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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 23, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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patri patriot, i'm appalled that we are trying to be politically correct. this ban on the football game is ridiculous. >> how can the american flag be offensive? i do not understand that. happy birthday to my grandmother. 98 years young. >> happy birthday, grandma. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it's friday, october 23rd, 2015. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a man was shot dead on a campus. the motive, insane. she told the world a video was to blame for the attack in benghazi. hillary told her daughter chelsea something completely different. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> why was that? we're going to read the e-mail that hillary sent to chelsea while four americans were being murdered. we have that man coming up
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shortly. meanwhile, if you want to rob a house, don't pick this lady's house. >> the first guy that i saw, he had jumped over the fence. the other person had taken off. i kept yelling i'm going to shoot you. >> whoa. >> i believe her. she's a sharp shooter too. mornings are better with friends and your house is better off when she's there. hi everybody. live from studio e, it's "fox and friends" for our friday. kimberly guilfoyle is with us today. great to have you. >> if you listen close, the benghazi hearings ended a short time ago after 8, 9, 10, 11 hours. >> 11 hours, exactly. >> we're tuckered out because we went to the book party for extreme ownership. how u.s. navy seals lead and win by our friend elise babin and jacque owe will nick. they'll both be on the program after how the lessons by the
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seals can -- >> we had to wake them up with a bugle. two people i know will not be late today. >> they're on point. they're here. they're going to educate everybody. >> heather nauert was there last night. >> we're probably waking them up this morning. looking forward to that. i have a fox news alert. a 19-year-old is dead this morning and three students injured after a shooting on tennessee state university campus in nashville. the shooter is on the run at this hour. police say that a dice game boiled over into a fistfight and then shots were fired. the man who died was not a student at the school. this happening about midnight. we'll keep you posted on any updates as we get them. also happening overnight, overseas, a bus crash in france's wine country leaving 42 dead. the bus was packed with tourists when it slammed into a tractor-trailer that lost control. the bus and the 18-wheeler both exploding into flames. most of those passengers were
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trapped inside that burning bus. just a handful were able to get out when the driver managed to open the door. four people survived. again, more on that as we get it. anti-police activists rally in times square after a police officer is murdered in cold blood. >>. [ chanting ] >> wow. those crowds protesting what they call police terror and murder. we brought you this story a couple days ago. it was all a part of a three-day national march to stop what they call police terror that continues today and tomorrow. officer randolph holder is the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty within the last 11 months. a career criminal arrested 27 times shot him dead. holder, a third generation police officer. and bracing for the worst in mexico. hurricane patricia now upgraded to a category 5. patricia is expected to bring
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160 miles per hour winds to that area. people are hunkering down in a state of emergency. for dozens of coastal towns as that goes into effect, the storm is expected to make landfall sometime this afternoon. those are your headlines. back here in just a little bit. >> thank you very much, heather. they could have taken a break at any time. that was the ground rules. they took a couple. in the end, i could not believe how long this hearing went forment all day and night. >> it was 11 hours. >> hillary clinton admitted no wrongdoing. she says she didn't break any laws. yeah, mistakes were made but by others and the fault is elsewhere. >> that was the problem. but there were also some material misrepresentations as well. new detail says clinton was only on with president obama that night, no meeting or call with panetta or dempsey even though they were the decision makers. why was she communicating with all the wrong people?
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blumenthal, stevens. >> it's all about politics. the other thing that's quite the headline and mike pompeii owe from kansas going to join us in an hour. if you heard after benghazi, benghazi, our people over there, they asked for help. how many times did they ask? couple of times? couple dozen times. they asked for help 600 times to hillary clinton's state department. they said we're in danger over here. we need more help. what did they do? nothing. ultimately, she said she's responsible but ultimately she had a system that she was overseeing that never got to her, any of these requests. she says she has a relationship with stevens. they didn't even have e-mail addresses to exchange. check with the ambassador to check with sidney blumenthal. some of the exchanges say she was less than candid about their relationship. everything was hillary clinton keeping calm and democrats going to bat for her like she was this
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poor woman being beat up on instead of the secretary of state, former first lady and senator from new york who has to answer for the fact that our ambassador was killed for the first time in 30 years. >> unbelievable. >> there was a smoking gun. it was a bombshell. it impacts hillary and it impacts the president of the united states and has to do with politics. she came out and we've had pat smith on this program. she'll be joining us where she said that hillary looked me in the eye on the tarmac and said we're going to bring that filmmaker to justice. because hillary was pushing the story that the attack had everything to do with the film. now, we know from its e-mail that she sent to chelsea that that was a lie. >> the egyptian president, the muslim brotherhood guy, him as well. >> doug luzader is going to tell you all about this smoking gun right now from d.c. >> good morning. so much of this focus yesterday was about what happened before, during and after the benghazi,
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libya, attack. specifically after. in that false narrative that spread by the administration about -- arguing that the attack was because of anger over an anti-islam video. that's one of the issues that hillary clinton had to address yesterday. >> there's no evidence for a video inspired protest. where did the false narrative start? it started with you madam secretary. you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you told him this. we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. you knew the truth. that's not what the american people got. >> i think if you look at the statement that i made, i clearly said that it was an attack. and i also said that there were some who tried to justify -- on the basis of the video, congressman. >> real quick. calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course it was an attack.
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approximately one hour after you told the american people it was the video, two officers were killed by an al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> hillary clinton is arguing that there was conflicting evidence at the time, yet we have this e-mail trail that indicates that she had a good suspicion that this attack was the work of terrorists. steve, brian and kimberly, back to you. >> doug luzader who is still up on the hill. >> hillary clinton, where she is right now, what did she do extremely well? kept her calm. she was extremely cool. >> she was really calm. >> a woman of a million faces and positions whether holding her head in their hands. >> eliminate that one. >> bored. >> anybody watching around the world, and they were, were probably going, i cannot believe how divided this country is. to see the democrats screaming
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at republicans in front of her about her was embarrassing. she also contrasted it with the way it was 20 years ago with the beirut bombing that killed over 200 americans. they said the republicans, democrats worked together. how can a democrat sit there, listen to the discrepancies and say wait a second. this kind of bothers me secretary of state, hillary clinton. could you please explain why you would tell me this. >> they weren't interested in doing that. this was an effort -- >> rebuttal. they were trying to provide some material support for her and obviously for her candidacy. i didn't expect that they were going to do the right thing to be honest with you. was it disappointing? sure. they felt she needed help. that's what they were trying to do. >> k.t. mcfarland, you know her as a fox news contributor. she said this. it was a masterful performance. she let nothing slip.
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but in the end, she let everything slip. she didn't mean to, but she showed us a glimpse into her soul. it was chilling. what she's talking about is how at the ceremony, hillary clinton stood over the bodies, looked directly into the faces of the families and said, you know, it's all about that video. each though she knew that was a lie. she knew that they had died from a planned terrorist attack. why did she do that? because the election was in eight weeks and the narrative the administration was pushing was bin laden was dead and al qaeda was on the heels. if the story was truly told at that point, five weeks before an election that al qaeda had just killed four americans, that would screw things up. what do they do? they did the political thing. they did a spin. >> steve owe, i'm going to add something else. this is also her report card. even though he's the president of the united states, this is the mission she supported and wanted. this is the action that she was
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behind. these are the interactions that were taking place. you will look great in this comes out, secretary of state. this is how you move yourself forward. meanwhile, very few people worked harder on this. she talked to bill o'reilly last night. >> isn't it true that most appointed people in government have to go along, have to get along, have to do what they're told? isn't that true? so hillary clinton, we know as i mentioned and you just mentioned, knew that it was -- that this phony videotape scenario was bogus. but she was told she had to stand behind the president of the united states when he was saying and she shut up to go along, right? >> well, i think there has to be a certain amount of principal in a situation like this, bill. i have met with the victims' families and i can tell you what happened to those people in benghazi was horrific. when that mortar, three mortars
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hit the cia annex, one of the navy s.e.l.s.s was killed instantly and the other bled to death. a diplomatic security agent for the state department had one leg hanging by a thread. this is no small thing to then go along, to get along by blaming a video when you know the facts, the facts at the time with pre-meditated terrorism and the e-mails show she understood that on a personal level as well. >> so sthafs haas night. there were 11 hours of it. i know, very few people watched all of it. this morning we'll try to flush out more. coming up, we'll try to talk to somebody who thought hillary did great. >> he was mentioned in some of the e-mails. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour. because she played defense on capitol hill. former special counsel for president bill clinton, lan any davis is coming up next. if you want to rob a house,
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i think it is fair to ask why sidney blumenthal had unfettered access to you, madam secretary, with whatever he wanted to talk about and there's not a single solitary e-mail to or from you to or from ambassador stevens. >> why didn't you fire someone? how come no one has been accountable to date? >> state department experts knew the truth. you knew the truth. but that's not what the american people got. again, the american people want to know why. >> hillary clinton facing tough questions yesterday. how did she told up in front of the benghazi committee and will her campaign be able to move past this and on to other things? we'll discuss with form -- long time friend of the clintons, lanny davis. good morning, lanny. >> good morning steve. i'm a happy man this morning. >> you are. >> i do want to start by thanking trey gowdy and the republicans. you have helped make hillary clinton president. the overnight polls even people who are republicans called me
3:18 am
last night and said, what are they doing? she looks so presidential. she's kept her poise. let me give you some numbers. 316 questions. 144 interruptions. gowdy mentioned e-mails even though he said he wouldn't 78 times. sidney blumenthal 36 times and benghazi, which is what the hearings were about, 18 times. thank you trey gowdy. >> there's a long time. we knew you would come on and say she did a great job. >> the overnight polls are overwhelming. the american people that i just heard mentioned, overwhelmingly saw a broodish, bullying, harassing, badgering behavior. >> you know what, we have not seen those faults. we don't know wa you're talking about. maybe the clinton campaign, did they do a poland found that out? >> i've been coming in on -- >> i mean, where did you get the poll?
3:19 am
we haven't seen anything. >> i just listened to the radio and i watched various -- go to real clear politics and you'll see the polls. there's no question that she did very well. no question. >> no doubt, you know, it's like a rorschach test. whatever you wanted to see you were going to see. if you didn't like her, you probably still don't like her. if you liked her, you love her. >> a question a lot of people have is, you say she did great. but there are some people who watched that and said she was so cold to those families on the tarmac. where she looked the victims' families in the face after she knew that it was an al qaeda-like group according to the e-mail she sent chelsea. yet, she told them it was a video. >> the cia used the words triggered by a video from the first day all the way through the drafts of the talking points. >> lanny, you're spinning. she told her daughter it was an al qaeda group. >> she thought at the time that there were lots of reasons, including that, yes.
