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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now. make it a great weekend. ♪ ♪ winds are nearly 200 miles per hour. hurricane patricia set to hit land any minute. "on the record" has live team coverage. meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the hurricane's path. james blears is live in mexico along with terrified american tourists who are stuck riding out this storm. plus, we speak to a by lotted who flew directly into patricia at 10,000 feet. we begin fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. rick? >> such important work that those pilots did flying into
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that a lot of times when we get an idea how strong a storm is it's just from satellite estimates especially across the western pacific. when you can go into this one and verify we had 200 mile-per-hour winds that's incredible information. puts it at the stronger storm we have ever seen in the western hemisphere and probably about the fifth strongest storm we have ever seen anywhere at least in recorded history on the planet. this is a look at this storm right now. it's been here just off the west coast of mexico. but take a look at this. it's been wobbling here and right there is the center of this, greta. we will be talking about a landfall likely some point in the hour during your show time. this right here is the storm. it's very important to note it's a really small storm so the strongest winds, those hurricane-force winds only extend out 35 miles from the center of it and the very strongest 200 are 190 mile-per-hour winds are only 3 to 5 miles out. that means this little area on the the coast gets a storm is going to experience something that we have really probably never experienced anywhere in the northern hemisphere.
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because it's so small it also means potentially good news for cities in the area. a lot of mountains, a lot of moisture. see some spots maybe seeing 8 to 12 inches of rain with isolated up to 20 inches. that's potentially going to cause a lot of mud slides across. this and a lot of the villages and smaller towns that are in here are going to see a lot of problem. i want to show you this moves very, very quickly. that keeps the rainfall totals down. but it also moves so quickly we see some impacts across the u.s. here is the future radar for this inland area like guadalajara sees this tomorrow afternoon all the way in toward northeastern mexico city of monterey. you will notice rain being pulled in across eastern texas. much of texas from a different system has seen a lot of flooding this week. that same system is going to tap into this moisture from patricia and we are going to see some spots that i think maybe see another 8 to 12 inches of rain. maybe isolated higher than that parts of louisiana. big time flooding this
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weekend across parts 'of the u.s. right here tonight the immediate threat though obviously right there in mexico. rick is, there anything to make it change its path or any chance it would get wider and broader? >> no chance it will not make landfall within the hour. only one thing that could be different by the time it gets here toward the u.s., whatever is left of this, maybe it does spend a little time over water, i don't think we would look at any kind of regeneration of a tropical storm. but it will tap into more moisture and make the rainfall total that we see here across the coast potentially higher. >> all right. and if that happens, and we have a greater chance of the roots getting wet on trees and trees start falling over and we have flooding; is that right? >> flooding across the central gulf and eastern texas. that's what we are going to watch here in the u.s. this weekend. >> all right. rick. i woke up and saw all the maps, big bright colors and everything. it was like this horrible 200 mile-per-hour hurricane
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was coming. how much notice of did the people have likely along the shore of mexico or along that coast? because there are a lot of people still trapped there some that didn't get out. american tourists that didn't get out. how much notice did they likely have on this? >> great point, not a lot. i will tell you this storm in a sense snuck up on us. i will tell you it was over some of the warmest waters that we have anywhere on the planet right now. add the fuel to grow very quickly. this storm grew faster than any storm we have seen anywhere ever. it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in less than 24 hours. we talk about rapid intensification of storms we have never one dos that a quickly as this storm. it happened very close to the coast of mexico. not a lot of time for this area that is obviously a big concern. people can't get out of puerta vallarta: tropical storm force winds if not hurricane force winds and a
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lot of rain. they will not get the 190 or 200 mile-per-hour winds. the places that get that are going to be likely just completely destroyed. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. from rick in the weather center to grn reporter james blears he is live in mexico. james, what is it like right now? is the mexican government proactive warning people? >> well, basically, as was already said, the hurricane patricia developed so fast it did catch a lot of people by surprise. president said it's a disaster on a massive scale and people have to appreciate this. the wind gusts have actually now been recorded higher than 200 had miles per hour. 220 now being referred to as category 5 plus hurricane. it's going beyond a category 5 hurricane. we are in uncharted waters so to speak concerning the
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hurricane. it has actually the outer reaches, outkids skirts of it reached land. it's made landfall in now, estimates have been between 12 and 20 inches of water. perhaps more accurate sort of estimate is that the reason going to get 40% of annual rainfall in the next 48 hours. that obviously going to mean severe flooding. puerta vallarta airport closed. nobody is going out. an absolutely -- experts are saying that the sea levels could rise up to 7 feet talking about had 0-foot waives. it is a disaster which could have major potential for
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incredible damage. also, the u.s. ambassador here was saying that the range or the width of the storm could be up to 175 to 200 miles. that's the scale of it. >> james, thank you. and right now thousands of people trapped in hotels and homes as hurricane patricia closes. in entrepreneur joe francis is stuck in his beach side house. he joins me from puerta vallarta. joe, what's it like there now? >> it's actually greta, like a drizzly. very eerie drizzly feeling. definitely picking up. can you tell that the storm is definitely about to come over the mountains which the gentleman previously mentioned it was made landfall in kalima the mountains separate puerta have a la that and that area and protected it from storms in past events.
