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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 23, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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courtyard area. the man that died there was not enrolled at the school. the other two that are students are at vanderbilt hospital. at this hour, no arrests are made. rallying two days after a new york police officer is is killed in the streets. >> crowds chanting and holding signs to protest what she say police terror and murder. it's a march to stop terror. now on tuesday night officer rand dofl hold er was gunned down. he's the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months. 42 people are dead after a bus crash in southwest france.
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the bus was carrying tourist when it collided with a tractor trailer. both exploding into flames and five people survived. a u.s. soldier is killed during a dramatic rescue that frees 70 isis hostages in iraq. they were assisting in a mission after learn thag the hostages faced mass execution. it erupted into the intense fire fight. the ol jer kisoldier killed was first. 11 hours testifying in the gazi attacks. garrett is live in washington with a look at some of the key moment itses from yesterday. >> there's a lot of frustration and one key point of frustration on the committee with clinton's
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answer and the ambassador chris stephens and the additional security in the weeks prior to the attack. in the weeks they were denied and here is how clinton explained. >> those requests and issues related to security were right now handled by the security professionals in the department. i did not see them. i did not approve them. i did not deny them. >> clinton was also grilled on the antiislam video while telling her family and others that it was al qaeda responsible. >> within 24 hours you had ha conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you said it had nothing to do with the film. >> if you look at the statement i clearly said it was an attack
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and some that tried to justify on the basis of the video congressman, and i think -- >> real quick. calling it attack is like saying that the sky is blue. of course it was an attack. >> they hammered her over the e-mails and then the ambassador did not have the personal e-mail address. >> well, i think that it's fair to ask what sidney had access to you and there's not a single solitary e-mail to or from you to or from ambassador can stephens. >> he had no position in the government, and not at all my adviser. he was a friend that sent me information. >> after 11 hours of testimony and he said that he appreciated clinton's answers and said that the investigations are far from
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over. >> live in washington. thanks garrett. >> you're welcome. >> meantime fired up. >> i would say increasingly vicious. there's little interest in what happened. terrible views of our responsibility and our power. >> we want to badge you over and over again until we get tired and the moment that he was talking about. we're better than that. >> they say that this is about the facts. >> we're trying to get to the truth. look i disagree with what they said. what's part son about saying one thing and the american people another thing. that's her statement. he started the whole video narrative at 10:08. an hour and a half before.
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>> it's never been about politics or bringing down. >> after the 11th hearing fox analyst say that is the fbi now has more to go on as it investigates hillary clinton. >> they're looking for material representation t. they're looking for the material to deceive. she is under oath. and how many different versions she can give of the events. i suggest to you that they found a field day. she can be prosecuted for misleading congress as well as for lying to congress. she is under oath. this is not a political rally. she is being investigated for the fb approximate i for four crimes. the failure to secure secrets.
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lying under oath when she said that she gave them everything. i they the fbi has a lot to go on today because she forgot about the third and hidden audio. other news severe storms in northern texas bring this. heavy rainfall and flooding. >> there goes the double wide and gone. >> a flash flood watch in affect and a foot of rain expected in some areas. >> you can see the trailer going down with the flooding. braces for the worst don in mexico. category five hurricane patricia set to hit this afternoon. >> yeah, intensifying quickly. we were just talking about it and now we're talk of a significant storm system and first to the u.s. because we do have some areas of rain that
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we're tracking earlier this morning and other rain associated with the same system as well. it's further north to arkansas and missouri ask then the northe northern plains. the worst flooding is forecasted across texas. we have the watches in affect and flash flood warning because of the rainfall that we're anticipating. a foot of rain or higher mupts as we go to this weekend. it's a relatively short period of time that we're going to have to receive this rainfall. that's why the concern for flash flooding is there. the one bit of good news is that we have drought conditions across texas. we do need the rainfall across the state. if we head further east and then you get too much rainfall in a short amount of time and then a possibility of flash flooding. that's a concern into the weekend. here is a look at a category
