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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 24, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning. >> today is saturday, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. an extreme weather alert. after hurricane patricia makes landfall as a category 5 hurricane. the storm now setting its sights on rain-soaked texas. millions in the state getting slammed by storms and mortar religion rain is on the way. we have live team coverage straight ahead. then ben carson is leading trump in the state of iowa on top of two polls. trump firing back. >> ben carson is super low energy, right? he is super low. super low energy. >> >> not just low but super
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low. the brand new battle on the campaign trail. we'll have the very latest. >> move over president obama. the mainstream media has a new darling. >> does hillary clinton want the week to end, the week could mark one of if not the best of presidential campaigns. >> but was hillary clinton really a winner in the benghazi hearing? we will check that out because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ hi friends, good morning, look who is joining us in for clayton this morning peter doocy. >> the great peter doocy in from washington. he set aren't we in new york it tomorrow. >> they were both here on "special report." >> we came down on a tandem bike. >> on a bicycle built for two. we have a special alert to tell you about now. hurricane patricia arriving
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in mexico as one of the strongest storms in history. >> it's been downgraded to a category 1. the rain from that storm is now moving into texas. millions of americans facing more flooding throughout the coming weekend after the storm slammed that street leaving streets and rivers overflowing. >> we have team fox coverage this morning. william la jeunesse in pure poor that vort that. and rick reichmuth tracking iting it from new york. >> a really crazy storm to watch with the way you that it strengthened. it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in under 24 hours. it's an incredible thing we have never seen that before. it made landfall last night between man zan nil low. had it struck here it would have been more devastating. about 110 miles between those two digits to give you reference point. pulling off towards areas towards texas and northeastern parts of mexico. it's moving very, very
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quickly. texas has been under the gun this week. they have had a lot of rain. the same system that wrought all of the rain aacross parts of california and then arizona. that system slowly pulling to the east and this week has plagued much of texas. where you see all this red that's where they have flash flooding going on right now. kind of very dangerous situation. we have some flooding emergencies going on. now we are going to see some of that moisture from patricia get pulled into that exact same system and get ready take a look at this right here. some of these spots across eastern areas of texas. parts of louisiana and mississippi. by the end of this he we are talking about some rainfall totals there 8 to 15 inches. that's going to cause flooding across texas. remember we had all that flooding in may, it dried out. we had drought come back and now we have flooding again. feast or famine across this area. this is another bad. >> is a inches. >> bad for all those parts of the country and everybody else developing the flight delays and flight
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cancellations. >> it slams mexico overnight. thousands of tourists have been forced to change their vacation plans. can you why. >> william is live in mexico with the latest. good morning, william. >> compared to what could have happened. it's remarkable. almost like the storm that didn't happen. the eye of the storm hit south of me about 50 miles. you remember looking at the satellite photo that thing was the size of texas. here i am on the mulacone in prosecutor vallarta. you can look over here. this is a bar. these were stacked last night. they are still here. is 65 mile-per-hour winds. you take a look up here, this lamp is still here. i'm going to bring you over here and you are also going to see this sign is still up. this is remarkable. we were in cancun so years ago for hurricane wilma, that devastated the entire
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place of cancun. it took a year to recover. also we were in the philippines category 5 level bomb. a group just left, we talked to police and lifeguards and they said there is basically no damage. back to you. >> amen. that's good news. william la jeunesse live for us in mexico. thanks, man. there has been a change in the presidential race in the first state in the primary contest that would be iowa. which is happening at the end of january. donald trump has been leading are for months. no longer the case according to two polls. >> donald trump coming in at 19% behind dr. ben carson. at 2 %. >> and, manual, if you thought that maybe one of these known entities, one of these people who has had a political job in their life before was going to surge up, you thought wrong. >> that's in the des moines register. and the bloomberg politics poll there.
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but you are seeing more of the same in the quinnipiac poll, too. dr. carson at 28%. dr. trump at 20%. donald trump is saying you know what bloomberg and quinnipiac they don't like me and he is questioning the validity of these numbers. yet, very often you hear donald trump on the campaign trail saying i have won this poll. i have won this poll. everybody loves me. >> he is not questioning the accuracy of the polls, significantly he is slamming ben carson directly and personally. here is the latest. watch this. >> ben carson is the one that's leading iowa, supposedly. i said but ben carson is super low energy, right? he is super, super low energy. we need tremendous energy. we need tremendous energy. i hear in iowa that there is going to be a merge are of ben carson. i like him, is he a nice guy. they are going to merge the super pac. it's really unfair. i don't think they should be allowed to do that. i don't know if they are allowed to do that.
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but how do you have super pacs running campaigns? >> what an interesting response? i have got to be honest. i you like ben carson. everybody likes ben carson. i don't think one person who thinks he is in danger of getting the nomination. the wiser response ben carson is great and leave it at that why attack him? isn't there is a huge double standard now within the republican party? when jeb bush or chris christie or somebody says these polls don't matter. you know what they are playing the long game. when donald trump says this poll doesn't matter, everybody says uh-oh he is in trouble. going down. he should drop out. >> maybe it reveals something. ben carson has clearly gotten his go. i mean, here is the trump responding directly to ben carson and it seems to me, you know, strong, secure people, can control their emotions and maybe it's not a good idea to slam ben carson personally. smile ben carson is great and i wish him well. >> it seems pretty much every time donald trump seems to fly off the handle, his poll numbers don't go
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down, they go up. they have had this between dr. ben carson and donald trump. you remember last month when trump asked is this going to continue and go on until november of next year potentially. i don't knowen if it will. if i start getting attacked the people who have been te'o tacking me their numbers start going down. super pacs are smart though. people hate super pacs. this is why trump is doing so well. he is anticorruption. i know how it works. >> he is telling all of his super pacs give back the money and shut yourselves down. >> and so he is saying i don't need any money whereas jeb bush yesterday had to make across the board cuts because they are running on fumes. >> apparently they are. it doesn't look good at all. well, looking great for hillary according to who? the press. in the aftermath of the immediate aftermath. even in fact while it was going on that 1 is 1 and a half hour benghazi testimony the other day. the press declared her not
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just the winner, but the e headlines from the republic can coast. >> day lock of benghazi. >> no clear wins for g.o.p. at benghazi hearings. republicans fail to take down hillary clinton after 11-hour benghazi hearing. all right. here is a look what you saw if you were watching tv yesterday as well. >> we're thrilled it's friday but does hillary clinton want the week to end? the week that could mark one of, if not the best of presidential campaign. >> i tweeted out while this was in progress the longer she sits there, the better it is for her. >> hillary clinton and congressional republicans and democrats sparred all day yesterday. in benghazi hearings that could only be seen at least in terms of theatrics as a tko for hillary clinton. it wasn't even a close call. >> i said she was going to be make monkeys out of them
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it was predictable and she did. >> it's clear they are completely ignoring the fact that we found out in emails that we saw and we know about this private server and been able to see all these emails if it wasn't for this benghazi select committee in the first place. she emailed her family members and said, hey, this looks like al qaedaish type attack. yet, see sent susan rice out on the five media shows on the sunday talk shows to say it was anti-islam internet video. >> you just got the point right there. i actually think it's fair to say she won from an optics point of view or politically. okay. to see karl bernstein my former boss a monkey is is unbelievable. it's not just anyone's job to handicap the horse race tell us the substance what did we learn. she won the day but what happened? >> do you think that the fbi agents who are still investigating her server said she did such a good job we will see stop to see if she improperly stored information on the server. and that will be it. >> there is a federal investigation going on,
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apart from politics. apart from the optics, there is something real at the bottom of this. >> i think they were probably watching that really closely and i don't know that they would have the same reaction. >> even after karl bernstein declared victory? they are going to continue the investigation? are you serious? >> friends, at home, lead us know what you think about hillary's testimony, was she a winner? 111 minutes after the hour and on to other stories now making headlines. nashville police releasing deadly video of a shooting at tennessee state university. a group of young men and what appears to be several flashes. at least two people, who were not enrolled at the school, opened fire killing a 19-year-old man. cops say it all started over a dice game. a $6,000 reward is offered for information leading to the suspect. a chicago teenager has become the 7th high school football player to die from injuries suffered during a game in season alone. 17-year-old andre smith was hit thursday night and collapsed after walking off the field.
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paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died yesterday. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. in the two-year investigation into accusations the irs targeted conservative groups is over and no criminal charges will be filed. the justice department saying it found no proof of mistreatment by former irs official lois lerner who headed up the agency's tax exempt department or any other employee. and the royals are going to the world series. [cheers] >> in honor of your father, peter doocy, would you like to do this? >> sure, the royals eliminating the blue jays with a 4 to 3 victory to claim the american league championship series in six games for the second year in a row. shortstop' escabar was named mvp after going 11 for 23ed in the series. the royals are going to open the world series on tuesday night against the mets. >> the mets, baby.
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>> do you know how early it is? i actually thought that prince charles and his kids were going when you said that the royals are going to -- isn't this an american past time? why are all these british monarchs there. >> just prince charles and his kids against the mets? i don't know. >> my money is on the mets. [ laughter ] two days after new york city police officer was murdered, this happened. watch. >> [chanting] it is time to rebel. [nypd go to hell. >> anti-cop rally right here in times square. why is this rhetoric getting hotter as police are being murdered? what does it mean for the crime rate next? >> talk about double trouble. why these twins are being denied their lerner's permit. you won't believe it. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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welcome back. new york city police releasing video of these men, three of them. they are now wanted for questioning in the shootout that led to the murder of officer randolph holder. >> and just two days after his murder, protesters gathered in times square with this message. >> rise up. >> rise up. >> stop police brutality and murder. >> that was in times square here in new york city. holder was just ''33 years old. he was the fourth nypd officer murdered in the line of duty in the last 11 months. the man accused of shooting him was a career criminal. >> so why is the anti-cop rhetoric rising as police are killed? joining us now randy sutton former las vegas police officers and national spokesperson for the american council on public safety. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> holder hasn't even been buried yet. that won't happen until
3:18 am
tuesday. 30,000 law enforcement from all over the united states are expected to come. his family hasn't buried him and this is going on in times square? what is are your thoughts. >> disgust is the only word can i come up with. think of the real tragedy here. officer holder was living the american dream. i mean, think of this. he came to the united states as an immigrant, he followed in his father's footsteps who was a police officer in their home country of guy anna. he became a police officer which was his dream to do he was the american dream: you know, let's not mince any
3:19 am
words here, okay? the black lives matter movement and these associated movements are court fit movements i say that they exist based on the lies of ferguson and the fiction that there is institutionalized police racism. so they exist, they were formed based on lies and conviction and now what are they doing? they are are not only insulting all law enforcement. but they show that they really don't care about humanity at all as they protest even before a brave police officer is buried. >> so, is it our imagination or are these protests occurring at the same moment that crime is going up? obviously more dangerous to be a cop than it's been in a long time. also more dangerous to live here. are we imagining this? this is real, is it not? >> you are not imagining it at all. we are seeing a breakdown of respect, respect towards authority, respect towards police. teachers, but most
3:20 am
importantly, what we are seeing is people willing to commit crimes -- they feel with impunity because they don't feel like there is going to be any repercussions or consequences. so, they are willing to push the envelope further and further as we see disrespect towards law enforcement increasing, and people willing to -- if people aren't even afraid to attack the police, why would they be afraid to attack you. >>? that's really a good and deep point. thank you so much for joining expblus my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> make you realize the people behind the black lives matter movement who have grievances they think are valid need to speak up and silence these who are saying things like fry like bacon pigs in a blanket. most despicable thing in times square. these five brothers smiling in mug shots. you wouldn't guess what they just got charged with frat brothers. >> paying for sex changes
3:21 am
official policies in one state. should finances be financing them? we have a fair and balanced debate coming up next. buckle your seat belt. ♪ i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ i needed money because i had none ♪ your buddy ron is always full of advice.
