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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thanks, scott, very much. it is all about capitalism, but some of these guys, few and far between, do ruin it for everybody when they get to be greedy, selfish s.o.b.s. something we'll be following tomorrow on fox business. hello, everyone. i'm kelly ginsky. it's "the five" in new york city and this is the five. there is new dramatic video of thursday's raid to free prisoners of isis in iraq. the u.s.-led mission took the life of a delta force soldier. master sergeant joshua wheeler died from wounds suffered in a fire fight on the ground in iraq, but the obama administration is having a difficult time using the word "combat" to describe our
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engagement there. >> this is a markedly different mission than our men and women were given in 2003. >> it's hard to see that operation as calling in the advised category. it's combat in every sense of the word. >> the point is, yes, our military personnel are going to encounter risk when they're in iraq. even in the course of carrying out a trained advise and assist mission. >> we do not have combat formations there the way we had once upon a time in iraq or the way we have had in years past in afghanistan, but we do have people who are in harm's way. this is combat, things are complicated. >> joining us now are two men who once put their own lives in danger in iraq. they led s.e.a.l. team 3, the most highly decorated opposite unit of the war. they are now the authors of the new best-seller, "extreme
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ownership ownership, how u.s. navy wins." a lot breaking on this story, including dramatic new footage of this special opposis unit an what happened during this raid. >> going off the sound bite they just played about that not being combat, when you hear machine gunfire and there is people running to try to kill an enemy and an enemy is trying to kill you, that's combat. >> what about the fact they're having trouble calling it combat, the classification, because there are a lot of benefits that can come into play when it's designated as combat action versus it not being that. >> definitely. i think to the guys actually serving in harm's way, they don't care about these kind of semantics. they want to go in there and make a difference and kill bad guys whether it's rescue hostages or just take out isis
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fires and they want to put their lives on the line, and my hats off to them. probably like us they're looking and laughing at those kinds of semantics the politicians are playing. >> i could see president obama saying, okay, if that's their job, that's workplace violence. >> well, for special ops, every day for them is workplace violence, essentially, in terms of the combat. >> is this semantics? i don't think most people understand this, but is it semantics or are there actual benefits you get if you're classified as being killed in combat or killed with whatever the administration is calling this? i would think the wife of the fallen soldier is making a specific plea to be able to get notices kinds of benefits because i guess mothe more benefits she'll receive if it's classified that way. i don't know if you've come into that with the number of people you've had the pleasure to serve and work with. when you have family members looking to pick up the pieces and recover, and it can be a
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tremendous financial strain as well. >> i'm sure he'll get the benefits he deserves for being killed in combat and putting his life on the line and losing it. it's a great sacrifice and he'll be taken care of. >> i think it's awesome we saved those hostages and that we have video to show the kind of were get so many people out, and sadly our hero lost his life. i was curious more broadly, when you work in special operations, you could be sent anywhere any time, and usually we don't hear about it, which i think is appropriate. do you think troops serving now in special operations and doing the kind of work president obama has them doing now, do you feel like they understand what the president's mission is and do they feel fully supported that they have all the resources they need and the rules of engagement to complete that mission? >> i can't speak for these guys. i can tell you this. when i was -- when we were overseas back in 2006 and it was -- there were a lot of people that were commenting about what we were doing and those kind of things, and i don't want to ever be that
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person to be back here in the rear talking about what guys are doing. i can tell you this, though. we have some extraordinary u.s. servicemen and women that are willing to put their lives on the line, to go make a difference whether it's rescue hostages or kill isis terrorists that are threats to america, and they are willing to go do it at any time, and we just need some leadership that will allow them to go do it. >> can i submit it's probably not about the benefits the family would be receiving of the fallen soldier, it's more likely the administration doesn't want to say that we lost another soldier on their watch. does it tick you off when they can't back you guys up? what i understand is it was supposed to be a kurdish mission. a kurd said, we can't do it, we're not going in first. the americans went in first and one guy was killed. does it tick you off when the
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administration won't say, those are heroes, yes, it was a combat mission and one died on our watch. >> i would love for them to say that. there was absolutely a combat mission. i can't believe we're debating about it. the guy got killed in combat. there's no question about it. >> so what do you think we do about it. >> i'm arguing that politically it should be boots on the ground. so now we can't say there are actually boots on the ground. >> but you're very gracious, you serve and trying to make sure you're not being political? >> they always talk about the fog of war, but what i saw there is the speed of war. all your thinking that must be in -- i would need a full body
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depends. >> kind of like on this show. >> it shows me how, i'm glad that you said that, that these guys want to go after since hitler, this was exactly why, right? that was about three questions. >> yes, and to answer one of them, i know whuf an enemy and it's clearly defined as eagle. your other two questions, you'll have to ask them again. >> the training involved in that. >> yes, when you get in those situations, all the mechanical things the guys are doing, they're not thinking about that jump shot. they're pulling the trigger and making it happen. they don't have to think about it. the decisions you make on the
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battlefield where you actually move your troops, they take thought and training, but that's why we have great military leadership in the military. >> we want to move on to something super and exciting. extreme ownership, this is their book. i predict major national best. . we're laying a foundation about leadership and what it takes, and it's really about a. . tell us about the ins ration for the book and when you decided to do it. >> while we were still in the military, we both ended up in positions where we were teaching. we eventually assembled something decent for them, and when we got out, i got skb.
