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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 24, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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dissident minority idea into a majority idea is if a society has the space to think. >> the space to think. that's worth we start with a fox news alert. the scene at a homecoming parade at oklahoma state university. a car careens out of control into a crowd of spectators, killing three people. the number of injured tonight so far sadly is still climbing. authorities say 34 people were hurt. eight of them are in critical condition. i'm eric shaun. this is a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. police arresting a woman under suspicion for drunk driving. the deadly crash happening at oklahoma state's homecoming for a game that is still underway. lauren green has been following the details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it is a bittersweet homeaccommodation as the
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oklahoma state university cowboys are leading kansas 49-10 in the third quarter. but this morning's crash turned what locals call america's greatest homecoming celebration into a huge tragedy. witnesses describe a terrifying event near the end of the parade route. a car struck an unoccupied police motorcycle working security and then it barreled into the crowd at oklahoma state university's annual homecoming event in stillwater. >> we heard a tremendous amount of ruckus and noise and made our way to the scene to see just absolute carnage. a lot of chaos. there was a lot of people trying to figure out what was going on and then shortly after, emergency responders started showing up. >> three people were killed and dozens more injured, including five children and three adults being treated at ou medical center and their conditions range from good to critical. police have identified the driver as 25-year-old woman,
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arrested for driving under the influence. she was not a student at osu. police are now urging the public to come forward with information. >> anyone who actually witnessed the collision, police contact the police department. phone number, get on our web site and e-mail us. moreover, any persons with video of the collision, that would be very important to our collision investigators. >> reporter: before the game kicked off, there was a moment of silence to hopper the victims. the flags are being flown at half-staff at boon pick bees stayed -- pickens stadium. >> the families and i know these victims will never be able to understand this, nor will we. but the cowboy family pulls together. >> reporter: we hear also that oklahoma governor is on her way to the scene. arthel? >> it is such a sad story. lauren greene, thanks so much.
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now another big story. heavy rains and strong winds are pounding texas. the flood waters even forcing a freight train, as you can see there, off the tracks. this as the lone star state braces for the remnants of the storm that's moving across mexico. after making landfall as a hurricane category 5 hurricane patricia, we have live team fox coverage of this storm. rick reichmuth standing by the fox news extreme weather center. first let's check on the flooding in texas with will carr. authorities are warning people to be careful about rising flood waters, especially when it's after sunset. >> reporter: that's right. especially after last night over the past 24 hours where some areas got more than 20 inches of rain. we just got our hands on some video that shows just how dangerous it was overnight in texas. if you take a look at this video, you can see a swift water rescue team in navarro county, texas, one of the hardest hit areas. you can see the recuseers
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navigate to a truck. trapped inside, an 80-year-old man and his dog. they pulled both out of the truck and helped them get to safety. really unbelievable when you see how close that truck was to being all the way under the water. more rain ahead tonight. city leaders held a press conference and asking residents stay heavy. >> mainly we're anticipating hazardous driving conditions for the evening and making sure to ask everybody to be careful. if you don't have to be out, don't go out. but if you are out and driving around, be aware that there will be high water conditions almost certainly. >> reporter: good advice, especially when you see some of the damage from last night and this morning. 50 miles south of dallas we saw a union pacific freight train derail early this morning when a creek overflowed. it washed away part of the tracks, knocking the train over. two crew member high school to jump out and swim through the water before they were picked up
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by a swift water rescue team. the 64-car train was hauling cement. across texas, large parts of the state are under a flash flood watch for the rest of the weekend. the dallas area seeing more than seven inches of rain in the past 24 hours. dfw has seen its wettest three-day period since 1991. there were flash flood watches. when you keep in mind what the leaders in houston said, in the past hour, a lot of these areas will see more rain tonight and the rest of the weekend and the best thing that residents can do if they don't have to go anywhere, is stay home and stay safe. eric? >> that news conference they said turn around, don't drown. that's good advice for all of us wherever we live across the country. >> that's very true. we're keeping an eye on the storm as it moves across the u.s. rick reichmuth is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> you hear that advice so often and yet people don't heed it and
