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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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were well done. >> you would see the play? >> sure, why not. i like the movies. >> less of a commitment. >> thank you for joining us. have great weekend. secretary of defense ash carter set to speak any moment at the pentagon. i'm gretchen carlson. ash carter supposed to address that. he's going to talk about the attack on the hospital in northern afghanistan. that's where doctors without borders, at least 12 of them were killed. there's been much controversy about what happened and who knew whether or not they were inside
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that hospital at the time. fox news confirming jeb bush making campaign cuts across the board. ed henry live just outside d.c. for us. carl, what's going on with bush's budget cuts? >> a reorganization of his campaign. he wants to take about a million dollars of his expenses and eliminate them per month. at the end of september the former florida governor had about $10 million in his campaign accounts. when you look forward to iowa, which is the iowa caucuses are 100 days from now, that's the first of what amounts to 27 states voting in about six weeks from that point. $10 million in whatever he can
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raise until then has been burned through fast. he's going to cut 20% of his travel expenses and 40% of his payroll. that means a lot of people will be moved around the country trying to save money and really digging in for what bush is acknowledging with this is paa s farther fall he expected and much steeper climb. >> donald trump and the super pac supporting him. what's happened with that today? >> today trump denounced anywhere between four and nine. trump supporting superpacs and said he wants all of them to return any money they may have raised and don't do anything on his behalf. these are independent super pacs. they are prohibited from coordinating with the campaign and it comes a day after a super pac that bares his slogan, the
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make america great again super pac shut down. now trump says i don't want any of the super pacs doing anything for me. they should give their money back. they can't listen to and she shouldn't say because there's no coordination. >> very interesting. thank you. hillary clinton back on the presidential campaign today holding a rally in virginia. following her strong performance in the first debate. ed henry on the campaign trail. the clinton team seems to be riding high today. what's going on out there? >> reporter: one of the biggest crowds i've seen yet. she's had some small ones in other states. here in virginia, especially northern virginia could be
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clinton country. she is riding high from the poll in iowa. the debate in the last few moments asked me the nation's largest government employee union came out and endorsed her. they had been holding back until they saw what joe biden was doing. democrats have been saying there's no clinton coronation. it's starting to become a coronation. after all that testimony yesterday, she roughed up a bit on benghazi but survived it. her camp feels good and the virginia governor used that to try to pivot and say there's a clinton comeback. listen. >> let me tell you this, i don't know if any you have, you want to talk about a fighter, how about those 11 hours of testimony yesterday. >> reporter: breaking news this morning, you had lincoln chaffey get out on top of the race. that's on top of vice president biden saying he's not getting in. that was after jim web said he
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was out. over a week ago you had six podiums. five candidates and a sixth waiting. the next debate, there will only be three podiums. >> very interesting what's happened in the last week. she's past the benghazi testimony you say there's another potential hurdle out there. what is it? >> reporter: there were a lot of fireworks there. there's another hearing that was much more quiet. the fbi director was asked in testimony what is going on? did any foreign government penetrate and get classified information from hillary clinton's server. here is what he said. >> this is one i'm following closely and get briefed on regularly. i'm confident we have the people and resources in the way we do all work which is promptly, professionally and independently. >> reporter: known as swhoun is a straight shooter when hefrs in the bush administration took on republicans. he's not going to be afraid to follow the facts. that's one of biggest hurdles, what happens with that fbi
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investigation of her server. >> congresswoman martha robi showing her concern about an e-mail that implied clinton was not informed about u.s. in benghazi. >> two of your staffers e-mails about if you knew you had a presence in benghazi. months later we come to find out you didn't know if he had a presence there? >> i can't comment on what's been reported. of course i knew we had a presence in benghazi. >> this e-mail said something very, very -- >> i can't speak to that. i can tell you what i was doing. >> this is your staff. if they had this conversation with you why they would make it up. >> congresswoman robi joins me
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now. great to have you. what did we glean yesterday? did we learn anything new? >> well, i think you can look at the story, the clip that you just played a minute ago clearly there's a discrepancy in a conversation that one of the employees at the state department, a higher up employee, she's at the libya desk. that's her job. even though secretary clinton down played her importance. she says she had a conversation with secretary clinton and secretary clinton stated she wanted to know if we still have a presence in benghazi. you heard secretary clinton's response. we heard a lot of that yesterday. he was suppoforthright with som her answers and a lot of them we got that result. >> for the american public, many of whom watched this yesterday, some are saying what will happen
