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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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whether you're making money in an economy or not. good ideas thrive. so did he, tom stemberg. dead at age 66. hello, i'm dana perino, and this is "the five." we're keeping a close eye on a very powerful and dangerous hurricane about to strike mexico. the strongest hurricane on record in the western hemisphere. the category 5 storm is expected to make landfall in a few hours near the popular resort destination of puerto villarta. it could move northeast towards south texas over the weekend, creating more flooding in areas already soaked by rains, we're going to have a live update from the fox weather center on hurricane patricia ahead, but we turn to hillary clinton's testimony on capitol hill yesterday. where she brushed aside her contradictions on benghazi, suggested ambassador chris stevens was joking in a request
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for additional security. but is getting rave reviews from the mainstream media. >> if republicans were hoping to draw blood, they really didn't succeed in the face of relentless questioning, hillary clinton was calm, she was sober. she was substantive. >> i thought we got a great look at who president hillary clinton would be. for the first time. with the kind of competence, the kind of command over the whole scene. >> she had really prepared very carefully. and didn't get rattled. >> in these settings, kind of adversarial setting, a debate, a hearing something like that, hillary clinton really is quite good. >> but steve hayes summed it up pretty well last night. >> hillary clinton repeatedly offers false or misleading testimony. and journalists yawn. journalists don't seem to be that interested in what she's been saying. >> so the media might not have been paying attention, but family members of the victims were and they are very upset with what they heard from the secretary of state. >> she is not telling the truth.
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she's trying to push her own agenda through. she tote my personally it was the video. obama me, panetta told me. biden told me. they all told me at the casket ceremony. that it was the video. >> she said that the prime minister of egypt, the attack in libya had nothing to do with the video. so either she was lying to the prime minister, or she was lying to me. and i do not like being lied to. >> joining us now, chief white house correspondent ed henry. election ed, we're glad to have you with us. if you went into this hearing thinking were you going to have your suspicions reaffirmed that you thought hillary was untrustworthy. or that you loved her and you would always follow her. i think maybe that's how you walked away at the end of the hearing as well. >> i think you're exactly right. republicans this morning, i heard lindsey graham on fox, a presidential candidate saying how could she possibly think
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she'll be commander-in-chief? she ignored hundreds of requests for more security from the late ambassador chris stevens. we hear more about how the narrative was basically a lie at the very beginning. that this email to her own daughter, hillary clinton at the beginning says it was a terror attack, al qaeda may have been involved. the public was hearing a different thing. there's a lot to pick on right there. those are big problems for her. short-term and long-term politically. but there's also a lot for democrats to say look, heading into this, kevin mccarthy saying this was about bringing down her poll numbers, obviously that was a gaffe that really hurt this committee number one. but number two, the clinton campaign today is telling me that when this hearing finally ended after some 11 hours last night, they raised more money in one hour than they had ever raised in this campaign. why is that? republicans were fired up during this hearing, but so were democrats. >> eric bolling? >> no wonder they raised more money. they were waiting to see how she
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performed. all she had to do was sit back and let the democrats on the committee trash the committee and provide cover for her. how are these two emails not a smoking gun? as you point out she he mailed her own daughter the night of the attack and called it an al qaeda-like terror attack and next day said it had nothing to do with the video. and we we heard two family members that hillary clinton told them it was the video. she clearly changed the narrative the day after going forward and went with it. knowing well she told her daughter and the prime minister of egypt that it had nothing to do with the video. how are even on the right i hear people, pundits on the right saying she did well. it's a smoking gun, is it not? what am i missing? >> well first of all it's hard to argue with the family members. if you, if you're one of the four families that lost somebody at benghazi, it's hard to argue that they still don't feel that there's been any justice. however, in terms of when you say a smoking gun, i'll say it
