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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> i am so excited. all day breakfast. then the sweet potato fries. see you across the street. >> we will wait for news conference coming up on the crash in oklahoma. >> on the buzz beater this sunday, hillary clinton grilled about benghazi and largely procedure trade as a partisan exercise. >> lead in the day so far is hillary clinton repeat through offers false or misleading testimony and journalists yawn. >> you have to go back to joe mccarthy to find a process as abusive in a congressional hearing as this. >> why are so many news outlets saying she emerged unscathed and many insist the new evidence was damaging? >> most of the media were saying joe biden seemed about to jump in to the 2016 race...
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>> joe biden's decision, i think the announcement will come together. our a joe biden will get in tomorrow or tuesday. i am confident. >> the vice president said he is out. how are so many so wrong so often? >> donald trump keeping subjecting in the polls. the media establishment finally, acknowledging the obvious: he could well win the republican nomination. or more. >> i know all of us just dismissed donald trump early. i am going to believe he could be elected president of the united states. >> why have the pundits spent so many months in denial? this is "media buzz." >> the media narrative when the house benghazi hearings began was the investigation had
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already been tainted by partisanship. it surfaced repeatedly as republican lawmakers grilled hillary clinton. hillary clinton pushed back with the help of democrats playing defense. >> madam secretary i understand there are people, frankly, both party whose have suggested this investigation is about you. let me assure you, it is not. >> they set up this select committee with no rules, no deadline, and an unlimited budget. they set them loose, madam secretary, because you are running for president. >> if there is no evidence for a video inspired protest, where did the false narrative start? >> it started with you, madam secretary. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. or should have been done. >> much of the coverage seemed
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to favor hillary clinton although not on fox. >> she sounded like a real human being trying to save someone who worked for her over there in benghazi in a very dangerous situation. i don't think it hurt her. >> a very bad day for gowdy and the republicans. >> frankly, republicans were trying to throw egg they had at her but it was a very good day for her. >> she doesn't believe it was about a video because she is covering up what we were not supposed to her. >> there was a smoking gun. >> bombshell. >> a bombshell. it impacts hillary clinton. >> joining us to examine the coverage and the impact, mercedes schlapp political consultant and former spokesperson for george w. bush, and kirsten powers and susan ferrechio, chief congressional count for the "washington examiner." the mainstream media this was a
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flop. there was no smoking gun. some conservatives see it differently. did hillary clinton emerge unscathed? >> i don't think the media is right. they used the word "unscathed," repeatedly but i was looking at hours and hours worth of the hearing and the fact is she brought up the new questions. there were 600 security requests. she said, well, no one came to me with the security asks. so they was a passive observer? >> so the media --. >> they covered move of the caucus demeanor and the fact she did not have the explosive emotional moment as she did in ja giving her kudos for that but i do not think they are right. >> some of the coverage on fox said the hearings proved she was a liar and there were bombshells but the mainstream media saw positive mostly old news. >> one said it was a marathon hearing according to buy ron
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york, and was a benghazi buzz. >> it did not accomplish much. >> and mike huckabee said the same thing, it was a net win for hillary clinton so i really do believe that the people who did not see this as hillary clinton performing well, (a), and the republicans performing badly. it wasn't just that hillary clinton performed well but they performed badly, are people who just hate hillary clinton. i don't think -- they are incapable of seeing what is in front of them that republicans had -- the obsession with plumb that with the blumenthal e-mails is pathetic. i am sympathetic we need to investigate benghazi. i am not say it is not important but they blew it. >> they the conservative talk show host whose said, really,
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looking at the fact it was not about her emotional status but she told her family one thing and the generation president one thing, it was about a real attack, not the video and she told the american people another thing was something they spoke about on talk radio, the conservative side so it was more divided. >> and byron york said that happened but this is old news to people. >> why think it is. >> i don't think there are that many who think in want mislead that happened around benghazi attack. >> do we need seven hearings to establish that? >> my take on the e-mail is that, indeed, it was significant revelation she was e-mailing her family nature was a terrorist attack but we have known the
