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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 22, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the refs around their association need to take a chill pill. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it as always. >> yeah. we will see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. hello, friends. good morning. today is thursday the 22nd of october, 2015. i'm anna coyman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we may find out the answer to this question. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> will she have another one of those moments? in just a few hours hillary clinton will be on the stand on capitol hill and already she's using the death of four americans to raise money for her campaign. the sick details live from washington. meanwhile, vice president joe biden is out, or is he? the hints in that rose garden speech that leave some wondering if joe is just leaving the door open for a possible white house
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run after somebody is indicted. >> and bernie sanders does an impression of larry david doing an impression of bernie sanders. >> well, i thought it was pretty -- pretty -- pretty good! >> does he nail it with jimmy kimmel over in brooklyn where he was born before he defected to vermont? mornings are better with friends. hi, everybody. welcome live to studio e. people a little groggy here because the new york mets fans -- >> the mets, baby! >> had a big win last night. >> they've been waiting to do this sings the mets got to the world series and lost the yankees. they sweep a very game but overwhelmed cubs team. >> a lot of yankees fans are sporting mets gear these days and mets fans are like, this is not fair. we want to be missing your face.
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>> we have turned into a city that doesn't hate each other. how dare we? >> i've got news for you, that ain't going to last. >> think about it. you started in po'96, i startedn '97. i never thought it was going to be 15 years before the mets got back. that's exactly what happened. for a team that didn't finish higher than fourth. >> the shame pain will taste sweeters this morning. >> that's good for mets fans here in the new york city area. there's a mets shirt just brought in. >> thank you, matt, as well. >> who are they going to square off against? either toronto or kansas city. i think -- >> anna thinks -- >> hit me in the head. i think it's going to be kansas city because anna is wearing royals blue. >> i think it's mets blue. >> i went to a billy joel
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concert and he was giving mets updates. >> for cubs fans, don't worry, you'll be there for the next 15 years. that is a young, great team. built for long term success. somehow somewhere bull murray is hung over. >> that's just a thursday morning. >> congratulations to the mets. we turn our attention to a fox news alert. four hours from right now hillary clinton is going to make her highly anticipated return to capitol hill. she will appear before the bens select committee. >> and you can't forget what happened the last time she was questioned by congress about the deadly attack. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk deciding to go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> huge difference. that's what we're about to find
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out. doug is live from capitol hill. i'm sure they looked at the tape of senator ron johnson's questions last time they had a shot at hillary clinton. what do you think will be different this week? >> well, tough to say. it may depend on how combative hillary clinton is and how combative members of congress are. clinton has maintained this is all politically motivated, trying to derail her bid for the white house. republicans say they have important questions to ask about what happened before, during, after the benghazi libya attacks that left four americans dead. >> the questions are for her to have an opportunity to be forthright with the committee, to show us candor, to answer our questions so that we can have a report that is complete on behalf of these four americans that unnecessarily lost their lives. >> look, hillary clinton has had a good week or so. she had a strong debate performance. yesterday joe biden announced he wasn't going to run against her. the fear for the clinton campaign has to be the
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possibility of a new revelation coming out today. remember, it was this investigation that unearthed her private e-mail server. the clinton campaign says it is just going to be a political spectacle. house republicans initially wanted to do this behind closed doors. it was clinton who insisted that this be done in public. steve, brian, anna, back to you guys. >> thank you so much, doug. it will be so intriguing. a lot of the testimony we don't know anything about. they went behind closed doors and walked out unscathed. some of that testimony will be brought up to see if we can move this forward. one thing hillary clinton has been successful is tamping this down. >> she's trying to turn it down. look what ken mccarthy said. it's political. the committee has produced new
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information with a direct bearing on things she has said in the past that apparently are not true and they're going to be able to call her on the carpet. things get started at 10:00 this morning. she has said she will stay until they don't have anymore questions. i would not be surprised if they were going way past dark interviewing mrs. clinton. >> we've seen a very different side of hillary clinton lately. she is going to be ready for this. she's asked for it to be done in public so that everybody can hear it. you better believe she doesn't want another one of these at what difference does it make at this point? she'll be prepped and ready. >> well, she is ready to raise money off the benghazi committee testimony despite the fact that four people were killed and that is a rationale that trey gowdy said they have been digging down. john podesta who is one of her assistants, long time paid said this in a fundraising e-mail, quote, we don't know exactly
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what will happen tomorrow before hillary goes before the politically motivated republican committee, one thing is damn sure it will be an important day to be in hillary clinton's corner. once you sign your name to show your support there's a name to give anywhere from 10 bucks to 500 to if you want to fill in a big number, they'll take the cash. >> well oiled clinton political machine at work. >> john podesta is so good. he is so politically savvy, why would he do something so clumsy and callous as to do this? this is everywhere now. give me 500 bucks because hillary clinton is going to be testifying because of the war torn inaccuracies of her speech and the holes in her story. i already saw some of it, every
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time they bring up security she'll say, you know what, it never got to my level. we have to review that. actuality, i'm really not. >> she commissioned the state department to do the accountability review board with pickering and admiral mull lynn. she picked them. it was not a serious investigation. they never talked to her. they never talked to anybody that might contradict the administration' point of view. when they were done admiral mike mull eleven -- mullen gave cheryl mills a copy and said, go ahead, edit it. cheryl milled he is dited it. hillary said i was exonerated. nonetheless, i would look for the committee to blow holes through that story.
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what questions would you like hillary clinton to be asked at the benghazi hearing later today? go to our facebook page and join us. >> going to say, by the way, what was your plan after pushing the president to take action in libya? because we haven't seen one and it's been a disaster since which will also play into presidential -- >> plus, the video thing. she was pushing that go story even though they knew. >> that's happening today. vice president joe biden going in front of the white house with president obama and his wife saying he is not going to be running for president. the timing isn't working out after mourning the death of his son beau, he couldn't see the path to earning a nomination. >> out of time. >> is he still a plan b. and said a brilliant statement of i
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want to run, i think the time is not right. that's nice for the president to show up. then he went on for 25 minutes sounded like the standard stump spee speech. >> do you know why? there is a plan b. if things go back, she's indicted, the democrats need somebody to say, okay, i'm going to give him my vote. he will be standing right there after making that great speech yesterday. charles groundhammer thinks that's the possibility that was on joe's mind yesterday. listen to this. >> what he did he with that speech, which was essentially an announcement speech, was to say, i'm ready, i'm tanned, i'm rested. if lightning striks hillary, meaning if the department of justice indicts her or something out of the ordinary happens and somehow she disappears, i just
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bought myself a ticket on air force one. >> you didn't see him endorsing hillary clinton yesterday. >> didn't see that. >> no, republicans are not the enemies we should be working with. >> i don't see why it's impossible to announce her but i was stunned to hear him talk about a country he's not running. when i t by the way, who do we charge? >> his boss, barack obama, is standing right by him. is joe in it or is he taking a pass? we have a busy day on social media. >> yeah, we do. we need to hand it over to healther and see what else is making news. >> good morning, anna. breaking overnight a man is charged with murder. this is the guy who confessed to
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the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl in new mexico. tony torres telling alba kirk key police that he was driving on interstate 40 when he cut off another car. inside was lily garcia, the foreand the brother. the dad and the other man got into a feigt. torres pulled out a gun, opened fire hitting lily in the dead. an anonymous tip led police to torres. he was picked up on a traffic stop. just a few hours from now five fraternity members will be arraigned for murder. michael dang was a student at baruch college when he was killed in a hazing ritual joofrmt wikileaks teaming up with an anonymous high school student. the teen hacker allegedly stole
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documents from cia director john brennan's personal aol account. there's a document on how future presidents should deal with iran, an exchange of concerns. the c.i.a. said nin of those documents contained classified information. >> that sounds like hillary clinton's defense. there was nothing secret in there when we got it. >> susan, thanks. >> thank you. coming up on this thursday, the video will make your heart stop. the baby left all alone in her day care in the pitch dark. >> oh, baby. >> oh, baby, indeed. how does that happen? the story every parent needs to hear coming up. >> terrible. american sniper chris kyle was senselessly murdered. jesse ventura said he's actually the one who's the victim? >> i lost my television show and
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celebrity governor jesse
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ventura unleashing another attack on the late chris kyle and his family. >> they've been poor mouthing three or four times talking about how this was having such an effect on the kyle family when the reality was it was not. it had an effect on me. do you realize this has cost me a million dollars. >> ventura and the kyle family are battling a defamation lawsuit after ventura claimed kyle lied about punching him in a bar. gold star mom was at the bar the night of the brawl. her son was the first navy s.e.a.l. to lose his life in operation iraqi freedom. debby lee joins us right now, a fighter in her own right. debby lee, so great to see you any time. i wish it was better circumstances. let's get to the truth of this. you weren't there when the actual incident happened but you were there the day of and just before this whole scuffle broke out. >> yes. >> tell me what you remember. >> i left about five minutes before the actual punch. chris and i had breakfast the
3:19 am
next morning. he told me what happened. we had just -- my son had died about seven weeks before that. we had just buried mikey monsour that morning, we were at a wake for his funeral. we were at mcp's which is one of the field bars. jesse was just spouting his mouth off saying unjust war, we didn't belong there. chris went up matter of factually saying, hey, you're entitled to your own opinion but this is not the time and place. >> this guy has a penetrating annoying voice that cuts through glass. you're able to hear that. you hear him mouth off. when he came up to you, what did he say about you, your son, or anything? >> oh, not much. they introduced him to me and had told him ahead of time that my son had just died, you know, several weeks before. he didn't say i'm sorry for your loss, tell me about your son. he started right off. i graduated this class, i did this, i, i, i, i, i. i was stunned. >> we know the lawyer, my lawyer
3:20 am
made a mistake. what role did you play in the trial initially and now? >> i was the first witness that testified on chris's behalf. there were 11 of us that testified and validated what chris had talked about and the actions that had happened. penal that actually did see the punch. >> what do you think chris would have done had he had a chance to be there at this trial. >> i think he would have ats he had in the book. for jesse to make this all about him and not about chris kyle, this is appalling to us. he loved his country and sacrificed as my son did. >> debby lee, thank you. she has a great program and foundation. it's called america's mighty warriors offering new programs for our families of the fallen. bernie sanders does an impression of larry david doing an impression of him. >> well, i thought it was
3:21 am
pretty -- pretty -- pretty good! >> does he nail it? you decide. plus, two schools, one a charter school and one a public school in the same building share the same resources. why is one failing and one succeeding? you make the call.
