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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 26, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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been promoted to commander. he was off duty and not wearing a uniform as he drove through the neighborhoods to visit his father. a bullet pierced the car hitting him in the neck. the bullet believed to be 2350ired from2350ir fired from a passing suv. the officer remains in critical condition. he has spoken out at police at countless rallies across the country and now reverend al sharpton is trying to unite new york city. the family of randolph holder reportedly asked sharp ton to speak at his funeral wednesday this as the gun believed to be the murder weapon is fished out of the east river. tyrone power tossed it into the water after shooting officer holder in cold blood. it is now being tested for fingerprints and for dna. new overnight, at least five people are dead after a whale watching boat sinks off the
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canadian coast of vancouver. 27 people on board have been rescued but the search continues for one more person. canada transportation safety board planning to send investigators to the scene later today. and new video just in showing the air strike that destroyed an isis prison, this on the heels of the helmet cam video that was released from inside the prison showing a raid by joint u.s. and kurdish soldiers in northern iraq. it's the same raid that killed highly decorated has master sergeant joshua wheeler, he was killed in an operation to rescue more than 70 hostages facing imminent mass execution. the woman accused of killing four people when she plowed into crowds at the oklahoma state homecoming parade about to face a judge and now her lawyers say that she was not trudrunk, she mentally ill. >> the attorney for chambers says she was not even aware of the horrific crash. he says she appeared to be incoherent. and he says he had to tell her
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that she had hit people. police arrested 25-year-old adacia chambers at the scene of the crash. she plowed a car into a crowd of people at the oak came late university homecoming parade killing four people. she's facing second-degree murder charges. police charged her with driving under the influence, as well. but her attorney tony coleman says chambers was not even coherent when he spoke to her. >> it didn't appear to be the smell of alcohol coming from her body. her behavior was not consistent with someone who was coming off of a drunken stuper. so i'm comfortable with ruling out alcohol. >> what he's not ruling out, coleman claims chambers has history of mental illness. >> there had been warning signs coming from miss chambers for quite some time for the past few years to say the very least. there has been a pattern of behavior that probably should have been diagnosed and possibly
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treated long before yesterday. >> meantime a vigil was held for the victims last night. people are leaving teddy bears and candles at the scene and notes urging everyone to stay strong. >> it's been a crazy 24 hours. but the ou medical center really has helped out. >> it is still a very emotional scene at oklahoma say the university and the surrounding community. chambers is k s ku s is schedul her first court appearance today. remnants of hurricane patric patricia, thousands left in the dark in louisiana while parts of texas are under 20 inches of water. dan springer is live in houston with the latest. >> reporter: the rain has stopped thankfully here in houston. it's soggy, though.
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but this wih w this weekend's st turn out a bad as everyone thought. no injuries or deaths reported, so they really dodged a bullet. there was plenty of rain, though, over saturday and into sunday hofrmorning. 6 to 9 inches fell in houston. the fire department received 28 calls for water rescues. down along the gulf coast in galveston, they got hit with a one-two punch. first the rain and then the strong winds. 40-mile-an-hour winds caused heavy surf and grounded a freight tanker there. two tugboats are still working to free it. and the storm also caused flooding in louisiana, streets and parking lots turned into lakes there, cars disabled. but there, too, the weather is improving. we're expecting to have a dry day today and for much of this week, so they will clean up all
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the debris, but the good news is that the rain stayed mainly to the south and east in the gulf coast. we got plenty of rain, but it was spread over a long period of time unlike the storm that will hit here in may which killed 21 people. this was spread out, the city handled it. back to you. >> thanks, dan. and there is more extreme weather in the forecast for millions of you guys. >> and maria is tracking what is happening. >> and we're expecting more heavy rain and even the possibility of some severe storms with the storm system as it accused on the move. and taking a look at the radar, you can see how widespread it really is. it's in mississippi, alabama and even up into energeorgia, easte texas, as well. it will continue to produce heavy rain. so because of the concern for additional flash flooding, a number of watches already into
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effect. a warning to the northeast of houston. timing with the storm system, it will continue to move east and north and spread that rain northward. you can see across parts of kentucky and also southern indiana. by tuesday afternoon, we'll be seeing that heavy rain and as well across parts of the mid-atlantic tuesday into wednesday. and across portions of the northeast, you'll feel the impacts, as well, as we head into thursday. so several more days of tracking the storm system and taking a look at the forecast total, quite heavy in some areas, as much as of inches in the florida panhandle. so that will be something to watch the next few days. temperature-wise this morning, you're on the chilly side in cleveland, 37. and by the way, across parts of the central plains, we're waking up to frost advisories. temperatures there ranging from the 30s thinto the 40s. donald trump and ben carson's back and forth continues just days before the
