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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  October 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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responsibilities? interesting. a lot of people interested in his medical background. keep the conversation going. tweet me. and tomorrow, watch as dr. ben carson sits down with dr. ben carson sits down with chris wallace. that's fox report this october 24th. i'm julie banderas. thanks for watching. you hear over the radio we're taking fire. we're under fire. >> weary under fire. >> and you hear the pleading in their voices that they need help, bad. >> i actually dropped to a knee. and i thought why the held did i do that? and that's when the rocket hit. >> rhone had a machine gun. and he started laying down hey. >> whoa, whoa. >> i rolled him over.
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there was no response. i ripped off his body armor, took a pulse, couldn't feel nothing. >> when you realize they are dodd dead, what do you do? >> just kind of said a prayer over each -- the both of them. ♪ i grew up out on i grew up out on the farm, rode horses as much as i could. and worked with cattle. my mom had a book that asked what your career would be, or what you wanted to grow up to be. mine was always either a police officer, a firefighter, or a soldier. it was december of 1983 when i actually signed up. i wanted to be in the infantry,
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because that's where you get to do all the fun stuff. when i got out of the military i started working as a police officer. and after that i picked up a job as chief of police in a small town. then moved on to contracting after that. when i got to benghazi, i was going to be there for 60 days. that was my first time into libya. >> i remember walking through your university. and there was an army recruiter. and he picked me out of a crowd. and he said, hey, what are you going to do after college. he showed me a ranger voof. i asked him, i said that looks hard, he said man it's tough. i thought if a lot of people can't do that, i want to do it. in 2003 i was med qulee discharged and immediately i caught a gall from black water. they said hey we are looking for contractorsing to to iraq.
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and i said yes. i got the call to go to libya early 2012. >> third grade. that's when we lived across the street from the recruiting station. it just kept going from there. i chose the marine core. you always hear they are toughest guys. got out. two months i had to get a job. i was total low bored. i get into heating and air-conditioning and did that before i got into contracting. the first time i actually went there to libya, i went into typically. that was my first trip. then the second time i went back, and the third time. and the fourth time, they were all in benghazi. >> this attack lasted 13 hours.
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four people died, including our ambassador. and it was on 9/11. so i want you to take us back to the beginning. for people who don't know this job, you know, contractors, how do you explain it to them? >> private security contractors. for us, it was protection. protecting ci people overseas. >> how does it work. >> you have the chief of base, the main guy who is in charge. >> that was bob? >> yes. >> yes. >> and then you have the team lead, which would be in charge of us. >> our team leader is a staffer. he's an employee for the ac, and then all us contractors are like, if you talk it militariwise, we are like the enlisted folks. >> other members of your team are not here, obviously tyrone woods, who you called rone. there are two other members who remain anonymous, right. >> correct. >> jack, and d.b.? >> yes. >> yes. >> you were set up to protect
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the annex, the cia? >> the personnel at the annex, yes. >> this gives the perspective of the other facility there, which is what you call the consulate. where are we here. >> here's the consulate. and here's us, here's our compound. >> pretty close. >> 3/4 of a mile as the crow flies, a mile drive, maybe a mile if you did the whole thing. >> so this site, was it well protected? >> who wants to take that one? >> no. it looked nice. it was a beautiful compound. i mean, it had orchards, had a really nice -- >> swimming pool. >> had a nice swimming pool. they had their own security. they were their own security. >> diplomatic security. >> diplomatic security. >> they didn't have a force, like a marine detach men but they did it themselves. >> what did you tell them. >> me and my bluntness, i said
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if you get attacked you guys are going to die. and i remember i said if you ever need us you just call us and we'll come get you. >> what's your reaction when you hear ambassador is coming to benghazi on september 10th, september 11th. >> we are thinking only five guys to protect him and that's a huge compound. >> 9/11 comes. routine day. >> normal day. just doing normal task stuff, task organization stuff. >> you had to move late in the afternoon. >> late afternoon, early evening. went out to meet some people for dinner. normal night. town looked normal. there was nothing that looked any different than any other day. >> and there was no whisper that this video -- >> no. >> was a major problem in benghazi or something. >> didn't know about a video until i got to germany. no idea about any video, no. no, sir. >> so how do you hear that something is wrong. our team leader.