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you're looking good on your thursday morning. quick headlines for you. congressman paul ryan winning the support of the house caucus. and larry david as bernie sanders on snl had everybody laughing. >> i don't have a super pac. i don't even have a backpack. i own one pair of underwear, that's it! some of these billionaires, they've got three, four pairs.
3:25 am
>> but during an appearance on imy kimmel bernie sanders did an impression of larry david doing an impression of bernie sanders. >> well, i thought it was pretty -- pretty -- pretty good. >> that's a mirror image. the oscars are leaving the jokes to chris rock. he is returning to host for a second time this february. he last hosted in 2005. steve, over to you. >> thank you, anna. it's a tale of two schools exposing the growing gap in america's education system. at a new york public school here in new york city wadleigh secondary elementary school students are 0% pro fish enlt in both math and english. skeer. zero. and just two floors away at a charter school in the same building called success academy harlem west the proficiency rate is 96% in math and 75% in english. how does that happen and what is
3:26 am
this charter school doing differently to make sure that their kids succeed? let's talk to nicholas simmons, he's a vice principal at the success academy charter school in new york city. good morning to you. >> hi. >> you wrote those facts in an op ed for the wall street journal? >> i did. you were working in a school building and in one part of the building was a public school and a couple of floors away was the charter school. >> yeah. so i worked at the wadleigh school. on the fifth floor is my charter school network, success academy harlem west. like you said, 9 of percen96% o students passed and on the second floor very different. >> students come from the same area, same neighborhood. they walk in the same doors but if you were in the public school there's a good chance you're going to wind up with a zero. if you're in the charter school there's a good chance you're going to college. >> yes. that's what we believe. >> what are they doing at the
3:27 am
charter school that's different than the public school? >> i think there's a number of things. it's one of the hardest things to do right now is create a great, great public school. we've been doing it for ten years at success academy. teacher development is foremost important. >> what does that mean? >> our teachers come back two weeks before the school year starts. teaching is a performance job. if you're a sports team, you need to do two weeks of spring training or more than that. you're going to get your team ready to go. >> the public school doesn't have to do that because they're union teachers and they have a whole bunch of union rules that make it pretty narrow what they can do? >> right. the union contract is pretty limiting in things school can and cannot do. for instance, for this school year teachers didn't have to be back until a day before school started. >> one of the other things that you do at your charter school that they don't do at public school, once again, it goes back to the union is you have a much longer school day.
3:28 am
>> yeah. our school day goes to 5:15. most public schools get out at 2:30. >> three more hours of lear up a student that goes to success academy from kindergarten to eighth grade gets two extra years of learning than they would have gotten in traditional public school. >> if i was a parent living in that neighborhood i would absolutely demand that my kid go to the charter school rather than the public school. it doesn't work that way, does it? >> unfortunately, the heart ache is we had 23,000 applications for only 2200 spots. >> 2300 -- >> 23,000 applications for 2200 spots. so parents have seen the results. they are informed of what's happening and they do want to get their kids, desperately so, into a high performing school. >> could impact them the rest of their life. nicholas, what do we do to fix this? >> some of the things i mention in the article, teacher development programs. stronger, more rigorous teacher
3:29 am
development programs. i think extending the school day city wide is a good idea. parent investment is a huge pasht of the equation. >> you mean invest time with your child? >> i mean from the school's perspective, doing everything you can to involve parents in the process. >> when you say parent investment you're not talking about money out of their pockets? >> no. no. no. having your teachers be in almost weekly touch with your parents. >> can you explain to me why given the statistics if you go to the charter school you're going to wind up doing great. go to the public school you're going to wind up not doing great? why isn't -- why aren't parents demanding that new york city expand the charter school system? >> we have in the last couple years. >> but every school should be one of these. >> we tend to agree. we agree with you. you're seeing more and more parent outreach. you're seeing more and more outrage, in albany in particular
3:30 am
rallying the legislature for more access to charter schools. >> well, it is the one thing a parent can do is try to get their kid in, but it's a lottery system. the odds are daunting. nicholas simmons who has written a great piece in the wall street journal. thank you for telling the story. >> thank you for having me. >> very important. thank you, sir. coming up on this thursday, according to the president's standards, the man accused of executing a new york city police officer could be the perfect candidate for a diversion program! rehab. should criminals like him really just be let out of jail, never go to jail? san francisco city leader defending sanctuary cities calling out fox news over case law. i'm not afraid of fox news and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. [ cheers and applause ] >> is fox news really the problem? the reaction from kate steinly's family coming up. first, happy birthday to
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restart this half hour off with a fox news alert. the man accused of shooting a new york city police officer in the head has been charged with murder. >> now police are trying to figure out why the suspect with a long criminal rap sheet was allowed out on the street. >> that's why ainsley is here from "fox & friends first." >> that's the big question. he's been arrested 28 times. this morning this career criminal is behind bars. police say he was gunned down by one of their own in cold blood or gunned down, i should say, one of their own in cold blood.
3:35 am
30-year-old tyrone howard arraigned on robbery and murder charges murdering officer rudolph holder. the courtroom was packed withholder's brothers in blue. he stole a bike and then led officers on a chase. police say he is involved in gang activity and has 28 arrests under his belt. the alleged murderer who you see there was also on the run, wanted in connection to a shooting in september. last year howard was busted for selling drugs but instead of prison the judge ordered him to court mandated rehab instead. a program that was designed to prevent overcrowding in jails. >> if ever there's a candidate not to have been diverted, it would have been this guy. he's a poster boy for not being diverted. so the district attorney's office will look into the circumstances of that diversion. >> howard left that rehab program just six months ago. the judge who placed him there is now defending his decision. he claimed he was not aware of the suspect's violent past.
3:36 am
meantime, the new york district attorney is recommending that tyrone howard be sent to state prison for his latest horrific crime. back to you guys. >> the judge, come on. arrested 30 times, rap sheet -- >> his quote was when they handed me a rope they didn't hand me a krystal ball. really? you can show a little bit of compassion. i spoke to joseph napolitano. when you're a judge you're subject to what the prosecutor gave you. if they didn't put in that file that he shot an 11-year-old boy, he's addicted to pcp, he sells crack multiple times. he just did 18 months. >> i'm sure the rap sheet was there. >> it increases. you don't start out by shooting cops. you start out with a five finger discount, a simple assault, drug charges or something but it goes like this and diversion programs are not necessarily the best case scenario although we have to worry about overcrowding in jails. >> what's in part so disturbing
3:37 am
about this, on the very same day that that police officer was killed, take a look at this. this is handed out in new york city yesterday, it is a flyer that my husband got and it's called national march to stop police terror. take a look at that. it's advertising this for saturday, october 24th. it's by a group called rise up october,.org. stop police terror and murder saying that all these young people, generation, are being criminalized. same day that police officer gunned downn new york city. i've got some headlines to bring you. we'll tell you more about this later as we bring it. good morning to you all. fox news alert to bring you all. albuquerque police officer fighting for his life after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. the unnamed officer, an eight year veteran. he's in critical condition this morning following two surgeries. the accused gunman, devon lineman was arrested with one handcuff on his wrist after a massive manhunt. police believe he may have shot the officer while he was
3:38 am
arrested. lymon has a long history of violent crimes including a murder charge. san francisco unanimously denying a proposal to change a sanctuary status. one city leader won't be swayed by news outlets including fox news. >> we cannot allow hateful conservative news stations to drive how we respond to incidents in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. >> really? applause there. 32-year-old kate steinly, of course, murdered by an illegal immigrant on a san francisco pier just a day after senate democrats blocked kate's law against sanctuary cities. her frustrated parents spoke out on fox. >> deep down when we was in washington i didn't get the feeling -- any warm and fuzzy feeling that kate's law would hit the -- would hit the senate or be passed. >> it's very frustrating to see
3:39 am
how washington doesn't work. it's pretty consistent, and it's frustrating and it's aggravating and something needs to change. >> steinle's killer had deported from the united states five times. a day care center closes for the night and leaves a baby locked inside. that dramatic rescue all caught on tape. take a look at this. >> it's okay. oh, baby. >> just horrific for any parent to witness that. firefighters having to force their way inside the all things are possible for kids day care center in chicago finding 1-year-old journey jones on the floor crawling. her father says he tried to pick her up 15 minutes before closing and didn't find anyone there. the day care's excuse, listen. >> they thought journey was a doll. like she's not that little so she a doll. >> nobody leaves kids behind, toddlers, i don't care how old they are.
3:40 am
that's dangerous. >> no kidding. the day care has since apologized. child services is now investigating. those are your head lines. >> they thought she was a doll? oh, my gosh. i can't imagine the type of care she was getting when they were in the building. thank you. >> meanwhile, da vinci's demons is back for the third and final season. it looks like the show won't be ending quietly. >> my weapons. how can i fight myself? >> so what can we expect in the final season? let's step into the fox light with cnbc michael a mel. >> good morning. inventor, painter, mathematician. he was the original man. can we believe everything about this famous figure? about to kick off the third and final season. i got to catch up with da vinci
3:41 am
himself and get a sneak peak as to what viewers can expect. check it out. >> da vinci. >> joining us is leonardo da vinci himself, tom riley. i can't believe season three! >> i know. >> you were just here for season one. >> seems like yesterday i was here. yeah, it's great. it's been a wild ride as well, the last three seasons. this year is getting a bit more concentrated on the relationships. >> how are you going to continue to push the boundaries? >> we're not skimping on the explosions, actions, sword fights. we've kind of upped the ante emotionally this year. we're really going to investigate just quite how everything that's gone before has emotionally impacted our characters. >> i will double whatever lorenzo the magnificent pays his
3:42 am
brother. >> preparing for this role was there one aspect of da vinci that you learned that you didn't know? >> i didn't know that he dug up dead bodies or he got people that got dead bodies for him. he got people out of the ground, cut them in half, filled them with candle wax so he could see how people worked inside. i had no idea. if that had been known he would have been the most important that ever lived. we didn't know. >> everybody knows da vinci is a great artist and drawer. do you draw at well? >> not well. >> what do you want me to draw? >> draw you. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> i don't know. i've got the jacket and the different textures of gray which is just lovely. >> look at that. >> that's all right. better than i can do. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> catch it on starz coming to a tv near you. >> you had a lot of forehead in
3:43 am
that. >> because of the hair dye. you can catch season three this saturday night on starz at 8:00. for all my celebrity interviews, check out on in the fox light or find me @foxlightmichael. no cheesy picture. this is the cheese right here. >> thank you, king of queso. >> 17 minutes before the top of the hour. we all remember what happened last time lawmakers tried to get answers from hillary rodham clinton on benghazi. remember. >> was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> what difference? today we may actually find out. the judge reveals his top questions for hillary next. >> come on in, judge. don't wait for the holiday discounts. we have them right here. one is this regularly -- something is regularly priced at 400 bucks. we're going to make you only pay
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hi, friends. good morning. all eyes on hillary clinton this morning, the former secretary of state will testify in front of the house select committee on benghazi. she's definitely prepared for this, so how can the committee break through and get to the truth? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano has the questions he thinks should be asked. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, anna. it's not going to look like perry mason and it's not going to look like anything you've seen on television or in the movies because there is no judge there to enforce order. but a couple of basics. she's going to be under oath so if she misleads or lies, she will commit a crime.
