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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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greta goes "on the record" with all of this right now. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. he is in. congressman paul ryan officially jumping into the rails for speaker of the house. after much contemplation the wisconsin congressman just a short time ago saying he is ready to rise to the occasion after getting unified backing from the g.o.p. congressman ryan hoping to reunite a broken house and in a letter to his colleagues he says we have the opportunity to turn the page, to start with a clean slate, and to rebuild what has been lost. the election will be held next week and congressman ryan is expected to win. also breaking right now, fireworks on capitol hill. former secretary of state hillary clinton testifying before the house benghazi select committee. that marathon hearing still underway. let's listen. >> we don't know the answer.
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did you ever personally speak to him after you swore him n may? >> i believe. >> "yes" or "no," please. >> yes, i believe i did. >> and when was that? >> i don't recall. and i want to clarify for the record that this document is about all of libya, not just benghazi. >> absolutely. 787 are about benghazi. >> congresswoman, look, i appreciate and i really do, the passion and the intensity of your feelings about this. we have diplomatic facilities in war zones. we have ambassadors that we send to places that have been bombed and attacked all the time. >> and you are their boss. >> you are right i am. >> you are their leader; is that correct? and are there ever situations where you call them? where you bring them in? where you are personally caring and concerned and are letting them know that?
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are there situations where you recall and i would like to know what the conversation was with ambassador stevens and what month it was with ambassador stevens because there are no call logs with him. there is nothing from the op. center with him that we have found. we have no record that you had any conversations with the ambassador after you swore him in. and before he died. and you were his boss. >> i was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. i was the boss of ambassadors in places like afghanistan where shortly before i visited one time the embassy had been under brutal asalt by -- assault by the taliban for hours. i'm very well aware of the dangers faced by our diplomats and our development professionals. there was never a recommendation from chris stevens or anyone else to
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close benghazi. now, sitting here in the comfort of this large, beautiful hearing room, it's easy to say, well, there should have been. somebody should have stood up and said do that. but that was not the case. and it is a very difficult choice with respect to any of these facilities given the level of threats instability that we confront around the world today. and it's deeply, deeply i distressing when any of our facilities or our personnel are in danger and we do and have done the business we can and i think we can do better which is why we implemented all of the arbs recommendations which we haven't talked about. those were essential in trying to improve and better position and prepare and respond. and that's what we tried to
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do. and, you know, i find it, you know, deeply, you know, saddening because obviously everyone, everyone who knew him, everyone who worked with him, including libyans, as i said at the very beginning, would have given anything to prevent this from happening. our security professionals usually in fact more than 99% of the time get it right. >> and madam secretary, if we would have given anything, had you talked to him in july, he would have told you that he had asked to keep the security in libya that he had, he was told no by your state department. we didn't give him everything. thank you. i yield back. >> gentle lady is out of time. the witness may answer the question if she would like. >> to well, it's the same answer i have been giving all day. chris stevens had an opportunity to reach me directly any time he thought there was something of importance.
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people with whom he worked, the people who around him and with him they very well understood the dangers they were confronting. they did the best they could under the circumstances and many of the security requests as i just detailed were agreed to, others weren't. >> gentle lady from california is recognized. >> thank you, madam secretary, i want to begin by thanking you for your patience. [ laughter ] >> and your endurance during today's hearing. it's been quite a long day. i also want to begin by apologizing for my republican colleagues who apparently either want to write your answers for you or testify for you because i think it fits in better with their outlandish narrative of what happened. and since they insist on criticizing you for not doing anything right, i want to talk to you a little bit more about a line of questioning that we pursued in the first round of questions. i asked you a little bit about what you were doing the night of the attacks in
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benghazi and i want to just continue that a little bit more. now, you said previously that had you spoken with the white house that evening, with the cia, the defense department and the state department. you also spoke directly with people on the ground at the embassy in tripoli that night at around 7:00 p.m. can i can tell from the documents that we have seen that you asked to speak with deputy chief of mission in tripoli. can you explain the purpose of that call and why you felt that was important? >> well a number of reasons. they were the source on the ground reaching out to trying to gather additional insight into what happened, what provoked it, who was behind it but much more importantly, even than that, they were in a great state of dismay and grief i
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thought it was important to speak with our team in tripoli directly so that they nigh knew that we were trying as best we could from so far away to help them and to help their colleagues. we also had pushed to. >> now, we will take you back live to that hearing as news develops. we are monitoring it. although though it has been sizzling democrats and republicans over the. secretary clinton taking a barrage of questions about the deadly benghazi terror attack that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. here are important moments from earlier today. >> chris stevens, sean smith, glenn doherty and tyrone woods served this country with courage and with honor. and they were killed under circumstances most of us would never imagine. >> i take responsibility for what happened in benghazi.
