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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 24, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tonight on "red eye". paul ryan says he will run for speaker of the house with conditions. so much for unconditional love. and today everyone celebrated "back to the future" day. how long before the mainstream media launches war on back to the futureness. and all about his new book and there is even a chapter about how to turn an oak tree into a cookie factory. our panel provides warmth and friendship. first, a news break. live from america's news headquarters, hello, i'm greg jaret. a flash flood warning in effect for much of texas.
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some areas have seen as much as 20 inches of rain, more on the way. remnants of hurricane patricia combined with a powerful storm system already over texas, and according to the national weather service, the bulk of the rain will come in the overnight hours. the wave of violence in the middle east continuing today. the israeli military saying it shot and killed a palestinian who tried to stab security personnel. security video shows that incident. secretary of state john kerry saying israel and jordan have agreed on a plan to reduce tension at a holy site in jerusalem revered by jews and muslims. the violence began amid rumors that israel was trying to change the rules there. jordan will now be the custodian of that site. israel pledges to maintain the existing rules of worship. the remains of an american soldier, the first killed fighting isis on the ground back on american soil. master sergeant joshua wheeler died during a hostage rescue in iraq.
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he was helping kurdish forces rescue more than 70 hostages at a prison in the north part of the country. this is the first known instance of u.s. troops in direct ground combat in iraq since the fight against isis began. finally, the star let starred in some of hollywood's best known movies. she played in the 1941 movie "how green was my valley." o'hara shared the stage in 1947 "miracle on 34th street" and worked with john wayne many times and appeared in five movies. never oscar nominated. she was 95 years old. >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> an exciting day over at the
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"red eye" news desk. >> joe biden announced he is running for president. >> no he didn't. >> he gave a speech in the rose garden. >> in the speech he wasn't running. >> i don't think so, tom. >> it was reported everywhere. >> excuse me if i don't believe everything the mainstream media tells me. >> he clearly said -- >> he is running, tom. >> roll graphics. >> let's welcome our guest. she likes her opinions like her beverages, distilled. he is a bureau chief or as the hip sisters call it a shipponer director. will ron. he gets his clothes clothes from big and tall and his food from jurassic park. giant comedian ben kissel. he would rather be here than ride a rollercoaster. why? no height requirement. author of how to be right and host of the greg gutfeld show
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first time guest greg gut -- greg gutfeld. let's steam these trousers. good news, cheese heads, wisconsin congressman paul ryan has told his fellow house republicans that he will agree to run for speaker, but hold your applause because he has got some conditions. ryan met with his cohorts on tuesday night and laid out what it would take for him to consider the job that seemingly nobody wants. first he wants them all to unite behind him, unlike many conservative reps who defy john boehner's leadership. second he wants to delegate travel and fund razing saying, quote, i cannot and will not give up my family time. third, daily p90x workout and every rep will be ripped like ryan. fourth, a real "full house" reunion with both olson twins. fifth, stop calling him eddie
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munster behind his back. 6th bring back taco tuesday and malibu monday. seventh. when speaker enters the house everyone has to hum "chariots of fire" theme songs. i think it is reasonable, don't you, greg? >> i think it is awful. i actually like this guy, but the fact that he offered up conditions -- i mean imagine if you were going in for surgery and the doctor says yes, but i have some conditions. i would like to spend more time with my family. the whole point of a job is you don't spend time with with your family. the more time you spend with your family, the more unhappy you actually are. he is actually -- and also what about people who don't have families? i don't have kids. i can't use that excuse i find the whole idea of i want to spend more time with my family garbage and i want him impeached. >> wait a minute. greg, isn't that what america likes? they want people to -- family first. >> who cares what america likes? haven't we figured that out? america doesn't matter
