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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 25, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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11:00 and 5:00 eastern. check us out. we appreciate the dialogue. e-mail me. back here next sunday with the latest buzz. a fox news alert. the race for the republican presidential nomination getting fiery. front-runners donald trump and ben carson now taking shots at each other. trump criticizing what he calls carson's low energy while carson fires back at trump's, quote, jumping up and down and screaming rhetoric. there you go. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters. i'm arthem neville. >> i'm eric shawn. hillary clinton was in iowa this weekend. she spoke at the iowa jefferson jackson dinner, one of the most important events to the run-up of the first in the nation caucuses there. we have fox coverage from the
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campaign trail. ed len rhenry is in demain. and kristin fisher. >> well, as two of the outsiders, donald trump and ben carson used to be quite friendly. but that all changed as soon as carson started beating trump in the polls in iowa. the two gop front-runners were asked about their growing feud on the sunday shows this morning. carson was characteristically reserved refusing to hit back while trump was the typical trump using the line once reserved for jeb bush. >> i think ben carson is lower energy than jeb. we need strong energy. the thing with ben, he has a good pac and people running his pac and in my opinion he's got people all over iowa from his pac and they're running. ben doesn't even go to iowa that much. and he's doing well in iowa? so i think that the super pacs are a real problem in terms our
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problem, and i am talking about ben. i did talk about jeb because i thought jeb would be the fro front-runn front-runner. obviously he's no longer the front-runner. i probably won't talk about him so much anymore. >> ben carson pretty much said, i really refuse to get into the mud pit. he's staying out of this. so let's look at the two polls that are fueling this feud. the first is a "des moines register" bloomberg politics poll out friday that shows ben carson beating trump in iowa by nine points, 28-19, followed by ted cruz at 10% and marco rubio at 9%. another poll from quinnipiac university had carson ahead of trump by eight points in iowa, 28% to 20%. this time third and fourth place are flipped with rubio at 13% and cruz at 10%. noticeably down in both of those polls is carly fiorina, at 4% and 5% respectively. as for donald trump, the way's trying to swing the poll numbers are, look, these are just two out of dozens of polls.
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most of the poles he's still on top. he's still the front-runner in the gop field. but what these show is ben carson had some very strong support from the evangelicals. >> they helped propel mike huckabee to the lead in iowa in 2008. of course you can watch more of the interview with ben carson on the fox news channel about two hours from now at 2:00 p.m. eastern. then later at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on your place to watch for the latest campaign news. meantime, democrats also hitting the campaign trail in iowa. hillary clinton and bernie sanders each speaking at the iowa jer jefferson jackson dinner. this the same dinner when then-candidate barack obama pulled ahead of the pack in 2007. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in des moines, iowa, with all the details. ed, is it fair to ask if the iowa caucus will remain the bellwether of presidential politics? >> reporter: arthem,l, i think
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will, at least in this cycle. we're 99 days from the caucuses. it's often pivotal. hillary clinton finished third after the dismal performance at the jefferson jackson dinner. last night she was plague the political equivalent of a prevent defense. she's back in the lead, doesn't want to make a mistake. because she was playing it so safe, bernie sanders was really allowed to electrify this crowd of over 6,000 iowa democrats. clinton tried to gin up her crowd heading into the speech with a pre-game rally, brought out her husband bill as well as pop star katy perry. it was interesting because bill clinton nope as the comeback kid declared his wife after a shaky start is on the comeback trail herself. the strong debate performance. also you have candidates dropping out of the race. the front-runner herself was almost looking past the
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democrats and acting as if she's already the general election nominee. listen. >> when republicans debate, they compete to insult each other, demean women, and they double down on trickle-down. actually, it is reality tv with a cast of characters who don't care much about actual reality. >> reporter: bernie sanders was basically saying in his speech, his supporters were much louder really sort of dominating the crowd. and he was basically making the case that there's not going to be a clinton coronation and predicted he would do what barack obama did in 2007, come out of nowhere and shock the world. listen. >> very few people knew who i was. that's the fact.