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initial comments were misleading. >> susan ferrechio do you think that going into the hearing, the media had a mindset that ends were going to try to sabotage her and the democrats would defend her so it was a partisan exercise. >> unfortunately, yes. she was secretary at time we lost a united states ambassador and three people on her watch. so little attention was paid to her role in this, her responsibility, what kind of leader she would make, she is running for president, and all of that was on back bumper but we were focusing on her demeanor and the politics and focusing on the democrats on this side, the republicans on this side. but, our role as the media, is to hold leaders accountable and that is what the hearing was supposed to do. it got lost. >> if you have a hearing with a witness who happens to be the democratic frontrunner and the last time she testified she got
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testy and this time she took a lot of the questions and looked bored and some of the republicans were seen by some as being openly hostile, congressional hearings are theater, isn't that part of the story? >> it became the dominent theme of the story and what happens is the politics overtakes so much of the substance and there was, what you mentioned, about the memo and she is telling one story about there being a terrorist attack and having susan rice talk about it being a video on the air. that is significant. the media --. >> it is incredibly significant. that will be covered along through the general election. >> it seems to me if you look at the coverage the next day when you have headlines like "hillary clinton's best week yet," with biden not getting into the race this is a consensus and maybe it is wrong that this was -- she took the worst the republicans had to throw and there wasn't the kind of revelation that
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would remain in the news for the next seven days. >> right. i watched every minute of it and i does not -- her demeanor, fine, that is not the main issue. the main issue is for 11 hours she was grilled and what they came up with, the smoking gun, is something we already knew. >> but --. >> it is a layer. do you have to get to this point i have someone interested in what happened at benghazi and i knew a lot of other questions that could have been asked. >> i don't thing they did a good job. i am thinking, wait, 11 hours to get this? i am starting to say, what is the point of this? i think there was a lie expectation surrounding the benghazi hearing from the beginning and i think the media was say how will she perform? will she survive? >> she --. >> she would have --.
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>> she did not give them anything. >> another important thing is they really in my mind showed this is really a political issue. >> no, it is part of the process >> the obsessiveness about blumenthal and they will not release all of the scripts and e-mails, it is back to the 90s kind of stuff. you feel like --. >> but the washington insiders --. >> like watching what happened to bill clinton. >> and a lot of people are wondering, though. the weapon were weapon said 5 -- washington post/abc news poll said 53 percent thing she is hide something. >> it is a problem of trust and i don't think the hearing helped her. if you want to play politics each can take parts of the individual joe use it forward to
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embarrass the republicans or hillary clinton and put her question -- trust to question. >> was this a good day for hillary clinton? according to the coverage. >> the coverage missed the point. it is about her leadership skills. it was last in the 11 hours of political bickering. >> fox news took seven hours and then broke away and cbs and cnbc took 11 hours. when she had a coughing fit because she got hoarse some would feel sympathy. >> that is playing into the role. everyone, again, was looking for that moment where hillary clinton would crack and she does not. the media primarily focused on that. with that being said we go back to the point that it is that she comes across as being a passive observer as a leader where she missed the ball and the media
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failed to capture that. benghazi fatigue or more benghazi obsession or does it depend where you lie? >> fatigue, for sure, i don't think it established she was passive leader but it established there are things that need to be revamped. >> but --. >> she does not ignore the security requests. >> well, wait, it did not come to her. >> the hearing shows she created an atmosphere where she did not get direct information but let others make the decision. >> i have to run. >> that is not how a secretary of state usually operates. thin could have been changed. >> this is typical that congressional hearings these days democrats goes after the other party when they are in
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power as happened with george bush. >> mainstream media loved paul ryan and the reluctant bid for speaker but some conservative commentators, not so were. >> stay tuned.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> under pressure paul ryan announced that most of the hard-line freedom caucus is backing him. on the right, red states saying ryan has friends in the media making him their pet chihuahua. >> the petulance and list of
