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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> gunning down the cowboy like the giants did? it's overdue. when news breaks out, we'll break in. the dow is down but only a little. that's good here comps cavuto. >> thank you very much. you're watching "your world" in washington some big developments that could be in the offing concerning how we go through these budget and debt ceiling charades. i say charades because they want to try to limit this silly regular event when they're up against the line and they don't know what to do. a move is afoot to set a two-year budget agreement. this one would be pegged to raising the debt ceiling. both siteside getting a little built of what they wanted but to avoid anything that would bring the government to the brink. we shall see. mike emanuel has details. >> reporter: based on how much congressional sources are starting to talk bit, sounds like they're getting close to)u
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two-year budget deal that would remove some thorny issues as the house is about to transition to a new speaker. the dole was negotiate bet representatives of the white house and the topyb@vh four congressat leaders, retiring speak john boehner, senate majority leafed are misch mcconnell, and nancy pelosi, and harry reid. ride called for doing with i. -- doing away if a sequester cuts. >> we know that fiscal organizations are ongoing as the detail colorado and especially if an agreement is reached, intend to discuss the detail with our colleagues. >> sources say it would be a two-year budget deal, raising the debt celling until march 2017 when a new president would be in hoves. i a hike in medicare premiums affecting seniors and would adjust the automatic cuts to defense and domestic spending
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programs. >> the principle that we have made clear is that the administration will not negotiate on a debt limit increase. the full faith and credit of the united states will not be subjected to a political negotiation. >> some of the language we're hearing on capitol hill is cautious because of course those four leader need to go out and sell it to the rank-and-file members. expect that to happen later this evening and tomorrow, neil. >> do we know, meek, whether paul ryan is for this? this would be a way to get all should he become the next speaker. >> at this hour i'm not entirely clear how carefully consulted he was. we know thatí÷ john boehner tald about clearing out the barn a little bit to give paul ryan a little adjustment time. has a deposit idea what is going on, but i talked to some other leadership types who say this is
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really negotiated by the top four congressional leaders and representatives of the white house, and so it's pretty closely held at this point. >> thank you, michael, very much. of course, this is the week we were going to see the vote for new speaker of the house. the white house, we know of a mitting that is minutes away featuring the president of the united states and the secretary of state john kerry, but what a certain presidential candidate named donald trump had to say about the secretary of state that is raising eyebrows. >> places like walks into the room in the hospital, then he walks into the room. the chief negotiator from iran who is tough as hell and smart as hell, the persians are great goshors. look asking this guy, too bad. thinks to himself, what a schmuck. this is our team. >> now, regardless of what you think about using words like that, right now there's another iowa poll out that shows donald trump has once again fallen
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behind in iowa. now, 0 polls mean nothing. donald trump has been leading in national polls, leading in new hampshire, but this is the third iowa one he is trailing. is language like that a reason? hard to say. we have experts who can weigh in on it. larry sabato, charlie gasperino no jane jerry to foul language, and lisa boothe who never, ever says a harsh word. maybe we have wrecked our sensibilities but plenty of presidents have certainly behind closed doors of the white house used some choice language. we'll get to that in a second. is this particularly offensive or no? what do you think? >> not really. neil, and i would think that schmuck is a pretty mild term in new york. we're shocked in the south. we never say anything beyond -- >> i don't know about you in virginia but i have -- go ahead.
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>> i'm just simply telling you in the list of donald trump sins in this campaign, i don't even think this one is on the list. >> all right. charlie gasperino, what do you make of it in and bring us up to date on what the term might mean that is getting people annoyed. scholars and say schmuck is a bad word, if you're going to be factual here, i think what he meant was putz, not schmuck. so i would say it's a bad:2xwv , he misused the word, and if he should have used putz. >> that's good to know. thank you for clarifying. lisa, do you get a sense this is offensive? we live in this age where any politically incorrect language or -- gets people rattled. but it's yet to hurt donald trump in polls. or in almost any public
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gathering. and that got a good laugh and applause there. >> well, was donald trump actually right here and a schmuck by definition is a foolish person, foolish individual and secretary of state and this administration have been foolish, particularfully regards to foreign policy, which is what donald trump was highlighting. we have an administration and secretary of state who struck a deal with iran whose ayatollah has chanted in cheered on "death to america. wow wow we have struck a deal with iran, who recently charged an american journalist with espionage and tested a nuclear ballistic weapon which violated sanctions. we also have an administration who secretary of -- >> yes -- >> kerry led into -- reset against russia who is actually fighting with iran against -- >> so everyone can talk -- >> whattor saying is everyone should take a chill pill on the language. >> if he meant foolish it would be putz, just to be clear.