3:20 am
and the cia wrote the words spontaneous demonstration triggered by a video. mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, a very good republican, agrees it was a cia assessment that lasted for ten days before they changed that it was a terrorist incident. if you're blaming anyone, it's the very liberal democratic partisan cia and hillary had a lot of mixed reasons, thinking as it evolved over the course of that week. >> all right. we invited him on pause we knew he would be pro-hillary and you didn't let us down. thank you very much. >> thank you, trey gowdy. thank you, steve. thank you. >> look up the polls he's reading in the middle of the night. haven't seen that. >> in november 2016, even you i will -- >> thank you very much, lanny. >> thank you, steve. the question is, whose inauguration. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. it's a story where many americans get their vitamins and that retailer accused of spiking
3:21 am
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24 after the top of the hour. here's headlines. he's in. that guy there, wisconsin congressman paul ryan is now officially running for speaker of the house after gaining overwhelming support from three different groups of republicans in the caucus. a poll floor vote is set for october 29th. meanwhile, the president denies $612 billion defense bill, including a provision making it harder to get terror suspects out of gitmo. many accusing the president of putting politics ahead of truth.
3:25 am
and secret service agents overworked. burnt out and sleeping on the job. a new inspector general report shedding light on a sweeping issue within the organization after two agents were found sleeping. they were working too many hours and too tuckered out from traveling. that's the news. brian, kimberly. >> thank you, steve. we've been following the story of one university newspaper facing criticism for publishing an op-ed questioning the black lives matter movement. >> now, the student assembly at wesleyan university in connecticut voted to cut the artisan's budget. editors call it retaliation. >> the student behind the op-ed that started it all, staff writer and military veteran brian ses calf itch joins you now. >> thank you for having me on. >> can you tell us about the back story here and how it comes to be that they've decided that they were going to cut this budget. >> sure. so after i published my article,
3:26 am
there was a petition circulated on campus to have the paper defunded. last sunday, the student government voted 27-0 to actually add a statement of intent to cut half of the money away from the paper. >> you write an editorial talking about black lives matter and maybe it's counterintuitive to what they think it means. here's a quote. at some point black lives matter is going to be confronted with an uncomfortable question. is this all worth it? at what point whether they rethink how they're approaching the problem. i got the spirit of your thought and this retaliation for an editorial and they decide to cut the budget? >> yes. unfortunately, they thought that the paper could use some more diversity and also it could be more sustainable if it didn't print as many copies. >> what did the president of the university do? he kind of took your side, right? >> absolutely.
3:27 am
he's been fighting in the corner of the paper and for my right to be able to express my ideas for campus newspaper. >> we have his response here. he was tweeting about it. i believe students will realize that it's a big mistake to cut newspaper funding and they can find ways to support alternative publications. really, this seems like chilling free speech. you wrote a thoughtful piece questioning a movement. which people should examine different movements and discuss it. and then the punishment is to cut the paper. >> yeah. it's not good. the meddling of the student government in campus paper is also very disturbing. i mean, these are students that will go leadership positions. if they say that the government has a right to dictate what a paper can and can't do, isn't right. >> i don't care if you're for or against it. you got to write -- talking about gun control. but in the big picture, keep in mind that this does not represent the entire campus.
3:28 am
this is a small percentage of the entire student body. >> exactly. 167 students signed out of almost 3,000. that's less than 5%. this is a very small percentage on campus. they do wield a lot of power. >> that's the problem. a vocal minority that basically chilling free speech and cutting a paper, a publication. supposed to educate at a university and grow people's minds. what did serving overseas and fighting for our country do for your -- >> i was able to study movements in organizations. so i was able to look at what works and what doesn't. what doesn't work is using violence. you lose your popular support almost immediately. >> there you go. >> brian, thank you so much for your service and for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. have a great day. covered a whole lot in his young life. 28 minutes after the hour. impressive. talk about standing your ground. >> first guy that i saw, he had
3:29 am
jumped over the fence. the other person had taken off. i kept yell, i am going to shoot you. >> i love it. >> meet the woman who is locked and loaded. >> you want your business to be successful as a s.e.a.l. team. these two seals are about to give you a lesson in extreme leadership. their best selling book is about to be here. put on your facepaints. ♪
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. fox news alert for you right now. an american commando killed in special operations. the team was trying to rescue a bunch of iraqi prisoners from isis. the special forces soldier is the first american killed in ground combat with the terror group. >> this news has many wondering when why we were each involved. >> we've been on the ground for
3:33 am
a while. these two men are retired navy seals and did a lot of work in that area and they have a book out called extreme ownership which is rocking. >> your impression of what they did in ramadi. >> is sound like an operation that went down, freed a bunch of iraqis that are on our side and that's always a good thing. of course, it's tragic when an american is killed. >> how hard is it when we're not even in there. we're way on the outside now. >> for this, we don't know anything more than you guys do on this certainly. it's a tough day. my hat is off. >> you know plenty about ramadi. it's all about you guys getting out of ramadi and the implications. the book is called extreme ownership, u.s. navy seals lead and win. how you take what you learned as
3:34 am
navy seals and you have shared it with other people. not necessarily in military situations but in business. >> and in life. >> we use the experiences that we learned in combat which were very humbling and pretty harsh lessons as well. we teach them to civilian companies and they can apply them in their business. it's been very successful so far. >> tell us a little bit about your background. the book is fantastic and really the reviews are outstanding. so thank you both for your service as well. i both work together very closely and a highly decorated silver star number of honors and distinctions between the two of you. tell us about your experience. >> we are proud to support the first army division in the battle of ramadi. i was a commander and he was my immediate boss. we supported the soed yers and marines that went back and took
3:35 am
the city i back. the same folks that are now isis. they changed their name but we've been fighting the same, these guys for a long time. >> jocko in particular, what do you think you learned in that battle of extreme ownership that you can help everyday people with, in what way? >> it's about taking ownership. we think we can help a lot of everyday people. right now, you've got the benghazi event that happened. who is stepping up and taking responsibility? >> nobody. >> nobody. the other end of the spectrum, you've got the bin laden raid which everyone wants to say they were the one that made that decision. that's kind of the two sides that we look at. >> here with my life, i'm not part of the 1% that served and i'm starting my own business. i'm going to hire people abdomen i want to grow this business. apply that to my business. >> good leaders are going to take ownership of mistakes and failures. if you don't do that, if you just create a culture of blame, then that's what's going to happen within the team. when the boss says, hey my sales
3:36 am
team is not good, not getting it done. the sales team says the boss isn't good, not giving us the support we need. you never actually solve the problems. if you take ownership of something and come up with a plan to actually solve those problems, then you can win. >> you're not just talking about ownership. you're talking about extreme ownership. because this is something you know about. because you guys are in an extreme business. the things that the country asked of both of you to do are extreme and you did it. and we're a better nation for it. >> there's many servicemen and women that stepped up to the plate as well obviously. >> we're proud to have you a part of the fox family as well. we work with your beautiful wife jenna. we have a picture of your beautiful family. >> representing. >> you were talking about how -- really appreciating what your mothers have had to go through. you have four chirp.
3:37 am
you've got a baby and now you have to deal with that. a baby frog man on the way. >> couple of pictures from the book party last night. it was a lovely festivity at the waldorf and a great sendoff for a fantastic book. these are some principals that you have taught people in business and now people can pick up the book. great christmas gift. not too far away for people who are on your list and you want to help. >> absolutely. >> your kids should read it too. learn how to be stand-up people and not point fingers or blame but come up with a solution, own the situation, right? take charge. >> that's right. >> help you transition what you learned in battle to real life. in what way? >> just as an example of leadership. i think how this applies and he certainly is someone who exhibited extreme ownership in all he does. >> absolutely. >> thank you both very much. >> thanks. good to be here. >> as we just saw a moment ago, heather was also at the book
3:38 am
party. >> what a lovely night. thank you for your service. we all thank you. 37 minutes after the hour. a couple of headlines to bring you. this morning, we're learning more about the man who is charged in the road rage murder of a 4-year-old girl in new mexico. the albuquerque journal report that tony torres accidentally shot another friend back in 2006 after a scuffle with a driver inside a parking garage. no charmgs were ever filed in that case. torres confessing to police that he opened fire on that car carrying lily garcia and her family. >> i thought it would make us feel better. i mean, we're glad that he got caught. it's not going to bring lily back. but at least he's off the streets. >> what a beautiful little girl. torres is being held on $650,000 cash bail. an all natural company under fire for spiking products. there's a new lawsuit that alleges that gnc knowingly mislabeled packaging and sold supplements laced with illegal
3:39 am
substances. it points out e-mail exchanges between executives adding a drug to treat neurological disorders. gnc is denying all the claims ziefrmg a thief with expensive taste caught on camera stealing from a high-end restaurant in connecticut, stealing wine. fancy wine at that. police are looking for 25-year-old scott deluca. he walked into the octagon restaurant and went into a storage area with dozens of bottles of wine. he walked out with one that cost $4800. police believe he's behind dozens of other similar thefts. a couple of crooks in california picked the wrong gal to mess with. perhaps the best story of the day. marilyn williams just finished robbing an elderly couple ventured into her backyard. little did they know she had a sharp shooter medal from her high school's rots i program. >> he had jumped over the fence.