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as a reporter, the facts were pretty damaging there in that exchange with republican jim jordan about the emails, you're right. on the other hand, we've heard about this. we've known that the obama administration misled about the narrative. jay carney at the white house podium. the president, from the very beginning suggesting it's a terror attack, it's not a terror attack. so i guess when you say smoking gun, smoking gun to prove what? we knew early on that they were misleading the public. >> to prove that they did in yo pushed the video, there it is. your question is answered right there. hillary clinton pushed the video. was she, did she have an accomplice with president obama, and maybe susan rice? who knows, but she pushed the video. now we have prove. we haven't seen these emails before. now we see them. >> they were hidden. >> and so what do you do next? i mean i think back to dana's original point. if there's 46, 47% of the country that went into this believing, and i'm picking that number out of thin air that
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hillary clinton was lying, i bet that didn't change. 46, 47% believe that she's telling the truth or that doesn't matter, that didn't change. and basically she's the likely nominee. because everybody is dropping out essentially. joe biden is not getting in, lincoln chafee out today, jim webb out earlier this week. bottom line she's the likely nominee, not definite. it will be a fight over the 6%, 8% in the middle of the country who has not made up their mind about hillary clinton. they either love her or hate her. >> want to circle back a little bit to the hearing and talk about the next steps. where do they go from here in terms of the committee, any further investigation and perhaps any involvement you know with the fbi going forward? >> well i think chairman trey gowdy has a hard row to hoe here, if at the very end of the hearing he was asked by a reporter, what was new here? and he sort of struggled himself to explain it. maybe he was tired after 11 hours. maybe today when he's on with greta tonight he'll have a better explanation. but in terms of where they go
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from here. again there were some new elements, but it's hard to see where, what they're going to do next that's going to sort of blow this case wide open. i think the bigger problem for hillary clinton politically, but also potentially legally of course is the separate investigation. the fbi investigation. looking at the security of her server. look, benghazi is a serious issue, but it's been gone over and over. i think the fbi is what's new and it's the remaining hurdle to her getting the nomination. >> gutfield? >> hi, ed. >> good to see you. >> during the hearing, they presented an email from chris stevens to hillary. pleading for more security. and her response was to comment on his sense of humor. that's like calling a man warm, while he's burning to death. could you imagine if george bush or ronald reagan fondly remembered the sense of humor of a man pleading for his life? or commenting on his
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entrepreneurial spirit? the media would be howling at the moon. instead they have banded together and decided that this scandal is just a trifle. a minor controversy. which is the same exact thing, they're denying the cover-up. the same exact thing they did for obama 2012. they're doing again. they're replicating the same thing. i guess my question to you is -- how do you stay in the same room with these bozos? how do you work with these abject liars and toadies and hacks? how do you wake up and look at them in the eye every morning, ed? >> you mean the other members of the five? >> no! >> i'm sorry, i misunderstood. my fellow media toadies? >> yes they abdicated their responsibility, ed. they abdicated their responsibility. >> and i haven't and here's why. at the very beginning i pointed
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out something that you just did that's very important. that one of the most damaging pieces of yesterday for hillary clinton regardless of any political spin on either side is that there wasn't just the one email from chris stevens, but we hear about maybe up to 600 requests, not all emails, but various requests. that were ignored. and hillary clinton's response basically was it didn't reach my desk. it was other people, mid-level security people. well guess what, maybe the procedure was that. but at the end of the day, the harry truman principle, about the buck stopping at your desk. as secretary of state you're pretty darn close to the oval office. and i think that's something that's going to come back to her. to go back to kimberly, i don't think there's more that's going to be break new ground. but i think moments like that well come back if she gets the democratic nomination. to your question about well the media is saying she won. and i said positive things about her last night about being in command as well on greta's show. because look, part of it is it was a pretty low bar.
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she messed up in 2013 by getting emotional and lashing out and saying what difference does it make. that's come back to haunt her somewhat. i think we've seen moments like that on the campaign trail. it was a low bar, because she went in there saying let's not have a bad moment. let's not have a disastrous moment. and as long as she passed that the media going to say she did okay. >> kirsten? >> it's not just the mainstream media or liberals contrary to what greg said are giving her high marks or even saying that the hearing was a waste of time. byron york said it was a marathon hearing that didn't accomplish much. there are conservatives that are saying this. and i'm wondering what you're hearing from conservative sources are, there any republicans who are saying behind the scenes that they feel like the republicans didn't really do the job that they needed to do there? >> yes. i spoke to a top adviser to one of the presidential contenders who is in the top three or four right now, who asked tore anonymity. but last night told me he felt like it was a wipe-out.