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i may have a big ego, but that's the fact. we were at about 3% in the polls. we had no money. we had no political organization. well, in the last six months things have changed. >> reporter: well, so the bottom line is bernie sanders had a much more raucous crowd here at this pivotal dinner that shows your organizational strength. but whether or not 99 days from now he'll get better turnout and those people are going to turn out and actually vote for him is a whole other story, guys. >> ed henry, you made a football reference. who's your nfl team quickly? >> reporter: giants. >> thanks. bye. another big story we're following, the torrential downpours in texas that have dumped more than a foot of rain in texas. thankf thankfully, the storms are
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moving on and the dangerous floodwaters are coming to an end. take a look at that. the powerful storm system combined with hurricane patricia have done widespread damage in some places. listen to one man. he had to swim through some of those floodwaters just to get to his car. >> i didn't see it until i hit it. i got out and a guy called a wrecker. i just stood there and watched my car slowly disappear. >> man, oh, man. what is it like? dan springer is live in hughes tonl where in a very vivid demonstration is standing in the floodwater. just covered that street, dan? >> reporter: well, eric, yeah. at least that guy had a good sense of humor about it. it's hard to look at a scene where i am right now and say houston dodged a bullet, but that's exactly what aprhappened. the hardest part of the storm actually went to the south and east of downtown houston. it actually went out into the gulf of mexico. so this area still got between 6 and 9 inches of rain, causing a big headache for a lot of motorists. you can see a police car and a
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couple of motorists that just got stranded. dozens of cars in fact stalled out going through deep water. the houston fire department had 28 calls for rescues, one involving a woman and her two children, another requiring a rescue boat. the good news, no injuries or deaths reported. the storm affected cities really all over texas. in west laco near the mexican border, many were forced to evacuate. everyone made it out safely, which is also good. the whole state is really -- was under a tornado warning for much of yesterday and yesterday afternoon. one funnel cloud did touch down in pairland, causing some damage, but again, not hearing anything about injuries. coastal areas got hit with a lot of rain and strong winds. galveston certainly got it the worst. but all in all, people here are breathing a big sigh of relief. in fact, the office of emergency management has already taken this level back down to normal level of alert. and the difference between this
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storm that hit us here and the one that hit four months ago back in may was the rain was spread out to about 1 inch an hour. back in may in a storm that killed 21 people it came down 4 inches every hour. so a lot of rain but spread out over a longer period of time and the city was able to take it in stride. >> dan, those cars behind you remind you of authorities say, turn around, don't drown. thanks, dan. there's newly released video showing the daring rescue mission to free hostages held by isis in iraq. u.s., kurdish and iraqi forces are seen in night vision moving through a darkened building. now, they were able to free some 70 hostages who were considered to be in eminent danger of being executed by the terrorists. but the mission coming at a tragic cost. master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in the raid, becoming
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the first u.s. soldier to die fighting isis in iraq. elizabeth pram has more. >> the brand-new video obtained from news station arab 24 appears to be body cam footage showing the intense withdrawal of approximately 70 hostages, u.s. and kurdish troops stormed the prison after a tip the hostages were on the verge of being murdered. there are a couple of different shots you can see. in one of them you can see an isis flag hanging on the wall. another shows the troops clearing a line of men, some in blood-stained are robes with their hands above their heads. another you see a stream of hostages also be hurriedly pushed through a dark hallway barely lit. gun fire can be heard through the entire video. defense secretary ash carter said on friday the raid was not originally intended to include u.s. commandos, but as we know it did. and it took the life of master sergeant joshua wheeler. he had been deployed to iraq and afghanistan 11 times. he was training and advising kurdish forces in fighting isis.
