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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ . homecoming parade turns deadly. three people are dead and many others injured, air lifted to area hospitals. i'm uma pemmaraju. the driver of that car now in police custody charged with driving under the influence. let's get more now from lauren green standing by with the very latest on this story. lauren? >> you know, the clash in what locals call america's greatest home coming celebration into a great tragedy. it's the end of the parade route, a hyundai struck an
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unoccupied police motorcycle working security and then it barrelled in to the crowd at the university's homecoming event in stillwater. and as you said, three people were killed and several injured including eight people in critical condition were flown from the scene and seven are in serious condition. police have identified the driver as 25-year-old adaysha chambers arrested for driving under the influence and currently at the stillwater police department. she was not a member of osu. police are charging the public to come forward with information. >> anyone who actually wnitnessd the collision for the stillwater police department, you can call our phone number, get on our web site and e-mail us. and more over, any persons with video of the collision, that would be very important to our collision investigators. >> despite this morning's tragedy, the homecoming game between oklahoma state and kansas will still be played this afternoon.
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>> the families i know and these victims will never be able to understand this, nor will we. but the cowboy family pulls together. >> now the school president said they will remember the victims at the game which starts in about 30 minutes. and flags have been lowered to half mass at the staboon picken stadium and we just learned mary is heading to the area. >> thank you for the update, lauren. appreciate it. now the latest on the other top story making news right now. the remnants of a record breaking hurricane quickly moving towards the u.s., thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju. the hurricane patricia slamming into mexico with incredible force. that category five storm making landfall with 165-mile-an-hour winds and torrential rains. amazingly though, patricia did not cause any major damage is now downgraded to a tropical
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depression. and now this storm is moving towards texas. where heavy rain and flooding and already battering several parts of that state. let's get to chief meteorologist standing by in the fox weather center for the latest on this storm's track. rick? >> yeah, uma. when you say no major damage, certainly no major damage do tog population areas but certainly this coastline between puerto vallarta and some small fishing towns in here. haven't been able to get good word and images out of the area. the roads are difficult to pass right here. now we're watching the moisture pull up in texas here and talking about things going on with texas. for one, remember back in may, we had all of this flooding. before that, we had a lot of drought. and then in may, we had the flooding and it wiped the drought off. and then they dried out again and look at this, exceptional drought spread in through much of texas and oklahoma.
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there you go. keep that in mind when i show you what's about to happen next. now go to the last seven days. we've had this system across the west. brought all the mud slides to california. the dust storms in arizona. flooding in new mexico and west texas and now that system has been bringing flooding across texas and finally, it's pulling up moisture from hurricane patricia. all of this in this area where we've had this drought going on, now some spots have seen well over a foot of rain and of course, corsicana, texas, has had over 18 inches in a 30 hour time period. that right there is the drought moving through to bring big time flooding. very dangerous night in store here across the eastern part of texas. especially in towards the houston area. that, i think, is the bull's eye for rain tonight and then in to tomorrow, let's take a look tomorrow here in parts of louisiana and mississippi. these colors here, represent maybe 8 to 12 inches of rain. we're going to talk about a lot of flooding in from hurricane
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patricia and meeting up with this other system is going to bring a lot of rain and dangerous situation across much of the south. >> this is a dangerous situation indeed. i know you're following this closely. and now a developing story as a fallen hero returns home. the master sergeant joshua wheeler is coming back to u.s. soil. expected to touch down at dover air force base delaware in just a few minutes. the delta force commando is the first american soldier killed fighting isis in iraq. kristen fischer is standing by in washington right now with more on this story. kristen? >> reporter: well, uma, master sergeant joshua wheeler deployed to afghanistan 11 times. this time, he was in iraq to train and advise the kurdish forces fighting isis. the other night, they went out on a hostage mission. he was under strict orders to stay out of the fight but wheeler ran towards the gunfire
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to help his kurdish partners and he was killed. yesterday, defense secretary applauded his actions even though they contradicted u.s. policy in iraq. >> these combat things are complicated, but the story is, as i related it already. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising in the s sistine being attacked and made it possible for them to be effective. >> they were effective. the michelin success, 70 host e hostages freed. now the pentagon and white house said how he can die in iraq but not in combat. no ground troops in iraq. the pentagon spokesman said it's important to realize the u.s. military support to this iraqi rescue operation does not represent a change in our policy.
