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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll be back here with more in an hour. jenna: we'll make sure we are doing the right timing on that. "outnumbered" starts right now. this is "outnumbered." here with us today harris faulkner, sandra smith. fox business's kennedy and one lucky guy. tony, welcome back. reporter: thank you. reporter: limits get right to it. donald trump maintaining his staying power.
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with less than 100 days before the iowa caucasus voters in iowa view him as their best chance to win if he's nominated. by comparison 6 in 10 said the same for dr. ben carson who like trump has tapped into the wave of anti-establishment anger. bush behind carson at 60%. and marco rubio at 54%. >> i'm being divisive base want to win. i know how to win and that's what i want to do. ultimately if i do win i'll be a great iewn fire for the country. the country is terribly divided
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by a president who don't know how to lead. i will be a great iewn fire. reporter: tony, he's til maintaining his lead and maintaining it in iowa. we just saw a new poll out in iowa. reporter: donald trump is truly for real. there has been an arrogant idea this would be flash the pan. reporter: why was that there? he's so bombastic and outray just it almost feeds the biologic that in a year when we should win the presidency that we should nominate. there is a legit gnat mat concern he's not an authentic conservative through decades of statements. truck, bawrn rubio look to be the most electable.
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the only surprise on the list is jeb bush doing as well as he's doing base has not captured and inspired as much attention as trump or carson. it does not surprise me. reporter: the attributes people are looking for. people want someone with private sector experience. that benefits truck and carson. harris: i this these people are look at the same poms we are look at from associated press. 72% of republican-leaning voters want an outsider. so it's understandable why it might change stone between the two of them because they have to be hyper focused. you mentioned jeb bush. he had a big family meeting with some of the donors at the hilton
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in houston and they are starting to look at the viability of his campaign. no matter how much they love, if they don't click that chad and pull that leafer in your town it doesn't count. reporter: if bush were in the big matchup, his fortunes rise. but there is a big disconnect between what people do. in a place like iowa, i think santorum's iowa win is the reason's still in the race. people want their voices heard now and that will not necessarily translate to electriccability in november. harris: and in person. that's yes ben carson announced he's going to go to iowa once or
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twice a month up until. reporter: electability. we saw an abc poll that said truck was favored because of his leadership, truthfulness and empathy. i thought that's interesting. but that's what people think. reporter: going back to the sound you played in your intro trump saying i'm being decisive because i want to win. he said that's what he's doing. i'm going to be the grate iewn fire. we used to say he's getting away with this. but he's winning with comments like that. also i wanted to point out the negative ratings. trump and bush have the highest negative ratings within the republican party. 36 say the same of trump.
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reporter: trump did a town hall. every time they try to attack him he turns it around. and he's being attacked for take that loan from his father of a million dollars. and he's saying but look what i did with it. it's hard to get rich and stay rich. >> donald trump takes whatever is thrown at him and those it right back. reporter: one presidential candidate who has donald trump look over his shoulder is ben carson. he's rising in the polls neck and neck with trump in iowa. his supporters cite his character, not his positions as the main reason they support him. and they say his low-key
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approach would be good for washington's partisanship. reporter: he's the anti-trump. the left has so abiewsd the country. people are incredibly angry or they are leaning toward donald trump or they are so boning and sad they need a doctor with solid character and a soft bedside manner to make them feel better. but the voters peel so abused and left in -- the voters feel so abused and left in the trash heap. >> i don't know that it would call carson the anti-trump. you made a point that in the republican party there is so much dissatisfaction within our own party within our own leaders, so there they are the same in that they are both
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outsiders and willing to take some bombastic positions. carson talks about he doesn't. a gentleme --a legitimate trumpn still like carson. harris: i believe trump said he's a presbyterian and they traded barbs. i have been asking whose backing have they picked up. the outsider carly fiorina, we haven't heard as much about her. for her style, who would that match up with? reporter: over the weekend there was a piece that said she need a big win in this next debate. they are all looking at really
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the need to have a big win. chris christie, jeb bush, they are done. reporter: carly fiorina has a chance to champion her take on the economy and how to fix it. sometimes with ben carson you wonder if he's got right answer. but you see him thinking and you know he's a brilliant neurosurgeon. you know he has the ability to analyze the situation and come to a smart conclusion. trump is always on the tip of his tongue and he sometimes make the right answer for his supporters. but ben carson you get this different thoughtful approach. >> it's working. if you look at the reason carson's numbers are going up, it's republican women. if you want the compassion, thoughtfulness, softer delivery, and for many women voters that
