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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 26, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it turts our feelings if you're not here, see you again tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> this tragic incident is used by people like donald trump, bill o'reilly and others to scapegoat a community. >> well, that is a big lie. a san francisco supervisor talking about the other lies that are influencing your life. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered and murderer the murderer. >> and does it get more outrageous than that? >> according to the report, 96% of the donations from faculty went to democrats. >> what is wrong with that?
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>> also, waters at cornell university, which is not a very diverse place. >> if i want an a, i title my papers "special interest". >> caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. big lies. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. people were saying barack obama was not born in the usa. factor found birth announcements in both honolulu newspapers. it would have been impossible to forge that.
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however, today, there are big lies that affect every single american. foreign felons that defy deportation that killed kate steinle. >> what happened in the case is tragic. but what is equally tragic is that this tragic incident is being used by people like donald trump, bill o'reilly and others to scapegoat a community. >> complete lie. we have never scapegoated anyone. and what is equally tragic is that a political commentator disagrees with him when there is a 32 year old woman is equally tragic? in 2014 talking points laid out a fair reform plan. you can check it out on where we've posted it. so david campos does not tell
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the truth. and worse than that, worse than that, he and his peers are anarchists, they're refusing to comply with federal law, putting incident like kate in danger. if i were the attorney general of the usa, i'd have campos and cohorts arrested and charged with obstruction of judge -- justice. >> in the meantime, violent crime in the usa is rising, homicides in 35 largest cities in the country up about 20% so far this year. president obama apparently think that's heavy weight hard drug dealers are nonviolent. it's a huge lie. every law enforcement agent in the country knows street drug trafficking is brutal, brutal. there are a few minor offenders
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in federal prison. fewer than 1% have been convicted of simple drug possession. how about the racial aspect? that is driving me insane sympathy for dope dealers. hispanics makeup 48% of the drug offenders, black, 27%, whites 22%. so another big lie saying the government is targeting blacks. it is not happening. case three. last week, new york city police officer randall holder shot dead by a drug dealer and a judge ord ordered him to rehab. there he is. the judge would not put him in prison, thus, officer holder is dead. less than a week after officer holder was killed and before his funeral took place, hollywood director quentin tarantino
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traveled to new york city to condemn police officers. >> an 18-year-old black teenager, august 9, 2014, michael walking to his grandmother's house with a friend when stopped and harassed by darren wilson, a ferguson cop. after being shot, he tried to run away. he was shot six times, twice in the head. >> he is reading from a script, as you may remember, a grand jury saw this case differently. they exonerated officer wilson as testimony demonstrated michael brown attacked the officer violently. but to tarantino, who lives in a world of his own, facts don't matter and he has no problem spreading a big lie. this is demoralizing many police officers and violent crime is
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rising. the entire situation has gotten the attention of fbi director. >> i spoke to officers privately who describe being surrounded by young people with mobile phones, taunting them when they get out of their cars. they said to me we feel under siege. we don't feel like getting out of our cars. >> so big lies are having a effect on lives in america. and many in the media mandated to report the truth actually knowingly spread the lies. that is the memo. now, in new york city, dr. jeffrey ross. where am i going wrong? >> you're raising a number of provocative ideas, incidents, individuals who are taking positions not everything you say is exactly as it seems. >> okay. give me one --
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>> okay. i, with respect to the fbi director, i have no doubt that he's talked to officers and police administrators and they feel besieged by the public, however there is no research that exists today that -- >> studies are being done now. >> we hope they are. >> i know they are. >> there is. >> but in new york city, i mean, i'm a reporter. police tell me all the time they're not nearly as aggressive. >> that is anecdotal evidence, bill. we need to investigate those. they're very provocative. >> you're not refuting that, are you? >> that selective police officers feel they're under siege? no. i'm not. >> because the evidence is that the mayor in new york city and your mayor in baltimore are perceive by the the cops as being anticop. if you're cop is seen as someone that doesn't like you, you're not going to work as hard as you might.
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take a look at the facts. this tarantino character, i think he destroyed his career, anyone watching that goes maybe i'm not going to see his movies. you have 630,000 law enforcement agents. do you know how many shootings there were in the last study killed in a year? 2013? do you know? 516. it's -- that is, out of that, whites 268, blacks 142, hispanics, 90. so this black lives matter, left wing thing that cops are murdering true. you're a fact based guy. would you tell your class it isn't true? >> i would say we have to question the facts. i think the facts are such that we have to put it into perspective. i don't think that police are decreasing the frequency at which they're stopping.