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i felt a responsibility for all 70,000 people working at the state department and usd. i take that very seriously. as i said with respect to security requests in benghazi back when i testified in january of 2013, those requests and issues related to security were rightly handled by the security professionals in the department. i did not see them. i did not approve them. i did not deny them. >> this pile represents the emails that you sent or received about libya in 2011 from february through december of 2011. this pile represents the emails you sent or received from early 2012 until the day of the attack. there are 795 emails in this pile. we have counted them. there are 67 emails in this
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pile in 2012. and i'm troubled by what i see here and can i only conclude by your own records, that there was a lack of interest in libya in 2012. >> i don't want you to have a mistaken impression about what i did and how i did it most of my work was not done on emails with my closest aides, with officials in the state department, officials in the rest of the government as well as the white house and people around the world. >> i want to show you a few things here. you are looking at an email you sent to your family. here is what you said. at 11:00 that night. approximately one hour after you told the american people that the video you say to your family, two officers were killed today in benghazi by an al a divide-like group. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> well, i think if you look at the statement that i made, i clearly said that it was an attack. >> we just heard email after
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email after email that sidney blumenthal sent to the secretary of state. i don't care if he sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, the fact that he happened it to send it by email is irrelevant. what is relevant is that he was sending information to the secretary of state. that is what what's relevant. now, with respect to the subpoena, if he had bothered to answer the telephone calls of our committee, he wouldn't have needed a subpoena. >> would the the gentleman yield. >> i will be happy to. you need to make sure the entire record is correct, mr. cummings. >> that's exactly what i want to do. >> go ahead. >> i will tell you. i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal. we are going to release the emails. let's do the transcript. that way the world can see it. >> that's not my motion. >> the motion is seconded. >> we're not going to take that up at a hearing. we will take that up -- >> -- parliamentarian and they vin formed us we have a right to recorded of vote on that motion. you know. >> i will tell you what, we
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will do. this the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth that's what we want to have. let's let the world see it. >> why is it you only want' mr. blumenthal's transcript released. >> i would like to have all of them released. >> the survivors, even their names you? want that release? >> let me tell you something. >> the only one you have asked for is sidney blumenthal. that's the only one you have asked for that and ms. mills. >> sheryl mills. >> that's not true. that's out two out of 54. if you want to ask for recorded witnesses. >> fact vote you said from the beginning we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. why don't we just put the entire transcript out there and let the world see it. what do you have to hide? i'm asking you, madam secretary, did you order odefense secretary leon panetta to stand down on the night of the attacks? >> of course not, congressman. you have raised the video and have dismissed the importance of the video i
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think that is unfortunate because there is no doubt and as i said earlier, even the person we have now arrested as being one of the ringleaders of the attack on our compound in benghazi is reputed -- reputed to have use the video as a way to gather up the attackers that attacked our compound. i think it's important. these are complex issues, mr. congressman. and i think it's important that we look at the totality of what was going on. >> fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike? >> >> greta, what we have seen today is a conflict between hillary clinton and the ambassador who is no longer alive with her saying chris stevens knew the risks involved and taking the job in libya. he was well aware of it. that if he needed to get in touch with her he knew who to get in touch with her about when asked did he have your personal email address?