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u.s. forces are not in iraq and on a combat mission and do not have boots on the ground. master sergeant wheeler's body will be back on the ground now with the defense secretary and wheeler's wife awaiting. the pentagon said he will be entitled to combat death bene t benefits even though technically, wheeler did not die in combat. >> we salute him for his courage. thank you, kristen, very much. there was a lot of fast moving analysis by the intelligence community to try to make sense of all of this. and i can only tell you from the perspective of having been in -- >> clinton, hang on one second. the intelligence may have changed some, but your story didn't. that's the point. and privately, your story was much different than it was publicly. >> lots of fireworks there. that was congressman jim jordan questioning hillary clinton this week about newly released e-mails about the attack in
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benghazi. those e-mails suggest that she knew from the beginning that it was not part of an anti-islamic video. we now know she was aware from the beginning that the attacks were orchestrated by terrorists and some gop critics are calling that a smoking gun. i spoke to gop presidential candidate mike huckabee about this earlier. >> i think in many ways, it was unfortunately. i think there was so much air blowing through that room that the smoke may have been dissipated to the point that people didn't pay attention to it. it was very significant because it proves that she was not telling the truth when for days, she continued to say publicly that it was all about a video. when she said even that night to her daughter and the next day to the egyptian government that they knew it wasn't about a video. it was a planned terrorist attack and it wasn't spontaneous. what was significant, she had far more communication with sidney blumenthal than chris stephens who was begging for
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help. and i think that is one of those very stunning moments to realize that, why wasn't she talking to the ambassador? why wasn't she answering those cries for help coming in the many weeks and months prior to the attack on september 11th? >> do you think the republicans on the committee though missed an opportunity to press harder, because again, as you point out, they went on for days talking about this video as being responsible for this attack, even though it was very clear that she knew ahead of time that they could have pressed her on this, as to why she wasn't speaking plain to the american people. >> personally, if i were running the committee, i think i would have made the whole thing an hour and a half. and it would have been tighten up and wouldn't have been an attempt to have as many pieces of information. you would have taken the most salient points. get it done very quickly, and then say the committee's over. we're done. that's all we're going to cover today. 11 hours means that you put too much water in the soup and nobody can taste the soup
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anymore. and i think the people were numb by the time it was over. and it lost the effect that it could have had. all hillary had to do is sort of endure it, sit there, and not lose her cool and she looked like she had weathered the storm. this is so classic clinton, something i've seen all my adult life that they are very good at going through this process of deceiving people. then they will, you know, deny something happened. they will distract and point to something else and ultimately, they will just let it run on delay until people are sick of it and then turn to something else. >> see the democrats who are very intent on trying to politically rehabilitate mrs. clinton in front of the cameras to go there and prop her up, so that while she was sitting there through these 11 hours, as you say, all she had to do was endure it and that they were going to be her coaches throughout this process. >> there was no doubt that they saw this as an opportunity to protect her politically.
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the tragedy for america and most importantly, for the four families is that this ought to be about why they were killed. what could have been done. and why america was lied to. why there was a lie and a cover-up. it shows the level of pole raizatir polerazation we have in this country. if your party hasn't done well, you need to be the ones who lead in calling out the deficiencies because that makes you look like you're truly interested in statesm statesmanship, which is what we need in this country right now. >> how upset are you to know there were 600 requests for help to get more security at that compound? >> i'm very outraged over it. i just wish hillary clinton, barack obama, and the other people of that administration would have remembered their promise to ambassador steffens and their promise to the american people to never leave an american out on the
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battlefield getting shot at without sending all the help possible. >> already, americans have trust concerns, particularly over the issue of benghazi. has she done anything to move that needle in a positive way in her direction based on her testimony? >> well, i don't think she's moved the needle favorably towards any credibility that she would have. now we have clearly established, the documents show that she was not telling the truth about what she believed had happened that night on that night. but will it make a big difference? that's what i have to be honest and tell you, i doubt that it makes a big difference. people who liove her won't love her more, but people who trust her can't trust her more but not less. and a group of americans who don't pay attention to any of it and if they did, sadly, they would not understand why it matters to have a president that you can trust, a president that will tell you the truth, even if the truth is painful.
