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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 23, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> look at that. >> the raunch of extreme ownership. how u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s lead and win. you've got to go out and get that book. posted by roger ailes. >> great american heroes. bill: there is new evidence revealed at the marathon 11-hour hearing on benghazi. welcome to our newest colleague here at fox news. >> i'm abbey huntsman in for martha maccallum. she admitted she'd told her daughter and husband that the assault in benghazi were the
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result of a terrorist attack. >> you have said two officers were killed today in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. then you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister. you told him this. we note attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. you knew the truth. but that's not what the american people got. >> if you look at the statement i made i clearly said it was an attack and i said there were some who tried to justify it on the basis of the video, congressman. >> calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course, it was an attack. >> we were in a position of trying to make sense of a lot of incoming information and watch the way the intelligence company tried to make sense of it.
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>> you take the video evidence with no evidence because it was supposed to be a success story for the clinton white house and the state department. >> i was talking about people throughout the region trying to justify attacks on our facilities as we saw later in the week, and justifying their behavior' repeating it. bill: trey gowdy reminding every one the hearing was about four americans who lost their lives that night. >> what did most of the testimony focus on? reporter: there was a lot of testimony about access. she says she never gave chris
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stevens her personal email address or cell phone number. so when he needed something he had to call the operator at the state department and those messages rarely if ever got to her. she isn't even sure if she ever spoke to stevens after swearing him in. where as were friend who wanted to talk about things stevens was doing got her full attention. that introduced doubt about what may not have been held on to. >> you cannot tell us you turned over everything because you didn't think you missed the 15. if you can find the source for the 90% to 95% and i would be grateful for it and we would probably have fewer questions. reporter: clinton admitted
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removing blumenthal's name because she thought it was important and didn't want somebody to dismiss it because the sender was blumenthal. reporter: several members thought the questions were too repetitive so they tried to dismiss the proceeding. >> think has not been done perfectly, you wish you could do it another way. then the tape you made when you said i have given more thought to this than all of you combined. i don't know know what we want from you? do we want to bash you over and over again until you get tired until we get the gotcha moment? reporter: during the end of the hearing she had a take a break for a significant coughing fit. bill: i want to bring in senator
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lindsey graham. the day after, what did you hear? >> proof positive she is unfit to be commander-in-chief. a commander-in-chief is supposed to take care of their people, give them what they need, not ignore their request. when they are in trouble the commander-in-chief is supposed to help them. during the attack she never called the secretary of defense or the joint chiefs. but we know that she knew that there was no protest caused by video. she told the libyan government, the egyptian government and her family. on the 14th of september she'd told the family members we ought to get the guy who made that video. when susan rice spoke on the 15th there was no coordinated terrorist attack, it was caused
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by a video, she never he lifted a finger to correct that. she is complicit in my view to lie to the american people to protect the president's reelection. bill: judge napolitano said the f.b.i. was listening to her testimony. he suggests that they, the f.b.i. had a field day. under oath it's just as serious to mislead congress as it is to lie to congress. and what you are suggesting is not perhaps a lie but was misleading. >> what she did i she conspired with susan rice by silence not to correct the record. susan rice told us something we all wanted to hear. this was a protest caused by video. we couldn't see it coming. the conflict was significantly
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and strongly secured. hillary clinton told the libyan and egyptian government there is no evidence of a protest. it wasn't related to video, it was an al qaeda attack. hillary clinton told family members on the 14th of september who were grieving, we'll get the guy who made that video. she chose to mis -- to misinfore family members. they were two months away from an elect. president obama is telling the world al qaeda is dead. the libyan attack undercut his efforts. that's why no security was given to benghazi because it would undercut the idea that al qaeda was decimated. susan rice chose to mislead the public, she didn't balance out the evidence and hillary clinton knew she was lying.
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you cannot conclude this investigation until you bring susan rice before the congress and ask her to explain why she said there was no evidence of a terrorist attack, this was a protest caused by video when the secretary of state told the libyans and egyptians three days before something completely different. bill: maybe she is next. trey gowdy says it's not over. you were active on twitter throwing a lot of support toward trey gowdy. democrats strongly disagree. >> he did great. he found emails no one else found. the arb was a joke. they never interviewed secretary clinton. this is the definitive work on benghazi? you never saw chris stevens emails. there is an email from jim
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jordan as a joke saying i should contact the qataris and ask for security because no one will listen to me. how could she not know about the security environment in 2012. bill: much more to come on this. lyndsey graham, thank you for your time. thank you, sir. >> much of the questioning centered on calls for more security in libya that went unanswered. peter roskam make anne a gesture to make his point. >> of course i took responsibility. >> what does that mean when you say you took responsibility. >> i was telling you many of the issue ofs i was work on to help the libyan people. >> wham your responsibility to benghazi, that's my question. >> my responsibility was to be
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briefed and discuss with the security experts and the policy experts whether we would have a post in benghazi, whether we would tint, whether we would make it permanent. >> no one represented closing but you have two ambassadors who made self requests. here is what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> that's not true. reporter: secretary clinton disagreed with the request but most of the requests did ultimately go unanswered. bill: this is congresswoman susan brooks. >> this pile represents the emails you sent or received from early 2012 until the day of the attack. there are 795 emails in this pile.
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we counted them. there are 67 emails in this pile in 2012. in this pile in 2011 i have see daily updates. sometime hourly updates from your staff about benghazi and chris stevens. when i look at this pile in 2012 i only see a handful of emails to you from your senior staff about benghazi. bill: beyond the testimony is the tragedy of the lives lost. we'll talk to the uncle of sean smith coming up as well. trey gowdy concluded yesterday by saying, it's not over. reporter: it will go from here. a brand-new poll coming out in iowa. and the leader is not donald trump. ben carson is now surging.
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buzzes of people killed in a bus crash in the tourist hotpots. the worst accident there in decade. bill: trey gowdy repeatedly asking why hillary clinton spoke to political advisor sidney blumenthal numerous times but never talked to chris stevens when he was on the ground in libya. >> it's fair to ask why sidney blumenthal had unfettered access to you with whatever you wanted to talk about and there is not a single solitary email to or from you to ambassador stevens.
