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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of addison and clark in chicago? >> wrigley field. >> all right. >> have a great weekend. "special report," ed henry's favorite show, is next. when is a death in combat not a combat death? the president's pentagon chief takes pains not to contradict administration policy in iraq. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. there is confusion about what the obama administration policy on combat in iraq really is. the president has said there will not be any. today the secretary of defense acknowledged otherwise. in describing the death of an american serviceman. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight with the latest. >> the pentagon has released the identity of the first american
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soldier to die in iraq since u.s. troops withdrew in 2011. master sergeant joshua wheeler of roland, oklahoma, 39 years old, a decorated elite commando assigned to u.s. special operations forces at at fort bragg, north carolina. he leaves a wife and four sons. he was a legend among the delta force, he had 11 bronze stars for valor. >> he stood up and all the indications are, it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breaching the compound and made the mission a success. >> he was killed while helping kurdish forces rescue 73 hostages at an isis prison. the pentagon said he died from enemy small arms fire, but has refused to say he was killed in combat. quote it is important to realize that u.s. military support to this iraqi rescue operation does not represent a change in our
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policy. u.s. forces are not in iraq on a combat mission, and do not have boots on the ground. the white house and pentagon have been reluctant to say this american soldier died in combat. because the president promised no combat, no ground troops in iraq. >> i want to be clear, the american forces that have been deployed to iraq, do not and will not have a combat mission. as your commander-in-chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> today the defense secretary faced tough questions about where a support mission ends and a combat mission begins. he finally admitted what everyone knew. >> this is combat, things are complicated. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising in and assisting, coming under attack. and he rushed to their, to help them. >> midwester sergeant josh wheeler will come home tomorrow.
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defense secretary carter and his wife will be at dover to meet him. the pentagon says since he died during a named mission, operation inherent resolve, the fight against isis, master sergeant wheeler is entitled to combat death benefits and eligible for combat awards, even though the administration says he didn't die in combat. brett? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. former irs bureaucrat, lois learner is in the clear tonight. the justice department says neither lerner nor anyone else from the tax agency will face charges over the targeting of conservative groups. correspondent peter doocyy is here with more. >> the justice department does not think lois lerner should go to jail because the feds say out of more than 100 witnesses they interviewed, including some irs employee who is don't like lois lerner and some who identify themselves as conservative.
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no one ever accused her of having a political bias when decide chg groups deserved krutny and which did not. lerner apologized for the targeting and called it inappropriate in 2013. these findings come in a letter to democratic congressman john conyers, junior and republican congressman bob goodlatt. at every turn president obama and administration officials have undermined the investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. today's announcement from the justice department is still very disturbing. this letter also includes an irs explanation about why conservative and tea party groups were getting so much unwanted attention from the tax man between 2009-2013. it's because there were just a lot of them. 70% of the 500 applications for tax-exempt status review belonged to right-leaning organizationsments on top of that the fed found evidence of mismanagement and poor judgment. but they write that quote poor
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management is not a crime. further, the feds are also letting lerner off the hook for the mysterious disappearance of her email archives. saying the irs back-up system was set up poorly so they can't prove she actively tried to conceal her electronic records and she's been cleared of using expletives when writing about conservatives and demeaning them. like this, we don't like to worry about alien terrorists, it's our own crazies that will take us down. the doj thinks that kind of talk on a work email handle represents poor judgment, but since she never mentioned trying to harm that group because they lean right in that message or nebraska of the one million documents analyzed, there's no criminal intent so there can be no criminal charges. >> brett? >> thanks for the update, peter. stocks wrup, the dow gained 158. the s&p 500 finished up 23, the nasdaq was up 12. for the week the dow gained 2.5 percentage pointsed the s&p 500
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was up over two and the nasdaq finished ahead almost 3. government investigators are blaming the environmental protection agency for the three million gallon wastewater spill that fouled rivers in three states this summer. engineers from the interior department said the epa team rushed the work at the colorado gold mooine. triggering the very blow-out it had hoped to avoid. what something billed as the most powerful hurricane ever in the western hemisphere is bearing down right now on mexico. let's check in with meteorologist in the fox weather center in new york. >> i tell you what, we're used to these incredible storms in the western pacific. places like the philippines and taiwan and that's where all of our strongest ones have been. until here, hurricane patricia had a pressure of 879, it's incredibly low. if you follow that sort of thing, it gives you a sense of exactly how strong this is. it strengthened quickly.