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demands demonstrates clearly, paul ryan should not be speaker of the house. >> the media casting him as a solve evidence conservative and the most reasonable choice. >> paul ryan could be able to be elected but he would be a fool to take the job because the house of representatives republican caucus is essentially ungovernable because of a rough group of backbench members. >> i would everyone in the house of representatives, all the republicans in the house, to unite and back paul ryan because it is not him, who? >> susan ferrechio most mainstream journalists see him as dedicated and hard working and grown up and he should be speaker. true? >> even business krystal called him as good as the republican conservatives can get. on the far right you have the
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drudge report and talk radio, and i am glad you put that laura ingraham clip. >> conservative talk radio does not like him. >> they think he is john boehner 2.0 and will bring about mass amnesty of illegal immigrants and there is a dividing line in the media on paul ryan. you get the picture, the republicans like him but on the radio it said they hate paul ryan because there is a divide in the media when it comes to republican party and on the talk radio right they have taken on the g.o.p. leadership and each night they are on the air and condemn them and would like someone that is a lot more conservative. they do not have that person yet so you will hear more complaints if he becomes speaker. >> how much impact does the conservative talk radio wing of the conservative media have with other conservative commentators like those you mentioned saying
2:19 pm
paul ryan is the best choice given the situation where no one can put together a majority of g.o.p.? >> it is a game changing impact. headquarter a ingram took on eric cantor in the virginia district race. >> no one else would. >> and she got dave brad elected and that is where eric cantor is not speaker of the house. and mark meadows, freedom caucus member put the initial resolution on the house near to try to out speaker bay summer and drove him out pushed by mark levin, very popular with seven million listeners, they give these guy as platform for their conservative angst and it helps. it helps. >> i like that ryan's line saying he is not giving up the family time on weekends to go around and raise money if he took that job and some have criticized him for not backing paid family leave but how would the media react if a congressman
2:20 pm
said i am not sure i want to be speaker. >> easy answer, any woman for speaker would not daresay that. they wrote not ever. women feel the pressure to not admit they have a fame or need a family. and ryan, i am glad he did it, it could pave the women for women to admit more they need more family time but you are right, totally different circumstance if it was a woman. >> and for dads to talk about it in public. >> susan ferrechio thank you. a hard look at an embarrassing journalistic fair, everyone implying that vice president biden was running for president. and most who are covering hillary clinton are female journalists. is that a problem?
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>> many of the national reporters covering hillary clinton's campaign are women, 18 of them.
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sometimes they sympathize and could seem maternal and some avoided writing about her appearance because slow is a women. it did not sit well with rush limbaugh. >> if you wonder why the hillary news coverage is the way it is, look at that picture, the news is made up of many facets but men cannot be fair to women, not that they three to be unfair but they can't fully relate. >> the thing is hillary has had chilly tense relations with the press corps and andrea mitchell gave her a hard time. >> you said using your personal e-mail was not the best choice and you take responsibility. are you sorry? >> well, people do not trust your answers. i know this poll, republicans and democrats, but the first words that came to mind when
2:25 pm
asked, were liar, untrustworthy, crooked. how does that make you feel. >> it doesn't make me feel good. >> reporters from the "washington post" and the "new york times" are hardly soft on hillary clinton but the fact is, far more political reporters are women since the boys on the bus was published in the 1970's. it reminds me how many black journalists were assigned to jesse jackson's first candidate but a black journalist wounded him when he recorded that he called new york city "himey "himey-town." liberals on the media piling on george w. bush after donald trump used 9/11 against his brother. >> the media kept saying that vice president biden was going
2:26 pm
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you got this. >> the media drumbeat that vice president biden could, would, should get into the presidential race built all summer but they pulled back after the strong debate performance of hillary clinton. >> if he was waiting to get into the race he did not find it last night. >> today we are talking about her performance and not the huge vacuum that needs to be filled by a white knight like joe biden. >> it became deafening as more journalists were positive that vice president biden was certain to get in. >> talked to several people who say that in phone calls and private meetings he has indicated he wants to get in; likely to get in but he will not be rushed. in one phone call i am told very recently he said i get in but over the next month. >> talking to democratic sources today, there are several in this