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bill: hillary clinton made a point of maintaining her composure. she was asked about her close confidante sidney blumenthal. >> he was not advising me. and i don't know if the president knew about that. i don't know what this has to do about been gais ghazi. >> sidney blumenthal was asked to respond. on the same day he was asking
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for security. so it's imminently fair to ask why sidney blumenthaled a unfettered access to you than is not single solitary email to or from you or to or from ambassador stevens. bill: you have got a legal and political path. where does she go now? reporter: the two are not just related, they are dependent. many in the press from exultant. hillary clinton slade these republicans, evil meanies who were trying to bring her down and at no point did she break down and have a gaffe like the last time, "what difference does it make?" so their hearts are thruming.
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it's not a perry mason episode. it's not at the end a person says you are right, i withdraw from seeking the presidency today. jim jordan's back and forth with her with the emails she sent where she identified it as al qaeda-related. what else throughout is the f.b.i. and the server. so we don't know what else is to come. bill: you are saying the issues are not over and the dangers are real because they could be legal. reporter: hillary clinton continues to have successes in order to become the democratic nominee. you could start to think of her as the presumption nominee. she had a debate where she showed the people running against her were. bernie sanders is returning as a
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message candidate, not to be the nominee. she is -- she is locking up the democratic nomination. that leaves democrats in a good place because she won't have to spend a billion dollars trying to kill biden or sanders. but that potential crack in her candidacy is still there and they know it. it. bill: . from tonight co, "clinton survivors 11-shower benghazi grilling." the "new york times." at benghazi hearing, shouting match over hillary clinton's emails.
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>> as soon as it ended they had a contributor on cnn who said i have never seen anything worse since the joe mccarthy house on un-american activities in the 1950s. so there you have it. the press swung it hard and heavy on hillary clinton's behalf and you could see the narrative growing. that's not what these hearings are like. abby: breaking news on all of s. soldier who just lost his life in iraq. the pentagon says he died trying to free isis hostages. bill: we are waiting on the the paul ryan. will he become the number one republic dmant house?
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>> the people we serve do not believe we are doing the job they hired us to do. we have become the problem. if my colleagues entrust me to be the speaker, i want it to become the solution.
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bill: paul ryan make it official, after talk with so many of you have and hearing your words of encouragement i believe we are ready to move forward as one united team and i'm ready and eeg were to be our speaker. the wisconsin * speaker initially seemed reluctant to run. republican daniel webster also in the running for that job.
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abby: we have the name an american killed during a rescue mission to free hostages held by isis. joshua wheeler. reporter: joshua wheeler was after he signed to u.s. special forces command at fort bragg, north carolina. he's the first u.s. soldier to die in the fight against isis in some type of combat role or firefight since the u.s. pullout in 2011. the pentagon says he died during a named mission. he's entitled to combat death benefits and eligible for combat awawrpds such as the bronze star and purple heart.
6:26 am
they have been saying they have been told to do everything possible to avoid a casualty. but the president did not individually sign off on it. abby: does this change the president's position of no combat in iraq? reporter: the president says no. they are playing word games trying to explain how an hair can special operations soldier died in a rescue mission. they are saying it was not combat, it was a support role. he died helping an ally. >> in a support role they are after he loved to protect themselves and defend against the loss of innocent life. they were there in that support role and acted under those
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circumstances. reporter: that was the pentagon spokesman yesterday. we expect the secretary of defense ash carter to face reporters later this afternoon and you can imagine there will be tough questions as he tries to explain where a support role ends and a combat mission begins. bill: bracing for the strong jest storm record in the western hemisphere. the latest on a category five monster that could be deadly. abby: dr. ben carson takes the lead in a key early voting state. >> someone says you love polls. that's only because i have been winning every single one of them. i'm definitely able to see savings
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bill: category five hurricane bearing down in the pacific.
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hurricane patricia expected to make landfall. winds in excess of 200-mile-an-hour. some are saying it's the strongest storm ever record. how is that possible? >> from across the atlantic ocean this is the biggest one they have measured. what's impressive with patricia, it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricanes. we are talking about very fast intensification with winds at 200 miles per hour. there are going to be wind gusts stronger than 200 miles per
6:32 am
hour. 800 millibars tells you how intense a storm is. only 145 miles southwest of manzanillo, mexico. we are talking catastrophic impact through this part of the world. one thing to note is the hurricane-force wind only extend out from the center of the storm about 30 miles. so not everyone who get impact from patricia will be looking at category 5 conditions. it will make landfall today and into tonight. they will be dealing with hurricane conditions and tropical storm conditions. we are talking about potentially up to 20 inches of rain.
6:33 am
mudslide, landslide will be a concern. bill: maria, thanks. abby: the latest quinnipiac poll shows dr. ben carson with a sizable lead in iowa, replacing truck in the key voting state. joining us, juan williams, a fox political analyst. thank you both for being with us. i'll start with you, juan. one thing we know about donald trump. he does not like being in second place. >> absolutely not. we'll see how he reacts. one of the initial reactions came in the form of a tweet
6:34 am
where he said he thought maybe the caucus-goers in iowa were eating too much corn and suffering brain damage from monsanto chemicals. he later retracted that and blamed it on an intern. you don't want to insult people going to the caucasus and voting. abby: i wasn't aware he had interns controlling his twitter account. i thought it was all donald trump all the time. i think it was really taking on -- it was an inexperienced campaign move where you have a young intern. the question is, is donald trump becoming a conventional politician with staff handling social media? abby: he's doing well especially
6:35 am
among women. i guess we can speak for women that we are a good judge of character. what does it say with ben carson. what is he getting right? >> 89% of those caucus voters are saying ben carson cares about our problems whether it be the economy, education, protecting the social issues that a lot of these gop women care about in iowa. i think that has faved ben carson. i think they also don't like the radioactive approach donald trump has taken. you are also giving evangelicals in iowa. i have to tell you these polls will continue to change right along until the election.
