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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 26, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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my dad used to drag me out of the house when i was growing up into the restaurant. i never call in sick. sandra: what about you? >> never. sandra: overtime on the web, click on overtime tab. we're back on tv recall to at noon. "happening now." budget deal. >> we're covering all of the news now. >> after pounding mexico, patricia is on on the move across the u.s. bringing the potential for flash flooding, plus, new video of that daring hostage rescue from an isis prison. eyes on moscow. russia's navy is too close for
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comfort to under sea cables that carry vital u.s. information. it is all "happening now". we begin with presidential candidate donald trump who is going after ben carson on on the campaign trial. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. polls show carson took over the lead for trump in iowa. jeb bush is meeting with two former presidents. his father and brother in houston. we are live in washington with a wrap up. >> the bush campaign and donors from around the country are back in texas. at the time they thought it would be a celebration and getting to the stretch of the first cack cus. and now they are downsizing the campaign for mr. bush.
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he recognizes he needs to get momentum and traction soon. couple of weeks or months of this it would be difficult to have a comeback. he tried to reassure the donors and for a guy who campaigns with joy in his heart, he's getting fed up with the pointless name calling. >> if this election is how we fight to have nothing done. i have a lot of cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable and listening to people demonizing me and elect trump if you want that. >> bush campaign knows that jeb needs a moment and how they get that is depending on trump. trump was complaining about the press and now carson. four polls in iowa that show ben carson is the new front runner
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and trump slipped in second place in double-digits. mr. trump for the second time in the campaign raises questions about ben carson's faith. he said he's not a religious figure in trump's words and talked about his own faith and compared to carson's, watch. >> i am presbyterian. boy, that is down the middle of the road in all fairness. know about? >> i refuse to get in the mud pit. hillary was actually right when she said the republicans are there trying to destroy each other. >> i didn't say anything bad about it. i just don't know about it. i i would give an apology but all i said i don't know about it. >> critics say by admitting he
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is ignorant of 7th day adventist he is trying to create a wedge with born- again christians in iowa comprise 60 percent. and the one difference is 7th day adventist consider saturday the sabbath. that is the discussion now and worth noting when it comes to the evangelical christians. >> it is funny how things work out. carl, thank you very much. >> don would trump saying he will not apologize for his comments or questions about ben carson's faith. we'll talk about it with robert
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costa. jamie weinstein and robert. robert, you just co-authored a piece about donald trump and ben carson and where they came from and sl their similarities? >> right side of the party and had a relationship that moved from cordial and chummy and had dinner together in 2013 and now at odds with each other and dominating the 2016 race. and they are different when it comes to temperament. >> what is it about donald trump that has him going after everybody who seems to threaten his lead. in iowa, ben carson is ahead in the polls. he's now losing in 3 or 4 polls in iowa. trump is leading elsewhere, and
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when he sees himself losing, he fights back. trump said he is a counter puncher. but in this case there was no attack by ben carson and this was a response of bringing up religion and it is trump who is not leading in all of the polls in iowa. >> you are seeing trump trying to find a way to counter carson's roadway. and trump is dancing around the issue of 7th day adventism. trump is merely raising the issue and creating questions and a fresh dilemma. >> you say he's raising the issue and some say he's being critical. here's what trump had to say. >> i apologize. ben carson. ben carson, i thought we had
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trump bringing it up at the podium. but we have dr. carson responding to trump here. >> i really refuse to really get into the mud pit. you know hillary was right when she said the republicans are there trying to destroy each other. i think that was a mistake in the last cycle and i am not going to get into that. >> jamie, does he have a point? republicans are tearing each other apart. >> he has a point. but the largest point of donald trump bringing it up. he was talking about political issues and he brings up ben carson's religion. the idea of him not raising as a point of attack, that is ñi interesting. ben carson might not be in the best position to fire back to
