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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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lot going on here, breaking news. so much going on here in washington you don't want to miss even one "on the record." i will see you on facebook, gretawire, twitter, all over social media good night from washington, d.c. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> these issues would not ordinarily come before the secretary of state and they did not in this case. >> hillary clinton denying she had a responsibility to oversee security in libya. is that true? and did mrs. clinton mislead the nation about the benghazi assassinations? we will answer those questions tonight. >> do you know where benghazi is? >> afghanistan? pakistan? iraq? iran? >> many americans have no idea what the benghazi hearings or the controversy over mrs. clinton is all about. jesse watters will prove that this evening. >> they need to do something about it the people who are putting their lives on the
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line are people of my skin color. >> also a back police officer in new york city shot dead by a man considered nonviolence. despite a long career of disruptive behavior. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪s hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton, is she telling the truth about benghazi, libya? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. former secretary of state testified for hours today in a politically charged house hearing about hers responsibility in the assassinations of american ambassador to libya christopher stevens and three other americans hire are the headlines, mrs. clinton do not believe she did anything wrong. the democrats on the committee do not believe she
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did anything wrong. it's been proven shortly after the attack on september 11th, 2012 hillary clinton believed it was organized terror attack. she mentioned the words al qaeda-like to her family. nevertheless, she went along with the obama administration's false narrative that the murders were ignited by inflammatory vape. most of the testimony today was numbing, almost impossible to sit through. but there were two nuggets. first, how mrs. clinton herself sees the situation. those requests and issues related to security were rightly handled by the security professionals in the department. i did not see them, i did not approve them, i did not deny them. these issues would not ordinarily come before the secretary of state and they did not in this case. >> there you have it. not my job. not my job. as head of the state department i left it to others to protect americans in dangerous places
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overseas. but the security people, as mrs. clinton calls them, failed to protected ambassador stevens despite being warned time after time that more security was needed. >> why has no one been held accountable? how come not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? >> it is my position that in the absence of finding dare election or breach of duty there could not be immediate action. >> immediate action? there was no action taken ever. no one in hillary clinton's state department was held responsible for the debacle in benghazi. no one. and that's likely to be the end of the story except for one thing. hillary clinton is running for president. so now we the people have to decide whether she is a leader we can trust millions of democrats have already made that decision as have millions of republicans. no question hillary clinton
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is loved and loathed to a startling degree in this country. america needs a strong leader so we can regain economic momentum here and reverse the weakness that is on display throughout the world. that is what the next election is really all about. yes, issues are important. but vision, vision is more torn important. hillary clinton believes she did the right thing as secretary of state, all throughout her tenure. all the committees in the world not going to change her opinion of herself. my condolences once again to those americans serving their country who were killed in benghazi. it should never have happened. we were warned. and that's the memo. top story tonight, joining us from washington, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. so you have been on this case from the very beginning and you know far more about it than i do. you watched the hearings today all the way through. did she say anything misleading today, hillary clinton, in your opinion,
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catherine? >> well, mrs. clinton testified today, bill, that they did the best with the intelligence they had at the time. there were conflicting reports. but what we know now from these new emails is that she personally did not believe the video was responsible. she told her family it was al qaeda. she told the libyans that it was an war al sharia she told the egyptians there was no connection to the video and that there was no demonstration. yet, she went out for days, even weeks this administration blaming a video. and can i tell you here at fox news, we were first to report that there was no demonstration on september 17th. we took a lot of heat for several weeks but we proved to be correct, bill. >> okay. now, i'm playing devil's advocate here. isn't it true that most appointed people in government have to go along, have to get along, have to do what they are told? isn't that true? so hillary clinton, we know as i mentioned and you just