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my birth point is this. well, if you look, he is not spending any money. and it looks like this is how he is running his campaign. spends no money, generates free% media by saying semi outrageous stuff, and the professor was right. if the is it kind of like on the low end of the campaign so far -- know the dear vacation of this and can make a big deal of this to our historian and professor, larryv v sabato, i remember many presidents behind those oval office doors and out of the public life do now and then use foul language. i'm thinking of no less than john kennedy, who got upset over images of a hospital bed that was set up at great expense for his then expectant wife. let's go back in time and listen to this. >> i'm appalled that -- i want to find out who paid for that. i want it to go back to jordan
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marshal. then i want that -- that filets incompetent who had his picture taken next to mrs. kennedy's bed. he's a silly bastard. i wouldn't have him running a cat house. is that how hair spending money? you told me they hadn't -- >> sir, this -- >> this is [bleep] >> that's right. >> john kennedy. professor. >> well, it was a private conversation, and, look there was a conservative democrat. he was concerned about the budget. if you really want some blue language, you need to read about lyndon johnson and listen to richard nixon on the white house tapes and you'll get some blue lange far beyond schmuck. >> i guess what i'm saying -- the only reason why i -- guys -- we did have nixon examples lbj. my point is that going back in time this kind of language on conversations or groups of reporters have not been unusual. >> why is donald still doing
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this? this may not have pressed the limit like÷÷b he has done in the past. why is he doing it? i tell you, unless donald trump spends more money than just a have to ask why hoe is running a campaign were saying you rage just stuff. >> i'm sorry, buddy. a lot of rationale thinned he wholes show trump slipping. in iowa female volters have gone to ben carson. do you think this is a reason or are there other reasons? >> i think part of trump's appeal to a lot of people is is mott politically create and americans are sick and tired of the political correct nature we have as a society. donald trump's biggest problem, and why hi may be drop neglect polls, is his lack of substance, the lack of knowledge on foreign policy, and as we head into the iowa caucuses, and the new hampshire primary, and things become a little bit more serious, i think the voters are going to take the candidates a
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little bit more seriously. >> but in the meantime, we all should take a freaking chill pill or something. >> take a chill pill. >> use the right language, putz is much more accurate. >> or take a chill pill. >> any lawyer who is watching this and is offended, you can send that to charlie gasperino. in the meantime, hillary clinton is looking at this, the cursing not withstanding and thinking, i have to change my image. i'm riding a wave in the polls. i'm with katy perry at campaign events and i have to look for a way to soften my image and maybe i'll spend a million dollars trying to do it. to ed henry in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the super pac that is supporting her, to correct the record, is running the ads, re-introducing this volters yet again. wedder that before about the softer image. they've tried it. hat varying degrees of success. she keep having to say that, it
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might not be getting through to voters, obviously. however, she is at her strongest position in this entire campaign right now. in the last week you have had various democrats either getting out or skipping it, as is the case with vice-president joe biden, and over the weekend you see right there the jefferson jackson dinner iowa, she is bouncing back in the polls. had a strong debate performance, the first democratic debate this month. bernie sanders, however, at the same event in iowa, really launched his strongest attacks against hillary clinton, stronger attacks than we have seen in this campaign at all. he has consistently said he wouldn't go negativity but he stuck to substance. she is firing back with a new ad that is going to be all about positives. not that super pac ad. this is about pay equity and she tries to talk about making history potentially as the first female president. listen to this. >> do you think when you are president you will be paid as
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much as if it were a male? >> just one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. i'll do offering i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same. >> on saturday night hillary clinton said she knows her critics luke to say she is playing the gender card again. she said if this is the gender card, deal me in. she tries to turn it back on the critics and say, if she makes history, going to make history, and that's going to get female voters to turn out, potentially the general election, obviously all for it. >> jet henry, thank you very much. in the meantime we have been telling you about the president going around the country in the last few weeks and months trying to hand out goodies. this goodi is raising questions. the number of tests kids take in school. are we overdoing it? to hear the president tell it, we are.
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1:17 pm
better. so if you've take the metric away that measures that performance, the pressure from the unions eases up. major where iry says moll tick has nothing to do with it, she err sherry document agree. >> the president of the united states and the federal government has no business dictating when or how many tests should be given and taken by students across the country. every school district is different. it's different in different parts of the country, different regions and different states. so this intervention is inappropriate and just the fact he is admitting, maybe we went a little too far, the fact that he is obviously doing this to work with the teacher unions and by the way my power ais a retired school teacher and other school too muchers now, they're not the same as the teachers union. when you have the federal government getting involved in this, the president commenting on this, assuming he should have any say is completely inappropriate. whether you think your child is overtested or not. that's not the issue.
