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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 22, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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undisputed that a significant number of your emails were to or from sidney blumenthal. he did not work for the state department. he didn't work for the u.s. government at all. he wanted to work for the state department but the white house said, no to him. do you recall who specifically at white house rejected sidney blumenthal?
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unsolicited e-mails which you passed on in some instances and you wanted to hear from people outside of the bubble. we'll ignore whether sidney blumenthal is outside of the bubble. but i want to ask you about the comments. you left out he was an old friend who knew nothing about libya and critical of president obama and loved to send you business and image political advice and had business in libya and solicited your help for and you forwarded his e-mails, but usually only after you redakted out any identifiers so no one anyhow where the information was coming from. what does the word "unsolicited" to? >> it means i did not ask him to send me the information he sent
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me and as i previously stated, some of it was interesting and some i did not. some i forwarded and some i did not. i didn't know about his business interest. i thought that just as i said previously newspaper articles and journalist of which he is one had interesting insights, and so we took them on board and evaluated them and some were helpful and others were not. >> we'll get to all of the points you just made. we'll start with your public comment that these e-mails were unsolicited. another keeper and thanks and please keep them coming. greetings from kabull and thanks for keeping it coming. any other into about it? what are you you hearing now? got it.
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will follow-up tomorrow and anything else to convey? now that one is interesting because that was the e-mail where mr. blumenthal was asking you to intervene on behalf of a business deal he pursued in libya. what did you boy what you are hearing now? >> i have no idea congressman, some were of interest and i passed them on and he continued to provide me information that was made available to him. >> i don't want to parse words or be hyper technical. you didn't say they were unsolicited. they were. >> they were unsolicited and i responded to some of them. >> anything else to convey and what are you hearing now? i am going to paris tomorrow
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night and meet with tnc leaders and still don't have electricity or black berry coverage, i have had to resort to my new ipad p. let me know if you received it. we'll talk about the new ipad. and here's another one. this report is in part a response to your questions. that is an e-mail from him to êf you. this report is in part in response to 84 questions and there will be further information the next day. if you are asking him with information how does that square with unsolicited. >> it began that way. and i will add chris stephens and jean krebs found the they anyhow the persons mentioned and they were the persons i asked to evaluate to so if there is useful
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information. >> we'll get to that in a second. before you give mr. blumenthal. >> i am sorry, what? >> he didn't write the cables or e-mails. would you be surprised not a single one of those wasjií#m him? >> i don't know where. >> did you ask? you are sending me specific intelligence. what is your source. that so manies like a good question. >> i did learn later he was talking to and sharing information from a former american intelligence officials. >> who wrote them. >> i don't know, mr. chairman. >> you had his information passed on to others and one occasion you asked. can you print without identifiers, why would you want his name removed? >> it would be more important to just look at substance and make a determination to determine if
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it was going to it. >> don't people have the right to know. >> he wasn't the source. >> you didn't do that madame chairman. you just said that? >> no, i knew he didn't have the sources. i knew he got it from somewhere else. he anyhow others in washington tcould be a variety of people. >> if you are going to determine credibility, don't you want to know the source? >> it wasn't credibility so much as following the threads mentioned about individuals and as i already stated some was useful and some was not. >> well, did the president know that mr. blumenthal advising you in >> he was not advising. >> did he know he was the prolific e-mailer. >> i didn't do my work. >> i am not challenging that
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madame secretary, the documents show he was your most prolific e-mailer on libyan and benghazi. and my question to you, did the president, the same white house know he was advising you. >> he was not advising me and i have no reason to know that i mentioned that or the president anyhow that. >> i will draw an e-mail from mr. blumenthal and you. exhibit 67. this is informative. should we pass on to the white house? if you are passing it on to the white house why take off the identifiers. >> it was important to evaluate the information and a lot of intelligence that i have reviewed you don't have the