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mentioned, knew that it was -- that this phony videotape scenario was bogus. but she was told. she had to stand right next to the president of the united states when he was saying it. and she just shut up just to go along, right? >> well, i think there has to be a certain amount of principle in a situation like, this bill. i have met with victims' families. can i can tell you what happened to those people in benghazi was horrific. when that mortar, three mortars hit the cia annex. one of the navy seals was killed instantly, my understanding. and the other pled to death. and a diplomatic security agent for the state department had one leg hanging by a thread. this is no small thing to then go along to get along by blaming a video when you know the facts. the facts at the time was premeditated terrorism, and her emails show that she understood that on a personal level as well, bill. >> so you as a human being, not a reporter, personally
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offended by what mrs. clinton did. you don't have to answer that question. that's what i'm taking out of your answer. now, ambassador stevens himself sent a cable, and i was hoping -- >> -- correct. >> this cable was going to be the forefront of the hearings today. it was not. >> um-huh. >> the cable from him in the summer, a couple of months before he was killed, said, look, security here. we are all in danger. >> right, um-huh. >> she didn't even address that cable, right? >> it was not addressed. but we did learn today, bill. that there were over 600 requests for additional security. and one of the themes i seem to take away from mrs. clinton's testimony is that she believed that he understood the risk and he accepted the risk. but we all take risks, bill. when you jump out of a plane sky diving. but this was like jumping out of a plane without a parachute because that consulate was, in effect, a death trap. it did not meet the state department requirements. and, you know, they had less
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security at that consulate on the day of the attack than what you would see in a high priced condo in florida. those and they set it on fire. >> sure. >> that is not an acceptable level of risk. >> video cameras captured all of that. >> that's correct. >> there was no interdiction of these men. final question for you. >> correct, um-huh. >> am i wrong in stating, as i just did, that mrs. clinton does not feel that she did anything wrong at any time in this whole situation? >> you know, i can't get inside her shoes and i would not pretend. >> but did you see anything today in all of those hours of testimony? >> yes, did i. >> that showed any remorse? >> i think, right. i think when she took the questions about her personal emails whereby where she indicated her own belief that the video was not connected, i saw a moment there, at least, you know, from where i sit as a reporter where she really sort of the energy sort of ran out of her. and. >> but it wasn't articulated
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by her, though you? were looking body language but it wasn't articulated by her, was it? >> well, she made the argument, again, that she did the best with the intelligence that she had but clearly the emails showed something completely different. and that is a conflict that's very hard to square. >> it would have been nice if mrs. clinton had said, you know what? i shouldn't have done that but we didn't hear that today. catherine herridge, thank you as always. next on the rundown, bernie goldberg will analyze how the hearing today might influence hillary clinton's presidential chances. and later, watters asking the folks about benghazi. >> do you know who is testifying about benghazi thursday? >> obama, i guess. >> factor are is coming right back. why do so many people choose aleve?
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committee investigating the benghazi terror attack. joining me now is mr. bernard goldberg. do you think my analysis in the talking points and catherine heritage reportage in the a block was fair? >> yeah, i do. i do. you made a point in the talking points that she didn't take -- mrs. clinton didn't take a full control of security requests for added security and yet the number of security people on the ground in benghazi was the same before the requests were made as after the requests were made. somebody made a mistake. somebody made a mistake. and i think you captured that in your talking points. let me just add one thing. >> go ahead. one thing very quickly. >> go ahead. >> she -- mrs. clinton had a
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very interesting strategy on that matter of security. she said, first of all, it wasn't my doing. it was the doing of and she used this term over and over and over again. security professionals. but then she said the security professionals were courageous people, confident people, hard-working people. it's as if if you criticized the security professionals, you're criticizing the american flag. so you can't criticize them, according to mrs. clinton but you can't criticize her either because it wasn't her job. it was the security professionals' job. well, who is responsible then? if you can't blame her or hold her accountable and you can't hold the security professionals accountable. who is responsible? >> did you see any remorse and i asked this to catherine, did you see any remorse while she was talking about herself, hillary clinton, it's easy too show remorse for families of the dead americans. come on, anybody can do that. but was when she was talking about herself, i was
5:15 pm
watching it closely. i was looking for a little bit of, you know what? if i had to do it over again i probably would have done it differently. i didn't see any of that, did you? >> i didn't hear any of that whatever we saw, we didn't hear that i think mrs. clinton thinks that she is in the crosshairs of the republican party. not just of this committee but of the republican party that doesn't want to see her as the next president of the united states. >> well, she is right on that. she is right on regard. she is right there. >> well, it's one thing to say she is in the crosshairs for political reasons. it's quite another to say she is in the crosshairs because somebody screwed up. and if it wasn't her, and you can't criticize the security professionals, who made a mistake? who got punished. >> who lost their job? the answer is nobody. >> you know, most human beings, and i'm sure you are guilty of this and i am as well rationalize things. right? we do something bad.