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third gop debate. so let's get right to kristin fisher with the latest for us. >> the gloves are off now that ben carson is beating donald trump in iowa. trump is still ahead nationally, but two polls show carson ahead of trump in iowa by at least eight points. and he's also ahead with evangelicals, one of the key voting blocs in the state. over the weekend, we heard something knew from trump at a rally in florida. not the only did he start attacking carson on issues like trade and immigration, but he also started questioning carson's faith. carson is a 7th day a sven test and trump said he didn't know what that was. carson told trump to apologize, but yesterday on a sunday show, trump refused saying he never attacked carson's religion. >> i didn't say anything bad about it, i just don't know about it. i would certainly give an apology if i said something pad about it, but i didn't. all i said was i didn't know about it. >> trump also started using the
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same line of the tack once reserved for jeb bush, calling carson a low energy candidate. carson simply refused to engage and he explained why. >> i really refuse to get into the mud pits. you know, hillary actually was right when she said that republicans are there trying to destroy each other. i really think that was a huge mistake in the last cycle. and i'm certainly not going to get into that no matter what anybody says. >> we'll see if perhaps that changes later this week because wednesday is the third gop debate and of course donald trump and ben can sorson will b be there. joe biden opening up about why he decided not to run for president. the bottom the line, he said he could not win. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that got our supporters deserved, i would
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have gone ahead and done it. >> the vice president saying he wouldn't have entered the race just to stop democratic front runner hillary clinton. instead he would have entered if he thought he could have done a better job than anything else. and he wants to continue to having a voice in party affairs and he will speak up whenever he wishes. another football sunday now in the books. tom prabrady completing the patriots over the jets. he completed 14 of 17 passes in the fourth quarter to come back and give new england a two game lead over the jets in the afc east. and the giants were too much for the cowboys to handle. they beat dallas 27-20. and panthers holding off the eagles, 27-16 to remain undefeated this year. they improved to a 6-0 record for the first time in the franchise history. they are now one of five
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unbeaten teams remaining in the nfl. go panthers. well, the world series wager is on. a friendly little bet. if the mets win x governor nixon has to wear a mets jersey for a pull day of work and if kansas city wins, governor cuomo will wear a royals jersey. game one is tomorrow in kansas city. we'll all be watching that. >> yes, we will. it's 10 after the to which of t top of the house. a house engulfed in flame, we'll tell you how a woman made it out. and eye on the money. brand new technology being unveiled that will let you use an atm card without a card. and just call him jimmy fallen. the comedian's latest injury and it's caught on camera. it wouldn't make sense if you turned on something in one room
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. a search under way for the gunman who shot a student at north carolina central university. the school urged students to seek shelter away from gun fire. one student was shot in the leg. that student hospitalized but expected to be okay. and incredible images of a home up in flames and inside a woman trapped. an explosion sent flames through every window of the two story home in massachusetts. neighbors watching in horror as the whole thing unfolded. >> we noticed that the front door and windows had been blown out probably about 30, 40 feet from the front of the house. >> that homeowner miraculously making it it out unharmed after
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smelling smoke. natural gas could be to blame. today is a day of solidarity as community activists hope people all across new york city will head to police precincts to show their support for officers after a weekend of anti-police protests. robert moses joins you live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this will be a day of solidarity here in new york city after officer randolph holder was so savagely murdered on duty last week. and you can see a memorial here on east harlem. just to the northeast of us here in the middle of the east river, police found a gun that they believe was used to kill officer holder. it was the culmination of an exhaustive five day search. at 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning, a police diver found that begun 20 feet below the surface of the east river in murky and muddy
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waters. officers are now searching for the bullet that was used to kill officer holder. we're expecting confirmation perhaps as early as today that the gun was found yesterday was in fact used to kill officer holder. and tonight both officers and community members alike are expected to stand together outside of precinct houses all across the city to show their support for one another. ainsley, back to you. >> robert, thank you. it is time now to look who is talking. new jersey's governor and presidential candidate chris christie slamming the plaque lives matter movement saying it creates the call to kill officers and that liberal policies are to blame. >> they have been chanting in the streets for murder of police officers and the president hasn't backed up police officers from the minute he's gotten into office. we could sikocould cite instanc instance.