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donald trump considering what ben carson said that faith matters in evaluating presidential candidates, especially a muslim president. i don't know how ben carson said his faith is out of bounds. he believes that you should evaluate their faith. >> trump suggested that carson could be a vice-presidential running mate. is that off of the table be? >> we'll see trump and carson to likely go at it in the recent debate. but donald trump talked about running as a ticket with dr. carson and you can see they have a rapport because they are both outsiders and dominating and controlling the narrative of the contest. >> robert and jamie, thank you
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both. we want to hear from you. we have seen personal crittism lobbed back and forth. is it appropriate? go to and get your thoughts in the conversation. >> a now way to stop the violence in the holy land hitting a road block. the temple site is sacred to both sides in the conflict. under the terms of an agreement announced by secretary of state john kerry. security cameras are supposed to be installed. muslips officials say they are prevented from doing see. >> the kerry plan seems straightforward ñienough. it is a noble sanctuary and to jous the temple mount and reduce the violence and tensions. that's not what is happening. it is adding to the tensions
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that erupted as jewish groups pushed for more access to the compound and enraging the muslims who said that israelis are trying to take over the site. israeli leaders would welcome the kerry deal and increased cooperation in coordination to the groups and palestinian leaders complain that the camera would track the muslims. in today jordanian officials who administer the holy site said israeli officials stopped them from putting cameras in the site. and of course, this is supposed to be a solution to the weeks worth of blood shed we have seen in jerusalem and in the entire region. it is another part of the conflict. a lot needs to be done to reduce
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the tension. that will allow all of the sides to have access to the holy sites. >> connor, thank you. >> video of a rescue in northern iraq. the daring raid on an isis prison and freed dozens of hostages facing skougz. and also took the life of a brave american. >> tragedy at sea. rescue crews searching for a person who is missing after a whale watching boat over turns. a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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can a business be...alive?
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a desperate search underway for a person still missing after a whale- watching boat cap sized off of the coast of canada. five people died. 21 were rescued after it sank.
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the water was calm but the boat sank close to rocks. they don't know why it started to take on water. newly released video on the daring raid that saved cent hostages. it was captured on a body camera. >> master sergeant wheeler was the first service member killed in the fight against isis. his remains returned to the united states over the weekend. wheeler, a highly decorated member of the delta force and husband and father of four. general, beforo get to the
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mission, general keane, you are familiar with the unit that was assisting in the raid. >> they are largely a ground force like seal team six. they are faced out of fort bragg. the selection process to get into this is very, very demanding and psychological evualtions as well. and they are clearly the best of the best we have like the other tier one forces and the pilots are also in that category. we have asked see much of them as a result of 14 years of war. and many of them have stayed with us the whole time and todd wheeler is up in the lead of that with all of the rotations he has done and the sacrifices he and his family made is extraordinary. >> at the same time, we heard
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the debate of who he was killed in combat and the hesitancy from the history not calling it a combat mission. and pentagon officials trying to split hairs on what this was. what do you make of that? >> that is frustrating. it is a distinction is not worth the difference. hostage rescue missions and missions to target or capture or kill a leader which they have done. and we did one in syria, a hostage rescue mention, we were not successful and they were killed. they are combat missions and trying to make a difference out of that we shouldn't do. it is insulting to the people involved. >> and by the way. we want to show more of the
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video and it is released by the kurdish government. it is legitimate and it is part of the raid. general, if we are willing to put boots on the ground and assist, why not put boots on the ground to make sure hostages are not taken in the first place. that is more complicated. >> obviously it is boots on the ground. many of us believe that when the kurdish go out and fight as organizations and units we should have advisers with them and people assisting and calling in air power. that is largely resisted by the administration despite the advice from the military to do just that. we will continue to split the difference. we have trainers and advisors in iraq and not in syria, they are not in a combat role.