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that the republicans on the committee i don't overmatched. that person may be wrong, i've heard from people on twitter saying that's nonsense and too nice to hillary clinton. but this person's point, he's a top republican strategist. said if you go back to the debate in las vegas last week and last night, these were two settings where hillary clinton had command of the room. i'm not defending her on every point. but she did largely had the command last night and had the command last week. and last point i would make is i spoke to a top clinton campaign adviser today who told me look, his theory and belief is, inside the campaign, is that when this is a referendum on hillary clinton alone, she's losing in this campaign. but when it's a choice between her and others, either her democratic rivals who are shrinking as i said now on the debate stage, she wins. and when it's a choice between her and the republicans on the benghazi committee, she did fairly well as well. that's a wake-up call to whoever is going to be the republican general election nominee. you maybe figure to wipe out
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hillary clinton, if she's the nominee, she's going to be formidable. she's going to be tough and the republicans are going to have to get their act together. >> can i ask a follow-up question? >> yes, you have one. >> mitt failed to nail obama on the benghazi question. and from for whatever reason. >> you threw your pen against my wall. >> i did that. shouldn't the republicans -- it looks like everything's over for now. shouldn't republicans revisit this and basically call her out on the fact that she lied to grieving parents? shouldn't they do that? >> i think it probably, first of all, i don't give republican presidential candidates advice, but pru broadly speaking as a reporter, the benghazi situation is a clear important part of hillary clinton's record. she can't erase it, it should be brought up. if it becomes a dominant part of the 2016 campaign? it's hard to see how that's a winning strategy for republicans. people are talking about the economy. they're going to talk about well do you want to repeal obamacare? there's a whole host of other
2:13 pm
issues. i suspect if you're suggesting it should be a dominant issue, it might back-fire on republicans. it back-fired somewhat yesterday. >> is the five-year favorite show, -- is "the five" your favorite show or -- >> i would say that brett baier "special report" is my favorite show. but you are so close. >> see how it is? >> well you're almost our favorite reporter, too. >> i guess i'm not invited back next time i'm in new york. >> next time have a better answer, thank you, ed. >> i love brett. our troops deserve a raise and they were supposed to get one. but their commander-in-chief just put a stop order on those checks. and later -- it's facebook friday. post your questions to us now on
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amid all the coverage of hillary clinton's testimony yesterday, this news got buried. president obama vetoed a major defense bill that included pay raises for his own troops. >> i'm going to be vetoing this authorization bill. i'm going to be sending it back to congress. let's make sure that we're able
2:18 pm
in a constructive way to reform our military spending to make it sustainable over the long-term. and let's make sure that in a responsible way, we can draw down the populations in guantanamo. >> armed services committee chair john mccain slammed the move, writing obama has become the first commander-in-chief willing to sacrifice national security by vetoing a bill that authorizes pay, benefits and training for u.s. troops. simply because he seeks leverage to pursue his domestic political agenda. end quote. there you have it from a man who ought to know. >> he definitely, he always has seen his domestic agenda than international issues, but he doesn't realize that national security makes the domestic agenda possible. you know, you can't worry about the things going on around you. unless you've got an army and a military there to protect you,
2:19 pm
to give you the time to do that. it's always to him, about shrinking the american footprint. if you believe that america is the major problem in this world, and he does, then his strategy makes sense, you need to shrink this creature. you have to make america beatable. so america doesn't go out and beat people up. this has been a seven-year effort to emasculate the military. >> eric how do you see this, an unpopular move by the president, john mccain calling him out on it, on behalf of the u.s. armed forces. >> his words, we have to reform military spending. meanwhile we're going to spend $1 trillion on obama care. 46 million people are still on food stamps, even though according to the white house, the economy is much better now than when he took over. so we're spending more on social programs that he likes. but on the military we have to reform the military spending. i also find it interesting that he loves to take credit for the bin laden shoot. he pulled the trigger on bin
2:20 pm