3:40 am
the other person had taken off. >> you kept yelling at him what? >> i kept yelling i'm going to shoot you. >> look at that thing right there. they left behind a pillowcase full of jewelry and a gun and they're still on the run this morning. i bet they still haven't stopped running from her and that weapon. >> that's something. >> love it. something like chris kyle would have. >> right. >> there you go. >> meanwhile, let's go to maria. she's got some extreme weather going on. >> texas really getting hit hard by a lot of heavy rain. we've been seeing incredible images. take a look at this video. you can see a big rig submerged there with water. heavy rain has been occurring over the last couple of days and we're expecting that to continue. even a trailer got washed away there by that heavy, heavy rain and also that flash flooding that was ongoing. we have flash flooding ongoing also this morning. specifically to the northeast of dallas. but the most of the state of
3:41 am
texas is expecting to see a lot of heavy rain. its forecast across some areas. because of that, we have a number of flash flood watches in effect and also several warnings out there across texas. locally, a lot of rain will be forecast. it will continue even heading into this weekend. let's head back inside. >> thank you for the friday fox cast. meanwhile, the sun will eventually go up. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. he was one of the lawmakers who grilled hillary clinton on capitol hill. >> you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> we'll have congressman jim jordan next live. christmas shopping? we have tips up don't want to miss in a couple of minutes. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
3:42 am
believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states,
3:43 am
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you say to your family, two officers were killed by an al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> and that was a big bombshell from hillary clinton's testimony on benghazi yesterday. she knew all along it was al quade and didn't tell us. the congressman who asked that question, jim jordan joins us now. pleasure to have you on the program this morning. at the hearing yesterday, but having watched all of it, gone over it in detail, that was one of the most powerful moments in terms of the information that is elicited from your question. tell us your thoughts. >> yes. she had two different stories. she told her family one thing and the american people something else. she told the egyptian prime minister, we know that the film had nothing to do with it. it was not a protest. i think that's important. she knew the day of the attack that it was a terrorist attack
3:46 am
and yet she told the american people something else. that's the part that bothers most folks is, when your government officials aren't being square with you, that's not something we should have to tolerate in this country. we called her on it. we'll move forward with the investigation. we've got a lot more people to interview and a lot more ground to cover. >> congressman, explain the significance of that to the american people. this was a false narrative that was pushed by the secretary of state when she knew full well that it wasn't a video. they pushed the video, including with susan rice on the sunday talk shows. when you pointed out yesterday that not only did she tell the egyptian prime minister, she told her family. she told chelsea clinton that it was an attack by al qaeda. >> yeah. the video inspired protest narrative started with secretary clinton the night of the attacks before the attack is even over, they're talking about a video. that same night, her top people are talking politics. they send an e-mail to her top folks from her press secretary
3:47 am
saying romney's statement on libya. make sure ben knows about this. so they were talking politics before the attack is even over. they were pushing the video inspired protests before the attack is even over. yet in private they were telling an entirely different story, in private they were telling the truth. that's something that's bothered americans and yesterday we had i think compelling evidence to highlight that fact. they did it because they were 56 days before an election. 56 days before the presidential election. >> the white house was at stake. very much they needed to make sure it wasn't a distraction from getting president obama re-elected. we had lanny davis on this morning who says thanks very much trey gowdy and committee members, because you just got hillary clinton elected president. what do you say? >> i mean, that's up to the american people to decide. i don't elect anything. trey gowdy doesn't elect anyone, neither does lanny davis.
3:48 am
our focus has on been the truth. the politics started on 9/11, 2012 when they are people at 10:35 were sending an e-mail. remember the attack didn't end until 11:40. they're sending an e-mail talking about politics. talking about her key people the day of the attack. talk about the false narrative they were pushing. we're not focused on politics, we're focused on the truth. where the four individuals' families. they want the truth and so does the american taxpayer. >> you've had access to this information, to those e-mails and other witness testimony and eyewitness accounts. it's been an extensive investigation. anything that was a take away that you learned that you want to follow-up on? >> she wouldn't tell us the search terms. remember, the fbi has her server. hillary determined, ms. clinton and her team determined which ones we get, and which she keeps. she made that determination. i asked her yesterday, will you let a neutral third party, if the fbi finds something on your computer, your server, will you
3:49 am
let a neutral third party evaluate the e-mails they find. will you let someone evaluate that stuff and see if it pertains to our investigation on libya and benghazi. she would not commit to that. that was a big take away as well. if she's as transparent as she says, why won't you let a retired federal judge look at the process, look at what the fbi might find and say this is actually work-related, this applies to the benghazi investigation. let's get to the truth. >> we still want the answers to the question, who made the decision to push the video. congressman, an outstanding job yesterday. thank you for joining us in morning. >> thank you, kimberly. take care. and in police chief forced to retire after calling out the black lives matter movement on facebook. now, he's speaking out for the very first time right here on "fox and friends." time to save money for your holiday shopping. a couple quick things you can do today to save some cash.
3:50 am
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all right. try and save for the holidays? everything from health care to groceries is more expensive lately. here to help us save is consumer expert andrea woroch. she always does this for us. basic things that can put more dollars in our pockets. >> thank you for having me. >> i just a short time ago went to a bodega and it cost me $1.85. >> and your bank is going to charge you, too. >> but there are banks that reimburse? >> right. atm fees have jumped 20%.
3:54 am
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3:55 am
>> when it comes to health care, when it comes to open enrollment -- >> well, premiums are costing 30% more so employers are passing off a lot of those health care costs to the employees. a lot of people are choosing low premium plans, then they have a high deductible. but that could be a huge financial burden if you're paying a lot of the out-of-pocket costs. so choose a plan that fits you but consider supplementary insurance policies, which can cover those out-of-pocket costs, and pay you cash benefits. it's not that much more. >> from the new year you got a new deductible. and you've got to find a way to pay. sometimes you don't have control of that. mobile plans. everyone's got a contract. >> right. mobile plans are getting more expensive. even verizon said they're going to add $20 a month to those people who were grandfathered in and protected by the cheaper plans. we're also seeing wireless carriers charging you full prices for phones. they're doing away with the upgraded, discounted phones. what i recommend doing is consider going with a lesser cost carrier like republic
3:56 am
wireless, they cost a lot less. >> really? >> republic wireless even has plans where they'll pay you back for the data you don't use. >> i always worry about those smaller companies. >> they're great. >> finally, holiday shopping. you want us to sign up for the alerts? >> yes. so we're seeing retailers might be doing away with those, you know, all-season long discounts, so you're going to have to dig a little bit deeper to find those discounts. sign up for e-mail alerts. you'll get coupons mailed right to your inbox. otherwise you can go online to sites like coupon sherpa, print coup s or access those coupons right on your phone. >> don't wait for black friday. every day could be black friday. >> then there's, of course, free shipping day later in the season on december 18th. you'll still get great deals then. >> your high is not from any type of liquor or drug it is from getting a good deal. >> it is from saving money. >> you love that. andrea woroch, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> have a great weekend. straight ahead, this police chief forced to retire after calling out black lives matter movement on facebook. he's speaking out for the very
3:57 am
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limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. good morning. it's friday, october 23rd, 2015. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it just became the largest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. >> what? >> we have the breaking details on this monster storm. then, requests for help from benghazi denied. >> that's over 600 requests. you've testified here this morning that you had none of those reach your desk, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> the man asking those question, congressman mike pompeo, joins us live in a matter of moments. and new developments in the race for the white house. there are reports the 2015 field is about to get smaller. hmm. who is dropping out?
4:01 am
stick around, folks, live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." that was quite a tease. who is dropping out. >> it was? do you have the answer? >> i don't think it's hillary. i don't think so after what randy davis -- >> he's won vinced we don't even need an election. >> he was thanking trey gowdy for allowing hillary clinton to fully ee quit herself. >> we have pompeo waiting. they were extremely prepared on the right to ask questions and the legal background like the one kimberly has certainly came in to play. and on the left they had one thing. they also were prepared to attack everybody on the right. >> right. and the jaw dropping statistics that mike pompeo brought to the floor yesterday was the fact that they -- 600 times in benghazi. 600 times they called the front office. hey, we need help.
4:02 am
nothing came. he's going to be with us. the congressman from the great state of kansas in a moment. >> don't want to miss this. >> we've got kimberly today. >> pleasure to be with you gentlemen. heather nauert, you have breaking news? >> great. always great to have you with us. good morning to you all. we are tracking a massive storm right now. it is a fox news alert. hurricane patricia is now being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the entire western hemisphere. meteorologists comparing it to that typhoon that hit the philippines back in 2013 that killed more than 7300 people. it is a category 5 storm barreling in the direction of southern mexico. bringing winds of up to 185 miles per hour. a state of emergency is now in effect for dozens of coastal towns in mexico. patricia expected to make landfall this afternoon. well, a 19-year-old is dead, and three students injured, after a shooting on tennessee state university's campus in nashville. right now that shooter is still on the run.
4:03 am
cops say that a dice game boiled over into a fist fight and then shots were fired. the man who died was not a student at the school. this happening just after midnight there. also, happening overnight, there was a bus crash in france's wine country and it has left 42 people dead. we've gotten some brand-new video in to our newsroom and it gives us our first look at that crash scene. the bus was packed with elderly tourists. it slammed into a tractor trailer that then lost control. the bus and that 18 wheeler burst into flames. it trapped passengers inside. just eight people were able to get out when the driver managed to open the door. what a tragedy. and is the pool of presidential candidates -- we just hinted about this -- about to get smaller? democrat lincoln chafee says he's planning to talk about the future of his campaign today at a women's forum in washington, d.c. the former rhode island governor and u.s. senator has struggled to gain support while running against hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he raised just $11,000 in the last fund-raising quarter pand
4:04 am
those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a little bit. >> all right, thank you, heather. meanwhile back to a fox news alert. bombshell in the benghazi investigation. yesterday's hearing regarding calls for help to bulk up security at the u.s. consulate. >> that's over 600 requests. you've testified here this morning that you had none of those reach your desk? is that correct? >> that's correct. >> mr. blumenthal wrote you 150 e-mails. it appears from the materials that we've read that all of those reached your desk. can you tell us why security requests from your professionals, the men that you just testified and which i agree are incredibly professional, incredibly capable people, framed in the heart of keeping us all safe, none of those made it to you? but a man who was a friend of yours, who'd never been to libya, didn't know much about it, at least that's the testimony, didn't know much about it, every one of those reports that he sent on to you that had to do with situations on the ground in libya, those made it to your desk?