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and questioning. searching. and arresting individuals. there are selective police officers in certain jurisdictions where this is happening but it's not country wide. they do feel like they're under siege. smart phones have changed the game in the united states. >> instead of all of us working together, and i mean all of us working together, to say to the police you know you have power, and with that power comes responsibility. you shouldn't abuse anyone, but in the big picture, the police are our protectors. that is not the message getting out. >> i completely agree with you. i think this message is taught in our train academies and most police are respectful of citizens rights. there are the odd police officer and -- >> never going to have a perfect system. >> yes. >> thank you for coming in. >> coming up next, charles krauthammer will react to the
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big lie scenario. and waters world, going to cornell university where there is little diversity, up ahead. (vo) what does the world run on?
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because it leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. get healthier gums in 2 weeks innovation and you. philips sonicare continuing now with lead story big lies affecting all of us, joining us from washington charles krauthammer. you heard my talking points on the interview with the doctor. you say? >> look, i think i'm feeling a lilings bit more mellow than you are. of course, that's not unusual. but, on -- there is another untruthment out there about law enforcement. you might call it a lie. i think it's more of a myth. and that is that the sentencing is disproportionately rough, the automatic sentences. the mandatory sentences and are aimed at blacks. the fact is that those sentences were imposed in the 1990s with the bill clinton president probably the most anti-racist president we have had in our
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lifetime genuinely not a racist. and was supported by the black caucus. it was aimed at crack cocaine which was utterly devastating neighborhoods most particularly inner city neighborhoods. now, there is some people now left and right, republican and democrat who a quarter century later say it's democratic conian. perhaps it overshot. and, of course, it's less serious. there are other epidemics right now. that's myth number one. >> the reason the crack epidemic subsided was because of the strin gents sentencing. >> i agree with you. it's no coin dense. >> no it wasn't a coincidence. and it worked. >> that when you increase the incarceration rate you did i crease the crime. you know the famous headline in the "new york times" which said crime rate drops yet imprisonment rises and the "new york times" ran that as a puzzle and it wasn't until paragraph 15
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that they said well there is a theory that if the criminals are in jail then perhaps the crime rate will go down. >> okay. now, the myth if you want to put it, i say it's a lie all right, that big time narcotics traffickers are nonviolent. when you see all of the physical devastation reeked on people, yes. nobody forced them to buy the stuff but if you consider that as barack obama does a nonviolent offense, you are living in a world of your own. you are not in the real world. >> i agree with you completely and compounding that myth or lie if you prefer is the idea that somehow the majority of these drug offenders are guys who are smoking dope. >> i know, less than 1%. >> and having a joint. it's 1%. if i look at all the incarcerations in the country. overwhelmingly in the state and local prisons, 87% of all prisoners.
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the majority of those are violent crime. >> that's right. >> 20% are property crime. and you have got 13% are drug crimes. 16% are drugs of which 12 of the 16 are drug dealers three.5% are drug users. >> and the users. >> and heather mcdonald. >> heather mcdonald. >> plea bargain. >> they plea bargain down from the dealing to the possession and they let them do it. >> they make it sound like it it's a guy with a friday night. >> it's a lie, a fraud, and a myth. it's being perpetuated by the president of the united states. here is another one, kate's law. can you believe these people out in san francisco saying that because i would like to have a mandatory sentence for somebody who defies deportation with an aggravated felony conviction that i'm demonizing gardeners and house painters? this is what they are throwing out there? that is outrageous lie.
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outrageous lie. >> i will get less mellow on that one because that is obviously an untruth. and it's also a slander. you are not talking about ordinary illegal immigrants. you are talking about felons. in fact, the only objection i have i support kate's law i think more important kate's law is so narrow it's not going to have a large effect. the sanctuary cities is a much larger. >> you have got a much harder problem. here is the thing about kate's law that you may be overlooking. number one, gives law enforcement a tool to break up the drug gangs because many of them are run by people who have been deported, okay, with aggravated felony. number one, they can go in and break these foreign drug gangs up. number two, it's a deterrent for coming back here. it's a deterrent. when these people know when they are going to be picked up and come back and immediate going to go for five or more maybe they won't come back. >> last word is this: a bigger deterrent is to know that if you go to any of these 600 jurisdictions, wig big cities and small towns
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where they have declared in advance this are not going to cooperate with the law of the land of deportation, that is the biggest loss. >> that's the biggest battle we have to fight. it's a big battle. >> that's hanging a sign out outside the u.s. saying come on in to these cities and we won't touch. >> you free of an arcky. come on down. all right, charles. thank you very much. we appreciate it directly ahead, big republican debate on wednesday as you know. we're expecting candidates to drop out soon after that but who? we'll name some names. and later, motivating millennials, younger americans pretty hard to do that these days. one man has found a secret formula. moments away.