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as a result of that. in the end, what really comes of this? >> right. our work is not done. remember, we've made it very clear mrs. clinton is an important part of this investigation but she's only one piece. we still have, according to our chairman, a couple more interviews. we're going forge ahead on our fact finding mission. i think it's important note her responses as it related to security and the requests for security that were repetitively denied. all of these things will be important when we create our final report. >> okay. we should also note some of the democrats on the committee said they would leave the committee and now it's breaking news. for now they will stay on the benghazi select committee. after telling his colleagues he didn't want the job, paul ryan now says he will run for speaker of the house after securing the support needed to be elected by
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his colleagues next week. i assume you're on board for congressman ryan in that rule? >> absolutely. i've said all along we need a bold leader in our party who could unite republicans in our conference and push a conservative agenda. i think paul ryan's the man for the job. i appreciate him stepping up. i do think he will be able to lay out path to success even in the current political environment in which we are now living. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> thank you. you as well. >> we're monitoring what some meteorologists are saying to be the most powerful hurricane ever have in western hemisphere. it poses a triple threat of wind, storm surges and flooding. it's said to make landfall later today. chief meteorologist will give us an update moments away. two secret service officers, guess what, found sleeping on the job, including one
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protecting the white house. the other was caught snoozing while on duty at an embassy. a federal watchdog warning the agency about chronic fatigue. inspector general voicing concerns agents don't get adequate breaks or time off during shifts. brand new poll asking what is the biggest risk facing our country. the answer, i think, will surprise you. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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ash carter speaking at the
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spent go pentagon about two issues. let's listen in. >> a pioneer of the sunni awakening several years ago who i appointed as the commander of our counter isil efforts. rather than three generals responsible for different aspects of the campaign, i've empowered lieutenant general mcfarland as the single commander as isil activities in iraq and syria. his efforts will be critical in the coming months fighting on the front lines. now sa the con tri biegs ofrs more than a dozen coalition nations have provided capacity to train thousands more. it's essential, it's essential that more iraqis, sunni, arab
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and kurd be recruited, trained and equipped so the territory is restored. as i've stressed, we're committed to supporting these partners but cannot serve as a substitute for them. iraqi forces may be regaining the initiative. as local forces continue to prove their mettle and improve a commitment to a future for their country, we are correspondsingly committed to enhancing the support we provide. the challenges of developing motivated forces have been painfully clear. here the coalition has provided an air drop for syrian coalition for our fighters as they prepare for a difficult drive toward
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isil's administrative. this is one example of how we're adjusting our approach in syria to focus on equipping existing groups rather than training new recruits that we will continue to be open to all approaches. hope to advance the gains they've made with our help. the additional support i've mentioned today does not represent change in our strategy but it does represent change in our approach to achieving it. i'm determined that we continue to adopt to get results. we will continue to work closely with the prime minister. the department of defense will continue to support the moderate syrian opposition and we will continue to meet our commitments to friends and ally across the
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region especially israel. i look forward to consultations with israel's defense minister when he arrives in washington next week. our testimony will provide an opportunity to discuss the execution of the counter isil strategy and how to pursue the next phase of the coalition campaign. my staff and i are in frequent contact with general campbell as the team completes the initiate report. we want to get this done and i want to get it done absolutely right. the nor complete report will come from the expanded military
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investigation. i want the answers to the questions and those investigations. accountability is part of our obligation to those who died. must inform basic we do here at the department of defense. i'll take a few questions here. >> on your comments about the prison mission, you said that the people there faced imminent mass execution and their graves had already been dug. curious how you know that. you said there was significant intelligence gathered. can you describe that? >> on the first point, first of all we now have 70 peop 0 peopl
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rescued who told us what they were facing. the graves were next door to the compound. it happened we seen them before hand because we were watching this compounds once we were informed they believe they were prison frers of isil there. our partners they were the ones who had information that this particular location was being used as a prison camp. this is the stuff you get and
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the great value of raids of this kind. i expect it will do many of this kind of thing. one of the reasons for that is that you learn a great deal. they were captured by isil in different ways. the sum of all this will be valuable intelligence and saving the lives that were about to be brutally sacrificed. then it turns out we'll get good information as well.