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fire up the coffee potted and get ready for saturday morning. quick headlines now. in just a few hours, secretary of state john kerry will meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas in the region. talks come just two days after kerry met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. sheriff's deputy being treated for severe head and facial injuries. after being brutally attacked by an inmate inside a pittsburgh hospital. a man slammed a plate of food in the deputy's face and stole his gun. another deputy tased the man
3:25 am
stopping the attack. over to you. >> it is official policy. california is the first state to have taxpayer funded sex change surgeries for prisoners. the cost of each surgery and related care could run anywhere from 50 to $100,000. is this an appropriate use of taxpayer money? here to debate columnist and psychology expert dr. gina lou den and psychotherapist daily. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> so the first question, most obvious, why is it now that prisoners should be allowed to have this surgery on the taxpayer's dime? >> well, what's happened is that prisoners file petitions with the federal government asking them to pay for these surgeries because they deem them medically necessary. and the medical community agrees. under the u.s. constitution and the eighth amendment, when we imprison people, we can't do so under cruel and unusual punishment. so it's considered cruel and
3:26 am
unusual punishment if these prisoners are held for long periods of time without being accessed to -- without having access to this surgery. >> doctor, do you agree that it's cruel and unusual punishment if the government does not pay for a prisoner's sex change when they ask for one. >> absolutely not. the science is on my side of this. i'm not sure why the other side is deciding to be science deniers now but johns hopkins university ended their program because they realized that people who go through with the sex change surgery have a 20 fold increase in suicide rates as opposed to those who don't. and this is not only very expensive to an already bankrupt system that is releasing tens of thousands of prisoners every year because of expenses, and now they are going to put all this money into what is essentially a plastic surgery that is very dangerous and playing with lives. >> and the most important part about the building block for all of this is a doctor needs to say that the
3:27 am
operation is medically necessary for someone with gender dysphoria, they will be harmed if they don't have it. how settled though is the science behind that? how settled is is the science? how accurately can every patient or rather evaluate every patient and say this person has a medical necessity for a taxpayer funded sex change? >> i don't know about the johns hopkins study. and i think your question is a great one. i think he we are still trying to understand as a society what to do in these cases. in prison, if you identify as a woman but you are housed in a male prison system, you are 13 times more likely to be raped than someone from the general population in prison. so, again, it's a very complicated question because what do we do with people who dress, who identify as a woman but are housed in a male's system and visa versa. >> quickly, dr. loudoun,
3:28 am
what do you do with people like that? >> you give them a lot of therapy. the fact of the matter is the fact of the matter is even if they have the sexual reassignment surgery, their chances are so much higher and chances of recidivism are so much higher that they will need additional psychological help anyway. why not that to them instead and not risk their lives with experimental program as nell said is really very -- we don't fully understand it. >> all right. dr. gina loudoun and nel daily thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next up, a big scare in one school as a student collapses in the middle of gym class. his vice principal there to bring him back to life. what that educator learned one week ago that helped save that student. plus illegal immigrant admits to identity theft. social security fraud and stealing from medicaid. you only get one day in prison and is not deported because of his age. what? we are going to debate next
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hi friends, good morning, back with extreme weather alert. hurricane patricia making landfall overnight. weakening down to a category
3:33 am
1. >> brand new pictures coming in overnight out of texas where water rescues are underway after a train becomes partially submerged in floodwaters at least two pacific workers on board. >> storms moving ahead of pra pa trisha have dumped several inches of rain. the rain now taking aim at millions of people in texas. nobody knows more about hurricanes and their effect than our own meteorologist like reichmuth. >> i don't know about that but i know a lot. completely separate systemment 16 inches of rain in 24 hours and still more rain in the air. they are getting a ton of flooding. what we are going to see in texas now is going to be kind of accentuated and strengthened because of what is coming from patricia. two different things going on. also, super worth noting all of the damage that we are going to see in mexico we have never really seen yet. this storm made landfall last evening. an n. an area difficult to
3:34 am
get to and surely much more difficult to get to now as i'm sure many of the roads are washed out. not going to see any of those pictures yet. probably for another couple hours and they will be extreme. do want to show you 72 hours of patricia. we went from kind of a system we were watching, eventually a tropical storm here. and then watch what happened from just after 3:00 a.m. local time to 24 hours later. we had a category 5 hurricane right here off the coast of mexico. incredible strengthening. strengthening faster than any other storm we have seen. weakening incredibly rapidly as well. moving all mountains and land. mountains always rip up storms. this is the best example of it that we have seen. it's risen 100 millibars since the storm made landfall. big changes going on. this is the radar and future radar. what it is going to look like. get absorbed into the system that's been plaguing texas and throughout the day today even parts of texas. hill country of texas where major flooding is going on right now. tonight into tomorrow we are going to be seeing that all
3:35 am
across east texas, louisiana, parts of mississippi as well. some of the spots are going to see so to 15 inches of rain. guys, that's going to cause more flooding in that area. they have had had flooding in may that was historic for them in texas and getting a second bought of it. just leakily not as bad but a too spots major and. >> flashbacks texas and oklahoma losing 26 people in that lisk flooding. >> we have another dangerous set up very similar that we could be seeing that kind of historic coming again. >> thanks for monitoring for it. 35 minutes after the hour. other stories making headlines at this hour. had movie theater murderer james homes has been attacked again. mark damages barely lunged at holmes and a security officer taking multiple swings. neither was seriously hurt. holmes is spending life in prison without parole for killing 12 and injuring 70 others during the showing of the dark knight rises back
3:36 am
in july of 2012. and these five frat brothers, look at them. they are arrested for brutal assault and most of them are smiling in their mug shots. police say they beat a rival fraternity member at the university of mississippi when he caught them trying to steal a donkey statue from his house. the only one not smiling is facing the stiffest charges, the school is also investigating. and terrifying moments in gym class. 14-year-old skylar nelson was running laps when his heart stopped and he dropped to the ground. well, his teachers dialed 911. school's vice principal performed cpr and saved that boy's life. turns out he had just taken a refresher course on cpr the week before. >> the pulse was hard to find. of the timing of the adrenaline pumps in. you are doing what you were trained to do. >> say thank you very much. and i'm grateful and god bless you. >> skylar was born with a heart defect but never had any health problems before.
3:37 am
what a hero. and 15-year-old twin sisters alison and alicia are used to getting confused by people. but they were shocked when they were denied their driver's permits because of it the computer system at the department of motor vehicles in georgia flagged the girls as frauds because their names, social security numbers and teachers all too similar. >> they were taking our pictures. they was picking up as saying we were one person instead of two different people. you would think the computer can pick up swl of a difference but it can't tell us apart. >> georgia's department of driver's services say the mixup was a mistake. you notice in the press interview they are wearing the same shirt, too. they walk alike, they talk a like. >> that stinks though their whole lives everybody is getting us mixed up once i have a drivers license i can go and do my own thing. >> i have the feeling they there are uses for this though. yeah. >> they could -- steal each other's boyfriend. show up in class. >> like the olsen twins.
3:38 am
>> i wouldn't mind stealing my brother's tax i.d. number from time to time. a father of three takes to twitter put a spin on device for working moms. it could affly fathers instead. here is the first tweet. rise and shine busy dad. saturdays is your day. ask your wife to baby-sit for a couple hours so you can can clean the bathroom, me time. >> and then another one from manwhohasitall. rise men you can really have it all housework, kids, career, a radiant complex and matt forehead and pleasant. you are very blessed and charmed i'm lucky. my wife once closed the fridge door. >> you are right. this is a spoof. this is one of the picture that's posted, too. where he is talking on the phone. he is trying to make sure that he looks good. his hair a is little bit messed up. tie is messed up. trying to take care of the baby.
3:39 am
trying to have it all. he is just doing what you see a lot of times from mommy bloggers. this guy has 70,000 followers though. probably more after he has been on "fox & friends" and most of them are women. it's not like they are upset mad about it. they are not taking it personal and take offense they are laughing along with him. >> i'm sure somebody is offended somewhere. >> somewhere is very offended. it's a microaggression. anybody who is still claiming you can have it all is lying. >> it's a joke. >> i know, of course this is a joke. it points up the truth which is you-can never have it all. lower your expectations. >> really try. my dad always said that my dad said anna, you can have whatever you in the life but you can't have everything you have to pick and choose. >> your dad is a wise man. >> i think this is a very 2015 thing to think. and obviously the internet is just a sick place. probably a solid chance this guy has no kids. or maybe not. maybe not even a guy. >> 14-year-old girl in indonesia making this up. >> he is a wanna be model.
3:40 am
that is a great point. let us know your thoughts on that. 39 minutes after the hour. here is what is coming up on "fox & friends" weekend. a story that is going to have you seeing red. listen to this. illegal immigrant admits to identity theft and social security fraud. but he only gets one day in prison and is not deported. all because he is too old. is this fair? we're going to debate it. >> and get ready to cough up some more cash this thanksgiving. the new numbers say that your turkey dinner is about to cost you a whole lot more. ♪ if you can't come around ♪ don't be cruel to a heart that's true ♪
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time for wick headlines, first, the feds have their eye on illegal contact lebaneses. the u.s. were to's office
3:44 am
says it has already cracked down on 10 southern california stores yelling halloween lenzs contaminated with germs. poorly fitting and lead to infections, damage or blindness. and your thanksgiving meal may cost you a little more this year. 9 million turkeys wiped out after a bird flu outbreak. analysts not calling it a shortage yet. however, they are warning about the possibility of rising prices. tucker? >> thank you, peter. here is a superior you may not have heard. 82-year-old man in the u.s. illegally, he admits he stole an identity for 30 years. even change the legal name of his victim to his own. but is he not going to be deported. federal judge sentenced ramon perez rivera it one day in prison due to his age and other factors. is that a fair punishment? here to debate keisha and jonna spilbore. he is 81. i never defend illegal immigrants especially those
3:45 am
who commit crimes. 81 is old. do we gain a lot by putting him in prison. >> the federal prison system. i used to work for the bureau of prisons. they have elderly inmates. i don't care how old you are. if you committed a crime you should suffer the same consequences just like someone who was 21 years old. i think we are sending a wrong message or the federal judge and prosecutor sending the wrong message okay if you commit a crime you don't get caught until you are in your 80's. you will get a slap on the wrist. >> important principle here you are saying. >> yes. >> joanna, why not deport the guy? >> that's a should be deported although we would be paying for that like we would be paying if he did go to prison at age 28. the law almost five years ago to the day, the federal extending guidelines change. and they said if you are elderly or sick, we don't have to put new prison for your crime. that's the state of the law now. but the thing is the federal sentencing guidelines defines old, sit down, as 51. >> so, i know, but i think the problem is it's not that it's unfair to the prisoner, if you go to jail at 882.
3:46 am
it's unfair to the don't want to be taking care of you, blood medicine and worry about your incontinence problem. that's actually in the wording. they don't want to worry about that you get a pass if you are are old and/or sick. >> that's an interesting question. doesn't the public have a financial interest in not taking responsibility for someone who is in his 80's? >> right. we absolutely do. that's with all inmates. even younger ones they are in prison longer. this man's life expectancy is in the 80's. >> fantastic. >> not going to live that long in prison. and also if he is not going to be incarcerated, at least deport him. why should he stay here and benefit from the united states tax dollars. >> kisha keeps going back to this principle the rule of law which used to be a big deal in western civilization. >> you would think. >> it should be. ask thawnt undermine this principle? >> in a sense it does. since it is the law, what are we going to do? look at this man now, the party is over. he is not going to get any more benefits. we know he is not the person
3:47 am
he said he is going to be. is he not going to be getting any money from our government. but now he here he is so now what? how does he eat? how does he pay the rent? how is he going to feed his family? what's he going to do now? let him out of here and be somebody else's problem. i can't explain why we are not doing this. >> you have all been in the criminal justice system a long time. are there lot a 82-year-old elderly committing felonies. >> a lot of them are pedophiles. if you do a search and look at all the incarcerated inmates in 80's or older. they are all pedophiles. >> his crime was a result of a series of government. >> drivers license renewed it applied for food stamps. any benefit. social security, and nobody said a word. and, judge, a judge is a one who granted the name change so how does that happen, do we turn a blind eye? are we stupid or are people in on it or they just don't care. >> that is such a good point.
3:48 am
this guy never would have gotten to this place if the government had been doing its job. >> 30 years. what a smart conversation. you are so awake and sharp both of you at this hour. it's not even 7:00 a.m. it's unbelievable. >> it's all you. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. well, he was killed in a fire fight with isis in iraq. he died heroically in combat. but the obama administration doesn't want to call it that they refuse to say the word combat. are they politicizing a tragedy for their own political gain? we'll bring you the latest on that story. plus, like it or not, winter is indeed coming. that's what rick reichmuth claims. and to stay healthy through the cold season, here is our advice, eat with your left hand and change your toothpaste. we will explain why unconventional tips could keep you healthy. ♪ tell me that you love me ♪ yeah ♪ tell me something good ♪
3:49 am
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program paragraph hey friends, good morning, like it or not. issue with the is come. with the season often comes cold, dry skin and a laundry list of other ailments. there are unconventional tips we have to keep you healthy in the months ahead. expert joins us with the survival divide to keep you well for winter. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> the first one you say we need to blink more. >> yes. >> wear sunglasses. >> so when it's cold outside the air is more dry and that means there is not as much moisture in it it, obviously. this causes your tips to evaporate more quickly. you might notice your eyes feel board or feel dry. my tip is to wear sunglasses when you are outside. this is going to prevent from you getting wrinkles and sun damage but also keeps the moisture in. >> blocks the wind, too. >> or use lieu brie indicating eye drop if there
3:53 am
is a real situation. >> sometimes people can get addicted to those just like naval spray. i like your tip better. >> exactly. >> eat with your left hand at parties. >> i actually do this all the time anyway. so you are at a holiday party. you are shaking your hand, someone's hand with your right hand and you have got food in front of you. so the best thing to do is to use one hand to greet, and one hand to eat. because when you greeting someone's hand, possibly getting germs. you don't want to put that in your mouth or your food. left hand to eat and right hand to say hello and then best thing you can do is to wash your hands afterwards. >> meet and greet. >> if somebody shakes your hand excuse me i can't eat this carrot and humus right now i need to go use some hand sanitize are. >> that's iraq regard. that seems rude or fist bump instead of hand designate one hand for each. >> change tooth baste. >> your teeth is very porous especially if you have enamel or nerves exposed. cold air ago grey gates that
3:54 am
keep your mouth closed when you are outside and it's really really chilly, that's going to prevent cold air from getting into your mouth. also might want to use a different toothpaste if you are noticing sensitivity. even a sensitive toothpaste or go to different brands because they have different active ingredients that will help your feet feel better. it if there is a different issue see your dentist. >> our pillowcases you say every single week we have got it do it during the winter. >> every single week especially if you are sleeping next to one sick next to you. pop it into that dryer and washing machine hot cycle and change it prevents dust mites which can cause allergies, too. >> what about like even the do you i have a covers and things like that. how often? >> i always say wash your sheets once a week. of the do you i have a every two weeks or once a month. that's a bit more of a process. the idea here is these viruses and infections can thrive in the cold air. so you really want to make
3:55 am
sure that you are taking care of yourself. >> you say be intimate with your partner once a or twice a week. that's the magic number? >> yes, it is. the idea is they found a study that found there is antibody -- you have more of this antibody when you are intimate once or twice a he can would be. that antibody helps you fight off colds and the flu. plus, intimacy is the good kind gives you, you know, a mood boost and it can help with objection oxytocin levels. >> you say it is once or two week magic numbers. >> we have our viewers saying hey chick wow wow. and that's the magic number doing it even more -- >> -- the study found doing it more than twice a week wasn't great i'm not necessarily convinced that's the case. that may have been the study. but as long as you are in a happy, healthy relationship i think as much as you can bond, the better. >> thank you so much for all those tips. >> thank you. >> eat and greet. very nice. so many things i learned today.