5:16 pm
you know, so and benny did something worse. that kind of thing. what she has done, in my opinion, and this is important because she is running for president. if it were some other politician, i wouldn't care. is that she has allowed her indignation of people who dislike her to overwhelm the fact that she is mortal. that she didn't handle this situation well that she should have been concerned about security in libya. one of the hottest spots in the world. she didn't even think about that because she is the victim. she is portraying herself as the victim. >> right. right. i think if she did what you suggests, it would have been a huge help for her. >> yeah. >> i don't think she was hurt. i don't think she was hurt by the way. but i think that would have been a big help because she would have come off as human. she would have come off as compassionate. you know, i wish i had done something differently. i lose -- yes, do i lose sleep over that, but. >> hurt somewhat in the independent ranks because the two sides i point out
5:17 pm
are polarized because. >> that's a good point, she did not come across as a leader. she came across as somebody, ah, you know, it wasn't my job. who was that freddie prince? not my job. not my job. >> i think this hearing was a rorschach test. whatever you went in with, you came out with. if you think the republicans had her in the crosshairs, yesterday, you have it tonight. if you think that she screwed up in benghazi, and you thought that yesterday, you think that tonight. so nobody is going to move on either side when they are already endrenched. but i think you are right. i think those people who he haven't made up their minds yet, may be influenced by this. but don't forget. they didn't watch the hearings. they are only going to get bits andçd pieces on evening newscast and tomorrow morning. and i don't know that it's going to be enough to influence very many people. >> all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. watters asking the folks
5:18 pm
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ed in the impacts segment tonight, president obama traveling to west virginia today saying this. >> rather than spending billions of dollars, taxpayer dollars on long prison incidences for nonviolent drug offenders, we could save money and get better outcomes by getting treatment to those who need it. >> mr. obama believing that americans convicted of selling hard narcotics should be treated rather than punished in many cases. and that philosophy has now
5:22 pm
led directly to the murder of 33-year-old randolph holder, a new york city police officer. on tuesday, officer holder was shot dead by 30-year-old tyrone howard who has been arrested 28 times. he is a dope pusher. but two new york city judges recently sentenced him to rehab instead of prison. inspite of prosecutor presenting evidence that howard was dangerous. now we have another dead cop because of this instain view, again endorsed by president obama that people involved in drug trafficking are nonviolent. with us here in new york city eboni williams and monica crowley both fox news analysts. monica, you say? >> taking a look at this drug addiction is a serious and growing problem in this country. what the president is talking about actually does have bipartisan support in terms of trying to move people away from the criminal justice system into treatment. however, this case that just happened in new york city is a complete outrage. this guy was a career criminal. he had a rap sheet a mile
5:23 pm
long that consisted of drug arrests, assault charges, domestic violence, i think, criminal trespass. it's what the left calls low level crimes. nonviolent crimes. but what they don't understand or what they can't understand, bill, is that these thugs don't wake up one day and start committing felonies. they start at the lower level and then they escalate to committing felonies. and unless you punish them early on you are going to get bad things happening like that. >> do you believe selling heroin, crack, methamphetamine is a violent crime? >> yes. i have said this on the show before. >> ebony, you say you? >> i say this was my profession for many years, bill. you know that i was a criminal defense lawyer. i participated and encouraged qualified clients to enter diversion programs. many of them graduated successfully. now, selling, trafficking, you are right. those are crimes. but being an addict. that was the argument that his defense counsel made, bill. >> that's not what his rap sheet said. >> he has no what we call in the law violent crimes. nothing that used a weapon.