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else?
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impact segment tonight, the republican prime time debate this week, as you may know there are 10 contenders on the stage. pretty soon some of those folk also have to drop out. there are some new state polls in the play this evening. i don't really like to report on state surveys because they are notoriously unreliable. result of happening what suspecting harassment new state poll has donald trump and ben carson tied at 27. new monmouth has carson 32 and trump 18%. what's going won that well ahead in new hampshire and south carolina. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in new hampshire according to that survey. joining us from washington laura ingraham. >> who do you expect to fold. >> if anyone folds it might be somebody like a rick santorum or a mike huckabee. however, cav yet there. both of them won iowa before. so maybe for old time sake they go back into iowa and i think santorum especially will go back into iowa. see how he does. if he doesn't finish strong i don't intend to see him much longer.
8:23 pm
>> they don't have any money. >> you know, bobby jindal. i don't see the point of bobby jindal in the campaign at this point. is he polling at, what, 1%, 2%. so i don't think that bobby jindal makes much sense. >> in the early debatedder. santorum, jindal, pataki and graham. none of them have a chance to become president. we will just say, juan, to the sake of argument, that they have to drop out fairly soon. but then you are getting into then rand paul, john kasich, chris christie, mike huckabee. all 5% and down. do you expect them to leave? >> i would think that if anybody drops right now it, would be chris christie. again,. >> nothing. >> i told me friday though he is in it until the primary season though. >> all these guys can hang around. they all want platforms. if that's the case with the four minor people on the stage how mentioned don't even get in the big debate. christie right now really as an establishment candidate, he has gained no traction, nothing in the polls. nothing with the big money
8:24 pm
people. so, this is just about his ego at this point. >> he is done. >> so then beyond that carly fiorina had her moment, but it hasn't resulted in anything. she has slunked back down in the polls. >> i don't see carly fiorina getting out. >> she knows bebaits has done her well. rand paul has told me wouldn't get out until new hampshire. if he won't perform well in iowa which i won't i think or new hampshire there is no pathway for him. i think at this point we can all conclude that lindsey graham is only in it to try to maybe blunt one of the outsider candidates in south carolina. maybe help a rubio or a jeb bush. but there is absolutely no reason that lindsey graham should be running for president. >> i don't know why -- i guess everybody has their own path that they want to follow. but rand paul has no chance to be president. mike huckabee doesn't have any chance. chris christie at this point doesn't have any. the others have a thread of a chance. we talked about jeb bush. we will talk about him, i should say with karl rove
8:25 pm
coming up. >> jeb bush is the big story. i'm glad you are going to do that, bill. >> he is not dropping out. >> he is not dropping out because he has the big super pac money. but the idea that he opens himself to the kind of derision where he says you go it meet with your mom and dad. bush comes back i'm too cool. i don't need. this i mean. >> that -- >> does jeb bush risk being humiliated in florida by marco rubio or perhaps the outsider candidates. trump is leading in florida as we all know and leading hand diddly over jeb. everyone thinks jeb is going to go the distance. if you lose all the big states and you lose your home state, i don't really see the pathway for him at all. but, you know is, it a matter of pride? does he stay in? i don't know. >> here is the equation. when some of these candidates do inevitably drop out, their follower also go somewhere else. you don't think they are going to go to trump because
8:26 pm
everybody who wants trump is in the trump train. he is not the kind of guy who is -- gee, i don't really know how i feel about the donald. you know. so, he is not going to pick up. carson, you know, he is out performing all the polls. rubio is the guy that mostly the establishment likes and he could gain. but i see cruz staying. i see fiorina staying. bush staying. rubio, carson and trump. i don't think the others will stay. >> and bill, the only question is likes a they drop out are they going to go to rubio or go to jeb? most of them probably won't go to trump but they will go to one of the two. >> if cruz leaves, i think he could supporters going to trump. i will say this for jeb, use of the name doesn't help because nobody wants that name right now. use of the idea national security and his experience it's just not working. >> juan, it's too late for him to change his name. you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
8:27 pm