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despite the fact there has been tension in regards to the semantics of whether or not wheeler was killed in combat, there's no confusion when it comes to the fact he's a war hero. >> he ran to the sound of guns and he stood up and all the indications are it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breaching the compound and made the mission a success. >> over the weekend, his body was brought back to the u.s., arriving at dover air force base saturday afternoon where both wheeler's family and secretary carter were waiting. >> elizabeth prann, thank you. there is no doubt that master sergeant joshua wheeler is an american hero. highly decorated, awarded the bronze star almost a dozen times. but is this raid that cost him his life the correct strategy to eventually defeat isis? john bolton is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor.
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ambassador, good to see you. today our thoughts and prayers and our thanks go out to master sergeant wheeler and his family. ash carter said there will be similar raids continuing. do you think they'll work? >> well, one can hope so because the need to defeat isis remains as strong or stronger than it's ever been. i think what we've got here is a clear example of americans doing what they do when they need to do it in combat environments. and you can call this a train and assist mission all you want. i don't think there's any american military service member deployed in iraq today who doesn't understand they're in a combat theater. you know, military jargon like any professional jargon can sometimes be confusing, and there's the political narrative that gets overlaid on top of it where we've got an administration determined to say there's no boots on the ground. i think clearly they are and we need to recognize that fact. >> his boots were clearly on the
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ground as well as the boots off 3,500 other military advisers. >> do you think the mission wil? will the coalition expand what can we do to honor his sacrifice as we fight these islamic terrorists of isis who have only been expanding? >> the president should get serious about what he says his own objective is to degrade and destroy isis. what we're doing now is not really designed to achieve that objective. and i have to say, although the americans deployed in iraq are there for a perfectly legitimate purpose, i wouldn't do anything to assist the baghdad government, which is effectively a satellite of iran. i think our anti-isis coalition has to look very different. it has to include the kurds, the turks, and other arab states like the gulf monarchies like egypt. i wouldn't do anything that bolsters baghdad, certainly wouldn't do anything that helps keep assad in power, which is the other big story going on here. russia's effort to bolster the
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assad regime and increase rus a russia's presence in the region as a whole. >> well, you have almost, talking about egypt and saudi arabia and other countries, a million troops who could be boots on the ground but they're not willing to do it. >> yeah. i think that's in large part because there's no leadership involved in this effort. the fact is, however competent the egyptian or saudi or other forces may be -- that's always open to question -- they don't have the capability of doing this themselves. and it's why many americans say, well, then why are we concerned about it? isis is a threat to them. if that were true, i'd agree. lettette arabs handle it. but isis is a clear threat to the united states. we can see from the wave of refugees that's inundating europe the risk that terrorists are getting into europe as well. and if they can get into europe, it's that much easier to get to the united states. isis' goals long term are clear, which is why the president is correct when he says the objective should be to destroy isis. >> and finally, quickly, what do we do? >> well, i think nothing is
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going to happen in the next 15 months while barack obama is president. that's the reality. i think we've got to think, what happens when a real president takes office in january of 2017? that should be one of their highest priorities. >> well, some would take issue maybe with saying a real president, but certainly it appears when it comes to isis it's not successful. ambassador john bolton, always good to see you. thank you for your analysis. >> thank you, eric. eric, thanks. new polls showing mixed results for gop front-runner donald trump. we're going to take a look at what's happening in the battleground states. and there's some new information about that horrible crash at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. as the community mourns that tragedy. >> i've been here 29 years. i can't recall an incident of this magnitude. and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals.
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police in oklahoma are naming another victim of yesterday's horrible tragedy after they say that woman drove her car into the crowd at the oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. a 2-year-old boy now listed among the four who were killed. 44 others watching that parade were injured in the horrific crash. lauren green has been following this story since yesterday and is in the new york city newsroom.