5:24 pm
>> he was a member of a -- and this was brought out in trial, all right? the judge knew this. member of a drug gang in a housing project. drug gang housing project. okay. everyone knows, including you, shah if you are a member of a drug gang in a housing projects you carry a gun, all right? because that's how you do business. you cannot be unarmed. you are in a violent society and you know it. this is not some guy out in the middle of a desert smoking refer or something like that. >> bill, we can't presume. >> that was presented. >> he was never convicted. and, look, it's called judges discretion for a reason, bill. >> come on, judge's discretion. >> so easy to monday morning quarterback. >> every day of the week i'm telling you this. if you sell hard drugs, it's not an addiction problem. >> argued to be an addict and that was the. >> the judge who remanded him into rehab literally
5:25 pm
said i throw up my hands and said why not? why not try it? what he committed later was that he was unaware that mr. howard was wanted. he was arrested for a 2009 shooting. there is a philosophy led by president obama that if you sell hard drugs but you use them as well that you should be in rehab. i'm telling you. these are dangerous individuals. they have no morals, no scruples, they will hurt you. and we have a dead cop. last word. >> bill, respectfully, you don't have to take my word for it. the supreme court has already argued this robertson v. california. if you are proven to be an addict, a judge believes that you are sent to treatment. i agree that officer holder. >> you are a violent person not sent to treatment that's judge's discretion. >> to hanukkah's point to get to the heart of criminality so we can thwart it. >> all right, monica, look, if you want to allow these people to go to programs,
5:26 pm
rehab -- >> -- only qualified. >> after they have been arrested 28 times, then i will tell you what, every person in this country should have a gun and carry it around every second because that's what we are going to did i involve into here. >> it can be helpful tools, bill. >> all right, ladies, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. shocking development, the democratic party now black lives matter radical movement. i have some comments on that. dana perino and hillary clinton's benghazi testimony today. and watters on what the folks think about the whole affair. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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factor follow up segment tonight, the radical group black lives matter not all that different than black panther movement. they believe america is a racist country where they actively target blacks for oppression. blacks all over the country. >> if you are not black, please move out of the space. >> pigs in a blanket. >> fry them like bacon. >> pigs in a blanket. >> fry them like bacon. >> what do we want? >> dead cops. >> when dewant it now? >> now. >> what do he would want? >> dead cops. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> you would think if you have an organized group in america saying we want dead cops that all decent people would reject that group. you would think, correct? but the democratic party is actively embracing black
5:31 pm
lives matter. part of a letter written by the dnc we believe that your organization would be an ideal host for presidential candidate forum. where all of the democratic candidates can showcase their ideas and policy positions that will expand opportunity for all, strengthen the middle class and address racism in america. unquote. that disturbing letter written by amy, chief executive officer of the dnc. joining us from washington, david good friend, teaches law at georgetown university. served in the clinton administration. and keith boynton from miami who has also searched as a special assistant to bill clinton. start with you, what do you think about that letter? >> >> i think it's a good move on the part of the dnc to work with the black lives matter movement. the official movement. not everybody out in the street. i do think quite frankly they are a natural coalition. the democratic party needs to have the support of the african-american community. and the african-american community is concerned about
5:32 pm
the 923 police shootings this year. concerned about the 2.2 million people incarcerated in our country, highest of any country in the planet. they're concerned about the issues of african-americans not being addressed by the larger political climate. i think it's important to have that conversation. >> all right. so you believe that the democratic party is correct in elm bracing a radical group, a group that calls for police officers to be killed. do i have your opinion correct? >> no, i did not. >> well, i mean the group. >> you mischaracterized my opinion. >> how? >> mr. boykin. >> i was there i was there in december in 2014, marching with those protesters. i was covering it at that time for bet who i work. did i not hear anyone talking about killing dead cops. >> you just heard it i played it for you. >> you were able to find one clip of someone saying outrageous. that was not a reflection of the entire movement. has anybody in the leadership ever said that?