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what that does, that policy difference that we continue to hold to, it protracts the war. it drives up the casulties and that's where we will be. it will be a subsequent president that has to do something about it. >> i want to talk about the mission that stands. if we know where the bad guys are, why the hesitancy not to go hit them. we know we have a dozen air strikes in syria, and we don't bomb them with 1200. we do 12 here and there. weñi know where they are. travel areas of pakistan and yet we don't go in there and isis is in mobile and in key areas and we don't a track. >> the president made the decision not to get involved in the ground war. there is much we can do under
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the guide of that decision that would not draw us in a protracted war. you already put your finger on. that is where the enemy goes on the internet. and that is where they recruit and train. they do that hidden in among the people. we could bring special operators in there and know how to do this. larger than this them we being turn this thing upside down on isis. this is their head quarters and we know how to do this. is there risk yes, this is war. but it truly makes a difference. unlikely the president will do anything like that. >> we'll see what the next few weeks brings. >> good to talk to you, jenna. >> the powerful hurricane
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patricia is losing steam, but the threat is not over. parts of the south slammed now by heavy rain and dangerous flash flooding. see when will it let up? and the first florida bear hunting season, the hunters or the hunted? >> i see 2 or 3 or 4 bears and i only see 1 or 2 deer. did you know that good nutrition
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>> relentless rain in texas is finally letting up but there is still a lot of water left behind. some parts of the state getting a foot of the rain since frida good news out of san antonio,
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a man swept away in flood waters was later found alive. the high water derailing a train 50 miles south of dallas as the storm barrels over the gulf coast. janice dean has more. >> this was part and partual because of hurricane patricia. a category 5 storm that made landfall. the moisture pushed up the gulf coast and dumping two foot of rainfall. for the great state of texas. over 20 inches was rain over the weekend for parts of texas and a lot of areas got over a foot of rain. we'll dry out. and tennessee valley we have flood warnings in place.
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moving through mississippi and florida. and an isolated tornado and certainly more flooding for the gulf coast. going through monday, tuesday and wednesday. kind of a slow- moving system pushing over the ohio valley. some cases, we could get 6- 8 isolated amounts of a foot of rainfall for the eastern third of the country. coping a close eye on that. houston, texas dryer weather. but friday and saturday, we'll look for our next system to move through. the good news, we are in drought in texas. however too much of a good thing leads to flooding issues. a lot of 60s on the map here and cold front moving to the northwest. that will bring our next system that brings the potential for more moisture on the weekend,
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back to you. >> stay safe down in the south. thank you. >> update on the story we brought to you on "happening now". the first florida bear hunt is over two days after it began. more black bears were killed during that time. 259 bears were hupted close to the limit of 320. it is a way to curve the black bear population. it faced back lash. but the hunt is no longer. >> this is up in the pandhandle of florida. >> south beach getting a cocktail. different type of hunting down. there it was effective and they had to do the hunt and they got the numbers and move on. >> predator control. >> there you go. much of our economy relies on
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cables criss-crossing underneath the ocean. and now the russian navy is close to the vital connections and what are they up to and why the pentagon is concerned. >> and now hillary clinton is extending the roach in another battleground states. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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vital undersea communication cables. you can see the massive network ofñr cables criss-crossing the oceans. they carry trillions of dollars worth of global business but top the homeland security critical infrastukture. they are worried that the ships and submarines are moving close to them. >> the kent gone is not publicly commenting on the reports. the concern in russian uptake in submarine could cripple the nation's ability to communicate in a war. any attempt to sever the optic cables would leave them blind. it would be a concern if the government tampered with the underground tables.