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i'm stuck here and we had a plane charter right as we were about to take off the commandant of the airport closed the airport. we raced in cars. he would tried to get out in cars. we would have got hit by mud slides so we are just few people trapped here in puerta vallarta. >> in general is, that a highly populated area and even going farther south i don't have any sense of the population along that coast. >> there are about 300,000 people that live in the puerto rico area. you have 250000 tourists as well. so yeah, it is a very populist area. as you have mentioned before, there was very little time. people visit the area.
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-- >> and this is a fox news alert. it has just made landfall. i have interrupted our guest because hurricane patricia has just made landfall in mexico with winds of at least 200 miles per hour. and some places it is thought to be as high as 22 0 miles per hour. and as james blears, our guest, former guest just said that this is called a category 5 plus. let me go back to joe francis. joe, you heard the news. it's now hit landfall so get ready. >> i'm standing outside and i'm about 2 0 floors up in a penthouse and i'm seeing the clouds start to develop over the syria madres. going to come over these hills and come fast i have seen these before. >> joe, thank you. joe, be safe and thank you very much for joining us. thank you, greta.
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>> force and even into it. 53 weather reconnaissance squadron flew his plane directly through patricia. he goes "on the record" to tell us. why did you go into the hurricane and what did you learn? >> going in the hurricane to get realtime data to help increase the forecast model for nhc that's the best way to get that realtime data is actually by flying into the storm and getting to the eye and dropping those weather instruments that are getting all the information necessary. >> what did you learn? >> well, i learned that this was the strongest storm i have been. in so it definitely, you know, taught me to respect mother nature a little more. and just how to work with a crew a lot better.
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you know, when you are dealing with something like that. you have to have you to rely on everybody in the plane, and you need to make sure you are dealing with the task at hand and make sure that everyone is on the same page at the right time all the time. >> what kind of ride is it into that hurricane? >> well, this one specifically was a real bumpy one. obviously, being a cat 5 with the winds where they were. it was in the process of building like you said rapidly. so rapid development. a lot of turbulence. as well as the fact it was by land. so then you are getting mechanical turbulence from that end as well. >> and, do you have any idea the sort of size of it? our meteorologist rick reichmuth said this was a rather small one. but i suppose that it didn't feel particularly small to you up there. >> not really. the eye was actually only seven nautical miles in dam ter. which is pretty small for
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most eyes. generally, eyes are around 30, 30 miles in diameter. so, yeah, everything came kind of quick. so once we got through the eye wall and we were able to fix the center of the storm to get that weather instrument dropped. we are out the other side of the other eye wall and everything was happening real quick. we had to be on point with this one. >> captain, thank you. and, of course, the breaking news that hurricane patricia has just made landfall. she is a category 5 plus. over 200 miles per hour. and "on the record" will continue to monitor hurricane patricia. we have got people watching this very closely. we will bring you any breaking news as we get it. and now former secretary of state hillary clinton grilled over 11 hours. >> welcome madam secretary. chris stevens, glen dougherty and tyrone woods served this country with
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courage and honor. >> i tor what happened in benghazi. >> did you order defense secretary leon panetta to stand down on the night of the attack? >> of course not, congressman. >> you say to your family two officers were killed today in benghazi by al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing. you tell your family an entirely different story. >> i clearly said that it was an attack. several of you have raised the video and have dismissed the importance of the video. and i think that is unfortunate. benghazi select committee chairman troy gowdy joins us. how are you. >> good evening. how are you. >> very well. after this investigation, i know it's still ongoing, have you you determined who it was on who made decisions whether or not there would be increased security at the benghazi consulate from those multiple requests?