5:33 pm
>> mr. boykin. >> has anyone in the leadership ever said that. >> mr. boykin you are either going to stop talking or i'm going to cut your mike off. did anybody in the black lives matter movement repudiate we want dead cops? thank you. mr. good friend, your time is done, mr. boykin. >> yes, yes. >> cut him down. okay. mr. goodfriend. you just heard that point with mr. boykin, this is a radical group that calls for violence against police officers. we have proven that there was no repudiation of what mr. boykin and i just heard, okay? we have proven that should the democratic party ally themselves with that group? >> well, bill, i looked very carefully at the letters you referred to. there were two put out on october 21st to two different groups, campaign zero. >> just deal with the amy daisy letter. she is the ceo. >> in that letter there was actually support, they said
5:34 pm
what we will do is promote an event that you organize. but the request was actually for the dnc to have a bigger. >> all of this doesn't matter, mr. good friend with all due respect. i'm in your class now. my hand is going up. professor. >> yes, sir. >> is right or wrong for the dnc to ally itself with this group that has called for police officers to be killed? is that right or wrong? >> i think the dnc isn't allying itself with this group. >> they just said they want to have an event with them where their candidates can come. >> and they also said, bill, that we repudiate any calls for violence. that's been "on the record" from the dnc. >> they have not repudiated any calls for violence. >> they have. >> give me the name of the person who has done that do you have it. >> i do. in a statement issued yesterday by the dnc, they said the dnc repudiates all calls for violence. >> the dnc. i'm talking about -- look, would you be comfortable with the republican party bringing in the storm front,
5:35 pm
the nazi people and saying we would like our candidates to talk to you guys. would you be comfortable with that mr. goodfriend. >> no, i wouldn't. >> they are extreme group the nazi party. the black lives matter is also an extreme group as you have heard. as we have proven. they just this week interrupted a town hall meeting in los angeles where the mayor couldn't even speak to the folks. >> that was terrible. >> they stormed in. >> that was terrible. >> thank you, professor, for being an honest man. so, again, you don't object to the democratic party getting into a relationship with black lives matter after all they have done? i have just don't understand. mr. boykin, i'm going to give you the last word. you have got 30 seconds. think very hard about what you are going to say. go ahead, professor. >> i have a friend,. >>, no, no, it's professor now. you get the last word. >> i live in a very nice neighborhood where rehave a lot of great friends. my sons have friends who are
5:36 pm
african-american. those folks worry about their sons who are my son's age being pulled over and hurt by police officers. >> have them go into a group. >> that worries people. >> i think that's the way it goes. all right, mr. boykin you have 30 seconds. >> the black lives matter movement is not the nazi party. it's an offensive suggestion to make that comparison, bill. i'm outraged that you would say that. >> i know you are. >> the reality is no one who i know who is part of the leadership has ever endorsed the killing of police officers. >> i asked to you give me one name of repudiation and neither of you gentlemen can give me a nanchts can you name me one person who has endorsed that. >> we just played a videotape. >> one leader in the black live. >> looked like 16 maybe 100 people. >> one leader who has endorsed killing cops. just give me one, bill. you can't do it because it didn't happen. it's not true. >> the group is judged by its behavior. all america just saw the behavior on the videotape. we appreciate the debate. dana perino on deck. did hillary clinton's testimony today hurt her
5:37 pm
presidential chances? and, watters, on what the folks know about the situation. we're coming right back.
5:38 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight, as mentioned in the talking points memo, hillary clinton's benghazi testimony went on and on and on and on and on and on. very simple question though. did it mean anything at all. here now the co-host of the five dana perino. did it mean anything at all? >> well, i think it's interesting that this is called the unresolved problem segment because i think there is an unresolved problem and that the crux of the issue for me which is who pushed the video lie? and she did not actually solve that problem. in fact, he you do think the one thing that probably hurt her is the email that she sends that night to her daughter, and in a subsequent conversation with the egyptian prime minister that says we know it wasn't a protest, it was an al qaeda attack. >> i talked about this with catherine herridge uptop and beeny goldberg, too. i said, listen, when you are in an administration, as you were, with president bush. >> um-huh. >> and the boss tells you this is the narrative, you go along with the narrative, do you not?
5:42 pm
>> not if it's not true. >> okay. very interesting. tony snow, the late tony snow who dana took his place told me that as well. but you would have to resign. >> he yes, you would. >> you would have to quit. so it was clear to me from this testimony today and the evidence that we now know is in stone that mrs. clinton made a decision. she was going to go along with the deception and rationalize it by, well, maybe i'm wrong, maybe the cia came up with something else. that's really what happened. >> remember also the arrest, somebody the video maker. that's always been a problem with for me personally. if you want to be president of the united states. presumably you believe in the first amendment. you can't arrest somebody for a parole violation because there was a video that wasn't even linked and you know that. >> but that's an ancillary thing. the big question is hillary clinton. and the consensus here is that she didn't really hurt herself all that much. >> nope. >> because democrats don't care. >> correct. >> and republicans hate her anyway. >> that's right. >> all right. so that narrow line of people who don't really know anything and they vote, too.