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five hurricane and maximum sustained winds at 200 miles per hour and looking in credibly impressive here. you can see the well formed eye and then again forecasted to make land fall as we go later on today. >> live for us. we will check back with you. >> well, he is in wisconsin congressman ryan running for speaker of the house and gaining support from the republicans. patricia is here. good morning. >> good morning. it's a job that he said that he never wanted. after more backing from members of party and paul ryan has agreed to seek o out the job of speak of the house. it would mean not giving up the family time. he laid out what the next speaker was going to do to be successful. >> we need to move from an opposition to a proposition
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party. because we think that the nation is on the wrong path, we have a duty to show the right one. if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> republicans turn to the wisconsin congressman after john banner announced that he was stepping down. overwhelmed with the support released a statement saying after talking with so many of you and hearing your word's of encouragement, i believe that we're ready to move forward as a one, united team. if he secures the the voerktste has a big job ahead of him. >> ryan is really smart and the most prominent policy leader. he has to slow down and listen to all 247 members of the conference and pull them together and recognize that he has a good job. >> house majority leader dropped
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out of the speakers race and said that had he thought that ryan was in a strong shape for the post. > >> florida representative is also in the running. roughly 218 votes are needed to win the spoerk shieaker ship. the president denies a bill and it would have made it harder to get the terrorists out. making sure that the $612 billion defense bill is not passed. he wants a prevision taken out of that bill and that would get in the way of transferring the suspects. the goal before it ends and many occurring them of putting the politics ahead. over worked and burnt out. secret service agents at risk and the report says that these two in stances shed light on a
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sweeping in stance and saying that agents are working too many hours and being fatigued. one logged 60 hours of over time before he was found sleeping. a mother and father welcoming a rare set of triplets. they were born in baltimore and now home with the parents. the doctors say that the odds of conceiving three identical babies is about 1 in 2 million. for now mom and dad have to use color coded systems to tell the brothers apart. >> cute. adorable. >> 11 minutes after the hour. wait until you hear what the fedst just found out or what they found in a massive drug tunnel. big brother joining you on the next trip just in time for the busy holiday travel system is. tracking you at the airport. and a smashing reaction.
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the man charged in the road rage murder facing the judge. the journal reports that tony toraz shot a friend in 2006 during a struggle after an argument and a parking garage exit. torez confessed to opening fire on a car with lily and her family and he did that after he can cut them off. the family is still grasping for answers. >> i thought it would make us feel better. i mean we're glad that we got caught. it's not going to bring lily back, but he is off the streets. >> he is being held on a
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$650,000 cash bail. some brand new documents show that they tried to execute drugs that are not legal in the united states. they paid nearly $30,000 for the drugs. they were seized by federal officials when a shipment arrived from a specified country. this released as part of a lawsuit with the arizona department of corrections. a massive drug tunnel discovered between california and mexico. $6 million worth of marijuana seize and 22 people under arrest in the u.s. and mexico. now it's the length of eight football fields. a thief with expensive taste caught on camera stealing high end wine.
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he walked right into the octagon restaurant and went into the storage area with dozens of bottles of wine and walked out with one that cost $4,800. do you recognize him? well, to a fox business alert now. millions of cars recalled because it could catch fire. >> what cars are being recalled. we're here with what you have to listen to this morning. cheryl? >> reporter: good morning lad s ladies. mazda is recalling 4.9 million older vehicles. the recall covers several older models from the 90s of the prote prote protege. too much grease applied when it was made. could cause smoke and fire. no injuries reported. united airlines is testing a new
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boarding process in chicago this week. details were not available. they may also revamp the wifi on the plane and have flat bed seats. united may narrow the coffee choices down to three for the morning flyers. best buy is going to offer free shipping for the rest of the holiday sunday. beginning sunday and ending january 2nd. this is the first to offer free shipping for the holidays. you have to send $35 to get the deal. mcdonald's testing sweet potato tri potato fries in texas. some love it and others say that mcdonald's is taken on too much. heather back to you. >> thank you cheryl. a high school band all
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patriot gear for a high school game. >> the rival between two high schools was supposed to have a usa themed, but the school decided that might have offensive things and changed it to orange out. now warning fan that is if they wear anything to be considered inappropriate, they won't be into the game. >> the schools paper responded and saying anything green, usa, flags and trump. >> so is it fine or over the line. >> send us the excepts on e-mail or twitter or fox news we're going to share them in the show. time is 19 minutes past the hour. taken out of service by a selfie. how it grounded an american airlines plane. what do americans know about the attack of b?