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>> how was the process. you worked so well together in the field and all the missions you had together. team number 3 still the most decorated. in iraq, the two of you trying to write a book. how was it? >> we wanted to write this ourselves, we didn't want to use a recording. if you can't tell we actually believe in this stuff, we're very passionate about it because we want to make a break. >> what i took away from it is that you guys are fighting against an enabling culture that
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would -- we've become a culture of enablers. i actually thought about bringing you guys to talk to my kids' preschool. i know you have a little guy, i do, too, and to me you have all these parents who are enabling these kids to constantly make excuses about what's going on. i read this book and i thought, this is a book that parents should read. not so much about training s.e.a.l.s or training companies because that's what i took from it. it kind of crystallized what you do to be away from guys like you. >> we've actually had people tell us -- we talk about extreme ownership. yeah. he was asking. >> what a great story. we'll have a lot more ant.
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adapting to different circumstances. you guys went into ra mrks rama. you probably didn't have training. tell me the circumstances. >> we actually did have significant training. when we got there and people said we did the dropping. wla we had to adapt to was, how do we fit in with that other group? how do we support them and adapt to where we're doing. i looked at stuff that people haven't done before.
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berp and gelgt to areas where they couldn't get to so we could protect them moving through the city. >> i want to ask about the training because we talk about this evolution of simulation is pe pepg. . they can get a video game and learn to shoot as well as anybody. >> i don't know that i'm necessarily worried about it. the military is now using really nice, cool video games to train people. it's an effective training tool. it's very realistic. i look at some of those video games and they're awesome. i played pong, right? you guys may remember that. >> now they have halo. i believe it actually is good training. >> i just have one last question.
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when you go to see civilian leaders, what do they try to do az team that they don't have as consultants coming in? >> we have to look at it on a case by case basis. we still find it's only half a dozen problems, you know. they're not communicating, there's silos. it's the basic thing people know, and we come in, we assess, we figure out where the real choke points are and we help them get through those. >> i'm actually waiting for their next book. why not, right? it's great to have you here. thank you so much for joining us. and you know what's coming. please go out and buy a copy of their fantastic new book "extreme ownership" and we hope you'll both join us again. when we come back, we have a lot we want to talk to you about. next, the 2016 news of the race talks about the donald and
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upcoming challenges.
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>> in iowa, let's just say it's making for some interesting campaign comments from the frontrunner. >> bush is out there, his campaign is a disaster. it's because i came along. i'm proud of it. so he's meeting now with mom and dad. no, it's true. he needs counsel. and he was very angry over the week. here's a guy -- here's a guy who wants to run our country and he can't even run his own campaign. >> by the way, carson is lower energy than bush. i don't get it. i saw him being interviewed, he's lower energy than bush. i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventists i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> tying jeb bush to the bush family name seems to be working and playing on ben carson's mild demeanor is his strategy. time will tell if it will work
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for him. trump says in the end he will be a good uniter. >> i'm being divisive right now because i know how to win. i want to win, that's what i have to do. i will be a great unifier for the country. the country now is very divided by a president that doesn't know how to lead and he's a very divisive person. i will be a great unifier. >> he's got the plan, k. g. >> he's being very transparent by saying, this is what i do. i'm going to beat out and leg sweep out any of my opponents, i want to win this, and he'll do it by any tactic he feels necessary. again, let's shee how it works and resonates, right? >> what do you think of the strategy tying jeb to the bush name and talking about ben carson with a quite mild-man inn nered demeanor? >> don't mess with ben carson.