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source. you look at intelligence and you try to determine who it is credible and whether it can be followed up. >> i am going to accept that you and i come from different backgrounds. it could not be entered in the courtrooms. >> we are not talking about courtrooms. >> we are talking about whether that source knows anything about libya or has business interest in libya and all of which would be important if you are determining the credibility which is why you probably took his information off what you sent to the white house and here is a possible explanation and the sense why the white house didn't want to you hire him in the first place. in one e-mail he wrote this about the secretary of defense. gates problem isosing the
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r'ternal debate and tyler authored the cables. toyler knows he and a mean vicious little -- i am not saying the word but he did. this is an e-mail from blumenthal to you about the president's secretary of defense. another e-mail from blumenthal to you about the national security adviser, tom donovan babbling narrative inspired derision with source foreign policy analyst here and abroad. and here is another one from what you say is your old friend sidney blumenthal. this is a quite from him. i would say obama, and he left the president part out. i would say obama appears to be intent on seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. he and his political cronies in the white house and chicago are
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unesthusiastic about regime jam in libia. obama's lukewarm and self contradicting statements reduced for the moment reduced operational paralysis. that gives us a better understanding of why the white house told you you cannot hire him. blumenthal could not get hired boy our government and did not pass a background check and had no role with our government and never been to libya and had no expertise in libya and critical of the president and others this you worked with and shared polling data and gave you political advice on how to take credit for libya all the while working for the clinton foundation and psychonews entitties and madame secretary, he had unfettered access to you. and he used that access on one
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occasion to ask you to intervene on behalf of a business venteur, do you recall that? >> mr. chairman, if you don't have any friends that say unkind things privately, i congratulate you. >> i would like to think i would correct them. >> i don't know why this line of questioning does to help us to get to the bottom of the deaths of four americans. >> i will be happy to help you understand that madame secretary. >> i will reiterate to what i said to congressman sanchez. they were unsolicited and you said the mainñi and if not the exclusive author was a former intelligence agent for our country who rose to the highest levels of the cian and given credit for being one of the very few that pointed out that the intelligence used by the bush administration to go to war in
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iraq was wrong. i think that the sharing of information from an old friend that i did not take at face value and that i sent on to the experts is something that you know, makes sense. but it was certainly not in any way, the primary source of or the predominant understanding that we have of what is going on in libya and needed to be doing. >> madame secretary, i am out of time and we'll pick it up and let you know ahead of time why it is relevant. it is relevant because our ambassador was asked to read and respond to sidney blumenthal's dribble. and it was sent to him on the same day he was asking for security. so it is fair to ask why sidney blumenthal had unfettered access
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to you madam secretary with whatever he wanted to talk about and there is no e-mail to or from you to ambassador stephens and that is fair and we'll take that up. >> gentlemen yield. >> mr. chairman. you made inaccurate statements over the past month as you have tried to defend against multiple republican that the select committee spent dollars in the bid for president. on sunday you made another inrackerate statement and this is relevant. there are other folks who may have equities in her e-mails and other enitties that are evaluating her e-mails, and my interest in them is solely
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making sure i get everything that i am entitled to so i can do my job. rest of it classiction and clinton foundation and you name it, i have 0 interest and which you why i didn't send a subpeona related to it and interview a single person other than brian because i need to know the record is complete. and i am going. >> i am waiting on you. >> just wait. >> i am waiting on the inaccurate statement. we have to take a break. >> this is not going to take long. you took four minutes. >> i have let everyone go over. >> thank you very much. you issued a subpeona to sidney blumenthal compoling him to a pore for a deposition on june 2015. you issued the subpoena without giving select members to debate
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or vote on it. and you sent two armeddzu mars to serve a subpoena on blumenthal's wife without gettingçó a request to have himo this voluntary. you you personally attended blumenthal's deposition and personally asked him about the clinton foundation and they did more than 50 times. now these facts contradict the statements. >> no, sir, with all due respect they do not. we heard e-mail ever e-mail about libya and benghazi that sidney blum blup sent to the secretary of state. i don't care if you send it by mors code or carrier pijion and the fact he sent it by e-mail was irrelevant. but he was sending information to the secretary of state.