3:56 am
five minutes before the top of the hour. here is what is coming up. things were not serious all the time at the benghazi hearing. look at. this i was alone, yes. >> the whole night? >> well, yes. the whole night. [ laughter ] >> we will take that up. >> the uncomfortable moments for hillary clinton you won't see anywhere else. and does the punishment fit the crime? a teenager charged with assault for throwing a baby carrot at her teacher. the story that will have you talking all morning is coming up. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. hi friends, good morning, today is saturday, the 24th of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman, in an extreme weather alert. hurricane patricia slams
4:00 am
into mexico and now has texas in her crosshairs. more people on alert as floods threaten that area. we have live team coverage just ahead. >> and he was killed in a fire fight with isis and died heroically in combat. but you won't hear that word combat from the obama administration. >> it is a great american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming a come bat role. >> oh. the word games continue. why? because someone is benefiting politically. we will tell you who coming up. >> and what would you do if you overheard your kids talking like this? >> i know a punch of people from your dance team and they said pretended to be sick so they didn't have to go to birthday party. >> didn't you audition to the musical. >> people said i sounded like a dying pig. >> did anybody step up to help though. the video has has everyone talking because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪
4:01 am
♪ i got everything i need ♪ and nothing that i don't. >> that's all about the nooks and crannies in your thomas english muffin. about making something good for charity. we are having a breakfast battle this morning. i can't wait to eat the french toast, that's what i want. >> right on the plaza. and to cover it we brought straight from washington, our culinary expert peter doocy who joins us on the couch this morning. >> thanks for having me. i can tell from the smell of it they are having hash browns. >> you have a dogging like sense of smell. >> are you able to make distinction between that's mcdonald's or burger king. >> burger king just does the tots, right? >> i don't know. >> next question? >> nice job. >> all right. we begin with an extreme weather alert. hurricane patricia pushing inland through western mexico overnight.
4:02 am
the powerful storm is blamed for causing flooding and landslides after making landfall as a category 5 hurricane. it has now weakened to a category 1 storm. >> patricia now taking aim at texas the state is being slammed by a different storm system. fast rising waters leading to rescues overnight. and south of class, crews are working to rescue at least two union pacific workers after their train became partially submerged in floodwaters. >> we have team coverage of all of in this morning. william la jeunesse is live in puerta vallarta, new mexico. rick reichmuth chief meteorologist of fox news who has been tracking it. >> you remember last weekend, last friday there was all that flooding in parts of california. those mud slides, then we saw the flooding earlier this week across arizona. that's the same storm system that's here across parts of texas. and i want to show you more video coming out of that texas area that's just southeast of dallas. and there were water rescuing going on here. flat emergencies yesterday afternoon. can you take a look at that
4:03 am
you remember texas back in may had flooding, historic flooding in one with of the wettest months that they had ever seen then it died out rapidly. here we are. texas, down towards. flood warnings. towarded east today as moisture from hurricane patricia gets into this system and it's going to become very heavy across east texas and partslouisiana n. i do want to come back and a he show you here between puerta vallarta and manzanillo. communities we don't have pictures yet. that's where the storm came on shore. that's going to be the pictures that will probably come out sometimes once we
4:04 am
get light out today and people can get to those spots. i'm sure a lot of those roads have been washed out. pictures like we haven't seen because we had winds sustained at 165 miles per hour coming on shore there. so, incredible storm. >> wow. we will bring those pictures when we get them. thanks a lot, rick. >> hurricane patricia creating chaos in fishing resorts. 15,000 tourists forced to change vacation plans and move to shelters. >> william la jeunesse is live in puerta vallarta with a look at conditions there william, good morning. >> patricia came ashore here about 12 hours ago it hit right here on the beach. really. i'm in puerta vallarta, i have got to tell you. given the size of this storm, the wind speed, the amount of rain that dropped, mexico really has been spared. we are talking literally as rick said about the resort cities of puerta vallarta, and manzanillo. that area in between very sparsely populated about. a good four hour drive where we are now along the coast. and of course the sierra
4:05 am
madre mountains right here. the storm came, in slammed there. all that rain has come down. there have been reports of flooding. >> take a look effort here they prepared for the worst, of course, between sandbags and putting up the boards and so forth. but, a lot of cops that know looting. no damage, no breaking of windows. nothing has been falling down. it's remarkable about the lack of damage that you see here in puerta vallarta. 15,000 people were evacuated from here. buses, up and down. all the way to guadalajara. 10 hour drive. some people spent 800 to is thousand dollars on a cab ride to get out of here because they were ordered to evacuate and now we are waking up and things are literally perfect. it's a beautiful morning. as rick said, it was halfway between here and so you had the worst storm in the best possible place. also, you can compare that to cancun that was a category 5 a that got leveled. compare that to the
4:06 am
philippines, another 165 mile-per-hour plus wind speed that leveled the entire town. so they were very, very fortunate here to have this major storm go through and have so little damage. the last thing i will wrap it up as rick said, as dawn comes up, we have more reports. we did see a caravan of about 30 vehicles, ambulances, military supplies. heading south toward manzanillo. we will find out later today. no major reports of damage or fatalities or mud slides. back to you. >> all right. be careful, william. thank you. >> thanks a lot, william. all right. a tragedy this week as a member of delta force, the army's super secret most elite force was killed in iraq after breaching a wall into a compound where isis was planning to murder about 70 hostages they were taking. the man's name was joshua wheeler. a master sergeant from oklahoma. >> this is what we know about him.
4:07 am
he enlisted since he was a teenager deployed 11 times to iraq and afghanistan. his awards 11 bronze stars, four with a valor device. and where it really gets tricky is when it comes down to politics and this. and is the obama administration trying to say no, we are still making good on this campaign promise. we are sending in some forces to iraq, but they are not going to be involved in combat missions. so, now, did this guy, this hero, did he die in a combat mission or did he not. >> well, the pentagon insists that this is an advise and assist mission. but obviously when you are going to rescue a bunch of prisoners who are chained to the wall in isis controlled territory. i'm not sure if that is the advising part or the assisting part. but we do have a sound bite from the defense secretary who tries to hash that out for us. >> could you please explain how more raids fits with no
4:08 am
combat troops? >> we have this capability. it is a great american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming combat role. it represents a continuation of our our advise and assist meigs. things are complicated. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assisting coming under attack. and he rushed to their -- to help them and made it possible for them to be effective. and in doing that, lost his own life. >> that is so insulting to the military. look, the guy was fighting a war. now, you can agree with it or not and the politics are complex, fine. why not just be honest about what was going on. if you were this man's family. i think he had four or five children. can you imagine having to listen to this? >> the real thing that i think is important out of all of this it is splitting hairs here. the family would be eligible
4:09 am
for the same benefits and reportedly they will be. josh wheeler will be eligible for combat declaration as well. he will be remembered as a hero. >> he died very heroically in service to his country. how do you think his family feels when they hear from the pentagon and from the administration that there are no boots on the ground in iraq? >> but this is just up and down the line, always the case. people in power just lie. just speak plainly. just tell the truth. how sick are people of this stuff? i agree with that i can't imagine how i would feel if i was wheeler's family. but charles krauthammer was on "special report" last night. he said it's a clumsy way to make this distinction but it is a valid one. operations in which you seize territory in advance of large infantry units the way we did the first time in iraq, that would be considered combat missions. not these type of raids. you wouldn't say you were in a combat mission on this raid on usama bin laden's compound. you would say it was a raid. >> people shooting at you,
4:10 am
it's combat. >> that's how i feel, too. >> i was on a college campus when barack obama was elected the first time. a lot of people voted for the first time because he was going to end the wars. it would be difficult for him to say we pulled everybody out it we have got to go back because there is more combat. >> if you are one of the many americans who actually didn't watch all 11 and a half hours of hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee the other day, you probably saw the snippets on the news. fawning hosts sucking up to her. we have a little montage that may fill it out more and add perspective what it was like those 11 and a half hours. here is part of it, watch. >> who else was at your home? were you alone? >> i was alone, yes. >> the whole night? >> well, yes, the whole night. [ laughter ] >> that didn't come easy, did it? because you faced considerable opposition? and can i pause while you are reading your notes from your staff. >> one thing at a time, congressman.
4:11 am
>> taking your time except i can't turn my mike on while i read. >> it's so funny about an 11 hour hearing where you are talking about somebody that you say is your friend and his three colleagues who died? what is -- actually i was watching all day and i really was by the laughter. >> you didn't laugh at all? >> interesting last night secretary clinton did an interview about rachel maddow that i read about. i didn't watch it she said after that hearing things went so great they went home and they had a party. she and her staff had wine and beer and indian food. now, again, i have never been to the subject, the target of a congressional investigation. is it common to go from a grilling by lawmakers where you are talking about your dead friends and then go and have a party? >> when the mainstream media is declaring you president clinton practically and saying that this is -- was a disaster for the g.o.p. and a victory for democrats.
4:12 am
do you have a party. >> with rachel maddow it was extended suck-up. >> police are releasing video of a deadly shooting at tennessee state university. it shows a group of young men in what appears to be several flashes. at least two people who were not enrolled at the school opened fire. killing 19-year-old man. cops say it all started over a dice game. $6,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the suspects. new video just released of three men wanted for questioning in a shootout that happened moments before a new york city police officer was murdered. officer randolph holder was gunned down outside a housing complex in harlem while responding to a shots fired call. investigators think the three men could be witnesses or part of the initial shotout that drew officers to the scene. 30-year-old career criminal tyrone howard is behind bars and he is accused of killing 33-year-old holder while fleeing from police.
4:13 am
attacked by a carrot. virginia teenager facing assault and battery charges for throwing a baby carrot at a teacher. 14-year-old aleea a may say she threw it as a joke, after the vegetable hit the teacher in the forehead. moody officials claim the carrot was a weapon. >> i don't even know how to combat the stupidity of this claim. yes, it happened. they would have called and said oh, she is in trouble. she got a couple days school, maybe a day or two out of school. this has gone beyond that. >> she was suspended for a month and now waiting for a court summons. those are your news headlines. >> punishment for throwing a full size carrot? >> sorry. hillary clinton testifies on benghazi terrorist attack. so we want to know how do the victims' families think the former secretary of state did. the uncle of one of those americans killed in benghazi is going to join us next. >> and need a reason to vote in the election? where you can get $10,000 to cast your ballot.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
terrorist attack but not the american people. can you tell the president of libya it's a terrorist attack but not the american people. you can tell the egyptian prime minister it's a terrorist attack but you can't tell your own people the truth. >> hillary clinton facing is 1 hours of questioning on capitol hill thursday as new emails are brought to light showing that she knew it was a planned attack and not a random protest as her team originally stated. so, what did the families of those killed in the attack think of her testimony?