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does matter. you have someone in carson who fits that bill. harris: i saw a quote from hip where he says he has the ability to dial it back. he can do it if he need to take it down a notch. reporter: i would have thought the republican party would have spent the last three years soul searching. i think you and i had a good laugh over the memo that was supposed to be the autopsy of the rnc. when you have got two outsiders they are not necessarily representing the republican platform. >> if our problem at the republican party is too much diversity that create these kerfuffles versus the unilateral
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socialist views of he single democrat. there is no diversity in the democratic party. >> the way trump put all the candidate on the defensive. he says i'm going to build a wall. they say no you can't. and he says yes i can. reporter: what good is all this diversity and debate if the end result isn't the next president. >> it will lead to a process. it's an uncomfortable time to watch some of these primary conversations when we see the inside of the firing of the tent. but at end of the date die nap i can in this country still favor republicans. reporter: we'll keep talking about this i believe for a long time. police boycotting tarantino for
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harris: you are watching "outnumbered." the new york city police union is calling for a boycott of movies by quentin tarantino because he took part in an anti-police rally over the weekend. he's an award-winning director and he took the mike. he said when i see murderers i don't stand by, i have to call the murderers, murderers. the rally followed the murder of
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a police officer who was murdered after chasing a gang member. tony, as i come out to you i'll talk about the timing of this with tarantino. as for the officer who was killed. he says that's a tragedy, too, but we have to get a rally. >> it's never appropriate to call cops murderers when they risk their lives to protect us. cornell west, the organizer of this. he said this was to show love for the victims' families. how do you show love by calling cops murderers.
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let's not give tarantino too much attention. base's a fool. what commissioner bratton and the f.b.i. director comey has said. if you made a mistake there was the impression or idea, the presumption you made a mistake in good faith. now you are percent cute, prosecuted and completely maligned in the media. whether they want to admit it or not will have an unfortunate chilling effect. sandra: this such a misuse of power. he's using his power to make a statement for everyone. in the act of love and support he's hurting an entire community and hurting the police force and make for a dangerous situation.
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harris: he could potentially make it worse. he made violence humerus in his films. in the context of don't you find it funny. kennedy: he was a scream in "true romance." you know, i can identified with was cornell west was saying. we love these people and want to make sure there are no more victims at the hands of police. and in many communities there is a perception that the police are the enemies. but this rhetoric at the hands of quentin tarantino, not only do it make the cops' lives worse, it exacerbates problems in these community where you can have rational discourse. and some of those preconceived ideas, we are not getting anywhere.
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harris: i want to point out something important. only important in the context of the conversation going on into race baiting in the united states. he was black, this police officer who died. this was a perfect opportunity for people like cornell west saying i know we are all gathered here. but let's start with the community. kennedy andrea: you look at how was gunned down. this was a criminal on the streets let go by a liberal judge here in manhattan and sent to rehab when he should have been in prison. what did she say? "i made a mistake." they ruin cities, they get people killed, not just black police officers with you black men in dangerous neighborhood because the police are out there protecting them.
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black lives matter, just not in democratic cities. you look at the newspaper for my town, new york. police feel like they have targets on their backs. they can't take proactive policing. this protest was disgusting, atrocious timing after this cop was murdered. harris: i see a blowback on social media but there is a hashtag alllivesmatter. ken are's a smart buy, he's adding nothing to this discussion. harris: bernie sanders is on the
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attack, seeming to take aim at hillary clinton. hillary clinton says it's all about sexism. now sanders is downplaying that position. a super pac is speadged cool fresh million on it. i guess you could fake it for that kind of money. attention americans eligible for medicare.
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sandra: bernie sanders is apparently change his tune on hillary clinton. >> let me be clear about the current trade deal that we are debating in congress, the trans-pacific partnership. that agreement is not now nor has it ever been the gold
9:27 am
standard of trade agreements. sandra: sanders' new tone comes after her strong performance at the debate. and materials is defending himself against clinton's after he cue sayings of sexism after he implied clinton was shouting about gun control in the debate. >> i have been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. well, i haven't been shouting, but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it many shouting. but, i won't be silenced and i hope you won't either. how many more people have to die before we take action? sandra: was this a stretch for her to tie the shouting comment from sanders to sexism?