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it's moving quickly. and ultimately that will be good news for us here. the storm getting close, take a look even a little bit closer in here. there's manzanillo, there's puerto villarta and i think we're going to thread the needle in between those two places. the winds for this, we have hurricane-force winds that extend out only 35 miles from the center. so maybe up to around 70 miles total across this area. between puerto villarta and manzanillo, 110 miles. we might get the worst of it to go in between and not into these bigger population areas. that said, the towns that are in here are going to take a beating from this really quick-moving obviously incredibly strong storm. winds are now at 190 miles per hour. and it will make landfall in the next hour or two along the coast, as a category 5 hurricane. and then it's going to quickly weaken as it moves over the mountainous terrain of the sierra nevadaso nevadas. and by tomorrow evening it will
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be towards the texas border. so look at what the future radar shows, very heavy rain, eight to 12 inches across the mountain range. heavy rain in towards guadalajara and by midday tomorrow, you see the center of the spin, towards monterey, mexico and the moisture will get pulled in towards eastern areas of texas. we could be seeing some eight to 12 inches of rain, that could cause flooding. >> there's no chance this thing jets over and reforms after it breaks up in the gulf of mexico? >> great question, i don't think that's the case. the upper-level winds are going to break it apart and the mountainous terrain should break it apart. that said, there's some indication that states closer will funnel gulf moisture and moisture from the storm towards that area. but i don't think we'll be looking towards a tropical system in the gulf related to this hurricane. up next, dr. ben carson gets a goods prognosis in iowa. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 30 in jacksonville, florida,
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where legal bare huear hunting s tomorrow. the state is authorizing about 3,000 hunters to help reduce an overpopulation of bears in hu n human-populated areas. two spokane teenaged brothers have been arrested for allegedly running an underage prostitution ring out of their mother's house. police said the boys, 17 and 15, used girls as young as 14 and assaulted some who refused to cooperate. this is a live look at austin, texas from our affiliate fox 7, the big story tonight, two police officers conducted a traffic stop decided to break the rules. the officers found a man living in his vehicle with three small children. none of whom had a car seat. instead of writing him a ticket, they took him to walmart and bought three seats. police chief says he's proud of his officers. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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"special report," we'll be right back.
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after spending more than $10 million on tv ads so far, with not a lot of affect on recent polls, the jeb bush campaign is now cutting back staff. dramatically. bush addressed this, this afternoon. meanwhile, more reasons for optimism for the doctor in the house, ben carson. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> surging past donald trump in two iowa polls, ben carson has launched his first tv ads to build on his momentum. >> washington is broken. the political class broke it. together. we can drain the swamp and protect our children's future. >> carson jumped nine points ahead of trump in the des moines register poll. ted cruz and marco rubio are battling for third. carson is in is the quinnipiac
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poll shows carson up eight on trump and rubio and cruz with traction among christian conservative, carson with 36% is way ahead. jub bush is reorganizing and downsizing his campaign. 40% in payroll cuts and a 20% cut in travel spending. a bite of $1 million a month. an acknowledgement of how hard he's fallen and how hard back his fight will be. >> it means lean and mean and the ability to adapt and the circumstances when we started the election were different. >> trump's iowa slide came amid attack ads by the fiscally conservative club for growth. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is. but he has a record and it's very liberal. >> trump disavowed superpack after his make america great super pack shut down.
