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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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before gregory peck died in the movie, he said don't be pecksniffiant. >> again, please remember, we're dev definitely looking out for you will you. breaking tonight, stunning new evidence in the search for the truth about the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. it led to the first assassination of a u.s. ambassador in decades as well as the murter of three americans. for years, americans have demanded to know why security was so lax on our benghazi consulate. whether and whether the administration may have misled the nation about the reasons behind the assault. now, after an exhaustive hearing featuring former secretary of state hillary clinton.
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we may be closer to answers. in particular, on whether the american people were misled by an administration fighting to win a second term. it was september 11, 2012. 56 days before the presidential election. and 11 years to the day after the worst terror attack in our nation's history. america, once again, came under attack. this time, in a foreign city many have never heard of. but as day turned tonight in benghazi, libya, at 940 p.m. local time, they attacked. an alarm sounded. chaos ensued. >> the entire safe haven, which takes up part of the first floor of the main residence is black with fumes. they try to open it, but it just doesn't help. there's too much smoke.
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they drop to the floor trying to get air. but emp there now, they can't breathe. rescuers were forced to leave the facility under fire. hours later, a new attack. despite pleas that help would never arrive.
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they later died in that assault. made by a film maker in california. some have sought to justify this vicious behavior that took place at the embassy in cairo yesterday. >> it was a story mrs. clinton repeated two days later, just steps away from the bodies of the dead at a ceremony, state side. >> the remains returned to the nation for which they died. it was there that they blamed the death of their loved ones on an out-of-control protest caused by that video.
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>> she came up and shook my hand and made the statement to me that we will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted. >> obama and hillary and pinetta and biden and susan all came up to the casket ceremony. every one of them came up to me and gave me a big hug. i asked them what happened? please tell me? and every one of them said it was the video. >> from the start, the families did not buy it. but the story wav?bj6yirñrró?ñid
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and this was, indeed, a pre-planned terrorist attack. mrs. clinton's state department was investigated repeatedly. while it became clear that the video was not to blame, no smoking gun was ever found. in all of the investigations, she never turned over her own e-mails. not from her time of state, not from her deals dealing with ben ghazi.
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today, for the first time, we heard mrs. clinton's truth. what she really believed as she told the public a vid crow was to blachl. and the truth is that what mrs. clinton said public ly was very different from what she claimed privately she knew. that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack and she said she knew it. here is secretary clinton in her own words to the prime minister of egypt hours after the attack. >> we know that the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack. not a protest. those are her words.
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and she goes onto say, based on the information we saw today, we believe the group that claimed responsibility for this was affiliated with alquaeda. we've never seen that e-mail before. so why did she tell the families and the public a different story. >> there's no evidence for a video-inspired protest. so where's the false narrative start. what troubles me more is i think you knew the truth. within 24 hours, you had a meeting with the egyptian prime minister. we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not guilty a protest. let me read that one more time. we know. not it might be, we know that
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the attack in libya was a planned attack, not a protest. state department experlts knew the truth. you knew the truth. but that's not guilty what the american people got. >> again, american people want to know why. >> i clearly said it is an attack. and i also said therefrom some who tried to justify on the basis of the video, congressman. >> calling it an attack is like saying the sky's blue. of course it was an attack. >> we begin tonight with mark thesis. -- we watched these hearings today. >> i understand hillary clinton's later defense at the hearing which was -- she says i still believe that the video played some rule.
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buff i hard no explanation from her as to if that was her belief, if that's her fwleef today, why she told the egyptian prime minister. we know that this attack had nothing to do with the fim m. we know it is a planned attack and knot a protest. why did she say that if, to this day, she believes it was about a video. ? >> because she doesn't believe it was about a video. she's covering up what we weren't supposed to here. but congressman jordan tid us today is give us the smaeking gub which is the spushl thoughts that you had with family and foreign leaders telling them this was an at cay da attack. at the same time she was going out and saying this was about an inflammatory video, she said there -- she said it was an attack. she never used the word material rirk or al-qaida.
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she sent an e-mail to her daughter, chelsea saying two of the members of our kbrup request were just killed. this is the problem with this, megyn. i think the american people would not have blamed then or benghazi if they had stepped forward and said mick has come you should attack by alquiag. i think americans would have rallied to them. but they didn't do that. >> here's what she says about that. basically, that e-mail to her family. she says the night of the attack al-qaida made according to responsibility, that they will then pull back the next day. >> she says as the sbem coming to her and every unelse n if administration changed, so u too, did thafr message. >> and what she said to me is the e libtsd leader. we ghoe. we know.