1:18 pm
it's why is president obama or any president getting this involved? >> well you might remember, marjorie and i know and i have seen the number of tests kids take has gone up dramatically, when i was a kid who we used an abacus and stone and tablet. having said that. you wonder about the timing of this. a lot of teacher inunions were very much opposed to so many standardized testses because it did, many of them thoughtings is a reflex on them if agreeds didn't improve because you didn't hear this type of wining when in school districts where there was a dramatic improvement, the teachers were happy to extol it. so something isward. >> i think part of is this indicative of his last stretch in the presidency where you have at bit more ability to speak on things. the first thing he said was this is on us. we laird too many government programs with equal additional testing, so in thes into accountability we think it's better we don't. this is riding on the heels of
1:19 pm
research that came out on saturday saying the standardized testing is doing nothing to improve the quality of education and the how longs. >> then, so, let's assume that's the case. a big leap but let's assume it's the case. how would you measure our kids making progression? a lot of kids get good grades and we discover they're not able to read. what would you do, marjorie and. an advisory committee at the university of texas, and schools like university of texas, are now looking at how -- what is it we actuallied in in education that are skill-based -- >> better teacher. >> not just that but also changes in what and how we're teaching. >> fair enough. i hear you. something comes out of this that we need to rethink how we're doing this because our kids are still idiots. what do we do? >> well, look, i think that these efforts are great and i'm glad they're happening at the state level and that's how it should hap. should not be coming from the federal government in the mid-90s when the republicans
1:20 pm
took over the congress for the first time in a generation i walk working as communication attractors for the house education work force committee and we found out there are more than 800 federal education programs that your tax dollars were going for that were doing nothing. it was throughout the federal government including, neil, money to close caption the show, bay watch, because as we all know you were watching bay watch at that time for the dialogue and the story line. so this is what happens when you have the federal government involved. if it's happening at the state levels, different studies, different working groups issue think that's great, but keep the federal government out of it. >> marjorie, this is not going to affect closed captioning on bay watch? tell me that. >> god, please, help us, no. actually, the good news is this is exactly what sherry wants. this is removal of federal oversight of the process. the government is proposing we will offer recommendations and ultimately the states need to decide what is necessary in those states for education standards. i think it's good news on both sides of the aisle. this is a great thing.
1:21 pm
>> ladies, thank you both very much. remember that american soldier, shot 11 times. he died in what we were told was a combat mission to rescue some isis prisoners, except now we're told it wasn't a combat mission. so, joshua wheeler was killed in what? after this.
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show you some video that came out on the rescue mission to try to free prisoners held by isis. an american died in that battle to free them, even though it is not being called a combat situation. this might look combat related to you, but not really to the
1:25 pm
white house. joshua wheeler, 11 bronze stars, multiple recognitions, shy of his 40th birthday, the white house going through hoops to describe how he did die. >> there's no diminishing his contribution to our country's safety and security, and certainly no diminishing his sacrifice, but he was part of a different mission than the military operations that were carried out under the orders of president bush in 2003 and 2004. >> all right. retired u.s. army colonel mcknight with us. danny debt with cam bat situation in mogadishu many years ago. tried to say at the time that was not a combat situation. i think the good colonel would disagree. colonel, seemed like déjà vu all over again. >> yes, it does. it's pretty ridiculous what
1:26 pm
we're hearing. >> what do you milwaukee of it? what they're saying is the guy died, they're saying it wasn't a combat situation per se, even though he is the first american casualty in some four years in that region, then what did he die? what happened to him? he is dead. how did he die? >> well, with the film we have seen, the video, there's no doubt in my mind this is combat. when you're getting shot at and shooting back to save other people's lives, there's nothing else you can call it but combat. soldiers die two ways. they die in training related accidents which can happen, and they die in combat. there is nothing in between, in my opinion. this is ridiculous of what they're trying to macing this sound like. >> -- make this sound like. >> what are making out sound like? defense secretary ash carter was asked on the same mission, he says it doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. was that the concern? he went on to say it represents a continuation of our advise and
1:27 pm
assist mission. i don't understand. >> well, you know what i think of the the advising role. the assist mission -- we went in there and probably were assisting the kurds. the curbs had the major part thereof operation. they were supposed to take the lead. when the kurds couldn't pull it off and needed assistance, then our guys stepped up and did exactly what they should, but i promise you the first round that combat and it was nothing else -- to say it's not combat is absolutely absurd, and the kurds couldn't handle it so you have the americans who were there to assist, now fighting combat. >> this isn't the first -- we chatted many times over the years, not saying terms like radical islam, even the debate now among many in congress, democrats who are cause, we don't want to call them illegal alienses, just want to dispense with the term aliens or illegal or both. are we wasting to much time on
1:28 pm
language, semantics? >> absolutely wasting time on the semantics part and it's in line with those things we talked about before. political correctness. everybody wants to be politically correct and just saying what it and what that was is without question our soldiers in -- and wheeler is a hero, and i want to make sure his family knows we know he was a hero, and god bless them for their sacrifice. >> colonel, thank you very much. danny mcknight. i don't know. i think we're parsing words here and not the drama or the bravery of the moment. it by'll defer to youom. when we come back here, jeb bush is struggling. that we know. had a big meeting with the family, with his top operatives, financial and otherwise, and wouldn't you know, donald trump didn't waste a nanosecond letting the world know what he thought about that.