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we ends up with these water rescues. i want to point something out here. remember back in may we had rain across much of texas and oklahoma. we broke all kinds of records for the area. before that there had been kind of a four-year drought going and all of that rain pretty much busted the drought here. after that rain event in may, they haven't really had much rain at all. again, across texas and the drought has come back. a lot of this exceptional, the highest category. now fast forward again and now we're getting all of this rain at one time. so we had flooding and then drought and then flooding again. it would be great if we could get like a consistent, nice rain. but that's not been the case. some of the heaviest has been here to the southeast of dallas. but then down across i-35 corridor and through san antonio, now across the coastal areas here, but once this is gone here, it's done for you. so we're almost done in dallas. we're almost done in austin. then we're going to start to focus overnight on areas kind of to the east of corpus crist cree
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and towards houston. flash flooding going on across coastal areas also. we've seen a few tornadoes. you have to watch that, especially along the coast as some rotation could fall. what we're going to see overnight is this rain continue to fall. here is where we are now. you see very heavy rain around the houston area and then by tomorrow, a lot of louisiana getting in on this. then mississippi and then alabama. a lot of this is moisture from what was hurricane patricia, kind of exacerbating the system that's already been there. take a look at this, arthel. this is the latest model rendering here. heavy, heavy rain, maybe eight to 12 inches all across the central gulf. >> i see that hot pink there. it really is true, when it rain, it pours. unfortunately, they can't stretch it out. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. we have fox news alert. the return to the u.s. soil of a fallen hero. the body of the american special operations commando highly decorated was killed in the mission in iraq this week has
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arrived back here at home at dover air force base this afternoon. he is master of sergeant joshua wheeler. he died in the operation rescue 70 hostages from an isis prison. ash carter with the family of the american hero at dover air force base in delaware when wheeler's body, as you can see, arrived here at home. kristen fisher is live in washington with the details on the return. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hi. both the pentagon and the white house are still struggling to explain how a u.s. special ops soldier can die in a fire fight but not in combat. it is a small but critical distinction because the president promised just last year that u.s. troops in iraq would not have a combat mission. only a supporting role to train and advise the iraqi and kurdish forces that are now fighting isis. the pentagon says that is exactly what master sergeant wheeler was doing during an operation to rescue hostages from an isis prison. when things went south, wheeler
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reportedly ran toward the gun fire to help his kurdish partners and he was killed. his body was brought back to the united states this afternoon. it arrived at dover air force base where his family and the secretary of defense, ash carter, were waiting. yesterday carter applauded wheeler's action, then though they contradict u.s. policy in iraq. >> this is combat, things are complicated. but the story is as i related it already. this is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assisting coming under attack and he rushed to help them and made it possible for them to be effective. >> reporter: they were effective. the mission was a success. about 70 hostages were freed from that isis prison, but the pentagon says, quote, it's important to realize that u.s. military support to this iraqi rescue operation does not represent a change in our policy. u.s. forces are not in iraq on a
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combat mission and do not have boots on the ground. with that said, wheeler will be entitled to combat death benefit, even though technically he did not die in combat. he is survived by his wife and four sons. eric? >> we will keep master sergeant wheeler and his family, of course, in our thoughts and prayers tonight. thank you. we certainly will. there is more deadly violence in israel today as secretary of state john kerry visits the region. surveillance video shows a knife-wielding palestinian man being shot by israeli forces at a border crossing. this is just the latest in the continuing string of attacks there. after meeting with jordan's king and leader of the palestinian authority, secretary kerry saying steps are being taken to reduce tensions. john huddy has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: with this latest round of talks, there seems to be a renewed sense of hope that there may just be light at the
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end of a dark tunnel of violence that has plagued israel and the west bank for weeks now. the main point that came out of today's meetings between secretary of state john kerry, palestinian authority president abbas and jordan's king abdullah is that the status quo at the temple mount compound will not change. >> israel will continue to enforce its long-standing policy of religious worship. religious worship at the temple mount, including the fundamental fact that social security muslim who prey on the temple mount and non-muslim who visit. >> reporter: another factor that could temper the hostility, money. the u.s. state department says it plans to cut $80 million in financial aid to the palestinian authority, a clear message to
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palestinian authority president abbas to stop the political rhetoric that incites violence. there was more violence today. a 16-year-old palestinian tried to stab soldiers at a road block in the west bank. israeli security forces shot and killed him. friday a fire bomb was thrown at a car with an israeli family inside. they survived with moderate to light injuries. secretary kerry says he will continue to meet with israeli, palestinian and jordanian leaders, he says to, quote, advance peace and stability and to work on those steps necessary to bring lasting calm. arthel? >> okay. john huddy in jerusalem. by the way, we'll have more on this. we will talk to fox news middle east and terrorism analyst ferris later in the show. the polls are wrong. so blasts donald trump today as he slips to second in iowa running against this guy.