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anymore. mark is dead. we need to make it great again. >> i agree with that. >> we need to make it great again and that means getting rid of the children. first build a wall around kids. >> you don't have any children? >> i don't. i do the exact same thing people say they want to spend more time with their children do is drink more whiskey in the dark. i want to spend pour time with my -- more time with my family. how many hours are you clocking in there, buddy? >> i didn't think this would be a discussion about spending time with one's family. they want him and there is nobody else to do it. it is not an enviable job so why can't he make demands? >> you know what, that's a good point. he has the leverage right now. who cares the rules were written by thomas jefferson a few hundred years ago. he can get them tossed. what i like as a millennial, he is acting like a millennial
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in a job interview. yes i will take this low paying job, but you need to tell me have i a purpose and boost my self-esteem and it give me weekends off so i can go drinking with my friends. >> when thomas jefferson wrote that he said one of the conditions is he spend more time with his slaves. >> he did? what did he like to do? >> what did he not like to do? he was a strapping man. strange man. >> he can make demands because he is da man. if he was paula ryan and she said i want to spend more time with my family everyone would have an issue with that. i think because he is a man and really the only man who is even willing to do the job he can get what he wants. >> it is smart. it comes back to the patriarc key. >> just picture if a female congresswoman says i can't do the job because i have to
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spend more time with my family. >> i am doing the reverse. i am making fun of him for saying he wants to spend time with the family. salute the woman. >> that makes it a sexist. >> in this day and age it makes you a sexist. >> can you explain this thing about -- what about you minutes about -- you made a good point. >> clarification? >> no he wants to change the rules of thomas jefferson. what is going on? >> he would take away all of his opponent's ability to easily take away his job. they are -- paul rein says i want to changing that. >> if he has the leverage he candy mapped it. >> i have to support him. he is my man from wisconsin and we from not known for celebrities. rhode island is responsible for chris farly and jeffrey
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domer. >> both died too young. >> we know where you were going. >> that's why i decided to stop. you lead me down a dark path. that's all we've got and i have paul ryan as well. how about it is time to go back to "back to the future" day. "back to the future" day ended three hours ago. so we will go back to back to th discuss what the film makers dwot wrong -- got wrong about the future. first up here is how he looked at transportation in the future. ♪ we're waxing down our surfboards ♪ ♪ we can't wait for june >> a great scene. let's look at how the film imagined fashion in 2015.
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here is another scene from "back to the future." >> you don't scare me, freak. under that hair you are still a dork, scott. i handled your kind before. your mama used to steal chickens out of the backyard until i blew her head off with a shotgun. >> wow that is not far from how we dress today of the. >> no and that's how paul ryan will address congress. very intense. >> you struggled with some of the same issues marty mcfly did. >> the inability to have friends and random hair growth in places i didn't want it. every now and again i would try to ride on the top of a car and puncture all of the tires because i was too large. i didn't get to have the fun teen wolf celebration. >> were you excited about the "back to the future" celebration. >> what an exciting day it
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was. i am excited. donald trump is guaranteed to be the next president so they got that correct when they said biff would win. i want to go to 2032 because that's when "demolition man" took place. i am a huge taco bell fan. it is considered fine dining so i am not considered white trash for loving it. the politicians were trying to jusm p on the -- jump on the ban wag gn. i thought it was clever. >> it was all stupid. it is one of those things where everybody decides at once that it is a clever idea. they all do it because they all do it it is no longer clever. one person is supposed to do it out of 10. it is an okay movie, but not a great film. doc turned into jesse
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ventura. have you seen him? have you seen the actor who plays doc, that's not how you want to see the future. >> christopher lloyd? >> yes. >> he has a scary stone-like face. also i am a big fan of time travel movies because it is a copout. they just made a cop involved. i think it is the irresistible michael j fox. >> he was our jimmy stewart or our mickey rooney. >> smaller than jimmy stewart. it is true. he was at the -- i worked at the opening of universal studios in florida and michael j fox was there and that was at the heart of the mania. am i right?
