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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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religious background, kept our democratic assemblies at. in france they gave it all and ended up in chaos. >> so glad you are here. walk out in 30 minutes. good to see you. the queue so much. we are back on monday at noon eastern, a and now starts right now. strongest hurricane in our hemisphere. >> forecasters say the impact will be catastrophic. we are covering all of the news happening now. >> she can be prosecuted for misleading congress. >> could hillary's testimony on the hill leave her in hot water with the fbi. >> she is under oath. >> and stop it, please. >> terrifying moments for two sisters, victims of a home
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invasion. how they fought back and survived and the hero cop that came to their rescue. >> and once it was the fastest ocean liner in the world and now the ss united states could be headed for the recycling heap. it's all "happening now". but we begin on this friday with a classified cable that suggests that hillary clinton was not entirely truthful with the benghazi committee. i am jon scott. >> mrs. clinton answered questions for 11 hours and she was asked if there was a recommendation to suspend diplomatic relations in benghazi. she said no. but the cable suggests other otherwise. catherine? >> reporter: thank you, jenna. in addition to the classified
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cable we have new documents that show within 25 hours of the attack she wrote itñ%xzs was no a film. it was not what she told the families. >> one hour after you told the american people you say to your family. two killed in benghazi by an al-qaeda- like group. you tell the american people one thing. you tell your family an entirely different story. >> if you look at the statement i made. i clearly said it was an attack. congressman, on the basis of the video. >> calling it attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course it was an attack. >> the father of ty woods. you see him here. he met with mrs. clinton and
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took notes about what she promised him and the other families and this is the entry. i gave hillary a hug and shook her hand and she said the film maker would be arrested who was responsible for the death of my son and she told her daughter prime minister that the deaths were not connected to the film is according to woods disqualifier for the highest office. >> in order to follow a leader. they need to trust what the they are putting their lives on the line. they have to know what she is saying is the truth in order for them to be willing to sacrifice their lives. >> the strike on the cian alex was part of the third wave of the assault is the smooking gun of pre-meditated terrorism.
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;ñ fired from a half mile away and it was a professional hit that required training. mrs. clinton said there was not a recommendation to love benghazi, a classified cable showed an emergency meeting háf and the recommendation of the meeting that operations should be suspended in benghazi and state department personnel should be relocated with the cia. and technically what she said is correct but on the classified cable it is clearly misleading, jenna. >> thank you. and then there was three. former rhode island governor today. three days after jim webb dropped out. where will their supporters
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turn. hillary clinton, bernie sanders or martin o'malley? editor of the federalist. withó[your former boss out of te race, matt, where do the supporters0l of him, where do ty pen their hopes? >> i think bernie sanders will get support. i think you are seeing that hillary is getting support and the party will start to coalesce around hillary. and her numbers based on the debate and yesterday's hearing will take off now. we are still over a year away from the election. shape. >> is she formidable be candidate, molly as everything seems to suggest. >>xd lefties like to say the republican primary is a clown show. but the democratic primary has been decided.