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several conservative hispanic groups opposing trump plan to warn the gop publicly on the eve of next week's debate that trump is driving latino voters away and if nominated, will lose, lindsey graham put it this way. >> i think when donald trump said most illegal immigrants, most are rapists and drug dealers he's wrong and he's destroying the republican party attempt to dig out of a hole with hispanics. >> voters are getting daily warnings about backing candidates without public experience. >> are you confident you're ready to do that? because if you are, then you believe that the president is an entry-level job that anybody can do. i'm sorry, i don't buy that any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight. can you finish the fight you start? can you win it? >> folks in iowa have plenty of time to think about their choices, the caucuses are exactly 100 days from tonight, brett. >> carl, thank you.
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ted cruz remains within striking distance with his as carl mentioned, 100 days to go before the first voting in iowa. tonight correspondent doug mcelway on what makes cruz tick and cruz strategy ahead. >> asked if a temporary april fool's day tattoo of winston churchill on his bicep was real. texas senator ted cruz joked -- >> that's between me and my wife. >> the iconic prime minister's fillfy is tattooed on his mind. >> never, ever, ever give in. >> in fourth plis plais in iowa, he's plotting a copuppance. >> we're the only campaign on the republican side that has county chairman in all 171 counties in those first four states. and then we have got an incredible grassroots leadership team all throughout the march 1 states. >> some analysts believe the focus on the southern state heavy march 1 primaries might
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just work. cruz sent a powerful message to southern conservatives by launching his campaign at liberty university. and has courted libertarians with a powerful states rights message and so-called trump-kins. who other gop candidates have alienated. >> i think donald's running has been immensely beneficiarial to our campaign. >> donald has helped frame the central question of this primary who will stand up to washington. >> one analyst suggest there is are voters waiting to be lured by such a message. >> the fact that 24 million people watch the republican debate, versus 13 million for a democratic debate suggests there's a market. and ted cruz hopes to speak to. to connect with. >> he has liabilities. liberal harvard law professor alan dershowitz described cruz as one of the brightest students he ever taught. and he's also alienated senate colleagues and his party's leaders. >> the senate had a vote to
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expel one of its members, i think ted cruz would be the first one out the door. >> for millions of voters who disgust with washington keeps him away from the polls, cruz's estrangement from the senate may not be a liability, but an advantage. the congressional hispanic caucus is calling on paul ryan to push immigration reform if he becomes the next speaker of the house. yesterday ryan officially entered the competition as we told you, after receiving support from the party's main factions. several of the more conservative groups inside the republican conference have been hinting ryan for his stance on immigration. republicans will vote for speaker next week. still ahead, what california is doing with its abortion law, which goes beyond even what the feds demand. first, hillary clinton's benghazi testimony is over. does that mean she's out of the woods? phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man!