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he actually came across the radio. and i remember i looked at my watch, and it was 9:32 when i got the call -- first got the call on the radio that we need, hey, we need all grs. >> what is grs. >> global onse, yeah. >> i said hey something is going on, we are going to do something tonight. grabbed my stop, got my shoes on and started nofg our team room. >> where were you. >> building d, getting undressed getting ready to go to bed. >> i met the tl about halfway, right there and said hey what's happening. and he goes the consulate center was attacked. you could hear the fire, the concentration of fire and some explosions. >> it was a relatively quiet night in benghazi, by 9:00 the seven americans in the compound are settling down for the night. you have got the ambassador in his room writing in his diary. you have got sean smith the communications expert on line talking with a friend. and you have got five diplomatic
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security agents. somewhere around 30 or 40 minutes later, men stream onto the kpaund bearing ak-47s, chanting in arabic, shooting off their guns. almost instantly, thefr they have overrun the compound. the 17 february militia men who were supposed to be guarding the compound, they just flee. >> now you are ready to go? >> five minutes, we're ready. >> thumbs-up, thumbs-up, we're ready to go. >> then what happens? >> i went to the tl and i said hey we are ready to go. bob looks right through me and looks at the team leader and goes you guys need to wait. he was on the phone talking to somebody. i assumed they were trying to link us up with 17 february. >> which is the local militia. >> the local mishal. >> been 15 minutes i think and i got out of the car. and bob and the team leader were standing on the front porch and i said we need to get over there, we are losing the initiative. you know? and bob looked straight at me and said stand down you need to
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wait. >> we are starting to get calls from the state department saying hey we are taking fire we need you ghiss here we need help. >> we were talking about it in the car. >> what the health is going on? why are we waiting. >> the ambassador and smaun smith take refuge in the safe haven inside the villa w. them is scott wickland, a security agent charged with protecting the ambassador. they hide behind a locked be gate. wickland waits in the shadows with a rifle, ready to shoot anyone who tries to enter. the attackers can't get in but use nearby diesel fuel to set the villa on fire. >> were beginning to when you are ready to go, thumbs-up, you are ready to go out to the time when you actually pull out, what's that time frame? >> it's close to 25, 25 minutes. >> to bob, i said, hey, we need to go. and got the wait again. and i got in the car and told the tl get in the back seat.
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and looked at rone, he gave me a thumbs-up, i gave him a thumbs-up. and we left. >> you guys did that pretty much on your own. >> yes. we were never given the ok to go. the final straw for us to go, at least that's my opinion and how i felt was where one of the ds agents said, hey, they are starting to light the buildings on fire. you guys need to get here. >> they used the words stand down, a number of people now, including the house intelligence committee. they insists no one was hindered from responding to the swaying at the compound. the committee's wording was quote, there was no stand down order given to americanel personnel attempting to offer assistance that evening. so what do you say to that? >> taint way it happened. >> it happened on the ground -- all i can talk about is what happened on the ground that night. >> to you? >> to us. to myself twice. and to tig once. it happened that night. it happened. we were told to wait and stand down. we were delayed three times. >> you asked for support.