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>> well we heard several hours yesterday it wasn't her. she was very clear about that she takes responsibility but not for request for more security. we know the arb went up to a certain level. we continue to believe but we have to develop the facts that there was an intermediary level of scrutiny or leadership that escape consequence. i'm not going to give you a name because it wouldn't be fair to that person, can i tell that you if her position is despite what the previous arb said about taking personal responsibility, personally review it, if her position is that she didn't do it, then we need to find at what level that decision was made so we can make sure it never happens again. >> all right. i mean, i assume that is -- is it one person who got multiple requests and has that person been interviewed by you yet? and, if so will that transcript be released? >> that person has not been
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interviewed by us yet. you heart his name yesterday. you herds susan brooks say we have some of the emails but not all of the emails. in fact, we don't have most of the emails. what's interesting, also, greta, is this person was actually part of the arb selection process. so this person helped pick the members of the arb who magically did not include him and the list of people to be disciplined because of the security failure. so. >> we should know that person, shouldn't we? i mean, that should be out in the open. if we are going to fully investigate them, we need to know who is the one who got the request and either ignored them or said no? >> and you will know. i promise. you will know when it ends. exactly who that is. >> okay. yesterday there were lots of requests for the transcript from the testimony of sidney blumenthal. there was a vote saying that we can't have it why can't that testimony be released in its full in items of transparency? >> you know, greta, i
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probably have been ruined by what i did in the previous life. i don't think you ought to look at 1/54th of anything. if you have done 54 interviews and the only ones they are clamoring to release are the two folks who were the closest friends of the former secretary of state, why not the d.s. agents? >> why not those? why not those. >> to that point, i went down to my folks send all the transcripts. i'm not going to have any information jeopardize anyone. send them all to be cleared. if we are going to release one we are going to release them all. i want folks to see that this is a serious investigation aspects of benghazi. the best way to get that point is to the look at all of trips not all of them. >> what i didn't understand is toward the tail end of the 11 hours the said something looking big picture that video, that anti-muslim video still had some role. maybe i'm getting this wrong
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did you get the sense she thinks the video was still part of this. i know she sent that email off to chelsea that night but where do we stand on this video? >> frankly, greta. i think it depends on the audience. if it's a public audience there is one explanation. if there is a private audience i'm not going to discuss her email with her family how about what she told another foreign leader it had nothing to do with the video. dichotomy what we tell the american people versus what we tell folks in private. >> is there anything to suggest they kept pushing the video thing and email that said we have got it keep pushing this because we have an election or something even remotely like that? >> how about the ben rhodes memo? how about the memo that started this select committee? which is it was related to the video and not a broader
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failure of the policy. i don't know what gets any more clearer than that that you are instructing people to focus on something that is not true, so they will not focus on your broader policy in the reasoning. i don't know what piece of evidence you will ever get that's more compelling than that. >> i don't have it off the top of my head, do you remember the date about of that memo from ben rhodes? i can look it up. >> i don't want to give you the wrong -- it was some time in september because that was what was used to kind of help the administration folks that were going to be talking about it. if you listen to the people who were in libya and benghazi this were saying not not a protest. if you listen to secretary clinton's private conversations she wasn't talking about video. it was only in public when testimony t. came time to talk to the american people we heard this spun up story about a video. >> was she fully cooperative yesterday? were you fully satisfied about how she answered questions about the. was she a cooperative witness? >> she is a good witness.