6:36 am
the two at the top remain outsiders but they are very different outsiders. you have ben carson who has stopped focus. you have donald trump who is bombastic and you never know what he's going to say. what does it say where the voters are at. that these two are have much outsiders. >> men continue to favor donald trump by substantial mums. the second thing to say, abby, you look at someone like jeb bush. yeb bush in this poll is down at 5%. in the upcoming debate he's not even going to be positioned on the left or right of donald trump. he remained in the middle leading in the nationally in almost all polls. so you have to think, what happened to jeb bush and his campaign.
6:37 am
he still has a good amount of money on hand but not gaining traction with the voters, and especially not in iowa. while he see trump and carson remaining at the top levels, even as you go away from that, it doesn't seem any traditional establishment republican is managing to make a mark. abby: mercedes you know a thing or two about the bush machine. in some of these polls he's losing ground. >> iowa would always be difficult for jeb bush. iowa in 2008 and 2012, they went with huckabee in 2008 and rick santorum in 2012. jeb bush is honing in on new ham higher and he need to hone -- on new hampshire and florida.
6:38 am
donald trump has been able to pop. but the outsider so far is leading in the the conversations. could it change? absolutely. we are self months away and jeb bush -- we are several months away and jeb bush has the money to day in. >> it's getting late early. >> we have to wait for these other candidate to see what happens. abby: mercedes, juan, thanks so much. bill: thank you, yogi berra. lincoln chafe he is -- lincoln chafee is dropping out of the race. he got a lot of criticism after the first democratic debate.
6:39 am
apparently they introduced him at the event in washington and mispronounced his name. abby: a bad start. hillary clinton grilled on her communication or lack thereof after he was sent to libya. >> you never talked to him personally after may of 2012 when you swore him in as our ambassador. am i wrong? did you ever talk to ambassador stevens when all of this was going on in the hotbed of libya?
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abby: a bus crash in wine
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country, france killed 43 people, mostly elderly. several passengers did survive. it's the worst road accident in france since 1982. >> did you ever talk to ambassador stevens when all of this was going none the hotbed of libya? that's a yes or no question. did you ever personally speak to ambassador stevens? we don't know the answer. did you ever personally speak to him after you swore him in may in. >> yes, i believe i did. >> when was that. >> i don't recall. bill: susan brook was one of the many riveting moment from that hearing.
6:44 am
the questions was how much attention she was giving chris stevens and his concerns on the ground once he was there. what do you think america learned? >> i hope america learned more of the facts as we tried to ask the secretary many, many questions throughout the day about her role, about her decision make. about who she talked to, and way learned was the secretary while she talked about being concerned about security, the security levels and the security concerns never rose to the level of her attention. and she seems fairly detached when it came to all the violence happening in libya in 2012. bill: this was her defense. she said quote i was responsible for sending chris stevens to libya and responsible for supporting a temporary facility in benghazi.
6:45 am
i was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions. you remember that. what do you think of that comment? >> i was troubled by that because security should be the number one concern when the head of that department, the secretary of state is making decisions about where to send people. and what kind of anythings we should have. and while she talks about being responsible for policy, the policy need to take into consideration the security. and we know that there was not adequate security for that temporary anything compound. she did not acknowledge that any waive was signed. so there was not adequate security, even though security requests had been made. we know they did not have the right number of people on the ground. we not was not a safe facility and so many people, chris stevens and others reached out to the department and asked the department for personnel, for more, and it never got to her
6:46 am
level and that's the problem. bill: she said yesterday it's a two-way street of communication. at one point she said chris stevens had an opportunity to reach me any time he thought there was something of importance. in many cases security requests were grand and in some cases they were not. when you asked her about how much contact he had while he was on the ground in libya, why do you think that was so important to you? >> what was important, i believe she was detached from danger there, she was detached from her personnel and from her own staff. she did send chris stevens. but she could not recall. she mentioned she thought she talked to him once but had know recollection of when that conversation was. we don't have any record that she did talk with chris stevens after she swore him in may. bill: she said she is
6:47 am
responsible for hundreds of ambassadorships around the world. >> she in my view, and this is a good question. what relationship do you have with your presidentially appointed ambassadors? why don't they have your email and phone number? i'm a former presidentially appointed u.s. attorney. if i needed to reach attorney general ashcroft i know i could have gotten through to him if i had significant requests. so i'm bothered by the fact there were so many layers between the ambassadors in dangerous places and the secretary. and that's the kind of work this committee hopes to produce, an investigative report about what the problems are with our security. it did not seem to be a top priority to the secretary or the state department. >> you brought out a stack, two different piles. one was a stack of emails from
6:48 am
2011 with hundreds and hundreds of pages. the other one was from 2012 minuscule in comparison. what was the point you were trying to make? >> the point i was trying to make, her team, her senior level people sent her 795 different emails in 2011. after qaddafi falls. in 2011, we can take a victory lap that qaddafi is gone and we are supporting the transitional government. in 2012 there were only 67 emails, 67 communications that we could find from senior level people. bill: were they not talking or do you not have the evidence or documentation. >> email is just one way of communicating. she did indicate she had regular meetings. but there was no discussion about specific meetings. she did not bring up that she
6:49 am
had any one specific meeting. so we believe it appears that her level of interest fell off dramatically while security incidences were going off the charts in 2012. she was not getting that information. she wasn't even getting information by email about our compounds being attacked twice in 2012. so it seems to be a lack of interest, a lack of leadership. bill: trey gowdy says this is not over. >> it's not over. she was but one serious fact witness. we have other witnesses to interview like director petraeus, and secretary panetta. we are not done. there are over a dozen interviews already scheduled in november. these will be in classified settings so they will not public nature this was.