3:48 am
the questioners are members of the committee, they are not professional cross-examiners so the questions may contain speeches in them and they may not be properly phrased. if they're not properly phrased, she has wiggle room to get off the hook. >> you're hoping that there aren't politicians trying to get a sound bite that's going to catch fire. >> that's the hopeless hope. everybody on that committee is a politician trying to catch fire. >> the top four questions you would ask, number one. isn't it true that the put the travel plan to ambassador stevens on to nongovernmental internet venues? >> well, the answer to that is, yes, she did put it on nongovernmental site because she was reckless in her concern for ambassador stevens' safety, which is really the essence here. how and why was he killed? and she was reckless with her concern for national security secrets by putting all of this information on to her private server where anybody with access to the internet who knows how to
3:49 am
hack could get it. >> look how it ended up. isn't it true that at the time did you that he asked you for more security in libya and you did not provide it? >> i don't know how she's going to answer that. the technical answer is, yes, it is true that at the time she put on her private server his travel plans in libya he was asking for more security and she didn't provide it. so the question doesn't say why. you don't want to ask her why. she'll have an answer if you ask her why, but if you suggest the answer by saying, isn't be it true, isn't it true, she either says yes or no, tells the truth or she lies. >> next up, do you know it is a felony to provide arms to terrorist organizations. >> the reason for that question is because she authorized american arms dealers to violate the embargo on shipping american weaponry to libya because she was involved in fighting a secret war in order to topple colonel gadhafi. this is public knowledge. by doing that she -- she ought to have known that the weapons
3:50 am
were going to get in the hands of known al qaeda operatives, which they did. >> that's what happened and that's your next question. do you know that ambassador stevens was murdered by al qaeda operatives using american arms and american bullets. >> which, mrs. clinton, you sent to the middle east. i don't know how she's going to answer that. the question must suggest an answer in the question. >> gosh, you're hoping the families will get answers and closure, when you hear the mother saying, we want to see the bloody fingerprints, i'm wondering if they're my son's. thank you judge napolitano. >> i'm on my way down there right now. >> are you? give us an update. coming up on fox today, congressman paul ryan says he'll take over as house speaker as long as it doesn't take away from his family time. did he just shift the work/life debate? and want to get something that costs $400 for just $85?
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i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. will we finally get the answer to this question today? >> because of a protest, or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> in just a few hours, hillary clinton will answer questions about benghazi and already she's using the death of four americans to raise money for her campaign? and congressman paul ryan says he'll take over as house speaker as long as it doesn't take away from his family time. he's already being attacked for being a family man? what's going on here?
4:01 am
and he was flagged for his faith. a high school football player stopped to thank god after a huge touchdown. see right there? but according to the ref, it's taunting. the player is here live to talk about what he did, and would he do it again? the answer will surprise you. live from new york city, wait till you see the sunrise. it's "fox & friends." ♪ thanks to kid rock for providing the theme music to new york city. >> yes, mr. rock wherever you are. >> and it's beautiful. sun coming up here in new york city where they are celebrating the mets won last night. we're going to talk more about that in a minute. first the order of the day, let's go 280 miles south of new york to washington, d.c.
4:02 am
>> after months of anticipation, hillary clinton about to appear before the house select committee on benghazi. >> will it be a repeat performance of the last time she was questioned by congress about those deadly attacks? >> the fact is, we had four dead americans, was it because of a protest? or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> well, ed henry is live in washington, d.c. good morning, ed. >> good morning. >> ed, got a question for you. i know that the state department just -- just had a document dump of what something like 1300 pages of e-mail, including chris stevens. is there any chance they're going to put a delay on things today? postpone it? >> well, no. i think trey gowdy, i sat down with him, the republican chairman of the committee, gave me a little preview. what he's saying is look he doesn't want there to be a moment like that, like you just played. he said there will be no arm flailing from him. no shouting matches. he says it takes two to argue and he's not going to argue with
4:03 am
secretary clinton. he says he wants to get to the facts about what happened before, during and after the terror attacks in benghazi. and that he believes the families deserve the truth about that. obviously, what has gotten in the way of that has been some of the partisanship back and forth. kevin mccarthy's comments, that gaffe about this being about politics certainly didn't help trey gowdy. but when he told me what he wants to zero in on, before, during and after the terror attacks. with secretary clinton he tells me he wants to focus in mostly on before. because you mention those e-mails from ambassador chris stevens. he was crying out for help. about get us more security. and they want to press her on why that didn't happen. >> okay. >> all right. you know there are thousands of clinton e-mails that you mentioned, that steve mentioned, out there. do you think they're going to zero in on any? and do we know exactly what they have? >> well, there's a bunch. but i think one that trey gowdy says, one area he wants to focus in on the e-mails from sidney blumenth blumenthal, one of hillary clinton's outside advisers. remember the white house had blocked him from actually working at the state department, but in the e-mails we've seen,
4:04 am
the drip, drip, drip, there have been a whole bunch from sidney blumenthal providing sensitive information to hillary clinton, trey gowdy says that sidney blumenthal had consulting contracts, was making money by being on the ground in libya. working business deals. he wants to know what hillary clinton now about that. but specifically, also, what they're wondering is, when sidney blumenthal turned over his e-mails to the benghazi committee, and hillary clinton turned over hers, there were more blumenthal ones that went to hillary clinton, but she didn't turn over her end of the conversation. so that's where i thinkgoing to beyond benghazi and talk about her e-mails. i suspect hillary clinton is going to push back and say stay within the scope of this committee about benghazi, not the broader issue of e-mails. let's not forget. we wouldn't know about her e-mail server but for the fact this committee found out. >> and what have clinton's advisers really been saying about how the former secretary of state is getting ready for what many are calling a showdown? >> what's very interesting is she's taken several days off the campaign trail.
4:05 am
she's been at home here in d.c. meeting with top advisers, practicing, pressing for this, because this is high stakes, obviously. that moment you played where she said, what difference does it make? they don't want a repeat of that. she's kind of riding high right now. you've got joe biden deciding yesterday he's not going to get in. last week you had that debate where she had a very strong performance. republicans have acknowledged that. and so, we've got jim webb getting out of the race. the democratic field is narrowing. the last thing she needs right now is some moment that's going to get replayed and replayed that will have her slip up. she has momentum in this race right now. >> the more we saw, the more we heard, senator ron johnson who asked the questions, now the more you see him it makes her look a little callous. >> and that's why it's interesting. her staff just sent me a little bit of regame on what they're saying. they say, look, in her testimony, her opening statement, she's going to focus on the four lives that were lost. those, by the way, we shouldn't forget about those who were injured at benghazi who lived but also went through a lot.
4:06 am
because i think they realized going into this they can't make it like, look, what difference does it make? a repeat of all of that. she has to make very clear in her testimony, and in the q&a, that she cares deeply about what happened. and she's going to have to provide some answers. here's the other part, this is supposed to go on for eight hours or so. and the republicans on the committee want to try to wear her down so that she might have another moment like that where she kind of loses her cool. >> you better have some ginseng, ed. you're going to have to sit there and take notes. is that all right? >> oh, yeah, we'll be ready. >> ed just mentioned about how, you know, it has become politicized. and when kevin mccarthy said what he did, and then hillary clinton has now said look, the republicans are just out for blood. well, now, as we have discovered, hillary clinton's campaign is out, not for blood, but for cash. because the campaign is raising money off of the benghazi committee. they sent this e-mail out to supporters. >> yep, here's what it says. we don't know exactly what will happen tomorrow when hillary
4:07 am
goes before the politically motivated, republican-run committee, as they say, but i can tell you one thing for damn sure, it will be an important day to be on hillary clinton's corner. and then, there's a link to a donation form where you can donate anywhere from $10 to $500 i think or you fill in the blank for a different amount if you want to give even more. >> we just heard what the judge had to say about his big questions. we'll ask you that. what are the big questions you would like to see hillary clinton answer. we've gotten some of your responses. >> dee said on facebook, why did she, hillary, lie to the families and the public about what happened in benghazi? remember, she told the parents, she said, we're going to get -- the guy responsible for that video. even though at that time, she knew it wasn't about the video. >> it's been on all the sunday morning talk shows. why was it so important for the state department to make it look like a protest over a video, rather than a planned terrorist attack? >> and steve said, it couldn't be -- >> no, i'm not on facebook yet.
4:08 am
>> or twitter. >> why didn't she send help as soon as she knew an attack was under way? that wouldn't be her. it would be the pentagon. but somebody should have acted in that fight. >> so the hearing gets kicked off at 10:00 this morning. you'll see it live right here on fox news channel. meanwhile, last night, word came, remember paul ryan said i would run for speaker, provided the three groups in the republican party, informal groups, endorse me. and the freedom caucus, which is the hard-line conservatives, you know, it's not 100%, but he did get two-thirds of the 40, and so what they are doing is, he's got the support of two-thirds of them. they didn't officially endorse him, they needed 80%. so now it looks like he will be running. >> so he's saying that he wants to be a unifier for the republican party, and it's something that party desperately needs right now. but he's also saying in his list of demands that he wants some
4:09 am
daddy time. he wants some family time. he doesn't want to give that up. in the first place he wasn't even looking to be the speaker of the house. >> didn't want the job. >> right. but everybody's been rallying around him. >> he's going to put in a full-time job. he's not exactly off wednesday through sunday. but he doesn't want to do the fund raisers. he doesn't want to be rollicking around on weekend when his kids got games or he wants to just relax and be part of his family. after all we know his dad died when he was in eighth or ninth grade. he does not want to be an abs t absentee father. you would think that's respected, if the house republicans can deal with that. you think it would be okay. but there's been some blowback. >> there's been a lot of blowback. they said look you're going to be speaker of the house. you're going to devote 100% of your time. he says i'm not going to give up my family time. what's interesting, and keep in mind, aside from losing his dad at 15, so family is so important to him, this is a guy who has worked hard his whole life. he worked at mcdonald's, he worked the grill, he worked at tortilla coast, which is the
4:10 am
shadow of the capitol in washington, d.c., when he was an intern for -- >> bill -- >> mr. kemp. here's what's happening. while some in his own party are saying, hey, suck it up, you got to work harder, cheryl sandberg, who is the ceo of facebook, has actually come to his defense and is saluting him, and it's odd that she would be saluting a republican. >> the lean in award of the day goes to paul ryan, we need to work for parents and having leaders who weigh responsibilities as fathers as much as their responsibilities to their jobs shows all of us what is possible. >> and people say, well what a hypocrite because he was against parent leave. he voted against some governmental -- for government workers. >> for government workers. >> union employees. and he was against that. >> government funded though, right? >> he wasn't talking about leaving. he's just talking about on weekends not running around to ohio, and texas and florida raising money for the party, necessarily, all the time like john boehner was so good at.