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>> eric, the town of still water, oklahoma, is still grieving after that horrific crash. it turned the joy of homecoming into deep sorrow. we now know the names of three of those who died. in addition to the 2-year-old, dead are 23 he-year-old nakita prabhakar, 65-year-old bonnie jean stone and marvin stone. they were rammed by a car into the crowd. witnesses say bodies were tossed like rag dolls into the air. >> i've never felt this feeling. this is like panic, shock, scared, crying. i'm like i don't know, who do i call? do i call my mother? do i call my husband? who all do i need to call immediate immediately? >> the oklahoma governor mary fahland arrived later to the scene to survey the mayhem. she spoke afterwards during a press conference. >> i have talked to one person
9:21 am
who was on the scene when it happened and witnessed it happen. and actually went over to the lady who got out of the car and was holding her down until the police could come and arrest her. she was obviously impaired and out of control. >> 25-year-old adacia chambers was arrested at the scene and has been charged with driving under the influence. investigators are waiting for toxicology test results to determine whether drugs or alcohol were involved. osu did play its homecoming game, but players observed a moment of silence and prayed before kickoff to honor the victims. there are still four people in critical condition at area hospitals, many others treated and released. chambers' first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow. eric? >> lauren, thank you so much. arthel? back to politics now, new polls out today for the gop presidential race in battleground states, take a
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look. donald trump and ben carson neck and neck with 27% each in iowa. the rest of the candidates far behind. but in new hampshire, donald trump finds himself with a stronger lead with 38% of support, ben carson trailing in second with 12%. joining us now to take a look at these numbers, betsy wood rough, political reporter for the daily beast. nice to see you. why did trump resonate with the demographics of voters in new hampshire more than iowa? and betsy, at some juncture, which state is more critical? >> you know, it's tough to say which state is more critical. i would err on the side of saying iowa because it's larger, more representative of how a candidate would do in a general election. in this particular primary season between the two states it's really interesting. iowa voters are of course midwestern, more religious, christian faith is central to
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how they look at who they want to be the nominee. with new hampshire voters it's a very different story. it also is curious and interesting, this cbs poll shows not only is trump doing disproportion artly and extraordinarily well in new hampshire as opposed to other states but so is sanders. sanders does well in new hampshire but not other states. >> let me jump in there. i like where you're going with this. i want to pull up the democrat poll. clinton is on top in iowa with 46% compared to senator sanders' 43% and in the battleground tracker in new hampshire as you were talking about, betsy, sanders with a stronger lead at 54% to clinton's 39%. so let me ask you, is sanders' new hampshire lead due to home turf by proximity, or is it something else? >> i think sanders certainly has a home turf advantage in new hampshire. that said, new hampshire voters are a little bit more wild
9:24 am
cardish than iowa voters are. they want to get to know candidates personally. pretty much until you've sat in their living room and chatted them up, they're going to hold their fire. they're going to wait to see who they want to support. so i think that's helpful for sanders. that said, new hampshire voters are also sometimes outside of how more of the broader primary base is voting. so the fact that sanders is doing well in new hampshire doesn't necessarily means he'll also do well in important states like iowa, florida and south carolina. doesn't necessarily translate. >> well, i want to go back to south carolina now. we're going to go to the gop side in south carolina. jeb bush's 6% is neck and neck with rubio's 7%. as you know, jeb is meeting today and tomorrow with his father and his brother about campaign financing and stuff like that. what advice might or should they give jeb on messaging and how to gain traction? >> you know, i would expect them to tell him to kind of get back
9:25 am
to his initial campaign plan of trying to run joyfully. when he first jumped in he said he didn't really want to run this candidacy, this campaign unless he could do it with joy and excitement in his heart. when i saw him in new hampshire a month or two after he announced he seemed to have this, that sparkle. but it seems to be gone. there's a quote he said yesterday where he basically said, if this race is going to come down to mudslinging and negativity and gridlock, i don't want anything to do with it. he basically said, if you don't want me to be president, i have other cool things to do. that doesn't really resonate with voters or excite them. i imagine they'll tell him to die that back. >> i would think so, too. we'll find out, see if jeb turns the corner after this important meeting this weekend, today and tomorrow. betsy woodruff, good to see you. >> thank you. there's a new study about autism. sesame street introducing a new
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