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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 22, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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event worthy. so we called up buffalo wild wings and worded them. they said they'd be ready bid 20 minutes past 3:00. it's now four and they're not read so i'm going to go take care of business. we'll get certitude on this one. shep, i have the wings. thank you very much. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. our are how, what a day, on on again, off again, back and forth, heatedded exchanges, and in the mid of this as benning become was being deplated, look what happened on the right of your screen. stocks soaring so if this was leading to political uncertainty that is correct had a funny way of showing that. suffice to say we had some very good news on housing. some bretter than expected news out of corporate america and that seemed to trump the political debate going on in washington right now. i say four today. to chief congressional correspondent mike i'm map all
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-- mike eman you, update us. >> chairman trey gowdy said this was all about getting to the truth. top democrats suggested. this was about a witch hunt to get hillary clinton and so there were some focus about clinton's e-mails with her frenzied any blumenthal and exchanges back and forth. that led to tempers flaring. this exchange between the chairman and the top democrat on the panel. >> i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal. we are going to release the e-mail, let's do the transcript. that way the world can see it. >> i don't motion -- >> motion has been seconded. >> we're not going to take that up at a hearing. >> mr. chairman ex-consult it with the parliamentarian and they informed us we have a right to ha roared vote on that motion. >> i think'o&)z let's do this -- >> in the whole truth and nothing but the truth. that's what we want to he. let the world see is. >> why is it you only want
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mr. humannen that's -- >> i'd like have to all of them released. >> there was also some focus on the obama administration narrative after the september 11, 2012, benghazi attack, when it was blamed on an internet video that was antiislam. ohio republican congress mound jim jordan went after clinton's e-mails leading to this exchange. >> one hour after you told the america2dnç people, you say to r family two offices were killed in benghazi by aned a quite, like group you tell the american people one thing, and you tell your family an entirely different story. >> jordan noted the attack was eight weeks before the 2012 presidential election, and that libya was supposed to be a foreign policy highlight for the obama administration. they're out taking lot votes in the house of representatives now and we expect more testimony in matter of minutes. >> thank you very much. we're awaiting a tape play back of the president doing what he was expected to do, and go ahead
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and reject that defense measure that the house and the senate had been pushing to try to keep at laos defense spending going through what will appear to be now a debt and budget brinksman ship here. so to get ghassan sunday stricken on the legal implications today. any smoke guns. >> er is know. they're political. as an employee of fox news i travel all over the world with hillary clinton, afghanistan, pakistan, i've been to all these dangerous places and she was never in charge of security, so ultimately the buck stops there with her but if she had been in charge of secures, we would say what are you doing in you're not the expert in surety. so there's no probable enemy in my eyes. what remains peculiar is the whole business about the video. when it happened it was mortarses and rpgs. protesters show up with cardboard peninsula cards. so it sounded like it is terrorism. then on facebook an
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al qaeda-like group is claiming responsibility. then the person e-mail she was constant fronted with today to familiar i electric where she is a al qaeda-like group that did it. then you have the situation where the next thing we know it's a video. susan rice is saying it's a video, and as late as september 20 in to none are unipresident obama is saying it's a individual -- >> greta, the performed is already put out -- why he rejected a defense measure. he says he is not going to do that part and parcel here. all or go with a budget and we can get into that separate soap opera, but setting apt fight with congress. this is a asset separate fight with congress on behalf of those who believe it is a political cabal against her. is through anything new that will weigh on her? >> i think that there's still the unanswered question about why the video. now, that is just a political fight. it's a mystery to me. i don't know why -- i'd love to
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know put those who love hillary clinton still love her. those who hate her, still hate her. not going to move the dial at all. so, it's been -- i hope we get the answers. >> now, as a great lawyer -- i now lawyers look to wear people doubt butout wear them down and hope every five, six, seven hours of testimony they will slip up. maybe it gets to discussions about her e-mails, what was in or out. what was on the private server, what was on the other more public ones. and then you can catch her maybe in perjury. but it seems like -- again, you're the lawyer -- that they're kind of grasping at straws. >> this is -- what wore supposed to do to protect our diplomats. that's the whole point. may have political implications and we'll see that later. the whole issue about law comes up in a wholly entirely
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different investigation. the one the fbi is doing about her server. this is just to see how she was doing her job and if we're doing the right thing for our diplomats. it's a different issue, and the side story is a political ramification. it's the finn's separate investigation of her server -- the fbi's separate investigation of her serve erv which she would have in concern who she violated a law. a very different investigation. >> that different part with the fbi and what it might be deciding oar weighs, anything she is saying here potentially influence where that goes? >> no. not that i can see. no huge smoking guns. there's -- this is not going to get hersxi=ñ into any, quote, ll trouble at all that i've seep. so, i would not be -- i wouldn't even be thinking about that tonight. >> so the general cynical view this is not the fbi that would finger her or target her. so she doesn't have anything to
