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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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they're still part of the team. they're just somewhere else right now. we'll link up again some the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there are so many communities in our country. they are experiencing a form of policing that amounts to terror. >> the antipolice movement in america getting more radical. even as police officers are being shot dead in the streets. we will have a factor investigation. >> arrogance is breathtaking. it's breath-taking. mrs. clinton, this is not about politics. why don't you just answer this question. why did you have your own private email server. >> the liberal press says hillary clinton is on a roll. is that true? governor chris christie has okay some thoughts on that. >> i'm not afraid of fox news and they don't influence how i make my policy decisions here in san francisco. >> also ahead, the far left in america making big gains but why?
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bowling and rivera will face off tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the democratic party moving far left. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the early 1860s, twin boys were put on a boat and sent to america. the boys arrived in brooklyn, new york. without adult supervision. as their family back in ireland couldn't support them. they made their way by doing hard labor and building new lives. those boys were the first of my ancestors on my father's side to come to this country. over the years, their families became democrats. the reason, economics. working men and women in the
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northeast had to struggle to gain decent wages. and democrats were sympathetic to that struggle. back then many democrats were traditional people, people of faith and family. and their party reflected that through the decades john f. kennedy was a traditional guy. so was john f. truman and linden johnson today the liberal party has turned far left. president obama has led that march and acolytes in congress are currently violating criminal immigration law embracing quasisocialistic theory. as we reported last night. even embracing radical antipolice groups like black lives matter. >> what dewant. >> dead cops. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> what do we want? >> dead cops. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> i think the reason that the organizers used the phrase black lives matters was not because they were suggesting nobody else's lives matter rather, what they were suggesting was
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there is a specific problem that is happening in the african-american community that's not happening in other communities. >> now, it's hard to believe that a sitting president is sympathetic though a group that's calling for violence against american police officers. remember, the black lives matter leadership has never disavowed the violent anti-cop rhetoric we hear all the time. in addition, the democrats continue to enable sanctuary cities. do not openly support kate's law, design and protect americans from illegal alien felons. and a democrat senator this week blume that of connecticut even blocked legislation designed to hold the v.a. employees accountable for misconduct and corruption. stuart varney will deal with that later. talking points submits that the democratic party right now has been hijacked and is trying to undermine federal law, undermine law enforcement in general. and upend our capitalistic system. how many even americans know
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that is happening? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction with us here in new york city williams city councilman and keisha evans former prosecutor and attorney in private practice it. courtroom, where am i going wrong here? >> bill, i have to say i disagree that the democrats are going far left. i think that what the democrats are doing namely the president is addressing issues that are porn to all of society not just black lives matter. some people do destroy the goal of that movement. but the purpose in my opinion is that they are trying to make sure that everyone is treated equally because when someone is shot dead because of their race we all suffer. >> we have the naacp and we have a number of other friend groups designed to do that in a peaceful way. so if you don't think black lives matter is radical. you must know they are radical, right? >> i think some people are n. it are. >> the leadership is radical and then you see the president. how do you see this, mr. williams. >> for a no spin zone that was a lot of spin.
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>> just -- well, all i want you to do is give me one example of spin. >> the black lives matter movement in the 60's when we said black is beautiful. it didn't mean that white wasn't beautiful. it meant to address a set of circumstances that that community saw. if you look at any statistic when it comes to the black community, whether it's employment, whether it's african-american education. whether it's incarceration rate, there is a problem. so to assert yourself as black lives matter isn't a response of that. if we took this to be another country looked at those statistics in that society we would be pushing for that society and the people. >> no one disputes that african-americans in general have a harder road america. >> some people do hobby who is taken seriously. okay? no one disputes that it's how you get there your definition of radical is different from mine and that might be the problem. black party radical?