4:18 am
joining us now with his reaction is the uncle of sean smith, michael ingmyer. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. i'm glad that mrs. clinton had an indian food, wine and beer party. too bad my nephew and ambassador stevens, know, couldn't show up. but, you know. let's talk today. what do you want to know? >> well, just to that sound bite that we just heard. how does it feel to know that she told her family that your nephew died in an al qaeda-like terrorist attack but then she told your family that he died in a protest gone wrong because of a video? >> that's consistent to remember career as a serial liar: without a doubt, you know, mrs. clinton really a problem embracing the truth. >> and from the hearing, it was 11 hours long, you
4:19 am
basically cut it right down the middle, five and a half hours republicans going after her. five and a half hours of democrats supporting her. like this. >> the questions are increasingly badgering, i would even go on to say increasingly vicious. there is very little interest in what actually happened. it's terrible abuse of our responsibility and our power. >> we want to badger you other and over again until you get tired until we do get the gotcha moment that he is talking about, we're better than that. >> so michael, those democrats were very upset at the idea that they were a part of the proceedings that they agreed to participate in. >> they were having tantrums. and. >> what did you think about watching? >> oh, i was embarrassed. you know, in the sense that, hey, listen folks, in you don't want to be part of the process is, nobody is forcing you, resign, elijah cummings, adam schiff and
4:20 am
adam smith in particular were an embarrassment. you know, they were like are you kidding me? you know, the interesting thing was that you know, mrs. clinton started her career as a watergate lawyer. okay? you know. let's go back to watergate for seaxd is. ookay. first of all, mrs. clinton was fired as a watergate lawyer but that's another story for another time. but when watergate was created, as far as the committee process, yeah, there was politics back and forth. but once they got in there, it was business at hand. it didn't matter if it was productive representative or democratic representative. they wanted to he no the truth. these folks don't want to know the truth. you know, they want to do everything they can to upstructure the truth. elijah cummings talked to me right after the first hearing in september of last year. okay? and he said to me that his mother told him to avoid situations where there was emotion, distortion, and confusion. well, i thought he was
4:21 am
pretty emotional and rather distorted. >> i'm very sorry for your loss and we thank you very much for coming in this morning. >> hey for coverage, we are not done yet, folks. >> i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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7:00 p.m. the exact time you should go to bed if you want a perfect's night's sleep. harley quinn, number one costume according to it
4:25 am
google's fright geist. star wars and super heroes for halloween. tucker over to you. >> thanks anna kooiman. what would you do if you are walking down the street and you saw this? >> >> i know a bunch of people from your dance team and they said they pretended to be sick so they didn't have to go to your birthday party. >> didn't you audition for the musical? people told me that you sounded like a dying pig. did you think you were going to get a part? >> well, you definitely do need makeup. >> wow. it could have been real but in this case it wasn't. it was an experiment to test the compassion of bystanders to see whether they would step' in if they heard a child being bull idea. well, many of the adults in this video did. would you is the question. bring in our parenting panel this morning. jimmieson a mom and blogger at mom in the co-founder of fatherly. mental health consultant of ask welcome to you all. >> good morning. >> stefanie, would you step in and should you step in if
4:26 am
you hear something like that? >> absolutely step in. and i definitely would step in. i showed this to my own children last night to say would you step in? and. >> what did they say? >> my son said absolutely, he definitely. we he is older and he said he could never watch a kid be treated like that. >> well, it's awful but it's also really common, isn't it, simon? this happens a lot? should you get involved in other people's business. >> in this case you definitely should. it doesn't happen like this. it happens online. as we look at that. who is to step in. this is great, we should celebrate those people who are coming in and stepping in. unfortunately, you know, bystander apathy is a real issue. it's great to see it happen here. the question is does it happen enough? and does it happen enough when it's online? >> right. does it happen enough, lauren. >> i don't think it does, no. >> yeah. >> especially online as you were saying. it happens all the time and people just sit there and a watch. they view it as entertainment. >> that's for sure. >> go and text their friends. did you see what's going on here? so i think when you are in
4:27 am
that situation and you know you are seeing it in person, it's one of the things that we need to teach our children that if it's, you know, behind the computer screen or right there in front of you that you absolutely need to step in. >> amen. >> need to do that job as errant. >> i'm glad to say in this case a lot of adults did step in and say stop. i want to tell you about one of the greatest threats to life american and liberty that is halloween. one new jersey school has banned it because of diversity. somehow it's not diverse or something. is this an overreaction? is it insane or part of the witch-hunt we are seeing. >> i don't know if it's insane but definitely an overreaction. what we have to focus on school is not just for academic purposes. it's about socialization and halloween, meg memories is something that kids need to experience and halloween is fun. there is way he to make it maybe like a fall festival or something where we can celebrate it in some way. >> or just call it halloween. >> is there any kind of authoritarian behavior that can't be justified under the
4:28 am
name of diversity? i mean at all? is there anything? >> this is exactly like cops, you know, shutting down lemonade stands. totally crazy. and, in fact, if you actually want to sort of strengthen diversity and strengthen kids'' understanding of diversity, you have to allow them to be around things that are different than them. so i would actually say shutting down halloween is actually anti-diversity. >> i agree. >> it let's them express their creativity. my girls who are 6 and 3 have been picking out their halloween costume for months. going through the magazines and things like that. something they don't get to do every day. and they have this one day a year where you can just be who you want to be. >> you have told them anti-diversity? >> of course not. >> do you know what diversity is? i have no clue. some day we will do a show on let's define diversity. i would love to hear the definition. >> only rule that should exist here not letting your daughter or son dress up in the sexafied costume. >> focusing on having fun
4:29 am
and being a kid. >> that's not aloud. diversity bans it thank you all for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much for having us. >> a really diverse morning. thank you. coming up next, senate democrats block legislation to block sanctuary cities that's called kate's law. bill o'reilly calls it unbelievable. he joins us ahead. a national breakfast battle. the bitterrist kind. two chefs, two spatulas, they face off in a moment for the best food. ♪ ♪ it's the weekend now ♪ and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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is right for you. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated in the opdivo clinical trial. take a look at this. shot of the morning. what happened when congressman bet on baseball? this happened. >> meet the mets. meet the mets. ♪ step right up and greet the mets ♪ bring your kiddies ♪ bring your wife ♪ guaranteed to have the ♪ time of your life. >> is this what our taxpayer dollars are going to? that's congressman adam schiff from california saying meet the mets on the u.s. house of representatives. he lost a bet to steve israel when the mets defeated the dodgers in the playoffs after knocking them out. we all know the mets would cubs.
4:34 am
they will be playing in the world series against your dad's royals on friday, right. >> i think that sounds about right. tuesday. there is always confusing stuff on c-span. that has got to be at the top of the list of people flipping through in the low channels and thinking what's that guy. >> not since jim troughen can has left the house. >> the final game against the cubs. i was at a billy joel concert not to brag. probably the best son concert. >> of course it was. >> he was giving fans updates on the game the entire time. he had video on the big screens like he probably took it a dozen times. >> why doesn't he write a new song for the mets. that's the saddest team song i have ever heard. >> right now we need to get to your news headlines or start with this one. the director of fbi says there are roughly 900 open investigations against isis inspired operatives across the united states right now. james comey says some of those cases involved
4:35 am
homegrown extremists but didn't give an exact number. he says cases are slowly on the rise as the terrorist group continues to recruit americans largely on social media. it's been used in the federal government for nearly five decades. but now a liberal congressman wants it gone. texas representative joaquin castro wants to ban the word alien. he says it's offensive to people in the country legally since it's also used to refer to illegal immigrants. castro wants to replace it with foreign national or undocumented foreign national. and there is some trouble brewing in kentucky. the university of kentucky is planning to sue kentucky mist moan shine a small local distillery if it doesn't take the word kentucky. u.k. has trade works to the rite kentucky. other material could mistakenly being used with having affiliate school. distillery owners say they don't agree and need to talk
4:36 am
to owners to see what their options are before making any decisions. and the royals are going to the world series. win the pennant. kansas city eliminating blue jays to claim the american league championship. the series in six games. the second year in a row. escabar named mvp after going is 11 for 23 in the series. like we just told you the royals opened the world series tuesday night against the mets. and those are your news headlines. >> all right. and now big storm on the way we have to talk about too. >> hand it over to rick reichmuth who is tracking all of this for us, rick. >> two big storms, one impacting the u.s. and one impacted mexico and about to hit us. here is the last seven days across parts of the west. it looks like it's moving fast but not making very
4:37 am
much forward progression. all that flooding to california. all the flooding to arizona. and then this last few days all this flooding to texas. now, that is starting to be influenced by moisture that's coming up from hurricane patricia that's that just hit mexico. here you see the radar. we see the flooding. we have especially along that i-35 corridor overnight toward the hill country not looking good right now. some areas maybe another four to five inches of rain right there. you go a little bit farther toward the east and we will see maybe up to 8 to 12 inches of rain where you see he that red and mostly along i-35 from dallas down toward austin and hill country. flash flooding going on. be very careful. here is a satellite picture. hurricane patricia came on shore there across pars of mexico between puerta vallarta and manzanillo. a little town. that is an area we haven't seen pictures as of yet. watch as the light comes up and start to get a pushing
4:38 am
of the damage. that storms moves to parts of texas. >> send it over to you. >> thank you, rick reichmuth. >> 135 chefs from all across america, towns, cities, hamlets, they have been competing for the title of breakfast battle champion and a check for 25 grand. >> armed with their spatulas, here they are. after more than 415,000 votes, the contest is just down to two. and they are here to go spatula to spatula and show off their recipes before one of them is announced the winner. >> chef mike murphy is from charlie parker's diner in springfield, you will know. and chef christopher mandalis from green bay, wisconsin. gentlemen from the midwest facing off. tell us about this contest. >> thomas contacted me and wanted me to be part of their 135th year anniversary celebration breakfast battle. and i'm one of 135 restaurants. they ask to come up with a recipe using one of their
4:39 am
products. i use the english muffin on a recipe with the hometown flavor. you will have the breakfast horseshoe staple in springfield since the 1920s. >> very nice. have you support from local lawmakers, right? >> yeah, we have both sides of the aisle. we had senator durbin in telling people to come out and to vote and governor -- >> how did you get involved in this? >> so i was one of the 135 chefs like he said. when they reach out to us they kind of set in force the rules either using english muffins or bagels. we chose the bailing. we took what might be a risky approach and decided to chop it into pieces. >> whatever that is, it looks unbelievable what is that. >> door county bread pudding. north of green green bay where the best cherries come from. >> we have had a lot of support. we are really fortunate and we are here in the last
4:40 am
round. thank you for the vote. >> while have you been slaving over the stove this morning can we try it and can you tell us how it's done? >> mine starts with english muffin. we grill it, couples, sunny side up. grab some bacon. throw it on there. then we use grave cheese one or both i'm using both of them today. got the cheese sauce there. >> that is some cheese sauce. >> and we have some grave on the other side. >> and some grave. >> >> can't even see the english muffin. >> top it off with hash browns on top. >> heart attack on a plate. looks so good. >> do you want to try it what you don't eat i will have. >> wait until the commercial break consume all of that. can i touch it. >> you can touch it. this is the finished version. i will show you how to make the custard. >> cheese and the chunk. >> nutmeg, vanilla, maple
4:41 am
syrup. four eggs, brown sugar, cherries, little heavy cream. whole milk. >> mix it all together. >> how do you get it into block form. >> you put it in a baking pan and grease it. 15 to 18 manipulates. put in the baking pan. >> and cut it like a cake. >> cut it like a cake. that's what we have here. >> how many calories per? >> don't think about it. >> calorie free. >> don't count them on tv. >> maple syrup with some more cherries. a little powdered sugar. >> and friends, can you find this recipe if you would like to enjoy the goodness like we e on our website. head to who is going to win the battle, guys? you have been talking smack to each other. >> no, no, chris is a good guy. >> arm wrestled. >> i know it sounds -- but
4:42 am
true america wins. geniuses and honored to have you. [cheers] >> coming up next, peter doocy is going to take it away. >> and coming up next, senate democrats block legislation to defund sanctuary cities. that includes indicate's -- kate's law. he bill o'reilly is going to join us next. 007 needs 911. what daniel craig says happened to him during the filming of the latest bond movie. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i don't know that i can put into words how happy i was when i quit. it's like losing some baggage, i don't have to carry it around with me anymore. chantix made it possible for me to quit smoking.
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i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
4:45 am
is. hey friends how are you
4:46 am
feeling? i hope you are doing well. tied to the vote is kate's law. the bill named after 32-year-old kate steinle killed by illegal immigrant in san francisco. bill o'reilly backed that bill and i spoke to him about the decision he calls, quote: unbelievable. >> bill, our "fox & friends" viewers have been watching this news closely on kate's law hit a road block this week. what's next? >> next is senator cruz introduced a stand alone kate's law bill. and we hope that they get it to the floor quickly. so we want to see everybody who opposes mandatory five year prison sentence for aggravated felons who are deported and then come back. who would oppose that really? who on earth would oppose that law? and, yet, you have, i guess, a number of democratic senators who are going to vote against it. if they do, that, to me, disqualifies them from holding office. and then anyone who would run against them in think state would use that vote, see. this is we have to start to
4:47 am
ferret these people out. the people who just are not representing the united states citizenry. because i submit to you 80% of the american people would supreme court this bill, this law. >> you have had overwhelming support on your website. >> of course. okay. but people who watch the fox news channel tend to be a little bit more traditional. all right. but i think the liberal people, not crazy far left he san francisco people. they are just out there. you never going to get them back. gadd honest liberal americans would say you know what? if a person commits a violent felony here in the united states and we door port them and they come back, they have got to spend some serious time. >> why would republicans let this be tied to sanctuary cities. it seemed obvious this would get voted down, why did that happen in the first place. >> that question was asked to senator rand paul twice on fox news and answered it and i still to this day don't know what he is talking about. okay? i guess they wanted to do some symbolic gesture because defunding sanctuary
4:48 am
cities, i support that but that is a much larger issue that liberals can hide behind. all right. you are not going to get a slam dunk on that. you will get a slam dunk on kate's law or you should. much simpler, narrower law. >> you also had cruz say that this ought to be tied to must pass legislation is that the way to go about doing this. >> not in my opinion. stand alone. let the american people see who is going to vote against this bill. >> it's not very often you put your muscle behind actual legislation. why are are you doing this for kate steinle's family? >> i promised that i would do it for them. i feel so sorry for them. everyone knows that a beautiful 32-year-old woman walking in a public place gets killed by a guy who had seven felony convictions here deported five times and came back six. and you don't want to incarcerate this man on n. a mandatory way. how can you live with yourself by imposing that law? i feel very strongly that this has to happen to send a message to president obama
4:49 am
and everybody else. you have got to stop. this sanctuary cities next in your crosshairs? >> i think sanctuary cities is anarchy that they are not obeying federal law as i said last night. >> across the board. >> 2 jurisdictions. >> don't like the law change it don't defy it that means if i don't luke a law i don't have to obey it now and you don't like a law you don't have to obey it? it's anarchy. they are breaking it down and saying i don't have to obey this law. you get away with this? you can't have that you don't like immigration law, change it but it's on the books. you are sworn to uphold that law. and they are violating their oaths across the board as i said. if i were attorney general, i would arrest those people in san francisco. >> ladies and gentlemen, bill o'reilly. all right. amazon suing more than 1,000 people for posting fake reviews online. do you know how to spot a fake? what you need to look for. and, call her miss friday night lights. a teenager is named homecoming queen at halftime and then she takes the
4:50 am
field. ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> check out the ponytail. the real quicker that play helped her dad score last wins a the team's head coach. both of them join us live next hour. ♪ you make me smile like the sun ♪ fall out of bed ♪ sing like a bird ♪ dizzy in my head ♪ spin like a record legalzoom. legal help is here.
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4:53 am
hi, everyone. if you are planning a holiday trip. beware before backing. don't get fooled by fake online reviews. >> a lot of us are fooled. that's why the ceo of the media group and social media and tech expert chris ruby to the couch this morning to help us sort fake from real.
4:54 am
how do you know if you are reading a fake review? >> the first thing you want to do is really want to review the reviewer. so you want to look at their digital footprint. what else have they written online on other sites. are they only writing for one company? have they verified by a site? you want to look at all these things. also their language are they overly ecstatic about what they are seeing or are super negative? >> to me that feels like a lot of work. the looking at the language of overly excited or overly negative i guess that's easy. looking into the reviewer. who else are they representing? all of that. i just want to get online and do it in 30 seconds or less. that sounds like it's going to take me 10 minutes. >> it definitely will take you 10 minutes. unfortunately that's what you have to do now. so many of these reviews are fake. if you want to get to the truth to the bottom of it look at the top reviews, the worst reviews and usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. >> and what about you say pay attention to detail. what exactly in the details are we looking for? >> so are they mentioning specific details about the room that they were in.