4:05 am
>> well, congressman, as you're aware, he's a friend of mine. he sent me information. he thought might be of interest. some of it was. some of it wasn't. some of it i forwarded to be followed up on. >> joining us right now is the man asking those very questions, one of the members of the benghazi committee who spoke for about nine to eleven hours yesterday, kansas representative mike pompeo. congressman, welcome. >> good to be with you this morning, brian. thanks for having me on the show. >> no problem. i watched almost all of it yesterday, believe it or not, and congressman, i'll tell you your point of questioning, the 600 times security requests for asked for not getting to hillary clinton's desk. why do you think that was important to bring up? and do you believe that she never got it? >> well, we certainly haven't seen any documents that show that they made it all the way to her, so her testimony i think is accurate there. i think it's important because it shows the culture inside of the organization that she created. she created a process where there were barriers for important information at a very dangerous facility. one that was unique in the
4:06 am
world. it was a temporary mission facility. there wasn't another one of those at the time. and yet this information never made it up to the most senior levels in the state department, so that they could take the action. and a couple times during the day she said that while it was ambassador stevens' job to make sure it broke through, i just disagree with that. i think leaders lead and i think it was her job to get security for the people that worked for her. >> congressman, she really never had a sufficient answer to why someone, mr. blumenthal, had such a significant and impactful role in u.s. national security, and with the state department, someone that did not work for the government was strongly influencing foreign policy and her decision making. which is highly disturbing. >> it's so strikely, as you ask a great question, that the volume, the consistency, the level of detail that was provided by tyler through sidney blumenthal to her and then her responses, thank you, please print, i'll forward, send me more information. soliciting additional
4:07 am
information from him. it's so odd. this was a man with no knowledge of libya, no expertise in intelligence, and yet it appears that she spent an awful lot of time relying on his information about what was taking place on the ground in libya, while ambassador stevens' material never got to her e-mail. >> you're a west point guy. you know about taking responsibility. what does your gut tell you, with all the research you did leading up to this? you have 600 requests for security. it never got to her level. do you believe it's incompetence, or do you believe there's a piece missing? the fact that ambassador stevens who had a personal relationship with hillary clinton, there's no direct communication during the most tenuous time at a conflict you could say that she's most responsible for. what are we missing here? >> brian, i don't know. we're still going to keep working to unpack what took place. but at the very least it demonstrates the state department didn't have systems in place, didn't have systems in place to take care of the men and women stationed in benghazi
4:08 am
on september 11th, 2012. a very important day in the history of the united states of america. >> you were mocked for bringing up a report in the post-african embassy bombings because there were systems or reforms that should have been put in place since that time and the left was those on the left literally on your left were mocking you for bringing stuff like that up. why would you think it was relevant? >> the secretary puts a lot of emphasis on these internal reviews that the accountability review boards do throughout time. back in 1998 there were 200 people killed. and one of the most important findings from that particular arb was that the secretary of state, not her deputy, not her assistant, but the secretary of state herself, had the responsibility of personal review security at high-threat situations around the world. secretary clinton chose to ignore that. i think that matters. >> it's a significant point. in fact it was brought out yesterday, it was elicited that in fact huma abedin had communicated directly to the secretary of state, a request for security, so she was awear of it, and then she acted in
4:09 am
disregard, especially in a situation where she knew it was volatile, it was a high risk situation, and she personally, personally chose ambassador stevens for that position, and is also aware that ambassador stevens was considering abandoning, leaving that post, due to his very serious and real concerns about security for his -- for himself and his other teammates. >> yes, ma'am. there were five security agents on the ground in this very dangerous facility. it wasn't an embassy or consulate. there was no structure. there was no external, physical security that rose to the level that the state department normally requires. that created this odd little exception for her friend, ambassador stevens. and the darnedest thing is, kimberly, i've gotten a lot of e-mails and texts from folks i know, they still can't figure out why no one was fired. not a single reprimand for anyone when we had four americans killed and the first ambassador murdered in over three decades. >> and her answer was? >> her answer was, i was prohibited by law from firing anyone. i assure you, had i been there,
4:10 am
or leader been there, we would have figured out a way to make sure someone inside the state department was held accountable. that just didn't happen. >> i challenge anyone to watch this and not still have questions today and not think that there's still questions that we deserve to get answers to regardless of what party you're in. if you're an american, congressman, thanks so much. >> thank you for your time >> thank you, brian. thank you, kimberly. >> quick look at what's happening. steve? we'll get a very tense situation. i mean, it's amazing. you tune in seven hours later, and the intensity, and the questions are just as penetrating. >> absolutely. to his point, leaders lead. you know, you ask for help 600 times. now keep in mind, you know, i think a lot of voters, they're a little confused. so that was going to be about benghazi. and was it also about the e-mail, having the private server? no, absolutely not. those are two separate issues. the fbi is investigating whether or not there's a problem with that. so she's not out of the woods legally.
4:11 am
>> no. -- a material misrepresentations as to whether or not you can bring a case going forward. so this is -- it's far from over and they're going to have to examine all the testimony, the records, and see if she's made any prior inconsistent statements, that were duplicitous at all -- >> if you listen to adam schiff, congressman cummings, she's a victim. how dare you come up here and i hope in the future you're not going to have a situation where people bring you up just because they don't want you to be president. >> you know, so that point, the democrats were such cheerleaders for hillary clinton -- >> they had video. >> didn't seem to be that interested in what actually -- the murder of four americans, according to buzzfeed, clinton went over to some of the democratic members during one of the recesses and said, you've got my back, and i'm so grateful to you. i wonder if it was at that point they handed them their resumes and said, you know, i'd love to work in a clinton administration going forward, or if that, you know, maybe she -- >> but -- >> the clintons are, you know,
4:12 am
well reward loyalty, and they will punish their enemies. that's a fact. >> one of the e-mails that did emerge was congressman cummings writing hillary clinton, saying essentially good news, they're blaming o'malley. so one of her primary opponents. so how political is he? >> well, regarding the fbi, that's not political. they're just looking at the facts. i mean, will the fbi, under a democratic president, indict the leading democratic candidate? oh, no. they can offer it up as the department of justice to do something. >> but who is the head of the department of justice? and who is the boss of them? i think we know where this could be headed. dana perino had this observation about hillary clinton's performance yesterday. >> the number one issue for everybody is the economy, and also elections are about moving forward. what are we going to do, you know we're pioneers still in spirit. we want to know where are we going as a country? if she can make the pivot, which
4:13 am
i think she will be able to in the next couple of weeks, get this benghazi hearing behind her, it was just a straight run for her to the oval office. >> so will yesterday's celebrations actually impact hillary and her run for the presidency? probably. >> we saw how she headed up the state department? 600 requests never got to her. how would she head up the country? that would be the question that emerges. >> is she willing to say i'm the one in charge, i'm making the decisions, especially since it was mandated that she, in fact, make security decisions and evaluations, and do you want to trust someone with the most important job in the world as commander in chief that has a little bit of a loose relationship with the truth. and was not transparent with the american people. character and integrity should matter. two days after a new york city police officer is murdered, this, a sixth anti-cop rally right in times square. >> and kate winslet back in the headlines this morning. and what she said about her face is getting a lot of attention. >> her face? >> yeah.
4:14 am
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two days after an nypd cop is gunned down, anti-police activists rally in times square.
4:18 am
[ chanting ] >> great. the crowd protesting what they called police terror and murder, as the new york city police department continues their investigation into the killing, this week, of officer randolph holder. >> all right let's go now to outside new york's liz dalhem who is live with the latest on the rally. hey, liz. >> good morning to you. we are just a couple blocks away from where the nypd is still investigating. those protesters taking to the streets in times square two days after officer randolph holder was gunned down. they were calling for protesters to talk about police terror. they say protesters were talking about police brutality, trying to bring an end to that, and these protests popped up in los angeles, as well.
4:19 am
meanwhile the investigation in new york city is far from over. police are still looking for the murder weapon used to kill officer holder. nypd dive teams actually spent hours in the east river yesterday trying to find that gun. police say suspected killer tyrone howard threw it in the river. yesterday, he was in court for previous drug charges. he faced the same judge that allowed him to go to a drug diversion program, instead of going to jail for selling crack cocaine earlier this year. in late august, howard stopped showing up for this program, and the judge issued a warrant for his arrest in september. but as we all know, four weeks later he allegedly killed and shot this police officer. back out here live, officer holder's family is dealing with unimaginable grief. his cousin telling the newspaper here in new york yesterday that he would like to see howard actually put to death with the death penalty. they've been telling reporters that he would pay for it with his own money himself. we're live in east harlem this
4:20 am
morning. back to you in the studio. >> all right, liz, thank you very much that's very troubling. working on what i think they were chanting, it's right to rebel, new york police department go to hell. when trouble comes your way, who do you call? >> the first thing you do you call the police department. it's really people such disrespect for those who put their lives on the line every day to make the community safer. so children can go to school, so they can walk down the street to go to the grocery store. it's mind boggling. >> 38 hours ago you have a cop who got a hole in his head for trying to stop someone from stealing a bicycle. just doing his job. we understand too that the black lives matter will be hosting a summit for the democratic candidates. >> and yesterday the president defended the black lives matter movement. we'll have more on that later. meanwhile, on this friday banned from wearing red, white or blue to one high school football game. well, you'll get kicked out. that's why. >> wow.
4:21 am
and before csi and ncis, this woman was fighting crime behind the scenes at the world's number one best-selling crime ladder. patricia cornwell, live. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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4:25 am
welcomed a set of extremely rare identical triplets. mom and dad are using a color coded system to tell the brothers apart. hand me the red one, honey. >> all right, brian. thank you very much. we all love shows like ncis and csi. >> hey, we got your number. >> jackpot. >> yes. >> but long before shows like that, it was our next guest who made criminal forensics a national obsession. she is the world's number one best-selling crime writer, patricia cornwell joins us live and her latest novel "depraved heart" is coming out next week. sure to be a huge national
4:26 am
best-seller like all the rest of your fantastic books. welcome to the program. >> thank you. i'm so thrilled to be here this morning. this is very exciting. >> i really enjoyed all of your books. i'm the former prosecutor, l.a. d.a.'s office and san francisco, i love the science, the forensics. so much about what pulls the case together and what people in the public has really found to be so riveting. you essentially gave birth to these amazing shows that people enjoy now through the books that people have been reading. the stories for years. >> you know as a prosecutor one of the things, and a journalist, and both of you journalists, one of the things that you know, is that the way you find a great story, or way you solve a case, is you really got to reconstruct what happened. it's like an archaeology dig. and forensics are simply the tools to do that with. but you know, we have -- but at the end of the day, always say science doesn't solve crimes, people do. >> we love the idea of what you do. as a former journalist, who's writing as if you're a doctor, we know that you've got a pool of experts that you call on.
4:27 am
you know. i've got a question about this or a question about that and that's why things are so realistic. sometimes for instance for this new book you actually do things yourself. you get out of the house, we have some video of how you put this new book together. >> right. >> you did some scuba diving. you did some gun shooting. and you did some chopper flying. >> i'm a wild and crazy girl. >> what was that experience like? it's really jumping into a situation -- >> well that's really scary. that's the bermuda triangle where i am right now with this thing called a pegasus cluster on my back which is like a motor scooter underwater. you can get in trouble faster. when i describe things in the books i want you to feel you're down there doing this. it's just good reporting is what i'm doing. i go out in the field and i just feel i can't write about stuff that i haven't learned about except for killing people. i resist doing that. so far. >> sure. >> but when it comes to all of this, like the firearms, or helicopters, motorcycles, even supercars.
4:28 am
it's a terrible job when you have to learn to drive a ferrari. but i feel like somebody has to do it. >> you think that's what distinguishes you and makes your writing style and just the way that readers feel like they're right there in the moment with you, distinguishes you from the other people who have come after you trying to write books like this? >> i think what's made the difference with me is that i'm not the professional. i'm not a forensic pathologist. i'm not a prosecutor. but i am a journalist at heart. and i do the research that tells stories that i think people want to read. i want to take them on an adventure. i say get in a helicopter with me. i'm going to show you what it feels like to fly one. >> sure. >> the detail. >> we did something about a week ago about how the -- one of the tv shows, i think, ncis or csi was ending, and what kind of a disservice the show had done where people think you know, i've watched the tv show, and there's all that science out there that they've got to use on every single case. but, they don't use it on every single case. >> it's very astute comment that you're making. what they called the csi effect.