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>> after i was leaving i said, well, get us an isr, which is a uav, a drone and get us a suspect concepter. >> the drone. >> would have been given us ice. >> and the av. >> fire protection. absolutely. >> i remember, i still remember, gives me kind >> i remember -- i sell the remember. it gives me kind of the chills. he says they are lighting the buildings on fire. if you don't get here, we are going to die. >> scott wickland leads the ambassador and shawn to the bathroom. the window is bar and act rid smoke billows into the area. he hopes to get them to a nearby
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bedroom which has a window that can be opened from the inside. he says, follow me, and crawls toward that spot. it's dark and smokey. but he makes it to the window. he opens it, and drops out. only then does he realize stevens and smith haven't followed. he goes back in several times but can't find them. finally, exhausted and choking, he climbs to the roof and radios alex henderson and dave ubin, two security agents elsewhere inside the compound. his message? the ambassador and sean smith are missing. >> now, tig, you and jack and rone are going the front gooit gate? >> yes. >> and it's open? >> when i was standing right here, a land cruiser came from this direction. i thought it was bad guys stealing the land cruiser. i drew down my weapon. then i saw it was the ds guys actually driving it. and that's when i heard, hey, we can't find the ambassador.
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so i started moving towards the front porch, getting up on the front porch. and that's when they were pulling shawn's body out of the window. >> sean smith. >> sean smith. >> but the ambassador is still lost. >> ambassador is still lost. >> tig, you and rone go into the building, one of many times, and there was a moment there. >> he was saying, hey i can't foon my way out. i was saying tom to my voice. but he almost made another right sproo the dining room that was engulfed in flames. i reached in and grabbed him and we went out and cuffed up a a couple lungs. >> and you are -- >> with libyan guards in the back. he said mr., mr., open the gate. i opened the gate. i looked at the commander, i said when you come through this gate you close it and you lock it. i moved forward. and i fine lighter that he
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didn't do that. we paid for it. we paid for it down the road. >> you have been there for a while now and you can fine the ambassador. you have been in multiple times. >> yeah. >> then you hear gunfire from outside the compound. and then rocket propelled grenade? >> all of a sudden, a big explosion. bam, just huge. >> where does it hit. >> over in this area. basically on the other side of where we were all trying to mass and collect and get out. >> and another explosion goes off and it's coming from the gate that was left open. i start returning fire. >> i was inside the safe haven and that's when i heard the explosion and the gunfire start cracking off. >> what did you do. >> moved from here, over to here, crouched all the way down. at the same time, a guy with an rpg moved into the view of the gate. he was coming up here, shooting, run away. coming up here, shooting and running a way. just as he was shooting i shot him. >> you shot him, he went down. >> and it was weird. it was like a light switch. everything stopped. >> he so you guys finally get together. you what, give up the search for
5:15 pm
the ambassador? >> the team leader, he had made the call, tig and jack had been in that house so many times. the tl said they had left the compound. >> rene tells them to make sure you take a left. in the confusion of the counterattack they make a right. >> i said to myself -- i can't say what i said to myself on cam wa re. but it was damn, knuckle heads. >> now we're holding a piece of property that >> now we're holding a piece of property that basically they are nobody else on. >> the tl comes on the radio said everybody get down, we're getting out of here.
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while they were jogging up, they were jocking, rone calls me on the cell foep and tls me to get back to base and stay away from the consulate. >> you tell the caseworker we need to wrap up -- >> she is trying to say her good-byes, and i'm like we need to go now. like any good case officer she is trying to gather information on what's going on. i said you are in my world now, be quiet and let me doe what i need to do. >> you have been back on the
5:20 pm