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this is not the first time she has appeared before a congressional committee. when i say cooperative, i you think you will note, greta. i let her answer the questions fully. i thought some of our questions were different there was a certain familiarity to her answers. was she being cagey and dodgy or was she being straight. >> i will have to let others judge that i think on some responses there was a certain level of candidness and some responses, for instance, what are you taking responsibility for i can't tell you what she is taking responsibility for. the three things we think she should take responsibility for she pushed off off on people. i will let the american people decide whether she was candid or not. she was not cut off and given every opportunity to answer the questions. i thought the questions were new but i thought the answers were a little old. much more to the interview and see the entire
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interview with congressman gowdy head over to at the end of the show. don't go now wait until the end of the show. massive shift in the gop dr. ben carson overtaking donald trump. where is the doctor beating trump? that's straight ahead. also, mexico is hunkering down what is to be be the most dangerous storm in history. hurricane patricia just made landfall minutes ago. that's coming up.
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new top dog in iowa in a massive shift of momentum, dr. ben carson now overtaking donald trump in that key state. a brand new bloomberg des
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moines registered poll of republican caucus goers puts dr. carson in the lead with 28%. now, that's a so point jump from since august that puts him 9 points ahead of donald trump who sits in second with 19%. trump's numbers falling four points since august. and now, i want to know what you think. who in the end is more likely to get the g.o.p. nomination? tweet trump or carson using #greta. we will show you the results throughout the show. the "on the record" political panel is here from "the washington examiner" sarah west wood and daily beast. that's a big jump for dr. ben carson it is, you have seen him trailing donald trump everywhere. when you look at all of the other signs, is he raising more money than the other g.o.p. candidates. is he actually running adds and spending that money. trump is not spending any of the money is he is promising to pour into the command. not doing the kind of on the grounds organizing. that behind the scenes work is starting to pay off.
4:25 pm
after asking respond dents which candidates they liked most. they asked them one really interesting question. does it bother you that donald trump criticizes other republicans so much? i believe had 6% of respond dents said yes. that would not surprise me. the midwestern, people don't like each other. i should say probably shouldn't generalize with that i don't think iowa likes that. >> someone originally from missouri i feel comfortable asking about the midwest. this they don't like that. another thing that was interesting though, is that of these respond dents, more than half said they really really liked the fact that ben carson said the affordable care act is the worst thing since slavery. they are okay with some bombastic rhetoric but they don't like it when it gets really personal. explains why he is doing so well. >> they are both what we call outsiders. that's interesting that the first one and two still the outsiders. >> exactly. with ben carson you get that
4:26 pm
purely outsider conservative candidate but you don't have any of the same offensive bombast that you have with donald trump. so he is sort of the milder alternative for conservatives who are frustrated with their party. >> is trump spending as much party, if you know, in iowa, time or money as carson. >> you know, trump been relying so much on free media. on paid mediaened a attention from the cable news show who just have him on all the time. that's starting to go away. now he has to decide, you know, he has to combine this strong grass roots support with some actual purchasing of ads and some actual organization because the cable shows might not carry forever. >> it is such a big jump though for ben carson in one month. >> it absolutely is. ben carson is killing trump with niceness. upbeat and warm he hasn't given trump an opening to go after him and sling mud on twitter. if trump hits him he is at bad guy. >> trump does hit hard. if he sees these numbers, even if dr. ben carson doesn't say anything, i
4:27 pm
would sort of expect trump to be aggressive back. >> this is a huge challenge for donald trump because how does he go after someone as sweet and soft-spoken as ben carson. none of the candidates have found a way to lay a finger on him because it would just reflect poorly on them. >> all right. well, we will continue to watch iowa, the first state, the caucus state. betsy sarah thank you both very much. congressman paul ryan faces a budget struggle if he becomes speaker of the house. ohio governor john kasich once helped balance the federal budget that presidential candidate goes "on the record" next. of course, we are hun for torg the breaking news. hurricane patricia brings 200 mile-per-hour wind to mexico and it has made landfall. on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want
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i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. ews alert. hurricane patricia making landfall. the most powerful hurricane ever in the western hemisphere slamming mexico right now. "on the record" is monitoring and we will bring you all the news as it happens. wisconsin congressman paul ryan widely expected to be the next speaker of the house but his first order of business is uphill battle. president obama says he will veto any bill to raise the debt kreiger if cost are attached. john kasich served in congress is years he helped balance the federal budget. governor kasich goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> how are you, greta? >> i'm very well. having served in congress as did you and running for president now, how important or how different is a
4:32 pm