6:50 am
bill: abby, what's next? >> our southern border has caused the controversy for years. did you know most illegal immigrants get into the country a very different way. bill: lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us to analyze why that decision was made. >> in all my years in the united states senate i never witnessed anything so cynical and dangerous as veto can the defense authorization for reasons that have nothing to do with defense.
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abby: illegal immigration is a hot issue, but you may be surprised to learn how many entered legally. reporter: you think border fence, you don't think airport or ports of entry. people are coming in with a false i.d. they sneak in, once they arrive, some never leave. reporter: not every one illegally comes over a fence, and 40% come through an airport or port of entry. it's the busiest land border in the world handling 80,000 a day. some hide in a door, a trunk. others haven't counterfeit
6:55 am
documents. do the photos match? are they imposters? >> you look at everything. the shape of the mouth and the nose, the shape of the face. >> my failure rate 50%. reporter: how often do you find someone trying to pass themselves off as someone else? does anything tell you what you missed? i have seen ranges of we get 1.5% to 20% of what's coming across. report report others enter legally but never leave. reporter: that's where the enforcement effort has to take place. not at the border.
6:56 am
despite a mandate from congress. the cost and inconvenience and opposition. bill: more trouble for the secret service. hillary clinton taking heat for what happened before and after the attack in benghazi. how did her appearance affect the race for the white house? chris wallace up next to examine the politics on america's newsroom. >> she stood by and said or did nothing while other people in the administration were telling people this is a spontaneous attack not a terrorist plot to kill americans.
6:57 am
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bill: now hour of "america's newsroom." good morning, everybody. hillary clinton emerging from marathon hearing filled with
7:00 am
sharp questions and occasional fireworks. the former secretary hoping to close the book. did she in the end? 10:00 here in new york. i'm bill hemmer. a big welcome to abby huntsman here at fox news channel. great to be here, bill. i'm abby huntsman here for martha maccallum. putting her testimony in the rear view mirror with several events today, but, the benghazi investigation is far from over. clinton's testimony sparked some heated exchanges. so, what did we learn? here are some highlights. >> there are people frankly in both parties who suggested that this investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain what more could have been done.
7:01 am
>> in this pile of 2011, i see daily updates, sometimes hourly updates. from your staff about benghazi and chris stevens. when i look at this pile, in 2012, i only see a handful of emails. >> congresswoman, i did not conduct most of the business that i did on behalf of our country on email. >> you can tell the truth, like you did with your family, like you did with libyan president, like you did with the egyptian prime minister. tell them it was a terrorist attack. you picked video narrative. >> no one ever recommended closing the post in benghazi. >> no one recommended closing but you had two ambassadors made several, several requests. here is basically what happened to their requests. >> i don't care if you sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals. the fact that he happened to send it by email is irrelevant. why is it you only want mr. blumenthal's transcript released? >> i would like all of them released. >> survivors even their names?
7:02 am
have you ever heard after judge calling d.a. or defense attorney, don't call that witness? >> mr. chairman, i don't really care what you all say about me. it doesn't bother me a bit. i did the best i could during those four years and thought everything that i was emailing that was work-related was being preserved. >> i'm telling you, madam secretary, i got eight emails the first time i asked. now i have over 1500. so there is some disconnect there. abby: it was a long day yesterday. we have fox team coverage to cover it all. "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace is in washington. but we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. reporter: thank you, abby. fox news was first to report on september 11th, six days after the attack there was no protest in consulate in benghazi. we took a lot of heat for that reporting and stuck with it and in the end we were correct. former navy seals ty woods and glen daughtery were killed on cia roof annex during their wave
7:03 am
atattack of a mortar strike. what their bodies were brought back to the u.s. and woods's father met with mrs. clinton and took notes what she promised them. >> i hadn't looked at my notes. i keep notes, this is 2012. i decided better look at notes to review exactly what she said. so i would have the facts down. an, let me just read what is written down here. i gave hillary a hug and shook her hand. and she said, we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son. reporter: that mortar strike on cia annex is smoking gun evidence it was premeditated terrorism. three mortars struck the cia under 90 seconds killing woods and doherty. they were fired more than half mile away. it was professional hit that required training and planning. yet mrs. clinton told survivors, family members she believed it
7:04 am
was a video when her own records now show she didn't believe a video had any connection to the terrorist attack, abby. abby: clinton also said during the hearing, that there was never a recommendation to leave benghazi. reporter: that's right. she testified there was certain level of comfort with the high threat level and the operation there was never in jeopardy. >> there was never a recommendation from any intelligence official in our government, from any official in the state department, or from any other person with knowledge of our presence in benghazi to shut down benghazi. reporter: but that statement is misleading because this classified cable, first obtained by fox news, shows that there was an emergency meeting in benghazi three weeks before the 2012 attack and at that meeting state department and cia personnel discussed suspending operations for the consulate and moving state department personnel in with the cia where the security was much higher.