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no. did he have any phone conversations with you. she couldn't recall one. and so what's been noted by republicans is that there were hundreds of emails exchanges between her friend sidney blumenthal and her but the requests from the ambassador, the u.s. ambassador to libya asking for more security for libya, she says never reached her desk. and so expect the republicans to talk more about that in the coming days and perhaps in the hours ahead, greta. >> and sparks have been flying between former secretary of state hillary clinton and ohio congressman jim jordan. jordan going after secretary clinton about her initial claim that protests sparked by a video turned deadly in benghazi. >> i want to show you a few things here. you are looking at an email sent to your family here is what you said at 11:00 that night. approximately one hour after you told the american people a video you told your family two officers were killed today in benghazi by al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your
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family an entirely different story. also, on the night of the attack, you had a call with the president of libya. here is what you said to him. ansar al sharia is claiming responsibility. interesting khatallah, one of the guys arrested and charged actually belonged to that group. and finally, and most significantly, the next day, within 24 hours, you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you told him this: we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film it was a planned attack, not a protest. >> and the "on the record" will continue monitoring the hearing for major developments and bring it to you live as we discover things that are news worthy and a the "on the record" political panel though is here. matt visor with the washington globe and eric blake with the "the washington post." matt, did you learn anything new today?
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>> not really. it was a long hearing. still going on more than 8 hours. there were fireworks but none of those really involved hillary clinton. she was very composed. most of the fireworks were between the republican members and the democratic members of the committee. >> aaron, she is still defending the video. she just said moments ago don't dismiss the importance of the video. >> that was the more interesting thing that i think we saw in those clips that you just showed. obviously that was the big linchpin of the initial controversy. republicans thought that the administration was hiding something. that its explanation for these attacks didn't quite add up. she is basically making the case this was a very nuanced thing that the videos actually may have been somewhat involved in this process and not fomenting of these attacks. so it was really interesting to see her kind of relitigate that set of circumstances. >> i think that was the hardest sell for her tonight is the video. matt, you know, it's interesting, one thing i didn't hear is like who is in charge of actually making those security decisions? ultimately she is because she is secretary of state and the buck stops there but
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you don't want someone who is not an expert in security making these decisions. i have traveled to these places it is very, very dangerous. i still don't know who made the decisions when they were asking and it's a question we don't have the resources and money. >> right. you know that there were requests for that thing, but who was deciding whether or not to accede to those requests. >> that's what i want to hear from as a witness, too. bring that witness on. why did you ignore these requests? >> we are seeing, i thought like the part we were just talking about about the video. that was a compelling part of the testimony. but we have not heard, like you are saying, about the, you know, sort of who was deciding what. and. when. >> i think that we didn't see them press her on that question very much today. we did see kind of towards the end of the day they pressed her, i think it was congressman rostrum from illinois he pressed her on, you know, what she views as the buck stopping with her. what she thinks her taking
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responsibility signifies. she didn't really give a firm answer. republicans would really like to nail her down on that. and she really hasn't given them the kind of answer that they can really use against her at this point. >> essentially the corporate answer the ceo is responsible for the well being of the company. the ceo doesn't make all the decisions. this is so enormously complicated. i would be more concerned making security decisions when she is not expert on security than having people on the ground who have seen this and know what to do. >> that's where you want the testimony of the other people they spoke with like elijah cummings is pushing for some of that testimony to be released. those are people who may have been involved with some of those decisions. hillary clinton is the figure head of all of that but was not making the day-to-day decisions. >> it's hard to understand requests for more decisions on security it was not delivered. it's not a big secret that this is a very dangerous place. >> you wonder how many requests come from everywhere. and you know, she made the case over and over again that there are ambassadors and so many more countries and you wonder.