5:43 pm
and independent people haven't decided. that's where all of this lies now. and is this big enough to it influence their vote? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> because the number one issue for everybody is the economy. and also elections are about moving forward. what are we going to do? you know, we are pioneers still in spirit. we want to know where are we going as a country if she can make the pivot which i think she will be able to in the next couple of weeks, get this benghazi hearing behind her. it is just a straight run for her to the oval office. >> it is a straight run but i agree it's to the oval office. if i'm running against hillary clinton. i am running against her on two things, number one, her quasisocialistic viewpoint of the democratic party is going to hurt the party and even worse than it is now. you are not a good leader, you are a poor leader, a weak leader. you have demonstrated that. i'm speaking as a candidate not a commentator. you far left websites that like to lie about us. i'm speaking in hypothetical sense. i'm running against her and
5:44 pm
going to be debating her one-on-one. i'm saying you are a terrible leader. you are an awful leader. all right, under your charge, this happened, that happened, and, believe me, benghazi is in that mix. >> yes, it is. i think you might be a little bit optimistic about her charging into the oval office tim. >> and i think that would be a very good strategy because every election is about character and your number one tactic is to try to define your opponent. if you define them as somebody that doesn't have the character that you have. then you probably will do better in the election. >> but here the republicans have been enormous amount of ammunition. because there is a record of six years state. and she admitted my security professionals. i didn't even know. come on. >> that's right. 44% of the country has made up their mind on her they don't like her had. 44% loves her, she can do wrong. you are right about 12% of people that she can try to persuade. there is a very small margin offer are for her in this election. >> then the electoral college comes into play as well there are states that can be, you know, taken by
5:45 pm
the republicans if they are -- if the candidate is suiteddable. >> and in future discussions, we should talk about the get out the vote efforts because her digital campaign, her try to get people is very, very good and the republicans are. >> republicans are behind on a lot of stuff. kind of like, i don't know, dana perino, everybody. there she is. watters on deck, asking the folks about hillary clinton and benghazi. should be interesting. we'll be right back. my name is mark amann.
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, watters world. what do folks think about the benghazi controversy. simple assignment. perfect for watters. here he is.
5:49 pm
tell me about benghazi. >> benghazi? >> someone is from the middle east, a leader for. [ buzzer ] >> italian? or maybe not. >> i can't really tell you much about benghazi to be honest right now. >> there is some sort of uprising with militias in libya. there was an overthrowing of the embassy and about like three people killed. >> we had intel that this was going to happen but there weren't precautionary measures taken. people are blowing it way out of proportion right now to make hillary clinton look bad. >> too late. >> where is benghazi? >> i have no idea. >> is it in israel? [ buzzer ] >> afghanistan? pakistan? [ buzzer ] >> in the street somewhere? >> [ buzzer ] >> in the streets. technically accurate. >> closer to egypt? >> yes. it is very close to egypt. >> iraq? >> warmer. >> libya?
5:50 pm
>> excellent. someone is testifying about benghazi. do you know who that is? >> i'm going to say trump? >> no, definitely bush. got to be bush. >> obama, i guess. >> [ buzzer ] >> could it be the lady condeleezza. >> could it be the lady, maybe? >> not condoleezza rice. >> hillary clinton? >> oh, yeah, fifth grade. >> do you trust hillary? >> in many respects, i do. >> why is she hiding and deleting all of her e-mails? >> she's doing that now? >> do you trust hillary? >> yeah. >> yeah, i think she's a lesser of the evils, i would say. >> then why is she hiding and deleting her e-mails. >> something i am willing to forgive. >> if hillary can't protect her
5:51 pm
own ambassador, how can she protect a country if she's president. >> this is that show where you talk to, like, college-aged kids and get them to not answer. and then you have goofy sound effects like doing. ♪ >> where do you get most of your news from? >> i no longer have cable. >> orb economy is tough, isn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, i don't watch any news. >> so how do you know what's going on? >> npr, oh, yes. >> the liberal media. >> i can tell. >> what do you do all day? >> i work all day, basically. i go to castings if i'm not working. >> you're a model? >> anything scandalous? >> no. >> okay. just checking for my friend over here. >> i work at a gym down the road. >> you're a personal trainer? >> just watch out for the guns. they'll get you. >> have you ever seen a ufo?