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. >> on the surface looks like jeb bush is in a world of financial hurt, meeting with his family and top donors of the weekend. donald trump not wasting a nanosecond, blasting him and his survive.
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who says amazon should have tall seven. walmart test drones for home delivery. presumably you order something from walmart and it it sent via drone to your home, some cases the same day. i don't know how that would work with italian subheroes but if that is the case, home run. bottom line, we don't know. but we know that walmart is the latest getting into the drone game, or want to. not a home run for jeb bush thus far when it comes to his campaign. certainly not a fox news alert to say it has sputtered, but many other campaigns sputtered in the past. bill clinton's comes to findin' 1992. he tide okay to bounce back. john mccain in 2008 and he bounced back. >> a big meeting over the weekend in texas. actually planned months ago for the bush. a to have a big party and roar
1:34 pm
into next year ask they hope win the nomination, instead the meeting with bush's team, his family, is a well as big donor from around the country, is more the donors and families they're slashing custs and re-organizing and focus on early voting states. bush used to say he would campaign with joy in his heart put is stuck in singled digits and getting bullied by trump and over the weekend he was clearly ticked off. watch. >> is this election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done, then i don't want any part of it. i got a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that's a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> that doesn't mean that trump is going -- that jeb is going to stop criticizing trump unless he can find some way to excite voters, which hey hasn't been able to find. he will have virtually no other choice but to go negative to get
1:35 pm
back in contention. bush is at this point way behind. the two main outsiders, ben carson and donald trump, still far ahead, ben carson is making a move right now. four polls in the last five days now show carson beating trump in iowa by double digits. the next debate is wednesday night in boulder, colorado so bush will be face-to-face with carson and trump. the first caucuses are 14 we cans from tonight but there's a ton of time, and you were talking about it. bill clinton back in 1992, when he -- it would have been 18991 -- he hadn't made his first few visits to new hampshire on this very month of october, and to go back four years ago, at this very time, in iowa, herman cain, was leading in iowa, 15-20-points above the rest of the field. he lasted four weeks and then dropped couple. so lots of things can happen. but the bush campaign knows they need to have something going in
1:36 pm
the next couple of weeks or months or it will be difficult to compete. 14 weeks to the day is the white house caucuses. >> thank you very minute, carl. obviously one candidate's financial trev -- travails are another one's delight, including one donald trump. listen to that and what he makes of jeb. >> if you can cut 40 to 50% and they're all taking it. everybody is saying we'll take it. why didn't you do that seven months ago? if they take it now, they're going to take it then. so why didn't you do it seven months ago? so, he is meeting now with mom and dad. no, it's true. he needs counsel. >> bete woodruff here, donald trump is seizing on that. is it registering? >> i think so. things are not pretty for jeb that shows it's
1:37 pm
especially dicey for them came from the university of north florida, showing jeb in fourth place in florida behind rubio, and slides were tweeted out. they were telling. up sos like the jeb -- they're stressed out. they're worried about rubio and trump. and they're trying to comfort the donors. >> if it were jeb bush pressed against the wall wouldn't be the first former front roner in who was. there's history to suggest that others have come back, john mccain comes to mind, bill clinton comes to mine. you can come back from this, or is the nature of the field and the run indicateo> we have to bear in mind making historical analogy this campaignes totally different from any previous presidential campaigns.