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that is relevant. with respect to subpeona. if he bothered to answer the telephone calls. you vri> that's what i will do. >> well then go ahead. >> i move that we put in the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal and release the e-mail and that way the world can see it. >> we will not take that up in a hearing. >> i consulted with the parlimitarian. and we have a right. >> what we will do. >> we want the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> why is it you only want mr. blumenthal's transcript. you want the survivors and their names you want that? >> no. let me tell you something. >> only one you asked for is
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sidney blumenthal. and mills. >> that's not true. >> you want to ask for facts. >> you said from the beginning we want the truth and nothing but the truth. why don't we put the entire transcript out there and let the world see it. what do you have to hide. >> these are the only e-mails and in fairness to mr. blumenthal and american people and complete record. release his transcript where he gives the context. >> you refer to blumenthal e-mails and i haften to tell you the only reason we have çó blumenthal. they are secretary of state e-mails. they are not blumenthal and she wanted all of her e-mails and saying since march. i want the entire world to see blumenthal's e-mails are part of
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that. the parlimitarian to theed me the motion is not in order for a hearing but at the latest we'll take a vote and the first week we are back be. take up the transcripts you want and while we are there take up the 20 outstanding discovery request that we have to different executive branch. >> mr. chairman, allegations made against him are refoughted. >> that is your opinionxd adam. >> if you disagree. release the transcript. >> what allegation. >> why conceal the transcript. you have the power to release. >> i tell you why, i am not releasing one transcript of someone who does not know anything about libya while people who risk their lives. you don't want the 18 dsan agents and cian agents, the only
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transcripts that you want released are miss mills and sidney blumenthals and we'll take it up. >> the only person that you asked about in your questioning was sid no blumenthal. >> you selectively released the witness and only witness you did that for. we are asking for his. >> i will ask the gentlemen from california to please better characterize. these are clinton e-mails. we are adjourned. >> there you see the fireworks between the republican side and the democrat side on the right of your screen. tray gowdy sparring with elijah
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coup kumings. and adam schift as hillary clinton started her testimony. she honors the service of four americans who died that night in libya and the work of colleagues. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. we'll talk about the significant exchange you just witnessed and mike emmanuel was standing boy. interesting timing for that. and this hearing getting under way three hours from now. with the arrival of hillary clinton on capitol hill. law makers questioning the secretary of state on her decision surrounding the deadly attack that left four americans dead. clinton pushed back allegations
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ha she denied security in the consulate in benghazi. >> those issues related to security were rightly handled by the security officials in the department. not see them, approve them or deny them. >> mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill. and we believe that hillary clinton will be walking out and taking a lunch break and then there will be another round or two of questions that take place. and that's why you hear from law makers that they will pick up the conversation where they left off. they will have a chance and an opportunity to continue the questioning that they felt they didn't a chief what they wanted to. mike emmanuel has been watch withing this along with us. motorcycle, can we pick up off the last echange between cumings
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and gowdy. it is rare to so this type ofex change take place. tell us why. >> we knew from chairman gowdy it would be a businesslike hearing and it would a fire work and offered to do it behind closed doors in a yaitten deposition or interview deposition. she wanted to be public. after hearing from the democrats that this is a waste of time and money, chairman gowdy got aggravated and he went at it with the members of the panel and there is a discussion of the four americans who are killed in benghazi that were killed. chris stephens and his request for more security and the ambassador was killed in the benghazi attack. hillary clinton said the questions were honhorred and stephens was aware of the danger in libya. >> we didn't have instantous
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communication. you would not hear from them maybe months and this was not that kind, but it was not that different inñr degree from whate had done before and it was volunteered and conscientious is conscientious to under take. >> reporter: the hearing is taking its first break. one republican concern that clinton and her team might have taken their eye off of the ball in libya before the attack. >> in this pile i see daily updates and sometimes hourly updates from your staff about benghazi and chris stephens. when i look at this pile in 2012, i only see a handful of hand mails to you from your senior staff about benghazi. i conclude boy your own records that there was a lack of
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interest in libya 2012. >> there are other questions asked about the security interest before theçó 2012 atta. and clinton said her team were aware it was a dangerous situation. one republican asked what she did about it? >> it is not a matter if you anyhow about them, it is a matter of what you did about them? and to us, the answer is nothing. >> reporter: some democrats suggested that benghazi was investigated with many hearings and trey gowdy pushed back on that and one concern was about the budget. >> the state department has historically and before this terrible incident not had the amount of money that we thought would be necessary to do what was required to protect everyone. and of course, there had to be priorities. >> reporter: there was a stunning moment with ohio