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no. that is bad for her, she will not go through a tough primary. bernie sanders decloined to go after her which is odd behavior and he followed up the debate by insisting he is a radical socialist. that leaves her vulnerable for the general election. >> we are leaving a former governor. martin o'malley is out of the race. there was a time when clinton didn't have a prayer and he managed to be president. >> i think you can see a lot of the governors who didn't. you can see on republican side. jeb bush and bobbi jindal. none of them will be the
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president. i appreciate the advice that she needs a tough fight. hillary as you can see yesterday is well versed and able to fight back on the issues and she will be just fine. >> we have five more democratic debates, molly. prospect of hillary clinton and bernie sanders and see if martiñ o'malley will hang in there. >> it is a foregone conclusion. the dream of being nomineeñi wi be realized. but her numbers are bad not only with democrats, but her likability is bad. she has a gender gap that is epic. only 20 percent of the men have a favorable view of her. and 66 percent having an unfavorable view of her. she's got a problem. >> you don't think the prospect of electing the first president
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to put it over the top. >> there are other candidates. and she has problems in terms of trustworthiness. each people supporting her say she is not trustworthy. there are questions that will linger. it was well established that she loyed in the immediate aftermath of benghazi. well and her leadership is to her credit. it says that she has horrible judgment and taking advice from sidney blumenthalman that president obama wouldn't hire. and our end result of libya is chaos. four dead in benghazi. >> matt, is the benghazi issue been put back or hurt her? >> it is hurt her in the past. turned in her favor. and i think hillary is way ahead
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in all of the polls, and you have to run against somebody in the general election. she is not running against taylor swift. rubio and compared to them, this is a home run for hillary. >> we'll watch the campaign process and surprises in every turn. matt, molly, thank you both. >> new signs of trouble for jeb bush. his campaign is cutting salaries across the board and removing staff. he's in virginia as the gop hopefuls spread out in the battleground states. ted cruz is in iowa and ben carson took a demanding lead over trump. carson at 28 percent and trump at 19. and cruz at ten. rand paul and marco rubio and
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jeb bush in single damages there. >> texas bracingñi for a possib flash flooding courtesy of the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the hemisphere. our chief meteorologist, rich, is live with more on what to expect. >> anning and crazy scenario. patricia right here, 200 miles per hour sustained winds and strongest storm in the atlantic or east pacific. that is all under the national hurricane jurisdiction. places like the philippines. and it is strengthening and the hurricane force wind extend 30 miles.
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it kick quickly drops off. we'll see catastrophic damage in but likely make landfall as because of the mountains? >> it will make his way towards texas. this is what we are looking at. we'll watch it with the winds. it will rapidly lose the intensity. and boy tomorrow we'll so the moisture make it up in texas. it is a separate system that brought incredible flooding in california, all of those mud slides, this is not patricia, but the same storm system that is in texas. it will pull up moisture and enhance the flood threat.
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10-15 inches of rain in texas. >> we'll be watching. >> busiest land boarder straddles the u.s. and mexico. we'll talk about the unique challenges they face. and what did we learn from hillary clinton's testimony that we didn't know before? more than three years after the death of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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>> hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after her session on benghazi in the hot seat. she came out no worse with the wear with fellow democrats coming to her defense. the republicans tried to pen her down on what she knew. >> one hour after you told the american people it was a video.
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you told your family, two officers were killed boy in benghazi boy an al-qaeda- like group. you told the egyptian'9ó
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story seen from outside of the political frontiers and borders. the issue is not that just our diplomats and staffers were killed. we had embassies and ambassadors killed around the world. it is who did it? the administration and hillary clinton maneuvered to make sure that is not debated and they came out with the video and it all collapsed and the question to us now as historians, why did not the administration want to focus on the group that did the action? >> is that impacting the state of libya today and our national security today? >> it has been and is. the problem is that we in the beginning of the libya conflict fighted with the group, ice lammist and jihaddist and brotherhood and that led to benghazi and we have not actually learned from benghazi.
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what we are doing right now is to try to impose on the rest of the libyans that are opposed to jihaddist impose a national cabinet with the radicals and that's why you are seeing reports of military engagements today. >> at least five people were killed in benghazi today. we can't confirm that. and quite frankly there is not a lot ofouc
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islamist running different neighborhoods. what is the impact of that? >> well, that is also an issue of policy here in washington and also in europe. the libyans in general sent signals as did egyptians that they don't want to beñi ruled b thei lammist. and our society is not supporting. they are saying you have to live together under one government and we have partnered with them. it is nonarmed and islamist are shooting against them. >> why did city of benghazi matter three years ago, and why does benghazi matter today? >> because everything between benghazi as a city and the east of libya has been historically and basis for the jihaddist and islamist. that out of that area, all of
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the flow of weapons went in the early stages of the syrian revolution. and who ever sent them to syria inflamed the situation there and led to isis. and so it is an important stage in the war on terror. >> whether you are republican or democrat, is anyone paying enough attention to libya today? >> unfortunately as libyans are telling me and society people say no. putting enough focus in libya on helping the crvilians to form a government. they are forcing them to accept militia. >> and as you mentioned, what that gaddafi had? it is great to have you as always. thank you. >> a desperate struggle for survival after an intruder
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breaks in on two sleeping sisters and how they escaped >> nearly halfful illegal immigrants are using the border and how they are and why it is a challenge to change it.