compound in the annex for a while. you said you felt like you wanted to be with your team. but you also knew you had a job to do there. >> i knew i was the only one -- we had two site security officers. they were a great help. but from the grs side, i was the only one that was there. >> the ds guys come back first. >> yes. >> the armor car held up, but they roll? >> i could hear when they were leaving, they announced it over the radio. and then i heard tons of gunfire and knew kind of where they were at just from the direction. and then all of a sudden they are calling that they are coming in. so -- >> hot. >> coming in hot. >> which means? >> they are coming in fast. >> have the gateway, have. >> have it open. you hear the flop, flop sound of the tires -- they are on run flats, but you still hear that sound coming through. and both sides and the front windshield, wind korean from all
5:21 pm
shot up. >> you could see the relief on their face once they got in. scott got in, he looked like a chimney sweep. he was black from head to toe. i told him to get inside, get medical help. the other guys asked what they could do. and i told them to get up on the various buildings. and we had one get up on each one of these buildings here. and i went back up on this building until our guys come in. >> they knew where they needed to go. so each one of them went to their pre -- propositions or preplanned positions. >> jack is up on this roof. rone is up here. >> on theo and d.b. >> on theo and d.b. are here. tig is over in this corner initially and i'm offer in this corner over here. >> you guys are exhausted. some of you probably have smaek smoke inhalation and you are
5:22 pm
preparing maybe for another fight. >> gut feeling we were going to get attacked and my adrenaline went back up. >> it wasn't long after they showed up we heard tires screeching never to this area. we started asking over the radio to the tl if fed 17 is coming over to assist us? and then the response was, they are not sure. we immediately assumed that anything that's coming in is coming in that are bad guys. >> i asked the status of the suspecter, suspecter gunship. the team came across the radio and said hey we are checking on it. and that's the last -- that's the last time i got an actual answer if we were going to got any support or not. >> i was expecting some kind of air support. even if it was a flyover by a jet or whatever. >> sometimes that's all it takes. it gets the bad guys down. >> no doubt, that would have been nice. >> i want to put this back up here just so you can describe what's outside the annex that you are most concerned about. >> the stock yards. >> stock yards. >> and this is very dashes lot
5:23 pm
of concealment. lot of bushes and small trees in this area. and this is what we calldomby land. >> what's the activity that we are hearing is coming over right at this intersection. >> they are starting to stage here. this whole area, this is just a big open parking lot. and here's the house that we are seeing people start to go into that little area there. >> and they can come into here and it gives them access to our back gate. >> you are watching this develop and these cars and the people going into this house that you don't really know if it's bad guys or not. and what's the engagement? you are going to wait until they fire on you? >> wait until we see action from them that specifies them being attacking us or going to attack us. i mean, i'm not going to wait to get hit before i hit back. we start seeing movement coming from this direction through the
5:24 pm
night vision goingeggles. >> the caveat is this house had kids in there that would come and pester us. i don't twan to open fire. i definitely don't want to shoot a child. they were starting to move up on us. d.b. says hey i've got movement. >> are you laysing them. >> oh, yeah i've got my laser and i'm laysing targets and guys. i'm pigging out targets and people i see and i get on the radio with oz and tig, are you seeing what i'm seeing. >> now, could they see it? >> no. only with night vision. >> at this point, woo in my mind we are going to engage them. we are going to let them get as close as possible and take them out. the first thing they fired was an rpg. and it went flying over the compound. >> came over myself and d.b.'s head. >> i was bringing water over to oz. i got about right here, about the corner of the gym when a
5:25 pm
gelatina -- >> it is a huge flash bang bomb. >> yeah, it's a homemade explosive. >> so it goes off. it hit right here, just inside -- >> to me, i'm like okay it's on. we started firing, lighting them up of i was laysing targets and shooting them. >> the fire fight starts. what does that look like. >> it's gorgeous, awesome. >> it is a green hue, and with the laser dancing back and fort worth from target to target. you see three, of lasers bouncing back and forth taking out targets. and you will see a flash of light, which is the enemy shooting past you and hear the rounds going past your head and you are reengaging in those spots. >> anybody take a had the? yeah, me and tig were up in this corner and they were trying to shoot out the lights. secondary from one of the rounds hitting one of the lights splattered in my face and cut me across the brimming of the nose.