10:25 am
congressman jim jordan where e-mails and she was telling they were killed boy an al-qaeda attack and days later, the administration blamed it on a video. jordan concluded that libya was supposed to be a great success of the obama administration and that close to the election, they were not going to admit it was a failure. >> it was a key moment. and thank you for getting us started in the big news day today. >> chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. mike alluded to the e-mail hillary clinton wrote to her family. i had never heard that before. did that come out of the mail server? >> to the best of my knowledge that was not revealed before. it was a note that clearly hillary clinton sent the night
10:26 am
of the attack. it was sent to her family. saying that it was a terror attack and no mention of the video. that goes against the line coming out of the white house and from the state department and of course, you have to remember jim jordan, ohio congressman asking about that department draw the link, but the caskets of the four u.s. diplomatic people brought back to andrew's air force base and president obama and hillary clinton spoke in a ceremony attended by the relatives, mrs. clinton talked about the video, no mention at all about a terror attack. and so it is in direct contradiction to that. >> it seems important to remember the timing of all of this, less than two months before president obama ran for reelection and that gets lost in
10:27 am
the discussion of what said what when and what was said. >> you are right. you are talking about september of 2012. and president obama was campaigning on gm is alive and osama bin laden is dead and al-qaeda is decimated on the run and now you have an attack in which four americans are killed, the '70s and if it is a terror attack directly contradictory on what the president said on the war of terror and this is a video and point that congressman jordan was making. a different matter. that is a response and not an indication that al-qaeda is stronger. >> what is the most interesting thing you heard coming out of
10:28 am
this hearing? >> first of all, once again, so- call would experts and didn't know anything. we talked about the fact that these congressional investigations have less fire and this is a fascinating hearing so far and there is new information and dots that are connected. before benghazi, and before the attack of the lack of response by the state department to repeated request for more security. and congressman jordan with the explosive e-mails, not only telling her family, but also telling the libyan president and foreign minister of egypt it was a terrorist attack in the immediate aftermath. some of them it was going on. and it ended up killing two more americans in the cian annex and
10:29 am
she indicated it is a terror attack. but not what the american people are told. and fascinating back and forth. and people are wondering what the significance of sidney blumenthal and secretary clinton. part of it was that secretary clinton saying they were unsolicited and gowdy just notices. and you have information keep it coming. and then she had to back track, it began as unsolicited and this is what we see mr. clinton makes a statement and then walk it back a little bit. and the other thing that fascinated me is the democrats, sometimes the congressional hearings are bipartisan and i thought back famously to the congressional hearing and that was senate watergate hearings in the 1970s. when republicans asked tough
10:30 am
questions of the nixon administration just as much as the democrats were and it was a member of the republican staff that elicited the information that nixon had a secret taping system. ñ are only trying to rehabilitate mrs. clinton and attack the republicans and i am shocked that they are not asking honest questions about what happened in libya. >> it is fascinating to watch and we'll be back with it when they return after their lunch break and it will be a big topic for you on fox news sunday. >> thanks,ó> hillary clinton said ambassador stephens was in libya to do recognizance and no back diplomacy. our next guest is wondering why we were in benghazi in the first
10:31 am
place? did the committee get that answer and is that significant. that is after the break. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> you sent them to your family and this is what you said. 11:00 that night. approximately one hour after you told the american people about the video. two were killed in benghazi by
10:35 am
an al-qaeda- like group you tell the american people one thing and tell your family a different story. on the night of the attack, you had a call with the president of libya and you said to him. an sarshar ian is claiming responsibility. one of the guys in charge belonged to that group. and timely, the next day in 24 hours you had a rfrgz conversation with the egyptian prime minister. we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it is a planned attack and not a protest. >> and they are challenging the narrative of the obama administration and secretary of state that muslims upset by the crude internet video was responsible for attacking the
10:36 am
consulate in benghazi. obviously those e-mails just came to light in the course of the committee's investigation and why they are featured. >> and the headlines from this, in this morning session. xd kt macfar land analyst for fox news. what are are the questions, why were we in benghazi. and we will get to that in a moment. we understand the information we got about benghazi after the attack and what do you make of those new e-mails we saw for the first time. >> why was he lying? it is obvious she said one thing to the american people and families of the fallen and quite differently to foreign leaders own family. why lie to the american people. it goes back to we got osama bin laden and al-qaeda on the ropes and won the war on terror and it is all over. and reelect president obama he slayed the dragon.
