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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 24, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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a homecoming celebration has turned to tragedy after a car plows into a crowd. hello, everyone. >> good afternoon. witnesses say a sedan hit a police officer and veered toward a crowd of people at the parade. the crash killing three and injuring two dozen more. the woman behind the wheel of that car now under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. lauren green is live in our new york studios with the very latest. julie, as you said, the
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crash turned america's greatest homecoming celebration into a huge tragedy. witnesses describe a terrifying event near the end of the parade route. a hyundai elantra hit a police officer motorcycle. >> we heard a tremendous amount of ruckus, noise, absolute carnage. a lot of people trying to figure out what was going on. >> three people were killed and several injured. eight people in critical condition were flown from the scene. seven in serious condition. police have identified the driver as 25-year-old adacia avery chambers. she was arrested for driving under the influence. she is still at the police department. she was not a student at osu. police are urging the public to
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come forward with information. >> anyone who actually witnessed the collision, please contact stillwater police department. you can call the phone number, get on our website and e-mail us. and moreover, any persons with video of the collision, that would be very important to our collision investigators. >> the homecoming game between oklahoma state and kansas was not canceled. >> the families, i know, and these victims will never be able to understand this, nor will we. but the cowboy family pulls together. >> the school president said they will remember the victims at the game, which is now under way. it started about 30 minutes ago. the flags are being flown at half-staff at the stadium. osu is up by 7, by the way. we're also learning the governor is heading to the area. julie? thank you so much.
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another fox alert about the powerful storm that's pounding texas this afternoon. dumping more than a rain in parts of the state. remnants of hurricane patricia that hit mexico threatening the lone star state. some of the biggest cities under flash flood watches. that will happen throughout the weekend. floods created really dangerous situations overnight. >> reporter: texas saw a lot of rain in a short amount of time. one area that had a big impact was 50 miles south of dallas. that's where we saw a union pacific freight train actually derail. that's because a nearby creek overflowed. it washed the tracks away. two crew members on board had to jump out, swim through the water before they were picked up by a swift water rescue team. the 64-car train was hauling
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cement. now there is concern about the diesel leaking into the water. so hazmat is on the scene. listen to a union pacific spokesperson a little bit earlier on america's news headquarters. >> our first priority is to make sure the crew is safe. the next priority is to make sure the recoveriy teams are safe. but then absolutely we need to get this reopened and back up and running so we don't slow our customers down. >> union pacific said they are a at mother nature's mercy right now. they have to wait for a lot of water to subside before they can go in and try to stick the tracks >> man, what a scene with that train in the river. there's going to be even more rain throughout this weekend. >> yeah, there is. especially the remnants of hurricane patricia. flash flood watches all across texas. some 15 to 20 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. dallas area has seen more than seven inches of rain. dfw has had its wettest
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three-day period since 1991. watches for fort worth, austin, waco, san antonio. i man was swept away walking his door. people don't realize how powerful moving water can be. six inches of moving water is enough to knock a person over. two feet is enough to move a car. you saw the train derail there. with all of that in mind and how dangerous it can be, the national weather service in houston and galveston where they are expecting more rain tonight is asking people to simply stay at home and off the roads. >> will, that is quite understandable. could be a dangerous situation, especially in the low-lying areas. remnants of patricia moving quickly through the state. another storm system slamming the area where more flooding. we will watch the path of patricia. he will join us with the latest developments and what we can expect in a few minutes. palestinian attacker shot
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after reportedly trying to stab an israeli security guard at a border crossing. just the latest in the continuing string of individual a attacks in israel. surveillance video meantime capturing the man running through the checkpoint. the attacking taking place as talks resume in jordan where secretary of state john kerry and president mahmoud abbas meet in an effort to address this deadly surge in violence. john huddy is live with the very latest there. hey, john. >> reporter: yeah, hey julie. earlier this week i spoke with a senior israeli official. and i asked, is there any hope that on the horizon there could be some sort of calm, some sort of peace? the answer was a simple no. well, now that seems to be shifting. with the latest talks there is some hope there might be some at the end of a very dark tunnel of violence. shifting to the meeting. the main point that came out of
