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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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dinosaurs and, yes, the pope. >> i wonder how the dogs feel about all this. poor things. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. >> thanks very much, guys. new this hour the woman who crashed into a parade crowd. trying out a gun camera in the field. what exactly is it. and where's the beef? a new report says certain kinds of meat can lead to cancer. hi, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson and "the real story kwrt sta" starts rig. donald trump vowing to stay on top of the gop race. he talks about the hard things he faced as a youth. things may not have gone so wall at town hall this morning.
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you be the judge. >> it has not been easy for me. i grew up in brooklyn. my father gave me a million bucks and i had to pay him back with interest. >> a million bucks. i don't know, chris. if you're relating to the average person in america, a million dollar is a heck of a lot of dough. >> my dad paying for my car insurance when i got out of high school was really appreciated. i don't know if i could get to the million dollar mark. donald trump has a hard time. jeb bush's campaign has basically evaporated but donald trump came in as brawler against
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jeb. it's him against ben carson and himself. >> let's look at a snippet where there was a question from the audience about donald trump's political correctness. >> i know a lot of people would vote for you if you would eat a piece of humble pie. do you have any weaknesses? >> i'd like do that but then we'd expose it to putin and everyone else. we don't want to do that. i don't like doing that. i have weaknesses. i don't like exposing them. >> so how did that hit you, chris? >> one of the problems that trump is having in iowa, one of the reasons we've seen is that he's struggling with evangelical christians which is a big part of the state, which is maybe the biggest part of the i lect ivan
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what mr. trump is talking about may be helpful in the board negotiation but when you're trying to gain the confidence of voters, especially christian voters, that's what they want to face. >> looks like marco rubio is over being a senator. he doesn't hate it but hit's pretty frustrated. here he is. >> i'm running for president. i will miss votes but if i miss votes it's because i'm out campaigning on behalf of the future of america. >> so he's really trying to parlay himself as an outsider. will it work? >> it's tough. he has been in politics for a long time. but he knows where the seam is here, and the seam is americans hate congress, not that congress doesn't give him cause and rubio as you say is trying to be an insider as an outsider.
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that's worked pretty well for ted cruz. there's probably some of that lockic for marco rue beau. and another, i think he may really hate being in the senate. time now for when we look at who's up, who's down for the race in the white house. let's look at the republican side. you have ben carson number one um three. carly fee or reny down two at two, donald trump down one at number three and jeb bush down one at number four. do i have that correct? >> no. >> okay. >> the shakeup is that carson erupts -- >> let me correct. so it's not who's actually one, two, three, four. it's people who are moving and shaking this week in your estimation. all right. continue. >> number six goes to number three. ben carson as he continues to
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consolidate the most conservative of the are republicans. they're quite faithful, quite christian. and he's consolidating that share of the vote. that gives him a lot of mojo. as a consequence the others slide back to allow space for the good doctor's rise. >> i'd bet gore back to math class next week. see you next week. >> you too. let's move onto this. a whale watching boat capsizes. five die. what went wrong when it was a clear calm day. jonathan, do the investigators
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have any idea what happened? >> not that they've said publicly gretchen. it seems to be somewhat of a mystery. canada's transportation board is in charge of the investigation. what's mystifying a lot of people is it was a relatively calm day, light wind and light rain apparently. there is a question of how close to the rocks the boat might have been. but this is an area that that crew sales through many times a week and month. so many are mystified. other whale watching boats said, quote, over the course of a season and years we take out thousands and thousands of people on these trips in conditions similar to today. i have no idea what the condition was or what actually happened. now the operator in this case is called jamie's wahale i station.