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he talked about when he was younger how he tried to stab someone, and that had to be a precursor to his profession as a surgeon. ever since he was young, he wanted to open people up. i think the religious thing is a bit sad. remember, trump isn't the first one to do this. they did this to mitt over mormonism. to please one side in religion, you have to trash another religion, and that's the inherent contradiction with religion. it exposes this contradiction that for one religion to be right, all the other ones have to be wrong. so this doesn't help religion at all, and this is why, when you're running for office, i believe -- and this is why i'll never be elected because i'm not religious -- you have to leave this stuff out of it. leave your team out of this. >> didn't it work with mitt? >> it did work, exactly, it did. and mitt was a great man -- >> and trump is going for it. >> trump mitt was a great man tt
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screwed by that, same way that trump is trying to make carson. >> one for carson, one for jeb. >> i take adam's point that trump thinks this is his strategy to win. because he's not doing as well in iowa and he wants to win, he feels like he has to lash out. then he'll try to convince some people that he will turn a corner once he's the nominee, and he will unite this nation and make it great again. i think he has a lot way to go to try to convince people of that. then when he questions the seventh day adventist, then he says, i'm just curious. i'm just raising questions, but that's exactly what you do when you try to sort things out. the problem is in iowa, that doesn't work. if you are casting doubt on fundamentalist christian values in iowa, yeah, you don't understand the state. he could go on to win iowa by this tactic, but in my opinion,
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i think he's going down the wrong road there. maybe it will work in new hampshire and south carolina, but probably not iowa. >> julie, i'm sorry, in south carolina and new hampshire, maybe he's saying, i'm not going to win iowa, let's move on. >> he's saying he is going to win iowa. the pollsters hate him. i think there's still fights you have to pick, whether with congress or other people, it's not going kum-ba-ya. who is to say there won't be a tactic if there's a bill in congress he doesn't like -- >> or he's mean to putin? >> exactly, being mean to putin is one thing, but be mean to whoever the next speaker of the house is because you're not happy about it is another. it's not going to change. >> it's like me saying i'm going to be a vegetarian after this t-bone. >> over the week the news broke
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that the jeb campaign staff was taking a pay cut to help keep the campaign alive. the frustration is plain as day and the candidate is seen on this clip in the south carolina town hall on saturday. >> i don't want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock become so dominant that people literally decline in their lives. that's not my motivation. i have a lot of cool things to do other than sitting around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and being compelled to demonize them. elect trump if you want that. if you want somebody who has a heart for people, who can fight for people and can fix these things, then there are a couple other people, and i believe i'm the best one. >> danny, we'll go to you first on that. >> boy, i can't imagine a campaign adviser mentioning that you have cooler things to do than run for president. >> maybe not, but you saw the reaction in the room. everyone sort of laughed and said, we get it. he's speaking to an audience
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there. i might not have said it, but i hear today that they feel like they've got some sort of strategy. if you look across the board in the fall before the election, in fact, in 2011, the free frontrunners, mccain, became the nominee. all those, jeb, and the others, maybe they won't be up there, but one of them will have to emerge. >> a 40% pay cut across the board, that's saying something. >> it's saying he's for limited government. i like what he said there. i mean, it was actually -- the interesting thing about this whole campaign, there is a couple things. one, it's amazing to see governors in trouble. i would have expected that to be different, but what you're seeing is a human. this is the most human campaign i've ever seen. you're actually seeing