4:18 pm
>> but if i were -- >> -- how big a priority this was for her statement department. >> which is why i would have shoved it back at congress we come to you all the time for money for security. we would gladly have, you know, ten armed guards for every ambassador in some of these places, we just don't have the money so what are we supposed to do. >> argument that has been made a lot and not necessarily by hillary clinton. i don't know if she wants to litigate the whole whether resources were available for the extra security. you know, that's a very complicated set of circumstances to get into. >> but a serious one. aaron and matt, if you will both stay with us. what is the hillary clinton campaign saying now after her testimony. still testifying. we will take you back inside the room as news breaks. "on the record" is monitoring the hearing. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. breaking news at this hour. secretary hillary clinton still testifying so is the presidential candidate defends her record in libya. "on the record" is monitoring the hearing. we will take you to the hearing live as news breaks. what is the clinton campaign saying right now? fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has been following the campaign. ed, what's the campaign saying? >> they are feeling good tonight. they feel like there has been barely a glove, you know, on the secretary that she has been pushing back very strong. let's be clear though. there were tough moments for her. i mean, the fact that, you know, this came up again and again that ambassador chris stevens sent not just dozens but hundreds of security requests do more. and she basically said it didn't reach my desk. that might save her today in
4:23 pm
terms of saying, you know, it wasn't my fault that more security wasn't send there. it was lower level folks. but end of the day you were secretary of defense. it's going to come up again. in terms of benghazi no major new development that rocked her side of the story that changes this in%v some way. in fact, rather than just talking about the clinton camp i got off the phone a few moments ago with the republican operative with the leading contenders. 15 or 16. somebody in the upper tier. and this person said for the second straight big event, and this is a republican. hillary clinton looked presidential and was in command. this person went on to say this republican did was a total wipe out for the republicans on the committee. she looked presidential and in command today like she did at the last debate. what you have is another big test for hillary clinton and another big test that she appears to have passed. so you know you have got the
4:24 pm
same week where joe biden dent get in. jim webb who wasn't much of a threat but still alternative as a moderate democrat he gets out o. the field is clearing for her. >> the hillary clinton i watched today is sort of the hillary clinton that at least i have seen on trips and stuff. when she first got into the campaign there were so many many stumbles and she seemed tentative and we still have to deal with the whole email investigation which is something separate. this is the hillary clinton that most of us are more familiar with. >> absolutely. he think you make a very important point about the fbi investigation. we are all focused on this and rightly so. it's an important investigation. this committee at least says that they wanted to get to the truth about benghazi and get some justice for the families of the four americans who were killed. they have been wrapped up in politics and is some of that has been derailed. but, while we were focusing on, this there was another hearing today where the fbi director james comey was testifying and he asked where are you in the investigation? was hillary clinton's server compromised by foreign governments and james comey says i'm not going to comment on ongoing investigation.
4:25 pm
he did say i am personally as the fbi director watching this investigation closely. i'm being briefed every day the fbi director testified under oath today. and he said we are working with all the money and resources and fbi agents we can to get to the bottom of this as quickly as we can. >> did he give a date? >> he did not give a date. he said prompt limit but, look, a lot of people, especially hillary clinton are wondering how quickly will they render a verdict? will there be criminal charges or not? that is one of the last big developments we are waiting to find out to shape this campaign. >> ed, thank you. >> good to see. >> you and two benghazi committee members here to go "on the record." that's straight ahead. developing now is congressman paul ryan for speaker of the house? he answers that in a letter we got within the hour. congressman paul1( ryan's decision is next. woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. on location with the famous,
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? i take responsibility for what happened in benghazi. >> there appears that there was confusion in libya. it appears you were the a large cause of that uncertainty. >> i knew what we were doing. >> this investigation is about you. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country. calling it attack is like saying the sky was blue. of course it was an attack. >> we want to know the truth it looks like certain things got straight to your inbox and the request for more security did not. >> you didn't need my email address to get my attention
4:30 pm
today's benghazi committee had tough questions. behind the scenes. >> >> it's been productive hearing. it's been an opportunity to have a lot of questions asked to the secretary and a lot of questions answered. particularly in light of documents that have been fairly late-breaking. she has been treating with a lot of courtesy and had an opportunity to give full answers. there is still quite a work to be done. >> it's just embarrassment to see what the republicans are doing. they are clearly trying to attack hillary clinton from every conceivable angle. some of it has to do with benghazi. some of it has to do with emails that have nothing to do with benghazi. some of it has to do with libya policy it might as well be a republican presidential debate after what they're attacking. >> after all these months you finally hear and the first question that is asked by the chairman is about
4:31 pm
sidney blumenthal who he himself says knows nothing about benghazi. >> still think the secretary is handling the questions very well. we haven't really covered any new ground. a lot of it is highly repetitious of what the seven or eight other investigations have asked and already answered. >> mr. schiff has said there has been no new information. i think the fact that we now know that secretary clinton talked to the egyptian prime minister and said we know it was not a film. it was a planned attack, you think that's new information. >> critically important hearing involving national security or a political prosecution of the democratic national democratic presidential frontrunner. depending who you talk to in the hallways. either way the tension is very real here, greta. you heard democrats dismissing the very existence of this committee. secretary clinton has been up there now for more than nine hours. they are in what they are calling round three. we expect a round four. so how long it will go, we don't know, but it's going
4:32 pm
to be long night. it wouldn't be surprising if she testified for more than 12 hours. greta? >> griff, thank you. >> and now, your twitter live vote. i want to know what you think. do you want to hear more directly from president obama and benghazi? tweet yes or no using #greta. and you will see your live results later "on the record." and just a few moments ago congressman paul ryan officially throwing his hat in the ring to be the next speaker of the house. the wisconsin congressman now getting unified backing from the g.o.p. in a letter to his colleagues, congressman paul ryan writes: we can rally house republicans around a bold agenda that will tackle the country's problems head on. the "on the record" panel is back. pat, the honeymoon will last how long for congressman ryan if he is elected next thursday by the whole house. >> i think it will be relatively short honeymoon. there will be one. all across the board members are quite excited by ryan.