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today a's meetings in jordan, the status quo at the temple mount al a axasome mosque. muslims who believe that israel is increasingly encroaching on the site of the mosque compound. secretary kerry said ben that minute netanyahu's message is that israel a has no intention of dividing the temple mount. other bullet points. jordan will remain the custodian of the compound. there is also discussion about adding 24-hour video surveillance system to tighten security overall at this site. another that could temper hostility, money. the u.s. state department plans
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to cut $80 million in financial aid to the palestinian authorities, a clear message for lawmakers to president abbas, stop the rhetoric, in citing the violence. it has been an act indication from prime minister netanyahu and other u.s. officials. but as far as violence goes, there was more violence today. a 16-year-old palestinian tried to stab soldiers at a roadblock in the west bank. israeli security forces shot and killed him. a lot of the attacks thus far over the last month have been carried out by young palestinians going after israeli soldiers. also yesterday a firebomb was thrown. israeli family inside a car, they survived moderate to light injuries. now, in the meantime, despite the ongoing violence, secretary kerry says he will continue to meet with israeli, palestinian, and jordanian officials he says to quote, unquote advance peace and stability and to work on the
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steps necessary to bring lasting calm. at this point it remains calm tonight. it has been a calm weekend certainly compared to last week and over the course of the last few weeks. so, as i said, there's hope there may be some light at the end of what has been a dark tunnel of violence. julie? >> all right. well, let's hope. john huddy, thank you. well, donald trump is set to take the stage. but not at a debate. in fact, not even at a campaign rally. on saturday night live. he's hosting. >> can you believe that? we'll have to watch that. another candidate is in financial trouble. coming up, what jeb bush is planning to do about his campaign's emptying pockets. texas we have the forecast and the fallout from hurricane patricia.
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on the eve of the bear hunt aches florida man is attacked by a bear. that happened in east point, florida, 70 miles south of tallahassee. the bear attacked a man last night near a motel. he is expected to be okay.
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florida officials declared open season on bears in that state. for the first time they have allowed the bear hunt to go forward in decades. it is meant to decrease the black bear population they say has been booming. activists contend they should work on trash management instead in order to roux the encounters between people and bears. live from new york, it's donald trump. the presidential candidate is set to host "saturday night live" next weekend. november 7th, in fact. he won't be the first candidate to appear on the show or even to host it. but trump taking center stage does open nbc up to potential trouble. from the ftc's equal opportunity clause. that mandates stations to equal airtime and basically it has to offer to all political candidates. should "snl" be word about this? we have a defense attorney and former prosecutor. and misty maris is a trial
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attorney. equal time is equal time. hillary clinton, as we know, recently did a skit. she got three minutes and a few spare is seconds. he will be hosting the show, which will gain him 22 minutes of free advertising. if you're a legitimate candidate, can you fight this? >> you can. you can request equal airtime. you can go to an nbc affiliate station saying is i want the same 22 minutes that trump received. and all you have to do is show you're a legitimate candidate in that state. they have to put you on. they lose complete control over their programming. >> there is an actual contest, but it is not being contested. >> right. >> we are talking long-time candidate. and a law professor sent a letter demanding an equal opportunity under the law stating cancelled dates are allowed to use a broadcast station, that other candidates
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be allowed the same opportunity. but it does not apply to him because he is not a legitimate candidate. >> this is an fcc rule, not an election rule. there is not a lot of case law defining what a legitimate case law is. he is getting publicity. if chris christie, marco rubio, some of the republican candidates are sick and tired of donald trump getting free advertising, 23 minutes on saturday night live, if they want to, they can invoke the rule. >> remember vice presidential candidate sarah palin. and reverend al sharpton in 2003.
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what if legitimate candidates like ted cruz, car lee fiorina come out and say we want equal time. >> they will get it in the local affiliate stations where they have a connection to that state. it's going to happen. they'll be able to get that time. they will be able to speak their mind for 22 unfettered minutes. >> they don't want to host. they just want equal time. not everybody wants to be on saturday night live. but they want equal time. if they were to be pressured to in court, all 15 candidates, that's five hours of television. is nbc willing to take that risk? >> they obviously are. you see how much ratings that donald trump brings to any network he goes o. the first person to tell you how much he increases their ratings is donald trump. >> right.