4:55 am
are they mentioning specific employees of the hotels that they are staying at. someone who is a little bit more neutral probably won't do that because they don't want to get someone fired. >> where are the fake reviews coming from? >> well, sometimes you can pay for them. >> fake negative reviews? is that the competitor company paying someone to trash their -- >> -- sometimes it is. yeah. or other times it's just other people who are literally getting paid to do it. >> like catfish this really effects other businesses. >> glass door is terrible. >> last two tips compare reviews across other sites. what are the good sites? >> good sites well i mean trip advisor is one with of them. but you want to look at voters. you want to look at yelp. >> are trip advisor trying to do anything with this
4:56 am
problem? >> they are. they have had their own lawsuits as well. trying to verify specific people. how many reviews has this person written have they written a ton? chances are it's a gadd review. if they leave a review everywhere they are traveled. trust them. only left two don't trust them. >> trust your gut. >> trust your gut. if it's something that you think, you know, read it outloud to yourself. does it sound like something you would write? most likely it's true. if not, it's a sham. >> if i get email from nigerian businessman and there is money we will talk about it during the commercial break. >> chris ruby, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> he is charged with murdering a new york city police officer. just five months ago he alluded jail time when judge sentenced it him to rehab instead. what that judge has to say this morning. plus dan perino on the curvey couch. in a few minutes she will tell us about the benghazi hearing and the latest iowa poll numbers that have ben carson taking the lead over trump. jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
4:57 am
believes that america's leadership
4:58 am
and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:59 am
5:00 am
. hey friends, good morning, today is saturday the 24th of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman and this is an extreme weather alert. a monster storm makes landfall. hurricane patricia slams into mexico and has texas in her cross hair. inadvertently millions of people on alert. we have live coverage just ahead. >> and there is more. trump once said that ben carson was just too nice to attack. he no longer feels that way. >> ben carson is super low energy, right? super. he is super low. super low energy. >> not super but super low energy. we will tell you the new poll numbers that may have spurred trump's view on this question. coming up. >> plus she was crowned homecoming queen and moments later did this. ♪ ♪ [cheers] it's good, she kicked a key extra point. real quicker here her dad is the coach and they both join
5:01 am
us live this hour because, mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ hey, everybody, welcome on in to "fox & friends," thanks for being with us in for clayton morse this morning peter doocy. >> thanks for having moo. great peter doocy joining us live from washington, d.c. >> the only city in america can declare war not that you have but it's nice to see you. >> we are not going to. not until the 9:00 hour. that's a tease. but we are going to start with an extreme weather weather alert. hurricane patricia downgraded to a tropical storm. pa trirk shah made landfall in western mexico as a category five hurricane. winds up to 165 miles per hour bringing down trees and power lines. >> but as the storm creeps north, it is aawrntlylessing its strength. the remnants of the storm now taking aim at the state of texas just as that state
5:02 am
has been slammed by a different storm system. >> multiple water rescues happening overnight south of dallas, including at least two members of a union pacific train partially submerged under water. we do have live team coverage this morning william la jeunesse in puerta vallarta but we start with meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking it all. good morning, rick. >> good morning, so much going on in a complicated setup. this is what was just this kind of storminess that we had here across parts of just at the south of mexico. i hize my clicker is not going to move as we move forward. show you this video out of texas. there are water rescues still going on and we are now getting word that this is navarro county and that there are people who have been stuck on the freeway for 12 hours because they cannot get passed the flood water going across this area. that is going to continue because the rain there is not gone. and it's going to continue with this for much of the day today. in fact, it's going it it unto rain very heavy, likely
5:03 am
for about another six hours. then we are going to see it eventually move a little bit off towards the east. and as it does, we're going to start to see things improve there. we will dry out a little but the for this week. that area has seen over 16 inches of rain. in a very short period of time. in fact just in the last day and they still have more rain. this is what was -- this is the last 72 hours of patricia. now it's pulling up there in towards central mexico. but that moisture now is getting kind of brought up and accentuate all that moisture we have across texas and eastern texas is going to be under threat for much of the afternoon and much the day tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, we start to see more of this moving in towards louisiana, arkansas. and mississippi. so a lot of areas are going to be vent actually impacted by that you will moisture from pa trish sexual harassment guys? >> just in may, oklahoma and texas both dealt with all that flooding. 26 people died there people in mostly cloudy skies co-waking up assessing the damage from patricia. roads are flooded and trees knocked down.
5:04 am
>> thousands of tourists in puerta vallarta find themselves in shelters. vacations interrupted it not ruined. william la jeunesse is there with the latest what's going on. good morning, william. >> hey, tucker. the rain is coming down again. and i have to tell you when we drove from guadalajara here last night we had 10 hours straight of answer rain. at times we couldn't even see through the windshield. here is the remarkable story. puerta vallarta was in the crosshairs. and the beach is literally about 20 feet over this direction. they faired remarkably well here. there is not even any palm ferns on the street. however south of me towards man nil and, they do have water damage there and flooding there. we have seen emergency vehicles and troops head down that way and supplies as well. the tourists you spoke to about 15,000 transported from here to glad la harr rah. some had to pay cab fare 800
5:05 am
to $1,000. we are told while they went into the shelters 4:00 they were led out by about 8:00 last night when the storm went through. now they have done with back into the hotels. of course just a few rooms still occupied because most of the people are out of there. but, for the most part, no major reports of damage. of fatalities or mud slides. mexico in this case has really dodged a bullet. back to you. >> thank you william la jeunesse. >> all right. we do have some other stories that we are following. get right to this national police releasing surveillance video of a deadly shooting at tennessee state university. it shows a group of young men in what appears to be several flashes. at least two people who were not enrolled at the school opened fire killing a 19-year-old man. cops say it all started over a dice game. a $6,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the suspects. and a high school in chicago in mourning. after a football player dies after a game. 17-year-old andre smith was hit thursday night and collapsed after walking off
5:06 am
the field. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died yesterday. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. he is the 7th high school football player to die from injuries suffered during a game this season alone. and in an apology fog the death of new york city police officer randolph holder. the judge says she is sorry for freeing career criminal and alleged cop killer tyrone howard. manhattan supreme court justice patricia nunez sent howard to rehab after multiple felony drug convictions instead of jail against the advice of prosecutors. she is ready to speak on record about the decision. and portraying james bond on the big screen too painful? >> this organization do you know its code? >> it's name is specter. >> look around you, james. >> actor daniel craig says he has suffered several injuries while filming the past three bond films. this includes hurting his knee while filming a fight
5:07 am
scene in the upcoming specker movie so bad he had to have knee surgery. those are your news headlines. >> being actor is dangerous. >> and being a tv host. >> taken that perino. >> you should see what happens on the five. broken elbows, all sorts of things. >> donald trump and ben carson have been close to each other in most polls over the last few months. and trump has not really attacked carson all that much. new polls show that carson is moving pretty far out ahead of trump in the state of what iowa. put them up. carson 28. trump 19. quinnipiac, nau not quite as dramatic but close. carson 28%, trump 20%. >> he spent a lot of time going after jeb bush and, in way i think that was somewhat effective. and i kept thinking well when he is going to go after
5:08 am
carson because carson is right on his heels. in iowa, you know, i just found out from liz maher who i follow on twitter 100 days from the first voting in iowa. as these polls show volatility i'm not surprised that trump thinks it's time to go after carson. >> will it hard for trump to get back to first place because he still has not spent a dime on tv advertising. >> well, here's the thing about iowa. you have to earn their vote. you know, it's not just given. one of the things juans like you show up in the state. you go to the events you shake every hand. john kerry in 2004 actually thinks he shook every democratic caucus goer's hands he was so% in the polls and goes on to win iowa in 2004. it can be done there is a little bit of volatility there. trump and carson are so different that i don't know if people in iowa are thinking well i could vote for trump or carson both. i think they are thinking it's one or the other. i think he has a little bit of trouble. >> why are all these career
5:09 am
politicians, rubio, bush, paul, huckabee, jindal, kasich, santorum, christie doing so poorly. >> i think that is a separate phenomenon which is that people want an outsider. we have heard this loud and clear. people want someone from the outside and trump and carson are too that are at least appealing to a lot of them. interesting though, neither of them spend that much time in iowa. ben carson has been out on a book tour. trump has been on media but he is not specifically about iowa. and then you had the little filibuster this week with trump at least twitter account tweeting insult to iowaians and blaming it on intern. the buck cannot stop with intern. >> can support support ben carson because he is not going to be the nominee? they like him. message resonates and think america is going in the wrong direction. get out of anything attacking a guy like that. >> all those things you just mentioned yeah there are people who would think that's the kind of person i would want as my president and as my no, ma'am he knee.
5:10 am
do you get something out of attacking ben carson? if you look into the details hough is supporting him. one of the things is evangelical christians. they like ben car sob. they like his story. they like his approach. and they are comfortable and confident in his faith. they don't necessarily feel that way about trump. trump is attacking carson on what, character? i think he could attack him more on experience that actually might be more effective if you were trump. >> his low energy is what he is trying to capitalize on right now. >> it worked for -- >> -- maybe is he hoping that carson strikes back at him. it appears that any time somebody attracts trumple, their numbers go down. he flies off the handle. >> the thing about carson's low energy is appealing to elm poovment his calm demeanor. >> cool, calm and collected. >> this is a neurosurgeon. >> he talks with his eyes closed that is calm for you. >> i want to get your take on the media's coverage benghazi select committee they have pretty much declared her president clinton all of a sudden after what they call a
5:11 am
victory that lasted more than 11 hours. "the washington post," republicans land only glancing blows in day long rehash of benghazi. "u.s.a. today" say nothing clear wins for g.o.p. at the benghazi hearing. huffington post republicans fail to take down hillary clinton after 11-hour benghazi hearing. this is what you heard and saw if you were watching the mainstream media. >> we're thrilled it's friday but does hillary clinton want the week to end, the week that could mark one of if not the best of her political -- presidential campaign. >> i tweeted out while this was in progress, the longer she sits there, the better it is for her. >> hillary clinton and condition congressional republicans and democrats sparred all day yesterday. and benghazi hearings could only be seen at les in terms of theatrics as a tko for hillary clinton. it wasn't even a close call. >> i said she was going to make monkeys out of them. it was predictable and she did. >> look, she didn't lose her cool or temper. >> i think it's entirely funny that they don't think they are predictable.
5:12 am
like it's entirely predictable this is what the media was going to do. i cattle ranch, cattle drive every spring and fall. one of the things that's just amaze something all it takes is a little bit of a movement like this. and then everyone starts going in that direction. all the cows in that direction. the i can't is very similar. this is all about substance. only in the american media could you actually prove a lie and walk away saying oh my gosh, her style was so great. >> video and they are ignoring it? >> you are making a point. i deplete completely agree with you. not about the optics or political effect. reality the facts. you knew the president was going to do this. why would they agree to do it in public the republicans if they knew they were going to lose. >> i don't know that they thought. >> in the eyes of the media. if they knew the press was going to declare it a win for hillary. >> one the things they could have done madam secretary we are so glad you are here. we are scheduled for eight hours we had two questions.
5:13 am
one, what about the videoed and how about 600 emails from chris stevens about security know about. case closed. she wouldn't have so many hours to be stylistic appealing to the media. >> somebody is going to ask her at some point before b. that before the election. a decorated soldier killed in a fire fight against isis. the white house says though not combat. >> this is a great american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. >> are they politicize ago tragedy for their own gain? >> what are these guys so happy about? they were just arrested for beating a rival frat member. the mugshots and the smiles everybody is talking about. ♪ don't come to me. ♪ had you to be a big shot ♪ did you ♪ you had to open up your mouth ♪ you had to be a big shot ♪ did you ♪ all your friends were so knocked out.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
of is he says he didn't die in combat somehow. why is the white house down playing his service? >> here to discuss co-host of the five dana perino back with us. dana, why is it that the pentagon and president obama won't divert from calling this advise and assist when they have got guys going on hostages are could you missions in iraq? >> well first of all, i think he would should point out this is obviously heroic effort. people that are willing to go into the special forces, they are always in a combat role. so, in a way, this might be
5:18 am
a little bit of semantics. i you think the point is that this administration, president obama, remember, they didn't want to call it the global war on terror. and they would not ever budge on saying that. i think they got their marching orders from the white house do not call this combat. i don't know why the word games matter so much to them unless they think if they are in combat show a strategy to actually win a war era than just saying degrade and destroy which basically is the same thing. but we are arguing over semantics. and, yes, i think in this case you can say that the administration is pointing to this saying look at this heroic effort but not willing to call it combat. then again i think we are doing the same thing to the president. we are arguing about semantics when we actually are in a situation that is very dangerous. >> what i'm bothered by and you can assess this because you have actually been there. i have bothered why the unwillingness to speak english. here is ash carter in his explanation of what happened. watch. >> could you please explain how more raids fits with no combat troops? >> we have this capability.