4:11 am
>> others would say the speaker of the house needs to be held to a different standard than your average 9:00 to 5:00 punch the clock person. and you know, working overtime. should be -- >> so what do you think about what he is proposing, which is work, life, balance? e-mail us, facebook or tweet us. >> here's one. >> head line us. >> you know, it's hard to keep balance as a working parent. you have to give props to him to do that. who wants to hang out in the green room when you can be with your kids? good morning to you. all just in to our newsroom a masked man armed with a sword attacked a school in sweden, leaving a teacher dead this morning. at least two students were hurt. 11-year-olds and 15-year-olds are now in serious condition with severe cuts. police shot the attacker. he is still alive at this hour, in the hospital. local media reporting that the school of 400 had just held a meeting this morning about campus safety. more on this as we get it. also breaking overnight back here at home a man has been charged with murder after
4:12 am
confessing to the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl. tony torrez telling albuquerque police that he was driving on interstate 40 when he cut off another car. inside that car, 4-year-old lili garcia, her father, and her brother. her dad and torrez got into some sort of fight. he pulled out a gun and opened fire hitting lilly in the head. an anonymous tip led please to torrez who was picked up during a traffic stop. congressman paul ryan winning the support of the house freedom caucus overnight after talks on the hill yesterday. ryan says it is a positive step toward unifying the republican party. the freedom caucus is made up of about 40 members, and were considered a big part of the reason that kevin mccarthy stepped aside. lawmakers will nominate a new speaker on october the 28th. and just call her miss friday night lights. jody farrennitti is named home coming queen at the halftime game of her alabama high school on the yield and she takes it. take a look.
4:13 am
nice job! she kicks the extra point. yes, she! and then she gets mobbed by her teammates and hugs her coach, who happens to be her dad. the kick helped him win his last game as coach. love that. and those are your headlines. that's something that you and elisabeth could do, anna. >> did you see the long ponytail? >> that's good. >> thank you very much. >> like clay matthews. >> 13 minutes after the hour. coming up, four new york city police department police officers murdered in just the last 11 months. the solution, a night at the theater. not kidding. >> what? >> former new york city detective can't like that. he's next. >> and he was flagged for his faith. high school football player stopped to thank god but according to the refs, it's taunting. the player here live.
4:14 am
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which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. another hero killed in the line of duty. now 32-year-old nypd officer randolph holder shot in the head by a career criminal. his rap sheet, 16 years in the making.
4:18 am
the police commissioner has the solution. he wants police recruits to learn diversity by watching a broadway play. joining us now former nypd detective bo dietl. four new york cops dead in new york city alone in the last eleven months. we're still talking diversity. >> first of all my heart and soul goes out to police officer holder and his family. >> whose dad was a cop. >> and his grandfather, also. you know, that was my area, east harlem where i was a cop and eventually a detective. and this area has generation after generation drug dealers, people with guns, shooting, murders up there. i don't understand diversity. what the color was officer holder? he was black. in the last four cops that were killed in new york, one asian, one hispanic, one black, one white. diversity my butt. you know what it's all about? letting the cops go out there and get these guns off the street. that little girl in nassau county got shot right in the head by a gang member. these are the same punks. this little punk was arrested 28 times. four felony convictions. the last case he had was less
4:19 am
than two years ago. and he shot a young person -- >> 11-year-old. >> and an older gentleman. >> by the way, the judge said well listen, i wasn't born -- when they gave me a robe they didn't give me -- >> no, no, no. i'm sorry. i was a detective and i understand one thing. when those fingerprints come back, he had 28 priors. he had four felony convictions. >> including violence. >> and if there's a problem that judge has to put them in until they can check the facts on his record. this is a load of crap. this is a hero. when the shooting started you know what that cop did? he ran into it. he got shot in the head. >> the commissioner said today this guy should never have been a diversion candidate. yesterday. bratton. but he does say this about the play that he wants the officers to go see, he says it's a poignant, thoughtful production and explores the histories and common experiences of two people cruelly victimized by racial and religious prejudice. >> i feel over the 5,000 african-american kids that are going to be killed across the country in our inner cities, their faces are the ones that
4:20 am
matter to me. and we should stop this nonsense and let the cops go out there and do their damn jobs. they second-guess themselves. and you know what's going to happen? there's going to be more of these shootings because they're not going to be pro-active. >> don't worry. we have a play coming up. you want to have a little sample of what it sounds like to dive us the diversity we need as americans and law enforcement? let's listen. here's usher. ♪ ♪ top the police murder of black people everywhere ♪ ♪ don't be no hypocrite stand in unity america ♪ >> you -- you have incidents, over 100 million interaction with caps and people across this country, a couple of questionable shootings, and everyone. where are the tens thousands of people being shot across our country. this guy who's performed with handcuffs on. you know what the cops do? they lock up people that commit
4:21 am
crimes. >> absolutely. >> this is a lot of baloney. >> bo dietl, thank you very much. i can sense your passion. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, comeback stories that you won't believe. it's never too late to change your life for the better. they're coming your way. you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit.
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thursday morning some quick headlines. trouble with schools edition now. a new hampshire high school is being bullied by the feds, all because they threw out michelle obama's school lunch program. the usda is threatening to classify londonderry high school as a food processing facility, which could trigger a cascade of new federal regulations. and the phrase politically correct is no longer pc at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee.
4:25 am
staff there adding it to a list of potentially harmful words or phrases. also on the list, lame, thug, trash and third world. you be the judge. all right, steve. >> all right. thank you, anna. you know, everybody seems to be looking for some kind of a miracle. >> people want me to do everything for them. what they don't realize is, they have the power. you want to see a miracle, son? be the miracle. >> be the miracle. we all love a good comeback story. our next guest likes to share inspiring stories of people who have turned their lives around. joining us with his new book the comeback is pastor louis gilio. tell us your comeback story. >> i was like a lot of people, i think, who maybe even last night in america didn't sleep well, 2008, i had what i think used to be called a nervous break join but that sounds pejorative -- >> you did? >> that would be on the pc list.
4:26 am
woke up in the middle of the night, thought i was dying, thought this is what happens at the end. that triggered a fall into an abyss which lasted months. where i thought, i'm going crazy. losing my mind. i thought this cloud of dread, doom, fire, anxiety, worry is going to suffocate meet me. and it was a long road, a long journey as a pastor, a spiritual leader. i was in a hole and in a pit and really had to figure out how to trust god to get back in to the light. i never dreamed i would be sitting here talking to you, in those months and those weeks. that's how dark the hole was that i fell in. >> and it's hard to tell your flock, hey, look, i am -- i'm having a breakdown. >> well, i just was planning a church, my wife and i and a small team and our church is only six years old. and that might have been one of the things that led to this. you know. moment. but it is embarrassing to have to say even to a little home group at the time, hey guys, your pastor is cracking up. but that's exactly what was going on. >> but the key is, louie, you
4:27 am
made the comeback. you had a turnaround. you had a do-over. we've got some sound bites of people sharing their comeback stories. listen to this. >> getting ready for the 200 meter final, god just reminded me, jared the race has already been won. all i'm asking you is to show up and let my light shine through you. all i remember is krousing the finish line and winning a gold medal and breaking the world record. >> when i think about that night in the club, i see him scooping me out and giving me life and giving me hope. >> i got pancreatic cancer, and so, at that moment in church, all i could think of was like, i got this cancer because god is going to show this miracle. >> i love the fact that it shows that so many people have so many different problems that their trying to turn around. they're trying to make a comeback. a do-over. >> yeah. all of us are at that place. i mean everyone watching this right now is either in the middle of their own comeback, or
4:28 am
they're walking with someone, a close family member who needs a comeback. we're all in this place at some point in life. >> right. and the thing we were talking about your book, it's not a how-to have a comeback. this is a collection of stories of people who have had comebacks, and so you realize, wait a minute, i'm not the only one who's going through this. >> you know, that's one of the reasons i told my story. and i've told it to hundreds of thousands of people in the last few years around the world, literally, because i want people to know you're not crazy and you're not alone. and there's not a formula in the book. people often are looking for the abc, how do i get out of this hole or this, this difficulty that i'm in. but the message of the comeback is is that god is greater, still in the blank. he's greater than cancer. he's greater than divorce. he's greater than mental illness. he's greater than addiction. he's greater than the job. he's greater than whatever it is that we feel like is coming against us. and just take us out.