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>> right now, two utah sisters fighting for their lives after a man with a knife breaks in their home. desperate pleas for help captured in a 911 call. they were a sleep, when the intruder came through them. the attacker stabbed one of them in the stomach and leg. >> help us please. >> what do you want?
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what do you what? >> he's stabbing my sister! he's stabbing her. >> the police officer arrived and fatally shot him. the officer was in the neighborhood checking out a home into before attacking the sisters. >> chlorring up the border and there is a debate on that. 40 percent of the illegal immigrants in the united states enter into the country legally. but a tracking flaw is allowing some to overstay their visas. >> hundred million people enter into the u.s. legally. and imagine just two percent. and 2s+siqtr&lion decide to sta four times more than we catch coming in the u.s. illegally. it is a w3huge problem and gettg
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worse. >> not everyone comes over a fence. they come through a airport and come face-to-face with immigration officers. they handle more than 80000 here a day. some immigrates hide wedged in a box, doror bench and cans of paint. and others travel on counterfeit documents and forcing the agents if they are who they claim to be. >> you have to determine if they are the person. >>á the officer knave me a test >> i say that is the same guy. >> you are lookinñ at everything. face. >> i allowed ten illegals in ten minutes. >> how often do you find someone
10:27 am
passing themselves off as machine else. >> we find it on a daily basis. >> today we don't have that in >> it is an unknown for us. we catch 1.5 percent to 20 percent. >> and others enter legally and never leave. the u.s. doesn't currently track the visitors who overstay their visa. e- verify is a governmentidate base for the government to insure a legal work force. >> not at the border or entrow andçó departure. >> 15 years after the terror attacks of 9/11, the u.s. fails to track the exit of foreign visitors. why? cost and opposition from the tourism industry. >> william reporting from los angeles. a poterrible game changer
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>> the white house has a new
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chief in the fight against isis. brett gishg was named. mcgishg was servings deputy with the envoy. he will work to try to end the syrian civil war as russia gets more involved. garrett has more. >> reporter: they are expanding the fight against isis. russia announced an agreement with jordan to have cooperative military actions on its efforts against isis in syria. this agreement could paint in that country. jordan is oneçó of the u.s.'s k the russian foreign minister made the announcement discussing
10:33 am
secretary of state john kerry called jordan a strong ally and may help insure that russia doesn't bomb syria forces as it has recently. >> we have no problem what so ever with the effort and may help to make certain the targets are the targets they ought to be. >> the four leaders will meet to continue their discussions. back here in washingto0">,] president obama named brett mcgurk to replace retiredçó mare general allen. >> thank you. >> refusing to take seriously as a white house candidate, the media is admitting that donald trump could win. we have howie who wrote on this.