5:26 pm
>> you push back. you obviously take down a lot of people and it stops? >> this is how i explain it, hey, we won that game. all right. good deal. moralee goes up. >> i think all of us could feel it still wasn't over yet. >> that was just the probe. they are going to see our defenses and they are going to be coming back with a bigger force. but that's what we would do. >> there is a big break then. >> two hours, two and a half hours. >> at what point do you hear about ambassador stevens? >> there was a ds agent up on the building with jack. and he got a phone call. and that's how we found out that he was at the hospital. by 1:00 a.m. local looters and curiousty seekers have entered the consulate grounds and infiltrated the safe haven. six apparently good samaritans come across an unresponsive man. they take him to the benghazi medical center where he's worked on for 45 minutes before being
5:27 pm
declared dead. they have scott wickland's phone, which had been given to ambassador stevens during the attack. calling wickland's stored numbers, someone gets to the american embassy in tripoli and says a man has been found and he's dead. the caller provides a description matching ambassador chris stevens. >> there's a car pulls up and >> t >> there is a car that pulls up and parks right here. a guy comes around from the side of the car. and he's reaching like he is throwing something. and right as he brings his arm back to throw, i engage him. i move and shoot him two to three times. he goes down. and whatever he threw land just short of our back gate and exploded. which then engaged -- again -- >> the signal. >> the signal.
5:28 pm
>> this was bigger. it was a larger force coming through. i mean, there was, i'd say between 20 cars. >> again, we start shooting as they appeared taking them out. >> like ducks in row at a shooting gallery. hitting one in the head and dropping. >> it's like bursts of fire. they were kind of spraying. they were constantly spraying. >> we were doing control boost. aim shoot, aim, shoot. it's not like in the movies. you are not on fully auto. you turn and shoot. >> so far you have taken ak fire, rpgs, are you worried something bigger is coming. >> after the second, yes. >> waiting for a third. >> waiting for something bigger. the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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only from citracal. during that second dur in that second attack that's when i actually finally got a chance to sit down. all you can thif what was the last conversation i had with my spouse w my kids? was it good? was it bad. >> what was yours. >> it was good. especially overseas you always want to make that last conversation always good. >> when was it? >> it was the night before. i knew i had spoken with them. hey, that's it. get them out of your head and time to get back on the job.
5:33 pm
>> rone had come back up. and we had been sitting up there talking because we both thish young kids. >> rone had extended but he was looking forward to going. >> that was going to be the last trip. >> he wanted to see his -- getting to see his baby. >> he had twins. >> he had twins. >> yeah. >> every day, and two or three times a day we would skype and send photos and videos of the twins, whenever i was expecting a phone call and didn't get one, that's when you start to worry a little bit. >> all right, are you guys good? >> we always e-mailed or talked on the phone. and he would always call around 3:00, 4:00 p.m. our time. always. if he didn't, i knew ahead of time why he wasn't going to be able to call. >> we would talk every day, whenever time would allow. and most often the same time every day. if he didn't call me, you know, at the time he was supposed to call me, then, you know, i would
5:34 pm
begin to worry. >> that's one of the reasons i'm fighting. it's one of the reasons i'm doing what i do. not only for the people here, for the family back home. but primarily, you are thinking about the team. >> and their families. >> their family -- they are family. we are all family now. we are all brothers. and that's the way it is. so you are thinking of this family here as much as that family there. >> most of the people are staged here, in c? >> i ended up on top of the command center in building c with rone at this point. >> more cars come by. what happens then? >> we don't know what they are doing. we didn't know if they were guys lost, or still trying to probe us. >> and there was a guy with a cell phone? >> yeah, he walked up, cell phone, and walked back. walked back. maybe he was getting gps coordinates with his phone. i wand to shoot him.