laden. he loves to take credit for that. he never talks about the decade of building the gun that shot bin laden and that was a lot of intel from the fbi, cia, department of defense and a lot of things put in place before president obama ever came into office. i'm not, i think he's got his priorities mixed. although both of them, probably could be reformed. if you're going to reform one, you got to reform the other two. >> dana? >> i feel like he picks some strange battles, some in the media called this veto a rebuke to republicans. but in a rare point of bipartisanship in the united states senate this bill actually got 70 votes there were at least 15, maybe 16 democrats that voted for it i think there are some times that you have to, as the president says, the congress has spoken. this isn't how i would have wanted to do it. but now he's going to create a frob for himself and possibly the troops. this will end up going into a
2:21 pm
big budget deal on the end. the last think thing i would say is watch for the two words, he's going to want more money for domestic programs, climate change money and closing gitmo. this will be a mant roh. >> he wants to have the leverage. it's like a political shakedown. it's becoming as no surprise to anyone. kirsten. >> but because this like you said, it was a disagreement over budget issues, could you just as easily say why don't the republicans just agree to what obama wants to do. >> i'm just saying, to put it all on him, to say if he doesn't agree to what the republicans want -- >> then the gop is the party of no. they actually worked hard on a military budget, was able to actually pass it in a bipartisan fashion and he still vetoes it. >> i'm just saying, you could just as easily say, if we want to get the benefits and pay for the military, the republicans could do what obama wants. why is it that obama has to do
2:22 pm
with the republicans want. >> what should the republicans do? >> he wants to have limits on defense spending and nondefense spending and -- >> he wants more domestic spending. >> so it's always set up if he doesn't do what the republicans want, that he's the one -- >> isn't it both his -- >> i actually think will are republicans that think we want to lilt and put cuts on military spending. everybody in america doesn't believe we should just have unlimited military spending. >> the ones interested in reforming military spent spending are also interested in reforming domestic spending. >> that's fine. you're putting it all on him. if you don't do what the republicans say, you're denying benefits. i'm saying you could just as easily say that the republicans are doing that. >> how could they do that if they passed a bill with bipartisan support. >> they know the president won't support it. >> this particular fact pattern and scenario there was some measure of bipartisan support.
2:23 pm
so suggesting perhaps the president not be tone deaf, listen to what all the constituents are saying in congress because this actually had a good measure of support versus some other divisive issues. these subject. the u.s. special forces community is mourning, they lost one of their own in the first combat death in iraq since 2011. 39-year-old sergeant joshua wheeler, a veteran of 14 deployments, was killed while supporting kurdish fighters during a nighttime raid on an isis prison. how could an american die in combat when our commander-in-chief tells us we are not at war? defense secretary ash carter was asked that very question today. >> we're very saddened that he lost his ody should be in any illusions, jim, that americans are at risk. we do not have combat formations there, the way we had once upon a time. or the way we have had in years
2:24 pm
past in afghanistan. but we do have people who are in harm's way and who have evidently shown a willingness to put themselves in harm's way, in order to have mission success. this is dwat, things are complicated. >> he makes a good point. this is combat and you can't be responsible and abandon an area where you have developed a tremendous amount of resources and american blood and life and energy and funds to determine and specify a cause there and secure an area. so i don't think it's really news to anyone, dana, that there's a special force contingency. special force contingency on the ground there. or that we have, you know real-time intelligence going on. wouldn't the president be remiss if he wasn't doing that? >> our special forces do heroic things, they're asked to do very difficult things and hopefully they have all the resources they need in order to do those, including rules of engagement. i don't hear any complaints about this. it's tragic for the special forces officer and we thank him for his heroic efforts. >> and his heroic efforts
2:25 pm
yielded a tremendous result here in freeing 70 people from the isis prison. that's getting the job done and god bless him and his family. greg? >> fought and died doing something awesome. killing isis fighters. if there's a way to go, that's the way to go. but you're doing, you're doing god's work. and you know where i am on god. speaking of isis. i do have a question for susan rice, with the drought in california, where are the isis franchises? why isn't there an isis franchise in sacramento or san jose or l.a., given the fact that she believes all of this unrest in syria is caused bay drought, caused by climate change? why isn't california having an incredible civil war among isis and the lapd? >> very good question. i'm sure she's going to get right back to us. >> she'll be on all the shows. >> blaming a video. >> kifrten? >> what was the question?