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>> it's a marathon. not a sprint. number also go up and down. we just have to stay on message and not tailor our message. >> dr. ben carson is in the number one position. what does trump have to say about this? does it matter? we'll look at the new polls that make him trump's new target. terrifying moments at 10,000 feet when a plane's engine catch on fire. >> halloween can be fun and frightening. but did you know that real halloween horrors can affect your home insurance? how to protect yourself, your home and make sure you don't step on the geico gecko. what if you did that? warren buffet would sue you. >> don't step on the geico gecko y
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time for a quick check of the headlines. a southwest airlines flight returns safely to dallas. look at that. a mechanical issue, they say, blaming a fire, as you can see there, in the right engine. it was carrying more than 130 people and going to baltimore. the faa says the pilot reported that problem, requested a return. everybody landed safe and sound. police releasing surveillance video showing a
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group of young men, they say, what appears to be muzzle flashes. this as authorities are stepping up the search for suspects after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed on the campus of tennessee state university. this happening on thursday night. lamar odom reportedly suffered 12 strokes in that medical emergency he suffered at that nevada brothel. tmz says doctors discovered them after performing a series of brain scans. the strokes had an impact and his ability to walk and talk. hillary clinton set to speak this evening at the iowa democratic party's annual jefferson jackson dinner. that's considered a really big deal. a milestone for democrats running for the white house as they lead up to the iowa caucuses. we're looking at video of mrs. clinton getting back on track after her marathon appearance thursday before the house benghazi committee. so what is she talking about tonight? ed henry is there live in des
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moines. hillary, she took the stage and i'm not sure if she's still on. you're outside. do you have any idea how clinton was received, ed? >> reporter: arthel, about 4,000 people here, maybe a little bit more for hillary clinton. sort of a pregame rally for that jefferson jackson dinner. big deal because remember in 2007, hillary clinton came in as the frontrunner, but then fizzled. then senator barak obama came in. he soared at this dinner and never looked back. clinton finished third. today we are 100 days out from those critical first in the nation iowa caucuses. clinton obviously wants to make sure she takes no chances this time. so she had katy perry sing songs to try to get this big crowd reved up and the former president, bill clinton, said he had never been the introductory act for katy perry before and wanted to speak briefly. his was it might have been a shaky start to the campaign. but recently hillary clinton was
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turning the page with the big debate performances last week. this week several democrats getting out of the race all together. bill clinton made the case, one time comeback kid, that his wife is coming back. listen. >> in the last six weeks, have learned a lot about hillary, what she's for, why she's running and what kind of president she'd be. >> reporter: the former president also joked he's tired of women having a stranglehold on the job of spouse of presidents. said he wants to be known as the first dude. but republicans are not gonna stand for the joking. they say there is serious matters going on right now, that benghazi testimony you mentioned, republican chris christie, one of the many republican presidential hopefuls out there told bill o'reilly that in that testimony where hillary clinton acknowledged that she said one thing in private about the attacks being terrorist attacks in public, the
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administration was saying something different, chris christie says this will be a problem throughout the campaign. listen. >> if it wasn't your responsibility, whose was it, madam secretary? is that what you're telling the folks out there whose family members were killed, that this was not important enough for you >> reporter: christie going on to say that she had ignored the request for more security on the ground from late ambassador chris stevens. a reminder that not just the benghazi testimony of that f.b.i. investigation of her e-mail server still sort of looming over her. more e-mails coming out at the end of this week from the state department, the drip, drip. what's interesting, she also still has to get past bernie sanders. at this big rally a few moments ago, the sanders campaign wanted to remind everyone they're still here of the that a plane flyover this katy perry rally that said feel the burn. >> this track is not without hurdles. ed henry, thank you so much, ed. donald trump is suddenly finding himself in an unexpected
