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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 25, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thanks to my panel and all of you for watching, i'm paul gigot, hope to see you here next week. jerofnc. hope to see you right here next week. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters, texas facing a massive cleanup after one of the worst storms on record passes through the state. >> there are dramatic new details from the deadly crash at the oklahoma state home coming parade as eyewitnesses describe in chilling terms what they saw. >> plus, just a few days before the republican candidates take the stage in the next debate, what you can expect and which candidates are now going after each other ahead of the main event.
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>> a new eyewitness of tragedy, a horrific crash that occurred at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. five of the injured remain in critical condition. this after a woman reportedly drunk drove her car right into the crowd. >> i never saw her brakes, ever, she never tried to stop. >> after she passed my dad she accelerated. >> the acceleration went as much as 50 miles per hour. >> the town of stillwater is grieving in the wake of the horrific crash. university officials releasing a statement this morning mourning the loss of two employees and employee's infant son. 65-year-old dr. marvin stone and his wife 65-year-old bonnie jean were both killed. a retired osu professor and
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researcher. his wife, 65-year-old bonnie had also worked at osu for several years. also dead, 23-year-old, university of central oklahoma. nash lucas died later at the hospital. he is the son of osu employee who suffered injuries. >> she of course is just devastated by this incredible tragedy. the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this and these victims, it's a terrible tragedy. >> spectators were mowed down from behind when a gray hyundai drove into the crowds. bodies were tossed like rag
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dolls into the air. >> you just see this car flying towards these people and i witnessed the impact with the motorcycle, you saw what -- you just saw people from the motorcycle flying through the air. then it looked like you could see people -- >> 25-year-old chambers was arrested at the scene and charged with driving under the influence. they are waiting for toxicology tests to determine whether drugs or alcohol were involved. the first court appearance will likely be monday. mourners have set up a make shift memorial at the scene. osu will have counselors on site starting monday. and memorial service is also in the works in the meantime, five people are still in critical condition at area others and others are in --
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>> so sad and senseless. thanks very much. >> now from america's election headquarters, tension continuing to build between gop front-runners, donald trump and ben carson, the two are polling neck in neck in several states and both continuing to throw jabs on sunday talk shows, kristen fisher is live with the details. >> the iowa caucuses are 90 days away and donald trump and ben carson, since two polls show carson beating trump in iowa. the two candidates were asked about it today on the sunday shows and carson was reserved refusing to get into the mud and trump was typical trump using the same line of attack once reserved for jeb bush. >> he is lower energy than jeb if you want to know the truth. we need strong energy. the thing with ben, a very good
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pac and people running his pac and has people all over high with iowa running his pac, he doesn't go that much. >> i refuse to get into the mud pit. hillary actually was right when she said that the republicans are there trying to destroy each other. >> i think that was a huge mistake in the last cycle. >> let's look at two polls fueling this feud. first out friday, that shows ben carson beating trump in iowa by nine points, 28-19 and marco rubio at 9%. the second poll has carson ahead of trump again by eight points in iowa, 28-20 and marco rubio at 13% and ted cruz at 10. donald trump is trying to say, these are two polls out of dozens and he's been on top of almost every one of them. carson is playing up his growing strength among women and
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evangelic evangelicals. two former caucus winners, mike huckabee and rick santorum are way down in single digits, just in case. >> you had any doubt, it is totally different from 2012. >> check out fox news sunday and you can watch it right here, two hours from now at 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. >> should be quite interesting. on the democratic side of the race, leading contenders and front-runner hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both speaking at the jefferson jackson dinner last night senator sanders is sharpening his attacks against hillary. ed henry covering hillary clinton is live in des moines with the very latest on this campaign week. how did they do last night?
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>> reporter: interesting, hillary clinton was playing what you might call prevent defense. she's goat t to lead now, prett good run in the last couple of weeks, all about not making mistakes on this large stage. >> and that opened the crowd to over 6,000 iowa democrats, hillary clinton trying to get bigger crowds than she's had across the country. before this speech she had pre-game rally and brought out her husband, the former president and not done a rally yet in the cycle and brought out katy perry who performed a few songs, all about trying to generate excitement and show organizational strength heading into the big jefferson jackson dinner. clinton played it safe and was flat and tried to make it like she wasn't taking on any of the democrats in what is now a shrunken field with vice president biden out and two other candidates dropping out this week.