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hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail, following thursday's 11-hour benghazi hearing. back on top, in an important poll in iowa. back on track in fundraising. and back in the good graces of big labor. plus, she has won fewer democratic challenger to worry about tonight. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the clinton campaign in alexandria, virginia. >> the democratic kroining of hillary clinton has begun. >> you want to talk about a fighter. how about those 11 hours of testimony yesterday? >> as the front-runner tries to turn the page on sometimes brutal testimony on benghazi, plus months of self-inflicted wounds over email. >> you know a lot of things have been said about me, but quitter is not one of them. >> while party officials insisted there be no clinton
3:23 pm
coronation, it's on. barely a week after a democratic debate with a sixth podium ready for five candidates plus the possible late entry of vice president joe biden, today, the field shrunk to three as former rhode island governor lincoln chafee dropped out, capping a week in which he and former virginia senator jim webb exited, while biden took a pass. >> today organized labor started falling in line. the nation's largest government employee union endorsed clinton. and the polls are picking up in her battle with just two alternatives, democratic socialist senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley. the quinnipiac poll in iowa put clinton at 51%, sanders at 49% and o'malley at 4%. it's a choice between her democrat iic rivals or the benghazi committee. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> there's danger signs from an
3:24 pm
ongoing fbi investigation, to the fact that the benghazi hearing continued to chip away at her leadership. from hundreds of requests for more security from chris stevens ignored. to republicans pressing why nobody was fired. >> why not a single person lost a single paycheck, connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? >> while today the obama administration would not back up clinton's claim that the state department had 90-95% of her emails, despite the use of a personal server. >> her campaign staff that used that figure so they can give you more information about the rationale or the background behind it. i'm not aware that we have given that figure but again i'm not in a position right now to confirm that. >> money is pouring into clinton tonight. 500,000 individual contributors have given money. in the hour after the benghazi hearing ended last night. any the got more money than in
3:25 pm
any hour of this campaign. a sign that the hearing fired up republicans and it may have fired up clintons base even more. >> ed henry in alexandria. while clinton emerged from yesterday's hearing without any major stumbles, there were some statements worth reexamining. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge as more for us. >> the select committee made public where new records where mrs. clinton wrote that it was terrorism, not connected to an anti-islam film. three days later at the andrews air force base, she told the victims' relatives something else. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> the father of former navy s.e.a.l. ty woods went emt with mrs. clinton that day and took note. i gave her a hook and shook her
3:26 pm
hands, and she said we're going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of my son. but records show that mrs. clinton told her daughter and the egyptian prime minister it was terrorism with no connection to the film. >> either she was lying to the prime minister or she was lying to me and to the american public. >> during the hearing, mrs. clinton said it was conflicting intelligence and not clear-cut. >> i believe do this day that the video played a role. >> but clinton's apparent lack of candor is an automatic disqualifier to the highest office. >> in order to follow a leader as the commander-in-chief, the military needs to trust what their leader says. >> what do you have to hide? >> after this heated exchange, the committee chairman told fox's greta van sust run. i want folks to see this is a serious investigation into all aspects of benghazi. >> the 11-hour hearing may have
3:27 pm
provided new tips for fbi agents investigating a breach of communication. mrs. clinton claimed in march -- there's no classified material. but now says nothing was marked. distinction meaningless under the law. >> there was nothing marked classified on my emails. >> at a separate hearing thursday, the fbi director confirmed he is deeply engaged. >> you know about the fbi, we don't talk about our investigations, while we're doing them and this is what i'm following very closely. >> democrats on the select committee said they thought the panel should be shut down. but the request has no weight because only the republican house speaker has the authority to do so. as long as a select committee exists, the five democrats say they will continue to participate. brett? >> catherine, thank you. coming up at 10:00 p.m., we're rerunning my discussion with three americans who tried to repel the attackers in benghazi in 2012. an inside account from the
3:28 pm
c.i.a. contractors, of what really happened in that tragic night in libya. 13 hours at benghazi can be seen here tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. the search for peace in a place of worship. the latest from israel and the west bank, when we come back. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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secretary of state john kerry is working the situation between israel and the palestinians. meeting with leaders, appealing for calm. but as peace talks inch along, it was another declared day of rage for hamas and palestinians. correspondent conner powell is in jerusalem tonight. >> in a sign that tensions are easing in jerusalem, for the first time in weeks, israel allowed muslim men of all ages to pray at the al aqsa mosque today. but a reduction in tensions doesn't mean an absence of violence. palestinians clashed with israeli troops in the west bank while a molotov cocktail was thrown at an israeli vehicle, injuring a mother and her children and a prominent israeli peace activist was attacked by an israeli settler as he tried to help palestinians harvest their olive crop. but the weeks-long series of