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but. >> she's saying one nipg to him and something ums publicly. >> the people on the ground who saw it happened were telling them there's no protest. abds how is it that susan rice can go out on sunday when a few days earlier, she had told the prime minister of e i want is it was a preplanned attack. >> this is september 19 49. now, this is -- no, wait. i just want to make sure. is this the so you believed booit where he's talking about we have no information. i just want to shiek sure. og, september 14th, that makes sense. sense. >> we have no information to
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suggest the pre-planned attack. >> no information has suggests it was a pro-plan ds attack. not a protest. we know the attack was a plan. and he was saying days later, no information of a planned atack. >> we don't have and did not have concrete evidence tug zest that this was notsd in rea to the film. >>. >> no 2346ings? and this is nil ri days earlier mplts we know the afact nad nothing to do with if niche film. why not just come out and lay it out. this is what makes people discrust not just these poll kigss, but washington. but the administration. but anybody who raises their hand and testifies under oh.
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>> no, that's exactly right. and this is why -- what jay carney said is the exact opposite of what hillary clinton said today in her hearing. according to her narrative, officially, they thought it was a terrorist atake. jay carney said they have no yfgs going in. so that's a complete opposite story. the problem here is you're exactly right. it's a question of trust. i think americans would have rallied around this president. we just went through a thing where donald trump try today blame 9/1 d on yorks g wurks. and they would not have blamed a barack if he would have slood up, said we were under atap. ned have reallied around him.
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>> mark, thank you. >> thank you, megan. for my next guests, sob. patricia smith is -- >> you're reaction to that e-mail in particular? >> well, that's kind of interesting. my soon called me the night before telling me about the fume that would be walkingaround the dweez sell fuel and everything. and that's what you sit on fire. >> there were people who were supposed to be guard iing they were,in fact, planning an attack. j these were the.
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>> i know you had one of these all along. so see the e-mail saying it, saying we know the astack snaz snoods to to where the sfim. . we know it. >> what does that mean to you? what perspective. >> it grifs me a very good one. >> she lies. very simple. she is not guilty telling the truth. shes trying to push her own agenda through. what actually happened. >> you were a grieving mom. is there any chantsd in her erjs change to you, any just say. around we're also going to get the guy who produced thour
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. >> it was the video and they would definitely call me and let me know if there was any change. as soon as they investigated a little bit more therapy. i have heard nothing, nothing there the government that sed other than i am gloth a number of the immediate famdly and they don't have to tell me. that is try mt i got this in writing. >> i dold them that and they wount give me the answer. ef time i've contacted the considerable them. the state department. they have a grieveble person that your're supposed to talk to.
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i called that person and i asked them what's happening, what's going on? they don't have to tell m. >> patricia, very sorry for your loss. thank you for being here with us tonight. >> oh, megyn, please find out. i've got to know what happened. they don't tell me. i still don't know. the government has never told me. they have never said to me. i've got to know that was my only child. yes, i'm grieving. because they woept tell ne fwhig chlts if hillary had any sense in her head, all she'd have to do is make one phone call and they woelt have a problem. they woent tell me nothing. patricia, your grief is obvious and understandable. >> but they don't care. they don't care.
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>> we'll continue this. i thank you again for being here. i understand that people think this has become a political issue. but listen to that mother. shouldn't she get her answers. >> today, when she was pressed on the death of the ambassador seemed to place a lot of responsibility on one person, in particular. and we will have that story in next. and then, for the firsz time since the early days of this campaign, don't miss this. >> have you ever heard the jurj
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on numerous occasions during her testimony today, mrs. clinton sounded a different note when it came to the am brans porn. thank you, megyn. he said he felt security was so poor, he had an opportunity to to arrest me. the people with whom he worked, the people who remember around him and with him. they very well understand the futures. and then, as her am bas door, as you spoke blt the deech, personal loss. >> did you ever personally speak
6:24 pm
to him after you swore him in in may. >> yes, i believe. and when was that? >> i don't remember. there are no call locks with him. you have to record that you have any confers the am bas r bags tor vm. >>. plerks wt r wud tved. very slimted communication with the president and his seen yore military adds visors. >> did you meet with the that was the only time i kaunged with him. on the 11th. >> did you peek with secretary h
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hin. >>? did you talk with general demp mrjts sa. we also learned from today that there were 600 special quests and the group in beh 234rks zahi fla virtually nothing was done and on the day of the assault, the xx rests walked in, unincoup gerd. >> catherine, thank you. joining me now to react, robert zimmerman. i mean, that is just why? why would a 6 pub request for noet ri to be ignored. >> i'm here as a proud american. and i think, like, someone in the polls show a little number of work in our fellow citizens. they're just apopalled.