2:17 am
and we should not have sanctuary cities in this country. that type of lawlessness sets a tone. and when liberal mayors like bill tee blaze i don't who are basically tying one hand behind the back of police officers, murder rate up 11%, police officers in new york city being murdered, i will be a president who will back up the police officers because i love the law enforcement officer. so you're headed to the atm and fiddling around if your wallet. keep an eye on for new technology that will cut the need for that card. >> fox business has a preview. lori. >> good morning, ladies. here is something to keep your eye on. city group announcing new technology could that would allow customers to ditch their atm cards and withdraw money with the scan of their eyeball. citi is working with an atm maker to find ways to protect customers from hackers and other kind of fraud. and the latest company mama set to roll off the assembly
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line today, they will be unveiled and starting price $25 $25,700. and the martian took in another 15$15.9 million making number one for the fourth week. goosebumps was number two. bridge of spies rounded out the top three. the highly anticipated steve jobs debuted with an underwhelming $7.3 million putting it 7th overall. hollywood analysts expected the pic about founder of apple to earn upwards of $20 million. and if you paid money to go on vacation and freeze? a new norwegian cruise line escape debuts. it boasts flurries of powdery snow that is supposed to help you chill out. back to you.
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>> thanks, lori. it is 18 after the top of the hour. a major warning for red meat lovers. the big announcement today putting meat in the same category as cigarettes. and an important debate that has raged on for years. are leggings really pants? >> if they're too tight that i can see you got a tattoo on your leg, they're too tight. >> oh, yeah. the woman going viral for laying down the law about those leggings.
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could red meat be just as dangerous as smoking? a major new study out today with a scary new warning for you.
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lisa evers explains. >> reporter: a purchasing eburg is about as american as it gets and so is a good steak. some tout the paleo diet. now a new study that red meat may cause cancer. >> i say that this is not coming out of left field, that people have been following the relationship between diets specifically meat consumption and colon cancer risk, but there has been a long bit of data about this. >> reporter: scientific evidence does not prove a cause and effect between red or processed meat and cancer, says the national beef association. they say billions of dollars have been spent on studies all over the world and no single food has ever been proof proof to cause or cure cancer. >> what we don't know so far is dose and duration. so it's not that all red meat is bad or that's thing a hamburger
2:24 am
will be causing colon cancer. it's how much intake and how much over timea hamburger will be causing colon cancer. it's how much intake and how much over time there may be. and we may have to moderate our con sufrsumption consumption. >> reporter: we took to the streets. >> i'm not a vegetarian, so if it gives me cancer, it will give me cancer. >> i eat healthy and i'm not trying to stay away from red meat. leggings ain't pants. can did you know? a tennessee woman going viral. >> so many people like to use leggings as pants/pants. that's not how they're supposed to be wore. if they're too tight that i can see you for the a tattoo on your leg, they're too tight. they ain't to be wore period. that's called pantyhose, honey. >> jamie letting the world know
2:25 am
her true feelings about those leggings. the woman ranting about how to wear and how not to wear the woman's fall staple. jamie's biggest tips? never wear white leggings. never. >> we agree on that. >> the video already racking up more than 12 million views. your reaction to this one are pouring in. hank says leggings are for women like designer stub he will is for men. it's just not for everyone. and shay says i wear leggings while working out and walking. they're made for it that and that's all they're worn for. and paul says be comfortable and look good in whatever you wear. ainsley, i have to say it really depends on the person and how you wear them. >> wait until you're pregnant. because that's the only thing you'll want to wear. >> you look good in leggings. >> but i wear long sweaters with with them p. >> they aare comfortable. and they can be cute.
2:26 am
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it is monday, october 26. and homecoming heartbreak. new tore about tinformation acc about the driver plowing into a parade. >> i can rule out alcohol. in my opinion, miss chambers suffers from a mental illness. >> the new charges in that deadly crash as the driver heads to court. frontrunner faceoff.