5:19 am
we t. is a great american strength. this doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. it represents a continuation of our advise and assist mission. >> combat things are complicated. this is someone who say the team he was advising and assisting come under attack. he rushed to help them. and made it possible for them to be effective. in doing that lost his own life. >> so, when you have americans firing wednesday and people firing weapons back at them, that's combat, isn't it? >> let me give you another example he though. remember the young girls taken hostage and kidnapped by boko haram. if special forces had been able to go in and rescue them and one of ours had died, in that effort, would we have been arguing about -- are we in combat against boko haram? >> probably would not. part of this is the definition of what is a terrorist and who is your enemy. and the administration
5:20 am
admittedly, they don't want to say that the president is at war. is he going to be the peace president. we are not going to be at war. the problem is war has come to us. even if it is fighting over there special forces they too brave and heroic things and not always in a combat role. >> can't make good on combat if you dealt a hand of cards. he should be eligible for combat declarations and he will be be. >> they should do right by him, absolutely. >> dana perino, thanks for joining us this morning for two segments. >> i love it when you use conditioner in your hair. >> doesn't he look handsome. >> i normally wash it with soap but this morning it was free so i used it. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the hour. >> she was crowned homecoming queen and moments later did. this ♪ ♪ she kick as key extra point. the real kicker here her dad
5:21 am
is the coach. coming up next. ♪ it's a way of life ♪ that's what i love about a high school football friday night.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
now. good morning recommendation good morning. >> good morning. >> jody, i have god got to ask you first and only football game ever played or you have been hoping to kick field goals for how long. >> since i was about 10 years old. >> and you used to go to football practice with your dad, right? >> yes, sir. i had to every day after practice. after school i had to stay at practice so i could ride home with him every day. >> were you a natural? was this something where you immediately said you know what? i bet that i could do that better than some of the guys on the team. [ laughter ] >> no, it took practice. >> and, coach, very curious, what the normal every day kicker said when you told them that you were going to pull him for a play so that your daughter could go in. >> that was one of my big concerns. you know, i told her when she mentioned something about wanting to do it, you know, her senior year and my last year as the head coach there, i told her i had to
5:26 am
get permission from the players. and because they had been working hard since january, conditioning, working out, practicing. and when i asked them, approached them at practice and asked them about that, they were very supportive and they were all for it. >> so, jody, the team was for you. were you worried though, were you nervous about what might happen with the crowd if something didn't go exactly right if w. that field goal? >> well, i love our community, they are very supportive either way. i knew if i missed it, that they would be -- they would still support me and be happy for me just to be out there. >> coach, have you probably seen some of your kickers and other players take some big hits. when it was your daughter out therein 00 field did you line up extra blockers? were you just lining everybody up to make sure nobody was going to get close? >> well, we had two different packages. we had one package for regular kicker and then we had a jody package out there to make sure it was a little beefier. >> the jody package.
5:27 am
and final question. jody, what was more fun to wear, the crown or the helmet? >> that's a hard question. but i think the helmet because it's more special. the crown, it could have went to six other girls. but the helmet, i'm his only daughter, so i was the only one that was unique. >> this is the best story of the day. coach greg and jody farnetti thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> all right. the video is heart stopping. a teen passing out in his gym class. plus, hosting a bash or just looking to have some family fun. up next, spook tack could you larr drink to make for the adults and the kids this halloween. ♪ the boys will be coming ♪
5:28 am
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5:31 am
we are back with extreme weather alert. one of the strongest ever hurricanes has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. >> patricia slammed into mexico as a category 5. hurricane causing flooding and bringing down trees overnight. but this morning, it is heading north and losing strength along the way. so meteorologist rick rick mouth tracking it for us this morning. rick? >> yeah, it's always going to lose strength once it hits land and the mountain range that's just off the coast of mexico is
5:32 am
incredibly tall and incredibly rugged and it rips these storms across very quickly. we knew it would very rapidly disintegrate and that's happening. moisture will be continued to be pulled in across parts of mexico and moisture being end up being pulled across the gulf. cold front has been bringing a lot of rain for the last number of days. all across parts of texas. that is going to continue. you see right now the heaviest of the rain falling just to the south of the dallas area. the texas spot is where we have been seeing a lot of the flooding pictures come out. 30 inches of rain in the last. down around austin and down towards san antonio is where the heaviest of the rain is that's going to continue to pull toward the east and continue to see that flooding threat. you see all those areas in red. flash flooding going on right now at this point, guys. dangerous situation in texas. send it back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> you bet. millions in texas are now in the path of remnants packing
5:33 am
torrential rains and raising the flood threat once again. ktbc reporter nic is live in austin, texas with more. what does it look like there? >> hey, good morning to you folks. and it has been a messy morning here. it's been a messy morning here. we are in downtown austin just along an area that was under a siege of water earlier this year back in may. so we came here this morning just to check it out. behind me is the creek where the water is raging. rose very quickly earlier this morning. probably rose maybe about 3 to 4 feet within maybe 340, 40 minutes. what was soil progressive about this is i was doing a live shot here yesterday morning. just across the stream over there and it was completely underwater this morning. and the water has receded a little bit but it was very, very impressive in terms of the intensity of the water that we have been seeing all morning long. and if we pan this way just
5:34 am
over here, can you you can see that that the rain is letting up a little bit which is good news for us. it was pretty bad earlier this morning. and i was talking earlier about this area because this area, back in may, during memorial day flood was completely under water. so, it was a little bit of area of a concern for a lot of people out here. they were hoping not to have a repeat of that event and it's just been basically a pretty messy morning. right now just to quickly wrap up, we do have one water rescue underway in south as you stain. i-'5 south of austin also closed down one of the southbound lanes because of a truck overturning because of rain, so a lot of issues out here due to the rain even though it's letting up. we are experiencing some of the aftermath. some of the other stuff that comes with these if you will. so, certainly not the best heren austin, texas. >> and saturated areas stay off the roads. only 7:30 there right now. not a busy time anyway. we appreciate your time and stay stay safe out there.
5:35 am
>> woman caught on camera attacking a vietnam veteran is behind bars. police say 27-year-old shibone alexander. victor in a parking lot in california. the veteran says she wanted his wallet. he refused to give it up. the fight then went inside app. an auto zone store where no one went in to help. a remarkable scenario when someone eventually called police. alexander ran off. he is now being held for attempted robbery and elder abuse. she does have a prior burglary arrest. terrifying moments in gym class caught on camera. come take a look at this. 14-year-old skyler nelson running laps when his heart stopped and he dropped to the ground. teachers dialed 911. the school's vice principal performed cpr on the boy and saved his life. just taken a refresher course on cpr the week before. >> the pulse was hard to find. at the time the adrenaline kicks in and you do what you have been trained to do.
5:36 am
>> i would like to say thank you very much and i'm grateful and god bless you. >> skyler was born with a heart defect but until that moment had never had any health problems. well, this is no laughing matter according to police. these five fraternity brothers arrested for assault. most of them smiling in their mugshot. some are he very offended by that apparently. police say they beat a rival fraternity member at the university of mississippi in oxford when he was caught trying to steal a donkey statue from his house. the only one not smiling is facing the stiffest charges. the school is investigating predictably people are angry that frat brothers are smiling. and want the perfect night sleep? [snoring] >> are you kidding me? [ laughter ] >> joey, joey,. >> well a new study has pinpointed the perfect time to go to bed. it's 10:37 p.m. study says you should also sleep with two goose feather
5:37 am
pillows and a pair of cotton pajamas. fashionable if you like but cotton. researchers say that more than half the country has trouble sleeping due to cold and discomfort during the winter months and those are your headlines. anna? >> we have some spooky ones for you too. hosting a frightful bash. are you doing that or looking to have family fun this halloween. which can out spook tack could you spook tacular. >> joins us live now thank you for bringing all the tweets. >> you have to have eyeballs for halloween. that's what we are starting with. we have an eyeball san agree a taken leaches straight out off the can exotic fruit. taken blueberries. >> looks like eyeball. >> if you want to put jam inside. i didn't think it needed. >> anna just ate an eyeball so realistic. kind of frightening. >> eyeballs are delicious. >> they are good.
5:38 am
i put them in sangria. the mock tail version use grape juice and leachy juice. alcoholic versions i'm using ago dark wine back by popular demand. put it out straight. can you see the bottle is actually kind of nice and dark. so it's great for the darkest day of the year. eyeball sangria something you want to do and easy to do as well. >> is that the bloody devil. >> that's the bloody devil. so, you know, you you can do a regular bloody mary, but this is a really fun take on it what i have done is taken black just and salt. that's salt. >> can i try this too? >> block tail version. no alcohol in this. exactly. >> have some bloody mary mix and then my favorite hot sauce which is the bb go to sauce. i drink this by itself it's delicious. >> it looks like a halloween drink because it's red. >> sweet peppers and put them out like this. >> the bloodshot? >> yes. >> bloodshot you just take
5:39 am
syringes or test tubes. this is from -- pam palm granite juice. >> the blood is pomegranate. >> this is too real for me. >> the grim class rim, what's that? >> grim glass rims what do you is take some corn syrup and food coloring you could do red, you could do black, you could do whatever. you take your glass and then you just pour it like this. and then it just starts dripping down the side and then it starts to get grit. so now this cool contraction over here is the new keurig cold. hot machine this is the cold machine. first of its kind. >> sort of like the soda stream but it's actual like coca cola, canada dry. >> comes in these pods. get at
5:40 am
>> just a normal saturday on "fox & friends." thanks very much. >> delicious. thank you. >> thank you, peter. his struggle with addiction no scroot. his mission to make sure your kids don't get hooked. patrick kennedy here with a stunning statistic something every parent needs to hear. is he coming up next. kate wins let making headlines for her stand against photo shopping. she says it's her responsibility to help the younger generation. does she have a point? we will debate it coming up.
5:41 am
hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip?
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5:44 am
3400 people who have paid for a permit to shoot a bear this weekend. president obama comparing republicans to grumpy cat? >> they are gloomy. lawsuit. >> they are like grumpy cat. >> the commander and chief liking the g.o.p. to the internet famous unhappy feline while on the women's leadership forum. they are always so down in america while making quote enormous progress during his presidency. tucker? >> thanks a lot, tucker. son of the late congressman kennedy. supposed to bask in. he has made it his mission to highlight child addiction. a common struggle. patrick kennedy joins us this morning. congressman, great to he so you this morning. >> thank you, tucker,like
5:45 am
wise. >> you say a common struggle that suggests that addiction in america is a bigger struggle than most of us understand. >> clearly a public health epidemic. we have more people dying of overdoses than being killed in car accidents. yet, with cars, we do seat belts, airbags, you know, we do so much to protect people. but, with respect to addiction, it's as if we don't know what to do. and the fact is, tucker, we do know how to reduce overall addiction rates. and, yet, we are not really doing what can work to help reduce these terrible tragedies. >> so rural america, if you go there, instantly obvious is being devastated by opiate addiction a lot of it starts where physicians prescribing painkillers. i never hear anybody say that outloud. responsible doctors. >> the problem here we are waiting stage four illness and then we say oh this is the addiction community supposed to take care of us. all of our business. every physician has to worry about their own patient's mental health and
5:46 am
vulnerability to addiction just like they would take care of them for any other condition. the key is purdue pharma, one of the producers of oxycontin produced so much more than what is with a needed for cancer they are a culprit. doctors prescribing these things like they are going out of style. obviously we have epidemic, not only rural america but throughout america. and then you add on top of this the suicide rate is twice the homicide rate. and the common aspect of this tucker is we don't talk about it we don't talk about it in our own families. how are we expecting the president or congress to talk about it when we are feeling so ashamed. >> except with marijuana. that's the one thing we talk about. and the general consensus is among cool people, including the president it's great. marijuana is fine. better than alcohol. a new survey says that of adults in the last year, 9.5% had used marijuana, that's up from 4.1%.
5:47 am
most people don't see that as a problem. do you. >> well, it's just like the wide availability of ox i con continue that's got us into this new epidemic of opiates. the problem is the commercial aspect of it. when you have an industry, tobacco industry, liquor industry whose profit margin is based upon who they can addict, that's basically it so they target kids. we saw this from big tobacco, joe camel. trying to get kids to start smoking. you see that with alcohol. it's hard lemonade. everything flavors. and with marijuana you now have thc infused gummy bears. you have things called pot tarts. you have things called elixirs which is like fan that grape soda with thc in it. most people think smoking a joint or something like that, it's not nothing to do with it the new marijuana is really thc infused edibles and aliberationer is and elixirs and i really don't think the american public
5:48 am
understands the propensity to see this get abused because the concentration of thc is so high in all of these products. i mean, it used to be like 1% or 2% of the overall product. today it's averaging 20%. and that's just the average marijuana. but when you look at these products, they are actually infusing it into 80% thc. it's like crack with thc is what it is. >> interesting. so you your new book not only a series of policy prescriptions for how to fight this but also to some extent a personal memoir? >> i think it's important to recognize if we have had had problems with alcohol, which we h and oxycontin which we have h why introduce a new addictive substance. >> former congressman patrick kennedy. >> thank you, tucker. >> a conversation not about pledges really nice. good to see you. do the benghazi hearings give us a glimpse what a president would look like. kate wins let says she won't
5:49 am
be photo shopped again. will this start a new trend? women have a responsibility to the younger generation not to misrepresent what they actually look like? is s. is she right? our panel on that coming up ♪ and then i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ and not a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i couldn't leave her day for te legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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5:51 am
5:52 am
good morning, kate winslet refusing to let lancome air brush her photos. could this kick start the end of the photo shop trend?
5:53 am
joining us is therapist and ceo. good morning. >> good morning. >> no photo shopping necessary with the both of you. >> stop it. >> i'll start with you. what do you think about kate doing this? >> i think it's a great message for young girls. especially when they first start coming into their own. it's great for her to say just because you have a problem with my body doesn't mean i do. >> is it a problem we have looking at ourselves or we're obsessed with celebrities in general. >> i don't know that photoshop is the issue. i think celebrity worship is. we need good role models for young women but i don't know if it's celebrities in photo shoots and magazines wearing expensive clothing. it's a scenario that's not real. >> but things are not always what they appear anyway. you see people at dinner and they're looking at each other and then take out the camera and say hey selfie and act like
5:54 am
they're having the best time and there's also even apps out there that you can photo shop your own pictures before putting them on social media. >> thank god. no, i think that to your point if you don't want celebrities to be role models now social media makes it where we can be our own role models. if we want to put our best foot forward i don't think there's anything wrong with that. >> what do you think about the new apps? >> i love them. >> that's the thing. it can be great. retouching can be great. and celebrities need to be careful because if you set this precedent you then have to wonder or ask yourself should i not wear make up to be more real. should i not do the hair, the tan? how far does it go if you want to be a good example to girls? >> should you start sitting on the couch. >> i would respect that picture. >> all right. how about this, i think kate
5:55 am
winslet doing this isn't just for young people. it's for people hike me getting older and you're starting to see the crows feet on your face. zendaya called out a magazine for photo shopping her and she is only 19 years old or something. what do you make of this? >> it's a misrepresentation of what she looks like. not all photo shoppers because i believe we need more jobs in this country. >> oh my god. i just think that in this case it points to the fact that she is already a very skinny and beautiful woman, so i think normal bodies should be the norm and when you do it to this extreme it's not relatable for anyone. >> she isn't wearing pants. who dressed you for this photo shoot? you're not a real representation of a young woman. you're not putting pants on. >> most women's legs probably touch when their feet are
5:56 am
touching. >> there's nothing wrong with not wearing pants though. >> five minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's coming up. do the benghazi hearings give us a glimpse of what a president hilary would look like? bill o'reilly has an opinion on that and it's not pretty. he joins us coming up. if you want to rob a house, don't pick this ladies. >> the first guy that i saw he jumped over the fence and the other person had taken off. i kept yelling i'm going to shoot you. >> she is a sharp shooter ladies and gentlemen. and she joins us live next hour. don't go anywhere. you're watching fox and friends. get out of my yard. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
good morning.