10:33 am
the aggressive russian naval activity near the routes. commerce is carried out on the cables. and receiptly russian submarine p troll rose 50 percent. and here's how he described russia hybrid warfare. this involves the use of space, cyber information and hybrid warfare and designed to cripple the decision- making cycle of the a liiance at sea. they are disrupting the decision cycles. and the spy ship cruise on the coast of united states enxr to cuba. ñr they have n$lñ seen this kind o russian activity since the cold war. >> vladimar putin flexing his
10:34 am
muscles. >> morgan wrooet is a cyber security analyst. and kathlyn is a fox news military analyst. morgan, when i see stories i don't think about under water cables that are helping me to communicate. how critical are they? >> essentially. back in the '70s when the u.s. discovered where the russia was laying cables. now our global community is built on communication and electronic commerce and public safety and our national and military complex. it is based on the cables. first thing. you go after command and control and first thing you disrupt is communication. it makes you blind and react and no one wants to be in the business of reacting. >> they are less than three
10:35 am
inches think. they are not huge. and some of them 25000 feet under the water and how protected are they? >> they are not. that is the problem. these cables are laid five miles down in some cases and you have throw hundred of these cables in total of varying systems to go around the earth 22 times. the united states is trying to coordinate with the nato alloys. if you were to cut those cables. that fores you out of the secure mode of communication and in the raf spectrum and radio signals can be jammed or compromised and see, the decision- making cycle. all of that is true. and the other thing is, it forces you to communicate in
10:36 am
methods. >> what are the russians up to? >> they are trying to show they are doing a full court press and if anybody wants to take what they are doing lightly, they better reevaluate. they are taking a step should is there be a total war. >> we say it is unlikely. there will not be a world war i ii. maybe be not. but it could be headed in that direction and one side finds out it lost its ability to cordinate and it is in a possession to surrender or lose. >> how do we protect ourselves from the vulnerability? >> we have built an entire eco system around the cables. the russians are not just going after known paths, they are
10:37 am
going after the classified ones to help the military and intelligence community. and if you take the strategy, we know that china and russia are targeting our satellite. there is probably no silver bullet and no answer. we have to be prepared to maintain command and control through's variety of message. and the easier it is for me to disrupt it. and right now. it is recognizance. i am concerned when they take action. >> and we can't help it. all of us are relint on what is going on electronically. and we are relying on as well with the reporting. some cast down and cutting cables isso old fashioned you have a hacker in there and hack us any time. and the cable cutting business is not that big of a deal.
10:38 am
could just a good hacker do the damage that this would cause or is this different? >> it is different. the hacker wouldñi intercept an disrupt the flow of communication. there would be see many of these. if you make cuts in the right places, it would take you years to figure out where they are. a milddisruption could be trillions in economic damage to the united states. >> captain nash, where russia is aligning with cuba and syria and with iran, and of course, no one wants to talk about future war, we hope it doesn't happen. in the meantime, what should we be doing? >> russia may be forcing us to expose communication network. raf spectrum. not only can you read what i am
10:39 am
saying, but the fact that i talk and somebody answers. and you put together the net woshs and who listens when who talks. and if the russians start to put the band back together which it appears to not see much the old soviet but the old imperial russia and they want to be a world power and putin is putting them up there. he's moved back in the middle east and russia is a major exporter of oil and love to have additional control through positive allies in the middle east and southwest aswhy. and they could control the price of oil. >> and captain nash, you used that. >>ro frequency. walkie-talkies and cell phones and you are out in the rf. and it is listened to by
10:40 am
soilthss or -- satellites or spy. >> we are relying on it to talk to you. >> and going through cable, too. >> it is scary and something worth talking about. great to have you you both. >> nice to be with you. >> well, hillary clinton celebrates 68th birthday today. the democratic front runner got an early gift when vice-president biden announced he will not run for president. and two of her oppons dropped out. and now senator bernie sanders is proving a tougher challenge with a hard- hitting strategy. ed henry has more from dc on that. >> reporter: over the weekend bernie sanders unveiled that strategy in a dinner in iowa
10:41 am
that is critical in terms of being a barometer. he wanted to get tougher in showing the contrast between his policies and hillary clinton. she feels right now, when you talk to her top advisors, like she is riding high. she had a good series of events and this field narrowing after the debate performance and feel she is getting ahead of steam. polls in iowa waseem to be turning in her direction and her campaign chairman said they will not rest on their laurels. >> she has the grit and determination to go out and fight for the nomination and every boat and will be doing that. there is no chance that she will rest on 1 or 2 good appearances. >> and now, in terms of that new strategy, bernie sanders said he would not go negative on hillary
10:42 am
clinton. but in des moines, we heard sharpest attacks on hillary clinton. never named her. and it was a big democratic audience. they don't like the idea of attacking but he had a sharp contrast and saying that hillary clinton was centerist in the middle on issues of trade and defense of marriage act and hit her for trying to say she had supported another measure that made it better since she was for the defense of marriage act. here's bernie sanders. >> now, today, some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti- gay law to stop something work. that's not the case. there was a small minority in the house opposed to discriminating against our gay
10:43 am
brothers and sisters and i am proud that i was one of those members. >> remember jefferson, jackson dinner she was a front runner and barak obama lit up the crowd the way bernie sanders. he's putting together a run like barak obama did. but he has a lot of work to do to catch up with clinton. >> then senator obama was a one of a kind candidate. >> no doubt about it. >> paul ryan mounting the campaign for house speaker. if he succeeds, his honeymoone >> and survey about american favorite foods what they found in vegetarian hot dogs and
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>> happy monday. donald trump raising questions about ben carson's religion. when pressed he said he said something wrong. plus, is the tea party sill relevant. there is cause for concern. and see how can they get the mojo back? >> and certain kinds of meat contribute to cancer. we'll break do you know what you need to know before the next trip to the butcher all at the top of the hour. >> small news alert in a small plane crash. >> three people are injured and transported on the hospital.