10:34 am
are you including yourself in this? >> actually not. i said the media made a mistake boy mocking him. i have dealt with him for years that we ought to take him seriously and you have finally have politico gang of insiders and the trump victory is likely. and chris wallace after interviewing trump is beginning to believe the billionaire can win the presidency? >> this is part of his thing. he is an outsider and the media doesn't believe in me and part of his persona. will this help or hurt him? >> i don't think the journalist are embracing trump but recognizing the reality. trump did well boy absorbing and punching back with the critics of the media. and the guy is leading in the
10:35 am
national polls and even though he slipped a bit in iowa for three months. i think we miss not only the a pole of donald trump the outsider and bam bastic businessman. and the public anger with washington he tapped into and that is what we badly under estimated and recognizing thatx magnitude by donald trump and ben carson. >> have you noticed and watched him evolve in the campaign. what do you notice. obviously donald trump will have the one liners and that is not changing, but there seems to be the difference in the interviews. i wonder if you observed the same thing. >> the difference between three months ago and more recently. he doesn't throw out as many
10:36 am
wild things and i think he is matured. and he admitted to being a rookie. and every once in a while on twitter, he will pop off and get attention and many ofñi us will say he's gone too far and this is it and he goes up a couple of points. i don't so him as a traditional candidate but learning the political game. >> journalist are not trusted and politicians are not trusted. is this why? was that based on fact or editorials that was not based on fact that journalist would go with because most of them are in new york and dc area. >> i think a lot of journalist subconsciously would not take trump seriously. what guy, who has done so many
10:37 am
would win the republican nomination. it doesn't so many plausible. and more and more people still said he is a summer fling and just a flash in the pan and then not running as a conservative. he has a broader appeal with a mix or match approach to policy. >> and the fact is, he's ahead in the polls. week after week after week. and so you have to make sure to continue to put that out there as well. howie, thank you. we'll see you on media buzz. >> thanks, jenna. >> researchers develop a state-of-the-art mattress, designed to help parents to be more proactive for children prone to seizures.
10:38 am
>> reporter: seizures are dangerous in children but mostç dangerous when no one around to help. >> it is important for our kids to get a good night's sleep. >> megyn runs the facility for children with severe disability including autism and cerebral pallsy and seizure disorders. >> now with seizure, you have to stay vigilant. >> some of them you can see and know they are having a seizure and sometimes it is not apparent. >> reporter: it is difficult at night when children are alone in their bed, it requires constant attention. you check them every 30 minutes. >> we have a staff check on the br$u()q them up and they might be up the
10:39 am
rest of the night. >> reporter: whyi] stephen warn invented the guardian. a real- time bed monitoring system. the guardian goes next to the child and monitors the heart rate and breathing rate of children? >> it is all important for seizure protection. >> reporter: detecting seizures and sleep patterns and vital information about learning about the learning disabled. they go unnoticed when paraeducators are unavailable. >> reporter: that is great for sweat who knows her kids are watched over in real time. >> knowing that we will keep the students safer. >> reporter: keeping them safer and well rested. that is here, back to you.
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>> great use of technology. >> reporter: those kids need their rest. >> new information on a deadly stabbing. the motive of an attacker and a darting vader mask. and the ss united states was once the world's fastest ocean liner. and the effort to save her next. >> the new queen ofaur merchant float for the manhattan sky line and speaks commandingly. why do so many people choose aleve?
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citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent. >> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carmson. a demdrops out of the presidential race and a republican cutting staff. and voters asking if a candidate is a committed christian? i am one of the trailblazers,
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find out more at the top of the hour. we're learning more about the attacker in thursday's deadly school stabbing that shocked a tiny community in sweden. the investigators say it was a racially motivated hate crime. a masked man walked the halls carefullyñi selecting the victi that appear to be immigrants. the unidentified attacker was shot and killed boy police. liner in the world but now could be headed to the scrap heap. rick will report from the ssunited states. >> the fly bridge that could go
10:45 am
titanic could forward. >> reporter: she carried celebrities and presidents back in the '50s and has a chance to be great again. >> it is the only object in the nation. we can't let anything that bears the name of our country to rust or be destroyed. >> reporter: the ss united states has seen better days. it is aging and running out of time. her in this philadelphia doc. they are seeking a investor or developer to make her right. if they don't find one boy november it will be reduced to scrape metal. >> it is such a wonder. >> reporter: he worked on it four years in the 1950s. >> the united states is proud of the crew.