2:30 am
ben carson sonding to donald trump's accusations about his energy level. >> in terms of energy, i'm not sure there is anybody else running who spent 18, 20 hours intently operating on somebody. >> the brand new battle brewing on the campaign trail. and wake up coffee lovers. the new technology that will make sure your morning cup is never cold again. "fox & friends first" continues right now. good morning to you and your family on this monday. >> it is 30 after the hour. murder charges for the woman accused of plowing into crowds at the oklahoma state homecoming parade. she is now just a few hours away from facing a judge as her lawyer unveils her defense that she wasn't drunk, just mentally ill. >> kelly wright is live with with the latest. >> the attorney for the woman who was arrested in connection
2:31 am
to the horrible crash during a home coming parade at oklahoma state university claims his client had not been sleeping for several days, is diabetic but not being treated for that illness, and may have plaqued out before the deadly crash. 25-year-old adacia chambers was arrested at the scene, four people died and 40 more injured. police say she was driving under the influence, but her attorney tony coleman claims chambers was not drunk but mentally ill. >> my dealing with with her lasted the better part of an hour. and during that entire interview, i was not satisfied at all that i was communicating with a competent individual. >> does she have a history of mental illness? >> there is somethere, yes. >> coleman claims chambers does not remember much of the crash but for those who do remember, there is sadness as they leave teddy bear, candles and more at the site of the crash. as they remember the dead.
2:32 am
dr. martin stone was a beloved osu retired professor, his wife bonnie dying with him. 23-year-old in a key take plan car and then 2-year-old nash lucas who died at the hospital, the son of an injured osu employee. >> it's been -- it's been a crazy 24 hours. but the ou medical center really has helped out. >> the emotion ringing throughout stillwater at this hour even now. a memorial service is being planned. meanwhile chambers is scheduled to have her first court hearing today. >> thank you you, kelly. well, now a fox news alert. a gunman on the run after a 24-year-old veteran new orleans police officer is shot. that officer now identified as derrick fricke. he's recently been promoted to commander. he was off duty and not wearing a uniform as he drove an
2:33 am
unmarked police car through the neighborhood of desire, he was visiting his father. well, that's when a pull lbulled the car, fire president a passing suv. the officer remains in critical condition. new overnight, at least five people are dead after a whale watching boat sinks off the canadian coast near vancouver. 21 of the 27 on board have been rescued, but the search continues for one more person. canada's transportation save at theity board planning to send investigators to the scene later take. new video just in showing the air strike that destroyed an isis prison, this coming on the heel s of the helmet cam video that was released from inside the prison showing a raid by joint u.s. and occur dir soldiers in northern iraq. it's the same raid that killed highly dedicated master sergeant joshua wheeler. he was killed in an operation to rescue more than 70 hostages facing imminent mass execution.
2:34 am
torrential rains pounding the gulf region as remnants of hurricane patricia join forces with a powerful second storm. thousands are still in the dark in louisiana while parts of texas are under 20 inches of rain. and maria molina is cracking tre weather for us. >> an incredible amount of rainfall over several days ross texas. we saw flash flooding across parts of that state including areas south of the city of dallas. those were some of the hardest hit areas. but for today, we're continuing to track the storm and you can see on the radar, it's a busy picture across mississippi, louisiana, and even intole alabaa alabama. we continue to see flash flood watches in effect because of the possibility of additional flash flooding. the ground already saturated from the rain and you can see forecast radar is for more rain to continue to come down today. and then it shifts northward into parts of kentucky,
2:35 am
tennessee and also eventually into the mid-atlantic by mid puig. we're expecting as much as 6 inches of rain locally on parts of the gulf coast especially along parts of the florida panhandle and as we head farther north, heavy rain forecast into parts of kentucky with as much as 3 to 4 inches forecast there. temperature-wise across the country, you're a little bit on the chilly side across some areas. in new england and also across cleveland and the great lakes, and this morning you're only looking at those temperatures into the 30s. meanwhile across parts of the plains on the chilly side, as well, kansas city 45 and out there, we have frost advisories in parts of kansas and oklahoma. you'll be waking up to some scraping and dew on the car. well, a fight between the frontrunners. can tdonald trump and ben carso are trading more jabs just days before the third gop debate. kristin fisher is live in