10:37 am
>> you think it was a calculation. there is a lot of questions of what is going on in benghazi and whether or not hillary clinton was paying attention in 2012. we saw the questions from the republicans on that. and what did we learn about what we are doing in benghazi. >> we still don't know? it was an embassy and consulate and it was our territory and we were not really there. likef]hñ picking up jell-o, wha were we do. we have special services guys and navy seals and heavily armed and she said in the opening statement and in answer to the question, they were there to secure gaddafi's weapons. gaddafi had a lot of weapons and we needed to get our hands on them so they didn't fall in the hands of bad guys. you got those weapons what did you do with them.
10:38 am
>> you think republicans are missing that. >> the answer would provide what are we do really doing in the region. were we arming syrian rebels and taking them and giving them to libya rebel groups or militias that we like. they are the same militia that went after our own people. the weapons we secured ended up in the hands of people who used them against us. >> would that change the explanation of what the white house went out for why the attacks happen and why no rescue was set? was there reason to go with a different narrative because of what we are doing in the country. >> is there a cover up to what we are really doing? >> is there a reason? >> you bet. we were not allowed to arm the syrian rebels or u.n. sanctions against it and u.s. regulations and. if we were doing it
10:39 am
secretly, that is gun running and that is iran contraand they would have every reason to cover it up. >> that is one theory. that is a question to watch for in the afternoon session. thank you very much. >> and so the special house committee tries to uncover the truth of what happened in benghazi. firsthand accounts from the people on the ground. rrn - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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>> so congress spending three plus years trying to get to the bottom of what happened on the night of 2012. we'll take you back to benghazi as greg talks about how that unfolded from the firsthand accounts and the mistakes made before and during the a tact.
10:43 am
greg is live in london, greg? >> reporter: john, past couple of hours we heard about the threat of libya and the security or lack thereof. and couple of weeks after the attack as you noted we were in benghazi and in the compoun and got firsthand impregdz. probably the firsthand attack came from a neighbor we talked to exclusively and he told us about a mob coming down the street and saw them dressed in the gear of the islamic militia and a full frontal assault and dealing with the first line of guards. security was pretty big. there was a half finished buildingoused for the attackers and a scale and sheet metal gate
10:44 am
easily knocked down and granted it was after the fact and i would like to say and brag it was difficult to get in there, but no, it was easy to get in there and we, too, had the run of the place. inside of the compound. the hypothetical. there was a strong defense guarding four americans inside. you would expect to so damage from rpg. but on the grounds, it was pristonight. walls of the buildings were intact and you could derife from that there was not enough of a defense. inside of the buildings, they anyhow what they wanted. they had the charred remains of the devastating fire. every rom was ransacked and it was a scene of death and again while this is after the fact, there was very little security
10:45 am
and we got into all of thexd buildings we wanted to get in to. it was a command center, for the mission there. and we saw private dairies and maps and notes and memos from ambassador stephens and the rest of the staff. there there was a clear firsthand worries about a attack and they were concerned about them not being prepared for it. and there was a revealing interview off camera with a fellow. an islamic militia leader as one of the ring leaders revealing notes inially because of what he told us. most of it was standard anti- u.s. rhetoric and shed no remorse. he claimed he was there and only directing traffic and helping the ñiinjured. w3
10:46 am
what was revealing the ease with what we got that interview. was easy to get him. we called and waited an hour and talked to him by the pool side of the hotel. it took full two years that the u.s. government would nach and he was the target of a high- stakes mission. yeah, it was dangerous then in 2012, it is very dangerous now in 2015. it was a horrible incident and could have been avoided and follow-upph handled better as well. back to you. >> when you were looking at what was left of our diplomatic compound there, did you have security with you? >> we did. we are always watching over our shoulder for this. and even at that time there was a bit of a lull and it was an
10:47 am
opportunity to get in. and yeah, it was dangerous then just like it is most times. >> if you were able to get all of that information on the ground there, state department or security people or fbi could have done the same? >> presumably there was. we saw signs that the fbi was there and a lot of clues and evidencep4@xój left there and should have been taken away for a closer examination. >> one of the things we learned in the morning temperature. chris stephens had five personal security guards with him but there was questions of whether that was enough based on what he said. hillary clinton testified she never saw the requests because she didn't handle securityñi herself. the general is here to we in and then there is this. >> long- term things were not going to turn out well. he was right. after your plan things in libya