4:29 am
where literally somebody will say i don't believe this person's guilty because they didn't use luminol at the crime scene. but there's no invisible blood -- >> and that's from a juror. >> that's the problem. they think that they know because they've watched these shows. one piece of compelling forensic evidence is enough to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. someone leaves a fingerprint at a crime scene, you have to tell the story to weave it in for the jurors so that they understand. they have the confidence to make that decision. >> and then the big question is you've got to figure out how that piece of evidence got there to make sure that it's really telling you the truth. >> exactly. >> it may be telling you its truth but does that mean that the person who left the fingerprint actually did it? or the dna? all of that is extremely important. >> okay. we all need books. brand-new one from patricia cornwell is -- >> "depraved heart." >> pressure to meet you. thank you for joining us. >> straight ahead on this friday, the chief of police, forced to retire after calling out the black lives matter movement on facebook. he is speaking out for the very
4:30 am
first time. he's live here in our studios. good morning, sir. and -- >> kate winslet back in the headlines this morning. and what she's saying about her face. well it's getting a lot of attention. stay with us. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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4:34 am
keep oakley calm while they rehabbed him. the video was uploaded two years ago, three years ago, but it is just now going viral. oakley is now back in the wild. but lives on, thanks to youtube. >> you love the moves? how cute is that? you were like mesmerized. you went into a trance. >> i forgot we were on television. >> do that thing -- >> with the neck. >> no bones in his neck. >> the boneless chicken. >> you know who else -- heather nauert. >> the way she moves her neck when she reads. >> i was thinking you'll have to incorporate that move into your dad dance moves. it's going to be a hit halloween time. take it away? >> yes. >> got some headlines to bring you. border patrol agents just releasing some brand-new numbers on just how many illegal immigrants, and drugs, are pouring into the united states. along our southern border law enforcement officials are now speaking out about this. they are pointing the finger right at the federal government.
4:35 am
>> there is no enforcement of immigration laws. so don't scratch your head trying to figureous this out, wonder why now the number's doubled. >> wow, couldn't be more clear than that. agents catching nearly 5300 families crossing the border just last month. well the department of transportation picking a fight with kuwait airlines because they're refusing to sell airline tickets to israelis. the airline was called out back in september for its practice of not letting israeli citizens fly on its planes. the department of transportation says the airline is discriminating. now transportation secretary anthony fox taking steps to pursue legal action against that airline. and showing your love for america is now considered offensive? an arizona high school is now banning patriotic gear from tonight's football game. it's a rival game between corona dell sol high school and marcus del niza high school. it was supposed to have a usa theme but the school decided
4:36 am
that might have offensive connotations. fan warned if they wear anything considered inappropriate they won't be admitted to the game. what does that include? flags and anything trump. really? >> what? >> well we all know the actress kate liwinslet. she is known for her natural beauty. >> flying! >> love that movie. and now the 40-year-old is refusing to let the lancome cosmetics company airbrush her in its new ad campaign. she negotiated this demand in her contract, we are told. winslet hopes that this will set an example for younger women. and those are your headlines. >> that's just her. >> i'm guessing that's an old one. that looks a little airbrushed. that looked a little too perfect. as beautiful as she is. >> her face will go on. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about texas. and there's some big weather down there. maria molina has the fox cast. >> we want to start out with
4:37 am
incredible video out of texas. you can see a trailer floating away from the flash floods that were ongoing across that area and other parts of texas also getting hit hard with a lot of heavy rain, making roads impassable, and trucks really having a hard time getting around. you could see that road really, probably just not be driving through that. it looks like they made it out just fine. taking a look at the weather forecast you can see that we still have more rain right now coming down across parts of texas, and the forecast is for that to continue as we head into this weekend. so we have a number of flash flood watches in effect. very widespread across the state of texas. locally some areas could receive a foot of rain. so again very significant, and of course we have hurricane patricia, maximum sustained winds now at 200 miles per hour. it set a record as the strongest hurricane in the east north pacific ocean. so this is very significant. it's forecast to make landfall later today across southwestern mexico is very heavy rain. locally up to 20 inches will be possible. and that in combination with a very strong winds, you're
4:38 am
looking at catastrophic impacts possible. >> all right, maria. >> thank you. >> i have a friend vacationing right there. >> not anymore. all right 23 minutes before the top of the hour. next guest is a 35 year veteran of the law enforcement business and served as police chief in surf city, north carolina, for 13 years, but was forced out for a facebook post critical of black lives matter. you know that movement? >> well here's a small part of what he wrote. quote, this black lives matter group is nothing more than an american-born terrorist group. the fbi and other government law enforcement groups need to step up and put a stop to this. >> former surf city police chief mike halstead joins us now. he is speaking out for the very first time on television. thank you very much, chief, for joining us. >> 35-year veteran of law enforcement. are you still stunned and in shock at what happened? >> absolutely. yes, i am. i am. >> did you know the implications of writing that post? >> i thought my message was important to get out to police officers around the country, and my own officers to save their
4:39 am
lives. i didn't feel that it was derogatory in any manner to be honest with you. >> so you were on your private facebook page. it wasn't -- >> correct. >> the city page or anything like that. and essentially what were you saying? >> first off i never even mentioned the town i worked for. just said it was open letter from the police chief. my main concern was again the law enforcement community. when you have a group of people out there calling for the deaths of police officers, i mean come on, really? we're risking our lives every day. i did it for 35 years. injured in the line of duty several times. why should i put myself on the line or other police officers, if that's how we're going to be treated. >> why shouldn't blue lives matter? >> why shouldn't all lives matter? >> absolutely. a forum out there to say officers be safe, you have your back, be careful when you're out there, out of concern. >> correct. my intentions were not to offend anybody. >> but you did offend some people. >> correct. >> because you said that black lives matter is a terrorist group. >> it is a trust group in my opinion. it's a trust group if you can march down the streets and call for the death of police officers and a race of people, you can make slogans and hold banners
4:40 am
that says black lives matter and then you can yell out pigs wrapped in bacon and frying in a pan, what do we want? dead cops. when do we want them? now. i mean, come on. >> so you know this business. you know what the threat is. you know what a facebook post is. you want to get that message out. >> correct. >> they give you a choice, say listen we could just five you now or get no severance or retire now. so you said i'll retire. >> well, they brought -- earlier that morning the mayor and the town manager told me i was not going to face any kind of termination, retirement or anything else. at 3:30 that exactly that. i was told you're to retire this minute, or you're to be terminated. >> yeah, well the city was putting out, i believe, is you were about to retire. >> that's not true. i was just due a 10% pay raise to stay another year because i was doing such a good job. >> we got a statement from the town manager in your town. mr. halstead violated policy that he himself helped to implement regarding social media use by departmental staff in
4:41 am
posting remarks that many did and would find divisive during what would have likely been normal work hours, and which some interpret the as racist. you're shaking your head. >> that's not true. >> i never mentioned the town of surf city. i never mentioned any police officers names. i never mentioned any persons other than those responsible for their actions. >> what about the officers underneath you? i heard they rallied to your side? >> they've been very supportive. >> in what way? >> they've come to me, and shook my hand, gave me hugs. hated that i was leaving. >> i read somewhere that people are saying regarding you getting terminated they go, whatever happened to freedom of speech. >> that's correct. what did happen to freedom of speech? because i'm a police officer i don't have a right to have a freedom of speech? i was told by a black lives matter affiliate, one of the head persons, that police officers didn't have the same constitutional rights as -- >> oh, really? >> i never got that memo. >> if you had a do-over and you could change one word or any of
4:42 am
the words in that facebook post, would you? >> i would not have been so hard on the media. and i do apologize for that. i don't apologize for calling them a terrorist group, because they are a terrorist group. >> what's next for you? >> well, i'm going to work with law enforcement support accountability group. hopefully i'll be able to get out and spread the word to save police officers' lives. >> excellent. chief, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks for telling your story. >> all right coming up straight ahead. paul ryan's demanding time with his wife and kids to get the speakership position. did he just do for women what they could not do for themselves? our next guest will report on work/life balance and says yes, absolutely. >> and hell hath no fury like this woman. why she's smashing her husband's bmw. >> i've got to guess why.
4:43 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. thank you for the cue, john and joel. quick headlines and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. well, if you couldn't guess, this wife just found out her husband apparently cheated. and probably he knows, he likes -- she knows he loves his bmw the way it was. maybe she should move to jacksonville, florida. that's where the most attractive men in the country live, in another story according to the dating app clover. scottsdale, arizona, came in second. virginia beach, third.
4:47 am
manhattan, we're talking about new york city, i believe, has the prettiest women. and congressman paul ryan has officially announced his bid for the speakership. right? kimberly and brian? >> yes. all right. thanks, steve. and paul ryan officially announced his bid for house speaker, but not before laying out a few conditions, brian. >> yep. >> and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> and that probably is his greatest asset. that remark sparking a national debate over work/life balance. ann marie slaughter wrote a book about that. the author of "unfinished business, women, men and work family." welcome back. >> thank you. >> your reaction to paul ryan's
4:48 am
statement >> he's done a great service. i mean here you have a senior man being offered a big job, who says i'll do this job, but we've got to redesign it so i can have time with my family. that is a real service. that's what we actually would want for everybody. >> kids are 10, 12 and 13. >> very important ages. >> so this is important and significant because you're saying that he's been able to accomplish with this assertion and request what women have been striving for for years. >> yes. and actually, i think a woman in his position would not dare to say that. because i think she'd get slapped down more. but he's saying, well, being with my family is really important. and that's true for all of us. >> you think that double standard still exists and a woman would be sharply criticized if she made the request for the same thing? >> i do. but you know, i'll take it. and i actually think it's important that fathers say this, too. because fathers do want to be with their kids just like mothers do. and it's good for them. it's good for the kids. it's good for the family. >> it's interesting. he's not asking for a three-day work week. he's just not asking for a seven-day work week. he doesn't want to be traveling
4:49 am
around the country saturday and sunday and back in work in washington on monday. >> that's why it's important. because a lot of people say these big jobs you can't do it. he's saying, okay, look, i won't be on the road as much but i'm going to do a great job. >> he's trying to preempt, as well, any kind of criticism, fallout that may come about if he's not able to travel as much because this is his priority and focus, as well, to have the balance with work and family life. >> but i think more of him because he wants to be with his family. >> do you believe that a woman couldn't say this? i know you said they might get pushed back, do you believe that any woman, whether it's hillary clinton or carly fiorina would have trouble saying something likist? >> well i think hillary clinton could say it. and in part because she's been out there a long time. she's made this her issue. and carly fiorina would have a hard time saying it. and most women would be very careful. because that's what people expect. >> so he got some pushback already, didn't he? >> he did. but he did something important. >> all right. length. anne-marie slaughter the author of "unfinished business."