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is the -- in your opinion is the black panther party. >> yes. the country was founded on radicalism. >> so you justify the radicalism is. you think it's okay to say dead cops now, let's kill the police because that's what we're talking about. >> you are labeling everything bad as radical. radical is not a bad word. >> i don't think radicalism that encourages violence. >> you can be responsibly if you want to use the word radically. >> let me ask you this, ms. evans, baby body parts you know the planned parenthood. >> right. >> now we have even more evidence that this organization was harvesting these body parts. that a radical threatening for you. >> it depends on how you look at it like you said. >> for you, miss evans. >> i feel once a mother decides that she is going to have an abortion. >> yes. >> she is exercising her right and her choice to not have -- give life to that baby. >> so, we are not talking abortion. we are talking about an organization receiving
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taxpayer money, all right, that is basically calculating how to take body parts out of aborted fetuses and sell them on the open market. you don't think that's radical? >> i don't think we should criminalize or look at those people based on the choice of a mother. >> i'm glad you guys came on. here is the divide what you believe, all right, is mainstream and acceptable behavior. i will submit to you that most americans do not. all right. they see it as destructive, barbaric, and should never happen in this. >> that's because you paint incidences in a light that. >> i'm just giving you the facts we are not. planned parenthood is not just about abortion it? >> doesn't matter. >> it does. instead of looking at bad things that may have happened and fixing that we say defund them. >> they don't want to fix it? >> instead of telling people who are using black lives matter to say dead cops matter. instead of excising that out and looking at the real causes. >> why would you excise out a direct threat to law enforcement as you.
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>> all i'm saying that's not the movement. as you know a black police officer was shot dead this week. >> may he rest in peace. >> we didn't hear black lives matter condemn the shooting. in chicago, ms. evan, do you know how many blacks are killed every weekend? >> wait, wait, wait. >> do i believe that all lives matter. >> but black lice matter is never in chicago. >> that's just not true. >> they are not. >> that's not true. >> there are instances where they are tackling those issues, black lives matter can mean that okay we need to deal with issues in the black community and be held accountable for black-on-black crime. >> look, we want we being traditional americans and i think i speak for them at this point, all people, all in america to have an equal shop. >> i agree. >> we don't want an arcky. we don't want sanctuary cities because it violates federal law. you must know that it violates the law. you don't like the law, change it? >> you talked about why people are going left, people are going right. >> no, no.
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i'm only talking about far left. >> they are trying to go far right as well. the issue is this. what we have been doing hasn't been working. right? and the traditional beliefs of democrats is inclusion. when you go conservative, exclusion. >> you say this hasn't been working. this is the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen. >> for whom. >> includes african-americans. >> for whom? >> a lot of immigrants do come here to work hard and they help to build what americans stand for. >> they must do it lawfully, wouldn't you agree. >> just because there is some criminals amongst that group. we can't target and punish. >> asking for punishing. >> last year there were white supremists that killed officers in las vegas and killed officers in washington. i don't hear the outrage. >> oh, come on. there is no clear thinking people. >> 2001 we have lost almost 500,000 people to gun violence. yet, i don't hear the conservative side speaking about how to deal with that. >> they want to deal with it through law enforcement and you know the primary victims of gun violence?
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african-americans. >> you just said the key problem. the key problems is we can cannot fix this problem focusing just on law enforcement. that's the key. >> i will tell you this because i believe you are both sincere, you will never fix the problem unless you put it in a way that the majority of americans will accept. if you are radical, you are not going to get anywhere. black panthers got nowhere. >> actually, they did. >> no they didn't. >> yes they did. >> that was a good debate. next on the rundown, governor chris christie on hillary clinton. later, varney villains. stuart teed off tonight. factor is coming right back. kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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impact segment tonight, did hillary clinton hurt or help herself yesterday testifying before the benghazi committee?
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>> what is the most important new things that you learned today. >> in terms of her testimony? >> um-huh. >> i don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has the previous times she testified. i would have to go back and look at the transcript. >> don't bother, congressman. there was very little difference on mrs. clinton's posture on benghazi. my transcript is on bill o' do you think hillary clinton hurt or helped herself yesterday. >> she helped herself yesterday. >> you do. >> i do. they didn't uncover anything new. they allowed her to get her talking points out over and over again. they are falling over each other looking ineffective. looked like congress, you know. >> her talking points are essentially this though and this is what i said last night i didn't know anything about it because it's not my job. the security professionals job. so you got a hot spot you wanted to remove qaddafi.