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instead she was looking ahead to the general election as if she's already the democratic nominee. listen. >> i hear donald trump when he says we have to make america great again. well, here's what i say, america is great. we just have to make it fair and just. >> reporter: the case from bernie sander was that there should not be a clinton coranation, comparing himself to prime minister and clinton came in as a front-runner and fizzled. showed real ground game, sanders says he can shock the world again like obama and added some jabs, he's a lot tougher than he's been and shying from attacks on hillary clinton but when issues like nafta.
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>> today, some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. that's not the case. there was a small minority in the house opposed to discriminating against our gay brothers and sisters and i am proud that i was one of those members. >> reporter: without naming hillary clinton, bernie sanders there hitting her on the issue of same-sex marriage. clinton as i noted at the top has had kind of resurgence in the last couple of weeks but still has fbi investigation and the state department releasing more of her official e-mails so that drip, drip may continue. >> that drip, drip and those attacks getting sharper. ed, always good to see you, thank you. >> we go now to another big story that we're following, we're talking about the torrential downpours in texas that dumped more than a foot of rainplaces, especially
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coastal areas like galveston. forecasters are saying those relentless storms are moving on and dangerous flood warnings are coming to an end. here's the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: arthel, no sign of that let up in houston yet where it continues to pour. it's been raining steadily all day. especially in lower lying areas and caused open sewage to bubble up down this street and back street as well. this storm produced records since it began falling. some towns in texas reporting up to 20 inches of rain. there have been dramatic images too, including a freight train that was derailed by the flooding. two engineers had to swim so safety. around houston in the lower underpasses, you can find many cars flooded out. really the question is where does the storm go from here. there are hopes the rain will
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end by tonight and then the storm will move overnight into the coastal areas. still in areas like galveston and along the louisiana coast we could see flash flooding over the next day or two. this storm not done yet. arthel, back to you. >> that's a lot of water there behind you, steve. thanks. >> we have an alert about the string of individual terror style attacks are continuing in israel. as world leaders are trying to bring about peace but it shows no signs of ending. israeli police searching for the latest attacker accused of stabbing and wounding a man in the west bank. this as the u.s. is trying to help end the blood shed between israel and the palestinians by installing a surveillance at a site. will it work. john?
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>> that's a great question. will it work? it's one of several measures that were negotiated upon by u.s. and jordanian and palestinian leaders and u.s. secretary of state john kerry meeting again with israeli and jordanian leaders today to discuss some of these measures. this as you mentioned as the violence continues. let's start there. earlier today israeli police say that palestinian attackers stabbed two people in separate incidents in the west bank. we just got word that one of the suspects was caught by the other at this point remains on the run. in a third attempted stabbing, israeli security forces shot to death a female palestinian teenager, they say was armed with a knife. she pulled the knife out at a checkpoint and tried to go after soldiers at the checkpoint and she was shot and killed. going back to the overall political dialogue, israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu and john kerry reemphasized that the status quo at the compound in the old city here of jerusalem will not change. basically muslims are still allowed to worship and pray there and nonmuslims can only visit but not pray at the temple. there have been rumors swirling among the palestinians that israel was increasingly trying to encroach and take over the site. rumors that prime minister netanyahu says are absolutely false and unfounded. also, in another measure aim d at try being to ease the tension, israel and jordan, you talked about this, have agreed to set up a 24-hour surveillance system at the temple. one according to prime minister netanyahu proving to israel is not trying to encroach on site and try to help tighten security and possibly ease tensions. jordan's foreign minister said
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that he believes that all of these measures despite the ongoing political contention, that it is a step in the right direction so we'll see. >> hopefully that will be a positive step. john huddy, thank you. >> arthel. >> there's new video from a hostage raid in iraq that caused a brave u.s. commando his life. you can hear the gunfire as u.s., kurdish and iraqi forces move in to free dozens of hostages held by isis, master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in the raid. the highly decorated soldier's body returning home to the u.s. yesterday. elizabeth tran is live with mor. inspiration and american hero as well today. >> absolutely, the new video appears to be body cam footage showing the chaotic withdraw of
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hostages in a pre-dawn rescue mission after a tip the hostages were on the vernl of being executed and graves were already prepared. troops with guns drawn are clearing a line of men. you can see there some in blood stained robes with hands above their heads as they get rushed out of the buildings, at times with dark hallways fairly lit to get there. defense secretary ash carter said the raid was not originalaloriginal al ly intended to include commandos. wheeler had multiple deployment to iraq and afghanistan and training and advising kurdish forces and fighting against isis despite the fact there was question in semantics whether he was killed in combat. there's no confusion when it comes to the fact that wheeler is a war hero. earlier today, former u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations on fox said it's a good sign to see the u.s. on the offensive when it comes to dismantling the terror network. >> the need to defeat isis remains is strong or stronger than it's ever been. i think what we've got here is a clear example of americans doing what they do when they need to do it in combat environment. >> over the weekend his body was brought back to the u.s. arriving at dover air force base on saturday afternoon where both wheeler's family and secretary carter were there waiting. >> our thoughts and prayers to his family, okay. thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> police in california have responded to reports of gunfire and found a 13-year-old girl wounded. we'll have the latest on her condition and what police are saying about the suspect. >> the third gop debate is this week. a lot of ups and downs since the candidates faced off. who stands the most to lose and who needs a miracle moment?