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>> i don't know. i was born in 1987. it -- it didn't have a huge affect on my life. but the first one, that's the best one. that's about the white teenager and he goes back in time and he overcomes the temptation of incest and then hands over the credit to a bunch of -- >> that's true. that's a story for the ages. >> and then they took it back. joanne you would love this series of films. the best one, the only one worth a damn is number three because it took place owe a train and i love trains. >> and odd numbers. >> the director said he doesn't typically like these future films because people will keep track of what you
8:14 pm
got wrong why you keep making them 1234* the predictions they got right,y lay jaw wood and billy zane. i didn't watch. >> how old is elijah wood. >> it is was his first him. he was in the futuristic campaign. >> it is fun when you go and watch the movies and you are sick years old when you have to write a letter to yourself in the future. and then you you read it and it is fun to see what came through. maybe you went to college. you ?efer got that draft and was a bazillion, gazillionair. the next story a fraternity at uc san diego is in trouble after pledges asked women for topless pics. the sov mar -- the sophomore exposed them after she received a text from an
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acquaintance that read, "rachel, i need your help, lol , funny story. so i am in a frat now and we have to get rush to boobs. if you or any of your friends can high pressure me out i would appreciate it. rachely elaborated to the local news. >> they informed me my face doesn't have to be in it. that doesn't matter. >> how could she say no? she not only passed, but she posted the creepy request on facebook. the offending fraternity members have been suspended by the local chapter and for sae, it is a stain on their sterling rep -- reputation. greg young he asked nicely.
8:16 pm
>> nothing good follows lol, funny story. so something really bad. they met at an event called free the nipple. he was under the fallings assumption because she was an earlier demonstration. he thought he would ask her nicely. they say this is stupid. she should say that to them. immediately it goes to the local media to destroy somebody of a mistaken assumption on his idiotic part. the fact is she could have handled it instead of going to the news. you don't send text to people who use phrases. it is rape culture. you were baiively tapping into another universe that hates you. does that make sense?
8:17 pm
>> that was beautiful, greg. >> i will be right back. >> i think he is is a feminist. he was at the free the nipple rally. >> that is true. >> this serves a lesson. take some pics when you were there. >> they were protecting them. >> they may come in handy. >> listen these buildings are on fire and you should be running out and not running in. they are so demonized it would be like i am getting into the pool business. the planning was terrible. i do have a problem with the laziness. remember that movie qht -- "animal house"? john bough lieu she is in a tree for an hour. it is tough to hang in there like a koala bear and then he
8:18 pm
finally got one image of brisk. >> funny story can i see a picture of your boobs. and being a millennial. it is laziness and entitlement. joanne we haq fun of fungis and they are belong silly. is it about patience? >> it should be about creativity. this girl had every opportunity to respond in a creative way. she could have shown the to bees of her pet. rush to bees when i think rushed i think of blurry. a nice blob of pink flesh. >> a ridiculous request should get a ridiculous response. >> she can say you're the
8:19 pm
boob. >> were you a frat guy in college ?r. >> no, i was not a frat guy. college is an amazing time where people try to express themselves thishulely. >> this lovely young woman here she's got -- you need to be able to identify the -- do you want to keep using your hands like this? >> it is important to jess d.a. d.a. gesticulate. did she look like somebody who was going to be like, yes, let's go to mardi gras. or did this look like somebody who has thoughts and you are boob pro tiling. >> know your coed with. who is ready to feel uncomfortable? uncomfortable learning is next. skrch... skrch...
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bastians of liberalism. it is difficult to find diversity of thought on campus. but good for williams college for bucking that trend with their uncomfortable learning speaker series. with the aim of exposing students to perspectives they are not used to hearing. one of the first speakers in vieted was susan who was there to talk about feminism and some of the failures which in her view included denying biology by teaming the qualities of sexes means sameness of the sexs. the speaker didn't even have to arrive on campus to make everyone uncomfortable so
8:24 pm
there was no need for the event. mission accomplished. it was canceled. when asked why she was uninvited she said williams never experienced that amount of resistance from a streaker before. congratulations williams college. you have done your founder proud. barry williams. greg are you surprised this was such an effective speak are series? >> it was an amazing kind of drink she pulled on the college -- she got them to pull the poo -- >> they basically admitted as females they are too fragile to handle opposing opinions. by can selling her they are saying we are week. maybe that is the pot she wants to make. >> they threw a beg fuss and now it is a national news
8:25 pm
story on a highly rated cable news show. >> i do love her publicity photo. she looks great. she is beautiful. >> what is happening to college campuses? used to be they shun opinion and now they won't let it in the door. >> the college bubble will burst very soon. the students are getting jobs in extreme sitting and they are graduating. >> when will it burst? >> when they can't get a job it will all tabors. burst. they are paying tons and tons of money and at the end of the day they have the power and the people who need their cash. it's amazing. this one wrote a book about being a working parent and how some moms should stay home with their kids.