4:29 am
and, the book is filled with hope that god is in the midst of our situation. he's working, even we can't see it. he loves us. even though our circumstances may not reinforce that in our lives. >> there are a lot of people hurting, pastor, and maybe the comeback, by louie giglio is going to help them out. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate it. >> have a safe trip back to atlanta. >> thank you. all right. coming up on this thursday. have you seen this video? a football player points a finger to god, after scoring a touchdown, right there. the ref says he was taunting the other team. what do you think? we're going to talk to him. and joe biden says he's out. but is he really out? some are saying this is not his final countdown. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
after a lot of speculation, vice president joe biden today announced that he is not running for president of the united states. he made the announcement this afternoon from the rose garden at the white house. it's weird to hold a press conference and say you're not doing something, right? like announcing to your girlfriend that you won't be proposing. and then sticking around for 45 minutes and talking about what would happen had you proposed. >> and you know what? he didn't ever endorse hillary clinton. and he didn't really say he didn't want to run. there are many out there who are skeptics -- skeptical about what he did yesterday. including charles krauthammer. think about it, if hillary clinton gets in trouble with the fbi, there's an indictment, or if she does something really crazy later today during the benghazi hearing, maybe that would be the opportunity -- listen we know what happened last time. what difference does that make? this may be the opportunity, mr. biden, this could just be
4:34 am
plan "b." here's charles krauthammer. >> what he did with that speech which was essentially an announcement speech, was to say, i'm ready, i'm tanned, i'm rested, and if lightning strikes hillary, meaning if the department of justice indicts her or something really out of the ordinary happens, and somehow she disappears, i just bought myself a stand-by ticket on air force one. >> however. i get the sense that everybody thought this would be a five-minute address. and you saw the president looking so awkward. essentially like, excuse me, i've got a country to run. and jill was like, wrap it up, wrap it up. >> joe biden, though, you watch him yesterday, and you realize he is such a better candidate than hillary clinton. >> i don't know -- >> he's an authentic character. >> he was really resonating with voters right now, because everybody's poll number, like a donald trump for example, resonating with voters, for saying what he means and meaning what he says. steve, you mentioned that biden did not endorse hillary clinton. >> no. >> and actually he kind of
4:35 am
doubled down on saying that it's very important to work with republicans, or republicans are not the enemy, which is something that we saw from hillary clinton during the debate -- >> barack obama for seven years. >> i will say this. i think he gave himself two nicknames in seven minutes. they call him middle-class joe. and optimist joe. does anyone just call him joe? why does he need nicknames? >> does he like to have a cup of joe? >> his morning joe? oh, among show. heath heather's got some headlines. >> right now let's start out with a fox news alert. an albuquerque police officer is in critical condition this morning after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. that unnamed officer is an eight-year veteran of the police force. that officer underwent two surgeries overnight. then after a massive manhunt police arresting the suspect, devon lyman. while he still has one handcuff on his wrist, police believe he may have shot the officer while he was being arrested. lymon has a long history of
4:36 am
violent crime, including a murder charge in 2001. new jersey governor chris christie wants to ban flights from his home state to cuba until a cop killer is extra dated book to the united states. shakur was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper back in 1973. she then escaped from prison and was eventually granted political asylum in cuba. right now united airlines pushing for flights to cuba from newark airport. christie urging the port authority of new york and new jersey to reject those plans saying i won't tolerate rewarding the cuban government for continuing to harbor a fugitive. and the search is on for a woman who ambushed a vietnam veteran at a california parking lot. look at that right there. stunning. you can see the woman confront victor outside of fresno auto zone store demanding his wallet. listen. >> she would have told me from the beginning, sir, could you please help me, i've got a child, child is crying because he's hungry, i would given her
4:37 am
the money. but she didn't ask for the money. she asked my wallet. i said i can't give you my wallet. >> hmm. well the woman followed the 73-year-old into the store, and wouldn't leave until someone finally called police. that attack, not fazing him. he went right back into the store, and then bought a car part to fix his friend's car. nicely done. and mets fans waking up very happy this morning. >> and strike three called! they haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back. >> you can see it right there. and it's hard for this gal who grew up a cubs fan to tell you about the story. the mets sweeping the cubs in the nlcs with an 8-3 win. dan null murphy homering in his sixth straight game. he was named series mvp. the mets wait for the winner of the alcs. toronto staying alive with a win
4:38 am
over kansas city in game five. game six is tomorrow. and those are your headlines. brian kansas city in front -- >> they have put on mets gear. i'm going to put on my kansas city gear. when they win, it's bad luck to do it so far. but it could be the royal blue versus the royal mets. >> it would be unbelievable. we'll have to do two separate shows. i'll do the first 90 minutes. you do the next 90 minutes. >> everybody was laughing at the mets at the beginning of the season when they said our goal is to make it to the world series. >> are you wearing that hat just in case you get out of a delorean later today? >> because i did bang my head yesterday. i did lose consciousness for awhile but it hurts my first hour of the radio show. i made no sense. >> you look good. >> thank you very much. >> there you go. but i will say this. there is nobody who predicted it to go four straight games against the -- dodgers, and four
4:39 am
straight games against the cubs. they're going to be back because they're very young -- >> stuart varney is just after camera shaking his head. >> he thinks we're talking about soccer. >> he would like that. meanwhile, first maria molina has some scary halloween news. already? >> yeah. hey, halloween is already like next week. >> yeah. >> time is flying by. and for those of you who like to kind of geek out on some face weather we have this asteroid that's going to be flying by very close to earth around halloween. that's going to be quite a spooky sight. it's going to be farther away than the moon. but if you have a telescope you can get it out and see if you can spot it. again that's coming up around halloween. going to be a close call with earth. no landfall expected there. but taking a look at the weather forecast we do want to talk about the southern plains because out here we do have extreme weather ongoing. especially across western texas where a tornado watch is currently in effect. and that forecast to continue or stay in effect until 9:00 a.m. central time. the concern is that some of
4:40 am
these storms could pro-tate and produce some brief tornadoes. we'll keep you updated with that. the other concern with this storm system is that it has very heavy rain. and we do anticipate the rain to continue out there throughout this weekend across texas, oklahoma, and also the watch is still in effect across eastern parts of new mexico. the concern for flooding is really in place across southern oklahoma and also central texas. some areas could see more than a foot of rain. we'll keep you updated. now let's head back inside. >> we're going to get hit by an asteroid. who cares about the weather. >> no, take out a telescope, enjoy the view. >> do you promise? >> right. >> look the world ends before this. >> meanwhile could capitalism be saving the world from poverty? new research has found that in 1990, almost 2 billion people were living below the poverty line. >> but less than 25 years later over 1 billion people have moved above it. so is this just capitalism at work? >> here to discuss this is stuart varney from the fox business network. i didn't know we were supposed
4:41 am
f for this segment. >> all right. >> there's a head line here. the head line is, in the last 15 years, 1 billion people have been lifted out of poverty. it's the greatest anti-poverty program in the history of the world, and it's called capitalism. that's what did it. don't tell bernie sanders. but that's what did it. raw, naked capitalism. anti-poverty programs are freeing. it works. >> you sound so reaganesque. >> i'm so sorry. look, in 1999, 29% of the world's population lived on less than $1.25 a day. as of now, it's 9%. that's a billion people who are no longer living in extreme abject poverty. and capitalism did it. it's that simple. >> brian's back. >> oh, welcome back. >> how you doing? sorry i had to go. my question is why does capitalism get such a bad name then? why do they look at it like the enemy? >> because the rich are getting richer. we all know that. and the billionaire, the
4:42 am
billionaire class, as bernie sanders refers to them, they're stealing all of the wealth and keeping it all for themselves, the rich -- inequality is getting worse and worse and worse. that's capitalism. he's giving it a bad name. hillary clinton's given it a bad name. president obama's given it a bad name. >> france. >> france has given it a bad name. europe as a whole has given it a bad name so we don't realize the virtues of free market capitalism. >> but when you talk about capitalism and how people have been lifted up, look at russia. this metric was taken, started in 1990. and since then, you know, capitalism is working in russia. >> if you've got the freedom to start your own business, run a business, and make a profit, and keep that profit, you've got raw, naked capitalism, and you're on your way to a little bit more prosperity all around the world. look at america. all government, all the time, for the last seven years. kind of soft socialism. the public is ready to have gone up, not down. it's gone up. if we have free market capitalism, the ability to run a business, make a profit, and keep it, low taxes, less
4:43 am
government, you would have far less poverty in america today. that's an opinion. but i think it's borne out by the facts. >> he has facts and opinions over on his show on fox business. starts at 9:00. >> thanks so much, everyone. >> thank you. >> 43 minutes after the hour. coming up, have you seen this video yet? a football player points a finger to god after scoring a touchdown. the refs said he was taunting the other team, we're told. and that player and his father say, absolutely not. they're going to be here live. plus we have more mega morning deals for you. $500 designer coat for 90 bucks. you're only going to be able to get them from "fox & friends." we'll tell you how. next. >> that' cheap capitalism. >> first up the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1938 this actor famous for his role as doc brown in back to the future. be first at here's a hint. >> how do you spell ignatowski. i've smoked a lot
4:44 am
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everybody, we are back with some mega morning deals, part two. >> all right. here we go. here with the deals that could save you up to 80% is spokesperson for the mega morning deals herself. megan, what have you put up for us? >> i've got a lot started with a coat. are you cold? these are andrew marc coats. these have been around in the department stores forever. a huge designer label. they typically go everywhere from $200 to $500. there's down, there's wool, anything you need. now they're going for $65-$89. up to 80% off andrew marc renowned brands. cute, right? i'm going to keep this on, feels good. >> why do we do what? >> why do they discount it? >> yes. >> because, you know, you're "fox & friends." you're a friend of fox. >> we do deals. >> it's not like it's out of --
4:48 am
it's still cool. >> no, it's the in look. it's all the hottest trends. look at the quilted. you know how hot that is and the fur collar. these are right on trend and inexpensive. for you, today, and tomorrow. so get online. "fox & friends," and don't forget that's the icon. you want to look for that. now these are battery charging cases for your phone. they're for the 6, all the different 6s out there. iphone 6. so you charge the case, and then you put it on the phone and you've got battery power all day long. love the pink. >> it's not too heavy. >> it's nice and slim the design. these typically go for $99. today, 71% off so only $29. >> you're helping us look fabulous with these earrings that are 78% off. >> these are great stocking stuffers. i'm wearing a pair. they are gemstones and they have 18 karat gold. great stocking stuffers. the cool thing is each stone, this is the energy stone which we all need on morning tv, right? so i'm wearing the energy earring. it's supposed to attract energy to your life. attract success, love.
4:49 am
whatever you're looking for. it's all in the earrings. >> typically earrings there's two. today those are only about $22 up to $32. they're more like $60 and higher. that's a great deal. get some of those for christmas. then we have the misfit shine activity and sleep trackers. here on my wrist. what i love about this one, it's sort of elegant and feminine. so it tracks your sleep patterns, your food intake. how busy you are running around. but look at how pretty it is. so nice for the ladies, right? >> is it accurate? >> it's very accurate. you sync it up with the app. so it's typically about $99. today it is $39, so 61% off. comes in a bunch of different colors. love that. >> and finally? >> and then we have the thin -- it's a face brush. it's called the thin for perfect skin and it comes with four different attachments so you can have like a pumice stone for your foot, a bigger one for your body so it exfoliates.