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>> news flash, the republican party has been fighting against the single payer system for a decade. i think you're on the wrong side of this still arguing for single payer. >> i don't think you heard me. you're having a hard time tonight
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. a california teenager is shot in the head inside her home. the 13-year-old girl was with her grandmother when shots were fired outside her home in west sacramento. she is now in critical condition. police are looking into whether the incident was part of a drive-by shooting. no word yet on a suspect. >> donald trump has been attacking ben carson as he falls behind in the polls in iowa by a sm smidge. they have a chance to go after each other on wednesday. this time the lineup will place florida senator marco rubio near center stage. he's been surging recently in the polls. as for jeb bush, after layoffs and cuts in his campaign, he he is holding a family and donor summit in houston to reassess his strategy going forward. what comes next? the senior politics editor for the daily beast joins us now. you have a big meeting in
1:22 pm
houston with jeb, george w. and george h.w. and barbara as well as donors. what could they be going through and talk about as they go forward today? >> i think they are very surprised that they are where they are right now. jeb bush came out and wanted to have this happy campaign where he talked about the policies and none of this plan included donald trump, who has been able to not only get under his skin but take him off topic. we were talking about whether his brother caused 9/11 last week for goodness sake. jeb bush doesn't want to talk about that. he actually began his campaign by saying, i'm my own man, i'm not my brother or father. yet, that's what we've been talking about in the media. we come off lately as this sort of annoyed angry figure. we is a him in south carolina at a forum, i want to say yesterday, and he was talking about how if you want someone
1:23 pm
talking about things that aren't the issue, it should be donald trump. i think at this summer they are talking about how to get past this and get jeb bush back in the polls, right now he's fourth or fifth nationally. is there a way to get beyond the trump shadow? is that possible now? >> you have to wonder engaging trump has not worked for jeb bush because we've seen the low energy comment at the first debate, i believe it was a cnn debate. it continued and continued throughout this campaign. so maybe he'll go to a strategy where he's not engaging in directly and talks about what he wants to talk about. we'll have to see. trump is a very hard shadow to get out of. >> that's for sure. i mean he's been -- wow, talk about -- >> very loud shadow. >> they are going to have a debate on wednesday. what does jeb bush have to do there and ben carson have to do if he's attacked again by donald
1:24 pm
trump? they are going to have a third round. >> ben carson has been very good about dealing with donald trump and hasn't engaged him in the same way jeb bush has. he has sort of turned the other cheek in a lot of ways. that's one of the reasons when trump was attacking ben carson initially, you'll remember it didn't work and didn't really bode -- or reflect well on trump. you have to wonder how trump is going to handle that. he was going after ben carson and calling him low energy this weekend. i just they don't land as well on ben carson because he brushes them off. we saw that on the interviews on various channels. >> maybe that's the way to deal with trump, like just turn the other shoulder or chief so to speak. >> going forward he's moving closer to the center now that he's going up in the polls? >> all of them should be saying they are going to be the
1:25 pm
nominee, otherwise what are the donors giving money to at the end of the day? he has done very well in the last several debates. he's going to be a target for trump. been a target for trump on the stump the last couple of weeks. he has to continue maintaining what he's been able to do in terms of seeming like the adult and he has plans and talking about foreign policy, done very well in past two debates. finally ap poll has come out and says 70% of voters think trump is the strongest candidate in the general election, 60% for ben carson. do you think that will hold? >> i don't think so. at this state of the game, it is still very fluid. it's one of the reasons we've seen in places like iowa the polls shift so drastically to carson from trump. if i can add one more thing he's going to have to answer why he hasn't been showing up to senate vote and something we've been talk being about a lot and something he'll have to answer for this week. >> he'll probably -- you know,
1:26 pm
if mr. trump sees this, he'll probably attack him on that too. thank you for your insight and analysis, we'll look forward to the debate three days from now. >> indeed, thank you. >> secretary of state john kerry meeting with the saudi king during his latest trip to the middle east. what the pair said about syrian president bashar al assad and what it will mean for the raging civil war in his country. hillary clinton, how members of the benghazi committee are reacting to her testimony today. >> they knew the truth from the get-go and didn't level with the american people. i think because it was because libya was supposed to be their baby.