7:05 am
it reads in part, quote, cia suggested that mission personnel could colocate to the annex if security environment degraded suddenly, in the longer term we believe former colocation with the cia will greatly improve our security situation. the state department was always he reluctant to confirm that emergency meeting took place just three weeks before the attack and it predicted consulate could not withstand a coordinated assault. that classified cable was one of the last documents provided to the senate intelligence committee investigation that found the attack could have been prevented. abby. abby: catherine. thank you. bill: for more, chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday" and good morning to you. start with the political side of this. democrats came to her defense in droves. i don't know where dependency of this testimony is she in better shape than yesterday or did she create doubts those watching? >> she is clearly in better shape. catherine raised points and
7:06 am
certainly got scuffedded up. i thought strongest point for republicans, weakest for her, email to chelsea, night of the attack, conversations with the libyan president and egyptian prime minister which she seemed to indicate it was terror attack and she knew it right afterwards and not linked to video. having said all of that, you know, it seems to me, if you had said to her two days ago that is going to be headline, that comes out, that is what is going to come out, that is the worst they will get on you, she would happily accepted that. to the extent that this hearing these 11 hours are behind her, i think, you know, the road is pretty clear. she had good eight days between the first debate, biden staying out and this committee hearing which did not produce a knockout or smoking gun. certainly i say some damaging information. my guess she didn't get anymore supporters but she didn't turn people for her against her by
7:07 am
per her performance. bill: stunning thing to hear tyrone woods's father speak that way, we'll arrest the filmmaker asap. susan brooks is on that committee, republican from indiana. she was with us 20 minutes. she says next on the docket is general petraeus and leon panetta and dozen other interviews to occur in november, all behind closed doors. they will be private. what is your best sense about how this story moves forward and what comes next? >> well, look, i think that all the questions have not been answered. i mean as i say, both her actions, certainly before, during, and after the attack, there are questions that remain but i'm, would at this point kind of be surprised if there is a game-changer, if there is kind of thing that disqualifies her or really damages her in the push for the democratic nomination. you know, you want, one assumes having spent 17 months on this
7:08 am
that the committee had anything better or thought they were going to get anything better from these other people that are going to testify, they would have gotten it first. they knew this was the one shot at hillary clinton. and it's gone now. you know, again as i said, didn't come off scot-free but certainly not any serious damage to the campaign. bill: you wonder what themes are carried over into the campaign next summer, next fall and how they will be dissected. speaking of that we have the second poll out of iowa shows ben carson leading in that all-important caucus state. second poll in two days where he is on top of donald trump by seven, eight points. ben carson on this weekend. what is changing for him do you believe? >> i don't quite know. it is interesting. you know, he's a very attractive candidate. strong social conservative. the evangelical vote is a big part of the vote in iowa.
7:09 am
rick santorum won in 2012. mike huckabee in 2008 in iowa caucuses. so it is interesting that he is leading. first time trump has been trailing in any early states. it will be interesting to see whether it carries over to other early states or national polls. you say we'll talk to ben carson, what is working for him and where it takes from here. bill: that is transparent as you can be. we'll find out together. chris, we'll be watching on sunday. >> you bet. bill: chris wallace, among many guests, dr. ben carson in fox news channel as well. check local listings for times to see chris on sunday. abby: judge andrew napolitano making another interesting point about the hearing yesterday saying voters not only people watching. fbi was also paying close attention to the testimony. >> they're looking for material misrepresentations, they're looking for willingness to deceive. they're looking for actual material lies. remember she is under oath.
7:10 am
they're looking for how many different versions she can possibly give of various events. i suggest to you, that found a field day today. abby: in separate hearing on capitol hill yesterday fbi director james comey refused to answer questions about the investigation, only he is watching it very closely. bill: meantime, ten minutes past. people most affected by attacks in benghazi, families of four victims, harsh criticism from all of them on behalf of secretary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a serial liar. hillary clinton has a difficult time maintaining consistent level of truth. and that was proven today and it has been proven. before. bill: strong woods. clinton telling family of sean smith he died in wake of protest about a video. sean smith's uncle is here live to answer about that. abby: presidential mike you can
7:11 am
huckabee, if hillary clinton had talked to chris stevens and as much as she talked to her friend sid blumenthal, those four americans might be alive. governor huckabee will join us live. and -- bill: the man accused of killing this little girl in a fit of road rage. >> might characterize this offense as willful, wanton and atrocious offenses in the city's history.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> we just heard email after email about libya and benghazi that sidney blumenthal sent to the secretary of state. i don't care if he sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals. the fact that he happened to send it by email is irrelevant. you need to make sure entire record is correct. >> that is exactly what i want to do. >> well then, go ahead. >> i'm about to tell you. we released emails. let's do the transcript. that way the world can see it. >> survivors, even their names? you want that, you want that released? tell you something. >> if you think you heard about sidney blumenthal so far, wait until the next round. we're adjourned. >> that was critical moment. trey gowdy and ely yaw cummings getting into it about sid my blumenthal. ambassador chris stevens did not have her email address or her phone number. mike huckabee says there is something fundamental wrong with that former arkansas governor
7:16 am
and republican presidential candidate live with me in greenville, south carolina. how are you, and welcome back here? >> thank you, bill. exactly how i feel, it was fascinating that sidney blumenthal had a lot more communication with hillary clinton as secretary of state than her ambassador to libya. you have to wonder if she was as willing to cop cooperate and communicate with chris stevens as she was with sidney blumenthal and been honest with american people as she was with her own daughter and egyptian government would four americans be alive today? bill: democrats saying time to turn the page. they, argue republicans did not even lay a glove on her during 11 hours of testimony. what do you say? >> well, i think that politically, hillary survived because it was all about doing what the clintons are great at doing. they first deny. then they deceive. then they distract. and ultimately, what they do is you know, they just go ahead and delay and they keep running the clock.
7:17 am
and that is what i've seen, pattern of clintons as long as i've known them going my entire adult life working against the political machinery that i saw in arkansas all those years ago. but this is a pattern. and they're good at it. that is why i think republicans underestimate what it will be like to face the clintons in the election. but it was, great hearing anyways. i do think the republicans asked, pointed, tough questions. but quite frankly i'm not sure a lot of americans are that tuned in, especially if they are somewhere out there in middle. they're just trying to keep their jobs. republicans care. democrats care to protect hillary. but how many americans really are tuned into this? that is disturbing because they need to be. bill: from your answer i take it that you concede that she survived politically and this will not injure her chances of winning the nomination? >> now did she tell the truth? did she illuminate why she had all conversations with sidney
7:18 am
blumenthal and not chris stevens? did she explain why she went out there and repeatedly lied about being over a youtube video? not only did we know that it wasn't, she knew it wasn't. yet she continued to say that and trotted out subordinates to say that. the white house kept saying that. that's what never really got, i think fundamentally answered yesterday. the and i'm not sure it ever will. bill: one point on security, susan brooks was with us last hour, she is on the committee, and she said at one point, hillary clinton did, i was responsible for sending chris stevens to libya and responsible for temporary facility in benghazi. i was not specifically responsible for specific security decisions. i put that point to susan brooks last hour. >> she talks about being responsible for policy, but the policy needs to take into consideration the security. even though security requests had been made, they know they did not have the right number of people on the ground. we know it was not a safe facility.