speaker of the house? what difference is going to make if it's paul ryan or speaker boehner? >> well, look, at the end of the day what i'm concerned about is that we is a speaker that will be able to work with me if i'm president to balance the budget in 8 years and cut taxes and freeze regulations. it's an aggressive agenda. and i know how to do it. i have done it before in ohio at the federal level. so you can't really weigh in as executive as to who should be running the house or the senate. i just would like to have somebody there that is going to be able to work with us, be creative and smart and, you know, i know paul ryan for a long time. so would will see what happens down there it's important we are able to move things forward, greta. >> what do you make of the president's leadership style at least tonight where he says the debt ceiling, we are going to run out of borrowing on november third according to the treasury secretary and we are in deep trouble. the freedom caucus can on capitol hill wants spending cuts. paul ryan may be the new speaker. and you have got the president saying that he will veto any effort to
4:33 pm
raise the debt ceiling if it comes with spending cuts. so, what about the leadership there? >> what i think should be done, greta, is i think they should send him a plan that does have spending cuts and raises the debt ceiling. if he vetoes it they have made their best effort much it's time to start engaging in balancing the budget. that's why i have put a program together that would balance the budget in 8 years and i think if they get started in that area, i think that's very positive. and get it to the president. and then we can have a debate about spending in this country. at the end of the day, of course, we don't want to default. let's start making our positions known. >> well, if the president does veto a -- does veto a bill that comes to him, let's say there are spending cuts in it, what happens? >> if he vetoes it and then you go back and you go to work again. i mean, and you try to figure things out. i don't favor defaulting. i don't think that makes any sense. but let's start making our position clear. the president vetoed a defense bill. you know, this was a bill to
4:34 pm
provide vital resources to the men and women in the military. he vetoed it because he wanted all other spending to go up. i think we should hold our ground on that. i think they should try to override the president on that. because we do need more money for defense but we don't need to raise all the spending of the government. that makes -- that's not something that i support and not anything i would do. and so i think they ought to keep taking it to the president. and i don't think he should play chicken by the way with the military. we have a lot of demands. our people need help. they need support. and even under my plan, to balance the budget in 8 years. i call for an increase in defense spending. it is necessary. >> governor, thank you for joining us, i know you have a busy weekend. >> the former majority leader who was there when we reformed welfare and balanced the budget and cut taxes he has endorsed me today. it's good news. >> that's the political news that you have been endorsed by dick armey. thank you very much, sir.
4:35 pm
all right. greta. thank you. >> and we now know the identity of the american soldier killed during a daring raid in iraq. master sergeant joshua wheeler was a delta force commando in mission to rescue dozens of hostages from isis. today ash carter announcing there will be more of these raids. authors of the brand new book "extreme hardship how u.s. navy seals lead and win." lt. commander lace fab bin and joshua willing go "on the record." good evening to both of you. and before i congratulate you for your new book and talk to you about the book. lief it's always sad when we hear special operations a commando losing his life to rescue all of these people who were hesitate damage to isis. very sad night, isn't it. >> it is heart baracking and certainly our hearts go out to the family of this fallen servicemen. we suffered casualties ourself and how difficult it
4:36 pm
is to lose a teammate as a brother. we lift those guys up in our prayers. >> jack o this feeds into the thesis of your book about leadership and a willingness to work together. lose members of the military and our hearts break. i'm sure he did it because he really wanted to be part of an organization that wanted to succeed. >> i think in situations like this when we do take cawcialghts, my way of getting over it and the way we led through that was to continue operating and continuing pursuing the enemy trying to take the fight to them. >> extreme ownership is the name of the book. the principles in it that you both learned as seals, leif how does that translate into cooperate america. >> my set of extreme ownership, nothing else to blame. nobody else to blame but you. you have got to take ownership of everything in your world. everything that effects your mission. that's critical for the
4:37 pm
civilians on the battlefield and certainly to business leaders and teams and really to life. >> jacco were you surprised being a navy seal and then sort of getting out into the world the rest of us live in? is it vastly different? >> you know what? leadership across the board, what you are trying to do is a team of people and you are trying to get them to accomplish a mission in the most efficient and effective manner. and you are dealing with human beings. so human beings, whether you are in the military or out of the military, essentially they are all the same. >> leif what you have though in the military hopefully that we have less of out here is discipline you have people who really want to be there and disciplined. big difference? >> well, look, companies that succeed certainly have discipline as well do individuals. i you think discipline is key. mantra that jacco really taught us is discipline equals freedom. that if you wanted the freedom to operate at a very high level and be successful on the battlefield,
4:38 pm
disciplined standard operating procedures. train hard and really put in a lot of effort with a lot of discipline to succeed and that translates to any arena. >> well, the book is called extreme ownership, how u.s. navy seals lead and win and, of course, i must thank both of you for your service and of course all the members of the military who serve and do so much for the rest of under the circumstances. lt. commander babin and lt. commander wilkin. gook with extreme ownership. thank you both. >> thank you. >> major update. exirs official lois lerner that's next. plus, the longest, most powerful hurricane, the strongest most powerful hurricane making landfall in mexico. "on the record" is tracking the dangerous storm. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
4:39 pm
believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it.