6:00 am
it's an extreme weather alert. after hurricane patricia makes landfall in mexico after a category 5 storm the storm is now setting it's sights on rain soaked texas. millions getting slammed by the storm as fierce of flooding have residents on edge. we have live coverage straight ahead. >> if that weren't enough, there's more. donald trump once said ben carson was too nice to attack but along the way he changed his mind. watch. >> ben carson is super low energy, right? he is super low. super low energy. >> just be clear. he's not super, he's super low energy. the polls that may have ignited this battle. coming up. >> if you're going to rob someone, don't rob this lady. >> i'm going to shoot you. i said i'm going to shoot you. >> look at that gun. she is a sharp shooter and she joins us live to talk about how she defended her home. don't want to miss that. because mornings are better with friends.
6:01 am
>> she is going to have her gun with her. >> with the scope. >> a lot is going on this morning including record breaking hurricane patricia which has been downgraded to a tropical storm. she made landfall overnight in mexico dumping rains that flooded roads and caused mud slides but this morning the storm lost strength as it creeps north. >> and the state is still recovering from heavy rains over the past couple of days. check out these pictures out of dallas where a parking garage come happensed. >> storms causing roofs of homes to collapse but no serious injury versus been recorded. rick is tracking the storms about ten feet away, rick. >> you know one thing that's really hard when we talk about the wording where we say a storm is downgrading to a tropical storm? it gives the impression that the storm didn't do what it did? does that make sense? are you there? >> but the storm did do what it
6:02 am
did. >> but it did do what it did but when it goes over land it's always going to weaken so that's not necessarily a function of the storm not being as bad as we thought. it's moving across the mountains and land. it's a 200 miles per hour storm. the strongest strong we've ever had in the western hemisphere by pressure and the strongest storm with winds ever actually measured. we had our aircraft flying in and out of this storm and they measured those winds. so other times we heard winds might be that high it's only been estimates from satellite images and not verified winds. this is how powerful this was and it happened quickly. it went from a tropical storm to a cat 5 hurricane. you can see that eye develop there and then made it's track right here making landfall as a cat 5 in mexico. it was a really small storm so while incredibly strong in winds a very small little area experienced the small winds and
6:03 am
fortunately it came on shore in not a very populated area. we haven't been able to get into that area. so once people get into that area we'll get a real sense of what happened. they weren't right in the center of it. we have still not seen the pictures. we'll continue to see this moisture pull into texas so where we had all the rain in texas the last few days more coming and part of that exacerbated today by this storm. >> thank you. >> millions in texas are preparing for more flooding. the remnants of patricia take aim at the rain soaked states. >> reporter: good morning to you both. certainly a very wet morning here in the heart of the capital city of texas and it's been raining relentlessly all morning long. it's been dancing all around us. pouring in some parts and letting up in other parts and
6:04 am
moving all around. right now we're getting the least of the heaviest it's been. it was pouring earlier with almost 0 visibility this morning. and that's just here in austin. we have some video we want to show you where they have some flooding in that area where there's flooding in that area right now. certainly good news is no one has been injured but the flooding is causing some damage and then of course moving on there's also some flooding in dallas as well. they have been dealing with flooding for the past two days i believe. so there's just been a lot of rain hitting the state of texas. governor greg abbot put the state's top emergency officials on alert so they can be prepared and help any of the cities or counts, people that need help after our memorial day understood we experienced here south of austin. that put a lot of people on alert. killed nine people. that's fresh on the minds of people here so a lot of rain
6:05 am
happening in our area and watching with concern. we're hoping for the best and hoping this rain moves out quickly. >> live for us in texas. thanks a lot, nick. there was tragedy out of iraq late this week when master sergeant joshua wheeler of oklahoma was decorated enlisted man in delta force, the secretive and elite fighting force was killed in combat with isis. >> he died a hero but if you remember in 2014, september of last year, when president palm balm said yes i'm going to be deploying forces into iraq but they will not be having a combat mission, now it's getting dice dicey when it comes to how this man will be honored and remembered. >> in 2011 president obama said the tide of war is receding. that was the announcement when he said he was going to pull the troops out of iraq. so question, was this hero in a uniform?
6:06 am
was he in iraq? was he carrying a gun? were there enemy fighters shooting at him? it sounds like war and combat but they assist this was part of an advise and assist mission. >> it's not just someone working for the pentagon, it's the secretary of defense himself. we want to play you tape of secretary carter's description of what happened in iraq the other night. watch this. >> could you please explain how more raids fit with no combat troops? >> we have this capability. it is a great american strength. it doesn't represent assuming a combat role. it represents a continuation of our advise and assist mission. this is combat. things are complicated. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assi assisti assisting coming under attack and he rushed to help them and
6:07 am
made it possible for them to be effective and in doing that lost his own life. >> so they are arguing about the language as master sergeant wheeler's body is on his way to delaware where his family will have to receive it. >> that's not even language. you're honoring it by calling it language. it's a mess of words. everyone in government refuses to speak english. just tell us what happened. how is that. don't patronize us. just say what happened. >> just like the obama administration doesn't want to call islamic extremism, islamic extremism, it's all about the semantics to them. this is just the administration not wanting to say we are at war. >> part of this is the definition of what is a terrorist and who is your enemy and the administration they don't want to say that the president is at war. he's going to be the peace president. we're not going to be at war. problem is war has come to us. special forces do brave and
6:08 am
heroic things and they're not always in a combat role. >> i was on the college campus when president obama was elected the first time. so many people that i know went and registered to vote for the first time because president obama was going to end the wars. and now he's almost at the end of his second term and it doesn't sound like he wants to admit that you can't end the wars. it's not safe. >> the important thing in this specific situation i think is that the family is going to be eligible for the same benefits as if it were considered a combat mission and he will be able to be eligible for all of those decorations as well. >> it would be nice if they trusted us to tell the truth once in awhile. >> in iowa a fight has broken out between donald trump who has been leading in that state for months and dr. ben carson now leading. two brand new polls. they both show carson jumping ahead of trump in that state. the first one 28 to 19. the second one 28-20. carson over trump.
6:09 am
this is a change from the last polls we have seen and donald trump is responding by going after ben carson. >> ben carson is the one leading supposedly and i said but ben carson is super low energy. super low energy. we need tremendous energy. a year in iowa that there's going to be a merger of ben carson. they're going to merge the super pac. it's unfair but i think they shouldn't be allowed to do that. i don't know if they're allowed to do that but how do you have super pacs running campaigns? >> how do you have super pacs running campaigns? that's a valid question. he focuses on the corruption in politics across the slate. that works. >> so donald trump is saying i'm not going to be strung by donors and lobbyiests so he's asking
6:10 am
the super pacs to shut themselves down. normally donald trump says this poll, this poll, this poll shows me ahead when he's in all the interviews and acts like it's the gospel. he's like they just don't like me so i don't know if these polls are accurate. >> just amazing though, the super pac, mr. trump is telling them stay away where as jeb bush's campaign told all day yesterday telling people we don't have as much money as we thought we were going to and we need to down size. >> nothing you thought was going to happen has actually happened. we'll keep you posted. >> real headlines after the hour. new surveillance video shows three men wanted for questioning in the murder of a new york city police officer. they could be witnesses or part of the initial shoot out that drew officers to the scene. officer randolph holder was gunned down outside of a housing complex in harlem while responding to the call. meanwhile a judge says she is sorry for freeing his accused
6:11 am
killer. manhattan supreme court justice sent tyrone howard to rehab after multiple felony drug convictions instead of jail against the advice of prosecutors. she says she is ready to speak on the record about that decision. >> and the royals are going to the world series. >> royals win. >> in honor of your father. >> big royals fan. i'll read this, kansas city eliminating the blue jays with a 4-3 victory to claim the championship series and six games for the second year in a row. escobar named mvp after going 11 for 23 in the series. the royals open the world series tuesday night against the mets. >> and to be clear we said the royals. we're not talking prince charles. >> are you sure about that? >> pretty sure. >> have you heard the expression hangry? hungry and angry?
6:12 am
when you're overcome with anger because you're so hungry. now there's a scientific explanation behind it. turns out it's a mechanism passed down to us from our ancient ancessor. those that had more anger when hungry had a better you advantage. >> of course. >> would you step in. >> people tell me that you sounded like a dying pig. >> would you confront the bullies or walk on by? how should parents handle this? >> 95% of the benghazi hearing was useless so what was the one thing he took away from it? he'll join us next.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪
6:16 am
wake up on your saturday morning, a quarter past the hour. 11 hours of testimony from hillary clinton on benghazi but one of the key moments when she was confronted about the initial attack on a youtube video. >> i think it's obvious that hillary clinton knew that it was an organized terror attack within hours of the report from benghazi. she knew because she e-mailed her family and said it. an al qaeda-like attack. that's not a video tape. but then the narrative that president obama wanted out was it was inspired and incited by a videotape. not that it was an organized
6:17 am
terror attack. >> and chris stevens asking for more security and during the testimony that she was giving, she was asked, why are you spending so much time e-mailing with bloomenthal when you're not paying enough attention to ambassador chris stevens. that was the correlation he was trying to make. >> look, i'm a simple man. i think 95% of the benghazi hearing was useless. here's what i took away from it. hillary clinton didn't pay attention to security. she was the head of the state department. she didn't pay attention to it. i believe it. she gave it to her security people. didn't pay attention. that's it. she doesn't think she did anything wrong at all. she didn't think it was her job to pay attention. so she's running for president. do you want a president that doesn't pay attention? >> what does that say about our leadership? >> that's what it's about. you can bring sidney bloomenthal in or whoever you want in. the bottom line is she didn't
6:18 am
pay attention, she doesn't feel she was wrong not paying attention and she is running for president. she played along with the obama administration to try to deceive and she's running for president. you make up your mind what you want. >> killing reagan, what will we read in your book we haven't heard anywhere else? >> the centerpiece of the reagan book is he was a flawed man, particularly in the beginning when he's a hollywood star that became a great man and how he did it and the one word i put on that is courage. he showed unbelievable courage after being shot by the would be assassin. unbelievable courage. but i had to show him honestly and i did. >> in the last two debates, the gop contenders said ronald reagan so many times. who would lead the most like a president reagan? >> it's impossible to say how people would behave when they get power. that's the fascinating part
6:19 am
about ronald reagan. he changed. >> come on. give me a name. which one. >> i can't. i can't give you a name. i don't know how these men are going to respond to leadership. it's impossible to say. you can evaluate on what they say, but, you know, words are words. it's what they do and ronald reagan did a lot of great things for america. they did them. these guys say they'll do good things but how do you know? you have to take a chance. they took a chance on reagan and they won and other presidents they lost. >> killing kennedy, killing lincoln, all been natgeo tv specials. is this done. >> done deal. next october. >> are you writing a new book? >> yes, we have three more killing books to deliver. i'm in the middle of the next one now. >> you can't give me the name? >> no. >> will it always be a person or
6:20 am
like time magazine and it's the internet? >> we're wrestling around here with interesting things. >> i can see you doing killing conversation. bill o'reilly, thank you so much for your time today. >> nice to see you. >> thanks, you too. >> check it out. killing reagan. he is here illegally and he's been scamming americans for 30 years but he can't be deported because he's too old. do you think that's fair? and if you're going to rob a house, do not pick this lady's. >> i kept yelling, i'm going to shoot you. >> she's a sharp shooter. how are you doing? she's here live with her gun. she's coming up next. ♪
6:21 am
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♪ >> i could listen to this all morning long. it's time for your entertainment headlines. that's adele's newest song. her first in three years. hello. sending the internet into a frenzy. it's the first single off her album 25. celebrities and super fans are sending mounds of support. the video already has nearly 27 million views. and hiedi klum is giving a look into what intricate costume she'll bewaring to her halloween party. last year she dressed up as an old woman. look at her. can't wait to see what she's going to be. peter tucker to you. >> i heard the girls downstairs. this one it sounds like she's
6:25 am
apologizing to the guy she wrote the last album about. i don't know. that's why we don't do the entertainment world. >> no. >> a couple of crooks picked the wrong woman to mess with. marilyn williams said t two burglars ventured into her backyard. little did they know she owned a sharp shooter medal from her high school's rotc program. so they ran off leaving behind a pillow case full of jewelry and a gun and they're still on the run. joining us now is marilyn william with the gun. how close did you come to actually shooting these guys? >> let's see, not that close. i mean, they had ran off far into the distance but if i had been able to shoot, it would have reached them. >> it would have reached them. it definitely would have reached them. what was their reaction? i bet you a dollar they were not expecting to see you emerge from
6:26 am
your home with a rifle and a scope. >> no, i don't think so. we were all surprised. so i was really just hustling back into my house to get the gun and before that shouting at them to get out of my yard and that i would shoot them. >> but from what we understand you had been shouting and they hasn't really moved. it wasn't until they saw you with the rifle that they took off, is that right? >> no, it's actually when they saw me at the very beginning they took off. and then i went back in and got my gun. i was yelling at them and i was able to quick enough get my gun and get back out there but they were quite a distance from my yard. >> a lot of politicians don't think you have the right to do what you did. they think you should stay in your home and call for help. call 911 and wait for someone
6:27 am
else to come and rescue you. what would you say to those politicians? >> well, sometimes you can't wait for the police to come and assist you. i don't have to be able to protect yourself and your home and your family. you have to be able to do what you need to do. because sometimes that's why people are dead. >> and to that point, what would you say to any potential would be bad guys who are in your neighborhood that might have an eye on your house? >> stay away. definitely. stay away. >> message received. marilyn williams. i wish you were here just so i could shake your hand. it's great to see you this morning. thanks for doing this. >> thank you. >> see you. >> coming up, an extreme weather alert. millions of texans bracing for flooding as tropical storm patricia heads toward the lone star state. we'll have the latest forecast, next. >> plus looking to save some money on the kid's costumes this year you could make them yourself. it's not that hard. we have some great ideas you'll
6:28 am
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we have an extreme weather alert for you this morning. winds and crashing waves, hurricane patricia slams into mexico. she was a category 5 hurricane
6:32 am
this morning. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm losing strength as it heads north. >> as patricia takes aim at texas still recovering from damaging storms and heavy rains over the past few days, flooding overnight leading to dozens of water rescues. now we know the two union pacific railroad workers on a submerged train were able to swim to safety on their own. >> rick, what's new this morning. >> yeah. crazy stuff. i want to show more video out of mexico. this is one of the towns that was kind of potentially in the cross hairs of it. it did not take a direct hit but this is around 55 miles and listen to that. that's the winds around 50 miles away from the center. maybe 80 or 90 miles per hour. so much stronger even toward the center of that. now that's one storm. we've had another storm that's been with us for the last week.