4:50 am
one for the face. very spa-like. usually this 100 bucks but today you can get it for 19. it's 80%. $19.95. so a good way to get started on your christmas shopping. >> i have people who swear by these things. >> do they? the face thing? >> maybe, but knowing you we have a huge security council could be a great holiday evening. >> mega morning deals. don't miss it. >> and look for the mega morning deals icon. >> that's the one. >> have you heard about the new movie about dan rather? it's all about his messup on george w. bush's military record. well turns out no one else has heard about the movie either. we'll explain. >> on this day in history in 1938 chester carlton invented the photocopier. before that i guess we were using carbon paper. and in 2012 cyclist lance armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles. turns out he cheated. and in 1970 i'll be there by the
4:51 am
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hillary is on the hot seat today as she faces the benghazi committee. we're going to give you instant analysis of her testimony, and get special insight from a family member of one of the fallen soldiers. you don't want to miss a very important real story today, at 2:00. now it's time for the trivia question today. the answer is today christopher lloyd's birthday. he's 77. our winner is katherine savage. you're going to be getting a copy of brian's new book thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates which is available on
4:55 am
november the 2nd. >> how about that? >> all right. >> meanwhile, six minutes before the top of the hour, what questions would you ask hillary clinton or you hope is asked today when she's in front of the benghazi select committee? here's what debbie said. >> debbie wrote on facebook, said who gave the orders not to send help to attempt to save the lives of these at the embassy? that is what difference it makes. >> and ray on facebook saying hillary insisted that an anti-obama youtube video caused the benghazi attack. president obama claimed at the debate with mitt romney that it was a terrorist attack. secretary clinton is lying. >> ooh that's a good one. >> and caleb says this using the facebook as the vehicle, why was our embassy understaffed? and who gave that order? my question would even be more broad than that. why has it been so difficult to get all the communications to lead us up to this day? don't you feel personally responsible for the fact that this committee has been forced to stay together and spend a lot of money for 17 months? why are we still getting e-mails
4:56 am
from the ambassador who lost his life three years ago? >> you have harry reid, basically saying a report anyway that republicans -- the rnc ought to pay back taxpayers for what's going on with the benghazi select committee. maybe if the administration didn't take so much time to get everything rolled out either. missing 1300 e-mails from chris stevens just released by the state department a few days ago. >> that's the definition of a document dumb and stonewalling all wrapped into one. coming up very shortly on the other side of a quick time-out, ed henry has some exclusive information. he's been talking to trey gowdy who's going to lead the benghazi committee from the republicans starting two hours from right now. we'll hear from ed very shortly. >> and also reporting on this story. blasting paul ryan for wanting to spend time with his family. really? and then they went from youtube stars to grammy winners. pentatonix here to perform and they are pitch perfect.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
that's the power of active management. hey, friends, good morning. hope you're off to a great start. today is thursday, 22nd of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth. will hillary clinton finally answer this question today? >> -- was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> but before she testifies today about the death of four americans in benghazi, and how she's using it to raise money? >> what difference does cash make? meanwhile the left wasting no time slamming paul ryan for wanting to spend time with his wife and children, if he becomes speaker. this morning your reaction is pouring in. and a day-care center loses -- closes up for the night. what's the big deal about that? there was a baby locked inside. that's what's the matter.
5:01 am
>> [ screaming ] >> it's okay. >> oh, baby. >> the dramatic moment when she was finally found. mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> that's pentatonix. you know, this is -- remember the monkees a group that was formed for television? pentatonix was formed for an nbc reality show, a sing along shows, and three of those people went to high school together down in arlington, texas. one guy was a friend of a friend. the guy lower right they found on i think craigslist. they put out an ad we're looking for a guy because we've got this a cappella group.
5:02 am
they're tearing up the charts. they're going to be with us to perform a brand-new number. >> they'll make you feel like you're in a room without a roof. >> they're awesome. >> we do have a fox news alert. in just two hours hillary clinton makes her highly anticipated appearance before the benghazi select committee. >> and you can't forget what happened the last time she was questioned on capitol hill about benghazi. didn't go well. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a wuk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans. what difference, at this point, does it make? >> ed henry is live in washington, d.c. ed, what can we expect from republicans as they question hillary today? is it going to be the same format where five minutes republicans, five minutes democrats, rounds like that? or is it a little different? >> it's basically like that. sometimes that does not lend itself to actually getting at the truth because you just have a lot of partisan fireworks back and forth. i sat down recently with trey
5:03 am
gowdy, the republican chairman. he tells me he's committed to trying to find out the truth here. obviously democrats don't believe that, because of the kevin mccarthy comment and other things that have popped up before this hearing. what gaudi was telling me is he wants to focus on the substance, particularly what happened before the attacks. you will remember ambassador chris stevens wrote a cable on september 11th, 2012, the same day he died but he put together a cable complaining about the security situation, at one point saying, that there was a growing problem with security on the ground in benghazi, and saying, quote, the libyan forces were, quote, too weak to keep the country secure. and what trey gowdy is saying is that he wants to get to the bottom of hillary clinton's judgment as secretary of state. why was there not more security sent to benghazi to secure chris stevens and the others who ended up dying that night and others who were injured. listen to what jim jordan, a republican member of the committee, is saying about how upset they are that ambassador stevens' e-mail has just been
5:04 am
turned over. why should we get 1300 pages of bam door stevens e-mails the day before we're set to interview the secretary of state? that's the frustration that chairman gowdy and the rest of the committee feel. to have the democrats say this over and over again when we have been focused on the truth from the get-go, it's just a frustrating process. >> so his point there is that today you're going to hear the democrats say a lot, look this has been investigated seven times before. but in those previous investigations and hearings, you did not have chris stevens' e-mails. and by the way, you didn't have hillary clinton's e-mails. because we only started getting those in recent months. >> you bet your bottom dollar hillary clinton is going to be prepared for this, demanded that it be done in public -- >> -- filibuster. >> how is she preparing for this? a lot of people are calling this a showdown. >> she's been locked up behind closed doors for several days off the campaign trail. what's interesting is some of the democrats on the committee
5:05 am
are saying to us, the republicans could overstep. i mention kevin mccarthy's comments. that gaffe about how this investigation is about politics has really slowed the republicans and has given hillary clinton some momentum going in to this hour hearing. in fact i spoke to one of the democrats on the committee adam schiff and he says he thinks clinton is well prepared for this. listen. >> she was very disciplined, and capable and will come off well and if the gop members go too far i think it could end up really backfiring on them. >> trey gowdy told me there's not going to be any arm waving, no shouting matches with hillary clinton. he knows that they can go too far. but the question is going to be that's trey gowdy what are his republican colleagues going to do? he's had a hard time keeping them in control on recent days. over the weekend he said shut up, said to his republican colleagues, stop talking about
5:06 am
this. >> adam schiff is kind of interesting because i think he's leaving the committee, right, out of protest because it's too political? >> he's one of the democrats who's been wanting to shut it down from the very beginning. >> all right. ed henry on capitol hill where things kick off just two hours from now. ed, thank you. >> great job over the weekend, ed. >> thanks, great to see you. >> on "fox & friends." it's been said that you should never let a good tragedy go to waste. well, it seems like hillary clinton's campaign is trying to turn the tables on all of this and is actually finding a way to raise money off of her appearance before the benghazi house select committee. in fact they sent out this e-mail to supporters, we don't know exactly what will happen tomorrow when hillary goes before what they call the politically motivated, republican-run committee, but i can tell you one thing for damn sure it will be an important date to be in hillary clinton's corner. and then there's a link to a donation form where you can fill out, i'd like to give $10, $500, or fill in an amount. >> let us link to the reason for the benghazi select committee today. it's four lives.
5:07 am
don't the clinton campaign and surrogates have been flooding the liberal media with oh, it's just a republican witch-hunt. the republicans say, kevin mccarthy's comments aside, that it was to find out what really happened there. i mean think about it, chris stevens and his team asked for help, asked for backup in benghazi, i think a lot. i think today we will find out how many times they asked for help. they said look we're surrounded. >> but you know the answer. the answer is going to be yeah, my security system at the state department, responsible but never got to my level. >> what if it is such a jarring number of times where they asked? say -- >> and isn't he your friend? >> hundreds of times. we don't know. we're going to know a little later on today. really it comes down to those four families. want answers. today, maybe they'll get some. >> all right. heather nauert you have some other stories for us. >> yeah, brian. we start out with a fox news alert right now.
5:08 am
a masked man who was armed with a sword, who killed a teacher and seriously injured three more people at a school in sweden. one other teacher and at least two other students are in serious condition right now. police believe the attacker, a man in his 20s, may have had two large knives. he's now in the hospital in critical condition after he was shot by police there. local media saying that the school just had a meeting this morning about campus safety. 400 people attend that school. also overnight, this happening here at home. a man is charged with murder after he confesses to killing an innocent 4-year-old girl during a road rage incident. tony torres telling albuquerque police that he was riving on interstate 40 when he cut off another car. inside that car was little lilly garcia, her dad and also her brother. the two men, including her father, got into some sort of a fight on the road. torrez pulled out a gun and then opened fire hitting lilly in the head. an anonymous tip led police to
5:09 am
torrez who was picked up during a traffic stop. our prayers go out to that little girl's family. are authorities closing in on el chapo? they are one step closer. overnight the group accused of breaking him out of jail, they are now behind bars themselves. six people were arrested including el chapo's brother-in-law. he's accused of overseeing the construction of this mile-long tunnel that el chapo used to escape. it's also being revealed that he may have broken his leg during a fall during that escape. we'll keep you posted. she messed with the wrong man and the search is on for a woman who ambushed a vietnam veteran. you can see the woman as she confronts victor. watch that. unbelievable. this happened outside a fresno, california, auto zone store as she demanded his wallet. listen. >> if she would have told me from the beginning, sir, can you please help me? i've got a child, the child is crying because he's hungry, i would have given her the money. but she didn't ask for the money. she asked for my wallet. i said i can't give you my
5:10 am
wallet. >> good man. well the woman followed the 73-year-old into the store and didn't leave that store until someone eventually called police. the attack not fazing bejarano. he went right back into the store and bought a car part to fix his friend's car. and those are your headlines. nicely done, huh? >> indeed. >> he's a class act. not too sure about her. >> thanks, heather. there's another big debate going on. you're caught up in the gop, what's happening with the democrats. hillary clinton and joe biden, what's happening with benghazi. there's another drama playing out. that is a consequential one, who is going to be the next speaker. so the star power in the house, by both sides, has been the former vice presidential nominee, paul ryan. he's impressed veterans like senator simpson with his intellect and his ability to understand policy. but he never wanted to be speaker. he's more policy than politics. now he finally says the party needs me, the country needs me, i'll do it, but i have some demands. my demands are i'm not giving up my family time. going across the country, doing
5:11 am
fund-raisers like john boehner and speaker hastert, because i just will not give up my weekends with my kids. >> and now he's getting some blowback, because critics say, you know, paul ryan had the chance to vote for paid time for federal employees to bond with their new children and he voted no. well it was a paid leave thing. look, those were union jobs. if you want that in your contract, you -- >> fight for it. >> do it that way. he's got three kids under 16 years old. keep in mind, when paul ryan was 15 he found his father dead in his bed of a heart attack. he knows that life is precious. he wants to be with his children. so some are wondering is this a watershed moment where men are standing up saying, look, i've got to -- i'll do the job, but you got to carve out time for me to be with my family. >> it's all about that work/life balance. you mention the democrats that are slamming him, because of his voting record. i don't think you can say that he is not a hard-working person. or anything like that either. after his father died how many
5:12 am
jobs did he have to work to make ends meet to take care of his family. he's getting support from an unlikely person, sheryl sandberg writing this -- >> the ceo of facebook -- >> you got it. and the author of lean in. she says the lean in award of the day goes to paul ryan. we need to work to work for parents. and having leaders who weigh responsibilities as fathers as much as their responsibilities to their jobs shows us all of what is possible. #lean in. and the work culture is certainly changing in the united states. it's not that 8:00 to 5:00 punch the clock and overtime culture anymore. and you really need to embrace, as employers, that employees have -- do have family time. and technology makes it possible. however, some people are saying if you're going to be speaker of the house, you should be -- >> we asked you what you thought. gary e-mailed us, he said hats off to paul. strong family for the foundation of our society. without them we crumble. after all, we go to work, not to have money, but to raise a family. >> e-mail from john says, he either takes the job with all
5:13 am
its requirements or he doesn't. he's no more special in this respect than any other parent. >> well, kim goes, on twitter, a leader that values the welfare and future of the children will value the same for the citizens of the country he serves. paul ryan gets good news from the freedom caucus with a majority, super majority, not a unanimous vote, said we will support you, even though he feels differently than they do about the pacific trade agreement, and maybe even on immigration. it's going to be a very interesting year and a half. if he gets it. >> so they meet the conditions. he will run as speaker, the election will be next week. >> right. a day-care center closes for the night. the problem, there's a baby still inside. the parents can't get in and the people are down. she was finally found and caught on camera. we'll review it. >> and he did what a lot of football players do after scoring a touchdown. tint to the sky to praise god. but these refs say that he's taunting the other team? that player and his father join us live to respond, next.