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position, at least for him. on the defensive. that after two new polls in iowa showed the majority has been overtaken by dr. ben carson. trump mocked carson as being too low energy, he says, and dismissing these new poll numbers, calling them, quote, wrong. so here are the polls mr. trump takes such issue with. the latest quinnipiac poll shows she's trailing dr. carson by eight points. followed by marco rubio, ted cruz and rand paul. carson 28, trump with 19. mr. trump telling supporters he doesn't buy it. >> the press was so happy, oh, the press. i love iowa and i honestly think those polls are wrong. >> are they wrong or is he wrong? brad blakeman, former assistant to george w. bush, professor of politics and international
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affairs at georgetown university, emily sussman, campaign director for the center for american progress action fund and democratic strategist. emily and brad, welcome to you both. brad. >> thanks. >> let me start with you. you got a trend, or is there a trend appearing now with carson finally over trump, which obviously has been the focus of mr. trump's ire? >> when the polls were in trump's favor, he loves them. when they're not, they're wrong. the fact of the matter is, what comes up must come down. trump has been leading in almost every poll for more than 90 days. three months. and now he's getting some stiff competition in iowa. evangelicals i think are behind dr. carson and that might just be what the doctor ordered for iowa. if trump stays on the decline and carson was to win iowa, then of course we're in a much different situation as we move into the primaries, first in the country in new hampshire and south carolina and nevada and super tuesday.
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so trump has a lot to worry about. right now he's been paying nothing for the media attention he's got and now he's going to have to show that he has something behind the curtain and that comes logistics and campaign infrastructure. >> emily, does trump have something to worry about? carson took him on, saying he doesn't like the mud slinging or being in a mud pit and says he doesn't pay attention to these attacks from trump 'cause he says it's not worth my time. >> i think that brad is absolutely right. i think the story of this republican primary that we've seen so far is not actually really the story of trump or of carson, but more of the antiestablishment that is rampant through registered republican voters right now. i think they have both seemed attractive as outsider candidates for different reasons. trump has gotten a ton of attention because of the outlandish things he said, which is really helped him. people are aware of him. they know what he's saying. and more establishment candidates that people generally thought would be doing better, look, people thought walker would do well. he's already out.
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people thought jeb bush would do very well. he's had to restructure his campaign. and potentially pear it down. these candidates are not doing so well right now and the real question for the republican party is will the rest of the candidates have to tax so far right that they can never come back for a general election in a serious way? i don't think it's really about trump or carson themselves. more about the state of the party. >> brad, do you think this is a question for the state of the party, to track right when the general election comes, presumably against hillary? >> i don't think we're going to track right at all. i think we're going to track right where the country is and the country happens to be just right of center. it's hillary who has the problem. now they're talking about a coronation. we have two democrats get out this week and the big question for hillary is she may not be coronated because she might be indicted. we still have an f.b.i. criminal investigation to weigh in, which will derail her campaign if in fact that were to happen. so putting your eggs all in one
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basket are more dangerous for democrats and hillary has a hard track left just based on where she is in the -- >> what if that doesn't happen? you're dealing with the obama administration department of justice. >> eric, here is the way i think it's going to go. if comey, the director of the f.b.i. does referral based on probable cause to believe there were crimes committed and the justice department sits on it, that's even worse. and i think that comey would possibly threaten to resign if that were to happen. >> emily, last word. >> yeah. i don't think that this is going to be a really serious issue in this campaign. i think that clinton has come out -- we're going to look at the frontrunner from the republican and the democrats. trump is the republican frontrunner. he's saying the polls are liars, des moines register is a liar. clinton sat through 11 hours of strong congressional hearing and came out of it looking stronger than ever. >> we'll see what happens. see what mr. comey does, if he does anything at all as the campaign continues. thank you. >> thank you.