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we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. you knew the truth but that's not what the american
1:31 pm
people got. again, the american people want to know why. >> i think if you look at the statement that i made, i clearly said that it was an attack and i also said that there were some who tried to justify -- >> secretary clinton. >> on the basis of the video, congressman and i think -- >> real quick, calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course it was an attack. >> shortly -- >> we want the truth. >> that was hillary clinton testifying in front of the benghazi committee and now they are speaking out about her appearance. trey gowdy says mrs. clinton's answers were not satisfactory concerning the security at the diplomatic facility in benghazi. >> when she is asked whether she takes responsibility she says yes but when you say responsibility for what? i can't tell you what she's taking responsible for. my main fear there is how are we better prepared to avoid the next benghazi.
1:32 pm
>> another issue was mrs. clinton's e-mail correspondence, privately e-mailed her daughter that the assault was an attack and elijah cummings defended the secretary of state on that. >> the information was fluid and the information she got even from the intelligence community was a little bit mixed. she basically -- she was basically talking about what she knew at those moments. >> her appearance may now be finished but the investigation will continue. >> the u.s. aligning forces with saudi arabia to fight isis and rid syria of its president. john kerry meeting with the saudi king during the latest trip to the middle east. the two sides agreeing to support syrian rebels fighting isis while backing diplomatic efforts to move syrian president al assad out of office. can the strategy work with russia supporting assad? retired navy captain chuck nash
1:33 pm
joins me. hi, captain nash. >> hey, arthel. >> before we get to the putin factor, you say the u.s. and saudi arabia, along with turkey are at odds dispute secretary kerry's visit. why? >> because at the same time secretary kerry is down talking to the saudis about supporting groups that are fighting isis, one of the red lines that the president drew was that assad must go. that's why the saudis, qatar and other gulf arabs all signed onto the coalition because they are primarily anti- assassad. at the same time secretary kerry is talking to the russian foreign minister about assad being part of a political solution even if that political solution is for him to transfer power to a new government.