3:33 pm
brutal stabbing attacks on israelis has slowed. both sides blame the other for the bloodshed which started after extremist jewish groups pushed for access to al aqsa. secretary of state john kerry med emt with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in berlin and called for calm. >> it's absolutely critical to end all the excitement, to end all violence. >> their meeting took place as netanyahu faced a wave of criticism for claiming that hitler only wanted to expel europe's jews from the continent. but was convinced to kill them by jerusalem's then chief islamic cleric. the meeting was in late 1941, well after germany began its mass killing of jews. netanyahu later clarified its comments saying hitler was responsible for the holocaust. >> secretary kerry is expected
3:34 pm
to be with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and expressed cautious optimism about easing tensions here. brett? >> thank you. health investigators in texas certained subpoenas at four planned parenthood clinics across the state yesterday. they're seeking patient and billing records. planned parenthood calls it a political attack. tonight how officials in another state are going in the other direction, when it comes to abortion law. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has the story. >> federal law requires most u.s. employers to provide health insurance, and also mandates that each state exchange include at least one plan that doesn't cover elective abortions. in august 2014 without any public notice or opportunity for comment, the state of california levied its own mandate. that all plans issued in california provide coverage for abortions, including those voluntary and elective. >> they did this in violation of
3:35 pm
federal law, that says you can't force people to cover elective surgical abortions in your health insurance plan. but the california department of managed health care said we're going to shove this down the throats even of church who is are pro life. >> the requirement was announced in letters to insurers, called under the california constitution, every pregnant woman has the fundamental right to choose. to either bear a child or to have a legal abortion. that same letter advised insurance companies that they could quote omit any mention of coverage for abortion services in health plan documents. an attorney for several churches sent a letter to california officials objecting to the change. but says the response simply reaffirmed the new mandate. three churches are now suing, but only after also contacting the u.s. department of health and human services to ask for help. first in a letter dated october 9, 2014, calling the issue urgent. that letter was followed by others asking for assistance dated march 5, 2015. then april 13 and june 5.
3:36 pm
the plaintiffs questioned why california refuses to provide an exception to the mandatory abortion coverage for faith-based employers and say despite their repeated requests for help, nothing changed. >> so we went to federal court and said this is a violation of religious freedom. the violation of the church's ability to be the church. it's not legal and it's unconstitutional and we're asking the court to put a stop to it. >> the churches say they're left decidele between helping to fund something in direct conflict with their deepest beliefs or refusing to provide health insurance coverage and facing crippling federal fines. brett? >>you. >> house speaker john boehner is setting up another select committee this one will look into abortion providers. and is a response to those undercover planned parenthood videos. tennessee republican marsha blackburn will be the chair. planned parenthood is decrying both the committee and blackburn's selection. an american soldier dies in combat. but the administration does not
3:37 pm
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3:40 pm today and tomorrow take on the world. the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. they will support iraqi forces on the ground. >> could you please explain how more raids fits with no combat troops? >> we have this capability. it is a great american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. it represents a continuation of our advise and assist mission. >> you alluded twice to his actions. his actions and the actions of a fellow special operations soldier. could you provide us some of that detail?
3:41 pm
>> i can't -- >> very impressed by what had happened. >> i am. >> this is combat, things are complicated. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assisting, coming under attack. and he rushed to their to help them and made it possible for them to be effective. and in doing that, lost his own life. the defense secretary talking about master sergeant josh wheeler of oklahoma, 39 years old, an 'leet commando with the delta force. and he was killed in action in iraq. and this whole noncombat or combat. where u.s. policy is in iraq in afghanistan, let's bring in our panel. tucker karlsson, host of "fox and friends weekend" a.b. stoddard, "the hill" and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. it's interesting to see the administration go through the
3:42 pm
semantics thing. >> it's an assault on the dignity of the armed services to speak like that. why not be direct. we're fighting in iraq, it's a war, we had to go back. no one should be surprised. we left. people should be depressed who fought there in the first place, ought to be sad. it's inevitable we went back because the place was falling to the forces of chaos. of course what are the lessons? what's that's interesting to me. one of the lessons says it's nearly impossible to achieve your policy goals using other people's armies. it didn't work in vietnam, it didn't work in afghanistan or iraq and it won't work in syria. it's okay to make a mistake, but i think it's a real sin to ignore the lessons of that mistake. this administration keeps doing it. >> a.b.? >> well, they're not big in number. but our military personnel in advisory roles and capacity are in combat, they're boots on the ground. it's becoming clear we don't have enough of them. and the american people might not want more, but that's what they're doing. and it's dangerous.