2:30 pm
town who are very, very confident that vice president biden is going to make that decision this week and there is a good feeling he is going to run. >> joe biden will get in, i am confident, tomorrow or tuesday. >> i believe we are out of town, the time necessary to mount a inning campaign for the nomination. >> getting in tomorrow or tuesday. >> wasn't this display of "we know what is going on," kind of embarrassing. >> it was embarrassing. i cannot speak to sources, if biden people were telling reporters misleading them, we would have to ask, why are they doing that? i just ed henry and he is speaking to people close to biden and he probably is. i think there was part of people wanting him to get in. there were a lot of people looking for something to shake
2:31 pm
up the race and maybe a little confirmation bias you are looking for it. >> it is everything that is wrong with political journalism, courting unnamed sources. we now know he never got close for we and it was all media b.s. >> you wonder if vice president biden wanted it keep the story alive. >> two, the media's role being the excitement, in idea that vice president biden might be getting into the race any day, and they wanted to write the story and the fact that there are sources that are talking to them but the media really just wanting this race to happen and were waiting. >> sometimes mistakes were on, ed henry said he talked to three sources that biden was likely but not right an and then a banner went up that he was about
2:32 pm
to announce the presidential run but that is not what he reported. what about the notion, i would call it an effort to draft joe biden and you call it confirmation bias. reporters are and were hungry for a more competitive race. >> i believe people were feeding it to them. what could people do in that case if people are being legitimately talking to people that are chose to biden who are saying this, unless we are ifing to say the reporters were making this up, most of the people i talked to also felt that bid were was going to get in. nows many of them felt that he shouldn't get in. but the sense was that he wanted to run, that he was, if he thought he could beat hillary clinton he would, and, look, the idea he was never close to doing it, that is hard for me to believe when you look at the column of maureen dowd column.
2:33 pm
you did not give that to maureen unless you are keeping your options open. >> i believe that is what vice president biden did. >> if you watched him publicly grieving for his son had to know that he wasn't there. >> the vice president was sending mixed messages. you had him going to pennsylvania labor day parade with the youngs. second, he was on late night television where he talked about his son and how devastating theless and that is one of the biggest red flags. he was, like, well, i don't think i am ready. he made the comments that really, if the media who is picked up, they pushed it aside and said we going with our sources. >> i see zero remorse or any sense of embarrassment or we have to figure a way to not do
2:34 pm
it next time. >> they moved on. >> you are hitting on something important that it is to the point where people know they can say things and the off chance they are right, everyone said, look, you were right. if you are wrong, no one cares, just move on. >> speaking of moving on, the republican race and donald trump is still leading in the polls but this were a couple of shows showing him behind ben carson in iowa but a new poll in iowa shows him tied and way other if a couple of states and jeb bush is trying to make it -- rather, defend himself about his brother's role before the 9/11 attacks. >> and the c.i.a. director offered a warning --. >> trump doesn't know what he is talking about, he doesn't know anything about this. there were massive investigations of this, there were hearings. >> is it fair for the media to press jeb bush about 9/11 because of his brother, because
2:35 pm
trump attacked his brother? of course, jeb said it was pathetic, but i notice some liberals were happy to say was this the fault of george w. bush his fault? >> why think he should be accountable for his brother anymore than i am accountable for my brother. wonderful people but we see the world very differently and offer it differently and we have different professions. they have the same profession in this case but he is not responsible. the original thing he should be asked, is what they other republican would be asked. it is fair if donald trump attacked george bush, you would want to know, do you agree with this? that is fair. >> both the clinton and bush administration bear some responsibility for not being fully prepared but is there a double standard? if it is fair for the media to talk about the challenging of hillary clinton on preparedness in benghazi, in the first segment, isn't it also fair to challenge george bush and by
2:36 pm
extension, jeb bush about 9/11? >> i think it sun fair. >> both? you do it one way or the other. the fact that in the case of hillary clinton why are they asking about her husband's intelligence failure before 9/11 the fact that jeb bush has to become the spokesperson for his person, that is completely unfair. >> in a way you say hillary clinton is not put on-the-spot. >> it is a long campaign. thank you very much for dropping by. ahead on "media buzz," talk to a silicon valley journalist who worked so hard she ended up in the hospital. >> the pundits who minimized we donald trump as a side show are having to admit they are wrong. what took them so long?