6:26 pm
even the hand-picked investigator. >> let's assume for the purposes of this discussion, you're completely right. that this has been partisan from the beginning. he denies that. kevin mccarthy said something he certainly suggested is true. but i'll give you that for the purposes of this tis substitutio substitution! they have thmt. she doesn't turn it other. and the sbeer is us. years. oond they know we see on the not to my knowledge egg question rk we noe n plan has nothing to do with the fill. her own words, first of all,
6:27 pm
e-mails were requested and they were turned over. >> that's not true. the e-mails she had on her private server were not turned over until this committee where state were imcolluding the don'ts. >> this is known two years ago. >> they're the ones who found out shefrs withhold gtsz and none of our drjss have been give rn to any prior commit tie: >> you haven't seen one republican saying this is a game-changer in anyway or a smoking gun. >> they did not have this document. they had all the nfrgs that confirmed that there was a complete confusion as to what was happening. >> i don't care what the republicans think.
6:28 pm
i'ming the you that as a lawyer, this is -- >> that's the point. i'm telling you i have an admission when i hear one. this is a statement that is directly contrary to everything she said. when she was pressed on it today, she said, well, look. by september 18 thd, the sbel jeps assess mmt has changed. and now themp congresswomaning to it saying okay, stfs a terrorist attack and the initial . >> but listen to the white house.
6:29 pm
listen to jax smk whether shi claims stes a her no a fwa. >> there is no justification for violence. there is no justification for attacking and killing nent people. in this case, in benghazi. innocent americans, including ambassador who had done so much to help if libyan people. >> and with all of that being said, from jay ca rurgs ney, all the positions that were out there, every ind pep dent committee that has invest gated this u con clouded there was no erd by the add hib straxz. oonld tell ply this political safe blgt mt. j r. >> hi kal in front of that committee. why is it leon pinetta?
6:30 pm
they don't want the facts. they don't want an it hornt. >> and by the way, what tra tray gowyd was asked, smix. >> she sat in and out mumpb o. >> oobd how stheshlgt gl p else no one le 00 quay em chrm. >> it only confirms she knew facts different soencht. >> oempblt. >> whooblt beck? >> chris is here with the story behind that.
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you could say, you know what, we're not quite shoour.
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you picked the third option. libya was supposed to be pointed out this great success story for the obama white house and the clinton state department. >> that was jim jordan pressing secretary clinton during today's benghazi hearing. the congressman joins me now. congressman, thank you for being here tonight. and, so, i know you've been busy, but we've been discussing for the better part of the last half hour that e-mail that you spent most of your time with hillary clinton that she says we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. is that a smoking gun in your view? >> well, it certainly puts to bed this whole narrative that they ran with. and it all started with her. you kblts say one thing publicly to the american people, to the taxpayers. and then say something else deferent privately. that's what she did. the truth with what she did privately. all the evidence supported a terrorist attack. none of the evidence pointed to
6:36 pm
this video! what she said to you today was that night, we had information to claim responsibility from an al-qaida affiliated group. the next morning, they retracted that claim. so things changed. >> that's the point. it wasn't the film, right? there was no protest, no demonstration, no video-inspired demonstration. chris stevens walks when the attack happened. he did the reported protest because there wasn't one. >> let's just have a back-and-forth because the daughter didn't get to see it. she did believe it was a video. others believed it was a demonstration caused by a video. others got to view the security tape from the consulate on september 18th, that the security foot arrange arifled at cia saying there were no protests. and that they revisited their earlier assess. . >> megyn, why did she tell
6:37 pm
different stories? and why did her public story stay the same tloit the sbooir week. on the 14th, jay karney says it wasn't a pre-planned attack. the experts in libya say it was a well-planned attack. that happens to be the same day, by the way, where he said it is a video. we want to focus on that. the american people understand it. that that e-mail, that call from the egyptian prime minister makes it crystal clear. >> our information is that you guys did not have that in prior investigations. why haven't we heard about that or seen that exchange prior to today.
6:38 pm
>> if we would have had that information a long time ago, that would help us get it together. >> we know the f.b.i. is looking at your server. if they find information that deleted e-mailings or whatever, if they find e-mails that are relative to our invest gaigs, will you allow a neutral, third party. >> he is on record and it could not be much clearer that he thinks this is a partisan hit job. some other guy came out and said that's not the case. a lot of the american people are looking at this saying in one ear, out the other.
6:39 pm
this is about presidential pole ticks and not ben gha skrks i. >> i think that was wrong. i don't think that's been the focus. we've been clear. you can see this here today for yourself. what is part san about that. what is part san about telling the egyptian prime minister one thing and the american people something else? that's her statements. an hour and a half before they were over, she says it was video-inspired. she starts that narrative at 10:08. >> presidential candidate jeb bush responds next. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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test test test jeb bush: this president, with all due respect, believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged
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the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> but if it is fair to question mrs. clinton for failures leading up to september 11th, 2012, why is governor bush arguing it is not fair for leading up to september 11, 2001. >> governor, good to see you tochbt. >> if someone had evidence that there was a pending attack, there was a lot of investigations after 9/1 1e. trump doesn't know what he's talking about. he doesn't know anything about this.