4:50 am
>> and we'll see if he becomes speaker. looks like a done deal. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. two new movies at the box office this weekend. which one is worth your money? kevin mccarthy tells you where to take kimberly. >> i love it. but first on this day in 1973, gladys knit and tknight and the had the number one song in america, midnight train to georgia. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
4:51 am
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4:53 am
two new movies hitting the box office this weekend. which ones are worth your cash? >> kevin mccarthy, you went and saw the movies to help america. the first one you saw, "the last witch hunter." what can you tell us?
4:54 am
>> that's right. brian, good to see you guys this morning. thank you for having me on the show. "the last witch hunter" is the new movie starring vin diesel. he plays an 800-year-old witch hunter who is fighting witches to save humanity. it's the plot line for the film. it's ridiculous at times. the script is absolutely horrible. the effects do look good. some of the action works overall. i felt like vin diesel. he's a big nerd. he loves dungeons and dragons, these fantasy style movies. the problem with this movie is you look at the fast and furious films those really work because they know that they're over the top. they're kind of winking at the audience. this film is not -- it takes itself way too seriously so the script comes off as cheesy. i gave the movie 2 1/2 out of 5. i thought it was middle of the road. if you're a fan of pitch black and chronicles, i'd recommend it for that. overall i'd wait for the rental. i did speak with vin diesel. there's a scene in the movie where he has a sword that's on fire and apparently it was really on fire. i thought it was computer graphics. check this out.
4:55 am
>> there's a propane tank strapped to your back. and you're trying to do the choreography that you've practiced for four weeks, and you're really good at. but now every turn of the sword presents a risk. >> it was really on fire? >> it's really on fire? >> that wasn't cgi? >> oh, come on. >> that's awesome! i had no idea it was real. i thought there's no wvin diese is really holding a fiery sword. >> you know the cinematographer is not going to do anything but real. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was really a propane tank behind him. kind of cool. the movie, not so great. >> tell us about jem and the holograms real quick. >> based on an '80s television show animated the new movie is live action. the film deals with a young star who becomes internet famous, signs a contract, and how it affects her life. overall music is great. again cheesy script, very predictable at times. 2 1/2 out of 5. worth a rental if you're a
4:56 am
matinee. music is different. the character in the show nashville, overall 2 1/2 out of 5. not worth really seeing. steve jobs, or the martians. >> he gave us good recommendations. i will only be saying yes to those movies. all right, vin, loved you in fast and furious. >> go hang out with vin diesel. >> you can geek out at a cine cinematography talk. >> by the way i loved your huey lewis interview on wednesday. i was so jealous of the "back to the future" stuff you did. it was so cool. >> and getting lost in the car. >> all right, thanks, guys for bringing that up. >> almost forgot -- >> almost forgot. >> i love short-term memory. >> you know what i love? geraldo rivera! he joins us. what he has to say about hillary clinton. >> he heard that. he's in the hall. >> he heard that. >> and it's the most popular candy of the halloween season. which one is it? it's here in this batch of candy.
4:57 am
what's yours? start the e-mail machine. what do you like best for halloween? >> i'm going to pick -- >> oh.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
good morning. it's friday, october 23rd, 2015. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. well, the storm detonated overnight. we've just learned patricia is now the largest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. >> that's right. on the west coast of mexico. meanwhile, she told the world a video was to blame for the benghazi attacks. but she told her daughter something completely different. the truth. so why did hillary tell two different stories, geraldo rivera's point of view coming up in two minutes. >> and have you seen this video? wow that is not what you want to
5:01 am
see out the window of your plane, am i correct? am i right here? >> you're right. you're right. >> camera back on me. mornings are better with friends. ♪ i want candy >> well turns out you all want candy. but what candy is the key? >> what is the number one halloween candy in the world? we've got it displayed in front of us right here. some of the many choices -- >> i'm going to tell you what my favorite candy is halloween time. it's candy corn. it's the only time of the year you can get it. i love that. is that number one? >> isn't that easter? >> peeps. >> candy corn? >> don't you get candy corn at easter? >> no! at easter it's the little peeps, are so cute. you know what we want to know? we want to know, what's your favorite candy?
5:02 am
e-mail us, facebook, tweet us, we're going to have the big reveal at 8:30. >> or do you like fruit? would you prefer to get an orange? >> i would prefer -- >> popcorn ball? >> i would prefer to get a reese's peanut butter cup. how about you, heather? >> a butterfinger. >> they're done so quick. you just get the taste and you're done. two cups. for some reason scientists can't put more than two cups into a reese's package. can we get a scientist to work on this? >> no. >> oh! >> we need some headlines, and for that heather tells us about a big hurricane. >> that is right. that fox news alert, this is a really important story we're now following. hurricane patricia is now being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the entire western hemisphere. and this thing is only getting stronger right now. meteorologists are comparing it to typhoon that hit the fill peeps back in 2013 that killed more than 7,300 people. it is a category 5 storm. and is barreling toward the
5:03 am
resort of puerto vallarta right now. winds are close to 200 miles per hour. patricia expected to make landfall this afternoon. and overnight shooting to tell you about, tennessee state university, leaves a 19-year-old student dead and three students injured. right now that shooter we are told is still on the run. cops say that there was a dice game and it boiled over into a fist fight and then erupted into gunfire. the man who died was not a student at the school. the three injured, who we are told were just passing by during the shooting, will be okay. and brand-new details about an overnight bus crash in france's wine country that left 42 people dead. we now know that eight people survived that crash, including the bus driver. that bus collided with an out-of-control tractor trailer. both vehicles bursting into flames. the passengers on board, we're told, were elderly, out for a day trip. many were trapped inside that burning bus. and back here at home, a thief with expensive tastes. this is a story to see.
5:04 am
caught on camera. stealing high end wine from a connecticut restaurant. police are searching for 25-year-old scott deluca. he walked right into the on the gone restaurant and into a storage area with dozens of bottles inside. he walked out with one of them that cost $4800. police believe he's behind dozens of other similar thefts. and those are your headlines. >> at least he's stealing the good stuff. >> good taste. >> allegedly. >> all right. 11 hours after testimony yesterday regarding benghazi. it was on the channel all day long. if you missed it, here are some of the highlights. we found out that hillary clinton's state department was asked by the people in benghazi 600 times, we need help. and you know what? they never sent help. >> and another new detail, clinton only talked to the president that night. no meeting or call with panetta or dempsey, even though they were the decision makers, in fact. so why is she communicating with
5:05 am
all the wrong people? talking to blumenthal, not talking to her ambassador. >> she talked to the president and not panetta and she's talking to her family telling them one story, and telling something different to the american people. that would be us. and steve, brian, i think that part is the smoking gun, where we had heard her say, and everybody in the administration shortly thereafter, oh, you know the benghazi attack, it's all because of that video. as we learned yesterday, jim jordan had a e-mail that hillary sent to chelsea, on september the 11th, and what it said was, it was like an al qaeda group, an al qaeda-like group that attacked, had nothing to do with the film. that was very clear. we had two congressmen who were on the dais yesterday on this program today. mike pompeo is the one who hammered her on being requested security 600 times. jim jordan brought the smoking gun regarding the fact that it
5:06 am
was not the video. here's what they had to say on this show. >> we certainly haven't seen any documents that show that they had made it all the way to her, so her testimony i think is accurate there. i think it's important because it shows the culture inside of the organization that she created. she created a process where there were barriers for important information, at a very dangerous facility. they were talking politics before the attacks even over, they were pushing the video inspired protests before the attack's even over. and yet in private, they were telling an entirely different story, in private they were telling the truth. >> so what was the message they got out? because another thing that we cannot show you all of it but was democrats yelling at republicans, and just totally apologizing to hillary clinton for having to be here. geraldo rivera always has unique opinions and they're usually penetrating and provocative and that is a very -- >> he's out in tucson. what are you doing out there, geraldo? >> i don't know how provocative or piercing i can be at 5:00 in
5:07 am
the morning. i think that what you had here was really a very partisan, bitterly divided experience where it was almost like a rorschach test. if you hated hillary clinton before this, you probably still hate her. if you loved her before this, i don't think anything happened yesterday that changed anybody's minds. i heard you speaking about the two republican members of the panel who questioned her very closely. grilled her, really, but then contrast that with the democrats. it was, you know, the seven republicans trying very hard, despite the fact that they had, in some ways, been sabotaged by two of their own members, including kevin mccarthy, who said that it their notation was partisan and to take down hillary clinton and you have the five democrats who were just as motivated, just as passionate, saying that this thing was just a political putup job. so you know, i was watching with erica. it was very interesting. i was watching with my wife erica and i said jordan making a good point, and erica said to me, oh, he's being so mean. he's being, you know, so sharp. so unpleasant.
5:08 am
so i really do think there was no, with all due respect to steve, i don't think there was a smoking gun in that regard. >> geraldo the reason i say there was a smoking gun was just the fact that keep in mind the atmosphere, 57 days away from a presidential election, and barack obama had been selling us the line, gm is alive, bin laden is dead, and al qaeda is on its heels. if al qaeda was on its heels and al qaeda-like group doesn't kill four americans. so you know, was it a conspiracy at the highest levels of the federal government? you be the judge regarding that. but there was a story they were spinning even though they knew it was al qaeda, but they were pushing that thing about it was a youtube. so for me, that's a smoking gun. >> i, and with that i am 100% on board, steve. i totally believe that the evidence that they spun the story for political gain is overwhelming. but that is not what the advocates of this hearing were looking for. that's political.