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>> could you explain how more raids fits with no combat troops? >> i say we'll do more raids. i've siaid right from the beginning, when we find opportunities to do things that will effectively prosecute the campaign we're going to do that. this is an example of a case where we could do something we alone had the capability to do. i'm absolutely prepared to do that. raids is one of those categor s
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categories. i suspect that we'll have further opportunities in the future and we're going to avoil ourselves. >> can you clarify the rules of engagement. it's my understanding the special operations commander on the ground when they fired to come to their defense entered call compounds in the middle of a fire fight. they can do it in self-defense. they can do it when their partners come under fire as well. if so, how would that -- i wonder if you think the president is being misleading when he says the u.s. forces are not this combat? >> let me explain what happened in this particular event. the plan was not for the u.s. add vvise and assist and
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accompanying forces. this american did what i'm proud that americans do in that situation. he ran to the sound of the guns and stood up. those involved in breaching the compounds. that's an inherent risk. it wasn't part of the plan. we're saddened that we lost his life. merns are flying combat missions, thousands of combat
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missions over syria and iraqi. there are americans involved in training and advising iraqi security forces around the country. we do not have combat formations there the way we had once upon a time in iraq or the way we have had in years past in afghanistan. we do have people who are in harm's way and who evidently have shown a willingness to put themselves in harms way in order to have mission success. i think that's very commendable. >> follow up. the administration has taken great pangs to say it's not ground combat. it's not major combat rule. it's not the same size as it was during iraq invasion but if you're saying there will be more missions like this and if commanders will be commended for making decisions to go into the breach and go into the battle.
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>> they will be in harm's way. there's fo question about it. it was a risk associated with that. i'm immensely proud of this young man. >> many of know all infantry jobs also some other jobs combat engineers controllers of artillery controls be closed to women as well. it's based on marine report which founded mixed gender units did not do as well as all male units. they had a lot more injuries.
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that report is marked predecisional not for release of the public. the question is when will you release that report after you make your decision and what about the hill. lawmakers want that as well. will you release it to them before you make your decision. it was to and this was from secretary penetta. that they should prepare for all positions to be opened. that's me, now several months
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from now. that the services were to do analysis and make recommendations to the chairman. then the chairman and the deputies secretary defense will review that. they'll bring it to me. they've not done that yet. that report which you know of but it is truly predecisional because i'm to one that's going to make the decision. it hasn't come to me. it's much more important to me if you ask which makes perfect sense, why are we doing this in
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the first place. people say fairness and there's another part that i need to stress which is we have an all volunteer military. >> we've been listening to defense secretary ash carter talking about that mission that happened in iraq. 70 hostages facing imminent mass execution. they could tell because their graves had been dug. they went on in and we lost one american who was identified today as master sergeant joshua l. wheeler of roland, oklahoma. the big question is, are we in combat or not?
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>> my sympathies to the family of the fallen soldier. the fact that we're working with the kurds directly that's an encouraging sign to see that. it would be nice to give them weapons. >> today it sounds like we're conducting more of these missions and ash carter said he expects to do more of these missions. >> well have 3500 troops there. they are in advisory and training capacity. when missions are under way, advising can be behind the lines but things don't always go as
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planned as you heard the secretary say. they're clearly capable of engaging and i've called and many others have called for that engagement that we need to have the tip of spear there to help. we cannot continue this effort of allowing isis to continue to maintain and grow their presence in iraq and hope to be successful in defeating them. it's vr important to understand that isis gains their power and authority and ability to recruit people by maintaining their territorial integrity. we've not done anything to push the lines back. as a result we're going to add to their success unless we start this type of attack. >> let's come back to do nestic issues in ng you're very interested in. that's a new poll in iowa indicating the balance in tipping outsider candidates. 60% say it's a bigger risk to elect the same sort of person wefr had in the white house for
11:31 am
decades. 31% will be worried by someone who not held office before. how do you combat that? >> well, look i understand the tremendous frustration. we're seeing it very much so with this going on in thousands of representatives now. the fact in the last couple of months we've had major issues like planned parenthood. representatives in washington refuse to fight and stand up for what they said they could accomplish. there's a growing frustration that washington isn't going to work. we need to bring in new people. the problem with that is bringing in someone who has no experience in accomplishing anything, the president is not the ceo of america. you don't come in and order your 535 members of congress to do what you want to do. having some experience of actually shaking things up, i'm hopeful is the nice blend between the two. i think that's what i bring to
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the table. an outsider who has been out of washington for ten years and a track record of being -- >> senator rick santorum. got do wrap it up with all the breaking news. what to expect from hurricane patricia, next. ment can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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it's being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western
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hemisphere. it's not just mexico. there's concerns for the united states. >> we'll see some of this moisture making its way across texas over the weekend. we'll see flooding from that here. very dangerous situation across parts of mexico. this right here, this strongest storm we've seen affecting north america basically either in the atlantic or eastern pacific. 200 miles an hour storm and the pressure continues to fall. the latest in now from the hurricane hunters that are out there. the pressure down to 879 millibars opini millibars. it's incredible and remarkable. you see exactly what's going to happen here. it's going to move very quickly.