2:26 pm
i don't decide whether i want to respond to that or not. i don't think that if we send special forces to do in to do something that means we're at war. i don't find that a persuasive argument. think it's a fair point for people to be asking what does president obama mean when he says there's no boots on the ground. what is our engagement there. but if there is a mission where you can send in special troops, i don't think that means you're at war. >> mr. bolling, are you good? >> we're good. coming up, the strongest hurricane ever reported is bearing down on mexico, will it reach the u.s.? a live update on this very dangerous storm. still ahead, facebook friday. >> yeah. >> bolling up next. well, this is a first.
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. i'm chief meteorologist with a fox news breaking weather alert. hurricane patricia, the strongest hurricane we've ever seen in the western hemisphere getting ready to make landfall
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in mexico. winds down to 190 miles per hour. starting to see interaction with land and areas between manzanil manzanilla, mexico and puerto villarta is where we're going to see the hurricane make landfall. it will make landfall as a category 5 hurricane. it will quickly weaken as it continues to move quickly in across parts of central mexico. by the time we get throughout saturday and sunday, looking at impacts across eastern texas, we'll continue to track it and now we send it back to "the fiv five". ♪ ♪ welcome back. time for -- the fastest ten minutes on television. three saucy stories, seven swift minutes, one sanguine host. presidential candidates get asked a wide range of question, sometimes weird.
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always wise to have a standard answer. jeb bush creeps people out with this answer. >> super girl is on tv. there's an ad promoting supergirl. she looked pretty hot. i don't know what channel it's on, but i'm looking forward to that. that will make news. >> oh, come on. >> he has a sense of humor, super girl is amazing, i'm strongly considering her instead of wonder woman this year. >> greg? >> yeah. >> let me get this straight, eric bolling is creeped out by jeb thinking super girl is cute as opposed to another candidate talking about dating his own daughter. >> well i'm not sure i wouldn't be freaked out by that as well. >> at least it's not his daughter is all i'm saying. >> is that the answer you would, would you have one in your back pocket like hey can we talk about policy or something else? >> i think these are hard and
2:33 pm
impossible to answer, i'll never forget, we were in the roosevelt room, just off of the oval office and the president was asked, out of the blue in the middle of a very serious interview -- what's your favorite movie? and i don't know what he said, but it was like i can't believe he said that, i think it was "caddyshack" or something. >> imagine a host asking a candidate, how much he bench presses. >> and an answer was he looked at me and goes, what? >> he made a joke. >> not even the slightest creep-out? >> it thought it was an extreme over-reaction, which is typical, with any time any of the candidates say anything. >> on my part? >> she's totally appropriate and innocent. like "little house on the prairie." >> he said he would slash his wrist before doing another bond
2:34 pm
film. but then the up to $60 million paycheck daniel craig could pull down with incentives may change his mind. in the meantime, another highly anticipated james bond film "spectkctek "spektre" premieres in the u.s. >> and i thought you came here to die. ♪ ♪ >> so weird. >> more than a billion dollars expect on this film. >> is it just me or does every james bond film look exactly the same. people love it and i love daniel craig, he reminds me of peter.
2:35 pm
>> well i want you to name all the 007s, all the actor who is played 007. >> let's do it david nichb in the original "casino royale." roger lazenby. roger, sean connery. the dude that sang in "mama mia," pierce brosnan and daniel craig. can i say something about why i don't like daniel craig. james bond should not care about his physical fitness, that's what i liked about roger moore and sean connery. they had the tie their shorts up really high to hide their guts. >> that was an awesome film you said. >> a mad love to pierce brosnan. that was your favorite? >> roger moore. >> i just love him, he's an irish man, i love him.