9:28 am
>> it's not unusual to see this but it's unusual to see it done against a fellow democrat. we remember when debbie was perman schultz had her tenureship challenged by the white house. she was prepared to say barack obama was waging an attack on women. hillary clinton seems to be the pied piper. i think bernie and materials saying she shout, that's what they say about women when they are talking tough. i'm surprised she is driving this part of the narrative. kennedy: we all remember the moment at the democratic debate. we are a far cry from that now. they broke you have. harris: it seems like the senator just woifng and realized he might want to be president.
9:29 am
that's a problem for hillary clinton because he is funny an is warm an does have passion. it will be interesting how they go up about each other. kennedy: i think the burn of the sweet takey victory is in his soul. that burn is warm. bernie sanders wants to win. he's excited that with jim webb and lincol -- and lynn can chaf. he wants to see what it's like to be the victor in iowa. harris: does this work for him? andrea: no, i don't know if it's "too late baby."
9:30 am
he should have done this before he decided to high five and body bump or whatever they were doing on the stage. we'll be chest bumming in overtime. they are yuck can it up over national security. a national security breach. that was a huge miss take his. he should have gone negative against hillary. but she'll play the victim like she did in the senate race. carly fiorina can get away with this, but she is waiting for a republican man to screw up and say something to offend her. >> i do agree with your carol king analogy, it's too late for bernie. this is what's driving hillary's numbers down. it's having some sort of ambition that he doesn't care about the american people. her contradictions.
9:31 am
gay rights and a lot of things. that reinforced the neccessary tough characteristics. sandra: they made their voices known. hillary clinton is launching a million dollar project aimed pat softening her image. the videos are from her personal life sharing stories about the democratic candidate. >> hillary clinton knew arkansas needed to work for their children and families. this is who she is. this is what she has been her whole life. kennedy: the video is in response to polling that people don't see hillary as likeable or trustworthy. it coincides with her 68th
9:32 am
birthday. the latest push echoing her evident to play up her role as a mother and grandmother. sandra: wow, that's so commonly. anybody who says anything about her is a sexist fraud. don't let me forget misogyny. this is a group she tried to distance herself from. she said opposition research i never heard those two terms put together. i didn't even know what it was. now a million dollars being dumped into the super pac. kennedy: i thought it was but she is patronizing to them when we talk. >> the problem is not the strategy. i used it many times to introduce candidates to add dimension people don't know about them getting their friends
9:33 am
and others to give these testimonials. mitt romney had opportunity. mitt romney had opportunity. . the american people don't like or trust or relate to hillary clinton. they have highly scripted videos, to produce that she is a great friend i don't think corrects the problem. hillary's best approach. is little bit of it last two weeks, two of the better weeks she had. to be herself. she is a tough, competent, experienced, leader. harris: that brings up my question. how does playing victim and video like this help you when your main attribute is being tough? who is the audience for this video? because she has got huge name recognition. is there some person out there who knows who she is and hasn't made up their mind? >> whoever is reintroducing her needs to be fired. we know her. andrea brought this up a couple
9:34 am
weeks ago before the first debate. she has to be hard. angela merkel doesn't sit there to produce campaign videos of her eating schnitzel. that would be a weird little fetish. the hillary, harder she is, better she does. stop trying to soften it up. that is not authentic. be who orb. sandra: i'm playing other side. are we being more critical because she is woman trying to soften her image? donald trump put his wife and his son on cover of "people" magazine. you can't say that is not softening his image. do all candidates do this? andrea: hillary, i would like to see her much stronger with iran speech she is at her best. with who she is, no-nonsense woman behind the scenes. throat cutting woman who steps on heads of inin to get on top. be that.
9:35 am
what wasn't scripted over the weekend was that appearance with katy perry. grabbed her instagram and posted pictures. that is not an effort to soften her but to make her cool. that is even tougher bridge to cross. >> i agree with that. relatability is hillary clinton's biggest problem. we elect politicians we don't trust or politicians we don't like. relatability is what people value. bush more relatable than kerry. you hid it on the head. saturation with hillary clinton's name i.d. everybody has a opinion about hillary clinton. she is the most well-documented candidate for office in this country ever. so the idea that a million dollars of feel good individual yes, sir will flip these already formed impressions of over 30 years? not going to happen. harris: by the way they put trumps on cover of something i'm looking for fashion. is hillary going to bring that? andrea: is that sexist? harris: they looked good, honey.