8:26 pm
effectively the college woulds sending -- the college was sending her back home. >> think about that the next time i'm high. you know, these college students are like human. they need to be kept away from sunshine and massaged. kids, don't go to college. don't southland your kids to college. you should drop out if you are watching the show. >> that's what we have been saying. i don't think it is going to happen. >> i am curious if bernie sanders becomes president will this become even worse? if government has such control over the kid who go to school, can they control also what you are listening to and what is being taught? that is the slippery slope, greg.
8:27 pm
that's what we will see is that we will see more of the intervention and free speech. >> bernie sanders would not be allowed to spheek because of -- speak because of his pro-gun stance. >> would they really not allow him to speak or ignore positions like that? >> you guys should be -- i said you guys. parents like you should be over. >>ed by this. at a certain point your child will have to work in a workforce with these people and they will end up working for her or your daughter or son or -- they will walk all over these people because they have that idea how to talk ferent opinions. it is great if you have kids growing up right now. your kids will destroy those kids. those kids will be waiting on your kids. >> they are veal and my daughter is a steer.
8:28 pm
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sends an injured child to the emergency room. preventing tip-over incidents is easy, inexpensive, and only takes 5 minutes. learn how to secure your furniture and tvs to protect children at live from america's news headquarters, hello, i'm gregg jarrett. four people are dead after a car plows into the crowd at oklahoma state university's homecoming
8:32 pm
parade. the latest fatality, a 2-year-old boy. police arresting a 25-year-old, charged with driving under the influence. witnesses say her car hit a motorcycle before driving into the crowd, sending bodies flying. more than 40 people injured, eight remain hospitalized. some critically. oklahoma governor spoke earlier. >> it's hard to imagine that you're coming to a game and it comes to a tragedy with people losing their loved ones. so it's going to be very important that all of us pull together and offer a prayer and support and gratefulness to the first responders that responded very quickly to help those injured. a flash flood warning in effect for much of texas tonight. some areas getting as much as 20 inches of rain, more on the ray. remnants of hurricane patricia combining with a powerful storm system already over texas. the national weather service cautions the bulk of the rain
8:33 pm
will come in the overnight hours. in the meantime, hurricane patricia causing much less damage in mexico than expected. it hit friday at a category 5 with winds of 165 miles per hour but quickly weakened. mexico's president said the storm damaged as many as 3500 homes, 235,000 people without power. about half of them have it back. patricia was the most powerful earthquake recorded in the western hemisphere. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, logon to you're watching the most powerful name in news, the fox news channel. >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy in the "red eye" news deck. >> how are you? >> good, good. >> before i start, can we have a round of applause to our great camera people who were
8:34 pm
able to get ben and greg in the same shot? >> [applause]. >> i am not clapping. there you go. >> it has to be the biggest height differential in the history of television. >> i want to sit in the cradle of your -- i can sit right there. i don't think the wire will stretch. >> i could do it if i wanted to. it was called the human hammock. >> had you sure that wasn't ham hawk. >> hammock. >> okay. dwreg, you said you like -- greg, you said you like ryan, but don't like he has conditions. do you think this is the way he has to take it? >> that's a strategy i do. i say i have a few conditions
8:35 pm
and i can only work out nude. people say you know what? we will think about it and get back to you. he is like joe biden and he wants to be courted. >> oddly when you answered that way that's how you got the job here at fox. i still clone naked to this -- clean naked to this day. greta won't have it any other way. >> i don't feel good at all right now. >> i am talking about me cleaning certain floors of the building nude. and that's bad? >> it is worse now. >> it seems you don't believe he wants to spend more time with his wife and kids? >> i don't know. i have no idea. he seems to like being in washington. mostly he wants to hang out with the boys in the exciting ways and means commission where he is the chairman and he is the king. it is similar to when a politician teaches the spouse and he is a great guy.