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they had one back in 1998 when a boat got overcome by waves. two people died in that incident, gretchen. >> the search and rescue is not over because one person is still miss, right? >> yeah, and the royal canadian mounted police are in charge for that person. we don't know the nationality of that person but we coknow the five confirmed dead were all british tourists. it's probably a huge shock to the small town where these are failed. the mayor there has praised the community spirit. just listen. >> the outpouring of the people has been just phenomenal. seeing them offer everything from food to blankets to clothing, for people to be with them and helping the ambulance, the paramedics, the hospital staff, everything. it's everybody. they come out and say what can i
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do. >> and what everyone in that small community wants now, gretchen, is an answer to your first question. how did this happen. gretchen? >> no doubt. diop than, thank you. we're minute as away from t woman who plowed into a crowd at an oklahoma university parade crowd, killing four including a 2-year-old boy. her attorney says she wasn't drinking. it's a small town. what's happening there? >> what's happening is they're telling members of our crew and the press that they do not think their dauter was drunk or high. what her father says is she's been hospitalized before before
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her mental illness. hoer attorney said after speaking with her da day, he does not think she was on drugs or alcohol. he thinks she had an zreemt mental episode. listen to what he says after talking with her that day. there had been warning signs coming from miss chamber for the past few years. there has been a pattern of behavior that probably should have been diagnosed and possibly treated lock before yesterday. >> so the attorney and family both agreeing she suffered from some kind of mental illness. gretsch snoon we're going to have a legal analysis of this case a little later. matt, thank you. at least 100 people killed in a powerful earthquake in afghanistan and pakistan. the victims include 12 school girls. they were trampled to death in
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all of the commotion. the magnitude huge. 7.45. the quake's epicenter was more than 100 miles below ground. back to politics now. hillary clinton drawing comments about the veterans affairs scandal. who she's blamen. and police here in new york are trying out new technology. how will it work and will it come to your town. also, an exclusive kind of meat, will it kill you? we'll look at the science behind it. >> i'm not a vegetarian. if you eat it, what are you going to do. >> i eat red meat even though i know it's not good for you.
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welcome back to the "real story. "a deaf and mute woman returned to her family after wandering away from them. dna testing is being used to prove she's actually a member of her family, this after she didn't recognize her own father when she returned home. the woman strayed from india into pakistan more than a decade ago and she was found by pakistani forces. she had been under an organization's care while she tried to find her family. here's the real story. veterans in phoenix waited 115 days on average for an initial appointment. the report also found that 1 rngz 700 veterans were
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intentionally kept off patient rolls and 47 died while waiting for treatment at the phoenix facility. in a recent interview clinton said the scandal was. as widespread as you'd see. dan caldwell is legislative director at concerned veterans for america, my guest on "the real story." does hillary clinton have this right or do the reports state the facts? >> hillary clinton is absolutely wrong on this. you summarize what was going on. i'm from phoenix, arizona. i saw those problems firsthand. but nationwide, two-thirds of hospitals were found have been using secret waitlists. they waited long time for care,
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oftentimes on e over hundreds of guys. if that's not widespread, i don't know what it is. >> from its own admission, past and present, they have used the words wide spread, correct? >> yes, absolutely. this isn't cva. this isn't veterans groups. it's the obama administration admitting these problems are widespread. the v.a. itself has admitted it has a problem. now, they haven't been incredibly truthful about these problems and haven't proposed real solutions but even the v.a. itself have admitted the problems affect the entire system. >> from a political point of view if you're hillary clinton, why do they say this? system it to protect big governments? >> i'm actually kind of shocked she said it. they've head it up as a model
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health care system. they've said it has real problems. i think you're right. she said it and defended the system because of an ideological viewpoint she has. that world series's what the vmt a. hospital health care system is. it shows top down it doesn't work. >> does it also show she doesn't have a plan to fix it? >> yes. she doesn't have a plan to fix the problems that she didn't admit are there. the she said something about sending a swat team and get creatish but she doesn't have a plan to fix it and that's something that should scare them across the country. >> it's interesting because we talk at length about the v.a. scandal. still we sit here a year later and we don't seem to have any solution or made any headway
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unless you know it better from the inside. >> no. in fact, the problems have gotten worse. wait times have gone up. every week, every day, they've done great job of exposing it. there's a new story about misconduct. it seems there's just another inspector general. they're still having problems processing patients in a timely manner. every day, almost every day and week there's a new story about how bad things are getting at the v.a. and it's unacceptable. i can go to our webside. there are members of congress of bogues parties. they're looking to fix that. that is the good news but it doesn't help when people like hillary clinton come out and say the problems are widespread. it understood mines what veteran groups are doing. >> it should be a bipartisan effort. they've served our country well.