2:36 pm
>> roger moore. >> show more pierce. >> kirsten? >> i have nothing. >> he definitely has a dark side, some drama and the opening line "hello, it's me" was well thought out. after five years, adele's third album drops. here's some sound from the soul-filled vocals. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for breaking your heart ♪ clearly doesn't tear you apart ♪ ♪ any more >> kg trending all day. >> should be, i think she's just outstanding, i love her voice. i'm super excited, and on my pandora, i have adele radio, station, playing. >> kirsten, are you an adele
2:37 pm
fan? >> i like her, yeah, i can't say this is something i've been following. >> you've just out-dana perinoed dana. >> i like reading interviews with her because she's very real. there's no pretense with her. >> who takes a hiatus at 22? i'm tired of things dropping. this is going to drop. i heat that. the only thing that drops are things from babies. >> ooh. >> gutfield, you didn't like my set-up to -- you didn't like my writing to dropping of the album. >> i am a critical freeway. i have the guardrail. facebook friday is up next.
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facebook friday, you know how it goes. from caleb, we're going to start with you kimberly. something you wish someone told you when you were 20. >> how to be awesome. why would i want to change anything? i think it's come out pretty well. >> you're absolutely right. that's a cogent argument. i wish i wasn't so hot. or successful. >> or well paid. >> a very well-paid model. >> you would even go through the two marriages? >> seven proposals, i only accepted two. back off. >> how about you, kirsten? >> i wish someone would have told me, it wouldn't have mattered, because i wouldn't have listened. if they would have told me to exercise. i definitely at this age i really wish i would have exercised more.
2:43 pm
>> you're like super sensible. it's awesome. >> eric? >> i think it would be spend more time with my parents. because that's the one thing that looking back now, i wish i would have done. those memorieses -- >> you can never have enough time with your family, right? very sweet. >> except for dana. >> i wish someone would have told me to wear more sunscreen. >> this is the most sensible table. >> the only one i can honestly say here is never pick up a woman in a bowling alley. >> why, what happened? >> i'm going back in time to tell myself that. you can bet it's bad. >> was she heavy? >> comes back to haunt you forever. >> did you throw your back out? >> from jason h we're going this way. back to the future question. basically, dana. if you could go back in time, what year would you go to and what would you do to change the
2:44 pm
future? >> i like the other question. >> i like this question because i like to ask it. all sorts of people and i would be curious to hear your answer some day. i've always wanted to know what actually made the dinosaurs go extinct. so like i would go back then. i don't know if i would change it because as kimberly said, everything turned out okay for the rest of us. there's fossil fuels. >> you'll get a lot of letters on that. >> bring it on. >> that's all dinosaurs are good for. fossil fuels. >> what time would you like to go back to? >> that's this question that keeps coming up. if you could back and kill hitler, would you kill him and change the future. >> i think no. i think the answer is no. we talked a little bit about no, let it happen and see what happens. >> i think i would kill hitler. i would go back and kill hitler. >> i would kill his parents.
2:45 pm
>> the idea that you -- the whole idea that you don't want to go back and change history. i don't understand. you think something -- >> the question -- >> i don't want to take words out of anybody else's mouth. but maybe something worse could have happened. >> i'm thinking of a place to visit like an amusement park would be an era. >> if i could go back and visit, i would want to go back when jesus lived. i would like to meet jesus. >> can i go to kimberly? >> no, but it's kind of the same. >> you would go back to that? >> go back to when? >> what do you want to go to, kg? >> i don't know. i would go back to any time. >> you might -- >> i would pick the 1940s. simply because guys dressed well. you could smoke in bars. you could -- >> go to war.
2:46 pm
>> i forgot about that. the 1950s. elvis presley. you got elvis presley. and elvis presley and -- you got chocolate malts and drive-ins. >> i'll go there with you. >> chachi. >> this would be an all-male show in the 1950s. >> that's true. the '60s! that was a time. summer of love. space program. >> do you have one more question or no question? >> what's your best practical joke. >> i had a good one. i did a prank butt-dial. we pretended we accidentally butt-dialed our friend and we were talking about them like and he thought that it was real. >> and then he killed himself. >> no. >> you left that part out. >> he was really upset. >> very quickly. a group of guides who would get on the trading floor, we would put in $20 and get a bunch of lottery tickets. there's 200 tickets in the bag. the number comes out.