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refreshing, unvarnished people, whether it is trump or it's jeb or it's ben carson. there is so much veneer being stripped off. it's almost too much to take if you had one of these guys. but you have a bunch of interesting characters here. even lindsey graham is interesting and provocative. >> you like lindsey. >> i do. >> so here's the deal. i like jeb showing that passion. you know what, that's who he is. he's very talented, he has a great record in florida. i understand what he was saying when he said i other cool things to do. meaning he wants to run a real campaign, debate the issues, get what's going on in this country. good. people need to learn how to tighten their belts. when you're the frontrunner, and i've had to hire campaign staff before, when you want the best in the business and you're the frontrunner and the honeypot. they all want top dollar for you to take them away from the candidates first before someone
2:26 pm
gets them. this was like the top seed. you want to get, like, the starting five line-ups. >> this is all working out just the way you want to. >> that's not what i said. it's because i have campaign experience. i told you what i thought about it, and i don't have a problem with it, and i want someone who will be scrappy and i want someone to say maybe i'm overextended a little bit. >> here's the problem. the problem is i get where he's coming from, i get his frustration. i completely agree with you, greg. but it comes across as, i don't want to do this, i could do better than this, but i'm doing it, why? because i'm the best guy for the country. and it comes across -- i don't think he meant for it to the way he did, but it comes across as a sense of entitlement where i'm doing this -- >> you think you know what he meant, though. >> i know what he meant.
2:27 pm
trump said something similar like, i'm the only one who is actually losing here because i am the only one that had to take a pay cut, then people like trump really love that comment. it's kind of the same thing. >> i can't wait for someone to get in and do government cuts. ahead, one of hollywood's biggest hypocrites is flapping his mouth again. director quentin tarantino targets the officers again. hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do.
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2:32 pm
the sticks. >> when i see murder, i can't stand by, and i have to call the murder a murder, and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> what an ass. once again we see marches against cops led by pop culture parrots making millions by violence. it's easy when the violence can't touch you and cops in real life protect you. driving through one protest, i must say there is nothing like right leftists shouting at black cops. tarantino must ignore it, so it's intact. holder was from guyana. but in clinton's world, they torture blacks in basements, just like "pulp fiction." clinton a fi-- quentin is a fil
2:33 pm
nerd who wants others to like him. remember that scene where the cops get mutilated through the sound of steeler's wheel? to quentin that's cool, to cops it's torture. in this era of sanctuary cities why not invite quentin to set up a police-free community where people like him can live and work without the benefit of cops, carve out a small corner of chicago where we can then place bets. in that cop-free world, will it be quentin or the film that gets shot first? i got this from a police captain. he did this. he went here because he got some flak. quentin tarantino got flak from black activists from his last movie "jenga in chains." >> it does seem like it's kind of filled with artifice.
2:34 pm
it doesn't seem like pure motive. i don't think he should have done this whatsoever. it's so out of touch with decency and respect. >> four days after a new york city cop was shot and killed. >> and a guy knowing that he has this kind of, you know, influence and reach with the popularity of his films should really have a little bit better of a moral compass about right and wrong and the influence that he might have. the type of presence that he has showing up at something like this could in fact engender more violence towards police officers, so he has to take that responsibility very seriously and i will not be seeing any more of his films. >> so you're going with a boycott. >> i'm not calling it a boycott. i'm exercising my free rights and i will be spending money on hairspray instead. >> i actually watched most of those movies you mentioned. with my hands over my eyes.
2:35 pm
>> you don't like suspense like that. >> i don't like suspense or violence. >> it's interesting, though, i got stuck in the march on the way home from work on saturday, and it was amazing to see the people shouting at police. the police are protecting the shouters. they're there to keep them from getting hurt, and all i saw was white leftists with backpacks shouting at cops. >> as i understand it, reading the coverage from reporters that were down there, the cops stood there face to face, did not turn their backs, just took it. the curious thing is, where is the source of this organization coming from? because it was four days after the nypd officer was killed. it wasn't like there was some sort of event that made them want to spontaneously protest on a saturday. >> it was three days. eric, let's play sheriff clark because it's always interesting. >> i love him. >> i don't know why they bother policing those demonstrations.