3:43 pm
and this is makes it very clear, that what, the scenario for us there is becoming increasingly complicated and more dangerous and we'll become dragged into more engagement, whether we like it or not. you can use all the different names that you want. it's a small force of boots on the ground. >> i have friends who are special operators, who have felt that their hands have been tied. they are happy that they're actually doing things. and actually saying that they're going to get more raids, but they are frustrated by the semantics game as well. >> the administration in its own clumsy way, is trying to make a distinction, which is valid one. between ground operations in which you seize territory, and you advance with large infantry units, as we did in taking over iraq in the first place, that's not what we're doing. what this was was a commando raid and that is different there are both combat, so combat is the wrong word if you want to draw a distinction.
3:44 pm
imagine if we had a commando raid coming out of afghanistan into pakistan. doing what was done in the raid in iraq the other day. you wouldn't say we have combat in pakistan. you would say we launched a raid as we did on the bin laden compound. so it seems to me a valid distinction. the only thing i think is really important is that the person who was involved in this. in special opps hero who died in this. should be eligible for combat decorations. >> and we heard that he will be. >> and the family will be eligible for the appropriate benefits. as long as you adhere to that think the semantic distinction is a columnvy o-- clumsy one. >> over ten years, untold tens of billions spent training the iraqis to defend their own country and it didn't work. i'm not casting aspersions, can'ting blame, that's pointless. but we spent a lot of time trying to avoid being right here
3:45 pm
so maybe we shouldn't do that again. >> in the meantime, the backdrop to this, not covered because of all the clinton coverage of the hearing was the president vetoing the national defense authorization act. and he did that yesterday. >> i'm going to be vetoing this authorization bill. i'm going to be sending it back to congress and my message to them is very simple. let's do this right. >> we're in the midst of budget discussions, let's have a budget that properly funds our national security as well as economic security. >> this set off john mccain and others on the hill. >> what the president is trying to do is set up a big one size fits all discussion about how to end the sequester. >> across-the-board spending cuts were the result when you try to increase defense spending, he wants an increase
3:46 pm
in domestic spending. so he doesn't want to move on defense spending until they look at the big picture. both sides do not agree. >> john mccain is appo plek tick and he should be. this is a declining military being squeezed on all sides, desperately needs that he knows and everyone knows, and he with approve if he had his way. on the domestic, holding it hostage. knowing it's needed simply because the republicans won't give him what he wants. in extra spending on domestic. that's scandalous for any commander-in-chief to do it. friday lightning round and yes, candidate casino.
3:47 pm
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this means lean and mean and means i have the ability to adapt. >> okay. >> and the circumstances when we started the election were different. i have not met a person that thought donald trump would be the front running candidate. every dollar we can save in overhead is a dollar that goes on television, goes on radio, goes on media, goes on voter outreach. it's hard work, this fundraising stuff is not as easy as people might think it. >> yeah bush in virginia today talking about a dramatic cut back in his campaign and what that means. meantime we have new polls out. and they are in iowa. des moines register poll, which is well respected, really the gold stashed there in iowa has ben carson out front were. bit of a change. matches a quinnipiac poll came out. and ben carson up again at 28%. trump there at second and rubio on the move in third.