8:36 pm
thisy are using it for the inverse. she probably wants him out of the house. >> you mentioned the rule that he once got about being able to kick out the speaker and it was tom pass jefferson's rule. thomas jefferson's rule. 24 is his give back, isn't it? he put that in there knowing they won't accept it. >> the others are like the fake -- we will decentralize this and you will take some more power and basically i want to spend the wriek ends with my -- the weekends with my kids. his dad died when he was young. >> lincoln chaffeys. >> no, he didn't. shut up. i was making a good point. >> no, you were done. >> we keep bringing up everybody's dead dad all the
8:37 pm
time. >> "back to the future" days, none of that was from" back to the future." >> it was one of the three. >> they were like from cave han lover. >> ben, you suffered from some of the same things as marty mcfly and then related your life to wolf. to teen wolf. >> i apologize foregoing along with the joke. >> never, never, never go along with the joke. >> i like to hang out with creepy old dudes who likes to put trash in cars. i agree. it is like an credited blee well constructed movie and fun to watch, but i just don't care about it and i don't know why. i didn't buy the time concept. i thought about it and did some research and it is not possible to drive a car back to the future.
8:38 pm
i like my movies with a little realism. one great movie "argo" the great former husband of that tall blonde lady, ethan hawk. rodent-like face and terrific actor. >> "star gate" too. >> that was not a movie. that was scandal. remember scargate. greg you said nothing follows lol funny story. >> no, mistake. everybody. everybody. >> also i agree she could have dealt with this by not going public. he should have been i can cked out for being dumb for that
8:39 pm
fraternity pledge. >> what year is he in school? >> he is 46 which is weird. >> maybe he is just young and dumb. that's it. a lot of the lessons are things we learned. >> also i don't see how she would be a ditsy show to watch her -- >> i don't think i said that word. >> you didn't. >> i should. at the same time you see the white kid with the dreads playing hacky sack is not like the young americans for freedom. >> racist much. >> interesting. >> you should know not to join a sphraw turn tee at this time. for the same reason the fraternities though this is not a good time to tow the pledges. i completely agree with you. >> you are all in favor of the pictures. >> that's fine, but if
8:40 pm
anything i would be in favor of stalking. if anything i am guilty of something. >> thanks for convicting yourself. williams college cancels speaker for making students uncomfortable. you say it was founded by barry williams? >> yes. >> he provided for the funding on his land but only if they changed their name to williams town. he was like trump before trump. >> and berry rewas hit son? >> great, great, great groned son. grandson. >> used to be they shared an opinion and now they won't let it in the door. >> as i was finishing up, the ad libs question i realize it made little sense. he usually picks on the story, but not my deem credit. my dumb question. >> it was not the college, but
8:41 pm
the students. the same students who invited her. that's an important point. even if i am the only one that thinks that. >> there was such an uproar on campus, that this student group didn't -- jng -- i think we should mike -- make it known. the student paper, i will read a quick section. while free spreech is -- speech is important and there are problems with unacceptable, they must not be put in front of stereo types without emotional injury. itit is a place where others respect people's identities. >> i hope the president drafts all of these kids and puts them in a war to teach them a lesson. >> greg, you are saying your daughter or son is not.