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we should pay them back and make sure they're paid for. >> absolutely. >> taking aim at making policing more transparent. so there's this new kind of technology we're going to tell you about where cameras are attached to officers' guns. why some say they're actually better than body cameras. and scientists say why cheese is so much more addictive than say cucumbers. what do you find the most addictive? the real story coming up at the end of the show. more "sit" per roll.
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welcome back to the real story. let's go to maryland now. gunfire erupting at a gas station there. police trying to stop the driver of an suv. the suspect ran into an unmarked car and tried to get away on foot. moving south to new orleans, an off-duty officer hit and shot in the neck when someone in an suv pulled up alongside his car and fired at him. he's reportedly stable in the hospital. the search for the shooter still under way. technology does have some limitations including that the officers wearing it are controlling the activation. now a new kind of camera system without that. rick leventhal. rick, tell us about that new
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camera. >> it could provide the best. nine out of ten police departments use some kind of cameras on the job. while they produce benefits, they can have limitations. the situation can be out of frame or can be obstructed. it begins recording automatically as soon as it's pulled from the holster capturing the critical area where the gun is pointing. >> if i had a body worn camera the view would be obstructed. you get the first view as the incident unfolds. >> so it's capturing wherever you're pointing that weapon at. >> exactly. >> it automatically sends a gps ping which could get officers to
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the scene. >> what are krimmics saying about these cameras? >> the cameras can't record anything until the gun is pulled from the holster, the sheriff's department is one agency interested in the sentinel. we spoke with the undersheriff. >> when you break leather and pull out your firearm, you're investigating a very accurate account of what's going on. there's no on strength turf view of it. >> sentinel said it's ready to start equipping police departments across the states starting next year. >> thanks. cleanup getting under way in texas and the story of one man who's lucky to be alive after being swept away by all of that water. plus, donald trump taking a swipe at ben carson over his religion. so are things about to get really nasty?
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going to scan your eye before handing you your cash. there's not going to be screens anymore. it works with your smartphone. citibank testing the system. microsoft opening its flag ship store. it show causes electronics devices. >> back to politics now, hillary clinton trying to win over vp joe biden's backers. meantime some new videos are trying to make her more relatable. chief white house correspondent ed henry live for us in d.c. it's hillary's birthday and she'll celebrating with great news but you say there are still some roadblocks. >> no doubt. you try to show your strength. she gave a big speech. as you know in the last couple of weeks, things have started to turn in her direction. yo ewe have all these candidates
11:31 am
dropping out. over the weekend she brought out her husband bill clinton for the first rally. katy perry, by the way, was there as well. clearly there are pit falls. you have this fbi investigation looming. they say voters do not trust her or like her. that's why it's interesting. the super pac support porting her saying she's a real person. >> hillary clinton knew that arkansas needed to work for their children or their families. this is who she is. this is what she's been her whole life. >> one of those problems that's still out there is they're consistently trying to again and again reintroduce her, say she's real, she's authentic. you have to wonder how many times they're going have to do that. as you say, gretsch, things are turning in her direction but
11:32 am
they're still going to have to try. >> ah, but there's barry sanders. he had a big night. b.s., right? get it? >> i do. barry sanders. at least i hope that's what you meant. >> yes, i did. >> he decide all these things he wanted to talk about, free college, talking about middle class, billionaires and millionaires. he was in new york city today by the way and he sort of unveiled this new strategy about being tougher. he had originally not attacked her. now he's hitting her harder. he was at times square at a union rally putting his message out there. listen. >> what these companies do is use their power to cut wages, to cut pensions.
11:33 am
their greed has no end. and with thhat this campaign fo president is about is saying to corporate america you cannot get it all. >> i can tell you that message saturday night was resonating with democratic voters. the crowd went electric over it. the question is going to be barack obama gave a speech like that in 2007 at the jackson dinner. but that was sort of a one time movement wlchlt bernie sanders can take the speech and take the rhetoric he's put it out there. whether he can pull it together. no question. key par tea party losing steam? it's down 32% from five years ago. ebony williams, political
11:34 am
analyst and fox news contributor along with the former spokesperson for george w. bush. ebony, i was stunned by this poll mainly because first of all stunned in general but a lot of people have said all the supporters of donald trump are from the tea party. that's apparently not true, is that right? >> yeah, gretchen. the poll numbers are surprising. i don't think we have to question that. look at what happened to mccarthy's speaker. i think it's not about having the most on board but they have the way to right the most influential people to get their agenda pushed through. >> mercedes, what do you make of this? that may have had or been an instigator to clamp down on the growth of the tea party because all the york nations weren't allowed to be organizations.