10:46 am
>> here is sally and marlon brando and delivered telegrams to president w1jayqtrumman. >> he said what is your name; i said joseph. he said where are you from? and i said new jersey and. he said that is too bad. joishgs they have grand plans for redevelopment. everything from hotel rooms to bars to restaurants, to retail spaces and open deck areas. we have never been closer to saving the ship and repurposing her and closer to losing her forever. joishgs the ship's owners can raise the cash or find a developer willing to work with the partners, they can redevelop the ss united states. and create jobs. that help has to come in the$!0 next two weeks. >> we are sitting here thinking it would be great to go shopping
10:47 am
and bar and hotel on the ship. by the way, rick. what is the fly bridge. you say you are talking from a fly bridge. >> reporter: like i know what it is. it is an area off of the bridge and where the captain would sheer the massive vessel and check out the view. thank you very much and we'll see what happens in the next two weeks, thank you. a young man killed in a shooting on a college campus. police are searching for a suspect. and a man accused of fatally shooting a four-year-old girl in a road rage incident appears in court and the judge has strong words for him. there's someth. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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still looking for the suspect. >> the man accused of killing a four-year-old girl in a road r incident remains behind bars. tony tores. 4-year-old lily garcia after a heating exchange with her father. this isn't the first time he's been charged in a road rage incident. jonathan hunt with more on this. >> jonathan. >> reporter: in this road rage case has shock and horrified the entire nation. the judge yesterday echoed that
10:52 am
horror during the first court appearance for tony torres. cops say he was driving along the freeway when he got into what should have been a relatively inoccous provocation. it's probably one every one of us has been involved in until torres pulled alongside the pickup truck, pulled out a gun and fired killing 4-year-old lily garcia. >> i characterize this as one of most willful, wonton in history. members receive gunfire for a perceived slight on the highway, i don't know who is safe. >> reporter: he's been charged in several violent crimes including another road rage case over the past decade. in each case the charges were dropped. cops say had the charges been
10:53 am
pursued, lily garcia might be alive today. the little girl's family is, as you would imagine, devastated. >> she touched so many hearts. she will continue touching so many hearts. she was just taken from us way too soon. >> reporter: online campaign has raised more than $60,000 for lily's funeral cost and the hashtag justice for lily has become prominent on social media. on saturday a vigil will be held. her family is expected to attend. >> what about bond? is there any possibility for this guy getting out on bond? >> reporter: doesn't appear so. the judge set a bond of $650,000 cash only. it appears tony torres will
10:54 am
remain behind bars. you hear a judge make those kind of comments at the end of a trial when a verdict has been sent down but for a judge to say those things before a trial has got under way shows just how shocked everybody is by this case. >> i know there was a lot of confusion in the hunt for the suspect in the early goings. it appears they have their man. i hope they do. thanks very much. celebrities from across sports and television step up to the plate for our veterans fighting a different kind of battle. the final 30 is next.
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house benghazi chairman trey gowdy sits down with greta. >> i'm not going to have any identifying information. i want folks to see that this is a serious investigation into all aspects of benghazi. the best way to get that point is to look at all the transcripts, not one of them. >> democrats on the video wanted to vote to release one of transcripts. now he's saying bring it on. let's let them all out there. they're still working in certain roles. if we're going to release cindy's we're going to release everybody's. it's complicated.
10:59 am
>> the jockeying on that committee goes on. >> time for the final 30. >> it is. >> why not. >> america texas warriors getting a shout out. you recognize the beard there. duck dynasty. among the big names to take the field about traumatic brain injuries that some veterans face when they leave the battlefield. looks like a good time. >> harry potter all grown up. a play heading for the london stage next summer is set almost 20 years after his epic battle in the last book. harry potter and the cursed child based on a new story by j.k. rowling. >> did you get into lharry potter? it's not my thing. >> my kids loved it. i finished but i thought they
11:00 am
were well done. >> you would see the play? >> sure, why not. i like the movies. >> less of a commitment. >> thank you for joining us. have great weekend. secretary of defense ash carter set to speak any moment at the pentagon. i'm gretchen carlson. ash carter supposed to address that. he's going to talk about the attack on the hospital in northern afghanistan. that's where doctors without borders, at least 12 of them were killed. there's been much controversy about what happened and who knew whether or not they were inside


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