2:36 pm
they're not protests. those people advocate for the overthrow of our illegally constituted government. let them fend for themselves. let the law-abiding people of new york clash with them for disrupting their lives, disrupting their businesses, and then the police can show up and arrest these subhuman creeps for creating a disturbance. >> he calls them subhuman creeps. >> there was a back and forth with wheeler that it's worth watching, but sheriff clark stayed on a couple quick steps. the fbi came out and said all the anti-cops increase the violence among cops, so blood on your hands, quentin tarantino. of the 800 people killed by cops last year, 725 of them had guns. this isn't just random cop finding a guy, shaking him down and wanting to kill him, they're actually feeling a threat and they're responding to the threat.
2:37 pm
so know your numbers before you go and protest. >> if only the numbers were important. julie, they had to stop the cops staying in chicago. what about stopping the gangs? >> i have to say, i've been boycotting quentin tarantino because i'm the only person who doesn't take their dog out. >> i liked "kill bill." >> too bad i want to hear who is anti-quentin tarantino and has a 20-year record of being so. there are clearly bad apples in every batch, right? there are one or two or three bad cops. it doesn't mean you have to tarnish an entire police department. quentin tarantino said we would have canceled this because of the shooting in new york but all these people flew out.
2:38 pm
you know what? you're quentin tarantino. next, some news kimberly is not going to like. it has to do with her favorite foods and mine as well. but is it all just a butch of o bologna? >> i hope so.
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all right, it's happened again. there is a new warning issued about food most of us have been eating all of our lives. what are we supposed to stay away from this time? hot dogs, ham, bacon and other processed meats. this is the world health organization, because it says that those meats cause cancer. one person who likely won't be changing her diet any time soon, the world's oldest woman, 116-year-old susannah m ufat jones who recently released her
2:43 pm
secret for longevity. bacon every morning. >> she's my hero, so i've got to beat her, live to 120 or something like that. they're just so tasty. how do you stay away? >> that is my concern. this is not a unanimous ruling but it did go well beyond some of the probably cause of cancer. er eric, the pork industry is $95 billion for processed meat in the united states. >> you're talking to one guy who doesn't eat this. it smells amazing. you know america eats 71 pounds of meat per year per capita? maybe cut it back to just a pound a week. >> are you buying any of this, health expert? >> no, he's eating. >> what did the pig say when he was made into ham? i'm cured.
2:44 pm
i just made that up. >> wow. >> the amazing thing about bacon, it's so good that pigs eat it. if you cook bacon, the pig will eat it. it's so good. >> it's so good they eat themselves. i can understand that. >> the fact is your risk for cancer goes up as you cure other diseases. it's a disease that happens as you live longer. you want to hear another fun fact? >> what? >> do you know you're more likely to live to 80 if you live to 70? >> yes, i did know that. julie, do you remember a couple weeks ago the government told us that they had been remiss in telling all of us to have non-fat milk for 20 years and whole milk is actually really good for you and actually probably better for your health? >> i don't care about milk, but if it's a choice between death and no bacon, i will take that. kill me now. >> you like bacon in your drinks. >> oh, yeah. there is a place in new york called pdt.