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get ready to speed read the news. no criminal charges for exirs official lois lerner. came under fire for tea party and other conservative groups when they applied for tax exempt status during the
4:43 pm
2012 election. they found evidence of misjudgment but no evidence of a a crime. bus crash in france killing 23. filled mostly with elderly retirees. both vehicles immediately burst into flames. this is france's worst road disaster in more than 30 years and that's tonight's speed read. and this week, new york city again lost one of its finest. officer randolph holder shot in the head, murdered while chasing a criminal. officer randolph's murder the fourth for the nypd in just 11 months. in may, a gunman with a very long rap sheet opened fire on officer brian mooar killing him. officer brian mooar's mother irene just wrote an emotional op ed calling on our leaders to step up and do something about the violence aimed at police. irene moore joins us. good evening, ma'am. >> good evening, greta. thank you for having me. >> you know, i never know what to say to a grieving parent. it's just so awkward and i covered the murder of your son, a police officer and i
4:44 pm
must say i just -- i know you are grieving and i read -- i can feel it when i read your op. ed. yeah, it's been very difficult, yeah. you wrote this in response to the latest tonight. do youblue lives matter. yes blue lives matter. >> unfortunately do i have that sense. i would say it's for the past two years. i kind of noticed a change in climate towards the police department and since these four murders that have happened recently, i think some of it goes to our elected officials, our politicians, that aren't coming out publicly and supporting the police department. therefore sending a message to the general public that they support the police department, they have their back, and think are not going to tell tolerate a lot of what is going on now.
4:45 pm
unfortunately my son along with the other three police officers, their murders were committed by repeat offenders. so, that's obviously another problem that we all have. >> is it more the local media -- i mean not the local but local leaders in new york like the mayor in new york or is this a national epidemic, do you think? >> from what we have all seen on the news, it's definitely a national epidemic, and it's also that we experience the same thing here locally. so, it's microcosm as well as he macrocosm. and i haven't seen anything from the politicians so far coming out saying that they were going to look at policy. that they were going to look at stop, question, frisk. that, in my opinion, has sort of tied most of the police officers' hands. and the public perception they know that. and so i think it kind of tends to give a little room
4:46 pm
for lawlessness out there. >> irene, we have taken "on the record" to the marine memorial here in washington for fallen law enforcement. i can tell you my inbox for "on the record," there are so many americans out there that grieve for your son and for all the police who have been -- who have died and also the ones who are insulted day in and day out. so, i want you to know that there are a lot who really do give a damn for you and we are sorry for it. >> thank you very much. >> i reason, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> and thousands of american tourists now trapped by hurricane patricia and it makes landfall in mexico. one tourist stranded on his honeymoon next. without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. at freshpet, we're first with a fridge in the thinks food. and now with the only dry food made with 100% fresh meat.