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>> they will make millions of dollars. they will be able to ratchet up ad sales, double or triple what they do. nbc is willing to take a chance. the interesting fact is we are two weeks out. the only person to bring it up is the unknown democratic law professor. why apart the candidates exercising their right of time? >> it is not like they haven't talked to the higher ups. it's they know this will get the ratings. it will bring "saturday night live" to a whole other level in that time slot. there's no way it hasn't been considered. this is really going to be a big deal. we know from the way the presidential race has been unfolding. >> right. >> donald trump is all over the place. and it's going to bring in more viewers. >> not only is this law professor contesting this, but there are other groups protesting against nbc. nbc is going back on what it had
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originally intended. they didn't want to give any airtime because of his remarks on hispanics. they pulled miss universe. now all of a sudden he's hosting "saturday night live". it shows even the mainstream media just absolutely don't have a backup. >> no, they don't. they're looking for the ratings. they know they will get the ratings. "saturday night live" is a show people do watch live. with dvr you don't see that very much ago. >> ben carson wasn't leading in the latest quinnipiac polls two weeks ago. if ben carson came forward and said, i want to host, they have no choice or they go to court. >> consider allowing him to host. you're ratcheting up ratings. you're giving all the attention to nbc to a show who has had star power over the years. "saturday night live" is the
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center of the presidential nomination for the republican side. >> yeah. hear carly fiorina is in the single million digits. jeb bush is in the tens of millions. when you look at it, it is really unfair. this is free advertising. >> well, of course. that's why we have that. that's why the frc has the rule. get her out there. see if she can get her equal time. if she comes out and contests it after that show. >> who is the bad guy? how badly will they be perceived if they contest it? because they have every right to do so. >> they sure do. >> great to talk to you both. we have some new updates now on the storm patricia. it's been the strongest storm ever in recorded history to hit the western hemisphere. now it's been downgraded to a tropical depression. forecasters say the storm could still do damage before it is expected to weaken over the mountains of mexico.
1:21 pm
we have the latest from mexico, where william is trying to stay dry. hi, william. >> reporter: hey, eric. i want to tell you you are looking at the sierra madre mountains. they rise from about sea level to 3,000 feet pretty abruptly. they turn this from a category 3 to 5 to 1 rapidly. it really saved the inland areas, which is where i am right now. i have gone through a lot of small towns on this road. they don't have any real housing standards is. that's not a criticism. it just means people are using whatever wood, brick, block they can find to create their barns and their houses and so forth. we have seen road side stands selling papayas and so forth. those did not fall down during this very intense wind. so the mountains may have something to do with that. if you look behind me, you see
1:22 pm
the high watermark. there is a dam upstream. they were worried the dam would burst and wipe out a number of towns downstream. that did not happen. partly because they say the rain was not as great as they anticipated it would be in some of these areas. it is not to mean there isn't damage in other areas. so far we have seen very little. flights have resumed. tourists are able to go home right now. that is the good news for mexico and the economy, tourism, peak system. it will be a good thing for the people and their property. >> it could have been so much worse. thankfully, it was not. thanks, william. actress maureen o'hara has died. she was 95 years old. o'hara's manager said she passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in idaho. she is survived by a daughter in ireland. david lee miller takes a look
1:23 pm
back at maureen o'hara's storied life and legendary career. >> reporter: maureen o'hara was dubbed the queen of technicolor. >> i have always played very strong, dominant, courageous, brave, ridiculous women. >> reporter: one of six chiropractor she was born near dublin in 1920 to a businessman father and actress/singer mother. she began acting at the age of 6. in 1939, she received brave reviews for "jamaica inn". she made her debut in "the hunchback of notre dame." during the seven-year contract with 20th century fox, she is starred in "miracle on 34th street." >> have you had any experience? >> reporter: she starred in five films with her friend john
1:24 pm
wayne. rio grande. she recorded albums and starred abroad way. she starred in "the parent trap." o'hara was also a wife and mother. married three times. her third husband, charles player, perhaps the love of her life. >> he had a very wonderful glamorous, exciting, adventurous life. so i just became part of his life and lived the adventures that i acted. >> she took a leave of absence from hollywood for 20 years, until director christopher columbus was able to coax her back in 1991 for "only the lonely." >> come on. nick is a good guy. >> if i accepted, he would think i'm easy. >> reporter: she acted in smaller roles throughout the rest of her career. she played good-hearted yesterday strong heroines.