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the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ♪ harris: new signs the united states mission inside of syria and iraq is intensifying. this video is capturing the world's attention today. dramatic rescue of hostages held by islamic state army walked out one by one to freedom. defense secretary ash carter says we'll see more of this because of a complicated and fight against isis but he is confident we'll win. the first american killed in the
9:41 am
effort against isis in more than a year we've been at this. asked about his death, secretary carter admitted this is combat but he went on to say that doesn't mean the entire force of u.s. troops inside of iraq is involved in a combat mission right now. why the quantifier? >> well i think the problem is there is this discome for the among the obama administration to admit we are engaged essentially in a war. we're engaged in combat no matter how you want to define it. they view it through a lens mostly political. the decision to keep troops in afghanistan longer than he had planned indicate the reality does set policy finally. the mistake unfortunately was in iraq. if we have the goal of defeating isis these kind of missions and raids have to happen. they have to involve american troops as uncomfortable as that sounds. reality we is much bigger problem right now than some of the things happening within isis and within iraq and syria. we have a regional problem in which, and you heard the term
9:42 am
used, geopolitical dominance has been reasserted by russia with an alliance with tehran. moscow and tehran essentially running the middle east. we have russia and syria fighting against our backed, our sponsored people on the ground of the we essentially have a regional world war of some sort. harris: what is our role in that? >> we have to be the counterforce. by withdrawing -- sandra: fighting russians in syria? >> no, as we've seen time and time again america has the ability to keep stability when we are there as forceful presence. when our allies like jordan, egypt and saudi arabia don't go to moscow to make a deal. they go to washington to make the deal. when is rallies feel we have their back. when our strength deters what happened, deters the kind of actions on behalf of vladmir putin who has totally capitalized on the fact that he knows president palm and his administration don't have that same world view that every american president has had, democrat and republican, sips world war ii, peace through strength is america's best
9:43 am
defense. harris: you know, a big question now though is, if this were republican administration and president who made these types of decisions to stay in and start new wars, where would the criticism come? i would be guessing people would be quite upset. we don't see the masses of left-leaning people in the street arguing the president didn't not keep his problem mess. >> i don't see codepink around. this president will have war as his legacy. joe biden said the legacy will be greatness of iraq. we've seen that talking point scrapped. we've seen iraq fall into the hands of terrorists. it will be virtually impossible to get it back with a president not really committed to this. tony, it could be great to exert america strength. we have leader doesn't think we're strong. he actually called our nation boarish in 2009 speech where he apologized in cairo to the muslim world for things wee have done in the past. doesn't believer in u.s. strength.
9:44 am
doesn't want to exert. downsized the military. pushed through crippling rules of edge gainment. i would like him to watch on netflix, documentaries, i want his finger away from any decision reset making button from russia. i don't want him stumbling into a war with anybody. >> we see what he is doing in afghanistan. he is making that situation so much more dire. i agree with you, it is much more engagement to have one foot in and one foot out when you don't have a cohesive philosophy and you also don't respect the opinions of your military leaders. i think it is incredibly dangerous position to put the country in. harris: one thing you pointed out many times our lack of strategy. we lost somebody really special with this master sergeant. we last so many i don't want to down play any other but the first american lost against isis. 11 bronze stars we lost.
9:45 am
sandra: president says this is consistent with our mission to train and advise iraqi forces unwillingness to call what it is. same thing with terrorist unwilling to call that what it is. how do we call it a strategy when we're not willing to use strong words? harris: president obama says learning is more than filling in a bubble on a test. he now wants to revamp the way our kids are taught in school. are have you heard? the obama administration want to cut the time spent on standardized testing. stay with us. ♪ did you know that good nutrition
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott in what is coming up in second how of "happening now." >> a whale watching boat capsizes off the west coast of canada. five people are dead, one still missing. what caused this tragedy? we'll get into that. russian subs and spy ships too close to comfort? how increased activity by the russian navy near key undersea cables is raising a lot of eyebrows at the pentagon. drenching rain causes flash flooding. where the remnants of hurricane patricia are putting drivers in danger. "happening now." andrea. andrea: thanks, jon. >> the obama administration pushing for a different approach to learning. hmmm.