1:34 pm
so we're on both sides of the teter totter, it's a balancing act. >> and it is the putin factor, putin wants assad to be part of the transition in fact, right? >> absolutely. putin has never given up his support of the assad government and he sees anything short of assad remaining in power to manage that transition as a potential for syria to fall into another libya, which is total anarchy. >> from a military perspective, captain nash, why is it important for the u.s. to maintain a strong and powerful position in this equation? >> because in the end, this is about stability in the region. and the united states has had a very strong position in all of the middle east and southwest asia for the last 35 years. and in the last five or six
1:35 pm
years, that strong position -- the strong horse now is russia. they've moved back into places where we were dominant, not as an imperial power but which relationships and personal and professional relationships between our military and intelligence organizations and we had a very nice foothold and nice relationship. the russians have now come in and are supplanting us at an alarmingly quick rate. >> assad was quoting saying this, he describes moscow aegs entry into the conflict as quote the writing of new history for syria, which will determine the future of the world and adds the effective of the military operation in syria exceeded expectations. >> i think the expectations that have been exceeded for mr. assad is the range and depth of what the russians have brought to bear to the problem. if you look at the video where
1:36 pm
you see the cross hairs on one thing and bombs going off somewhere else in the scene and then slew the cross hairs over. when the united states good news/bad news, when the united states goes after a targgt, we t what we're aiming at, even this thing in afghanistan with the hospital, that was a mistake and admitting that. but the russians, they don't really care about collateral damage nearly as much, if at all. >> what is the latest analysis on the air campaign over syria, if we know it is remaining at arm's length. >> we had a couple of missions that had to abort because the aircraft got within 20 miles. when we go on a mission, we had meetings with the russians to deconflict. we're not coordinating but we have procedures in place just as we've had at sea avoiding
1:37 pm
international incidents. syria and russians have been bombing as well in the western part. that's been part of the problem. isis is in the center, not so much in the western part. the folks in the western part are some of the rebel fighters that we, the united states particularly the cia, have stood up and are supporting. part of the deal that i think secretary kerry and mr. lavrov are talking about, how do we shift the russians over to isis and that it may sound even more complicated in that the united states and russia would be partners in one fight, which is the fight against isis -- >> but russia and iran -- russia sean iran working together militarily, right? >> yeah, in iraq, yes. in iraq. here we are, we're supporting an iranian dominated baghdad government to try again, this is
1:38 pm
all about not losing what we paid so dearly for in blood and treasure and not just walking away from all of that. it isn't lost yet. we're holding onto it. and if we allow the russians to move in and become that dominant power, it's only going to come to ill because you've got the iranians who the russians are backing and the saudis who we are backing and that's not good. >> okay. i have to go. captain nash, always good to talk to you. >> nice to be with you, arthel. >> wild story, a juror goes an extra mile thinking she's helping in the case but went from the jury box to the jail cell. how her extra credit landed her behind bars, the legal panel next on this very bizarre case. you're here to buy a car.
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basketball coach flip saunders died today after a short battle with cancer. his team, the minnesota tim better wolves confirming the news. coach saunders was 60 years old. >> a woman in georgia facing the wrath of a judge but she wasn't the one on trial. she was a juror. her name is tack ya ivy, she was doing outside research to see if she could avoid a hung jury in the case but the private investigation was not okay with the judge. he threw her in jail for five days for contempt of court. the punishment fit the crime? let's bring in richard st. paul and prosecutor turned defense attorney. from the jury box to the jail cell, this is pretty astounding, is it fair? >> i think it's very fair. when you think about all that's put into trying a case, from the prosecutor side and defense attorney side and defendant's
1:44 pm
side, the victim's side and then all of jurors who spend that time and judge sitting up there listening to it, it's a serious process. for her to outright disregard the judge's instructions, she deserved to be put into jail. now they have to start all over again. >> jail, could be next to the defendant you're supposedly trying. is that really fair? >> no, it's not. look, the seriousness, i agree with you, this is a serious process, when i'm before a jury, they take their job seriously. here it is a two-day trial, there's an alternate juror there who listens to the whole case, in the back room, doesn't make the final decisions, the judge simply could have said you're dismissed and the alternate juror will step in your shoes. >> would that encourage other people to maybe do what she did? >> i think what this judge did in this case is an excellent deter ent for other jobs to take your job serious and you cause so many problems when you do things like this. the instructions are laid out to
1:45 pm
a tee. this woman outright disregarded it. i think the judge needed to impose the sanctions. >> there's so many cop shows, you've got ncis, law and order and everyone watches these. you can google anything. what's to stop you from secretly googling and finding out and you can do street view of the scene, the crime scene, for example? that's a no, no, not supposed to do that. >> most jurors are not sequestered unless as serious crime. they take their job seriously and follow judge's instructions. i'm not saying she was right, she was fined $500, you're only paid $30 a day in georgia. a fine of $500 would send a tough enough message rather than five days in jail. she might be a mother and have kids -- that's very serious jail time. >> what about this defendant's attorney, now he has to pay this lawyer to try this case all over again or the taxpayer's dollars that were used and wasted.