7:19 am
and that so many people, chris stevens and others, had reached out to the department, had asked the department for personnel, for more and it never got to her level. i think that's a problem. bill: what about that, governor? >> i think it is a problem of the fact is, another question she failed to answer, was why didn't we send whatever help we could, of 173rd airborne was in italy. it was two hours away by c-130s, we never pulled trigger. we didn't think it could get there in time. in time for what? this thing went on for nine hours. we had plenty of time to at least try. we don't leave americans, getting shot at and killed not lift a finger we'll wait until all over and go try to pick up the bodies of. that is not how america operates. america has to have chief executive who believes the single highest priority he has is to protect americans who either wear uniforms, or serve in diplomatic position, on the behalf of every american citizen. we failed to do that and four
7:20 am
americans are dead for it. bill: mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. we'll see what contrails this has in the months coming forward. thank you, sir for your time today in greenville, south carolina. >> take care. bill: you as well. abby. abby: president obama vetoes defense bill in a high-stakes showdown for spending. what it means for members of the armed forces. bill: demonstrators hold antipolice protest two days after murder of a new york city police officer. >> tonight did what every other officer in the nypd was, when the call comes, he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert
7:21 am
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and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. bill: new controversy surrounding the secret service today after dhs inspector
7:24 am
general find two officers were sleeping on the job. that report plames long hours and understaffing. the white house saying the new secret service director joe clancy however on top of things. >> you mentioned several past episodes that we've all had the opportunity to discuss at some length some days but that is why the president asked joe clancy to serve as his director because he believed that the agency needed new leadership, new strong leadership. bill: secret service officials object to the report saying evidence shows the officer's work schedule had nothing to do with it. both agents have been disciplined. abby: president obama taking a rare step of vetoing a defense bill. the white house accusing republicans of sidestepping spending limits while failing to address the military's long-term budget concerns. here is the reaction from senator john mccain. >> this authorizes the military's ability to defend the nation. so what the president is doing
7:25 am
is putting his priority over the budgetary process, this way that we are funding things, over the welfare of the men and women in the military and their ability to defend this nation. abby: let's bring in lieutenant colonel oliver north. retired member about the united states marine corps, a fox news military analyst and the author of the book, "counterfeit lies." the colonel, thank you so much for being with us. strong words from senator john mccain, someone who knows sacrifice it takes to serve this country. is the president undermining the military again? >> well, clearly senator mc cain's right. the national defense authorization act was for $612 billion. it had bipartisan support in both houses of congress. the obama veto is one more example how detached this administration is from reality. you've got isis expanding control of the mediterranean from syria in the east to libya in the west.
7:26 am
plus sub-saharan africa. it is not just the fight against isis that is affected. it is global. the chinese are advancing territorial claims in the south china sea. north korea and iran are both advancing nuclear weapons and icbm programs. hezbollah and hamas are being rearmed by iran and and aggressive against israel and vladmir putin is consolidating hold on crimea and eastern ukraine and conducting combat ops in syria. this veto is precisely the wrong thing to do. vladmir putin is playing barack obama like charlie daniels plays the fiddle. abby: what message does it send to the men and women dedicating their lives to serve? is that something you worry about? >> look, i'm most concerned about the threats to u.s. homeland. they are increasing daily and obama veto is simply nuts. in the case of the o-team hasn't noticed radical islam is at are war with us. we lost u.s. military personnel,
7:27 am
special operator last couple days. the veto will delay ballistic missile improvement and shipbuilding programs and rail guns and f-35. retaining a-10 which is essential for ground support, new restrictions on transfers of terrorists from gitmo panned defers marines personnel and recruiting goals. pay raises for family personnel are now delayed, god knows how long, and dod support for refugee crisis in places like syria and kurdistan are stopped. implementing new dod new military retirement programs was key part of this. they're not even going to do it now. abby: colonel this, also comes at very unsettling time. according to "the washington post" our plan to capture isis state capital in raqqa doesn't seem to be going so well. if you're the one in president's office advising him right now, what would you ten him? >> i wouldn't have said dropping 50 tons of small arms ammo would help kurdish people's protection units, ypdg.
7:28 am
it is too little and not right stuff. m wraps has fox reported delivered without armor -- m raps. this happens in this administration. they have no heavy weapons. they need 14.5-millimeter ammo to deal with extraordinary vehicle-born improvised explosives devices and they will need surface-to-air weapons to deal with a resurgent syrian air force and russians. the kurds are willing to fight isis but they're not willing to do so to open up new arab lands. they want to defend their own kurdish people. abby: colonel north, thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. bill: 28 minutes past the hour now. we are watching this moment from washington, d.c. hillary clinton's first public appearance since the hearing yesterday on benghazi. she is at the women's leadership forum in washington, d.c. so we do not believe there has been any comment referring to the testimony of yesterday, but if there is, if there's a headline
7:29 am
we'll bring it to you to go back there live. meantime, new details on apparent road rage killing that claimed the life of 4-year-old girl. court documents indicate the a violent history around the alleged suspect. we'll tell you what that is about. abby: media giving hillary clinton high marks of her testimony in front of the benghazi committee yesterday, but family of one of the americans killed that day saying she still has a lot to answer for. >> if she's not due police it, but definitely incompetent and another personality trait really belongs in the office of the president. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is.
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>> we've seen the -- fault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.