9:50 am
the president calling for a cap how much class time students spend taking standardized tests of the he is holding a meeting at white house today with school officials to outline the new plan. most states agreed to the common core standards in 2010 but there has been growing criticism that the feds are too involved in what some say should be a state and local decision. the federal bost does not require common core but the administration had backed it with financial incentives. obama saying that the government is partially responsible for making testing so important. >> i also hear from parents who rightly worry about too much testing. and from teachers who feel so much pressure to teach to a test, that it takes the joy out of teaching and learning, both for them and for the students. i want to fix that. >> don't fix it. stay away from it. we've had enough bureaucracy. we have enough meddling. we're seeing unintended consequences but, tony, my
9:51 am
question to you, we're constantly comparing ourselves to civilizations and societies that were not based on capitalism and creativity like we are in the united states. we're just not about memorization. it is about entrepreneurship and keeping spirit of creativity alive. programs like common core kill that. what you you think? >> i think that is a great point. make false comparison with us and chinese and us and indians. these are the not societies a the least based on historically equal opportunity. the education system in this country is equalizer for everybody. it is supposed to provide a chance for a child to become educated, take the education to do something worthwhile with it throughout life. that is not a statistic. that is not number. some will be creative. some will be mechanical. some will be quantitative. they will have lot of different things. european and international systems early on determine a child's worth educationally on test results. smart ones get put on good track
9:52 am
to go to further school. others are put through other things, vocational, which is not bad thing. i don't think we need to determine these things in the fourth grade. that is the problem with things like common core. >> the problem with this we become a nation of good test takers then what? there is no independent thought. when kids get to college, look what is happening on college campuses? they're force fed very narrow ideas and no discourse on college campuses. there is no independent thought. andrea: you talk about this all the time on your show, kennedy we were talking about the break your daughters being in common core. one of our producers were talking back and forth. they spend weeks, these kids to prepare for these tests. 23 hours on average a year. takes weeks, sometimes months to get results back? i agree with you, i was a terrible test taker in school. i'm a little bit smart, right but i couldn't take the tests well. you think about these kids that aren't taking these tests. they're not learning. they're cramming in all the facts.
9:53 am
only reason the president is backpedaling, the unions, teacher unions, his constituency is getting really upset. >> that is absolutely right. sandra: kennedy you've seen the studies that back up that isn't actually the best way to learn. you memorize and forpet. it is hands on, problem solving, analytic way that some teachers are able to teach that you retain most knowledge. i will toot my horn, andrea. i was a good student. i loved school. i could not stand when they were ramping up amount of testing we had, how that took away the fun and creativity of sometimes we experience in the classroom t really does deter and take away from that. >> that love what you're talking about is what i'm concerned about. both my parents taught. so i want that love to be retained for the teachers too. and part of this testing, the problem with it is, the teachers have to turn their back to what they love, their passion, make sure the kids pass these tests because they have to get the kids through and keep their jobs.
9:54 am
very untenable place to put teachers. i don't want them to lose passion in the classroom. >> when they do, students suffer. harris: we suffer as society. >> exactly. >> have you ever called in at sick and you weren't? most of your coworkers know you're a big fat liar and faking it. how many people lie to say they get the day off. it is monday. are you at work? ♪ feel secure in your dentures...
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♪ sandra: cold and flu season. kennedy, i have to throw this one to sandra smith on a monday. >> got so love it. cold and flu season finding 80% of the americans say sometimes they don't believe their coworkers when they call in sick. 57% of workers admit to calling them when they aren't really ill. the top fake excuses, i just don't feel well, along with stomach problems, my grain, sore throat and an issue with the house. wait a minute. kennedy, have you ever called in sick? >> i'm notorious being sent home. i refuse -- i think it's a sign of moral weakness you call when you sick. i have worked with the stomach flu.
9:59 am
>> wow. >> i worked with e.coli. harris: make your coworkers sick. >> i'm infecter monkey. >> move over a little bit. sandra: tony, have you ever called in excuse and what. >> i'm not calling in sick excuse. i will not share my secrets because i might use them again. having worked with andrea on campaigns we come from the play hurt school, right? so no matter what, unless you're pretty much dragged out of the work place you show up. sandra: explains why everybody is sick around here all the time. harris? harris: as a mom i can't do that. i have to get everybody else going, right. i really don't get the opportunity. i will take my vacation time extremely seriously. when i'm bonn, i'm gone, baby. sandra: nobody ever used a sick excuse on the couch, seriously? andrea: two weeks ago, i was weekend at bernies. they had to prop me up.
10:00 am
my dad used to drag me out of the house when i was growing up into the restaurant. i never call in sick. sandra: what about you? >> never. sandra: overtime on the web, click on overtime tab. we're back on tv recall to at noon. "happening now." budget deal. >> we're covering all of the news now. >> after pounding mexico, patricia is on on the move across the u.s. bringing the potential for flash flooding, plus, new video of that daring hostage rescue from an isis prison. eyes on moscow. russia's navy


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