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welcome become to "fox and friends." a private school in favor of arming the teachers in prepare of a worst case scenario. a group of administrators carry guns on campus to the take down an intruder if need be. they're trained by cops and parents and students alike say that the they feel safer knowing that they can be protected at a
2:24 am
moment's notice. the nra more poplar than president obama. a new poll says that 58 percent supports the gun right rules. americans that support hillary clinton only 39 percent. well four americans were killed an 11 hour hearing demanded answers on what happened that night in bengazi. >> it turns out that many do not know about the attacks. it's the benghazi addition. >> reporter: tell me about benghazi? >> benghazi? >> someone from the middle east. the leader for -- >> could he be italian? >> maybe not. >> i cannot tell you about
2:25 am
benghazi right now. >> they're an uprising with malicious and libya. there was an over throwing and the embassy and over three people killed. >> we had intel that there was going to happen, but nothing taken. >> where is benghazi? >> approximate i hai have no id >> israel. >> pakistan. >> libya. >> someone is testifying about benghazi, do you know who that is? >> i am going to say trump. bush. has to be bush. >> obama, i guess. >> could it be the lady maybe. >> not rice. >> hillary clinton. >> do you trust hillary clinton. >> i do. >> why is she hiding the e-mail sns. >> is she doing that now. >> where do you get the news from? >> i don't have cable. >> i don't watch any news.
2:26 am
>> so how do you know what's going on? >> mrp. >> yeah. yeah. fbi. the terrible liberal media. >> i go to cnn. >> i can tell. >> it's 25 minutes after the top of the hour, and president obama defends the black lives matter. >> they're not making this up, there's a history behind it. we have to take it serious. >> why he says that police brutality have to come alive. ♪ need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates
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from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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it's tried october 23. a fox news alert. a deadly shooting over a game of
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guidic d dice. hillary clinton facing a hearing for hours after one mother slams the former secretary of the state. >> she told me personally with the video i have heard nothing from the government since. >> why she's still not satisfied with the investigation. a wild police chase in texas involving e! news. "fox and friends" continues right now. >> there they go. welcome to "fox and friends." >> it's 5:30 here on the east coast. right to the fox news alert. one person is dead and a few others injured after a shooting on tennessee p state's campus. >> there was a dispute over a guidice game in an outdoor courtyard. the man that died was not
2:31 am
enrolled at the school. the other victims are at the hospital right now. at this time no arrests are made. a rally two days after a new york cop was killed in the streets. >> it's right no rebel. nypd go to held. >> you can see the chanting and it was all part of a three day national march that continues today and tomorrow. on tuesday night officer randall hold er was gunned down chasing a career criminal. he was the fourth nypd officer kill in the line of duty in the last 11 months. president obama defending the shameful display from the black lives matter protest while speak at a criminal justice forum. he made note of the distrust between communities and police.
2:32 am
>> there's a specific problem that is happening in the african american community that's not happening in other communities. that is legitment issue that we have that address. we as a society, have to take this seriously. >> the discussion of criminal justice needs to extend further than just police and prosecutors. to another fox news alert. 42 people dead in a bus crash of france's wine country. it was packed with tourists when it collided with a tractor trailer. both exploding into flames. five people survived. well a swedish police are convinced that racial violence had an attack on school. 21-year-old an ton london that was shot by policeicked his
2:33 am
victi victims by race. a 17-year-old died at the hospital and two others killed in a disturbing. they thought that had his sword, mask and black clothes were part of a halloween prank. the former secretary of the state spends 11 hours answering questions on the attack in benghazi. it was revealed that she was telling her family terrorism while telling americans a different story. we're live in washington with a look at the key moments if you did not get to watch all 11 hours. garrett? >> yeah, it was a long day and a lot of questions on what caused the attacks and why there was not security on the ground and how much the state department was listening to the ambassador there. following the tacks the obama administration went on all of the sunday talk shows and blamed a video for inspiring the
2:34 am
events. within 24 hours of the attack clinton was e-mailing egypt's prime minister and saying that the attacks had had nothing to do with the film. >> what happened this week was a result -- a direct result of a video. >> if there's no evidence for a protest, then where did the false narrative start? it started with you madam secretary. >> she was is grilled on chris stephens request for additional security and the requests were denied by the state of department officials. >> it was a risky undertaking and one that chris volunteered for. >> the situation had worsened to the point that stevens is considering departing from benghazi. this is within five days of him going in. were you aware of that? >> we were aware because we were really counting on chris to
2:35 am