8:42 pm
>> i haven't been keeping up on the latest rules. >> gotta go. >> all right, time to take a break. we hear about grig's new book after the break. >> good evening, "red eye" fans and fancy ladies on the next can gnaw de. anthony and pete join the panel. 5:00 p.m. on the fox business network. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. on location with the famous,
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now he is not wrong. greg gutfeld's new book is called "how to be right: the art of being persuasively correct." finally a sequel to "the less sons of pork scratching. greg, welcome to "red eye." >> it has been a dwr time. gone down since the last guy, but i am having a great time. >> did you read it. >> i did. what else do i have to do? i i read the book and it is fantastic. this is your fourth time it working with martin? >> i love this book. it is all about what i am interested in and arguing with people. why do we want to argue with people? >> airing -- arguing with fun
8:47 pm
and it is fun. for people uncoordinated it is a sport. it is something you can win without sweating. i don't like real arguments. you don't like arguing with your wife where stuff matters like your kids and parents or wife or your boss that's not fun. manufactured arguments where you pick a topic and argue that's fun. nobody is supposed to get hurt. the theoretical airingments -- arguments are dreadful. you can't do anything the whole day. these arguments are fun. they learn to win them because it feels good to win. >> here is the first thing i circled. in the book. it can exist in periods of calm. >> liberalism doesn't have a practical solution to calamity. for example, if there was an ebola break out, a liberal
8:48 pm
would want to hug and that will spread the disease. a conservative will go, quarantine. then the babies and the people. we have to quash teen. -- quarantine. quash stops the spread of a disease. that's a conservative idea. another is a liberal is raising the minimum wage. the only way to do is to create a business that is hiring people. they have to create the business that hires the people that becomes successful and only when that happens can a liberal walk in and say i want to raise the minimum wage. you president cay do it in reverse. >> the liberals need the conservative, but not the sore way around. >> you can run a restaurant without a minimum wage, and some may not. in order to have the argument you need it to create
8:49 pm
civilization. liberalism -- >> it is a bar gnaw cal. it is a bar gnaw cal on the butt of con -- conservatism. >> you are for lack of a better term a political pundit. >> perhaps. >> what are some of the biggest mistakes people make. >> if you combine emotion with volume you will win no converts. you host a show and i host a show and those are the people i don't have on. and then you can compete conventional wisdom. people who said it before they are lazy. it is being shrill and predictable. >> that's why people say he has weird ideas. i like him. >> they are not -- if you -- the things i think about are
8:50 pm
far more disgusting. >> most important chapter six is called discarding your outrage. you should only be upset about a few things. if you are constantly mad about stuff you actually get nothing done and there is something wrong with you. i don't get -- i don't care about your sex habits and your drugs. i can't care what you wear. i care about three or four things. get angry about the things that matter and discard the things that don't. here is the book, learn from it, get it. we will close with a bedtime story. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. to trust everything you read about the election. some will be written by robots. yes, by early next year they are expected to use word smith which for some basic political report reporting. they say they can cranking out stories based on data and reporting the bios and polling results. they are testing the program and "red eye" is one of them.
8:55 pm
we told them to write about a greg gutfeld political campaign and here is what they found. >> greatest gutfeld, 51 and announced his bid for the presidency on october 21st not so cool place. he said he wants to teach america the. >> and hate again. he is not able to do complex mathematical computation. the ef boy will be the must to go. the nonessential flesh unit. >> it was just based on data. it makes sense and it was one of the most famous for my campaign. we have nothing to worry about, right? >> rebrutes do more -- there was a big study and whether or not they had lunch says if they will grant people parole. robots should be judges
8:56 pm
because they don't eat. >> and lawyers should always carry a chi potle -- ch pi otle. >> don't you think they should be writing simple stories. >> they are already making bigging mas and the burgers the mcdonalds of the world. that's why we don't need donald prom p. trump. they will decide what the pretty cal leadings of bush was. the machine would go crazy. >> wouldn't know how to deal. i love that show. >> will, do you think your position could be replaced by a robot? >> no. i am a lively admired initter net journalist. this is a break for replacing my saw bored feets though. that's why i welcome this. i can abuse the robots and the robots cannot unionize and i can kick them and be drunk in
8:57 pm
front of them all day. it is great to a person. >> five seconds. >> it won't sell. no one likes to read dry data. i need humor. >> thanks thanks to the whole panel and greg gutfeld. panel and greg gutfeld. th you get used to sweaty odors in your car you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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( josh speaks ) ♪ a little help from up above, fit to make... ♪ a message from the foundation for a better life. right now, on justice. >> i want not just the committee members but the public to understand this was the fog of war. >> hillary, you are the one putting americans in a fog after your 11 hour politicalcal pivot and washington. i was there and saw it firsthand. plus, why are illegal ale leans who are criminals getting a pass from people who supposedly represent us? how do we stop this lun's? i get answers tonight. plus, they march against police within days of a


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