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your ambassador writes a cable to you which you say you never saw saying we need more security. it's not provided and he winds up' dead. do you really think american people are going to buy it's not my job to protect my people? >> absolutely not. >> well then how can you say it didn't hurt her? >> well, you said yesterday. it's going to hurt her in the long term, bill. but you have got to get somebody who can effectively question her and hold her to account. we didn't have anybody on that congressional committee yesterday who could do that. >> why i told them what to do. >> they didn't listen. the fact is this is why i have been making the debate all along. when we get to the debates next september you need to go v. a prosecutor up there. >> you think you could have taken hillary clinton down yesterday. >> i think i could have done. >> you would have led with what? >> i would have led with exactly what you just talked about which is if it wasn't your responsibility, whose was it it, madam secretary? is that what you are telling the folks out there whose family members were killed that this was not important enough for you? that their safety was not important -- i want to just know on the record, madam
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secretary,you saying it's not important enough for you to have spent the time to protect their safety. >> the congressman from kansas even took it a little further and that, i think, what the most damaging sequence with hillary clinton. he said look, if you are not going to admitted it's your job to protect your people in dangerous areas which mrs. clinton obviously says it isn't my job, then why didn't you fire the people who screwed up? nobody got fired. >> of course. this is the problem, bill. americans want accountability from their leaders. >> do they really? >> i think so. >> hillary clinton is polling at 50%. the. >> the bottom line is she hasn't been held account by anybody. glove fest, two have dropped out since the debate. they weren't serious about being there. anderson cooper was totally in the tank. let's be serious. >> you think he was in the tank on purpose. >> that's just his disposition. his point of view. >> you got a debate next week you really have to start to come up in the
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polls. would you say you have to start it to come up in the polls? >> sure. i think we have to start soon. >> around 6% is that what they have you real clear. >> yep. >> you would have to get into double digits fairly soon to keep it going, right. >> i think that very much depends on who is in the race and what they are doing. we are seeing the race turn a lot right now. seeing ben carson and two new polls ahead of donald trump. >> in iowa? >> those are the ones that matter. >> santorum won iowa last time around. i don't think we have to really give them that much wait. but i want to talk but though. >> sure. >> so, you are at 6% and trump and carson are in the 20's. this is a national deal. >> yeah. >> you have got to close that gap. how are you going to do that with ten people, again, this is the same problem, on the stage? your air time is going to be like this. how are you going to do it. >> just have to make the most use of your time and perform really well. listen, it's not the only thing that matters. as we get closer to the
11:18 pm
first people voting, you are going to have more and more intense media scrutiny on all of us. when the lights go on, bill, either you are going to shine or melt. >> you have done pretty well in the debates so far, i think. you didn't screw up. >> thank you. >> you didn't hit anybody. >> thank you again is he going to clock somebody. >> that's plus two for me. that's really good. >> you are still at 6. >> that's okay, bill. we are 100 days away from iowa. will you stay no matter what until iowa. >> absolutely. >> no matter what? because you have to have money. >> i'm from new jersey. we know how to raise money, don't you worry. >> you don't want to wind up into the penitentiary. >> never, bill. come on, what are you implying? >> no implication here. i have lived in jersey five years. >> we will take you back any time. >> i know how you rise
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money. sharyl attkisson, investigation, major crimes by illegal aliens. and also upcoming. shocking problem. young doctor, nice family, found dead in the street. no one charged. moments away.