2:47 pm
someone wins $200 million. we took the winning number. put the next week's ticket with the same winning numbers from the prior week and put it in the bag and the guy who looking through the numbers thought he was the winning 200 million-dollar ticket winner. that's a true story. >> after he called his wife, by the way. >> then she divorced him. >> i don't do practical jokes precisely because of that kind of stuff. i don't want to hurt people's feelings. >> it's mean-spirited. >> practical jokes? >> no. >> do you ever like pretend you're interested in guy at a bar and go up and like -- just kidding. >> that's so me. >> kg, come on. >> i wouldn't do that. it's like someone's son and somebody's mother. and -- >> what an interesting manufactured emotion on your part. >> you almost pulled a hillary. >> i want to clone myself.
2:48 pm
>> we got to go. we're going to go back to the fox weather center next for another update on hurricane patricia. how do robots work? it takes all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you ♪ is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. you're looking at a remarkable photo taken by
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astronaut scott kelly from the international space station. of hurricane patricia. the most powerful hurricane on record. bearing down on mexico. we want to go back now to our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for more. >> strongest storm in the western hemisphere. we're going to be watching this thing make landfall within the next couple of hours. you see this eye of the storm kind of meandering, that's what happens when you have the strong storms, they kind of wobble. but getting really close here to the northwest of manzanilla. it will make landfall between manzanilla and puerto villarta. the good news with this, is the strongest winds are in a small area. where this makes landfall it will be a complete destruction, you go too far away from it, it won't be as bad, because it's a small storm. it will move quickly, rainfall totals are going to be in the eight to 12-inch range with
2:53 pm
isolated pots maybe up to 20 inches or so. by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at this getting close to texas, not as a storm, but bringing some additional moisture. we'll watch for flooding this weekend across eastern texas. one more thing is up next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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don't forget, sunday night show, 10:00 p.m. monday my book tour kicks off. i'm going to the book review, in huntington, new york, long island. i'll be there at 8:00 p.m. i'll be signing books, if you're going to go, you need direction, i thought i would bring out a map here. i'm coming from new york. so i-495 south. right there i guess you're going to be on woodbury road. there's woodbury road. hang a right on main street. you're going to go through a few stop lights and you're going to see the book store probably on your left. on new york avenue. there it is. so i will be in there 8:00. talking and signing books. >> that's a great book store. >> it is a great book store. >> there's parking in the back. >> always parking in the back. >> it's a lot of fun. >> maybe in your back. >> who let him in the building? >> let's continue the greg-kimberly thing. you want to know what's going on
2:58 pm
here? >> wait, wait. who's grabbing me? >> that is gutfield who is basically, remember last night, kg, he was imploring you to run for mayor of new york city. i will have you know -- kg did not say no to his suggestion. and a great forecaster, your first campaign poster. >> kimberly guilfoyle for mail. seriously considering this. >> you will win. you will win. i guarantee you. >> de blasio. >> all right. kt, you're next. >> that was a nice little shocking surprise. >> on to my sky diving video. no, i don't sky dive. but 6 1 people do and they break the world record with wingsuit formation over paris. spelled perris, california. a diamond-shape formation. thousands of team above perris valley airport. this is a new world record, i don't think you should try this
2:59 pm
with your friends on friday night this was saturday october 17th. they had multiple practice rounds. >> who has 70 friends? >> fly by the seat of your pants, if you know what i mean. >> it's eric's turn. >> tonight o'reilly, the segment with bolling and geraldo, why is america moving left so fast. o'reilly calls one or both of us pinheads, you have to watch to find out who. >> any special guests on "catchin' in"? >> rand paul. >> #wakeupamerica. kirsten? >> so how cute is this? look at pictures of the two red panda siblings, addison and clark, they made their public debut at the lincoln park zoo in chicago. they've been in isolation for four months because apparently the little red pandas are very shy, much like greg and they were able, they came out today and they're so cute.
3:00 pm
>> you know what's at the corner of addison and clark in chicago? >> wrigley field. >> all right. >> have a great weekend. "special report," ed henry's favorite show, is next. when is a death in combat not a combat death? the president's pentagon chief takes pains not to contradict administration policy in iraq. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. there is confusion about what the obama administration policy on combat in iraq really is. the president has said there will not be any. today the secretary of defense acknowledged otherwise. in describing the death of an american serviceman. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight with the latest. >> the pentagon has released the identity of the fst


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