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>> now we want to hear from you. do you think hillary clinton scored points against critics who questioned her trust worthiness? i'd like you to tweet me a at @umapemmaraju. three people dead. 20 others injured after a car plowed into a crowd at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. we are following this story closely and we are keeping you posted of any late developments. plus, more deadly violence in israel today as secretary of state john kerry brokers the deal to ease tensions. ambassador john bolten will join us next. >> i hope we can turn the page on this very difficult period. we have to join together in calling for a convenient end to violence.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back, everybody. police in nashville showing surveillance video of a group of young men with muzzle flashes after forces step up after a
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killing. the shooting apparently happened during an argument over a dice game and the victwas not a stud and released from the hospital. overseas now, with news that secretary of state john kerry is in jordan meeting with the country's king with mahmoud abbas, looking to ease tension with israel and the palestinians. after the palestinians have been killed in the last five weeks. and today, more deadly violence to report. surveillance video showing a knife wielding palestinian man being shot and killed by israeli forces. the israeli military saying that man tried to stab security at a checkpoint there. and john the former u.s. ambassador at the united nations and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and he joins us now. great to have you, sir.
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>> great to be with you. >> you know, we are seeing the images of john kerry overseas trying to appear as though he's trying to broker some kind of deal. the question i have for you, how much credibility does the united states have right now, particularly at a time where just last week, president obama was trying to put forth a moral equivalency over the issue of violence? >> well, i think we have very little credibility certainly with the israelis for precisely that reason. there are times when the secretary of state should stay at his desk in washington and tend to other matters. the fact is that this file is caused not by the pretext that's offered by many palestinians, that israel is trying to change the status of the temple mound but by the deliberate efforts of some who believe it's time to take advantage of israeli
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weakness and america's desire under president obama to change the face of the middle east. they've seen what happened with the iran nuclear deal. they think now is the moment to press israel to create a palestinian state. and violence, unfortunately, has worked to advance their interests in the past. >> we're hearing reports that jordan and israel are agreeing to take the steps to help quell some of the violence and some of the steps they're talking about is video monitoring and being able to allow greater access to some of the sites there. but the long-term picture seems pretty bleak. we're not seeing anything suggesting a long-term fix here, particularly at a time when the united states continues to blame israel for much of the problems. >> right. well, the agreement and in its specifics, really, doesn't do too much to affirm more than the status quo. it's important because the stories about israel trying to change the status quo were just pure fiction from the get go. but it's also the case as you
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indicate that this is not really addressing the real problem here. and that as long as the united states believes that sweetness and light is breaking out in the middle east if a palestinian state is created, you're going to have an incentive to create conditions that force american involvement, and that move toward that result. so i think this is a very dangerous time for israel because its adversaries have seen quite clearly that the president's prepared to sacrifice israel's interest when it comes to something like the irani nuclear deal. i think he thinks that if israel doesn't make sufficient concessions, that he'll resolve the dispute between the palestinians and the israelis his way to recognize the palestinian state. whether there is really such a state, whether it's a state controlled by terrorists or not.
12:22 pm
that's the obama version of facts on the ground, and it would put israel in a very difficult position. >> it sure would. and there was a great deal of noise coming out of the united nations also with members of the security council there wanting to move ahead and support the palestinians in what has been obviously a very tough situation and a very violent one and what you have this going on in the world stage, israel really is left on its own, it seems, without the support outwardly so, anyway, of the united states. >> no, i think that's right. you know, look, noise in the security council is the normal state of affairs but the difference here is the prior u.s. administration. however irritated they were by a particular israeli policy or behavior ultimately almost always protected israel by vetoing adverse resolutions in the security council. i think the threat that hanging over israel today from obama is that the veto will not be employed and that could be very dangerous because it would
12:23 pm
encourage those who seek very harsh terms against israel to press the maximum they believe they can get. >> do you believe before the president steps aside with a new, with the election coming up that he is really going to move ahead to try this palestinian state? >> i think there's a very real risk of it. i think that's his legacy to the region. he's already overturned years of american effort to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons, to keep them isolated as the world center banker of international terrorism. i think he views israel as a real problem. he's the most hostile american president to israel since the state of israel was created. and i think in his mind, this would be exactly the right way to end his tenure. >> fascinating. the stakes remain quite high, sir. always great to see you. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you, dwluma. glad to be with you. shifting gears now. the latest on the powerful storm
12:24 pm
causing widespread flooding as it moves through texas. the remnants of hurricane patricia wreaking havoc across the lone star state at this hour. where is this storm heading next? plus, the homecoming of a fallen hero at dover air force base. master sergeant joshua wheeler, the first american soldier to die in combat operations against isis. in just a few minutes, his body returns to the u.s. >> reminds us of the danger of the coalition forces in iraq, but of the important assistance they provide local forces as they lead the fight against a b barbaric enemy. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles.