2:36 am
washington. >> donald trump and ben carson used to be quite friendly, about you that changed subpoenas carson started beating trump in iowa. trump still has a big need nationally and in new hampshire, but two polls now show carson ahead of trump in iowa by at least eight points. and he's also ahead with the evangelical voters, one of the key voting blocs in the state. over the weekend, we heard from trump at a rally in florida. first he questioned carson's faith. karstens is a 7th day adventist and trump said he didn't know what that was. he's refusing to poapologize. and trump also went after his stance on trade and immigration. >> ben is extremely weak on illegal immigration. and we need strength in our country. and you can't be weak on illegal immigration. he's for amnesty and i'm for a very strong border. >> trump also started using the
2:37 am
staple line of attack once reserved for jeb bush calling carson a low energy candidate. but so far carson scisn't takin the bait. he's refusing to engaging and he explained why. >> i really refuse to get into the mud pits. hillary actually was right when she said, you know, that the republicans are there trying to destroy each other. i really think that was a huge mistake in the last cycle. and i'm certainly not going to get into that no matter what anybody says. >> but things could really heat up later this week. wednesday is the third gop debate and we're now less than 100 days away from the iowa caucus. >> hard to believe. kristin fisher live for us. thank you. capitol hill bracing for a speaker showdown this week. the house set to vote on wednesday and paul ryan is getting key support ahead of the reacti reaction. >> we think paul has the kind of vision and is the kind of
2:38 am
messenger our party needs to accomplish the things we told the voters we would accomplish. so we're excited about that. supermajority of our members said we think paul ryan is the right guy at the right time to lead our conference. . >> we shall see. ryan needs 218 votes to win the speakership. new jersey governor chris christie was kicked out of amtrak's quiet car. the republican presidential candidate was heading home from new york city and passengers say he was talking too loud on his cellphone, he was asked to move. he did apologize and he made his way to another car. strawberry smoothie in hand. a spokesman says christie didn't realize he was in the quiet car. it's happened to me before. running in the rain for these marines. more than 30,000 people hit the streets of washington, d.c. peting the elements to race in the 40th annual marine corps marathon. marines were wounded in combat and they all participated despite the wheelchairs and artificial limbs proving their
2:39 am
injuries are no match for determination. >> that last 0.2 miles is right uphill. i did it many years ago. >> you're such troopers. the time is now 39 after the hour. a massive manhunt for a criminal accused of shooting multiple cops. where police are searching right now. dangerously close, where a jet flies just feet above a cameraman. and amazing news for one loving and sweet tooth. how to find the best glass to pair with your favorite candy. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?"
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a massive manhunt is under way for this man, accused of shoots at police officers in two
2:43 am
different states. investigators say floyd ray cook opened fire when an officer pulled him over in tennessee. the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest and will be okay, but cook got away. police in kentucky later recognized his car, pulled him over. a man did get out and shot at police before disappearing in to a wooded area. right now police cannot confirm that cook was that shooter. in new york city today, a day of solidarity and support of our police officers. >> you have a murdered police officer, you have folks that are afraid to go out in the neighborhood. >> the the community has to step up and that's what we're working on now. >> so this comes after a weekend of anti-cop protests just days after one of new york's finest was shot and killed. among those in the crowd of protester, quentin darrtarn tee know who complained that cops are too often murders. and the police union is calling for us to boycott the tarn tee
2:44 am
know movies. al sharpton will speak at the funeral of randolph holder. a restaurant holder in indianapolis says customers who come into taste his cajun cuisine will get a discount for a concealed carry permit. pennsylvania ru's was recently robbed at gunpoint and the owner installed tons of security cameras and any customers who show their license to carry gets a 25% off discounts. that's a reward for what he calls responsible gun ownership. and it is your right to snap a selfie in the voting booth. an indiana judge just overturned ale ruling that had banned photos while casting ballots. the aclu filed the suit arguing that the law violated voters' first amendment rights. the law was originally created to crack down on vote are fraud and it carried up to 30 months in prison and $10,000 fine.