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worry about. among the rope wes heard why joe biden decided not to challenge her, that between her disease bit performance, the fact she has seemed to regroup herself and the fact it doesn't look like this benning become thing is going anywhere or the fbi might act, that she is free and clear. is that -- >> well, yes. but if you take the less cynical view of this hearing -- i heard views. this is a serious issue. we put men and women in dangerous companies,emin, libya, they're i extremely dangerous. so we need to at least figure our how to provide security for them and who makes the decisions for them. so being the optimist this is a out who is making these decisions. the side part and a him one is whacker in the world is going on with the video? if our state department and our defense department and our commander in chief were still
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peddling this ridiculous video thing, how different they get so far off the rails when nobody thought itself was video except for them. and it's not too keep hit them over the heat with but the problem is we don't understand why the they sag it in a legitimate reason or was it politics as some suggest it because the president was about to run for re-election and the issue was he had said that al qaeda was on the run. the american people are entitled to transparency and fine out about that. that's a separate issue than the security of our diplomats and that's a very importan..x issue. >> all right, greta, thank you very much. good seeing you. there is also the issue of whether this is all worth the money, and didn't that come up today. take a listen. >> the republicans are squandering millions of taxpayer dollars. >> we spent almost $5 million. >> dough teen need to spend $4.7 million and 17 months to simply prosecute you. >> infuriates me to hear folks
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to my left who don't raise a single whisper about spending $50 million to train five isis fighters, but god forbid we spend a tenth of that to give some answers to the family members on the first row. >> all right. so, this isn't really about a waste of money. richard disagrees with that. gina, where due you stan? $5 million, i know what the chairman was saying, $50 million getting to the bottom of other missions here -- other messes here. what do you think of this? >> i would ask them, those would are accusing that this is too much money spent, what exactly is the price you put on four american lives, and if it is such a gross overexpend tight tour why is hillary campaigning on it as fundraisers as recently as light in and let's not forget this president has spent more on vacations than all presidents
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combined in our history and more on just a couple of golf outings than this cost. i think that anybody in their right mind would say, hey, this is a logical expenditure compared to obama's golf outings. >> well, you're completely -- the other notion on this is for democrats, not strangers to spending money, to complain about this, seems a little rich put your thought. >> we have the delusional perspective that somehow or other the obama spent more than $505 million on a couple of golf outings. i submit that there are some of your viewers and viewers of other networks who want to hold on to that belief, who even this whole video thing, there's something to it. it's nonsense. with respect to the investment, there's been more that's been spent by this committee than was spent on the house intelligence commit e0, the house veterans affairs. we nor there's problems there. a lot more than four lives heave been lost thangs to he
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misdeed --=ib-s >> richard, if we had oil -- going after the oil guys, $89 million hearing, if we were dealing with the iran stuff, $4 million, those were okay. you draw the line? >> i draw the line the fact that there have the been seven other committeees, the republican-run intelligence committee in the house, the republican-run house armed services committee, when trey gowdy started the hearing talking about how ha pennsylvania the think the other hearings were he was base basically saying his colleagues were incompetent. i guerin tea you something down the road will look back at this committee and say you didn't do the job either so we should have another one. >> wait, wait, want to me clear. the iran were worth it, who you're talking about oil, that was worth it. you can't pick and choose your waste. >> of course not. what you can pick and choose is there weren't eight iran-contra
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hearings. we're talking about rebun dan si here -- rerun dan say. >> jean nark let's l goetz not into into the president's golf cart. whether we're pouring good money after bad, many democrats are saying, this is it. one and done. after this we're done with this committee. we're not going to be doing this anymore. then what? >> if you can even get past the laugh test of democrats complaining about spending, then i guess we can talk about that, hey, this investigation has led to a lot of information. we have more than 30 people on record who have testified. we have the discovery of the whole e-mail debacle in hillary's arena. we have the whole discovery the fact that hilary hasn't bothered to -- >> jean narks are you surprised for all this money and effort we have not really solved anything. >> exactly. >> when she even admitted today, admitted in these hearings,
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neil, that she knew this was never about a film, like her administration was putting out. when she admitted she didn't bother to -- >> gina do you think americans really care at this point? whatever the passion -- >> i think they found in somethings -- >> not in the top ten issues americans are worried about. i'm not saying says fair or right but just what is. do you feel this is just going noy and a waste of time? >> i bet it is in the top ten issues of those who -- the family. >> no doubt, no doubt. i'm not trying to editorial a's, i'm just trying to tell you it boomer ranges. >> and i bet every american on foreign soil is a top ten issue and if you polled a lot of people who are really involved in watching politics and watching our foreign policy right now, neil, this is very important -- >> well you might -- i just thanks passions are one thing if wishing we had more time. parks were one thing. stepping back is another. i want to thank you both and let you the president vetoed them4]z
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defense spending bill, setting up another conflict with the republicans and me head muir the cameras were there.