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a fallen hero returning home. the body of master sergeant joshua wheeler returns to dover
12:29 pm
air force base. the special operations officer dying of wounds sustained on a mission to rescue dozens of iraqi hostages who reportedly faces imminent execution by isis. it's the first time an american service member has been killed in the coalition service against isis and with some inside thoughts on this, tom mcinerney, now a fox news military analyst. talking about this man's bravery and courage. >> well, uma, he had extraordinary military career. been in since 1994 when he got out of high school. he's had 14 deployments into afghanistan or iraq. he's won the bronze star medal for valor four times along with seven other bronze star medals. he is what i would call the epitome of the military non-commissioned officer. i had many of them work for me.
12:30 pm
but josh wheeler is the reason america has such a great army, navy, air force is because of our ncos, our non-commissioned officer corps. he was dedicated to the military. he had children, his wife just had a baby in august. it was a tragedy, but he did exactly what his highly trained ncos do. the forces were going to be overrun. he went to the sound of the cannon. i learned that as a plea at west point, but that's what he went to do to rescue those people and they were successful. i commend the administration for the commando raid that they had trying to get those 70 plus hostages. it's not always perfect. they are very dangerous. but they were doing the right thing. >> the defense secretary ash carter saying that the military
12:31 pm
expects in his words to have more raids of this kind and that the rescue mission represents in his words, a continuation of our advise and assist mission. that's the role the u.s. wants to play at this point and in this situation, apparently, this young man really felt compelled to go in and rush in to try to rescue those individuals who were being taken to a prison there by isis. and facing imminent execution. >> yes, he did. and he did the right thing. and i believe the administration and the military did the right thing going in trying to rescue those peshmarega forces. the kurds know we have their back. that, as i said, is the right thing to do and josh wheeler along with so many of our officers did. rest in peace.
12:32 pm
and his family, deeply sorry for them but he was doing the right thing in a life he loved. >> the fact we're talking about the kurds. this is certainly a story where we are actually seeing that the united states is working in partnership to try and help the kurds because there's been so many reports where we've been hearing that people complain that, you know, we turned our backs on them when it comes to resource support, et cetera. but here, it's a clear example of us trying to take care of them and help them. >> exactly. and that's why i support it and support what they did. it shows the courage that we are behind them. we have not been very good about arming them because of the political situation and having to go through baghdad, et cetera. but this was a clear signal that americans are willing to give our lives to help protect them and that's why i think it's so important.
12:33 pm
>> we're also hearing from the white house, being very clear not to characterize this as this soldier dying in combat. they don't want to use that word. why is that? >> well, i don't know. it's one of those things that politicians get involved with. but i can assure you from a military point of view, everybody knows he was in combat. we do not have boots on the ground per se there. i think that's what the white house is worried about. but we have boots on the ground to train and advise. and that's why it's kind of strange that they're so sensitive to that particular situation because we've always known that our men are in harm's way and in the train and advise missions. why are we so peculiar not to call it combat? and by the way, he should get the purple heart and i believe he should get a higher award. i don't want to get into that because t sensitivities to it, but he
12:34 pm
deserves it. >> as you pointed out, he is survived by his wife, four sons, a brother. four half sisters, a grandmother. just 39 years old. >> and over half of his life, uma, had been in the military. as i said, this is the cream of the crop. that's why we are a great military. because we have such outstanding non-commissioned officers like master sergeant josh wheeler. >> yes, he's obviously among the best of the best. general, always good to see you. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this brave young man and his courage and commitment to his country. appreciate it very much. >> thank you, uma. thank you. now to the fox news alert. two crew members forced to swim to safety after the train derails in north texas where rain and floods, the remnants of
12:35 pm
hurricane patricia are devastating that region. the flooding so bad, that it caused the tracks to wash away. joining us now, will cog standing by with more. >> reporter: some areas getting up to 20 inches of rain. now, we saw a big impact where you're talking about, about 50 miles south of dallas. that's where we saw a union pacific freight train derail after a creek overflowed, washing away the tracks and then knocking the train over. two crew members had to jump out, swim through the water before they were picked up by swift water rescue team. thankfully, we were not injured. the 64 car train was hauling cement and now there's a concern about diesel leaking from the train into the water. so they have the hazmat team on scene. large parts of texas are under a flash flood watch through the weekend. seen over the last 24 hours. dfw seen the wettest three day
12:36 pm
period since 1991. there are also flash flood watches for waco, austin, and san antonio, where there are reports of a man being swept away while walking his dog and also a watch in fort worth where some drivers had to abandon their cars when dangerous flash floods hit the area. >> i said, what are we doing? said i'm not going. >> i didn't think i could make it. and so i stopped and like, freaked out and called 9-1-1. they were like, just stay there. >> a lot of people don't realize just how dangerous moving water can be. think about this. six inches is powerful enough to knock a person over two feet of moving water can move a car. so with that in mind, the national weather service in the houston and galveston area in texas is asking for people to stay inside tonight because they're expecting a lot more rain and asking for people to stay off the roads. you can see just how dangerous it can get in that amount of