guide us and give us the information from the ground. >> the former secretary of the state said that he did not have her personal e-mail address but knew how to reach her if needed to. that lead republicans to question the many e-mails with the friend sidney bloomi. >> can you tell us why your professionals and none made it to you. a friend, a man of yours every one of the reports that had 20 deal with the situations on the ground made them to the desk. >> he had no official position in the government. he was a friend that sent me information that might be some way helpful. >> so after 11 hours of testimony, they appreciate clinton's answers and said that the committee has more questions
2:36 am
on benghazi, and the investigation is far from over. heather? >> live for us down in washington. thanks garrett. now that the hearings are over former speech writer says that there's question that hillary was involved in the cover up. >> she does not believe that it was about a video because she was covering up what we were not supposed to hear. congressman gave us the smoking gun that we were not supposed to see. the internal thoughts that she had and the communication with the family and foreign leader saying that this was a preplanned attack. she said that she said it was an attack. she never used the word terrorism or al qaeda. at the same time she sent an e-mail to her daughter saying two of the officers were just killed by an attack with al
2:37 am
qaeda. she told foreign leader this. >> well the mother of one of the were four americans killed in the benghazi attack is outrage that had she has not heard from hillary clinton since the son's death. the day long testimony did not give her any answers on what happened leading up to the deadly attack and outraged by the e-mails proving that she knew the attack had nothing to do with an anti-islam video. >> she told me it was a video. obama told me. biden told me. they all told me at the casket ceremony, that it was the individual kwloe avideo and definitely call me and let me know when it was investigated further. i have heard nothing from the government sense other than i am at a member of the immediate family and does not have to tell
2:38 am
me. now to extreme weather and sever storms and soaking the state in a lot of rain. >> double wide is floating. they're goes the double wide. gone. >> at this hour flash flood warnings are in affect. braces for the worst down in mexico. category five hurricane patricia. good morning. >> good morning. patricia now classified as the strongest hurricane. it's noted and intensified rapidly. i want to start out with the flo flooding situation in parts of texas. we have rain stretching as far north as minnesota and north dakota. the worst is forecasted for
2:39 am
being placed in parts of texas. we ever seen the rainfall and flooding going out here and the images on the scene. psych that the watches are in affect for texas. we have flash flood warnings in affect and then we still have significant rainfall in the forecast. some areas could see up to foot of additional rain to what they have received. we have the drought condition itself in place, and we need to rain. the problem is that we're getting too much in a short amount of time and seeing the images of significant flooding across texas. stay safe out there. meanwhile across mexico there's bracing for the impact from hurricane patricia and winds now at 200 miles an hour with the land fall forecast. as we go to later today and the over night hours, we're looking at impacts here with the very heavy rain and damage errongero >> okay. thank you. well, he is in wisconsin and
2:40 am
paul ryan is running for speaker of the house after gaining overwhelming support from republicans. now on more of what to expect. >> well, it's a job that he said that he never wanted. after the backing, paul ryan has agreed to the job of speaker of the house. earlier this week he met with colleagues and saying that the biggest demands is not giving up his family time. he also laid out what the next speaker will need to do to become successful. >> we need to move from an opposition party to a proposition party. because we think that the nation is on the wrong path, we have a duty to show the right one. if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> republicans turn to the wisconsin congressman after january banner announced that he was stepping down. ryan released a statement
2:41 am
saying, "can after talk to go so many of you and hearing the words of encouragement, i believe that we're ready to move forward as a one, united team. ". >> did he get any kinds of guarantees. will they be there for the votes that are hard and divide the republicans in the house. i hope that he got the guarantees because otherwise he is walking into a mind field. dropping out of the speakers race and saying that he thought he was in strong shape. florida representative webster is in the running and a vote is set for october 29th. roughly 218 votes are needed to win. >> thank you patricia.
2:42 am
19 minute toss the top of t hour. the new technology tracking you at the air port. a dangerous trip this halloween. the warning of drugs turning up in trick or treat bags. smashing reaction. why that woman is destroying her husband's bmw.
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. .
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welcome back to "fox and friends." like it or not big brother is tracking travelers at airports. our sister network here now with the the new tech bag following your every move. good morning adam. >> good morning heather.
2:46 am
they're installing blue tooth powered becans that track your every move. it alouse them to capture signals from the home after you walk from gate to gate. they found 53 percent of them allowed to track the device. travel tracking features can provide features to your phone and even a map. they can send messages to your phone after sending the shops and signaling deals and discounts. right now they use an app for travel related activities and soon google and samsung and facebook will in bed it into the operating system itself and apps meaning that you may be trapped like it or not. heather, back to you. >> live for us and to find the fox business network, go to fox and channel finder.