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you can tune in to fox news sunday tomorrow because chris wallace will sit down with dr. ben carson to get his reaction to the polls, to mr. trump's attacks. you'll want to see this. check your local listings for air times and it's also here on the fox news channel tomorrow. >> absolutely. after weeks of deadly violence between israelis and palestinian s, secretary of state john kerry announcing israel and jordan have taken a step to reduce tension. at one of the holiest sites in jerusalem. will it be enough, is the question. tropical depression patricia moving through western mexico after making landfall as a record-breaking hurricane. now all that water and precipitation on its way to texas. we'll have a live report straight ahead.
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it was a category 5 hurricane patricia.
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now thankfully it turned into a tropical depression. the storm is now on its way north already heading toward flooded texas. 200 mile-an-hour winds left their mark throughout the region. william lajeunesse is live in mexico on the country's pacific coast with the very latest. hi, william. >> reporter: we are at a small village 60 miles north of manzanillo. you can see behind me the hurricane did hit here and i'm going to step out of frame kind of slowly. we have transmission issues. you can probably see a little bit better. people are here working to put their lives back together. it is a small village near the coast, on a river. a bridge nearby is intact. a lot of the trees have been snapped. you can see on the side of the hill there how the winds, the high winds, 150 miles an hour kind of raked the side of that
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hill. the roofs have been blown off, several of them made out of corrugated metal. very rudimentary construction here. it's a miracle a lot of the people here, or everyone here rather is still alive. probably about 50 villagers here in these kind of makeshift shacks that they live in. the electric company is here trying to restore power. you can see one of these road side shacks here has been blown down a little bit. actually on the floor right here you can't see it too well, again, we can't have a lot of movement. the entire roof has been blown down. again, when you think about the strength of that hurricane and you look at what you're looking at, it's surprise not guilty some ways that it's not worse. what i'm told is that for about the next ten miles we will see similar scenes to this one, similar villages that have been clearly partially destroyed by the hurricane patricia. but again, the major cities have been spared entirely. so they've been very fortunate.
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back to you. >> william, thank you. and thankfully it wasn't much worse. we go back to the middle east where secretary of state john kerry saying israel now promises to maintain the arrangement that only muslims are allowed to pray at a holy site in jerusalem. that is the key issue sparking the recent violence. this comes as the secretary visits jordan, meeting with the country's king abdullah, as well as the palestinian leader, abbas, in an effort to ease tensions in the region. walid faris is here. good to see you. >> thank you. >> so as you know, there is this long-standing understanding that jews are allowed to visit but not pray at the shrine and the palestinians claim that jewish activists have recently increased visits to the shrine demanding prayer rights. israel denying this, saying it was just an excuse to incite
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more violence. what more can you talk about this? >> i would make a real distinction between the disputes, all these religious theological and even sometimes political dispute over the real state? jerusalem, and the mosque in particular, on the one hand and that network that basically organizes violence between israelis and palestinians, on the other hand which i see connected to other issues. while the u.s. is reaching out to diplomatic solutions with jordan, that's a good idea. jordan has been a good partner, i do doubt that the jordanians and israelis alone will be able to stop that violence coming not just from the palestinians basically or the israelis, coming from a network which i will call hamas at the end of the day. >> so then how do you get hamas to the table in terms of negotiates or you don't because of their status? >> first of all, hamas is moving not because of hamas. hamas is moving because of something much greater in the
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region. it's the iranian regime. it's hezbollah. it's what's happening in syria. as observers, we need to go beyond jerusalem into the region and ask the question why are they movingas five, six years pe and suddenly hamas acts and those militants move and then you have all that break down of peace. i think more arabs should be involved. >> if you get the arabs involved, then what is it that they can bring to the table in terms of the solution and terms of a conversation that is going to somehow satisfy everybody involved, be it the israelis, palestinian, hamas, as you pointed out? >> if you have majority of arabs, sunni muslim states involved in this issue, then they could put pressure on abbas and all together could isolate the radicals and then we could bring the americans and the europeans to negotiate with israelis on the issue. without having real isolation of hamas, it is going to be very, very difficult. we need to help these arab
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moderates. we haven't been doing so for a few years now. >> i think i heard you say that they could put more pressure on abbas. is that what i heard you say? >> yes. when apass is surrounded by and with other arab leaders, then he will have the credibility and the endorsement to move and say okay, i support this plan and hamas should not destroy this plan. he needs the arabs with him. >> are they willing to be alongside hamas or abbas? >> well, if you look at the saudis involved in yemen, it's very difficult for them to focus on jerusalem. the egyptians are involved in fighting against isis and libya against the other jihadi groups. so there is a regional pressure. so this is where the role of the united states, of mr. kerry in particular to call for a summit, have all of them, then he will have a consensus to back him against the more radicals and isolate them. >> i have to go, but you make it