2:45 pm
it's called a bacon-infused manhattan. it is the best drink ever. a amazing. >> and if you've ever had a bloody mary with a nice big piece of bacon in it, heavenly. >> that's a 100% probability of what you're saying. >> i am telling you, by the end of 2016, we're going to get eric to eat red meat. >> this year? >> 2016. >> we can do a bet on the election. >> yeah, but how long do you want it to go because i know you really want a hamburger. >> just eat it in moderation. >> i think there is a big conspiracy by the world health organization. >> what's it got to do with? >> climate change. ways to reduce our global -- >> all methane from the cattle, they're constantly breaking wind. instead of, like, not eating,
2:46 pm
just give them beeno. that's what my wife does for me. today is hillary clinton's birthday, so happy birthday to her. she got a big present this weekend from singer katy perry to help her with her campaign. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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hillary clinton held a rally in iowa this weekend, and a special guest showed up to help the crowd get roaring. no pun intended there. >> i march with hillary. i believe in her future, her vision. i believe in her policies. i believe in equal rights for men, women, pay. ♪ ♪ the power is inside of you ♪ let's hear it for hillary ♪ baby, you're a firework >> katy perry performed some of her biggest hits for the crowd. she also took over hillary clinton's instagram for the day. do you think she's posing for a
2:51 pm
cla clairv clairvoyant picture in times square? what's that thing on her head? >> i don't know, it's kind of weird. bill and hillary is a package deal and bill is all about the package. >> so, dana -- i'm not laughing at that. i'm offended on every level. >> i don't even know what i said. >> i do. i'll tell you later. >> this is great for hillary because one of the things she's lacking is relateability. the campaign says you'll hear more heart, more fun from hillary clinton. she's got a lot of people in hollywood. if conservatives were acceptable in hollywood, you might see one of them willing to campaign with someone that has their head screwed on straight. you can't find one, actually, in hollywood. there's a few. >> there's a few. there's not many. not hollywood. and that says something smart about him, right? that's where he decides to live. i also feel like for hillary clinton, this makes her more likeable. that picture on instagram was more meaningful than anything. >> the holding hands walking
2:52 pm
away, that was sort of reminiscent when they went on that little beach trip. >> i think it underscores the whole vote. the problem is republicans talk about she's too old, she's too last generation. but here's katy perry who i know nothing about but the kids say she's a big deal. >> katy perry is a very good musician and artist. politics, not so much. wearing the flag, i don't like it on her back. >> i would have saved that for the caucus. >> do you think she'll be back? >> she's been a very active democrat supporter. remember, she wore the president obama ballot last time as a dress with check the box for president obama. no surprise she's a big democrat, but i thought it was funny. equal rights, men, women, pay. what? she can sing, though.
2:53 pm
she definitely can sing, no question about that. >> for sure. "one more thing" is up next.
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his father was in the 82nd airborne division. he was called on december 16 of last year. shamus and his dad always had a special bond through running. he honored his father by running the marathon. when the race was over, he watched from the finish line to arlington national cemetary and he placed his medal on his father's grave. a salute to all the brave men and women of the armed forces and to all our veterans, god bless. if you ever have a chance to go and be a spectator at the marine corps marathon, you will see the most amazing thing, because all the troops are there actually to hand out water and food and bananas and they do all of it themselves. it is so inspiring. if you have a chance go and check them out. i wrote a piece today on i'm a huge fan of peggy noonan. it's called "the time of our lives." it's a collection of her work
2:58 pm
with an original essay that will knock your socks off. also, i just have to thank joyce hall because she made this beautiful cross-stitch. this is all cross-stitch. dog of the year, jasper in time. and she wrote him a fabulous poem as well. thank you, joyce hall, of mineola, new york. >> greg? >> no dog here, but my book comes out tomorrow. >> this is the audio book. >> it's a little one. >> it's for a little person. i'm leaving this show going to huntington, new york for a book review to sign books. if you're in long island, stop by. i'll be there at 8:00, 8:15 depending on traffic. >> people should go. that's a great event, great venue. >> and you'll be in a good mood. >> no, i'll be in a bad mood. i might be drunk. >> oh, my gosh. excellent. well, jeffrey got a little political last nik it out. >> the flower pictured here is
2:59 pm
called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left. you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country. let's take a look at your response. what is a pansy? >> correct. >> actually, the term is a bleeding heart, but pansy is a good one, too. they should have given her the credit for it. i say this is a bleeding heart liberal myself. >> eric, what do you got? >> dallas is having a tough time. tony romo went down four games ago, their own frustrations abound, the giants took them to the woodshed last night. but watch the frustration on greg hardy. this is a guy who was suspended with altercations with his girlfriend. then this is what's absolutely unacceptable. if you see it right there, he goes after the coach. he takes the clipboard out of his -- remember, guys, kids are
3:00 pm
watching this game. that's his second shot at redemption and he's down. >> hit your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. it appears outgoing house speaker john boehner has one more big compromise up his sleeve. this is "special report." good evening, welcome positive washington. i'm bret baier. house speaker john boehner's promise to try to clean his plate for his successor may be closer tonight. boehner and his team are working with the white house to come up with a plan that would raise the debt ceiling and seal the deal on a two-year budget agreement that would move past the 2016 presidential election. mike is following the story on capitol


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