5:35 pm
but he is just some guy taking a walk? weird things are happening that night. we are trying to think, all right, morale is up. we are good. we fought them again. i was expecting more cars. the first was small. i was happy to see them. three of the guys i worked with before, so i recognized them off the bat. >> including glen. >> doherty. >> navy seal. >> connection with rone, with jack, and you had worked with -- >> in fact, bob and i had just done a trip in tripoli before, before again gassy. i knew bob from contracting. >> they come in, they go to building c. >> uh-huh. >> and you guys are still waiting for what's happening. >> the aircraft they had wasn't big enough to take us all back. they were going to take the nonshooting personnel and get them out. >> to the airport. >> to the airport. we were going to stay there and
5:36 pm
hold the alamo. >> literally. >> literally. >> yeah, literally. >> literally. i think they had probably been there about an hour. me and rone were talking, about what's taking so long. why why aren't they getting out of here. the sun was starting to come up. but we better be ready for another attack because this is when it's going to come. it was about that time that glen come up on the roof. >> climbed up the ladder. >> and cam over and was talking to rone. and rone had introduced me to bob because i had never worked with him before. he says, yeah, he's a spinor. i'm like hopefully we ain't going to need you but i'm glad to have another shooter up here. bub turned and was walking toward the front of the building and almost immediately a mortar come in and landed on top of the wall right there. >> when i heard it -- and i didn't know i heard it. it basically sounded like a rocket went off.
5:37 pm
>> small arms fire started coming from this direction. rone had a machine gun and he stood in a 3/4 cross position and just started laying down hate. >> laying hate. >> laying hate down through this avenue of approach from here. i started to engage with him. i ran out of ammo, knelt down, changed magazines, and right as i'm coming up, and i start to reengage, mortar hits, almost to the center of the building here. and that one, knocked me back. and that's what hit rone. rone was standing to my left. i got knocked back. and as i stood back up i saw him out of the corner of my eye and he was in a fetal position in the corner right here. i stand up and try to reengage with my rifle and i bring my hand up. and from here down it's hanging off at a 90-degree angle. >> your hand is just hanging, flop? >> yeah. >> i just keep trying to bring
5:38 pm
it up. and it won't stay. i canned make it wor-- can't ma it work. that's when the second round hit. that's when i saw bub go down around here. i wasn't sure if he was hit or if he was just taking cover. then i turned back, again tried to engage and get my hand to come up. and a third round hits in the same vicinity. and at that point, i mean i just felt like i got hit by -- stung by a thousand bees, just up and down by side. and i figure i better get to some cover now in case another one comes. and the whole night went quiet after that. >> is that tough to talk about? . >> that's what has to be done. i mean, you are in a fight, you have got to stay in the fight. that's the only thing i could think of is rone is down, somebody needs to be taking --
5:39 pm
needs to be continuing firing. >> and you see this mortar attack happen. what are you doing? >> i'm still -- i'm over here on tower three, covering this area. to me, it looked like it hit right around here. we had no cover from mortar attacks. even in the buildings -- i'm surprised that one didn't collapse. another explosion hits right here. when i heard another thump, that's when i jumped off the tower and moved back and got somewhere right around here. and that's when the mortar hit. and once that mortar hit, it just -- it was pitch black and dead quiet. jack came over and said, hey, man, there is no movement. that's when i sprinted to the ladder. and then i just kind of skiddied up as fast as i could and jumped over the parapet. and that's when i saw dave ub, he n off to my left, looked like
5:40 pm
somebody in the center, a couple people over here. still it was -- smoke was still up there from just the debris kind of settling down. and so i moved over to dave. i find a tourniquet, because dave's leg was pretty much completecally severed off. it was barely hanging on by a thread. same with his arm. >> some loyalties, yeah. >> got the tourniquets on him. called back on the radio and said, hey, i need help up here. you know, i need help. i heard noids. so i moved over to where the noise was. >> i was trying to get a tourniquet out, put on myself. >> meanwhile your hand is still flopped down. >> i pulled out the tourniquet and kept trying to fix my arm. i kept grabbing it, trying to put it back in place. >> he's sitting there going, hey, check this out. i am his arm -- i'm like, dude, you need to stop, you are going to make it worse. he had his tourniquet there,
5:41 pm
reached down, grad grabbed his tourniquet, threw it on him, stood him up. >> he asked me if i was able to get down the ladder. i said yeah, i'm going to have to, because i knew there was other that needed to get down. >> you were banged up. >> just a little bit. i got hit in the chest, up and down my side. hit in the throat and i'm like yeah i guess i'll have to. i hooked my top arm around the top rung of the ladder and just climbed over and was concentrating on just thinking if i fall now i'm going the brack my neck and die. and that's the last thing i want to do. so i'm just concentrating on getting my feet on that rung. and sure enough i slip, and luckily i had my arm and i caught myself and pulled myself back up and got down and then was able to inch my way down the ladder. >> after i got oz up and moving, i went straight back to rone. he was still in the fetal position. i rolled him over.