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factor follow up segment tonight, law that kate's law mandatory prison time any illegal alien with aggravated felony conviction in this country though ho defies deportation that debate quite hot. incredibly some in congress do not support kate's law. this weekend on the program full measure investigative reporter attkisson is investigating serious crime by individuals who shouldn't even be in this country. >> we spoke to families of
11:23 pm
five victims who told us political correctness have forced their personal strategies into shadows while shielding the criminals. son drew was on his way in from law school in san francisco when he was run over and killed by illegal immigrant. roberto had been caught five months earlier driving the wrong way down the street with no license or insurance. he kept driving unlicensed until the day he killed drew. it was less than three in miles from where an illegal immigrant allegedly caught kate steinle in july. >> now that report will air sunday on the st. clair tv station joining us from arlington, virginia is ms. as attkisson. your headline on saturday you will air it. what's the head lien. >> the headline is i think most americans would be very surprised to hear how large the problem is of illegal immigrants who come here, not talking about the law abiding, deserving citizens we hear about a lot, but the
11:24 pm
ones who go on to commit felonies in the united states and then the subset of tens of thousands who none the less are then rereleased back into the u.s. where they go on to commit more serious crime, including thousands of murders or hundreds of murders and thousands of rapes over just a two year period. >> okay. now, as you know, when you present these stats like 121 illegal aliens were arrested between 2010 and 2014, and they were released after being deported and happened to them were charged with murder. so the case law, of course, would stop that but when you present this evidence inevitably whether it's geraldo rivera or any other person, they are going to say you want to get chamber maid. you are after the gardeners. they will never ever focus in on the precise problem. do you know why that is, cheryl? >> well, we discuss in the piece the theory on the part of victims' families that
11:25 pm
both democrats and republicans have a vested interest in the dysfunctional system as is and because they are motivated by their interest and special interest, they are being told or asked not to address even this subset of the population, the ones who commit serious crime. >> what's the republican interest in keeping aggravated felons in the united states? >> the victims families are just bowing to special interest because they don't want to crack down on the problem at all because they get cheap labor. >> i don't think that's true if you look at the defunding of sanctuary cities, that's where it all starts. your clip is san francisco. the murder of kate steinle, san francisco. san francisco is ground zero for this. and then yesterday they come up and said don't let one incident. now they are referring to the murder of kate steinle an incident. we are not going to change no matter what federal law is so defunding sanctuary cities almost every republican is on board with that. almost every republican. i think two or three that
11:26 pm
didn't vote for it. so, it's one party against the other is it a vote thing? are the democrats refusing to take any action against aggravated felon illegal aliens because they want the hispanic vote? i think that's what it comes down to. >> i think it could be that as well. i'm just telling you what the victims say in our story. i don't personally have a theory. and we tried to take a very a political look at this problem just factually. >> now, you are going to be attacked for taking the a political look and presenting the facts because in this society now, if you present any negative facts against hispanic immigrants, you're anti-hispanic. you must know that. >> that's why we are doing the story. we know this is a very important issue on the minds of many americans but the many in the media have self-sensorred the topic even though it's significant for the public and our show is all about bringing forth facts that others don't want you to hear. >> could this show run on cbs news? >> it will be on cbs in many markets. >> okay. but you used to work for
11:27 pm
cbs, do you think they would have run this thing. >> oh, no. in my opinion, no. >> okay. cheryl, thank you. and a footnote. if you want to watch that report online, dial up full measure dot news. full measure dot news on your computer. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. very disturbing crime. a young doctor with a family found dead in a hallway, nobody is charged. we have been investigating. varney's villains, also bowling vs. rivera on the far left. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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segment tonight, a new segment, an awful situation here in new york city. '8-year-old kristen, a married dermatologist and mother of three young children found dead of an apparent cocaine overdose in a hallway near the street but no one, no one has been charged. even though police know who
11:32 pm
was with dr. cerveny. with us is managing director of an investigating and consulting firm. so what exactly what happened to the doctor? >> she is 38-year-old mother of three living in long island. successful dermatologist. tragic story she was out of the club in manhattan, she ingested cocaine and alcohol to auto great extent according to the the medical examiner. she left with a friend from the club and went to the apartment of another individual and found in the doorway of that apartment building dead from a cocaine overdose. no one knows how she got the cocaine. and there has been no arrest but it's a tragic story. >> so she was partying and, again, this is a very esteemed woman in the community? three little kids? >> right. >> out at manhattan, girls night out or whatever, shoe. >> she left the club with a friend and went to the apartment of another
11:33 pm
individual. >> it was early in the morning. the guy was hbo producer. >> those were on security camera moving her body. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. she goes with hbo producer to a drug dealer's house, right? >> he is expected of being a drug dealer. >> he had dug pair paraphernalia inside the house. >> according to news reports. >> so she goes with this guy after she has been using cocaine and alcohol to this house, to this apartment. and then we don't know what happens inside the apartment. but we know the guys have drug paraphernalia all over the place. we are not talking joints here. we are talking packaging stuff. so then she collapses i have to assume that because the two guys as you just point out are caught on surveillance tape walking her down the stairs, right? >> they lee her in the bestibular bull in the doorway area. >> drop her on the floor. >> someone calls 911. but the they are gone.