evening. is the millennial generation young americans hopeless or can they be motivated to succeed in a competitive society? and watters with millennials on the far left campus of cornell university it gets kind of grizzly and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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tonight, the ohio state football team ranked number one in the nation and no question that head coach urban meyer is a big time motivator of college athletes. mr. meyer's new book is called "above the line. " you are 51 years old. okay? you are old enough to straddle my generation. to it the minutes who are playing millennials who is playing now. there is a big difference when these kids come in to play ball. they show boat. the team is as much as a factor as the individual. all of that, big money at the end of the rainbow for ohio state players. how do you get through to thiment? them. >> as a general statement that is correct. i was blessed to have a team that was none of that last year. so you always have a dream to have this perfect team put together and it takes a long time. try develop a culture of where you don't put up that
8:32 pm
kind of stuff. >> when you say you don't put up that w. that kind of stuff. go in and look at the at the kid and you don't think the kid will bend to your will. that's what it is all about. bending to you and your coaching staff's with will. >> the biggest thing i have noticed is i took a year off of coaching and went around and studied some of the great coaches out there. the common denominator is the ceo or head football coach creates a culture are where that's not existent. if you can create that it's more difficult now than it has ever been. in the use of the social media nonsense. that can't be done at the team level. we call something nine strong has to be done within each unit on the team. >> nine strong? what does that mean. >> four units on defense. defense line, linebackers, corners and safeties. tight ends, running backs and offensive line. and it's a militaristic. small unit cohesion. g.j. one of the great quotes says the soldier does not fight for the hatred of those in front of him but
8:33 pm
the love of those behind him. >> so you try to create a militaristic atmosphere where each player is looking out for the other player in his unit? >> that's it. >> but you know the temptations that these kids are subjected to big time star in columbus, ohio. you got drugs, you have got women, you have got gambling, you have got everything. >> agents. >> agents who are peddling a line you don't need to stay there more than one year. it's a one-on-one thing with you, is it not. >> absolutely not. it's the unit. if those kids are going to make -- if you can find a kid with self-discipline, self-respect and incredible work ethic that's elite, that's a tebow. that's a j.t. barrett. the other group of kids have to make decisions for a reason. why is that? the quote i just used because they have so much confidence or they are so close, the family atmosphere within each unit will drive. >> they do it? >> they do it it. >> do you wash a lot of them
8:34 pm
out? do you wash a lot of kids who won't do it out? >> i have never been this particular in my life as i am now in recruiting i ask the hard questions. >> you don't want infection on the team. >> a lot of the big time teams have trouble. they have kids in trouble for one reason or another look at jameis winston down in florida state he steals crab legs or something. is he is a brilliant quarterback they let it go down there. i don't think you would have let it go, right? >> i would have been hard to let that go. >> all right. so you would have gotten rid of him. but you still succeed on your own terms. whereas other colleges sometimes they don't want to discipline the big stars because there is too much at stake. what's separates from you them? >> we have had our issues over the past few years. when i was at florida we had some issues. we had issues at ohio state. i had a star quarterback get in trouble a couple years ago. once again it goes back to creating that culture where it doesn't exist. that's somewhat camelot because it's always going to be there the thing that what this book is a tribute to that group last year. i have never quite had one like that.
8:35 pm
>> you are putting that up as the exemplar. >> item plate. >> how are you -- all these kids have to read it? you have to read your book or you got to do sprints? >> they much live it. they hear it nonstop. >> coach, can't argue with your success and ohio state is a fine example of people working together. and we appreciate you coming. >> in i have been watching you for many years. thanks for having me. >> thank you, coach. when we come right back, jeb bush not at all happy about his campaign situation. and watters on the campus of cornell university where there is no co-eagles and little cohesion and little diversity. those reports after these dave's been working on his game, morning double bogie. hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? dave loves the two scoops and that kellogg's raisin bran
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or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere. >> number one cable news show 15 years and counting. thanks staying with used in the campaign 2016 segment tonight, speaking at a town hall meeting in south carolina jeb bush was blunt. >> if this elections is about how we are going to fight to get nothing done, then i don't want -- i don't want any part of it. i have got a lot of really cool things i can do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that.