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the >> spent much of the year mocking or minimizing donald trump, first a side show, then a summer fling and then with calls by cnn and washington post/abc news poll and number "wall street journal" all showing with a bigger lead, the media now are saying what they recorded as unthinkable. >> the republican establishment for the first time saying off the record, this guy could win. why hear anyone say he can't. >> this is someone with a head of family and could be
2:41 pm
impossible to stop with the republican electorate. the nomination now is something everyone has to say is >> the longer that donald trump continues to remain on top, to be more of a viable candidate he seems to be. >> joining us, matt lewis with "the week," and in new york, keli goff. >> are you will to admit you are wrong and seek mercy in the court of public opinion? >> i would wrong but i was --. i was wrong. i was wrong. people make wild predictions and responsible commentators base their prediction, their analysis on history and experience and the truth is any other cycle donald trump would have been a joke but what we are spenting right now is we underestimated how frustrated and desperate republican voters are right now and he is a vessel for the frustration. he is strong. that is what they are look for.
2:42 pm
>> keli why are so many journalists on the right ridiculed or totaling underestimated donald trump in the cycle? >> we talked about this before, the idea of who comprises most press outlets and it is the washington, dc, new york, beltway dinner party crowd. a lot of us talk to each other and because we talk to each other what is the famous line, i can't believe walter mondale lost so badly, everyone i know voted for him. >> it was from "the new yorker," and gorge mcgovern. >> but where i am going, the idea we could have talked to each other and there is an echo chamber so people are surprised that donald trump is tapping into something that those from the south are not surprised by. a lost angry people are thinning the country has changed too
2:43 pm
rapidly whether it is race, immigration, lgbt rights but if you talk to those americans do you not find the surge that surprising. >> there is a media echo chamber we should agency. >> you said on the program in august that media see donald trump as a clown and demagogs are popular. >> i stand by that. >> does your personal distaste for his style and his positions or color your judgment? >> whether i like him or not i try not to let that cloud my judgment but i do thing that keli talked about the world changing. part of ma has changed is helping donald trump and the celebrity-ness of politics is helping donald trump and the fact we cover news as entertainment and the fact that people used to value things like humility and now we like the
2:44 pm
braggart. >> keli, it is fine to criticize donald trump and question his policies and how were he has changed which he has acknowledged but so many sundays i have had someone here and they said clearly he is done, he said this, he will implode and it does not happen. >> no, it doesn't. look, the reality is setting in that donald trump is more of a viable candidate than many predicted. i don't think a lot of people are predicting he will win. the prediction where it has shifted is that he is now going to be the pat buchanan of the election cycle which as you recall occupied a significant place in both of the campaigns he ran in 1992 and 1996. that is where the conversation should start shifting which is the mainstream candidate, no republican candidate has won without the support of that family voters, but the conversation has to shift in terms of the voters he is
2:45 pm
tapping into. >> of course, donald trump has a lot more personal money that pat buchanan when he ran in 1992 and 1996. >> and we could say that ben carson was underestimated, clear number two to donald trump nationally and put out a fundraising letter and he has been getting into it with the media open many segments we thing are controversy and said he is under attack every word is twisted and spun and blatant lies have been told about what i believe. it is not unusual for candidates to mix it up with the press but that is sharp language. >> fundraising is incendiary and it goes back to agnew and nixon and beating up others. this is a try asked true technique. ben carson said crazy stuff and
2:46 pm
when we show what he says that is controversial. >> you say "crazy," stuff but before you jump in, another part of this ben carson fund raising, as a black republican, i don't think in the traditional mold and i am a threat to the liberal order because of the color of my skin i am supposed to think a certain way, sorry, that is racist. ben carson accident talk about race very much. >> he talk about his background. this is a very smart move because something i have written about but it has not been covered before president obama ran there was a growing number of black registered independents, particularly among young people and we -- what is part is ben carson could tap into the growing number of younger agent can americans who are not as party loyal as their parents or parent and grandparents so to tap into this
2:47 pm