1:46 pm
>> a case over stealing 20 bucks or show on the street and the guy who's the defendant, the suspect, will be in jail until february. he's in jail for four months now supposedly because a mistrial was declared. >> why you use the alternate juror instead of that particular juror. in denver there was a woman sentenced to ten days in jail and $10,000, but this was a murder, this was a murder trial, murder trials take a lot of there the punishment fit the crime. >> i think it's all the same. this is someone's liberty at stake and this woman deserved to get what she got. >> very basis of our democracy, dealing with their civic duty as a juror. i would say to everybody, try it. when the jury summons comes, don't explain, try it. it's part of what we live for in america. >> don't try to sneak and do something on the side. >> i agree. good advice. >> richard and keesh sha, thank you so much. >> a deadline is looming, general motors and the united auto workers union tried to
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>> hundreds of veterans are gathering in washington, dc to visit our war memorials. visiting the capitol from all
1:51 pm
over the country and got to visit arlington national cemetery and the navy museum. our brave vets reflecting on their past service. >> for a man to be in the service with what was happening and someone had to do something about it. we have the freedom that people died for and that is what i felt most. i thought i would say that is the message for the young people today: remember everyone who has laid down their life for our nation. >> god bless them and theirs is -- service. >> most would not make it to the capitol without the group that paid for it. >> if there is no daily by midnight thousands of audit tore g.m. workers will expire.
1:52 pm
what will happen this time? here to discuss all of this is brenda buttner senior business correspondent. brenda, what is the sticking point? >> the u.a.w. ratify add deal with fiat chrysler which can be a blueprint. what we and find out is pensions and hourly wages will go up. health care is a sticking point because g.m. has many more retirees than fiat and chrysler. g.m. will be creating a number of new models mainly cadillacs, where are they going to be produceed? detroit? mexico? if that is written into the contract that is rare. >> wait. g.m. could write it into the agreement that some of the vehicles would be produced in mexico? >> the issue is, where will they
1:53 pm
be produced? of course, the unions fighting for ohio and detroit. that is an issue the union and g.m. will fight about. >> if it is in the contract that it will not be produced in mexico, there isn't anything a president could do, donald trump will say i will bring all of the production back to the united states than the production goes to mexico? >> right, but i doubt it will. the production facilities in detroit and ohio have been creating good cars and the union has a lot of leverage. >> good. good to hear that. >> the leverage they have is $3.1 billion is the amount of operating profits g.m. made last quarter alone. they are making a lot of money. the u.a.w. has been able to create contract agreements that cost the company and that is
1:54 pm
because they do have some leverage. also, in 2007 and in 2009 they gave a lot of concessions. >> the union? >> yes, because g.m. was close to bankruptcy. now they are saying, it is pay back time. >> the company is making money, we make the vehicles, we should make money. >> the reason why i said good for the unions because you are talking about throughs of jobs in jeopardy if this is a strike and people will not work. >> thank you is true, june -- 51,000 jobs. i doubt there will be a strike. workers do not like to lose wages and the company does not like to lose production. what they are doing with the midnight deadline is the u.a.w. is trying to focus attention on this. they are close to an agreement, i think, and this will basically push them. of course, they could do another extension but i think they are close on some of the issues.
1:55 pm
>> it seems both sides want an agreement on the table and feel it up and get it approved. >> no one want as strike. it just doesn't pay off for anyone. it is usually when they are really far apart. i don't think they are that far apart. there are issues. >> you will be watching it and i am sure you will talk about this tomorrow throughout the day. >> absolutely. >> here on fox news channel, and you can catch brenda on bulls and bears every saturday morning right here at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> and the french fries are recognized around the world but now mcdonald's is trying a new type of fry and what it is and where to find it. ♪ [music]
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visit to learn more. >> after rolling out 9 all day breakfast menu mcdonald's is testing out sweet potato fries. only in texas. there is no plan to roll them out nationwide but they are waiting for feedback from
2:00 pm
customers. >> i am so excited. all day breakfast. then the sweet potato fries. see you across the street. >> we will wait for news conference coming up on the crash in oklahoma. >> on the buzz beater this sunday, hillary clinton grilled about benghazi and largely procedure trade as a partisan exercise. >> lead in the day so far is hillary clinton repeat through offers false or misleading testimony and journalists yawn. >> you have to go back to joe mccarthy to find a process as abusive in a congressional hearing as this. >> why are so many news outlets saying she emerged unscathed and many insist the new evidence was damaging? >> most of the media were saying joe biden seemed about to jump in tohe


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