1:38 pm
the fundamle -- fundamentals are not comparable. there hasn't been a candidate like trump or carson so you can't approach the campaign they way we approach these other, 2000, 2008 races, history that might have made people feel better. it's hard to say the way things are going. it's up in the air. it's curious. >> you could make the argument that even donald trump, his third poll out in also more than a week and shows he is lose something steam. at least in iowa, not nationally. leads in new hampshire and key states. so, to carl cameron's point about four years ago at this time, herman cain leading by a lot in states like iowa and elsewhere. things can change. is win telling you that the bush folks are hunkering down to hope either ben carson or donald trump or both just sort of shoot themselves in the foot and then are out of the way? exploding themselves? >> i think that's what the bush people think, and it's telling
1:39 pm
that of these slides that got leaked from the bush event in houston, where his team was talking to donors, the candidate they went after the most was not trump or carson but actually was rubio. rubio is the candidate, they're taking the most seriously, the most stressed out about. they see him as the real threat. what i'm hearing from people the expectation is not that trump or so, people are looking at this differently than the poll numbers might suggest they would be. >> i wonder about if the way jeb bush was talking, i don't need this grief. is he laying the groundwork for exiting. >> kind of what it up sos like. i don't think he is. his super pac is so -- i don't no -- so well-funded it would be weird if he was trying to back out. but sounds like he was trying to give himself an out. the fact he said there were other cool thing's he could be doing, jees, right, that's telling, and even going a after gridlock is curious bus gridlock
1:40 pm
is the state of things in d.c. almost permanently. if you don't want to deal with gridlock, why run for president? it's just how things are right now. >> well, we'll see. way too early. good seeing you again. >> sure thing. thank you. >> what if i told you al sharpton is no longer divisive figure? what if told you when it comes to violence involving the police, and african-americans, he wants to be a unifier? because that's -- that officer who was killed in new york, going to his funeral. in fact he is speaking at it. after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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(vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. the reverend al the ewan tie center could be. al sharpton will be going to funeral of the new york policeman who was killed last week, but what makes this odd he will be speaking at that funeral, and trying to calm nerves. bishop e.w. jackson, welcomes what he is hearing.
1:44 pm
bishop, very good to have you. but a lot of folks are surprised hi is doing this. are you welcoming it or what is he up to. >> in well, my heart goes us to the whole family. praying for them. what they really need is a pastor who suppose do the hospital, visits anymore prison, not a divisive figure like al sharpton who has n pastored in a church in his life. he has insulted the police officers and contributed to the atmosphere in which i believe the lives of more police officers are being put at risk. the last person that should be choosing to speak at this funeral, but maybe since he has been -- i think he has been demote ode some little network and maybe he is looking for a new gig. >> you can say all of that but the officer's father requested that the reverend speak at it, and you could argue, whatever your opinions are of al
1:45 pm
sharpton, for those who are very impressed by him and move by him and influenced by him this could be the right signal at the right time. you don't agree. >> no, i don't agree at all. i don't believe that we're going to see a suddenly different al sharp continue. i think al sharpton is a race baiter. he will always revere to that. the are so many wonderful leaders in the black community, neil. >> no doubt, reverend. you should be out there. your a very calming influence for both sides. but i don't know how these things are decided and how -- whether the media makes a big production out of one guy, but for some reason al sharpton has been the agitator, and the guy, and within the african-american community, which you know far better than i, a very influential force. so, if that force that has been divisive in the past, as you said, now makes an overture to
1:46 pm
police, mane maybe cynically you can say this is because it was an african-american police officer who was killed -- better that he speak on that officer's behalf and talk about his loss than to ignore it altogether. what do you think? >> neil, the bible says where there is no vision the people perish, i have yesterday to hear a vision from al sharpton in terms of bringing people together across racial and cultural lives and fulfilling the vision of one nation under god. we need leader like that. i may be pleasantly surprised to see we got a new al sharpton and if so ile -- i'll be the first to say you're right. i think we better look for the bomb to be thrown at some point down the road. >> this time i hope you're wrong but you never know. >> i do, too, neil. >> speaks his mind. a calming influence.
1:47 pm
when we come back, we are in the final week of october. no flies on me. here's why i mention it. it is normally the worst week of the quarter, the entire fourth quarter for stocks. what that means and why so many are convinced it's not going to happen this time. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. it's more than a nit's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers.