5:14 am
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hey, everybody. 17 minutes after the hour. a high school football player celebrates a touchdown by recognizing his faith. and then he gets penalized for it? the quarterback seen running
5:18 am
here, running for the touchdown and once in the end zone he raises just a single finger to the sky. but as he does, the ref calls a flag on the play. he says the call both condemned his religion and may have even cost the team a victory. the student and his father dino toro join us live from syracuse. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> dante, i'll start with you. watching that video it seems pretty innocuous, were you surprised when the ref made a call on this, and penalized you 15 yards? >> yes, i was. i mean, i definitely was. i didn't feel i did anything wrong. or anything that would merit for unsportsmanlike conduct like he called. >> dad, they say that this is excessive celebration? or is it impressive celebration? are you proud of your son? >> i'm extremely proud of my son. i decided to raise all my children to be fearless in the face of opposition. and to be courageous enough to stand up for what they believe in.
5:19 am
and to, you know, to fight against any kind of oppression against their beliefs. >> dante i want -- go ahead, sorry. >> i'm proud of him. >> great. i know a lot of our viewers are, as well. dante i want to get your thoughts on this. we have heard from the school. they said that the call had nothing to do with penalizing a religion or religious expression, as the coach, player and parent have misled the media to believe. do you feel like you're misleading the media and "fox & friends" right now? >> no. i'm definitely not. that was my intention. pointing up to god is kind of a -- i mean i guess that's an international signal of, you know, giving praise to jesus and that's what i was trying to do. >> tell us about just your rituals. i know you're a big athlete. not just football, you play basketball, baseball, too. what's your ritual before the game and who do you celebrate when you're doing well? >> well, before the game, every game, i mean obviously before the game, i'm praying. i do that every game. and, giving praise to god, stuff like that. >> is this something that is strengthening your faith or
5:20 am
weakening your faith, dante? >> i would say strengthening. if you -- if you follow god, and you are open about that then you're going to be persecuted for it. but, i definitely say it's strengthening. >> and to rejoice in that persecution. >> so, what do you think will happen the next time you score a touchdown? >> i'm finding out, as i always do. >> you're going to do it. it was only for a second anyway. wow, what a story. thank you so much for sharing it with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> being bold with a cross around his neck. what did you think about this? was this a call the refs should have made or is dante in the right here? 20 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up. a half dozen historically black churches set on fire with a brand-new arson overnight is making this mystery even tougher to solve. you see the ads all the time but is a reverse mortgage the right move for you? property man bob massi answers your questions, next. ♪ the way i see it,
5:21 am
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5:24 am
quick headlines now. the truth hurts and it's a box office bust. watch. >> i want to talk to your source. now. >> truth. which chronicles journalist dan rather's demise at cbs news flopped in its recent limited release. only $66,000. the flick starring robert redford and cate blanchett hits nationwide theaters next week. and larry david and bernie sanders on snl had everybody laughing. >> i don't have a super pac! i don't even have a back pack! i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires they got three, four pairs! >> but during an appearance on jimmy kimmel last night, the
5:25 am
brooklyn born bernie sanders did an impression of larry david, doing an impression of bernie sanders. >> well, i thought it was pretty -- pretty -- pretty bad! >> there you go. and that's a quick look at what happened in the world of hollywood. steve? >> thank you, brian. you see them on tv, celebrities like the fonz, henry winkler, encouraging seniors to get cash from their homes by taking out reverse mortgages. >> hi, i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. >> okay. so you've seen the commercial. but there are big changes to the way they work. and how do you know if a reverse mortgage is right for you? here to explain is the property man himself, host of the tv show, bob massi. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> okay. so we hear about reverse
5:26 am
mortgages on television. first question ought to be why should people, and why do people, consider reverse mortgages? >> well, some people who didn't have a lot of savings, or maybe lost a lot in the last ten years, steve, are now 62 and over, they have equity in their home, their home is paid for, they say we need extra money, we want to travel, we want to go to europe, want to have a good time, want to help the kids. they go in and see if they can qualify for reverse mortgage. it becomes supplemental income to them. >> okay. >> as a result of that, it can be a win-win if it's done correctly. >> okay. now here's some of the small print though is if you take out one, you're responsible to pay taxes, and insurance and other stuff. what are some of the changes coming to reverse mortgages today? >> well, actually, you know, we had a lot of foreclosures on reverse mortgages believe it or not. because a lot of people couldn't pay taxes, insurance, hoa dues, maintenance and things like that. this year already they changed it, where the lenders literally do a complete financial assessment of prospective
5:27 am
borrower. they look at everything. and if they determine, based on your income, that they don't believe you can make the tax payments, the insurance payments, the assessments, things like that, they will still offer you the reverse mortgage. but, what they do is they will do what they call a setoff, and retain a certain amount of money based on calculations of life expectancy and all these different things that go into it, and say we'll give it to you, but we're going to hold this back to make sure that there's no default in this area, in order to avoid foreclosures. so it's something that actually came into effect this april of this year. but more and more now we're learning about it. and it's a good thing. because it preserves the assets. only if people cannot qualify from the point of their comfortable, the lenders are comfortable to make those payments. >> okay. now let's talk about a hypothetical. what if a husband and wife are involved in a house, what about the nonborrowing spouse, the question reads? can they stay in the house if the borrowing spouse dies?
5:28 am
>> this is an important change. it used to be that if, in fact, the person was 62 or over and the spouse was younger, then the spouse is not 62 is not a borrower because they don't meet the requirement. and if the person died, then they would literally have to generally move out. i mean, they could sell the house, also, or refinance it on their own if they could. now, the nonborrowing spouse is allowed to stay in that home for their lifetime. now what -- >> wow. >> what i always tell people is reverse mortgages you need to go, even though you see the fonz and all these other people that are out there, you got to go to a qualified person. and we actually had a very good guy on our show on the property man that talks about these type of things. so i encourage people, interesting before we go. reverse mortgages in and of itself sort of has this negative connotation. there's some people now that are calling them home equity converses. because when you hear reverse mortgage like oh, my god i don't want to touch it. it's actually not as bad as you
5:29 am
can think. it could definitely help people. but you got to understand the rules and regulations. so get professional advice. >> that's why we turn to you, the property man. bob massi, have a great week. we'll see you on your show saturday and sunday right here on the channel. >> yes, sir. on our way to miami next week to shoot the rest of the second season. so i appreciate all the support of the show, and you guys, of course. >> absolutely. because it's a hit. bob, thank you very much. all right. coming up on this thursday telecast, a day-care center closes for the night but they left a baby inside. the dramatic moment she was finally found on camera. by the rescuer. look at that. and patrick kennedy revealing new details about his fight with addiction. >> i'm trying to figure out how do we move this away from shame and stigma, into a honest to god political movement. >> no more hiding. congressman kennedy is here with advice that every parent should hear.