4:33 pm
hopes he can unify everybody. he has done a good job unifying people around his candidacy. he has broad support november third we run out of mope and we can't borrow any more money unless congress raises the debt ceiling. that's going to be the big show for congressman paul ryan. will that debt ceiling be raise sod we can keep borrowing our lives away or are we going to shut down. >> look, it's a big question. i think paul ryan gets a honeymoon if there aren't all these deadlines coming up over the next month and a half here. there is a lot to deal with. there is the debt ceiling and potential government shutdown in early december if they don't agree to a budget resolution. there is the highway bill. there is so much stuff here. it's hard to believe that the house freedom caucus is suddenly just going to throw up its hands and say okay we will give you debt limit increase with with nothing in return. we will allow to you fund the government with nothing in return. this freedom caucus has bumped off two speakers by
4:34 pm
holding out for their principles. the idea that they are just going to go along with whatever paul ryan's wants i think is farfetched. >> you know, matt, i don't know how the freedom caucus does back down. they were elected telling these people vote for me. i will go to washington and i will cut the spending and small government. you know, that's their big item. so now they are going to say oh, well, that was until we got a new speaker because they are not going to get reelected if they go back home suddenly and acquiesced in all this extra spending. >> you can start to feel a little bit of that honeymoon fade. i was talking to nick from south carolina co-founder of freedom caucus. paul ryan wants them to go back to their district and see this guy is better than boehner was. >> like what? >> that's the question. and they have got -- they are already setting up they just wanted inches right now and ask for the feet later. they have a little bit of time. >> like what? >> i think that in and of itself is kind of an evolution for the freedom
4:35 pm
caucus. these are people who have been very much resistant of any kind of compromise. paul ryan is very much a compromise speaker of the house. he is not from the freedom caucus. is he not a down the line conservative. is he been pragmatic on things like immigration reform before. the thing that they're accepting him at this early juncture suggests they are declaring a little bit of a victory and accepting the political reality. >> he they're not going to accept it come november of 2016 when they're facing the voters. i will say one thing though, congressman paul ryan is a green bay packer fan, probably a shareholder, he can't be all bad. matt and aaron, stay with us. what happened on that night in 2012 when four americans were murdered? we will take to you benghazi next. plus, "on the record's" coverage of secretary clinton's benghazi testimony continues. st put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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on september 11th, 2012, four innocent americans, ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, tyrone woods and glen doherty killed, murdered. terror in benghazi. >> the murder of a u.s. ambassador to libya and three others. >> four americans murdered. >> no acketsdz of acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this nation. >> what happened on september 11th, 2012? it begins at 9:40 p.m. libya time. a senior state department security official at the consulate calls for help. the first report, the u.s. con slot in benghazi was under attack. inside u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. 24 minutes later, o10:04 p.m. libya time a six person cia rescue squad assembles at the cia annex one mile from the consulate. before leaving and heading to the consulate. the cia rescue squad conducts local militias and libyan intelligence service. they see they needs vehicles with 50 caliber machine guns.