11:35 am
what to you think? >> i think in talking to an insider in this movement basically said the local groups. remember they started with high passion, energy. through the years you've seen local groups, this yore gabbic movement just fade. and so although we have that group that has the influential power, again, you've had the drop in terms of the local group. but, again, they remain incredibly powerful. >> or maybe they're calling themselves something else. let's move on. donald trump stirring up controversy while talking about
11:36 am
carson's religion. >> i'm presbyterian. that's down the middle of the road in all fairness. i mean seventh day adventist, i don't know about it. >> later trump says later he certainly doesn't need to give an apology. >> i would certainly give an apology if i felt bad about i. all i said was i don't know about it. >> he basically eviscerated jeb bush saying he's low energy. now he's talking about ben carson is. he goi is he smart going after his religion? >> i don't know. he's not too happy with being number two, certainly not. i don't think it's going bode well for him because dr. carson has been effective at tapping
11:37 am
in. yes, he's soft-spoken but nobody's worried about that. >> mercedes, what do you think about it? >> i think if you're showcasing your religion, that's a vl idiot point but i think donald trump is taking a really dangerous approach in going after or implying that his denomination of christianity is better than ben carson's is. the people of iowa aren't going to like this sort of language garage and that would be reflekr reflective in the polls. remember, ben carson 'moll jazzed to donald trump. he said, i don't know about his own faith or trump's faith. so ben carson apologized. >> no. he doesn't do that.
11:38 am
and ben carson said he's not going to get in the mud slinging. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. at least right now polls showing carson either tied or carson on top but iowa voters are are very different from new hampshire voters or south carolina. you can see that in these polls. take a look. in a new donald trump still has a commanding lead, 38% of the votes. check out south carolina where trump has an even bigger lead over carson. 40 to 23%. marco rubio at 7. some might argue they're more emblematic as a whole since they're based not on evangeli l evangelical.
11:39 am
whether or not it works like it appears to have worked for jeb bush remains to be seen. you can always get my take on my facebook page at at my website. heavy rain washing out roads, submerging cars, and now, folks, it's moving east. one map was found alive after being swept away by the rushing floods and now kmienlts are dealing with the aftermath. dan springer live from houston, texas. >> hey, gretchen, what a difference a day makes u now this area is drying out. as you mentioned, the storm of hurricane patricia have moved to the east and now they're blasting places like mississippi and alabama. as for the weekend it was this
11:40 am
place, texas. at one point people were out without electricity. you can see there were parkle lot loss. parts of navarre row county just south of dallas got 20 inches of rain over saturday and sunday leading to a levee break that lifted a freight train right off its tracks and here in houston about a dozen. official are expecting the worst. luckily the bumming of the rain dipped to the east of downtown houston, staying to the gulf of mexico. the good news is they didn't have any serious injuries and no death from this really heavy rain storm. gretchen? >> thank you. florida shutting down its controversial bear hunt after
11:41 am
just two days. nooem 300 bears killeer killed. the ride in bear confrontation is there. tl population has gone from a few hundred in the 1970s to more than 3,500 today. checking in with shepard smith. you like to show bears. >> no not any more. no more brown suits and no more bears. >> what would be the third thing. >> i'd have don sult with my boss. where are all of these cables
11:42 am
and why are we so concerned about all of these cables. fox news has confirmed that result spy cables. we have a lay out of it now, every day more than $10 trillion are traded over these cables. $10 trillion. it looks a lot like the map of the new york subway system, doesn't it? president putin said they're not out to cut any prices. what's he up to and u.s. with another war ship. china. it's all ought the toll of the hour. no bears. >> this is kind of a silly question. do you have an iphone?
11:43 am
you might have, or a different part of a smartphone. did you install the upgrade? why a couple launched a $5 million suit over what they say is deceptive roaming charges. plus a woman behind the wheel of a oak parade incident. >> she's not a drinker and too her knowledge she didn'tn't enjest any kind of intoxicanted.
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i have to tell you about this alert just coming in. the peblt goc is upset about an operation going under way in the next 24 hours. that's when a u.s. warship is expected to come within miles of the sought spratly sea.