5:42 pm
there was no response. i ripped off his body armor and tried to, you know, got that off, took a pulse, couldn't feel nothing. got the flashlight, shrined it in his eyes. no -- no pupil movement, no dilation. put my ear to his chest and tried to see if his chest was going up and down or if i could hear a heart booed beat. there was nothing. so i left him. went over to the other guy. so i did pretty much the same exact thing. checked him, ripped off his body armor. and there was nothing. >> when you realize they are dead, what do you do? >> well, i just kind of said a prayer over each -- the both of them. >> the quote is, god watch over him. guide him to where he needs to be. take care of his family. >> uh-huh.
5:43 pm
so after that, you know, i kind of -- the d boys, the whole time, you know, they just want to get everybody off the roof. and i -- when i was doing the prayer, i was just -- i just ignored them. you know, it was like gathered up everybody's weapons that was left. >> you have got get the bodies off the roof. it's tough. >> uh-huh. >> the d boys picked the bodies up andm over the side of the roof. maybe that's not the right description, but they took them -- they got them off the roof the most expedient manner. and by doing that, it was just throwing them over the edge of the roof to get them down. i leave that to the person's
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
turned on the news and there it was, you know, four americans had been dead an i turned on the news. and there is it was. four americans were dead. and two were unidentified. i am like, you know, he hasn't called me. i tried texting him. i tried calling him. he began to cry. and i just hit my knees and prayed. >> in past experience if i start panicking right away then i just get myself worked up. so i just tried to not worry about it. and i thought, well, i'll hear from him in the morning or the next evening. >> there was a ticker on the bottom of whatever news channel
5:48 pm
it was. and it said something to the effect that there was an attack on the annex in benghazi. and my heart dropped. and i'm like, gosh, how am i going to tell the kids? and that was my first reaction. >> take you to when the bigger want to take you to when the bigger convoy arrives. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> they finally get there, it's like 50 cars. >> yeah. >> there is, the knickcals which are the big mounted machine guns. >> it was mean -- it was a mean convoy. i remember the first convoy coming in. i had my gun on him. eyes on, i'm aiming right at his hand. and i just reached my hand off with my offhand and i went like this. and he reached out, reached out of the car like a big smile. one thing that we've learned on
5:49 pm
these jobs is you have to know how to read people. >> is there a part of you guys that looked at that convoy and said, where was that? where was that before? >> yes. i did. like where the hell were these guys? >> where were they hours ago? >> exactly. >> you get everybody mounted up. you drive them to this airport in this massive convoy, but still probably worried about attacks on the way. >> sure. >> you get there and there is another confrontation. >> between the militias, yeah. our militia and whatever militia was controlling the airport. our militia is bigger so we got through. >> you got a smaller airplane, load you guys off, you walk on. >> they started to pull me off, i'm like, i walked into benghazi i'm going to walk out of here. i get up.
5:50 pm
and there was blood dripping down my arm. there was a flight attendant, and her eyes get as big as saucer plates and she is laying twels down because she is worried about her boss's airpt airplane getting messed up. and then they bring in dave. and he was in and out of consciousness throughout the flight. and somewhere in between that, somebody's clearing their gun, their pistol -- >> in the plane? >> in the plane. and a round goes off. and the pilot is -- i'm not gonna -- he wasn't going to take off until they can confirm whether or not the fuselage had been breached. >> they figured it out. >> it he lodged against one of the seat posts and didn't penetrate everything. >> dave uben, he was bleeding out. if there was another delay, probably wouldn't have made it. >> because he was down to about as much blood as a person can loose before they die. >> you are taking to have in the
5:51 pm
plane. the rest you have guys are going to wait for the next plane. >> yes. >> with the bodies. >> yes. >> and then eventually the body of ambassador stevens? >> yes. >> i didn't answer it on the first ring. it rang a couple times because i wasn't sure who it was going to be. if it was going to be him or if it was going to be some, you know, representative informing me of what had happened. i took a deep breath, and i listened. and i just said okay. and i love you. and i probably didn't sleep much that night. >> it was really belief. he just said i'm okay. everything is okay. and i just -- and click, he hung up. so it was super quick. >> finally, it was about 5:00 in the afternoon. a nurse had called and said he had arrived there.