11:37 am
this is very mountainous terrain. the good news is it's going to move very quickly. it won't have a lot of time to dump that rain here. we've been seeing rain across parts of texas. already some flooding conditions. we'll see this moisture pulled up by another system in eastern parts of texas maybe 10 to 12 inches of rain this weekend. >> i know you'll keep a close eye on that throughout the weekend. let's check out this new poll that shows dr. ben carson with a sizable lead over donald trump in iowa. carson, 28% of the vote. trump second with 20 now. marco rubio, 13. ted cruz, 10. rand paul rounds out the top
11:38 am
five with 6%. look at how this has changed in the last couple of days. what do you think happened? >> i've been a broken record for the last five or six months. i've tried to tell people that these polls and the order of finish change regularly before we get into the election year. in 2012, four republicans led the iowa polls before we got to the iowa caucus and rick santorum won the iowa caucus.
11:39 am
carson has special adeal to evangelical christians. trump has been trying to do some things to appeal them. >> it's funny ushld say that. check out this poll. 40% in iowa, larry, are not sure. they're worried that donald trum trump is not a committed christian. that's a big number, isn't it? >> that's a very big number. some are people who are like me. i don't like judging other people's religious fervor. maybe some are people like me. i think some of them don't know. they haven't heard him talk that much about his faith. he started to do it the other night when he talked about merry christmas signs being everywhere in stores if he becomes president. maybe that is his attempt to
11:40 am
start connecting more with the evangelical christians not just in iowa but many other states. sometimes the iowa choice is not, at least on the gop side is not the new hampshire choice. it's a different kind of voter in those states. only 22% of iowa gop voters haven't made up their mind. 78% could still be persuaded. >> people need to remember that in iowa and new hampshire they specialize in turning on a dime. they can do it overnight. they enjoy doing it. they like to keep people unsettled. they like to fool the pollsters and analysts like me. don't get too upset about a bad poll.
11:41 am
don't get too high about a good poll. it can change and almost certainly will. >> fascinating analysis. thank you. time to check in with shepherd smith. let's see what he's cooking up. >> the storm is so scary. tourists stranded say they wanted to get out but say the hotel staff told them don't worry about it. everything will be fine. now the airports are closed. the roads are clogged. the strongest hurricane ever recorded is taking aim. we'll hear from one american tourist who is a type one die b -- diabetic. he says his hotel arrange an evacuation but by the time they got up it was already too late. coming up top of the hour. see you then. >> thank you. the first bear hunt in years in one state that's had problems with them for years. could a bunch of protesters out
11:42 am
there and they're trying to stop this all from happening. we're going to be talking about bears when we come back.
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a big fox news alert to tell you about coming into fox news. a development into the department of justice investigation. whether or not there will be charges. they are releasing the fact there will be no doj charges against irs employee lois lerner. >> confirmation based on an e-mail that went to capitol hill to the senior democrat and the ranking republican, senior republican ledunching the investigation. the finding is we would not bring charges. what we don't know is what the evidence was the fbi gathered
11:46 am
and how substantial it was and whether there may be a divide between the fbi and the justice department. we saw this with the petraeus case. the fbi wanted to proceed but originally ag holder did not but was convinced by the new fbi director to proceed. that's the tea leaves you want to read here. what was it the fbi had. did they think it was sufficient for charges? in the end the justice department has the final say on whether that can proceed. at this point it will not proceed and the investigation will close. >> it's done. i just want to also reiterate that apparently they have said in this report that lois lerner used poor judgment in using her e-mail account. am i hearing now that this is a done deal? >> it would appear a done deal. again, what you have to know or i don't know if it's possible to know is whether the fbi had what it felt was a substantial case
11:47 am
against lerner but the decision of the justice department was not to proceed. >> it also said the evidence finally said she did not intentionally cause her hard drive to crash and did not conceal documents. what do you make from that? >> you've got a lot more in the e-mail than i've been able to read. it does sound like there was insufficient evidence in the opinion of the fbi to proceed with what they consider to be a deliberate act to target conservatives and also to destroy evidence in the case which was the collapse of the hard drive. >> real quickly, these were nonpartisan entities looking into this? >> that's correct. the director of the fbi has a ten-year fixed term. it's a job not supposed to be influenced by politics. based on this e-mail they have concluded their investigation. they reviewed the evidence and
11:48 am