11:34 pm
>> did the person who called the 911 identify himselves. >> i don't know if they did on the call leave her on the floor. all right? they split. you assume they didn't put his name on the 911 call. cops come. is she dead. >> she ultimately dies. she cannot be resuscitated and the medical examiner said it was involuntary -- it was voluntary intoxication of cocaine. it wasn't forced into her system. >> but, wait, what is the law then about you nobody somebody is in trouble and you drop them in a hallway and run and leave them? isn't there a negligence things that can be charged? >> couple of issues here. the morality of something and whether it can fall. >> we know they are low life scum. we don't need to get into the more rattle. >> very difficult in new york to charge someone like someone has voluntarily taken cocaine and died of a drug overdose. very difficult to charge another person. it is actually a lot of proposals to amend new york state law to make the supplier of drugs
11:35 pm
accountabilitiable. >> that's what i'm getting at. so in new york state. somebody i dos in your presence, even if you gave them the drug, if they took it voluntarilily, you are not held accountable. >> it's very difficult to build a charge like that in new york. >> jeesh, this is what i am talking about. >> different issues. not a drug dealer. the law wants someone to call 911. if someone is afraid they will be charged with a homicide. >> you can always call 9 is 11. >> that's the reason why people aren't charged. >> a drug dealer is a different story. you probably want those people to be charged but new york currently doesn't allow it. there are a lot of tries to change that. >> she took the drugs but nobody is going to be charged in the aftermath of it. >> there might be other charges paraphernalia charges or possible tampering with evidence charges. they don't plan to make any charges. >> awful. okay, counselor. thank you. far left making big gains in the u.s.a.
11:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight, america moving to the left. can you see it almost everywhere from drug legalizing to defining hard
11:40 pm
drug dealers as nonviolent to. condoning planned parenthood's baby body parts scandal to oppose go ahead kate's law to millions of people supporting bernie sanders. why is it happening? here now to enlighten us eric bolling in new york and from tucson, arizona, geraldo rivera. you first, rivera, why is it happening? first let me answer specifically in terms of lack lives matter. what has happened with black lives matter. you have a situation where many in the inner city are concerned about violence by cops against black young men particularly. but that has totally distorted the fact that there is enormous rampant violence in the community. most of it black on black in the inner city. and that is a problem that is so insolvable they focus instead on this one narrow aspect of an admittedly troubling problem. but it is so bizarre we had a cop randolph holder killed a black man wearing blue kill black lives matter
11:41 pm
doesn't care about randolph holder's death. >> you are not answering the overall question. do you know why the country is moving left or what? >> first of all, i think far left is going farer left and far right is going far right. if hillary clinton only opposition is bernie sanders who is an admitted and avowed. >> socialist. >> the folks seem to be okay with stuff they never would have been okay with even 10 years ago. why is it moving like that? >> because president started the movement and as you know the mantra is give us your vote and we will give you more free stuff. it's worked they continue to further push left because it's worked for them. they have had social wins on gay marriage, on immigration, on some other issues as you point out baby body parts. they win the social argument and then they say you know what? give us your vote, we will continue to hand over. >> you are both staying in the political realm. i want to know why
11:42 pm
individual americans. >> free stuff? you think it's a free stuff play. >> you look at bernie sanders. he has 20,000 people. >> i totally disagree. >> hold on, geraldo. >> i totally disagree. >> there are socialists around. they have always been that way. >> they are young shear what they hear. this guy is going to have take care of me. i don't have to pay my school loans back. >> i got it, eric. boling believes, geraldo rivera, that political component of entitlement society based on western europe is driving more people into the social liberalism. do you see it that way? >> i do not. i think that young people historically have been socially liberal, they want' immigration reform. they want access to abortion rights. they want pro-choice. >> all of that exists now. >> they are somewhat naive. i'm on a college campus right now. i would ren temperature to say the vast majority of them endorse the sanders' philosophy. sanders is being chased by
11:43 pm
hillary clinton to the left because it is a political phenomenon right now. >> i will submit to you even in the vietnam era, geraldo rivera. during the protests when i was in college and you dropped out or flunked out. >> i graduated from this fine institution where i am here today. >> they wouldn't say we want socialism and want to throw capitalism out. >> you have a short memory. i don't think that that is any more extreme than it is to say that planned parenthood is butchers unborn children therefore women should lose the why the right. >> nobody is saying they should lose the right. you are extrapolating data that doesn't exist you want to replinchts being a socialist used to be a derogatory term. not even that long ago. i once called president obama the socialist in chief. the left halder's head almost exploded. socialist is two they. >> sanders is never going to win or top out. is he never going to win.