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the perfect balance for a better san francisco. this a fox news alert. hurricane patricia just moments ago making landfall in mexico. the hurricane is the most powerful ever in the western
4:51 pm
memo miss fear. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm. rick? >> yeah, crazy stuff, the town of manzanilla spared. , cuixmala is where it made landfall under the gun right now. very mountainous temperature rein and quickly rip this storm apart. mountainous all the way to the coach. beach and then mountains. we have a lot of potential landslides here from heavy rain that is going to fall it is going to move very quickly and that will keep the rainfall totals a little bit lower than possibly could have been otherwise. you see here by the time we get towards tomorrow night, we are all the way across mexico here. moving in across parts of texas and that's going to be one of the things we're going to watch here over the weekend. here's the future radar. you see very heavy rain continues to fall but by the time we get to midday tomorrow. we're talking about this storm being being in northeastern areas of mexico and impacting areas of eastern texas. where we with, i think, are
4:52 pm
going to be seeing some spots that see 8 to 12 inches of rain and that's going to be this southeastern part of texas around houston and then in across louisiana. we have had a lot of rain the last couple of days across west texas. today across central texas. tomorrow and tonight it is going to be eastern texas here and even on sunday. that's where we are going to watch the flooding in the u.s. a lot of that is contact from the same hurricane. hurricane patricia. thank you. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. hurricane patricia is bearing down on popular tourist destinations. stanton is on his money hewn forced out of his hotel into a shelter. travis joins me now from puerta vallarta. you are on honeymoon and have you been evacuated from your hotel. >> yes. absolutely. we got here yesterday and didn't really hear anything from the resort or from airlines. didn't really know this was happening and yesterday late afternoon early evening we started hearing some rumors that we might be in for something but no one realized how you significant
4:53 pm
or serious it could be until this morning when we started seeing the resort react and prepare and they were bull dozing sand to kind of create a barrier between the ocean and the resort and taking everything off the wall. i mean, the lobby looks like the place is for sale right now. and so we originally were supposed to be in a shelter in a convention center that was attached to the resort there and the governor of the hotel came and said we needed to move. currently we are about a mile and a half inland. at a university called uniba and we are in three different buildings in classrooms right now. >> travis, be safe, good luck. and i hope the storm passes quickly and does no harm to you. thank you very much, travis. >> absolutely. thanks. >> and we're going to continue to bring you the latest on hurricane patricia. and next, friday, i have something to tell you off the record straight ahead. in mu.
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. yep, it's friday. it's been a long week from is 1 hours of secretary hillary clinton testifying about benghazi to a police officer viciously gunned down in new york city. so, let's have some good news. check out this smile. big, huh? that's latisha. she is a deaf child from uganda adopted by american family. that picture was taken today at dulles air claim as she arrives for the first time. the family in jew began da rejected her they threw her out because she is deaf. that's about as cruel. because deafness is said to be one of the loneliness of disabilities. now what a difference. brave little girl home with new american family. a struggle to get her here. made six trips dealing with the court in uganda. you would not believe the red tape at our state department. the treat deet throws never gave up. they love this child. the smile at american
4:59 pm
airport makes you know it was so worth all the hardship to get it done. now, latisha will see a hearing specialist. who knows, maybe she can be helped. if she can't, that's okay, too. the dietro family love her just as she is. have a great weekend. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. but before we go, take a look at our live twitter vote results. we asked you who is more likely to get the g.o.p. nomination tweeting trump or carson using #greta. here are your results. check this out. this is the best tweeted picture of the day. this is hurricane patricia from space. what a great shot from astronaut scott kelly and never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. set your dvr to record record. if you can't watch us live "on the record," then play back "on the record" after you are done watching your other favorite fox programs. you can do it at is 1:00 each night. fox news will continue to monitor hurricane pa trish sexual harassment stay with fox all night for instant live updates on this incredibly powerful storm.
5:00 pm
thank you for being with us. see you again monday night right here "on the record" and make sure you go to gretawire and comment about everything that's going on this week. see you monday. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there are so many communities in our country. they are experiencing a form of policing that amounts to terror. >> the antipolice movement in america getting more radical. even as police officers are being shot dead in the streets. we will have a factor investigation. >> arrogance is breathtaking. it's breath-taking. mrs. clinton, this is not about politics. why don't you just answer this question. why did you have your own private email server. >> the liberal press says hillary clinton is on a roll. is that true? governor chris christie has okay some thoughts on that. >> i'm not afraid of fox news and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. >> also ahead, the far left in america making big gains but


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