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>> the mow is -- you have a democratic president who is calling congress on essentially not sticking by those military spending constraints and those automatic budget cuts that were sort of both parties -- trying show she fiscal resolve. art laffer is joining us. he is throwing it back in their face and saying you were the guys who agreed to these
1:18 pm
constraints. you are in the guys trying to wiggle out of them. >> i think it's politics as usual. you just can't get by any of this stuff, neil. it's amazing. we put in the sequestration quite a while ago, and that sequestration, which worked 505 on military and domestic programs has made a huge dent in government spending especially at the federal level, and bringing the government spending down is the only reason why we are agreeing at all in this country. now, obviously the best area to spend, given what anywhere doing in the military, but goodness knows the sequestration made a very positive impact on the economy. >> but is it a backup for guys supposed to come up with something approaching austerity or at least revolved and now the irony the president of the -- a spender -- he
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we are going to be exploring oddive of very vents, they're nowhere near done what, happens as the night ensues. to show we what an upside-down day this has been in washington. republican -- -- hearings have costed multiple times mom the president lecture republicans on not getting their budgetary act
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they are going to resume the benghazi hearing today. start ited a 10:00 a.m. eastern time so now it's 4:24 eastern time. carry the one -- going on six-1/2 hours, allowing for breaks and it's going to go on longer, each member allowed ten minutes of question and i thought it was one and done. no, it's multiple times. this will end around christmastime. i don't know. but later on we'll talk to chad about handicapping when it will be done and what damage has been done or not done. meantime we're focusing on something else.
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indications that paul ryan, if the still wants the job and is still got some of his colleagues to agree to some concessions, doesn't want to plow a lot of family time into this and wants something than his colleagues in the past have had to do that job, then its almost asking two big republican groups now have pledged their support. that includes the freedom caucus, who at least 20 of its members have indicated they would support ryan. we had dan wester here, the florida congressman who had them behind him. but looks like paul ryan has the votes to be the next speaker of the house. here's the thing. he set new rules. he saw them going in. not going to be going crazy with this. i have young kids. i want to be with them. none of this flying around, doing fundraising sufficient. if you can accept my conditions
1:26 pm
i won't work like other speakers have, i'm okay with that. tried that with my boss and said, really? didn't work. garrett smith and charles payne. he'll probably get his way. >> will because the gone boxed itself into a bind but the left has jump all over this because now they have the perfect poster boar "their work life balancing which a bunch of crock. >> don't like your kids? it's not realistic, and particularly at this place in time where america is petering out. our dominance in the world errings not what it used to be. think how we got here. the reason way happen super vacations, kids get out of school and harvest crops. >> okay, okay. obviously -- now everyone likes paul ryan but i thought how many others could go into a job and
1:27 pm
say i'm not going to work fingers to the bone like the last guy. now to be fair. jimmy carter was very hard working president. reagan didn't work nearly as hard but was twice as effective. so, there might be a wisdom to it. >> to your point, we're dealing with a new day and age, and i agree to some point with charles. there real -- people need to work -- that's what the foundation of the country is based on. however, we need to start working more smartly as opposed to more hours. why be a work martyr? people that go in there, spend 100 hours in a week dilly dallying by the commuter. >> i love you to death but my issue -- we-there is a certain requirement that comes to a job that big. imagine if the profit of the united states said i don't want to be bothered on weekends issue don't want to on veterans day have to hang a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
1:28 pm
i i'm tariffizing this to make a point there are certain requiremented that come with very big jobs and a 40-hour work we're is not it. >> exactly, neil. look, the fact of the matter is, if paul ryan was at the benghazi hearings he would be looking at his watch and saying issue got to wrap this thing up. >> no -- that's a bad example but go ahead. >> well, the other thing is, i think in every job that we have, we shohy;r all certainly work smarter and more efficiently. unfortunately, paul ryan has the majority of the house that might mott be as efficient as he is. >> and maybe he focuses like a laser beam on that. my only issue -- you enter people for your job. i interviewed a kid, first thing he wanted to know was vacation time and benefits. first thing he didn't get the job. but it's audacious.