3:38 pm
seem quite easy in terms of getting all those parties to the table and that conversation could pretty much settle this issue. is it that simple, quickly for me. >> it is not simple because you have a network, violent network trying to bring down the architectural of peace going on for the last 20 years. peace was signed 20 years ago at camp david. the only way is isolate the network and the only way is bring down the arabs together. >> okay. we will be talking about this as we see if this tension, in its current state can be eased and we hope so. thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you. jeb bush's campaign cost cutting is raising some questions about the future of his campaign. this as he has a big family summit in houston this weekend. some are saying mr. bush may want to take a page or two from senator mccain's run. the summit, what's ahead and what they're talking about ahead here on the fox news channel.
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>> america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policemen. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who is going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who is going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states who? who is going to take care of israel and support them, our greatest ally in the a middle east? but for the united states, no one. no one is capable of doing that. the united states has the capability of doing this andt it's in our economic and national security interest that we do. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward
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we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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politics now. jeb bush is working to reboot his presidential campaign after laying off staffers and making budget cuts. the former florida governor is reportedly hunkering down with family this weekend to assess his campaign. but it's still early in the race and anything can happen. remember this? john mccain entered the 2008 republican primary race at the head of the pack. then fell behind, prompting many to declare his campaign over. then before long, analysts were discussing mccain's miracle comeback. susan estridge is here, professor of law and political science at usc ask a fox news contributor. very used to following that political bouncing ball, right, susan? >> oh, it can go up and down. definitely. >> let's start here because you've got budget cuts. do you see this as a sign of
3:44 pm
trouble or is jeb maybe getting more nimble with plans of becoming a more formidable foe? >> that is known as -- if you can sell that, god knows you should go into sales. i mean of course it's bad news. everybody would rather be on top of polls than way behind. you would certainly rather be going up than going down, which is jeb's problem. he's got donors in revolt. he's hunkering down with his family, which is to say reminding everybody in the republican side that he's the epitome of the establishment, sadly for him in a year when the establishment seems to be exactly what voters don't want. so he's in a perilous position. nobody has vetted yet and in many respects it's very unfair, but the polls aren't good. the donors are anxious. and i think establishment republicans are looking to see
3:45 pm
who is going to emerge they can coalesce around, who can take on trump and carson. the name i keep hearing lately is not bush, berube -- but rubio. he's picking up more support, rubio. you said jeb? a tricky spot. clearly he needs gain more traction. but he can't flail, right? he has to stay true to his character. so what do you think a rebooted jeb campaign should look like, will look like? >> oh, you know, there is a tendency in campaigns, we all fall victim to it. sometimes optimistically to say well, it's all the staff. if wing just get another set of people around the table, they'll have entirely different ideas. that's kind of ridiculous. i mean, jeb has some smart people around him before. he'll have some smart people
3:46 pm
around him now. hopefully fewer of them. he had a great campaign if he had turned out to be the frontrunner they expected him to be. he did not have the kind of small lean and mean campaign you need if you're in the back of the pack. so the plains will be smaller and the buses will be smaller, but the sad part is it's all about the candidate, for better and for worse. and he just seems to not be in tune with where the voters are this year. >> so should jeb be counted out? >> no. you don't count him out because obviously he's got substantial resources. he's got access to substantial resources. his brother george is the former president. he's holding a fund-raiser for him in washington, d.c he's going to raise money. he's got an organization. he's got people on the ground. he can point towards florida as
3:47 pm
the florida primary that is as the place where he'll go head to head with rubio for the right to take on trump and carson and maybe that will work out. i wouldn't count him out. but it's not where he wanted to be in late october, going into the election year. >> okay. there will be thanksgiving, the holidays, and then they'll have to wait until january to get more traction. i want to keep talking, but i can't. i have to go. always good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. >> you know i don't spin. >> i know you don't. you would never spin. you just tease. >> thank you, susan. you can read susanest ridge's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. >> halloween just right around the corner. if you're very superstitious, coming up, how to avoid them.