11:44 pm
>> he is leading hillary clinton in some polls in some states very small. >> you said we are becoming western uranium. >> we were europe without the vacation. that's how left we are going. >> wait, wait, wait, rivera. i will tell you why you and bolling don't know anything. you are both pinheads. here is what is happening. the american public from 40 years old and down, is so ill educated about the world and about history and about this country and how it was founded in our capitalistic system, our ability to right wrongs all over the world, our protection of basic freedoms, they don't know anything. they buy the propaganda. and the best propaganda right now is from the far left. these guys are vicious. they're smart. they know how to do it. and they are winning. the court of public opinion. rivera, you have got 30 seconds. >> a progressive latino right now is what hearing
11:45 pm
donald trump and these other candidates want to not only deport all the undocumented immigrants but also their children even if think children are citizens of the united states. >> donald trump doesn't run the country. >> i think that there is sufficient provocation from the far right that right now we are in the silly season. everyone is going to chase. >> i have got to wrap it up. >> silly season, yes. where a socialist is getting somewhere around 40% of the democrat vote. bill's point hits the nail on the head. capitalism has created the power and the strength in the globe especially here. only thing that's going to save us. if you want to move to socialist europe. you are out of your minds. we are going to be one of the massive numbers of countries that are just average. we are not great anymore. we need to be great again. >> good debate. we appreciate it. stuart varney with his villains on deck. hollywood actor emerges as a his or her moments away. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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back of the book segment tonight. varney's villains, a situation that has stewart in a semiuproar. here is the anchor.
11:50 pm
i have to ask you, do you get to run out to the head in the three hoirs? what do you have, a port-a-potty? >> yes, i do. >> you do. three hours. >> the first two hours, i get two and a half minutes. >> do you? you have to be efficient. okay. wez ln university, fine school in connecticut. now, they've gone off the rails. how? >> the student protest movement started in america. it was called the free speech movement in berkeley. we have come full circle. at wesleyan university, it's the students who are clamping down on free speech. there's a publication called the wesleyan args, published twice a week. they have an op-ed critical of the black lives matter movement. uproar, and the stunlt body itself voted to take more than half the funds away from the paper, shut it down, and clamp on on free speech. no debate. >> there was a column by a columnist? >> yes, sir, a student.