it is a two-for in terms of money and coverage. he can get the diversifying as the republicans talk about and speaks the language of a lot of white voters who are sick of hearing the race card in their eyes. >> well, african americans are not automatically democrats. >> sarah lacy is a work aalcoholic and it turned out to be very dangerous when work and family get way out of whack. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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>> sarah lacy has been working hard, way too hard, she wound up in the hospital and has been struggling to balance family and an insane job and joins us now from san francisco. sarah, you moved panda to subscription model and do not have money in the bang and you wrote about this episode "i was drowning in the manifestation of my own stress and overworked and exhaustion, and a formula that demanded more and more and better stories." what happened to you personally? >> it was rough. we switched to a medical like you said and the trap i fell into, i was good about thinking long term with the business but i noticed the more we wrote great stuff the more subscribers we would get and entrepreneurs crave a sense of control because so were is not in your control when you build a company particularly a media company and it was a metric i could control. it was something i could do that
2:52 pm
every day got us a step closer to being profitable and i have been in a four year slog to get there and i got in the hospital in pneumonia in three-quarters of my young. >> you have the pressures of being an entrepreneur but you have two young kids so is it evident that you let your life get out of control? definitely. i felt like my kids main me a better entrepreneur because they did force me to have some balance and i don't really open my laptop on the weekends and i am a summer between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 people every night and in the morning. but what was happening, i was beginning back to work after putting the kids down and working until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and get up at 6:00 or 7:00 to make lunch and breakfast and when you get pneumonia, they said when i got out of the hospital, it feels like a hike to walk to the bathroom, imagine
2:53 pm
doing that with a fur-year-old. september set us back. >> you cannot put the kids on hold. so many parents can relate to the struggle between work and family. is this endemic to the technology world, google opening up free food so they stay in the office more or would it happen to any business? there are entrepreneurs all over the country who are building small businesses who work way too hard and live this stress but in silicon valley there are two things that make this false reality, a lot of young people and the watch choiceness, bro sense, i'm crushin' it and work all might and the culture is toxic. that is why people liked working for me because i have two kids and 40-year-old woman i don't have that culture. also, the obsession with metrics if you look at it too look you look short-term and then you
2:54 pm
lose sight. >> so glad you made it through the segment. stay well. thanks for sharing with us. >> still to come, your top tweets, chris path uses filibusters his guest and anchors who talk trash. d driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it!
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is .
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>> all anchors have to interrupt the guests on some times, for chris matthews it is an art form. i looked at a recent show when he asked questions of his female guests. >> i am --. >> wait, so --. >> decided. undecided. >> so you --. >> i do not --. of course not. of course not. >> he does not --. >> well, wait, that moment they talked about accident.
2:58 pm
>> hillary clinton would not concede a point to the opponent, she is a fighter. >> both --. >> would hillary clinton have done that? >> on the hones of a dilemma? never seen that. >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> chris asks a question and answers it and asks you to comment on his answer. the top tweets, coverage of benghazi hearings been fair? absolutely not, worse, it is as if they anoped hillary clinton queen. jeff, they are cheering that she whooped the panel but they are clowns, you cry about the media a lot. >> republicans can not accept hillary clinton came out the win after a lengthy witch hunt. >> another says they have showed they are incapable of identifying a pathological liar. >> the key figures in t news are the producer whose get in your ear and john oliver's show observed sometimes sometimes ths
2:59 pm
tension between the two. >> people on television [ blank ] about their producers. >> my producer said it was necessary to put this in here. but, really, it is terrible. >> my producer cannot fit into this dress. >> i wantw the cartoons but our producer would not let us. >> i did not write this or choose it, it is our producer. >> my produce are said i have to go. >> my producer wrapped in my ear. >> my producerrer said we have to talk about this. >> you are not listening to me. that is it for "media buzz," and we hope you "like," our facebook page where we post a lot of count -- content. we are back here next sunday at
3:00 pm
11 o'clock and 5:00 p.m., e-mail me. see you next sunday with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace. ben carson subjects in iowa taking the frontrunner's spot from donald trump. >> a lot of people in the country realize we are in critical condition. >> we will sit down with the g.o.p. presidential candidate. we will discuss the latest surprise in the year of the outsider. >> it was the most dramatic moments of hillary clinton's testimony on benghazi. >> you tell the american people one thing and you tell director family an expirely different story. >> if you look at the statement i made i clearly said it was an attack. >> calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. of course it was an attack.


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