7:33 am
bill: so that was september 14th, 2012. hillary clinton at that solemn transfer ceremony for remains of four americans killed in benghazi. patricia smith was there for the return of her son, sean smith. here is what she said last night about clinton's testimony on benghazi. >> she lies. very simple. she is not telling the truth. she is trying to push her own agenda through, what she was hoping would happen, what she said. not what actually happened. bill: michael meyer is sean smith's uncle, live in north carolina. thanks for coming back here. food morning to you. -- good morning to. >> you mr. hemmer, we meet again. bill: i have not had a chance to hear you out on 11 hours of yesterday. i know you have very strong words what you heard. what do you want people to know? >> yes i do, thank you. thank you for giving me the opportunity first of all. what i want people to address and what i want to really see
7:34 am
the committee address more directly, the arming of benghazi. i gave trey gowdy's chief counsel, dana chipman, the two copies of arming of benghazi by catherine herridge. which if folks go out there to check it out, it is still there online and i hope fox runs it on pry time basis. i wanted to hear more about mark tury and 400 tons of weapons that ended up libyan transitional national council's hands. the fact we didn't vet people we gave weapons to, the fact we armed al qaeda. those issues were not addressed appropriately but touched upon. bill: your right, perhaps behind the scenes, we don't know, the transcripts are private you don't know what they talked about. >> that is public record now. bill: you accused here of a serial liar and called on her to resign.
7:35 am
resign from what now? >> yeah, victoria tensing, gave me two images that were interesting. one, i actually now actually am going to start quoting bill safire, the late conservative writer. he actually called her a con again liar. i think -- con gental liar, i find that more appropriate. the thing i found disturbing from miss tensing, 38 on may 12, protecting ambassador stevens, went to 30 and then by july you have nine personnel. you have image of 38 to nine. those things need to be addressed. why wasn't security not implemented per ambassador stevens's request, but why was it reduced? bill: this is what lindsey graham says is his most concerning issue from yesterday. he was on with us last hour. watch here. >> the most damning thing is
7:36 am
that we now know, and this is what the hearing is all about to me, we know that she knew there was no protest caused by video. she told the libyan government, the egyptian government and her own family. bill: doesn't that go more to the point what the whole idea and message was from 11 to 9/12, to 9/14? >> maybe, maybe. what i find more disturbing to me is more creation of a shadow government where we have inessence illegal regime change that didn't go through process of congress. we have incredible cavalier of handing out 400 tons to weapons that we don't vet. we have issue of not protecting our personnel, reducing the amount of security, not sending aid to our personnel when they're under attack. then lying about it. so to protect basically the security of the 2012 election for barack obama.
7:37 am
bill: we, we expect more information, be it by way of email or possibly more testimony we know is forth coming in november. we'll see where that goes then. sir, thank you. >> we need to talk to people on the ground at this point. we really need to address that issue. bill: michael, thank you for coming back today. >> my pleasure. abby: an accused road-rage killer making his first appearance in court. a judge setting bail at $650,000 for tony torez. authorities say he opened fire tuesday on a highway in new mexico. a bullet hitting four-year-old lilly garcia in the head. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is following the story from our west coast newsroom. jonathan, what happened in court? reporter: the judge, abby, expressed same short of shock we've heard expressed across the country since this seemingly senseless incident. alan garcia, literally just picked up his two children from
7:38 am
school. he was heading home with them. he got involved in seemingly innocuous argument with another driver on freeway. the kind of thing we all experienced. according to cops, that other driver, tony torez, took out a weapon and fired four shots in total at garcia's pickup truck, killing 4-year-old lilly garcia. here is what the judge said about the alleged crime. listen here. >> i characterize this offense as one of the most willful, wanton and atrocious offenses in the city's history. members of the motoring public received gunfire for perceived slight on highway, i don't know who is safe. reporter: tony torez is represented by a public defender. that public defender said nothing yesterday, but he has said he will release a statement about the case later today, abby. abby: jonathan, what do we know about the shooter? does he have a history of violence? reporter: well, he has certainly
7:39 am
been tied to violent crimes for quite some sometime stretching back almost a decade, abuse or abandonment of a child, aggravated battery. in all those cases the charges were dropped. he only actually been prosecuted for a misdemeanor speeding violation, and cops are clearly angry at the legal system for dropping those cases. listen here. >> if we had criminal justice system that wasn't turnstile justice, we would not have a dead four-year-old. reporter: $64,000 has been raised on a go fund me campaign for funeral services for little lilly garcia. the hashtag, justice for lilly, has sprung up on social media. and there will be a vigil saturday for that little girl's seemingly so senselessly killed in albuquerque. abby? abby: so tragic. jonathan, thank you. bill: the nypd mourning the loss
7:40 am
of one of their own. protesters at the same time holding a antipolice rally in in the middle of times square. that is slap in the face of friend and family of officer randolph holder. >> these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer. but it can't end there. we need your support every day, on every corner, in every neighborhood. so we can continue to carry ourselves like superheroes. so we can save you and protect you. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous,
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7:44 am
when we attack, we bleed, when we die we cry. we need your support. we need your support. these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer. abby: 48 hours after a new york city police officer is killed in the line of duty, protesters hold an anti-police rally in times square. activists plan a three-day event with protests around the city, as family and friends mourn the loss of officer randolph holder, beginned down tuesday while chasing a suspect. tom sullivan is host of "the tom sullivan show" and fox news radio. chuck rocha, fellow at center for national policy and president of solidarity strategies. thank you both for being here. tom, i can't wrap my head around this one. are these guys tone deaf? this officer was killed just two days ago? >> well, listen, it is very crass, the fact they're holding protests yesterday, today and tomorrow but the reason isn't,
7:45 am
they're not trying to be polite. this isn't about, i think we can stop the argument right now, nobody wants a bad police officer out there on streets. we want, we want good police officers but here's the bottom line. this is an anarchist group putting this together the evidence, carl dix is the man organizing this. carl dix, look him up, his background is, he is founder of the revolutionary communist party here in the united states. that's why he doesn't care about the fact that they're burying this police officer here in new york. he is into a whole bunch of anarchist movements which is overthrow the united states government. that is his bottom line. abby: chuck, you know this will happen throughout the country it sound like. what does this say more broadly about the country right now, that there doesn't seem to be an uproar, shouldn't we be saying all lives matter? >> i think that what they're doing with the protest is trying to raise awareness. i don't think that it's right to
7:46 am
be doing it at the footsteps of an american hero who gave his life. some of my family members are policemen. it was horrible tragedy. we live in america. you're free to protest and raise issues. we stand gore this as american citizens. raise issue, time something officer burying police officer literally gave his life protecting a community. you have to walk both sides. we need to respect the police officer and his life and we need to know free america to be allowed to protest. >> chuck, i agree with you a thousand percent, we should be allowed to protest. you need to get facts right if you protest. the message that police are on rampage killing citizens. 54 police officers have been charged for shooting citizens in the last 10 years. so they do bring them into the criminal justice system when there is a bad one but on the other hand, 80% of the people that have been shot by police have had weapons, and that is counting knives or guns.