3:51 pm
so, with that setup. we head into the candidate casino. and that's where the candidate casino comes up. you see the roulette wheel. tucker have you been in the candidate casino? >> i have not. i have had my nose up against the glass. >> $100 of chips to put their money ho they think the nominee will be. how do you split your $100. >> among just three people there are great candidates out there. just not there year. three people who i think have a shot first there is trump and i put 45 on trump. because i think if we have all said he is going to it lose but if you are going to lose you have to start losing and he hasn't. carlie for that way down but she has a quality that nobody has. she can neutralize hillary's most effective weapon that's gender. rubio can raise the money but also flexible enough because of his, you know, youth, relatively thin
3:52 pm
record. he can pivot and i think assume so. populist positions that have been working this year. >> a.b., welcome back to the casino. >> thank you. i am giving trump $35. rubio 20. cruz 15. and number three because everyone says he is getting ready to take over. bush still gets 10 because we're not counting him out. fiorina 10 is. kasich 10. i do believe in the end if there is a post trump and carson period, we're looking at about four people who will be competing against each other and did i not put any money on ben carson. >> okay. we asked people at home to weigh in. reno lambert, who it's his birthday, happy birthday reno, i don't think that's your name but reno lambert, 75 on trump. 10 carson, 10 rubio, 5 carson or rubio gets the vp nod. wendy covington 50. rubio carson. fiorina and jill 40 on trump. 3 on carson, 30 on rubio.
3:53 pm
a lot of similar bets there, charles. what about you? >> remember, this is not advocacy it's analysis. >> two frontrunners for me are rubio and trump. each is sort of the most. >> what did you just say? >> i thought you might stop me there. >> every time. >> remember what i said, this is not advocacy this is pure. >> analysis. >> cold analysis. >> got it this is spocky analysis. i have no emotions here. >> okay. >> rubio and trump each are at the head of their lane, won the antiestablishment lane and the other can play either way. i have them at the front of those lanes, as the backup in each lane cruz antiestablishment guy at 15. carson also at 10. although i am skeptical. and then bush and fiorina and i have left $10 so i can get really drunk. >> okay. with that, let's head over to the democratic side of the casino. it's a different game over there. not as many fewer now after jim webb and lincoln chafee
3:54 pm
dropped out. something tells me this betting will be quick. >> 50 on clinton because she is the only one running. 50 in a year to be determined year like this one thing you can count on something you didn't expect happen. >> not a bernie sanders fan. >> i think he got to the casino early today. i put 90 on clinton and 10 on other which means it's a one in ten chance that she gets into legal jeopardy and someone else has to step in. >> you are way off. it's hillary at 95. >> okay. >> and the only other option is an act of god. and he appears to be otherwise occupied right now. >> quickly? >> act of god 50. >> put him in there. quickly winners and losers for the week. winner first. >> winner is lincoln chafee his wife loves him enough to get out of the race should we all have a wife thoughtful. loser in the republicans house benghazi committee. they want to do it in private. hillary wanted to do it in public. they should have known it would be a bad yvmentd six months ago it will be clear.
3:55 pm
unfortunately she got more out of this than they did. >> hillary, -- winners and loser. hillary with biden getting out. iraq war combat vet received the purple heart received all of her time yesterday talking about diplomatic security and not lamb bassing the republicans on the benghazi committee. loser democratic voters not only lost a sitting and senator webb and chief. >> winner and loser. >> the reason it wasn't her debate performance, it wasn't biden leaving it wasn't even succeeding at the hearings it's that lincoln chafee dropped out and that sealed the deal. the loser jeb bush, floundering has not been able to rise in the polls a good man. is he running a pretty unfortunate campaign. >> panel, you got it all. in. >> yeah, we did. >> that's it for the panel, stay tuned for yet another big announcement for the "special report" family.
3:56 pm
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unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. make it a great weekend. ♪ ♪ winds are nearly 200 miles per hour. hurricane patricia set to hit land any minute. "on the record" has live team coverage. meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane's path. james blears is live in mexico along with terrified american tourists who are stuck riding out this storm. plus, we speak to a by lotted who flew directly into patricia at 10,000 feet. we begin fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. rick? >> such important work that those p


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