11:51 pm
veteran, who doesn't like black lives matter. just a column. and they lose more than half their funding. >> the budget is $30,000 for the args. they lost $17,000. >> that puts them out of business pretty much. >> not quite, but really cuts back. >> i was a columnist for the daily free bresz at boston university. i wrote a whole bunch of stuff that other students didn't like, and i didn't give a fig, but why would you think that -- i know most of the university students are liberals. and everybody knows that. but why are they punishing free speech? do you have any theory on it? >> i don't have a theory on it except that it's the intellerant left. that's the villain here. >> punish anyone with whom we disagree. >> don't even punish them, shut them down. don't exchange in free ideas. don't do that. no, just shut them down. >> wesleyan, this is disgraceful. what the student -- what the dean should do or the president of the university, step in and
11:52 pm
restore the money and say we're not going to do this. this is not what we do, but we're going to continue on the story in a way that wesleyan university will notice. can't tell you how, but it's coming. >> richard blumenthal, democratic senator from connecticut, same state wesleyan university is in. what did he do vis-a-vie the veterans administration. >> senator rubio stands up on the floor of the senate and said i want a straight up and down vote to give the ability of the veteran's administration to hire and fire wrong-doers at the va. senator blumenthal stands up and blocks the vote. he said he's doing the work of the government unions. they don't want any member to be fired sum airily or demoted or dismissed. >> is it just va hospitals or va across the board? >> va hospitals, i believe. >> we all know the scandals in the va hospitals. we all know them. blumenthal, he himself, one
11:53 pm
senator, threatens to filibuster, blocks the vote. so that there can't be accountability add the va, is that right? >> that's right. despite all that's going on. >> everything that has been proven. richard blumenthal, who once said he was a street nvet nomve wasn't. >> he blocks reform in the va. he's a villain. >> you bet he's a villain. you guys outthere, all the millions watching, call his office and say what the hell are you doing, right? >> i think so. we should confront the villains. that's why we have stuart varney on. >> big time actor honored for being a hero. nice story. the tip moments away.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
a hero in the show biz ranks, but first, this weekend, great time to visit billo'
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we have quizzed for you, free. polls for everybody. great games, jocularity, you love it. then on the gear side, we have jackets, mugs, pens, shirts, hats. everything you need for gifts, for you, all of the money generated from the web site that comes to me goes to charity. everybody wins. also, legends and lies dvd is out. we have it. makes a great gift for everyone who likes the old western history. if you become a bill o'reilly premium member, you get any one of my books free of charge, including the number one book in the country, killing reagan. buy it on the website, get a free copy of the constitution with it. if you become a premium member, we throw in the constitution as well. how could you not? >> now to mail. it was clear hillary clinton told her own family benghazi was a terror attack, and then told the public it was a video inspired event. why don't you say she lied?
11:57 pm
not my job, mark, as she would say. not my job. that's up to you to make that determination. i present the facts. and advocates for mrs. clinton might say she received conflicting reports. it's obvious she misled everyone. and we made that quite clear, but it's up to you to but the l-i-e word on her. scott out of plainfield, illinois. if your already is hillary clinton was warned about b benghazi and did nothing to upgrade security, then isn't donald trump correct about george bush? >> no one asked president bush to take precise action against al qaeda in afghanistan, because no one knew about the plot. as far as available evidence demonstrat demonstrates. jack, new mexico. i watched the entire benghazi hearing and believe the lack of respect towards hillary clinton was misogyny. meaning hateful towards women. jack, i believe that if a man
11:58 pm
was secretary of state during the benghazi terror attack, he would have been grilled just as hard. polly, new york city, bill, i disagree with your comparison of black lives matter to american nazis. didn't make that. i asked if the republican group, if a republican group embraced a radical group like storm front, would that be acceptable? in light of the democrats not having a problem with black lives matter? it's all about radicalism. tom, wildwood, florida. one of my friends is far left, always bashes ronald reagan. after reading "killing reagan" he has changed his viewpoint. i'll glad he read the closely. finally, the tip of the day, actor gary suniece, honored at west point. he received the award for outstanding service and honoring the motto, duty, honor, country. the actor has raised millions of
11:59 pm
dollars for wounded vets, visits them on a regular basis with his band, and generally leads the way in helping vets who sincerely do need help. past recipients of the award, president bush the elder, dwight eisenhower, general macarthur, and bob hope. gary suniece, man of honor. we should all honor him. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, also, we would like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' if you wish to opine, word of the day from mark thorp, do not be reptilian. wow. do not be reptilian. that's never a good thing, by the way. whether you're writing to us or not. reptilian, not good. thanks for watching us. megyn is next.
12:00 am
spin stops here. we're looking out for you. tonight on "red eye." a computer predicts the gop will win the presidential election. does this mean i can start trusting computers? and a university claims the term politically correct is no longer politically correct. how can a thing no longer be that thing the thing is. and holograms of dead comedians are going on tour. that's fine, as long as they don't start hosting tv shows. our panel provides answers and questions. first, a news break. this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. hurricane patricia weakening to a category 2 storm. the national hurricane center says it remains an extremely dangerous storm. there is word of flooding and


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