10:48 am
it is a twin imagine piperna vajo. it is not clear at that point. and fell in west broward county out in the everglades. you can see the trauma groou crewing working to free the passengers. >> wisconsin congressman ryan could take over a big task. our chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel has more. >> it is a difficult job and maybe the toughest job in washington these days. he has smart ideas for handling the challenges ahead. >> paul ryan has conservative solutions. a lot of the guys don't have a policy solution. and see it is difficult i believe to vote against paul
10:49 am
ryan when you don't have a better solution. >> the job of speaker is not only about uniting and guiding republicans, but leading the top representatives. >> this is a decent guy and he knows you cannot function. this government can't function without consensus. and he wants to do that. >> he is expected to be speaker of the house on thursday. he hired a chief of staff that is a long- time congressional aide. and had ties to jack kemp. conservatives say ryan is the right person for this time. >> we think that paul has the kind of vision and messager our party needs to accomplish what the voters were told we would accomplish. >> top congressional sources say
10:50 am
they are close to a two- year budget deal. it would not be surprising that john boehner would not want to get something big and difficult done before retiring in the end of the done before the end of the wean. jen jenna. >> a company an all liealyzed h. they found that 2% of all samples contained human dna and they found human dna in two-thirds of all vegetarian samples. they appear to contain some kind of meat. >> how about the hot dogs on the street corners in new york city. >> oh, no. those are purebred, tested to the nth degree. >> we're going to need to do it. big changes could be coming to your classroom.
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the president wants less standardized testing in schools. they've talked about the proposal changes, arguing for quality over quantity when it comes to the test. rich edson has more. rich? >> reporter: there are conservatives who have testified that there is too much interference and there are organizations and teachers unions saying they're being evaluated solely based on these test results. here's what the administration
10:55 am
is proposing to change. they want the schools to reinvent the tests, cap the amount of time the teachers spend teaching the tests to 2% of the class time per year and they do not want the testing only used for teacher evaluation. the white house says they're simply correcting a flawed system. >> in many indications the tests were redundant, duplicative. we're not empowered parents to help their own children. so that's indefensible. >> these are recommendations. they would still have to pass a bill to have it actually take place, but, of course, school districts could also initiate them as well. jenna, back to you. >> rich, thank you. the governors of new york and new jersey placing their betting. andrew cuomo and jay nixon each
10:56 am
vow to wear the other team's jersey to work if their team loses. they're also sending home state foods to each other like new york city sausages and kansas city barbecue. >> not hot dogs. one is hoping to cast a spell for the cutest costume. the final 30 is next. ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ because you're mine heart health's important... so you may take an omega-3 supplement ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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time for the final 30. >> the nation's largest halloween dog parade. with owners and dogs dressing up. popular costumes include
11:00 am
dinosaurs and, yes, the pope. >> i wonder how the dogs feel about all this. poor things. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. >> thanks very much, guys. new this hour the woman who crashed into a parade crowd. trying out a gun camera in the field. what exactly is it. and where's the beef? a new report says certain kinds of meat can lead to cancer. hi, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson and "the real story kwrt sta" starts rig. donald trump vowing to stay on top of the gop race. he talks about the hard things he faced as a youth. things may not have gone so wall at town hall


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