5:52 pm
>> don't get nowhere for me on that? >> what do you do all day? >> play video games. bass fishing. squeamish, i play play stations 2, fishing game. >> how big was the last fish you caught? >> about yeah big. >> don't lie about your size. gh if you don't laugh, it just seems mean. >> do you vote? >> probably a good thing. >> how do you make money? >> i sell stickers i make. >> do you want to make a little bit more money? >> sure. >> that wasn't an offer. . >> my god, i'm going to sit in the park and just stare. >> did you ever watch "the o'reilly factor? >> yeah, they got me his book. >> denied. >> you're my favorite part of the show. it's true. >> they'll just be, like wharks are you doing? why don't you look like jesse waters. why don't you wear a suit like him? >> the two of us together? forget it. >> all right, here's waters.
5:53 pm
how many people did you interview? >> eight people. how many out of the eight? >> two of three were conversant about it. i'm going to say knew about it, but could talk about it. they had heard about it and generally knew something. >> when you have eight people on camera, how many more wouldn't talk to you. >> one personal i said tell me about benghazi and she ran away. >> so eight said i'll talk to you. >> the guy with the long, blond hair said oh, i know what you do. my grand parents watch. i'm not doing this. and then proceeded to talk to me for techb minutes. >> that guy, when he said grandparents, they must be 120. he looked like he was 50 years olgd. >> here's waters and we have a secret aseenment to be back on monday. it's -- i'm not going to tell you.
5:54 pm
factor tip of the day when things are going really badly for you. how you can turn it all around.
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what's in your wallet? 75% are dwrading the book outstanding. that would be the highest percentage of any of the killing reagan books. a man who went from immediate i don't care raty to greatness and how he overcame a brutal near-death experience. check it out. shame on congress for making it necessary to do so. there's a lot of shame to go around in this one, bill. but her's some good news. senator cruz kept his promise and introduced case law today. i'll keep you posted every step of the way. it is now a stand alone composition and we'll see if they vote on it. >> how demeaning and cold for san francisco supervisor
5:57 pm
maliah colon to call kate steinle's death an accident -- not an accident, an incident, i should say. >> that was an outrageous statement. certainly millions of people who watch the factor know the city is run by irresponsible folks and the decision to spend money there is entirely up to you. it's good that nikki johnston huston knows her mother loves her. it's too bad they love drugs and alcohol more. i agree, parents who abuse drugs and alcohol are abusing their children. i'd love to hear from her without you stepping on her thoughts. it was refreshing to see a guest with opposing point of view, given a fair amoupt of time to make her case. same interview, two opposite reactions. sandy o'donnell.
5:58 pm
pittsburgh, pennsylvania. mr. o'reill, y, i find you arrogant and condescending on most subts. >> thank you for writing kwt killing reagan." i cried, it was so moving. >> i have ordered eight books and just bought five more on coscco giving gifts to those i love. >> i find it becoming that you -- unbecoming, it should be, i find it unbecoming that you make fun of people on the factor. you make a habit of this. >> i have a line and i'm not going to give it to you. and that was my typo, by the way. congratulations to the new york mets. go to the world series for the first time in 15 years. i was raised a mets fan, although i like the yankees, as well. earlier this season, the mets were dismal, awful, horrible and pathetic.
5:59 pm
in june, the stadium looked like a desert in morocco. nobody there. not etch camel. but then, things turned around. basically, management brought in some new players. the coaching staff, coach's bob darren kept the team together. bingo, next, they're in the world series. here's the factor tip of the day. when things get really bad for you, don't give up. you can find a solution. you can turn it around. think of the mets. and that is it for us tonight. we'd like to you you to spout off any time that you wish to opine. word of the day, i love this word. do not be pecksniffiant. i think of gregory when i think of pecksniffiant.
6:00 pm
before gregory peck died in the movie, he said don't be pecksniffiant. >> again, please remember, we're dev definitely looking out for you will you. breaking tonight, stunning new evidence in the search for the truth about the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. it led to the first assassination of a u.s. ambassador in decades as well as the murter of three americans. for years, americans have demanded to know why security was so lax on our benghazi consulate. whether and whether the administration may have misled the nation about the reasons behind the assault. now, after an exhaustive hearing featuring f


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