1:29 pm
first thing out of the gate was that. >> that's a red flag also when someone comes in, 40 years owes, living with their mom. >> what is -- >> mother. mother. >> charles, come on. she wasn't sick either. the bottom line, though, is honestly, i understand working efficiently, but we do have this sort of a mentality, particularly against what young kid -- you're saying millenial get a gold watch on the first day of -- >> bet when your young, your kids are little but when they were young did you want to spend more time? >> of yours -- >> to he is a young dad. >> i listen. we're not talking about -- paul ryan is talking about is not what the work life crowd is talk. of the not talking about working less -- >> gentlemen u.s. u just patches to pry ore tase. >> that's the problem. parents back in the day didn't spend muff time with kids and that's what he wants to do
1:30 pm
paypal came out with a study that millenial, 62% don't he a credit card. everyone wants to men more time with family. the millenials even think, they spend, everything is defendant. so unless with start catering to that, we are going to be the run digs. >> maybe he is getting rid of the nonsensical part of the job, the fundraising. maybe it's necessary. >> he can't, though. unfortunately it's not by definition the nature of the job. congress, for better or worse, often operates in crisis mode. they got the debt limit. they got budgets. they got wars. you just can't turn on your watch and say, i know we got something brewing in syria, but i got to get home, so it's pigs -- pick it up tomorrow. so the world doesn't work that way. by him stipulating that it he is trying to do something that -- >> everyone needs to -- the three hour work week. that all i have to say.
1:31 pm
>> listen. to gary's point, from mcdonald's to congress, if you want to succeed you're not d(>> we're not able to get that tape of charles payne on the same subject, screaming at kids, get off my lawn. this hearing is goes going to resume shortly and could go very late. i know charles' show is on at 6:00 p.m. >> we'll have updates and an amazing market today and after the closing. >> very telling. we have lindsey graham reacting to this, and how long this will go on.
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>> they are not done yet. i don't know how soon they'll resume the benghazi hearing but i do know it will go late, maybe very late. chad pergram how late. >> the benghazi committee took a recess because there were a series of votes on the house floor. this is across the street on a bill related to minerals of all
1:36 pm
things. so members have to vote. they're into this final vote series now. they have four more votes left after this. based on my timing i imagine the committee would start maybe about 5:00, maybe short through thereafter and go to 4:50 eastern time. and i talked to one member, jim thornton from ohio, and i asked him how late he thought this would go and i said. i don't know. haste got ton my second round of questions. the members are given 10 to 12 minute blocks apiece. there are 12 members on the committee in four round. so you multiply 12 by ten and then by four and that a lot of time. this is the second big break so wouldn't surprise me this doesn't good until 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. >> chad, is there any early read from either rums or democrats how hillary clinton is faring? >> well, that's been something that people have been trying to parse out and it was northworthy
1:37 pm
that gowdy said not a single member of the committee has signed up to investigate you. we had a pretty good trustup gowdy between gowdy and elijah cummings, and people wanted to get to what were divergent accounts. things that came another from the administration and the white house about what spurred the benghazi attack. that something that mar that robey of alabama talked about yesterday. one issue she wantedi)á get to the bottom of and we haven't gotten to the bottom of that. 0 so there's been a little built of talk about it burt people aren't really going anywhere with that. >> not yet. thank you, my friend. >> anytime. >> by the way, look who was dragged into this discussion today. this might surprise you. take a listen. >> senator lindsey graham tweeted, where the hell were you on the night of the benghazi attack? every one on this panel knows
1:38 pm
these accusations are baseless. from our own investigation and all those before it. >> well, we have lindsey graham with us right now. senator, what did you think of what he said about you? >> well, here's what i was shocked to find out, that the secretary of state, on september 12th, the day after the attacks, told an egyptian official that this was not a protest caused video. we know it was an al qaeda linked attack. here's what his stubbing to me. how could she sit on the sideline when susan rice, on september 15 until, three days later, went on national television and lied through her teeth about what happened. sues sap rice said there was -- susan rice said there was no evidence of a planned terrorist attack. it was a protest caused by video and the consulate wag secured. how could hillary clinton sit on the sidelines and listen to
1:39 pm