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out of service by a selfie. i am not joking. having access to that run way climbed up on the plane and snapped a selfie and officials took it out of service to make sure that the wing was not damaged. well if you want to see them play, you're going to have to pay. tickets to see the mets duke it out at home in the world series are going for more than $1,600 a piece. that's the most expensive tickets average in baseball history. >> the cheapest seats are $600. the mets take city field a week from today after two road games. >> way up in the nose bleed section. 47 minutes after the top of the hour. as lamar odom recovers and why khloe could be on the hook for the brothel bills. another member added to the
2:48 am
dumb criminal files and the woman learning the hard way that crime does not pay. >> yes, we all know that long time ago that crime does not pay. we have stayed on the right side of the law. let me tell you what is on the right side of the show. the full reaction of the benghazi hearing that ended about five minutes ago. other committee members that dug deep into this and tim jordan here live. mike pompay oo and then one of e moms of the guys killed that night. two navy seals will make your life better when we talk to them live. don't miss a minute.
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listen to the wife of the
2:52 am
former nba great lamar odom. might have to foot the big bill for his three-day bender at that nevada brothel. the owner says he will sue the couple if the $75,000 tab is not paid if full. this comes after we learn that odom overdosed on cocaine according to a search warrant ziefrnl a super model zendaya, they photo-shopped her hips and waist to make them look slimmer. screen right is the original, screen left is the touched up version. the 19-year-old posting both versions call out the unrealistic ideals of beauty. they replaced them with the untouched images. we looked great on the right-hand side. >> in both. a scary halloween morning for parents. a new form of ecstasy can be confused with candy. it can be deadly.
2:53 am
the tablets look like slord sugared candies. police say, when in doubt, slow it out. stock up on reese's peanut buttercups. they are the best halloween candy ever according to a survey. twix, kitt kat and snickers and reese's peanut butter pumpkins round out the top five. time for your viral video of the day. emu on the loose in texas. >> they're back. >> police chasing the herd of birds racing through town after they escaped from a backyard. they were named huey, dewey and lewy. >> they're still on the rupp. >> just two last time. now there's a herd. 8 minutes before the top of the hour. controversy under the friday night lights.
2:54 am
a high school band just fine or over the line? your e-mails next. a guest instead of a chicken. police officer's kindness.
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the time now is three minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, a deadly shooting at tennessee state university after an argument over a game of dice.
2:58 am
three students are injured and one dead. right now the category 5 storm, the strongest ever measured expected to make landfall this afternoon. lawmakers spent 11 hours grilling hillary clinton about the benghazi attack. she said she never saw a request for increased security in the region. what did you think of her testimony on ben gaz? weigh in on our facebook page. starting with the good. texas police officers give a pulled over driver gifts instead of a ticket when they notice that his young children don't have car seats. >> those kids are still going to have to be driven somewhere somehow with no car seats. >> we just kind of stepped off to the side and said we need to do the right thing and get these people some car seats. >> the entire police department chipped in to pay the bill. the bad.
2:59 am
hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. a wife smashes her husband's bmw with that hammer after finding out he cheated. the luxury car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. the ugly. a noodle armed thief tries to pluck an over-sized package off a porch in california before realizing it was too heavy. she runs off picking up the dirty pair of shoes instead. now it's time for a high school banning all patriotic gear from tonight's football game. >> was supposed to be a usa theme. but the school decided it might be offensive. >> now they won't be let in wearing anything green, usa. fine or over the line? >> sharing pretty much the same opinion. >> russell says this is completely over the line. why do the school systems cater to everyone except american. >> the last time i looked this is still america and we have the freedom to wear clothes of any color. >> living in arizona and a
3:00 am
patri patriot, i'm appalled that we are trying to be politically correct. this ban on the football game is ridiculous. >> how can the american flag be offensive? i do not understand that. happy birthday to my grandmother. 98 years young. >> happy birthday, grandma. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it's friday, october 23rd, 2015. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a man was shot dead on a campus. the motive, insane. she told the world a video was to blame for the attack in benghazi. hillary told her daughter chelsea something completely different. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> why was that? we're going to read the e-mail that hillary sent to chelsea while four americans were being murdered. >> w


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