4:41 pm
no one responds. at the same time the alert goes out at the state department announcing an attack, the cia security team taking heavy fire heads to the consulate. 10:30 p.m. libya time, ambassador stevens and diplomat sean smith take refuge in the consulate compound. the militants set fire to the consulate. the smoke killing ambassador smith in minutes. meanwhile back in washington, d.c. at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. defense secretary leon panetta, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey attending a previously scheduled meeting with president obama. at 5:11 washington time. 11:11 p.m. in libya. american surveillance drone arrives overhead. on the ground in benghazi, the cia team at the consulate puts a group of state department officers into a vehicle and seconds it back to the cia annex. now the fight shifts to the cia annex where they take small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades. at 6:07 p.m. washington time, 12:07 a.m. benghazi. a state department alert goes out announcing that terror group ansar al sharia
4:42 pm
has claimed responsibility for the attack. 1:01 libya time the attack stops. some assume it's over. but those assumptions totally wrong. four hours later, at 5:04 a.m. in libya. cia reinforcements from tripoli arrive at cia and being held up at the benghazi airport. 5:15 a.m. libyan time a massive new assault begins. this time with sophisticated mortar fire. two rounds miss but three are direct hits. killing americans tyrone woods and glen dorty. 6:00 a.m. libyan time the attack is finally over and libyan forces with 50 vehicles arrived to escort the measures to the airport. back home in the united states the story is just beginning. >> yesterday, our u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. was attacked heavily armed militants assaulted the come pound and set fire to our buildings. >> the obama administration begins to explain the
4:43 pm
attack. >> it's in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible. >> this was not a preplanned attack. what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> an account that sect clinton's own emails to her family members on the night of the attack suggests was wrong. >> >> you are looking at an email you sent to your family. here is what you said. at 11:00 that night, approximately one hour after you told the american people that the video you say to your family two officers were killed today in benghazi by al qaeda-like group. >> at today's hearing did we learn anything new about the intelligence or what happened that night 2012. kathleen herrige joins me. catherine, you have been following this since day one. what did you learn? >> what we learned today is that mrs. clinton herself in per personal correspondence did not believe the video
4:44 pm
explanation for the attack. she also believed that it was a planned, terrorist assault. that it was not connected to the video. and that's important because there was what i would describe as smoking gun evidence on the day of the attack. that was the strike on the cia annex. the third phase of the assault. three mortars on target, and under 90 seconds. that takes a professional team and it takes planning. and it forced the evacuation on that night. and it was known immediately. so this idea that we heard over days and weeks that it was somehow tied to the video, mrs. clinton herself did not accept that. >> well, she sent an email off it to her daughter chilly si sea saying al qaeda related group. this group had been bragging about it on facebook and social media the group later changed its mind and said they didn't do it. maybe they just feared they were going to drop some drones -- or drones were going to drop something on them. >> maybe. she had a specific conversation with the egyptians where she said is
4:45 pm
it was not connected to the video. it was preplanned. our ongoing reporting at fox news showed that on december 17th, just six days after the attack, there was no demonstrations we took a lot of heat here for that position in our reporting but we were proven to be correct. >> frankly i don't mean to be disrespectful. silly to say it was a video. it never made any sense at all at least to me protesters bring black cards, they don't bring rpgs. >> one thing still not clear is why there was so much jeopardy for the administration to simply say we is have americans who take risks and sometimes the risks go against them. that was really the downside. >> president obama on september 20th, nine days later on univision was still saying the business about the video. anyway and even secretary clinton tonight is saying that the video had some big picture impact. catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. and today's marathon testimony still underway. more from inside that hearing next. plaque psoriasis...