susan rice and knowing it's a lie. it leaves me to conclude that she was come misssive with the obama administration to mislead and lie bat what happened at benghazi to protect the president's re-election. this is a big breakthrough in terms of hillary clinton. i'm glad as a republican joe biden is not running. >> still, as a passionate at you feel and looking at the brokeup of the committee do you think any minds were changed and do you think now as more time goes since these attacks that it's really resonating? because as i told you last time you were here. that this is nowhere on american's top ten list of worries. for those directly affected, absolutely. for of those passion not, absolutely, but just as many who say this is a political npñ c. do you thing the whole thing is a waste of time? >> absolutely not. god bless trey gowdy and this committee. we now know that hillary clinton had a private e-mail server
1:40 pm
outside of propriety. we haven't chris stevens' e-mails. >> what have we gotten from them? >> here's what we found. we found that hillary clinton on september 12th knew it was a terrorist attack. had nothing to do with a protest and she sat on the sidelines and listened to susan rice lie to the american people. that bothered me. i if you want to be commander in chief you shouldn't be complicit in lying to the american people about how four people died that were on your watch to protect. >> are you surprised that she is not denting her, despite the kevin mccarthy comments, i'm sure he regrets and you regret him saying that but it has not put a dent in per popularity and had a lot to do with joe beside -- joe biden about not oning. >> i think she is unfit to be commander in chief. here's what eye sake. how could you as secretary of
1:41 pm
state. knowing that susan rice was telling a lie, sit on the sidelines and not correct the record. she clearly was more concerned about the president residents re-election. don't you have some obligation to the public and to the dead to tell the truth? how could she let susan rice get away with misleading the american people? she is a political animal. she put the interests of the president are's reother e, of doing her job. this goes to her character as a leader and this is something i didn't know exited. i didn't know that on september 12th she told the egypt schappes we know it's not a protest. had nothing to do with the individual yo but let the obama administration including the president himself, misload the person miami up to the election. whatnot do. >> due near they're getting the upper hand and to add insult to injury, the president goes ahead and rejects a measure that -- congressional measure, separate defense appropriation, and the president says, it's on you,
1:42 pm
congress to stick to these packup spending cults you agreed to. he is lecturing republicans on spending. that's sort of got to be a double blow to republicans. >> in a bipartisan fashion we agreed to increase the defense spending because we're gutting our military. we are on track to have he smallest army since 1940, and the small u navy since 1915. coming coming about more money into the military budget so the commander in chief vetoes a pay raise for the troop, equipment for them that is more modern, petitioner training, better benefits for their families because he's worried about domestic discretionary spending and vetoed the defense ball his dish. >> the sequestration cuts were if a greet to by both parties. whatever your view -- >> not by me. >> fine. i'm just saying that the republicans are in embarrassing position of being lectured by a president who does like to spend, about spending. that's weird.
1:43 pm
>> well what is weird is for a commander in chief to veto a bill to provide more also -- assets he his charge of -- or to veto a defense bill because it's spends to much on military. that weird. it's really weird that a secretary of state would set on the sidelines and watch somebody lie about what happened to their people feel no need to correct the record. that's not just weird. that's unacceptable. dirk. >> if tell you another thing that is weird. you're the last vet left in the race, with senator reb opt -- senator webb occupanting out. -- opting out. this!l)z has been a could i isse here but you're not registering in the poles. donald trump was here and he was --ing. listen to this. >> got a veery the polls, zero, and in south carolina, he is a
1:44 pm
three and i'm a 32, and he is the senator from south carolina. so, look, is he going to have some people that hit you -- i never hit first. always counter punch you have some that hit yowlings ski graham has one and he was vicious about. i guess he has to get out very soon because he has no rating whatsoever no poll numbers. at some point when you get zero for a number of months in a row, you got to sort of get the picture. >> i couldn't let that go unaddressed by you, senator. >> number one, this is october and the people leading in 2012 and 2008 as this time never made it. aisle very confident my numbers will rise. i could c.a.i.r. less about polls. i'm trying to inform the american people about threats to our home lamped that are -- homeland that greater than enough time 9/11 this is a man who said let russia fight isil. isil is a direct threat to our
1:45 pm
homeland. why let putin defend the homeland. >> senator. thank you very much. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
1:46 pm
believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader.