12:37 pm
time. uma? >> that's right. the best advice, stay off the roads while these torrential downpours continue at this time. all right. will, thank you very much. well, history lost in new jersey. a synagogue more than 100 years old completely destroyed by a raging fire. what investigators believe may have caused that blaze. plus, a major development in the irs targeting scandal. the justice department making a big decision on whether to bring charges against former official lois lerner. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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we are back with the fox news alert. a developing story as we're getting terrifying new cell phone video capturing an engine fire aboard a southwest airline flight. that airline issuing a statement saying flight 3390 from dallas to baltimore-washington international airport safely returned to dallas following a
12:42 pm
potential mechanical issue. the airplane has been temporarily removed from service for maintenance. 134 passengers are accommodated on a different plane arriving approximately two hours behind schedule. kind of scary there. turning now to presidential plir politics. hillary clinton in iowa today for one of the most important caucuses there. the jackson dinner a turning point in the 2008 race couldn't be the same for her. mrs. clinton's remarks today just come two years after the grilling on capitol hill this week by the benghazi select committee. chief correspondent ed henry joining us live from des moines. ed? >> reporter: uma, good to see you, you're right. back in 2007, hillary clinton came here as the front-runner who fizzled out. she gave a speech at the big jefferson jackson dinner that basically was seen as being very
12:43 pm
flat. she didn't have organizational strength. barack obama, then senator, had just the opposite. a soaring speech and he never looked back. he won the iowa caucuses a couple of months later. hillary clinton didn't come in second. she came in third. that was the beginning of the end. obviously, she's in a firmer position right now. think about the brutal summer she had. self-inflicted wounds over e-mail. the serge of bernie sanders. there's been a series of tests this month starting with the big debate in vegas just over a week ago where she came out looking very strong and then you mentioned the benghazi testimony. she took some hits, but emerged from that as well with her base on the left feeling strong. feeling like she pushed back against republicans on that committee. and then tonight, she's coming in here with a lot less candidates. remember, two dropped out this week. lincoln chafee with web and opted out. it's just her and bernie sanders and martin o'malley speaking and the hillary clinton campaign said they have momentum. watch this.
12:44 pm
>> i'm fighting for all americans, not just some. the struggling, the striving and the successful. i'm fighting for everyone who's ever been knocked down but refuses to be knocked out. >> reporter: so you can see the narrative the clinton campaign is trying to push, she's coming back. she's a fighter. but i can tell you a lot of republican presidential candidates, obviously, chris christie last night on the o'reilly factor said the benghazi testimony is not going away. the fact that hillary clinton acknowledged under oath that she said one thing in private about the attacks, a different thing to the american people, but also, did not respond. she said it didn't make it to her desk. nearly 600 requests by the late ambassador chris stephens. here's the security. >> if it wasn't your responsibility, whose was it? is that what you're telling folks, that this was not
12:45 pm
important enough for you? >> reporter: so look, hillary clinton has seen a rise in the polls the last couple of days. the campaign said money is pouring in as the democratic race begins to narrow, but there are still some dangerous signs out there for her. you have the fact that the fbi investigation of her server is still looming. and then this coming friday, the state department is going to be putting out more of her official e-mail. so the drip drip will continue, uma. >> yeah, that drip drip is still out there in a big way. you know, ed, despite maintaining her lead in the polls, looks like hillary clinton is not taking any chances though. she's going to be rolling out some big guns in just a while, right? >> reporter: that's right. just behind me about an hour or so, we'll see former president bill clinton as well as katy perry, the pop star. she came out strong for president obama in 2012. sang at a lot of his rallies. she's going to be doing a little bit of that behind me. just down the road here in des moines, there are a lot of hillary supporters. got more hillary troops
12:46 pm
gathering, getting ready to turn out at this big jefferson jackson dinner behind me but before that, they're sort of having this pregame rally. as i mentioned, katy perry but former president bill clinton has not done any rallies. they've tried in the first few months of this campaign to let hillary clinton emerge on her own. but as you say, uma, not taking any chances tonight. rolling out the big dog, as some people call him. bill clinton, to try to sort of rally the base and get them ready for what is going to be a big night tonight, uma. >> we know the former president is certainly considered a rock star among the democrats out there. so that's why she's wasting no time making sure he's there for the big high profile dinner. all right, ed. thank you very much. have fun out there. good to see you too. we'll continue to bring you the very latest on the tragedy at oklahoma state university after a car plows into a crowd during their homecoming parade there. as we have been reporting, three people are now dead with many others injured and air lifted to area hospitals. a live report is just minutes
12:47 pm
away. plus, the justice department making a major announcement about lois lerner and the irs targeting scandal. we'll tell you what's happening and what this means going forward.