6:45 pm
he doesn't know anything that he's talking about. there were massive investigations. did we let our safeguards down? sure, we did. in the case of ben ghazi, there were clear signs that this consulate was at risk. it had already been attacked. it was 9/11, it wasn't the security. i think the testimony today bears that out. twoo weeks ago, in the debate, she said that libya was a great example of smart power. i think it's in total chaos now. leading from bhiepd was not the best way to deal with this problem and the security problems that exist. so this was not a great day for the clinton he saet at poll
6:46 pm
number 10, he'll get out of this race. what would it take to let you get out. >> i believe we have a plan to be very competitive in the early states. we have the resources to stay with this. i'm campaigning in a way that will draw people towards our cause. ggiulani was the front runner. i believe i'm going to win the nomination. >> but no one's ever had this kind of a lead for this long a time and then go onto lose the
6:47 pm
nomination. >> well, let's talk about it in march. we'll see what happens. 37% say they believe trump can best handle immigration. just 5% say you can. to have a path to legalize status, not citizenship. a practical, conservative plan. >> they know all of that. they know that mexico is sending its rapists and so on. they are behind him and not you on the issue from the polling. >> wuchbs they get all of the
6:48 pm
facts, my guess is that don trump won't be at whatever percentage it is today. i know you guys are consumed by the process. 6 million more people living in poverty. i'm talking about ideas to break the log jam in washington, d.c. and to fix it. >> let me ask you about him. sometimes he takes these personal shots and then he seems to praise you when you have a vigorous answer as sort of responding to his taunts. now you're high energy. to me, it stand up and you don't know what to do. do you have a plan on dealing with the doctrine? >> we're in the same boat. i mean, come on. this guy is totally unique. he's not a serious candidate. he's a great entertainer.
6:49 pm
we're in another deep function in this country. donald trump is not my motivation to run. i wish him well. i don't have bad feelings also about anybody. but i believe i'm going to win this no, ma'am nation when people hear the views that i have and the experience to fix this. >> i got to do this as governor of a swing state. >> governor jeb bush, it's good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thanks, megyn. >> up next, a big new poll and a big gaffe from a very new candidate. s. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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a new poll out of iowa shows a new front-runner in that state. dr. ben carson. it appears donald trump or his team -- not happy. chris stirewalt, nice to see you. quinnipiac showing for the first time ben carson eight points ahead of donald trump in that state. it's just one poll, is it meaningful? >> this is probably 1 of my 2 favorite iowa polls. it has a great track record.
6:54 pm
we like quinnipiac a great deal and it is significant. it is a nice size sample relatively speaking and it's the first time that donald trump hasn't been the front-runner in this race in iowa since august. remember, donald trump's been the front-runner in the whole republican field for more than 100 days. he's been "the man" essentially since scott walker started to take on water and jeb bush started to fall apart. it's been trump and only trump. for ben carson to lead him in all-important iowa, because whoever the non-establishment candidate is going to be pretty well needs to win iowa. maybe you could do it with south carolina but you need to win iowa. >> looking at the numbers, women from this poll back carson over trump 33-13. white evangelicals, carson over trump, 19 points. tea party votes, 12 points. that will do it, i guess. yet i'm confused because it says 41% of iowa gop voters say trump can best handle the economy and
6:55 pm
immigration and he's crushing everybody else on those two issues. >> remember, mitt romney was judged in exit polls to be number one on the economy. it doesn't mean people will vote for you. every election is a trust election. every election is a character election. remember this, the base of the republican party is very conservative and the base of the republican party in iowa is very, very, very conservative. and this is a place where somebody like trump who's more liberal probably doesn't work as well as he might in other states. >> trump got in a bit of twitter trouble, a retweet that said ben carson now leading in the polls in iowa, too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain. trumpgop. he took that back sending out the young intern who accidentally did a retweet apologizes. just stay off the twitter. >> don't have interns do your tweeting for you.
6:56 pm
do your own tweeting. don't be a regular politician. >> bye.
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what do you think? do you think this benghazi is a partisan hit job on hillary?"the kelly file." see you tomorrow night. welcome to "hannity." it was a showdown on capitol hill as hillary clinton testified before the benghazi select committee. in a moment we'll get reaction from senator marco rubio and rudy giuliani. first here's how it all went down earlier today. >> understanding what happened in benghazi goes to the heart of who we are as a country. >> you are experts knew the truth. your spokesperson knew the truth. greg hicks knew the truth. what troubles me more is i think you knew the truth. >> we did


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