at this point they feel it's insufficient to bring criminal charges against lois lerner. that's not to say there was insufficient evidence to believe things were not on the up and up to use the technical term. >> i know exactly what you mean and so does everyone else. thank you so much. empowering our young girls. how the principal ballerina and a red bull valley driver making it happen. >> they encourage girls like me to make a difference. >> they have created such an amazing program. >> scroll down your page. >> it helps me remember that i can be myself. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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young girls will do almost anything to blend in called camouflaging, too often it comes to sense of our girls' true voices. in a study, 74% of girls said they were told smartest girls aren't popular. but this girl club wants to stand for it. it stands for today i am and supports girling through inspace and strong female role models lone as trail blazers me. joining me a tia trail blazer, and vanessa, and koleette davis, rally dar -- rally car driver. great to have you here. vanessa, this is your dream. why so important. >> like you said, girls have a tough time with self-esteem and 60% of elementary school girls
11:53 am
have high self-esteem, less than a third in high school. so there's something that happens during we tween years and it's the camouflaging, and i want to help them and i wanted to give them the language of empowerment while they're going through the time in their life. >> youside today actually, today i am. and you do if witness your daughter. >> yes. >> and you fill in the blank. >> we have a routine, the last thing we do today is we exchange today i am statements. today she wail say i am happy. i will say, today i am brave. just gives her confidence at the end of the day, and she wakes up with confidence. >> you put together a club and you have treasure boxes and people can sign up and get the box, and they're going to learn about trail blazers like ashley and koleette. ashley, as a ballerina, why did you want to be a trail blazer for young girls. >> for me, growing up, i was always a little bit alienated because i took ballet so much.
11:54 am
i spent all of my time and my weekends doing ballet. so didn't fit in. i felt luke i had to act like a different person to fit in and that's not who i was. >> koleette, you're a racecar driver. you have it all going on. why did you want to be a trail blazer? >> i think for me i just have seen first hand the impact that just showing young girls i'm a racecar driver and girls can do this. and whether i i'm showing them at the racetrack or talking to them at school i have seen how that changes what they think they can do. for me the club is more than just a conversation i may have with someone at racetrack. it's a movement, and to be part of it i cooperate say yes fast enough. >> it's interesting because 70% of girls do not believe they are good enough or not measure up in some ways. 75% with low self-esteem, the engage in negative behaviors like cutting and bullying and smoking and drinking, and we
11:55 am
have all seen this happen. you want to put an end to that. >> i really do. believe it's possible and i believe if you give girls the right tools to be able to do that, they will. so that why we have the language that, today i am statement and that's why we have the positive roll models because i believe if you can see it, you can be it. >> no doubt. i totally agree. what can people do to get involved. >> we have our kick starter campaign. go to kick starter, search tia girl club. they can back us at the campaign or after the campaign is over, which is october 29th, they can go to the web site, which is tia girls and sign their daughters up. >> vanessa, ashley, koleette, thank you for being trail blazers. >> thank you. >> time now for my take. empowering young girls is an important life mission for me and one of the main reason is rote my book. i was lucky to get help and advise from my mom, my teachers and my bosses.
11:56 am
and i believe it's incredibly important to give that back to work on improving these stats you're about to see. eave the nation's 50 governors, six are currently female. meaning 88% of governors are women, despite women being bein% of the population. 14 in the congress, 84 in the house and 20 in the senate. that means only 20% of the senatorrers women and 19% or representatives. from 2006 to township, not one female character was depict node g-rated family films in the field of medical science as a business leader in law or politics, and in california's 400 large hesser public companies 2.8% are run by a female ceo. building self-esteem for girls is crucial and that's why i'm proud to be a tia girl trail blazer. we'll be right back. every insurance policy has a number.
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>> beavers, pair shooting? why? they actually may be pair shoot over 50 years ago to spread out the beaver population. officials in idaho uncovered this amazing footage. none of them got hurt. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> the strongest hurricane that meteorologists have ever seen in this hemisphere headed to land, winds strong enough to lift cars off the street. now hurricane patricia ills about to hit land and millions of people are along this coast. we'll show you exactly what they believe will happen and we'll hear from an american who right now is trapped in his hotel there. plus, the four-year-old girl shot dead on the freeway, cops call it a case of road rage, and now we're hearing the accused shooter has a history of violence. and guess who is trumping trump? the donald is now not the leader in iowa. is this the beginning of a trend or just a hiccup for the donald?


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