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authorities say a care taker called 911 after smoke was called in the area. the fire spreading quickly. by the time firefighters got to
12:52 pm
say scene nothing could be saved. it was more than 100 years old. the cause of the fire still under investigation. all right. now, we will bring you this alert. we continue to tell you about the situation that's taking place in oklahoma where oklahoma state university, where three people were killed after a car plowed into the parade route there with a number of people injured at the same time, airlifted out of the area to area hospitals there. this is a scene that, as you can see, devastating images there. there is one person under arrest, who has been taken into police custody, charged with driving under the influence. the police are saying that this situation remains a crime scene at this point. people are obviously completely shocked by the news, showing the
12:53 pm
scene where they were having their annual homecoming parade, a time when the big football game was set to get under way later today. people in high spirits. yet here we have the sad news showing the scene there where a car plowing into that crowd. we will keep you updated with more about this story as we get late developments. now to the latest on our other top stories making news now. the remnants of hurricane patricia moving towards the u.s. at this hour. it is a powerful category 5 storm making landfall with 165-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rain. amazingly, no major damage reported this far. at this point it has been downgraded to a tropical depression. joining us live in mexico is william. >> reporter: we have been traveling south basically since
12:54 pm
this morning. locals tell us that mazatlan is the actual town to where hurricane patricia made landfall. we are halfway between puerto vallarta on the north and manzanillo to the south. no roofs off. no signs in the street. the state says there has been some damage to homes and businesses. but honestly, with a hurricane, category 5 making landfall, 150 miles per hour, there is certainly very little damage to show for it. there have been no casualties. and the airports are back to normal. we have been in town probably about 5,000 people here. they are selling papayas, getting their haircut, shopping. everything is back to normal, if you will. of course the economy is going to be up and running quickly.
12:55 pm
people remain employed. we're heading into the peak season for tourism. that will be important for the resorts. where we have seen downed trees, uma, it has been a tornado, like razor sharp like a hurricane, which the damage tends to be widespread and whack everything down over a half mile or everything like that. as it stands right now, we are headed down to manzanilla. for a hurricane this size, there is almost nothing to show. almost like it never happened. >> it's amazing. but the people did heed the warnings out there, william. they did evacuate and they took to shelter. >> reporter: yeah. that's a smart thing to do. from our last interview, you have to do that. they evacuated from the coastline. it took them into shelters as
12:56 pm
well as an upcountry in the mountains where the mountains cut down on it quite a bit. i was in the philippines with a category 5 with typhoon haiyan. that killed 7,000 people. i was in cancun 10 years ago with hurricane wilma almost to the day. point b, yeah, you've got to be smart about it. but in this particular case, hey, they were very fortunate. back to you. >> they dodged a big bullet, become. thank you for updating us on the story. a very busy news afternoon. don't go away. we have more news in the next hour. i make it a great day, everybody. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,
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a homecoming celebration has turned to tragedy after a car plows into a crowd. hello, everyone. >> good afternoon. witnesses say a sedan hit a police officer and veered toward a crowd of people at the parade. the crash killing three and injuring two dozen more. the woman behind the wheel of that car now under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. lauren green is live in our new york studios with the very latest. julie, as


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