8:40 pm
>> joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove, and you are not advising formally governor bush or any of the other republican candidates you do chat with them. full disclosure. they come to you as yoda and they ask pertinent questions. >> i like it think of myself as ob one. >> you may want to look at still pictures of both of them and you will see that i'm right as always. now, i think governor bush is frustrated. what is your advice to him? >> well, i took that comment as something different. i think he was talking about what would happen if he got elected and the whole object was to demonize your opponents at not get anything done. look, everybody gets a turn in the barrel. and in presidential campaigns we learn almost most of the time we learn almost more from how people handle adversity from how they handle success. so he has got his time in the barrel now. he did something that i you thought was useful, cut the overhead. started to move people out of raising money and into
8:41 pm
the field. we're now reaching that point in the campaign where with is hundred days to go just over three months to go until we start voting on in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. start moving people out of raising money and put them into the field. but, look, he is in the second tier. you have trump and carson at the top. then you have bush, cruz, and rubio in the second tier. and then everybody else in the third tier. and you know, he was the frontrunner in may and june and july. >> i think he is stunned. i kind of liked him saying what he said because it showed some passion. >> yeah. >> i hope the governor is watching tonight. i will tell you why governor bush has not done very well so far. he not feeling the pain of the folks. he is not feeling it it look, this is a unique year that the republican party and conservative traditional americans are furious. they are angry. and if you don't feel and reflect that anger, they don't want you.
8:42 pm
and that's what it is all about. >> well, lock, also we have a huge field. so let's give credit to the fact that we have got a large number of people slicing up the electorate. but, i think you are right. he needs to humanize the problem. and he needs to humanize the solution. if you look at his statements and his speeches and his policy pronouncements, whether it was tax reform or entitlement reform, a number of other issues. he has got very thoughtful approaches that have been applauded by a great many conservative institutions. >> it doesn't matter. >> but you have got -- it does matter. look, let's not be so definitive and divisive about what we are at this point. i would remind you in september of 2011, which is roughly the same amount of time between september and when we began voting that time in january, january 2ened, i think it was in 2011, we are not going to vote until the first of february. herman cain was leading and we saw three more changes before the time we got to
8:43 pm
the vote. >> we all knew that mr. cain entertaining as he was. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i'm talking about the factor. >> we know that in retrospect. >> no, no, no. >> perfect clarity. but that's my point is these things are rock and roll up and down. >> i'm telling you that's traditional thinking and you are wrong not this year because barack obama and hillary clinton are not the ordinary opposition. this is what conventional traditional republicans don't understand. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> they are not the ordinary opposition. >> barack obama was the ordinary opposition -- he was not the ordinary opposition in 2012. he was not the ordinary opposition in 2008. >> far worse now. >> if what you mean by that that the anger of the voters and what the president has done has only been enhanced in the last four years, i agree with. >> you thank you. >> but, but, let's not suggest that all the rules have been tossed out and things have taken an entirely different format
8:44 pm
this time around. and that there is not a chance for lots of things to happen. and lots of things will happen. >> i'm telling you if you don't take my advice. i'm talking to all the candidates now on the republican side and i will advise mrs. clinton and bernie if they want. they are not running a traditional race this year. there is too much anger in this country. we need to tap into that and you need to say i feel that anger. mr. rove as always. thank you. i just cut him off. we will bring him back next week and he will finish his thought. watters is on deck. cornell university one of the least diverse major colleges in the country. we sent watters up there. and then did chris christie get slimed over the weekend? we're coming right back. it takes technology, engineering and coordination for pga tour professional rickie fowler to hit the perfect shot. at quicken loans, technology, engineering and coordination come together
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faculty to political candidates, 96% went to democrats. only 15 of 323 donors gave the conservative campaigns. that doesn't seem real diverse to me. so we sent watters to cornell. >> what year are you here? >> i'm a grad student, actually. >> oh, fancy pants. >> you have lots to talk about, huh? >> what's the campus. >> very diverse campus. a bunch of different people from a bunch of background. >> it's not diverse because according to this report 96% of the donations from faculty here went to democrats.