2:45 am
of course we all work hard for our money, so we all love a great deal. and now might be the best time to buy some of those big ticket items. >> adam shapiro from fox business joins us with the five things you should buy before black friday. >> good morning. this is not hype, this is this week, prepare to act fast. because the folks at deal say this is actually the week to save big before the black friday frenzy on items like cars. dealers are trying to clear out the last of the 2015 models and this week prices move up on november 1, so that will come with the new 2016 vehicles. patio furniture, prices dropped to their lowest in the month of october as cold weather starts to grip the nation. there won't be much of a discounts or furniture left pie thanksgiving. stores trying to clear out their merchandise at camping stores. and your winter or spring break
2:46 am
vacation may be four months away, but book those now. prices start going up november 1st and this friday discot offers expire at ski resorts and beach resorts. finally hurricane season ends november 1 and cruise lines raise their prices anticipating smooth sailing. so this is a good week to book a future cruise. what did isaac used to do on the love boat? back to you. you can logon to fox finder. smartphones, smart cars, what is next? i love the smart mug. this keeps coffee at the perfect temperature all day and it is controlled by your smart phone. so you can remotely adjust the temperature and even store presets to your favorite drinks. it can be pre-ordered online for $130 but it's not available for six months. well, you you like candy, you love wine some there is a new list outlining perfect
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pairings. the vino, an app, just released this new guide. it says tootsie rolls go really well with dessert wines. snikers goes well with medium reds like a merlot. >> you like candy corn? what will you pair with that? >> probably a zinfandel. extreme weather bringing dangerous downpours dropping up to 2 feet of rain in some spots. we're live this t. in houston. and unexpected delivery. the illegal shipment sent to the wrong address. but first, steve has what is coming up on fox and frfriend. >> coming up, why joe said no. vice president joe biden speaks out on his decision that he decided not to run in 2016 because it really looked like he was about to. and it kind of looks like he
2:48 am
took some shots at hillary. that was just a joke, he said. and donald trump slains why he needs to attack his fellow republican candidates. there is a method to his message. plus the left loves a story of chris christie getting kicked off amtrak's quiet car. but how much of their story is true. not much. we'll set the record straight. and this week, we kick off sleep week on fox and friends. we have the best gadgets and gizmos to help you fall asleep at night. a busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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bombarded by the remnants of
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hurricane patricia, thousands in the dark in louisiana while parts of texas under 20 inches of water. dan springer is live in houston with the latest. dan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're drying out here in texas. the rain has stopped, sh, thankfully and much of the floodwater receded. in fact, almost all of the roads underwater the last couple days have reopened for the monday morning commute. drivers are celebrating around here. the heavy rain was widespread in texas as thunderstorm patricia pushed through mexico and then into the lonestar state. 20 inches of rain fell in navarro county south of dallas. a levee broke there and the rushing water knocked over part of a freight train. rescue crews were pretty busy as people were caught off guard by the rising water. a man and his dog were stuck in their car for four hours. another man in san antonio was walking his dog and was swept by the floodwaters. he survived with minor injuries.
2:53 am
the storm moved into louisiana, caused the same type of damage there. lots of stranded cars and roads flooded. again, the water is receding now. the rain has stopped and all is well here in texas. leah, back to you. >> thanks, dan. the controversial black bear hunt ending after two days. calling it off after 295 bears were killed. the limit, 320 bears. the hunt was supposed to last all week. the controversial bear hunt was the state's first bear hunt in 21 years. the commission hopes that it would help control population and stop an upswing in bear attacks. check this out. incredible video of a plane flying just above a cameraman. whoa. this video shows a jet taking off from princess julianna airport in st. maarten. the belly of the plane and the landing gather hovering above
2:54 am
the photographer's head there. it has one of the shortest runways giving them an up close view of the takeoff and landing. that's a little too close for me. >> who you going to call, leah? >> when it's time to put the halloween decorations up. >> who you going to call? >> ghostbusters! >> you recognize the house. it's an amazing display, another one from the family in riverside, california. more than 8,000 l.e. delights making up this light display to the tune of ray parker, jr.'s ghostbusters. a major warning for red meat lovers. the big announcement today putting meat in the same category as cigarettes. an incredible survival story. where this dog spent months before being reunited with its owner.
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before you leave the house here's what's happening today. the woman accused of killing four people at the oklahoma state homecoming parade is set to face a judge on murder charges. her lawyers claim she is mentally ill, not drunk. the new york city community holding a day of solidarity in support of police officers coming after a weekend of anti-cop protests. reverend al sharpton is set to speak at the funeral of the officer. in the past, he's led protests
2:59 am
against police. let's talk about this. will sharpton speaking at the funeral, help or hurt the relations between cops and communities. log on to "fox and friends first" right after this show. we'll have a live debate. use the #keep talking. red meat, is it as bad as cigarettes. some meats should be classified as carcinogens because they can increase the risk of bowel and other cancers. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. a colorado family is reunited with their dog 60 days after he disappeared in the wild and wilderness. >> the truck pulls up and his head is poking out the window. it was -- i don't know, surreal. i didn't think i'd see him again. >> a microchip helped him get home. pot was delivered to a new jersey house.
3:00 am
the homeowner came home to packages not addressed correctly. they found the professionally packed aught. finally the ugly. jimmy fallon takes a tumble again. he busted a hand after tripping over a woman at a harvard university party. he wasn't hurt too badly. he's doing fine. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is monday, october 26th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. murder charges filed against the woman who plowed her car right fwo into that crowd killing four people, including a 2-year-old boy. her attorney says she wasn't drunk at all. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, now we know why joe said no. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved, i would have gone ahead and done


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