1:25 pm
>> thank you for that tribute of such an incredible star. actress maureen o'hara dead at the age of 95. as we have been reporting today, tropical storm patricia moving across mexico. but heading towards us on target in an era touted by rain and flooding. coming up meteorologist chris will be here watching the latest developments. and more as the storm zeros in on the lone star state. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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hurricane patricia is pushing through mexico so far without any major damage. the record-breaking storm hitting the pacific coast with heavy wind and torrential rain but losing steam as it moves inland. it is now downgraded to a strom storm and inching closer to texas where parts of the state are already being slammed with heavy rain and flooding. chief meteorologist chris wright
1:30 pm
is in the fox weather center. what a difference 24 hours made. this was a category 5. you were talking about it being the biggest thing to hit the western hemisphere. these people really got spared. >> you say bigger. we are confusing biggest with strongest. so it was the strongest ever recorded but really small. so the impact isn't as big because it wasn't so strong across a big area. it was just across a very small area. and that small area that a lot of people haven't gotten to, including william who is 5 miles away, from where the center went on shore. the worst is a five-mile stretch where the center went on. there are some populations there and a couple towns that saw a lot of damage. we don't have the pictures yet. you go back a few days ago, 6:00 a.m., this thing was a tropical
1:31 pm
storm. it went from a drop storm to a cat 5 hurricane. it went in that area between puerto vallarta and manzanillo. it weakened across these mountains and dropped 100 millibars in just over 24 hours as well. i want to tie in a few stories here. remember the flooding across parts of texas and oklahoma back in may? it was some of the worst flooding we have seen. before that flooding happened, they had an incredible drought going on. after that flooding happened, it's been very, very dry. they have a drought there again. now flooding back on top of that. it is due to this system -- remember a week ago we had flooding and mudslides across the los angeles area? then major flooding in arizona and new mexico and western texas. that was a completely different system. now that system is across east texas. it is tapping into the moisture
1:32 pm
from what was hurricane patricia. get ready for incredibly heavy rain throughout the evening hours tonight, into louisiana tomorrow, mississippi and alabama. and a tornado concern. we have tornado warnings across the coastal areas. a big impact going on. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. jeb bush's presidential campaign has been taking on water. the former governor is hoping a weekend retreat in houston with his family and supporters can help right the ship. mr. bush's father, former president george h.w. bush and one of his brothers george w. bush will take part, along with mother barbara. major donors attending in the wake of the campaign tightening its belt, which including staff layoffs and paycuts. can these steps and the family's summit help jeb mount a come back?
1:33 pm
judy miller joins us. great to see you, as always. >> hi, art. nice to see you. >> good to see you, of course. do you think jeb with the summit with his father and his brother and the family can help him climb out of this? >> oh, yes. i mean, look, he's in trouble. there's no doubt. the exclamation point is kind of off the first name. but this ain't over by any means. the fat lady has not sung. and he can light his campaign. he can tighten his belt. he can get some advice from his father and brother, both of whom have been presidents. and he can win this thing. we have to remember that john mccain was also in trouble in 2008. he came back. the key for now, eric, is saving enough money into the primaries. of course he has to have a really good debate this coming week. >> let's start with saving the money. he has $10.3 million in the
1:34 pm
bank. the superpac is 10 times that. . 103 million. as you had, it's a matter of getting through the next few months to march 1st. why is that deadline so important with the beginning of those primaries to get to that point? >> well, look, these early primaries are currently key for him. he's got to have new hampshire. he's got to have iowa. he doesn't have to win all of them. but he has to win at least one of them. and he certainly has to win march 15th, which is florida. that's where he is going to be up probably against rubio. that's where it is going to be a make or break moment. if he doesn't do that, he cannot get the nomination. and that's why he's saving the money. because he knows that's where he's going to need the money. and as great as it is to have raised over $100 million for superpac, according to the law, you know, you have to keep that money separate. so the issue is how much does he
1:35 pm
actually have in the campaign that can be spent when he really needs it? that's why he is pulling back now. this is a very smart move, eric. he's got to do this now. >> it sounds like he is saving his pennies. you have tremendous respect for george h.w. bush and then his brother george w. bush. look at this quote from trump. astounding. he said on this family meeting, "butch has no money. he is meeting today with mommy and daddy, and they're working on his campaign. he's a guy wants to run our country and he can't even run his own campaign. think of it." . these snide comments. calling mommy and daddy when you talk about a former esteemed president. >> donald trump has an uncanny one of getting under jeb bush's skin. you saw it with his remarks with the brother. jeb was okay. he was cool.