5:30 am
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hi, friends. we begin with a fox news alert. the man accused of murdering a new york city police officer in cold blood is now behind bars. >> this morning brand-new details about why the suspect with a long criminal rap sheet was walking free to begin with. >> that's right. now, live, is liz. >> good morning to you, anna, brian and steve. we are just outside of the station house here in east harlem where officer randolph
5:34 am
holder would show up for work every day. there's a growing memorial outside here. people leaving flowers and candles all day. we're getting word about the man accused of gunning down this officer. apparently he had a long rap sheet and had been a career criminal. tyrone howard was actually arraigned on murder and robbery charges just last night. the 30-year-old had been arrested 28 times since he was a teenager. back in 2011, howard shot a young boy, and instead of going to prison, a judge decided to send him to a drug diversion program. and the police commissioner and mayor have been very critical of the judge's decision to do that in this specific case, saying that he should have never been out on the streets. many are actually calling for president obama to rethink his plan to release low-level criminals back into the community. >> they failed to understand if these creeps graduate to felonious conduct, they don't start with felonious conduct,
5:35 am
they graduate. so they want to turn this into low-level offender. how do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? it happens over time. we have got to put our foot down and we have got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back in our community, of these criminals. president obama recently announced he will release 6,000 low level criminals. we should mention officer holder is set to be buried later next week. we're live this morning in east harlem, i'm liz dal up, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> the judge said i didn't have a crystal ball. no regrets. >>sheet. >> yeah. all right meanwhile, 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert, what's up? >> good morning. a couple of headlines. brand-new 911 calls tell a terrifying tale from a 14-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that killed her father. listen to this. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i was with my dad and we
5:36 am
crashed in a plane. . >> in a plane? >> he's not breathing. >> that is anna beth hamilton. she dialled 911 just moments after her father travis' plane went down in idaho. anna beth was hurt. but she will make a full recovery. arsonists have struck once again in st. louis. another church was burned overnight. it is the seventh arson attack. within the last two weeks, in each case, fires were set outside a door, fortunately no one was inside the buildings at the time. a $9,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. a day-care center closes for the night, and leaves a baby locked inside? the dramatic rescue, all caught on tape. take a look. >> oh. >> look at that. the little girl, on the ground crawling. firefighters had to force their way inside, so all things are possible day-care center for
5:37 am
kids in chicago. they found 1-year-old journee jones on the floor. her father says he tried to pick her up 15 minutes before it closed and found no one there. the day care's excuse? >> they thought journee was a doll. but she's not that little to be a doll. >> nobody leaves kids behind. toddlers, i don't care how old they are. that's dangerous. >> wow, that day-care center has since apologized and is under investigation. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> all right, heather. he's the youngest son of the late senator ted kennedy, former rhode island congressman himself patrick kennedy was supposed to bastion an established political dynasty. instead he has a new mission, shining a light on mental illness and addiction. >> it's a conspiracy of silence. not only for the person who is suffering, but for everyone else who is forced to interact with that person. that's why they call this a family disease. i'm trying to figure out how do we move this away from shame and
5:38 am
stigma, into a honest to god political movement. >> so patrick details his personal struggle with bipolar disorder and addiction in his brand-new book called "a common struggle." >> and congressman kennedy joins us right now. good morning. >> good morning. >> talk a little bit about that. how it's a family disease. >> well, anyone out there watching who has a loved one suffering from alcoholism, addiction, mental illness, knows that they're all effective. but what really is the conspiracy of silence, because none of us want to talk about it or confront the person -- >> the shame. >> it's the shame, and also people ascribe, well this is their personal business. as if they're voluntarily just, you know, unraveling their own lives. >> and patrick, here's the thing. for people who don't have an addiction issue, you like the parties, you don't have discipline. you want to go hang out with the guys. that ship sails quickly. then you're alone and you're just hooked on that substance. >> that's right. it's a brain illness. you know, that's the thing i
5:39 am
think most people are just starting to learn. is that people don't get up every morning and say, i'm going to go out there, and upset everyone in my life. my family members are going to hate me, my friends are going to cast me out. the society isn't going to like me. i mean think about it. we're social beings. we want to be loved, accepted, embraced, and these illnesses isolate us and marginalize us. that's what we want. you look at anyone right outside here who is homeless. do you honestly believe they're making a choice to live that way? >> i want to bring this up, you bring this up in your book, if your dad was hoar honest with what he was dealing with it would have made your life easier. >> if we had a society which embraced his illness. he saw two of his brothers violently murdered, you would have said, hey, like our veterans, you need post traumatic stress treatment. but of course, it's still a moral issue. not a medical issue. >> he self-medicated? >> self-medicated. that's what a lot of people do. >> there's so much shame for people to come forward with
5:40 am
their story but even seeking help, and just talking to someone actually can really help with mental illness, too. it's not necessarily about medicating yourself with drugs. >> well you know, it used to be that people didn't want to get help because they couldn't pay for it. now, i helped write the law, signed into law by george w. bush called the parity law for mental illness and addiction, it says that insurance companies must pay for early intervention, treatment, for mental illness and addiction. it's a brain illness. but we reimburse for heart disease. cancer. but we don't reimburse for brain illness. >> i hear the president has got a town forum talking about these issues today regarding heroin and things like that. and we were talking during the break, marijuana use has doubled among adults. >> because of legalizing. >> because it has been legalized in a couple of states. even though it is still federally against the law. >> look what happened with oxycontin. there was more oxycontin than
5:41 am
was really needed by cancer patients. they had a profit motive. look at tobacco. they sold cigarettes, no it's not addictive. because they have a profit moti motive. same thing with the alcohol industry. now we're going to introduce a new commercial industry. i have no problem with people who are adults can make their own decisions. but the impact on our children, we're seeing the increased prevalence of marijuana use amongst our kids, that's going to have an impact on our whole society. >> and studies, colorado, you have a test study and you think back to your cause that it's not helping. >> it's not helping at all. >> -- tax revenue. >> we're seeing the use amongst teenagers skyrocket. that cannot be good for our country. >> all right. patrick kennedy, brand-new book is called, "a common struggle." >> that's right. >> and you're doing good. >> i feel good. >> you look like you're in great shape. >> thank you. >> good job. >> coming up straight ahead. just about an hour and 15 minutes from right now, hillary clinton heads to capitol hill. peter johnson jr. has some of the questions she needs to answer. next.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
in just over an hour from now, hillary clinton will testify in front of the benghazi select committee. remember the last time she was questioned. this time in front of the senate. that was on capitol hill. >> was it because of a protest? or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> she didn't think it matters the motivation of the killers. here to take that question and so much more is fox's legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> good morning, brian. >> good to see you. >> you understand questioning on the legal case. you also understand this case. >> it is her super bowl. if she does well today, she'll go a long way to becoming the next president of the united states. this is the decisive moment in her presidential career. >> it is defending what she did. >> and let's break this down. there's two issues. there's legal and governmental, and then there's the political. in my view, and in a lot of people's view, good government
5:46 am
is good politics. so the republicans on this committee need to ask hillary clinton about her bona fides. about what she did on that day. about her rational perspective was. about her judgment. about her reasoning. about her performance. if they ask other questions and make her look like joan of arc or a witch in the salem witch trial then this thing goes to absolute pieces in terms of their perspective. >> i don't know what the select committee has. they talked to assistants, they talked to others. i don't know. so i'm waiting to find out. >> that's the point. they need to set up a credibility bill of charges right at the beginning. if trey gowdy says listen, secretary, we want to ask you about one, two, three. we've made determinations, and drawn inferences from the evidence, that show us this, tell us how, and why these occurred. then this is an effective hearing, governmently and politically. if not, if they turn her into joan of arc, if they turn her into a witch being burned at the stake, then it's not effective politically or governmentally.
5:47 am
>> we'll talk to you tomorrow about it. meanwhile, coming up next you're going to love this. pentatonix performs their brand-new single. without instruments. ♪ how can you love and we'll never be wrong ♪ >> but first check in with marsha, what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> big day, obviously. hillary clinton took the week off the campaign trail to get ready. in a little over an hour she will face the benghazi investigation committee. brand-new e-mails unearthed from ambassador stevens reveal chaos and requests that fell on deaf ears. and what was the ambassador really overseeing? in the troubled post in -- post-gadhafi country. steve hayes, tucker carlson, bill and i all see you for this very big morning at the top of the hour. about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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aaron peskin has been a champion for the middle class, fighting bad growth and income inequality. and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco.
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5:51 am
they broke records with their christmas album featuring a rendition of little drummer boy. ♪ lay before the king pa rum pa pum rum pa pum pum ♪ >> and they're making a cappella cover videos of songs like happy and royal, and led to more than 1.1 billion views on their youtube channel. but now the grammy award winning group pentatonix is taking on a new challenge, a studio album featuring all original material. including their new hit, can't sleep love. and pentatonix joins us in our new york studio. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> great to have you. now for folks who didn't see you guys when you were on our -- and gals, on "fox & friends" doing drummer boy, the three of you went to high school together. right? >> yes, we grew up together. >> and what would you do in high school musically? >> we were just in every single
5:52 am
choir. and we would stay after school and arrange stuff. we were choir nerds to the max. >> so you're choir nerds. decided to go on the nbc show, right? >> yes, the singoff. >> but you needed these guys on the end. where did they come from? >> avery was our mutual friend in college. and we found kevin on youtube. >> you were thinking to yourself there's always room for cello, right? >> will you ditch the cello and join us? >> as you listen to pentatonix, there are no musical instruments. the musical instruments are these three guys and the beautiful voices of all of them. what are you going to do for us? >> an original song called can't sleep love. >> ladies and gentlemen, pentatonix. ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ tell me am i going crazy uh-huh ♪ ♪ tell me have i lost my mind ♪ ♪ yeah am i just afraid of loving uh-huh ♪ ♪ or am i not the loving kind ♪ yeah ♪ kissing in the moon light movies on a late night ♪ ♪ getting old ♪ i've been there done that supposed to be hot but it's just cold ♪ ♪ somebody wake up my heart lit me up set fire to my soul yeah ♪ ♪ cause i can't do it anymore ♪ give me that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ i want that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ the kind i dream about all day the kind that keeps all night ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love
5:54 am
♪ maybe i'm too picky honey but i'm not in the world you're in ♪ ♪ i'm not in it for the money i'm looking for the real thing ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ kissen in the moon light movies on a late night ♪ ♪ getting old it's getting old ♪ ♪ i've been there done that supposed to be hot but it's just cold so so so cold ♪ ♪ somebody wake me up my heart light me up ♪ ♪ set fire to my soul to my soul to my soul to my soul ♪ ♪ cause i can't do it anymore no ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ i want that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ the kind i dream about all day the kind that keeps me up all night ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love
5:55 am
♪ i'm tired of dreaming i'm no one i'm tired ♪ ♪ i need somebody next to mine i'm tired ♪ ♪ cause i'm trying to give it to someone give it to someone ♪ ♪ because i can't do it anymore ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ i want that can't sleep love gimme that can't sleep ♪ ♪ the kind i dream about all day the kind that keeps me up all night ♪ ♪ gimme that can't sleep love ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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all right here's your one for the road as heather nauert turns her back. how dare she. >> sorry. >> new york mets headed to the world series for the first time in 15 years. they swept the chicago cubs in the nlcs. 8-3. the mets will be playing either the blue jays or royals in the world series. game six of the alcs is tomorrow. the the royals have a commanding lead which could mean kansas city roots against my new york city roots. i love this. >> share the news -- >> daniel murphy homes in 100 straight games. a new record. this is a guy that doesn't have a contract for next year. >> look at that face right there. they need the emoji for that face. and emoji fans rejoice. apple rolled out its latest update and it includes 150 new emoji icons. some of those celebrated, a taco, a bottle of champagne, and for greg, they've got a unicorn.
6:00 am
>> you can get them by installing the latest software update on your iphone. i've got it. my wife's going to get a taco later today. >> and joel, celebrating your sweatshirt. >> come on out here! bill: good morning, everybody. it should be the biggest day in hillary clinton's political career. it is expected to be a contentious hearing on benghazi. what does trey gowdy know that we do not know? martha: there have been many hearings, yet there are many unanswered questions about what was going on on the ground in libya when these four brave americans were murdered. we know ambassador stevens was


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