5:09 am
they were looking for legal. i don't think there's a shred of evidence in here that anything illegal was done. you may falter, for politics and for incompetence, and that also will be in the eye of the beholder. but if the goal was to get something, oh, we nailed her, this shows you know, her hand is burned in the oven of this private e-mail server or one thing or another, that was not accomplished. so i feel that going forward, you got -- remember, joe biden dropped out the day before. as i probably alone was predicting. and joe biden dropped out. hillary clinton has a good debate performance. she survives a gruelling 11-hour marathon. i think she emerges as a stronger candidate. now, is she vulnerable to a sharp attack from a candidate as competent or as confident, i should say, as charismatic as donald trump? maybe not. but i don't think that anything that happened yesterday, meaningfully faltered- >> but it raises questions of character and integrity and
5:10 am
transparency when she pushed the false narrative when she knew that wasn't the case. >> plus we also don't know what the fbi is going to do. we wanted to ask you about this, a seven-time felon, an illegal immigrant, killed an american citizen and enstead of enforcing an already established federal law to help fix the problem our elected officials in washington circled the wagons in defense of criminals who are here in the country illegally. >> and adding insult to injury, san francisco, the city where kate steinle was gunned down, just passed a resolution saying its sanctuary city policy is just fine. and that board members won't be bullied into changing its policy. listen to this, geraldo. >> we cannot allow hateful conservative new faces to drive how we respond to incidents in our city. i'm not afraid of fox news, and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. >> wow. 27 states have sanctuary laws shielding illegal immigrants -- >> i'm smiling because i don't know if she's ever met me and i
5:11 am
hear she's damning me, and you -- >> and everybody. >> and our colleagues. >> and everybody else. but about sanctuary cities i just want to say very briefly, arizona is like a case study. conservatives tend to like states, state's rights and local control. unless what the locality is doing violates conservative principles. arizona is a perfect example. up in phoenix you got joe arpaio, very tough on undocumented immigrants. down here in tucson, you know, janet napolitano used to be down here, this is a much more, because of the university, much more liberal community, much more tolerable of undocumented. so here you have a dichotomy right here in this one state. >> and down at the bottom of the screen we're putting those lawmakers who voted against kate's law just so people know. 44 democrats and 1 republican were on display. meanwhile, geraldo, you're talking about how you are in arizona. why are you in arizona?
5:12 am
and why is there a big paper check behind you. >> a lot of these were college kids. >> great students behind him, too. >> well, first of all, of all of the news this morning, the most stunning is that i graduated college a half century ago. 50 years ago, i was class of 1965 from the university of arizona, and, you know, erica and i, we've done okay in life, and it came time to give something back to this university. you know, i was here, on campus, kind of a fish out of water from new york, in 1963, november, when president john f. kennedy was assassinated. and i remember reaching out to other students at the old main here, and all of us making a community. we were all in this together. and that's -- i remember that kind of fraternity. i remember that kind of brother and sisterhood that coming together -- >> so what did you do? >> we wanted, erica and i, to give something back. first of all this is joanna, the
5:13 am
assistant dean of students. what did erica and i do? >> you made a wonderful, generous gift to name our new greek heritage park the geraldo river ka greek heritage park. >> all right. >> which is incredibly impactful because now any money given to our greek campaign will go directly to student programs. >> so that's it. this is a park for the kids -- >> half a million dollars -- >> it's important -- >> it's important to me, because my sorority on campus doesn't have a house, so this will give us a space. >> terrific. and why do you like it? >> a place where all students can come together. >> all right. here's a rendering of the park. that's the check. we're broke. buy me lunch. >> you're always so generous. >> -- quick -- >> geraldo we'll see you back here. congratulations. >> and big developments in the race for the white house. the 2016 field may about to shrink. who's dropping out, guys? today.
5:14 am
5:15 am
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if you have any of these, stop chantix andour doctorright. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. there's no evidence for a video inspired protest, and where is the false scenario
5:18 am
start? it started with you, madam secretary. you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you told him this, we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film, it was a planned attack, not a protest. you knew the truth. but that's not what the american people got. >> hillary clinton in the hot seat for 11 hours yesterday, being questioned been the benghazi attack. and the narrative her team's been selling to the american people. so what did her testimony say about her as a possible future president? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. joins us right now. >> you know, i thought let's take a look at this, not in a partisan way. let's take a look in an objective way. we saw the partisanship yesterday on both sides. i've never seen a hearing where there are legitimate questions asked and then a party representative comes in and say, this is really an illegitimate process. why are you here, madam secretary? this whole thing sucks. you know, i'm sorry you have to go through this. i mean that was kind of bizarre. but apart from that, what do the hearings say yesterday about
5:19 am
hillary clinton regaining her reputation for credibility and truthfulness? look at this for a second and then we'll talk about it. >> chris stevens understood that diplomats must operate in many places where our soldiers do not. where there are no other boots on the ground, and safety is far from guaranteed. and i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done. or should have been done. >> well, secretary clinton apparently has wracked her brain for the past three years, but during the hearing, she wasn't able to come up with any answers to what could have been and should have been done on that day. and we also determined that there was a huge gap between what she was saying to her own
5:20 am
family members -- >> yeah. >> -- and what she was saying to the world. we knew that it was an al qaeda inspired attack. >> right. >> but said the opposite to the world, and then the u.n., the president said the same thing, and susan wright said the same thing -- >> i know. but she was -- her state department was asked 600 times, give us more security. we need it. we're in danger. and nothing. >> that's absolutely credible. and that goes to competence and credibility, and truthfulness. that was an important piece of information about how our government works on that day. and before. and the fact that 600 requests were made, and nothing was done, and these folks died speaks for itself. speaks volumes. says more about republicans, or democrats, or anybody. it goes to what happened, and that's immutable, and that's uncontradictory. >> sure. and maybe we are closer to finding out the truth about what happened. the investigation continues. >> a little bit. >> peter, thank you very much. have a great weekend.
5:21 am
okay, fox news alert. it is official, a contender for the presidency just called it quits. who? we'll tell you in a moment. plus everyday cops put their lives on the line to keep us safe so why isn't the city doing the same for our cops? p urchase. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided.
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5:24 am
fox news alert, moments ago democratic presidential candidate lincoln chafee announced he is dropping out of the race for the white house. the former rhode island governor and u.s. senator has struggled to gain support, to say the least, while running against hillary clinton, bernie sanders and governor o'malley. he raised just $11,000 in the last fund-raising quarter. he is scheduled to speak at a woman's forum in washington, d.c. at any moment. meaning we do not get -- >> brian, thank you very much. another hero killed in the line
5:25 am
of duty. 33-year-old new york city police department officer randolph holder shot in the head by a career criminal. >> he is the fourth nypd officer, police officer, killed in just 11 months. so why isn't the city doing enough to protect our cops? our next guest lost her son in the line of duty back in may. she is calling for an end to violence against police officers. she wrote an open letter called blue lives matter. >> she joins us right now is irene moore the mother of new york city police department officer brian moore. good morning, irene. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for having me on. >> thank you very much. before you tell folks what you want to tell folks, tell us a little bit about your son. >> oh, my son brian was only 25 years old. he was a beautiful human being, as well as an exemplary police officer. he had his entire life in front of him. he had family that loved him.
5:26 am
officers that he worked with that loved him. everybody. he had a wonderful girlfriend, and we are all missing him, and will continue to miss him for the rest of our lives. and we interest to try to fill in that void, which i know is unfillable. >> through your pain and suffering, your loss, you have men that find tremendous strength and courage to honor the memory of your son, a fallen hero. what have you done with this feeling that you have inside, in letting people know that police officer lives matter? >> i've tried to speak out now, that i have a little bit more strength to say that all lives matter. but, most importantly right now, because of the climate of the situation, blue lives matter. and i think what we need to happen is we need to have our elected officials, and i stress the word elected officials, that they need to start to come forward now and put some new policy in to effect. they need to show us, through their actions, and through most
5:27 am
importantly, their attitude, how they are going to change this. and we all really kind of need to show some respect on the street for the police officers, such as good morning, have a great day. we need to bring the respect back, because the time, unfortunately has not been great in the past two years and we need to all come together and change the tide the other way. >> you're right about the respect. irene, who does this start with? we're talking about elected officials. that can be broad. are you talking about the president of the united states? would you like to hear the president of the united states talk about how blue lives matter? >> absolutely. it has to start at the top, so that people across the nation, as well as the city of new york, feel as if he has the police officers' back. they're a law enforcement. and when anything happens, they are the ones that are on the line. they are the ones that are called. every single morning, every single one of them puts on their uniform or their plainclothes for the day, not knowing what's
5:28 am
ahead of them. so, we need to support that starts from the top and let that trickle down. >> how much did your son love his job? >> my son really did enjoy his job. he always looked forward to go back, even after he had a little vacation, or a day off or something like that. he was excited to go back to work. he really enjoyed the type of work that he was doing. and he was looking forward to becoming a detective. >> you wrote this open letter to elected officials, it ran in "the new york post." have you heard from any of them about what you want to do? >> no, i haven't heard from any of them. >> what does that say? >> well, i can't assume what's in anybody else's mind, but the way i feel, which is a different matter, is i feel they still aren't showing that they're willing to do something to support the police, and they're not doing anything, really, to support the families.
5:29 am
the nypd supports the families. and a lot of the community supports the families. but, our elected officials have yet to come forward to say anything, other than what they said at the wake, which was, i hope the pendulum starts to change. but that's not a good answer. and it's unacceptable. >> but you're part of the process and the healing going forward and standing up for the police officers. your son would be very proud of you and we want to thank you for your time. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. >> thank you so much. >> brian? >> kimberly, let me tell you what's coming up. coming up, have you seen this video? >> oh, that is not what you want to see outside the window of your plane. so how did it happen? we'll unwind it. and it's the most popular piece of halloween candy, so what is it? let's take a look. could it be twix? could it be m&ms?