1:36 pm
he was medium energy going along presidentially until trump attacked his brother. and then he just kind of lost it, lashed out. and it didn't look good for him. now he has to keep his rise, not rise to trump. he has to be cool, calm, presidential. and i think meeting with the family this weekend, especially barbara bush, who is tough as nails, is going to do a lot to keep him calm. >> thank goodness for barbara. final point. on wednesday, what does he have to do and do you think he will have to achieve that? >> i think he has to project a feeling for the american people that he actually wants to be president. there is a certain kind of routineness to his performances. i mean, trump wasn't wrong when he says bush is low energy. he's been trying to get around that by lashing out at trump. but the way in which he's done it often looks sophomoric, the
1:37 pm
reference to super girl when he was asked by his critics, is cutting back a sign that your campaign is a trouble. he responds blah, blah, blah, blah. this is not presidential. it doesn't impress people. he's got to take command but also be calm. it's going to be a tough road to work. >> all eyes on wednesday. we'll see how he handles his finances as the campaign continues. judy, great to see you as always. >> great to see you, eric. all right. a middle school official putting the pal in principal. how he stepped in to save a student's life when seconds mattered most, eric. and if you're looking for something other than the same old boring halloween, coming up a close-up personal look with the performers and characters for hire. oh, my god.
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halloween is just around the corner. if you're worried about putting the extra touches on your halloween, don't fear. we have people to help. characters for hire, llc. and the makeup artist is the only normal looking one behind us. these are some ugly faces. >> thank you. >> amazing job. >> thank you so much. >> what did you do here? >> they are full prosthetic
1:43 pm
pieces. it's really fun. >> can we get a shot of this red-headed zombie. because that is amazing. prosthetics. you have contact lenses in there. the teeth. these are not her actual teeth. >> they are. we painted them. >> it is incredible how you transform these individuals. >> the entertainment business has grown into the billions. i'm talking about special type of character, entertainment. when you started bringing your kids to birthday parties and you thought i have to ratchet this up. >> i just thought, you know, there was someone out there that could do something better. and i just came up with a way of creating more of a high quality look and adding a little more authenticity to the characters. >> yeah. let's just talk about this company. you started characters for hire
1:44 pm
during the recession. now you have 1,000 characters. they do everything from all different types of themes to robotics. it is high-tech stuff. >> yes. >> tell us what you do. >> pretty much we're -- we create the character for you. so if there's something out there that you can't find, we can create that character. no matter what the theme. we do hundreds of themes that can add some authenticity. >> let's show people some of the videos. we do have videos. and i'll show you sound from a particular party that i tend to love the most. this is some of the activities, some of the different sort of events you have done. everything from princess themes to scary stuff and beyond. >> we use broadway performers for our princesses. we use actors that are unbelievable. >> and singers. >> and singers. oh, yeah. >> if you are at broadway, and
1:45 pm
you are now worldwide. so everybody can have this mass of talent in their home if they want. >> we go through a whole process. we have our own casting department. we have our own makeup department. you name it. special effects. we want to be a true entertainment company. >> i want to show people how incredibly talented these people are. this is me, the birthday parties i have in my home. i hire character for hire as well. just take a little look. >> ♪ ♪ life is an open door ♪ let it go, let it go
1:46 pm
>> is. >> and so here you have "frozen," "tangle," "rapunzel." the whole cast singing their songs. it is like you're actually at a theme park. >> it sure does. we put a lot of effort and time and work to make it as real as possible. and where our clients would really appreciate it. >> you guys did a great job. thank you for scaring eric. >> m. >> talk about inspiration for small business owners. i've got to tell you. pretty awesome. great to see you. we'll be right back. stay right there. >> boo!