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it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. breaking tonight, secretary's long awaited benghazi testimony. "on the record" has been monitoring the hearing for news. right now we take you there live as congressman jim gordon grills secretary clinton about emails and private server. >>.> congressman, as you point out, there is a security inquiry being conducted by the department of justice and i the trust they will do whatever is appropriate to reach their conclusions. >> would you commit to saying whatever they find i want -- a retired federal judge to evaluate that and look to see if we need some of that nfings to get to the truth? >> i have been releasing my emails to the public. that is transparency and as
4:51 pm
i stand by my statement, so far as i know, in the modern era, i many am the only government official who has ever done that. >> thank you, madam secretary. >> the gentleman's time has expired. the chair will now recognize the gentleman from georgia. mr. westmoreland. >> thank you. madam secretary so far today i have said good morning. [ laughter ] >> good afternoon,. >> you all serving breakfast, congressman? >> let me go ahead and say good night. you know, i may be the only person on this side that doesn't really care about your personal email because i know that i think you said colin powell had had one. the thing that bothers me is that it was a personal server i think that's the difference. mr. powell's emails went through the u.s. government server. the problem is you had full control of your emails
4:52 pm
because they were on a private server and not the government's server. the other thing i would like to say is to miss duckworth, if you would read the testimony of the number of diplomat security agents that served in benghazi, most of them were temporary duty. 45, 60 day people that served. if you will read that, i think you will find that a lot of these things that the secretary said as far as. >> the "on the record" political panel is back with the boston globe matt visor and "the washington post" matt blake. did delete 30,000 emails before shoe turned them over. that's a little tough to make out that one. >> also the matter how she mentioned she is releasing all these emails now. she turned her server over to investigators. something she said initially
4:53 pm
that she wasn't going to do. >> when they seized it from her a little bit. not exactly a turnover. >> it was clear that it was something that she did not want to initially and eventually she died to do it. hard to believe she did that on other hen volition. >> matt? >> i feel like the emails are the area that she could get tripped up in this. she has had a really good day, it seems. there is no major headline out of her testimony that was shocking or a smoking gun. but the emails are an area where she is very sensitive on. it would be interesting if they get her on that. >> i'm still hung up, why in the world, first of all where was president obama that night? he is the commander and chief and why is our chief diplomat handling this and second is why is he still pedaling the business about the video on september 20th? was it when he said the dnc on september 5th that al qaeda is on the run turns out he has got to stick it to the individual joe? >> hillary clinton brought up the video again as we talked about before. seems weird to want to relitigate this thing again. i don't think that the obama administration wants to talk about what susan rice said
4:54 pm
the day after the attacks. if they are talking about that they are losing the debate. >> aaron and matt, thank you both. john kerry sitting down with british prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what did the two discuss? that's next. opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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get ready to speed read other stories in the news. a u.s. soldier killed in deadly mission in iraq. rescue dozens of hostages held by isis. 70 hostages were freed after the pentagon learned isis was ready to execute them all. 30 americans took part in the operation. a fire fight broke out livening at least 15 isis terrorist dead. our american has not yet been identified. today as israel deals with excavating violence prime minister benjamin netanyahu sitting down with secretary of state john kerry. the two meeting in berlin where the prime minister was already scheduled to be. secretary kerry urging the prime minister to tone down harsh language about the minutians. american officials have said that the language is helping to fuel the violence. the meeting coming as an
4:59 pm
attack on the school bus thwarted. two palestinian men tried to bus. shot by israeli forces. one of the men has died. and a sword wielding man kills two people at a school in sweden. the suspect entered the school wearing a dark varied type mask. some thought it was a joke with taking pictures. killing a fellow student and teacher and seriously injuring two others. police then opened fire on the suspect killing him and that's tonight's speed read. and thank you for being with us. see you right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we ask you to vote on twitter. do you want to hear more directly from p.m. and benghazi here are your live twitter poll results. take a look. if you can't watch us live, set your dvr to record "on the record" and then play back "on the record" after you are done watching your favorite fox programs. he i suggest 11:01 p.m. each night. that's a great time if you have to watch it on dvr. of course you want to watch
5:00 pm
it live because we have a lot going on here, breaking news. so much going on here in washington you don't want to miss even one "on the record." i will see you on facebook, gretawire, twitter, all over social media good night from washington, d.c. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> these issues would not ordinarily come before the secretary of state and they did not in this case. >> hillary clinton denying she had a responsibility to oversee security in libya. is that true? and did mrs. clinton mislead the nation about the benghazi assassinations? we will answer those questions tonight. >> do you know where benghazi is? >> afghanistan? pakistan? iraq? iran? >> many americans have no idea what the benghazi hearings or the controversy over mrs. clinton is all about. jesse watters will prove that this evening. >> they need to do something about it the people who are putting their liv


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