo said he blamed police and then he blamed her. high school quarterback in syracuse, new york, in a fight for faith. he runs a 73-yard touchdown before throwing a single finger in air and then a ref hits him with a penalty calling it unsportsmanlike. is this fair or foul? clint on facebook says very foul. it's freedom of religion being violated. >> dillon says there's a time and place for everything. >> joe says how is pointing finger to the sky taunting.
3:00 am
the refs around their association need to take a chill pill. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it as always. >> yeah. we will see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. hello, friends. good morning. today is thursday the 22nd of october, 2015. i'm anna coyman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we may find out the answer to this question. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> will she have another one of those moments? in just a few hours hillary clinton will be on the stand on capitol hill and already she's using the death of four americans to raise money for her campaign. the sick details live from washington. meanwhile, vice president joe biden is out, or is he? the hints in that rose garden speech that leave some wondering if joe is just leaving the door open for a possible white


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