6:33 am
remember that flooding we had last week. all those mud slides in across california and then the very heavy rain we had with flooding across arizona and now the rain across texas? eventually, starting right about now, that moisture from patricia is getting pulled up into this and that's where we will see more flooding today. the flooding we have seen so far in texas not at all associated with patricia but here we have flood warnings going on from san antonio all the way up to the southeast of the dallas area. this is going to continue today and pull off toward the southeast. something to expect a little bit later on guys down around houston. >> thank you, rick. >> you bet. >> people in mexico are waking up assessing the damage from patricia. roads are flooded and trees are knocked down too. >> thousands of tourists had their vacations disrupted if not destroyed when they had to evacuate those resorts and move to shelters.
6:34 am
>> good morning. >> reporter: the hurricane brought a lot of rain but not the storm surge you typically see no broken windows behind me in town. and that's the center of town. that is where the storm actually hit. that is south of me right now. see those mountains, there's going to be flooding, it's going to be back there. there's very few people down there. it's a very rural area but that's where we're headed next. i want to show you how large puerto vallarta. if we had winds of 165 miles per hour hitting those hotels major damage. they beat it. the president spoke last night. the governor this morning. no major damage. no fatalities. as far as we know no major mud slides so they dodged the bullet here in mexico. we'll go down there and find out later on. back to you.
6:35 am
>> thanks a lot. all right. social experiment of sorts setting up video cameras and playing out some children being bullied and wanted to find out what complete strangers would do. would they step in or not? >> i know a bunch of people from your dance team and they said they pretended to be sick so they didn't have to go to your birthday party. >> didn't you audition for the musical? >> yeah. >> people told me that you sounded like a dying pig. >> you definitely do need make up. >> everyone at school calls you freak because all you do is not talk to anyone. >> could you just move away from them. >> thank you. >> it makes me want to cry. >> well, the music does a lot.
6:36 am
>> what would you do? >> we had juanita write us that i like to think i would step up but it seems non-involvement is so ingrained into our society that you never know what you would actually do. >> and that was hard. there's a difference between bullying and teasing and maybe we don't want to police every human interaction. on facebook, nancy writes this, give this sweet kid a great compliment in front of these nasty girls and then ask them why they feel the need to bully. >> i was told to stand up for myself. sticks and stones may break my boneses but names will never hurt me. >> it's easy to sit here and watch the video and say we'll get involved but most people would feel bad and mind their own business. >> it hate bullying but it makes me nervous when adults want to police and control interactions between kids. >> but if it's something that mean if they're just going -- >> no, it's awful but it's also
6:37 am
scary the alternative. >> luckily in the work place when people are bullied there's always hr. >> oh, yes, anna. >> 37 minutes after the hour. halloween is a week away and if you still need a costume for your trick or treaters you can buy one if you want or do it yourself too. here with easy ideas parents can make, he elizabeth shaw. she's the editor of family fun magazine. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> if it's not going to save you torns and tons of money it's the sentimental value. >> but it's really easy and you can pull these together in an afterno afternoon. >> a cut out doll. >> all you need to do is trace a dress shape, attach we lastic
6:38 am
straps with velcro and you're good to go. >> you look fantastic. how do you feel? >> i feel really good. it's a really good costume i love it. >> are you going to get lots of candy? >> yeah. i love it. i love candy. >> me too. mom is going oh no, we need to call the dentist. >> next we have ryan our super hero. >> hey, ryan. >> i'll sorry. you're mark. i messed it up. kids love super heros. you can recreate your own super hero or make your own. these are blue leggings and basketball shorts and felt and duct tape and you're done. >> are you going to save anybody today? >> no. >> what super power do you have? >> the power of eating candy with my teeth. >> me too, unfortunately. >> next we have our little sunflower. >> hey, sweetie.
6:39 am
>> this is so easy. >> leggings, t-shirt, green tutu and this is just felt petals that you can staple on to a little head band. >> yeah. >> are you going to be looking for so sunshine. >> yeah. >> well you look like a sunshine to me. you look adorable. thank you so much. >> next up we have a skeleton. >> this is ryan. he is our skeleton. take duct tape and put this on parchment paper and trace out your bones and stick it on. it's super simple and you can do it quickly. a little bow tie and hat and he's good to go. >> what kind of candy are you hoping to get? >> skelebones. >> they taste like sweetarts, right? >> yeah. >> yummy, all right. >> last one is michaela and she is our funky witch and we did a cute technique. this is a layers t-shirt with a cut out ghost pattern. do whatever you want. witch hat. cool purple hair and a great
6:40 am
tutu and she's ready. >> good witch or bad witch? >> bad. >> let me hear your cackle. very good. come on back in for one last look. >> great job. >> i want you to do the thrilling dance with me. do you know the thriller dance? >> yeah. >> what do you do with your arms? go like this. look at the camera. >> you guys look so cute. >> for information on making costumes like this just visit our website fox and thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> and all of your kids. let's get lots of candy. here's what's coming up on the program. 20 minutes before the top of the hour, he's here illegally and has been scamming americans for three decades but only spent a day in prison and can't be deported? here's the reason because he's too old? do you think that's fair? we'll talk about it. plus if you're struggling with your love life you may want to look at your credit score. what it says about your relationships.
6:41 am
but first a look at what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> hey guys, good morning. well, the deadline now ten days away. politicians are whipping out the scare tactics ahead of this. is the world really coming to an end if we don't hike it? plus bernie sanders wants to raise taxes on everyone but will it backfire on everyone? and imagine saying in a job interview you know i want the job but i really don't want to work weekends for the job. so why is our next house speaker saying it and so many buying it and accepting it? on the cost of freedom. with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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a high school football player has died after a football game. 17-year-old andre smith was hit on the last play of thursday night's game in chicago. then he collapsed. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died yesterday.
6:45 am
he is the 7th high school football player to die from injury during a game this season. >> and an illegal immigrant sentenced to only one night in jail for committing identity theft and he won't be deported because of a plea deal and because he's too old. 82-year-old ramon rivera pled guilty to changing his legal name to his own and then used the identity to get benefits for 30 years. >> well a single three digit number can predict whether your relationship will be filled with bliss or tears. it could hold the answers to your love life among many other things. >> here to explain is certified money coach and founder of know your thanks ashley. >> this may be better than trying to read their palm or figure out what their sign is, right? >> according to the study. >> according to the study.
6:46 am
>> yes. >> so the first one is the higher your credit score the less likely you'll separate from your partner, is that true? >> according to the study it's true and makes a lot of sense because 30% of your score is how much debt you have and how much you owe and 35% of your score is if you're paying your pills. so it makes sense that someone is dependable and reliable in their money life would also be dependable and reliable in other areas. >> how important is it to have similar scores? two people in the relationship should have scores that are pretty close. >> according to the study that's also important. it makes sense too because if there's a mismatch in your financial values and other values that could lead to money stress and that's a leading cause of separation. >> according to the study, people with lower credit scores are 30% less likely to score lasting relationships. apps like tender ought to come with credit scores attached. wouldn't that be helpful.
6:47 am
>> dating sites use credit scores. >> people tell their truth. they lie about their height and eye color and salary. they're going to lie about that too. >> i'm married. >> how do you find out someone's credit score. it's a significant thing. how do you learn it? >> i wouldn't suggest asking on the first date but it's something to get an idea of as you're getting closer and forming a relationship for sure. >> now i feel like you have to get it out of the way. what's your sign and are you paying your bills? interesting. because i need to know. >> but you think there's a direct correlation between someone's faithfulness in bill paying and in a relationship. >> the study says the trustworthiness factor -- i'm sure there's exceptions but if you're paying your bills and paying down your debt you might also be dependable in other areas of your life. >> but the reason we brought you on rather than one of the guys that did the study is because
6:48 am
you coach people about money all the time. so have you noticed these types of trends in your time at work? >> yes. definitely see these trends. there's of course exceptions. i've seen people have something happen earlier in their life and they made great decisions and it's still effecting their score now but typically it's opposites attract and that can cause negative situations in your money life and relationships but when you're making positive choices in your money life it also reflects. >> and you can turn it around to get your score up. >> this is my favorite point on the whole study is that if you increase your score you can actually increase your likelihood of finding a partner in the next year. >> that's unbelievable. mastercard is going to be really happy to hear that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> 48 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up. >> parents get your kids to the television.
6:49 am
it's good for them. you're looking at america's top young scientists. their inventions to help change america. the sicience lesson begins next. ancestry has come out with a new version. now they have lifestory. it literally lays out somebody's life, from birth to death. when i was using lifestory, i discovered my great grandmother. she went through a lot. two sons go to fight in world war ii. she lived through the depression. and she made it through all of that. here i am. just because she survived, and she kept going. bring your family story to life like never before. get started for free at
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and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
6:52 am
a device that keeps you focused or a probe that could generate power and fresh water for developing countries. could you have invented something like that when you were a kid? >> no, i could not have. over the past three months that's what our next guests have been up to. the winner of this year's discovery education young scientist challenges. along with the 1st and second runner ups and they're all here
6:53 am
to show case their top placing invention. >> we have the winner, first runner up and the second runner up. they all join us now. >> you just explained you were in 7th grade and 12 years old and you try to explain what you created. >> basically whenever you think your neurorons generate electrical signals and they're different when your concentrated and distracted so this device interfaces with the head set and it basically said okay so here's how your brain is working. so you're distracted now. >> you're going to be famous. i'm not sure for what but for something. >> keep her contact info. >> i'm going to go to you now. you're wearing your device. you're from san jose, california in the 8th grade. >> over the summer i worked to
6:54 am
develop a system for individuals diagnosed with autism to predict emotional out bursts. melt downs are triggered by sensory overloads and things like that and my system measures those and when it predicts a melt down can occur it alerts through a mobile application and the users themselves so they can start to become more independent. >> it's testing your pulse and your body temperature and what else? >> measuring pulse, oxygen content, sweat levels and the skin's temperature. it uses all of these along with motion and environmental to get an idea of how stressed the individual is. >> all right. and the winner of the contest, hannah, you're a freshman in high school and you made this ocean probe. can you tell us how it works? >> well it's an ocean energy collection device that converts current energy into electricity and it eliminates the led light
6:55 am
system. >> so this is a wave coming over the probe, right? >> exactly. the water flows under the device. >> what could you do with something like this under water? >> i was inspired by my 9-year-old pen pal in ethiopia. i wanted to create a solution to the energy poverty crisis. >> so this is an energy source. >> yes. >> what would you be able to power with it potentially? >> i can power my led lights. you can charge batteries which can power a number of devices all over the world. >> wow. i feel so much better about the future of our country. >> obviously the three of you will go to any college you want to go to but where are you going to go to college? >> i haven't really decided yet. but i'd like to go to mit or harvard. >> i think you will. >> how about you. >> yeah. same. i haven't decided yet. it's a long way but i think something in california. >> and hannah. >> well, i'm dual enrolled at florida atlantic university high school so next year i'll be in college at florida atlantic
6:56 am
university. >> how old are you? >> 15. >> amazing. >> this is so cool. so cool. congratulations and thank you for thinking of ways to make everything better. >> the world a better place. >> it's mice to have guests like you. >> keep up the good work you guys. we'll be back in just a minute. stay tuned. there's more on fox and friends. whatever you're doing,
6:57 am
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6:59 am
we're going to be r.o.c.k. in the u.s.a. how to control your dreams and pumpkin carving with power tools. are they going to trust us with with power tools? >> it's risky and exciting. >> best part about this, last time we talked about an invention it was about a clock that doesn't look like a lock.
7:00 am
this is a probe. >> no school is getting locked down because of these inventions. >> we'll hear more from these amazing children coming up. so log on to fox and friends for more. >> have a great morning. see you tomorrow. >> everybody wave. >> bernie sanders planning to deliver a major speech on socialism within days. a reported $18 trillion in new government programs and now he says one of them will cost everyone. not just the rich. hey everyone. this is bulls and bears and feeling the burn could have your wallet burning. the democratic presidential candidate wants everyone's taxes to go up to pay for family leave but not all americans think it's a good idea. >> paying more for taxes? i think we get taxed high enough now. >> yeah. i'm willing to do it. absolutely. >> i think that it's inevitable that taxes will probably always just go


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