5:30 am
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5:34 am
>> i'd have freaked out too. >> we're recovering. the airline insists the flight was carefully planned and it was completely staged so please don't send them a letter. >> how cool is that? >> all right. we have 27 minutes until we're through. meanwhile -- >> we're going to find -- you're continuing to send us e-mail about your favorite. we've got the number one halloween candy. is your candy featured right here? we're going to tell you what it is in just a moment. >> who has ever done anything like this? it's expensive -- >> somebody else do the poll. we're just doing the answer. >> almost all of them so far, delicious, the twix, the reese's. >> i like the 100 thousand dollar bar. >> you like the money. >> you like the 25 million dollar -- >> it's got rice krispies in it. >> it's kind of like breakfast. >> steve reflecting on candy, very informative. heather nauert do you have something more serious? >> i certainly do. 34 minutes after the hour we have some disturbing new details this morning about the man who
5:35 am
was charged in the road rage murder of that 4-year-old girl. the albuquerque journal reports that tony torrez accidentally shot one of his friends back in 2006 after a scuffle with another driver inside a parking gae ever filed in that case. well, this week torrez confessed to opening fire on the car carrying lilly garcia and her family on the interstate. they are in disbelief at this horrendous crime. >> i thought it was make us feel better. i mean we're glad that he got caught. it's not going to bring lilly back. but at least he's off the street. >> what a loss. lilly was just 4 years old. well the president's plan to keep iraq a noncombat mission is now being called into serious question. following the death of an american soldier there. a u.s. special operations troop had helped to free 70 isis hostages. but then an intense firefight erupted and it left one american dead. earlier on "fox & friends" today we talked to retire navy
5:36 am
s.e.a.l. >> it sounds like an operation that went down, freed a bunch of iraqis that are on our side, and that's always a good thing. and of course it's tragic when an american gets killed. >> well that special forces soldier who was killed was the first american killed in ground combat with the terror group of this entire mission. an all-natural company under fire for spiking products. a new lawsuit alleges that gnc knowingly mislabeled packaging and then sold supplements laced with illegal substances. it points out e-mail exchanges between executives acknowledging adding the drug that's used to treat neurological disorders and amphetamine-like substance to its products. gnc denying all those claims. and what is perhaps the best story of the day. a couple's crooks picked the wrong woman to mess with. her name is marilyn williams. they had just finished robbing an elderly couple then they
5:37 am
ventured into her backyard. little did they know that she was a sharpshooter and she had a medal from her high school rotc program. >> first guy that i saw, he had jumped over the fence. i yelled i'm going to shoot you. i yelled i'll shoot you and i was saying because i heard my husband say, shoot him, shoot im. >> that's no pea shooter right there. she's rambo. that pair went running off leaving behind a pillowcase filled with jewelry and a gun. and they're still on the run this morning. and they're running and running and running. those are your headlines. >> i love it. the husband goes shoot him. shoot him! >> she's great. >> love her. >> are you allowed to shoot them, though? if they're on your property are you allowed to shoot them? >> you're allowed to defend yourself and defend your family and property. >> but if he's running away. >> he's not a police officer, she's a private citizen. if she feels she's still in danger and the situation is escalating. yeah. >> she can shoot him? >> how handy to have --
5:38 am
>> she better give me advice. >> we have maria molina who is going to do some fox casting. maria, is it true the biggest hurricane in history for the pacific is brewing just off the coast of mexico? >> yeah. the strongest hurricane in the eastern north pacific ocean is setting its eyes on southwest mexico. that is correct. maximum sustained winds now at 200 miles per hour. take a look at that central pressure. only 880 millibars. that is incredibly low. the storm right now moving towards the north/northwest at 12 miles per hour. it is forecast to hit southwest mexico later tonight and also into the evening hours. and we're talking about potentially 20 inches of rainfall from this storm. and again, incredibly strong wind. so we're looking at potentially catastrophic impact to this part of the world. meanwhile, across parts of the central u.s., we're dealing with another storm system and this one is pulling in a lot of tropical moisture. some of it from parts of the eastern tropical pacific ocean, some of it from the gulf of mexico, and a setup across texas is for very heavy rain. we're talking potentially a foot
5:39 am
of rain in some areas, so we have flash flood watches that have been issued out there, and that forecast is to continue into this weekend so that is going to be another dangerous situation as well. back inside. >> all right, maria. thank you very much. this is the moment we've been waiting for. >> i know what is your favorite halloween candy? take a look. here's the list of the top ten. >> yep. >> the reveal. >> okay. >> number one, baby, reese's peanut butter cups, which is my choice. >> snicker's. >> twix number two. super delicious. kit kat. i mean these are all -- >> but if you look. snickers number four. that's a stunner and then it's back to reese's? >> the little mini ones. >> i think number eight butterfinger. >> snickers is so far down there because it has nuts in it. you were a kid you remember giving all the candy with the nuts to your parents? >> and yours is there number
5:40 am
eight. >> we asked you what your favorite candy was, rebecca is on facebook this morning. >> she says m&ms. >> gina on facebook says candy corn. >> thank you, gina. >> steve, that's yours. >> michelle on facebook says -- >> will you please read -- >> listen -- >> musketeer bars her very favorite. >> are any of these bad? they're all delicious. >> my favorite was reese's. >> you know you took my favorite when you found out i was the winner. >> that is not true. my feeling, my feeling is reese's has to find a way to put more than one or two in a package. come on, reese's. >> i'm shocked nobody said an apple. because if you go out on halloween, somebody always gives away an apple. >> go anymore. >> do you remember how reese's was founded, a guy with a
5:41 am
chocolate bar fell into a guy with a peanut jar. >> i saw that documentary. >> 30 seconds long -- >> over and over again. >> it's been edited -- >> is this -- >> the perfect way to not get kids to come to your house because you don't like people on your lawn is to give out an apple. >> they just put the -- >> forget about it, kids these days -- these days out for cash. they come to the door, you got a 20? >> we got -- >> we skin carrots and hand out carrots. coming up straight ahead, she was supposed to speak at a college series called uncomfortable learning. but her lecture was canceled because it made students too comfortable. what was she going to talk about? she joins us live to talk to us about it. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling
5:42 am
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5:45 am
our next guest was invited to speak at a college lecture series called uncomfortable learning at williams college but her lecture was just canceled because it made students too uncomfortable. suzanne banker is the author of the flip side of feminism and the war on men. thank you for joining us this morning. so, what was it that you were going to say that was so offensive? >> well, just a little fyi on the side, if people actually want to hear the speech or read the speech, i should say, it's now been posted at fox. so that's the good news. but, in a nut shell, what the things i was going to share with young people effectively undermines the feminist agenda. and so when i come and i'm talking about feminism, i'm coming at it from a very different angle than they're used to hearing so when they saw
5:46 am
my title, for the series, which was -- excuse me for the lecture, which was one step forward, ten steps back, why feminism failed, the reaction, of course, to that is we don't want to hear that. we don't want to hear the argument for the other side. in other words. because we are fully embroiled in the feminist cause so therefore anything you say against it will make me unsettled. >> but what's your general point of view? you feel that women should be able to rely on men, and not have to just provide for themselves? >> well, no, it's much broader than that. what i'm concerned mostly about is that when mapping out your life for the future, you have basically two sides. you have your professional side and you have the personal side. but young people are not given any information, or they're missing facts or we're not allowed to talk about what's going to become for you down the road very important, which is marriage and children.
5:47 am
for most of them. if it's not, then that's fine. but statistically speaking for most people it will be important. and so, why are we omitting information that would help them incorporate that into their lives? so what happens is ten years down the road, you know, we're asking a big question in america now where have all the good men gone? or why can't i get pregnant? we have all these fertility problems. we have all of these issues that are instantly preventable with proper information, and helping you map out -- >> to consider -- >> exactly -- and you can't -- >> well, just let's take the truth about fertility for example. you're not allowed to talk about the truth about when a woman's body wants to conceive and when it sort of winds down, because that undermines, once again, the feminist cause, which is to get more women -- >> so we've got -- >> -- and -- >> the problem is why the school would want to stifle this type
5:48 am
of open discussion when it's supposed to be a place for provocative thought and learning and hearing both sides of different issues. we want to get this in because the williams record editorial board, they wrote it is possible that some speech is too harmful to invite to campus. the college should be a safe place for students, a place where people respect others' identities. her appearance would have been an invasion of that space. which is pretty incredible to see that kind of reaction. because what you seem to be saying here is quite interesting, and doesn't seem harmful in any way. >> and i invite anyone to read, as i said, the actual speech and see if it is in any way harmful or enough to scare you away because i am saying something that is unsafe, as they said. but that doesn't surprise me because that is the issue with feminism. it's rooting everything about feminism is rooted in victimhood. and it's trying to teach you to be empowered. there's no way to be empowered if you're constantly going through life believing you're a vick trim. >> if people want to learn more about your thoughts they can go
5:49 am
to thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> he was one of the four americans killed in the benghazi attack, so what does sean smith's mother think about hillary's testimony? you're about to hear a mouthful when she joins us. first let's check in with bill hemmer -- >> the law is running the show today. breaking news, the strongest storm on record, that's how some describe this hurricane. we have the forecast. the day after benghazi, what did we learn? big lineup. committee member susan brooks brought the stacks of e-mails to that hearing. what did lindsey graham and mike huckabee hear from hillary clinton? we've got wallace and a lot more at the top of the hour. 11 minutes away on "america's newsroom."
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
i made it abundantly clear that we had to do everything we could to protect our people. what i did not and do not believe any secretary should do was to substitute my judgment from thousands of miles away for the judgment of the security professionals who made the decisions about what kind of security would be provided. >> yeah, t which were fantastic. former secretary of state denying she had a responsibility to oversee security in libya. the 2012 benghazi attack on the american consulate which is why we had the hearings yesterday, took the lives of four americans including the american ambassador to libya and information adviser sean smith which brings us to our next guest sean's mom pat smith. we wanted to get your perspective as a family member what you got out of the nine hours of testimony yesterday? >> i'm still trying to get the same answers that i've been trying to get since day one. i come on and i say what
5:54 am
happened. what my son told me. what is happening, that he requested security, and nobody does anything about it. i said the same thing over and over again. and then hillary gets on there and says i've done everything i can do except read the memos. somebody else is responsible for that. i don't know anything about it. >> pat, you also told me that among the people requesting more security via e-mail was your son. >> that's just what i said. yes, he did. he told me the night before that he had been asking for security and he's been -- he hasn't heard anything yet. it's been turned down. >> so when that -- when you saw republicans and democrats fighting with each other instead of getting to the bottom of this, what are your thoughts when you saw cummings, and yelling at jordan and back and forth like this? >> it's a heck of a way to run a country, isn't it? i don't agree with any of what they were doing. they're attacking one another instead of fixing the problem.
5:55 am
>> right. so out of all this, when it came out that she was communicating to the president, and never talked to the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff when this attack was going on, what are your thoughts about that? >> my thoughts are that it took 13 hours for all this to go down in benghazi, and during that time, i would think that somebody could be sent to help. when they knew it was happening. my understanding is they even sent an unarmed drone in there, and they are watching it happen, and they still didn't do anything. and by they, i mean clinton. >> clinton look better or worse in your eyes now? >> she's always been worse. she's -- at the very beginning, i liked her. i was for hillary. and then when all this stuff started happening and i found out the lies -- they told me lies. hillary, and obama, and panetta, and biden, and all of susan rice
5:56 am
all told me it was the video when they knew -- they knew it was not the video. and they said that they would call me and let me know what the outcome was. well what happened? because i kept saying what happened? what all -- what happened? >> they never got to you and we still didn't get to it yesterday. pat smith, thanks so much. so sorry about sean and we'll continue to pursue this. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. meanwhile pictures of where we all were last night. you don't want to miss it. ies d? when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief for... ...fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do... ...every day. live claritin clear.
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hey, after our segment on this football player who was penalized for pointing a finger up toward god, we thought, the superintendent of schools got a lot of angry calls. but we want to be clear, he supports dante, saying quote, i support him, our coach and our team 110%. it was the football official who made the call. and, yeah --
6:00 am
>> look at that. >> the raunch of extreme ownership. how u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s lead and win. you've got to go out and get that book. posted by roger ailes. >> great american heroes. bill: there is new evidence revealed at the marathon 11-hour hearing on benghazi. welcome to our newest colleague here at fox news. >> i'm abbey huntsman in for martha maccallum. she admitted she'd told her daughter and husband that the assault in benghazi were the


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