5:52 pm
and i was just like -- like, i could breathe. just -- just thank god. >> would you do i will all over again? >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> definitely. >> i'd be there. >> that's just the way we are. i mean. >> we run to it. we're not running away from it. >> how often do you get back to this 13 hours? do you think about it a lot? >> every day you think about it. there ain't a day that you don't. >> i mean i'm reminded of it every time i go to grab something. >> because of your hand? >> yes, because i still don't have full use of it. probably never will have full use of it. i mean -- but, so it is a reminder. but it's -- it reminds me of the honor of fighting with guys like tig and tonto and rone and bug
5:53 pm
and jack and d.b. very few times in your life when you get to form a bond like this. and most of the time it's done in situations that suck. and -- but, you know, i wouldn't -- i wouldn't give it up. >> when you see all of the back and forth that has happened over the past roughly two years, what do you think about all the political battle? >> you can't get wrapped up in it. we're -- we're not politicians. we are contractors. we're soldiers, we were marines, rangers, we still are. will always be. leave that to the politicians. i can't speak for why a politician did this or why a politician did that. all i can speak for is what we went through that night and what happened. >> if i gave you that 30 minutes back, and i gave you some airpower, would ambassador stevens and sean smith be alive
5:54 pm
today? >> yes. to me, without the delay, they would still be alive. >> my gut is yes. >> are you in on that? >> i much strongly believe if we had left immediately they would still be alive today. >> i think there is a lot of things that could have been different. i mean, airpower -- if we had some air support, if they had sent somebody in. >> the suspecter in my opinion can seek heat signatures. >> and they would have beenable to see the mortars. >> which means that rone and bug would be alive. >> would it have improved our chances? oh, heck yeah. if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? you'll lose interest. it's just a phase. it hurts me more than it hurts you. where are your manners - were you raised by wolves? you're going to give me a heart attack.
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>> i said to myself this is my i said to myself as soon as my baby girl says she doesn't want me doing this anymore, i'm going to stop doing it. and she did on my last trip, she goes daddy, i don't want you to go fight bad guys anymore. granted, i still miss the guys. i miss going overseas. but every night when i go upstairs and i get a kiss from my kids good night, it all dissipates. >> just enjoying being home, getting the wife together, just the kids. it's just peaceful. is that fun?
5:59 pm
>> yes. >> do you want to do it agai >> that fun? >> yes. >> do you want to do it again? >> not having my thumb that opposes, it's very difficult to pick thing up. and it's up with of those things you dope really think about until you dope have it anymore. >> do you like the red one? do yo >> o you like the red one? okay. do you want me to hold your baby? >> thank you lord for this food, and we thank you that we're here with our friend. and just watch over us and keep us safe. and god bless us. >> no greater life than this
6:00 pm
than a man lay down his life for his friends. i think of rone and bub every time i read that. >> they are part of the team. they are is somewhere else right maw. i guess eventually we'll all link up again some day. right now, on justice. >> i want not just the committee members but the public to understand this was the fog of war. >> hillary, you are the one putting americans in a fog after your 11 hour politicalcal pivot and washington. i was there and saw it firsthand. plus, why are illegal ale leans who are criminals getting a pass from people who supposedly represent us? how do we stop this lun's? i get answers tonight. plus, they march again


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