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>> an actress more free o'harery has died. she passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in idaho. she was known for her irish spunk and had roles in "quiet man," "how green was my valley," and "miracle on 34th." she was the duke's favorite leading lady. she is i survived by a daughter in ireland. she passed away at the age of 95 . >> hollywood world. >> halloween is a scary good time for all of us but experts warn that homeowner could get a good fright from the insurance agent if you are not careful. we have tips to reduce risk during the season with our contributor joining us to talk about this gary, you are focusing on the candy and having the decorations outside the
3:53 pm
house and the speaky stuff all set but there are hazards because an insurance agent would say you are inviting strangers to the front lawn, dozens of them. >> the important thing is to be very, very logical and always careful. you will have little kids walking around all over the place. the first thing you can thing of is no moving vehicles in the driveway and things like that. put them in the garage. leave them in there for the night. if you have one of the big dogs with the big teeth, keep him inside. keep him locked away in a room. believe it or not these are the things that p.i. attorneys lover and turn up year in and year out. >> what else? >> sharp objects, cracks in the sidewalk. do not keep things too dark. light the whole place up, left and right, and keep the t.
3:54 pm
wix for me. >> i will have those things for you the chocolate covered things. >> they have always said, be careful of the candy, only have it in the wrappers and that sort of thing but it is interesting when you point out there are slip and fall cases. this is ruining the holiday, to talk about this it is a reality. we do not want anyone hurt on your property. >> unfortunately whether it is halloween or not it is the job the insurance company to let you know to err on the side of caution. cracked sidewalks i promise you if a kid steps on a crack in the sidewalk and it is sticking up and breaks his knee you are getting a call from an torn tomorrow. believe it or not, halloween is supposed to be fun but you have to watch for this or you will get a summons. awesome mondays and an attorney
3:55 pm
is scary enough. >> an interesting attorney is the candles, not just battery operated ones, be careful of animals and pets especially if you have something fancy with candles. >> leave the fire alone. i looked in my neighborhood and there are candles being lit out there and all i know is it is very easy to tip over and things can start happening. i don't think anything good happens when you have fire lit anywhere where kids are walking around. it is back to logic and erring on the side of caution. you will have a great halloween and kids will have a good time. >> happy halloween to you, gary and to everyone and just enjoy it. the decorations are unbelievable and getting better and better. >> go, mets!
3:56 pm
>> helpfully we can scare the royals. >> bingo. >> i. >> i. get a lot of flak for that. ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it!
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>> 12 adorable panda cubs meeting the public at a research center in china, six pairs of artificially conceived giant panda twins between one and three months. all are in good health. the youngest everyone born last
4:00 pm
month. look how cute they are. >> super cute. >> super cute. love it. that is it for us. stick around because fox report is up next with julie. >> a heartbreaking homecoming for oklahoma state university after a woman slams into a crowd at the parade and killed at least three people. this is the "fox report." police arresting this woman and accusing her of driving under the influence. she say she drove into a crowd of spectators. take a look at the aftermath. a witness saying all she saw were bodies. flying. >> throw people were killed. at least 34 people were hurt. eight remain in critical condition. the university tweeting and i quote, "oklahoma state university is saddened by the tragic parade incident early this morning. our thoughts and prayers are


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