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i just want to go to the dow on the day today. we're down 13%. the fourth week of october is traditionally a problematic week. in fact, as the whole fourth quarter goes, it is usually the worst week of the quarter. i say that significantly because october is shaping up to be a
1:51 pm
good month so far. remember, this month is famous for big crashes like in 1987 and 1989, and i can go back in history again and again and again. it's defined to dismal proportions, and the dow is in dismal territory as well thanks to a slowing economy this month. so gary, you're going to rain on this party why? >> well, neil, i would really be interested in what alan comes up with on the bull side, because i don't see any good news. i mean, manufacturing is dying right now. companies like twitter and 3m are laying off people. walmart is really having trouble. caterpillar is reducing their forecast. the transportation companies are not seeing any uptick in
1:52 pm
activity, and they normally do heading into the holiday season. i don't see the good signs out there. i'm waiting to see something good, but right now i almost have to be bearish. >> all right, alan. what do you see? >> well, i think there is a way to go on the outside. we have a number of factors here. technically we've seen -- and for me it's all about price action. the market knows all the factors we just referred to, and we've had amazing recovery off the lows. we're back in the trading range where this breakout started. if you look at it, 2400 is the next upstarted target. that's 15% above. the price action has been nothing but positive. s&p at 2400. a lot more upside potential, and the fact is the fundamentals remain solid. you've got low energy prices, no inflation, and earnings. while the growth may not be there, you look at the company and it's still made a ton of money. even the disappointments,
1:53 pm
goldman sachs, made a lot of money. >> you sound like the homeowner that says, get off my lawn! >> i know, on the bear side, you always think, why is he being so negative about things? companies are no longer able to cut their costs to squeeze out more profit. oe the other thing is alan says fundamentals are there. amazon doing well and basically an advertising company. who knows, they're not making anything. you got one company out there doing well, amazon. >> i wish we had more time. unfortunately we don't, but you both don't agree. in the meantime, drug companies, pharmaceutical companies are under fire for a lot of them
1:54 pm
charging too much. is this music to hillary clinton's ears?
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
we are off this month for general stocks, but that does not apply to viatech or pharmaceutical stocks which have taken it on the chin. i can trace it all the way back to when hillary clinton was rallying some drug makers who were raising their prices of drugs, giving pharmaceuticals a bad name. some have tried to stabilize here, but it's still tough going. >> they're not having much luck, neaknee neil, and the danger of the statements hillary clinton has made is low-hanging fruit. it's very populist in its nature. and the problem with it is -- and i agree with a lot of their premises. if a company is going above and beyond what they should be
1:58 pm
doing, certainly they should be looked at. but when you make these kind of statements, you basically group everyone into the bunch. and to your point about companies that may not have anything to do with this, guess what, they're getting hurt as well. >> i'm wondering who survives in this because it prompts the very type of merges and accommodations that have the influence. where is this going? >> that's the scary part. you're kind of forcing consolidation and eliminating the free market. i'll tell you what happens in these kinds of companies. not only do stock prices suffer, but you start seeing layoffs, you start seeing price increases, and that hurts everyone. >> i don't know how many do it, i suspect very few. they do double-quadruple the price of drugs as they move over to another drug. the obama care law now does say
1:59 pm
everyone will get coverage. it doesn't mean you'll get the same drugs you had. a lot of people are finding to their surprise the drugs they had covered won't be covered now because they're too expensive, because a lot of these guys do jack up the prices. i wonder if some of them hurt themselves and hurt the industry as a result. >> they probably have, and the beauty, though, about the free market and having politicians stay out of it, neil, is eventually that will work itself out. yes, there will be a tough adjustment period here, but frankly, if the drug is too expensive, if your health care company doesn't want to cover it, guess what, they won't sell any more product. >> that's true, but i wonder if it's going to remind hillary clinton to say, this is your unfettered capitalism. what do you say, guys? what do you say? >> i think it's a terrible message, because capitalism, as we've seen for centuries, works. it's when you stay out of the way of it and try not to force things on capitalism or force things on the system, that's when it's most successful.
2:00 pm
>> thanks, scott, very much. it is all about capitalism, but some of these guys, few and far between, do ruin it for everybody when they get to be greedy, selfish s.o.b.s. something we'll be following tomorrow on fox business. hello, everyone. i'm kelly ginsky. it's "the five" in new york city and this is the five. there is new dramatic video of thursday's raid to free prisoners of isis in iraq. the u.s.-led mission took the life of a delta force soldier. master sergeant joshua wheeler died from wounds suffered in a fire fight on the ground in iraq, but the obama administration is having a difficult time using the word "combat" to descre


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