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we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents . .the unit . . . . . take . our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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all right. amazon is out with some numbers that are blowing past street estimates here. the stock is soaring in after-hours trait trading. our expert is here to talk about apparently all is doom and gloom. it doesn't apply to these guys. >> in the words of a financial journalist, get down. that's what amazon reported. >> what financial journalist reported -- get eqjeçdown. >> that would be me. the stock was up 80% already this year and the street was expecting the company to lose money last quarter what did it
1:49 pm
do? it earned money instead of losing it. amazon reported a profit of 17 cents a share. revenue came in better than expected. sales for the quarter up 23% from a year ago. and here's the key line -- amazon expects record holiday season. boom, drop the mike. >> this is why they were hiring or -- >> clearly part of it, so -- >> walmart is doing the same. a lot of these guys are doing the same, they must be seeing something out there. >> walmart is having a problem with its own line. here's what's going on with amazon, the guidance for the current quarter, in terms of revenue. was about in line with expectations. one thing that amazon has going for it, it has the web services division. it essentially rents out computing power to other businesses that reported sales north of $2 billion. it is going great guns and it has, a lot of that revenue flows
1:50 pm
to the bottom line. >> you and i chatted about many times over the years. people are moving. i think this is the first christmas season railroad people are going to be doing a majority of their shopping online this will be the first christmas that's happened. >> right overall i think you get about one-sixth of total sales in online shopping. it's the number of people who are doing it that is so impressive as well. i want to point out the stock in after-hours trading, up about 10%. >> that's an expensive stock. >> we're going to wake up tomorrow morning, when you see $587 a share,góf2w that's the l all-time high for that stock and we could break it the greatest thing that amazon is doing, it hired all the guys from "top gear" in britain and it's going to produce an exclusive car show for the prime service. you should be deep into the prime video streaming. >> oh no you didn't. go, go.
1:51 pm
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all right. maybe the donald should be looking at the doctor, not as his vice presidential running mate, but asking the doctor whether he would want to flip it around. it's too early, but for the first time in a long time, donald trump is not on top of the polls. out of iowa, he is second to dr. ben carson. whether this is a trend is anyone's guess. who better to get into it than real clear politics, kaitlyn bern. it does disrupt a trend, that's
1:55 pm
we've been showing donald trump on top. >> i'm curious to see how he handles this if we continue to see him fall behind carson. especially in iowa. it's not surprising that carson is doing so well in iowa. he really, identifies with kind of the cultural conservative face of the republican party that is really active in those caucuses there. >> and more women. more women, i found interesting. >> what is fascinating about this poll is that he is leading among women. especially in a race where you have carly fiorina in this. and women i talk to, conservative women say that they like, they like his appeal. his kind of calming nature. they like that he was a doctor. and that sort of thing. but it is interesting to see how the other candidates will handle this as well. i mean remember ted cruz is really trying to play actively in iowa. the other thing about carson is that he has been campaigning in the, that early caucus state.
1:56 pm
he has a ground game develop there. he's been spending a lot of time in the state, having a lot of events there. >> and he's getting a lot of that religious vote that typically has gone in the past, governor huckabee or rick santorum, he's getting an odd confluence of backers here. >> that evangelical support is really key. we've seen that pretty steady and rising in terms of carson's support and that support has been there for a while. i mean people forget that carson has had for a long time, a following and he's been particularly beloved among these christian conservative voters. so that is certainly propelling him there. what's interesting thing, i always think about carson is that right now, he's taken two weeks off the campaign to go on a book tour. >> good for him. >> so you know maybe that's what it takes these days. >> paul ryan wants to work less as speaker.
1:57 pm
maybe there's a trend going on here. i'm going to go up to my boss and say -- that's it, i want to cut it down to two hours a day. and the door slams on my face. thank you very much. the hearing will be resumed soon. it's going to go late that will do it here. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." you are looking live at capitol hill where lawmakers are trying to get the truth from hillary clinton. on the 2012 attack in benghazi. the hearing is about to resume after a short recess. the secretary has been testifying all day before the house select committee investigating the attack. she and ranking democrat elijah cummings have accused the republicans of trying to derail her presidential campaign. but trey toáiçgowdy, chairman o panel, set them straight right out of the gate. >>he


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