11:47 am
defense secretary carter -- ash carter and joint chiefs of staff chair leave for asia. that's going to happen this friday. the navy destroyer will be the closest ship to the manmade islands. at least five major ships are claims ownership in that region. so what is going on there. court hearing, meantime, under way in oklahoma when a woman accused of killing four people when she slammed into a home coming crowd. adacia chambers faces charges. her attorneys are defending their client using past mental illness. >> in my opinion miss chambers suffers from a mental illness. exactly what type, we're unsure. >> they're jumping on that
11:48 am
bandwagon before we have the test back. >> it makes sense. even in legal language, mental illness. it's very interesting. in oklahoma they have to prove -- they being the prosecution has to proving the defendant was sane at the time. the it's a tougher burden for the prosecution. that can meet it. >> fox news alert just coming in. the judge with this hearing on going just set bond at 1 million dollar. >> she's got to come up with $100,000. it tells me it's a hefty bond. but with her family can come up with that. four people are dead after this. i'm a little bit shocked. i think that ice a low bond?
11:49 am
you do. >> i do. >> they're also going to try to plead incompetency. hur lawyer said she didn't know what i was talking about. boo. she's going to say she's incompetent. to stand trial. he's bringing that up to me anyway. >> let's move up to this. if you recently upgraded your iphone you can get some money back because it could switch when the signal is too low. it could be costly et cetera. >> i want to be that lawyer on that class action lawsuit. i'll take your file and everyone in the studio. absolutely. if you don't know something is being charged. you have the read the fine print.
11:50 am
here you didn't know wait was. you ear being charged for that. whether it's a penny or a dollar, you didn't know that. you have a lawsuit. >> it's interesting. i got an update. did you know it was because of the upgrade? >> well, possibly. >> you can't read the fine print. i like the fine print.
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>> welcome back to "the real story." the world health organization who now issuing a big fat warning about some popular meat found at the supermarket and in your refrigerator. trace gallagher is live with more. >> reporter: the study was done by the international agency for research on cancer, an arm of the world health organization. they found if you eat an ounce and a half of processed meat per day, like bacon, ham, sausage, hot dogs, your risk of getting colorectal ander goes up by 18%. even more alarming is the group is now listing processed meat right alongside arsenic, asbestos and cigarettes as major causes of cancer. before you toss out the bacon you neat also context. even though though processed
11:55 am
being a heavy meat eater would raise your cancer risk 18%, being a heavy smoker increases your cancer risk by a thousand percent himself why the meat industry is furious with this study and the comparison with tobacco. quoting, scientific evidence shows cancer complex disease and that a balanced lifestyle and lifestyle choicers essential to good help. the study says processed meats do cause cancer in humans and that red mat probably causes cancer, but the same arm of the world health organization also says -- here's the list -- sunlight, outdoor air pollution and would dust definitely cause cancer, and that working as a barber or hairdresser probably caused cancer, and in case you didn't know, coffee and al low viera possibly cause cancer.
11:56 am
the bottom line is there is evidence a bunch of bacon is not go for you, but experts say the study could have used a grain of salt as well. >> great to hear from you trace. a bear, stuck in a tree. authorities on the scene right now. trying to help this guy out. and watch out. we'll tell you why this little guy is wearing that mask. me.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
group of animals getting into the heaven spirit. trying on frankenstein and mummy masks. zoo keeps head them for the boo at the zoo event. fox news alert now. there's a bear stuck in a tree in north new jersey. a black bear spotted around town
12:00 pm
before taking a nap high up in the branches in this public park. now, they're trying to get him or her down. thank you for your part of "the real story." have a great monday. here's shep. >> donald trump is blasting the media coverage of polls that show him trailing, ben carson in iowa. breaking news on the campaign trail. new numbers out today. we have them, and trump will probably not like them any better. also, why he is making fun of his rival, jeb bush, for, as trump put it, meeting with mommy and daddy. home viewers, ever get a small loan from your parents? when times are tough. like a million dollars? and the saudi prince who reportedly ordinary his household staff to strip naked be the pool. who doesn't do that. another saudi royal detained after investigators say somebody tried to put tons of drugs on his private jet. let's get to it.


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