10:48 am
is a disaster. >> we'll have more time to talk about this. this is not a view i will ascribe to you. >> most libyans disagree with the secretary of state. heb ahead, a look at libya three years after this attack.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
western leaders prefuse to
10:52 am
provide more aid. >> retired four star general. this testimony general keene, is the situation in benghazi was bad for a longxchgutime. why does that matter when we're asking the question, why wasn't there more security? >> because you start with the policy failure first. the policy failures, we did not support a moderately elected islamic regime that was asking for us, the united states to help them with security to disarm the radicals that they knew were trying to undermine the western support that this new regime has. that's the major issue. president obama admitted that. the only policy failure i heard them admit is this one i'm talking about. the security situation deteriorated for well over a year. as a testimony pointed out with two attacks on the consulate
10:53 am
itself and the ambassador trying to assassinate. this is ever increasing dangerous situation. the operational failure here is certainly not taking the proper security measures given all the information we had of an ever increasing dangerous situation. unfair to compare it to other embassy attacks because there were no intel build ups for those attacks. there's significant build up for these attacks. >> hillary clinton trying to make those in her comparisons. >> it's very challenging to get military assets into countries that don't want them there. in fact, that has been a constant issue that we have worked between the state department and the department of defense. the libyans made it very clear from the beginning they did not want any american military or any foreign military at all in
10:54 am
their country. >> the libyans she's referring to is the newly elected government. that was not functioning yet inside the country. we just heard about the state of the country right now. that begs the question, with due respect to the sovereign tty of other nations, did we choose the libyans over our own troops on the ground than a country we were militarily involved with? >> i think there were options here. i understand the libyan government's concern. if we bring out outside training forces that that's not a third rail to inflame the radicals. that's what their concern is. there's ways to do that with private contractors who are very good at this and organized this effort in concert with them. i think it was some attempt to do that. we just didn't have the focus, in my judgment, we should have had given fact we had a moderate
10:55 am
regime there willing to work with us and elected by its people. we let this thing get away from us. it's sad commentary. >> what do you make of the e-mails that show that hillary clinton knew it was an al qaeda related group that attacked our conflict. she said wasn't officially a conflict, killed our people and then publicly went with a narrative about a video. what do you make of that news today? >> i think it was well understood that all the attacks leading up to the faithful one on 9/11 and the daily briefings that the security is referring to. it's no surprise they conducted that attack that night. the reality of the film and what was revealed about her discussions with the libyan president and egyptian foreign minister, i think that's news that obviously she didn't believe the film was part of the motivation for the attack.
10:56 am
everybody knew what had happened that night. >> general keane, nice to have your insight today. we'll hear more this afternoon. >> good talking to you as always. >> more fireworks to come. testimony over former secretary of state clinton's response to the benghazi attack set to resume about 20 minutes from now. when it resume, we'll take you back there live. oweautiful iis.. honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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spin. >> this is one of the things she talked about during the
11:00 am
testimony as well saying chris stephen volunteered, knew this was risky. his choice matter and we'll see how that plays out for her as we continue to watch the coverage. >> he's also asking for more security. stay with fox for the latest. >> thanks for staying with us. the great deal story with gretchen starts now. hillary clinton getting grilled on capitol hill. this is the real story on a very important day. former secretary of state giving her long awaited testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. as well as the administration's response to those attacks. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live for us on capitol hill. what were some of the feistier moments from the first session. >> reporter: there's been focus on the narrative at the benghazi attack blaming it on an


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