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the united auto workers union and general motors, the union threatening that its workers at gm will strike if they can't agree on a new contract. that includes higher wages. union giving the auto giant a deadline of 11:59 p.m. tomorrow
1:51 pm
night. gm says it remains committed to reaching what it calls an agreement that is good for employees and the business. now for a look beyond the headlines, here is liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> in the spirit of halloween, ruthers making his last bid for immortality. having lost an expensive lawsuit against cbs, his former employee, the successor to walter cronkite took his case to hollywood. perhaps he thinks robert redford playing dan rather will persuade us that he wasn't responsible for an egregious act of low life journalism shaped by political bias. equally bold is a movie title, truth. hold the laughter, please. the news anchor became the patsy for mary mates, the fellow
1:52 pm
traveler who teamed up with rather for a 60 minutes story on george w. bush and his career in the texas international guard. the report charged that through bush family influence, the republican presidential candidate avoided vietnam service in the early 1970s by joining the texas international guard for pilot training. to make the story fit their wrong assumptions, miss makes produce add former texas lieutenant governor and advisor to the john kerry campaign, who said he arranged the guard appointment for mr. bush. more intriguing, a retired guard officer gave miss mates the stash of documents indicating mr. bush had a checkered career in the training program. within hours of the story's airing in september of 2004, the reckoning began. cbs investigation and layer
1:53 pm
outside experts determined the documents, copies, not originals, were false and probably forgeries. when confronted, the source who gave miss mates the supposedly incriminating documents made up a new fairy tale where he got them. fact checkers on the internet pounced and truth would have its day. ultimately, rather was forced to retire. cbs fired miss mates, and others on the team for their hand handed campaign to smear mr. bush two months before the presidential election. the man who found fame by sassing president nixon 41 years ago apologized to save his job. in the recent publicity rollout for truth, mr. rather admitted mistakes were made. but he still insisted we got to the truth. you might say dan is still looking for the right frequency.
1:54 pm
the next time he shares his wisdom with journalism students, he should recall some advice from ralph waldo emmerman. when you strike at a king, you must kill him. mr. rather and miss mates found their counterparts in the hollywood crowd, but no one is buying the rewrite. tinsel is tinsel. they never had the story. a utah vice principal fast response saves the life of one of his middle school students. surveillance video showing the moment skylar nelson collapses in gym class. the school's vice principal then steps in to help by performing cpr. luckily he had just taken a refresher course ten days earlier and knew exactly what to do. the principal saying it was a close call. >> he had actually essentially died right there in our gym.
1:55 pm
he wasn't with us. >> he was gone? >> he was gone. >> turns out skylar was born with a genetic heart defect. doctors will be putting a defibrillator inside of him to shock him if this should happen again. >> wow. thank goodness. and the importance of defibrillators and knowing cpr. the public getting the first look at a new group of panda cubs. take a look. they're real. the program helped raise the adorable dozen and the important role for two of them hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you.
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we have a fox news alert. waiting for an update in houston. the mayor will talk about the emergency response of the heavy storms. that's set for the top of the hour. we'll bring that to you live as there are some tornado watches up in some parts of the state, keeping on eye on what's happening in texas. >> we leave you on a positive note. 12 adorable panda cubs meeting for the first time in public. these cubs making their debut at a research center in china. it's six pairs of artificially conceived giant panda twins. they're all between one and three months old and all in good health. the youngest pair were born last months and selected by the united nations for ambassadors for the global environmental protection. >> i don't even have to talk. we can just show the video. >> they don't look real. they look like the stuffed pandas you see. >> thank you for scaring me.
2:00 pm
happy halloween. >> thank you for not cursing. that was amazing. don't ever do that to me. >> my biggest fear on television, yeah. i'll see you on the fox at 7:00 o'clock. the stossel special is up next. what you say may get you killed >> even american colleges restrict free speech. >> she's a professor. >> students want a safe space. >> the same space is where corpses is go to die. >> i was silent.


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