7:47 am
then there is also the ones with cars and other instruments that they have used against police. so it comes down to 9% of the shootings are people who were eventually, figured out were unarmed. and they need to investigate those. i totally agree with you on that. but this protest, you have to get the facts right. it is not some rampant problem that we have in this country. abby: chuck, you want to respond to that? >> i think there is a lot of problems within the police departments, and i think there are a lot of problems out in the communities as a whole. i don't think there is one quite answer or one fact that answers on either side, but at end of the day it is good time we get out to voice our opinion and let our opinion be heard. i don't any everybody will always have every fact exactly right. i work in politics for living. that will explain not always do we have the facts completely right. i think as american citizens we have the right to allow our voice to be heard. >> do you know there are twice as many white people killed by police officers as black? >> i'm not going to make this
7:48 am
about one race or other. i don't think you should either. abby: you think about cops, wake up every morning knowing that they could potentially be in harm's way, what they think about, what their families think about. when this happens, what impact does that have on their mental state. >> the mental illness part, 25% of the people that have been shot by police have been mental health problems but i was a police officer. that is way i went through grad school. i will tell you something, i also was in the army. and it was much more difficult to be hired as a cadet for the training program than it was for me to receive a top secret clearance when i was in the army. they do a very good job of newly checking these people, but once in a while a bad one gets through. >> i would totally agree with that. these are american heroes who put their lives on the line every single day but i do not think it's a bad thing to hold people accountable whether they have a badge or don't.
7:49 am
think these guys and these women get up every day to protect our livelihood to live in a free society where there is law and order. abby: chuck, tom, interesting debate. >> thank you, abby. bill: jon scott coming up next on "happening now." what are you working on? >> good morning, bill, paul ryan's hat officially in the ring for speaker of the house. now that he is supported by a powerful group. why does some say the senator of the freedom caucus does not seal the deal for wisconsin republican. a nurse quarantined for two days after coming home from treating ebola patients in africa now suing governor of new jersey. he says bring it on. this is about public safety. 12-ton pot bust and elaborate tunnel. all ahead on "happening now." bill: see you then, jon. happy friday to you, top of the hour. father down on his luck with three children in the car and pulled overly police.
7:50 am
what the officers did next. a wonderful surprise. >> remember hearing story, saving money, living in a car. >> living in a hotel and, said all of his money was going to that at this time. clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
7:51 am
i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
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7:53 am
abby: two police officers in texas giving a driver a gift instead of a ticket. one officer stops the driver for an expired registration. but then he sees another problem and that is when something wonderful happens. when i was up there talking to the driver, i realized three kids in the back seat without car seats. i remember hearing story about, he saving money. living in a car. trying to get family down. three tickets wouldn't do any good. those kids would have to be driven somewhere, somehow with no car associates.
7:54 am
abby: two officers pooling money to buy three car seats. the father calling their act of charity, nothing short of a miracle. bill: well-done. she used to be the fastest ocean liner in the world. now she may be headed for recycling bin. unless supporters raise enough money to keep her afloat. senior correspondent rick leventhal live in philadelphia. what is the story, rick? good morning. reporter: bill, this is the from gnawed deck. longer than a -- promenade deck. you didn't want to be outside doing close to 50 miles an hour on atlantic ocean. the owners hope to restore the massive piece of american history. but there is not a lot of time left on her clock. >> we can't let anything that bears the name of our country to just rust or worst, be destroyed. reporter: the ss united states has seen better days. the historic vessel aging, decaying and running out of time. according to the conservancy
7:55 am
that owns the ship it costs $60,000 a month to keep her in the dock. they're desperately seeking investor developer to make her right. if they don't find one by november the ship will be reduced to scrap metal. >> hard to accept. reporter: joe worked on ss united states four years back in the '50s. >> the united states is proud of well-trained eager to please crew. reporter: he recalls seeing salvadore dali and board and delivered telegrams to president time man. >> he said, who are you,. >> i'm joseph sir. where are you from? new jersey. the president said, that's stood bad. reporter: they have grand prance for redevelopment. they have hired a firm to figure out the ship's potential. >> everying from hotel rooms to bars, restaurants, to retail spaces, to open deck areas. >> we've never been closer to saving the ship and repurposing
7:56 am
her and giving her a new life. we've been never closer to losing her forever. reporter: owners say repairs needed are mostly cosmetic. remodeling could create 1500 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs. without infusion of cash donations or developer in the next go weeks, the ss united states could wind up in pieces, bill. bill: wow, we'll follow that. rick leventhal from philadelphia. thanks, rick. abby: brand knew reaction from hillary clinton's appearance in the front of benghazi committee. how did the hearing affect her race for the white house? we're live on the campaign trail, that's next. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute.
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change four of the giant birds escape from their backyard in an austin suburb and running around town the evading police and animal control.
8:00 am
police set up roadblocks to capture these birds named janet, huey, dewey and louie but they are still on the loose. bill: cute names but they belong at page. you survived? martha: i feel great. happy friday, everyone. bill: had a great weekend, "happening now" starts now. >> we are waiting for hillary clinton to speak at a campaign rally one day after her marathon's session with house committee on benghazi. most observers agree she pretty much got through it without major damage. welcome to "happening now". jenna: mrs. clinton's testimony, questions about her handling of the deadly attack in 2012. current standing of who carried


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