8:49 pm
>> what's wrong with that? >> whoa. >> do you ever feel that the professors are pushing a political agenda here? >> i have friends who are liberal arts majors. they write a paper and bring up a conservative viewpoint. they won't get a good grade. >> if i want an a, i tell. >> 96% is kind of high. >> that's really high. >> you are acting like brown university. >> i'm obviously not really surprised. >> your brain is a sponge right now. i'm worried that these teachers are starting to have a chilling effect ♪ >> i'm going to give you a a test to see if you have been indoctrinated and how bad it is. do you think we should build a wall on the southern border to protect the illegal alien invasion. >> the invasion. >> so you would be okay with guatemalans coming into your dorm room and sleeping on the floor. >> no. >> that's not smart from a cornell student. >> i'm indoctrinate sod i know nothing. >> do the professors pass around duties in class? >> maybe that i don't know
8:50 pm
about. >> i won't go schizo, will i. >> do the teachers ever burn incense in class. >> never? >> you probably missed that then. wh class? >> no. >> what is the national debt right now? >> $200 million? >> $18 trillion. professors aren't telling you the truth? >> maybe not. >> do you think that the phrase "islamic terror" is offensive? >> yes. >> have a lot of the terrorists been episcopal these days? >> you can't buy me anything. >> diner? >> this just got weird. >> what do you think about hi hillary clinton? >> i lost a lot of respect in her. >> why did she lie about the benghazi attacks when she knew it was a terrorist attack?
8:51 pm
>> huh? come on, you're better than that. >> i don't think she was lying at all. >> the sanders, are you feeling the burn? >> i feel like hillary will give him the burn. >> i am very sorry to interrupt, but we ask that you don't interview students. >> would you grant us permission if they grant us permission the >> not on campus. >> it says you have the power to grant us permission. you're denying us permission to interview students? >> not on campus. >> you're the head of media relations. are you choosing not to articulate the reason or you don't have a reason? you're not granting us permission? >> i will send you a statement. >> so you made the statement?
8:52 pm
>> i will send you an e-mail. >> ever watch "waters world?" >> no. >> i'm waters. this is my world right here. this is my world right here. >> we appreciate you coming to campus. >> they hated you. >> they did. >> no doubt about it. >> did the guy tell you? >> finally i got a statement. it didn't say why i wasn't allowed to shoot. it said cornell doesn't consider a person's political stance in its hiring practices. >> you didn't ask about that. >> maybe they should. >> they basically didn't want you there, but don't they understand they look 18 times worse than if they just let you alone. >> i know. after they hire conservative professors -- >> they called me and told me the real reason they didn't want you on campus. you had mittens. >> those were not mittens. >> that offended almost
8:53 pm
everybody. >> you're one to talk about fashion. i've seen what you wear off campus. >> here i am right here. did you see any of the students wearing mittens? no, you were the object one. that's why they didn't want you on campus. >> i get cold easily. >> ♪
8:54 pm
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can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. "factor tip of the day," sliming chris christie in a moment. but first, i have to say, it was very satisfying this wmd seeing the best seller list in "the wall street journal" and "the new york times." "killing reagan" on top of every nonfiction category. we understand that's because of you, reading the book and spreading the word. thank you. it's an honest look at one of the most effective presidents america has ever had and the massive trauma he had to
8:56 pm
overcome. a lot of people ask me which is my favorite killing book? it's impossible to pin that down. in a few days or weeks, i haven't decided when, we will have a town hall meeting about the "killing reagan" and discuss any and all questions about the killing books. ly keep you posted as to the date of that. now to the mail. >> as a southerner, lbj recognized black americans were at a big disadvantage in the market place. thus, he designed federal programs to improve that situation. many did not work, but the intent was noble.
8:57 pm
and within the tradition of the democratic party. so he was a traditional democrat. >> no question, wesleyan is a troubled school, victoria. >> we're investigating that law right now and will have more tomorrow.
8:58 pm
>> i hope you were latughing wih us, not at us. just a few seats remaining for south florida at the hard rock. check it all out on billo' the final shows were sold out in ceasar's and charlotte. and a quick happy birthday to ruth milleat who is 106 years old. party on, ruth, party on, as garth might say. and finally the "factor tip of the day," there are a number of hate websites that try to destroy people. nothing you can do about it. a free society tolerates this garbage. but when the main stream media picks up the hate stuff, things can get intense. enter governor chris christie, who was the subject of a malicious report on a hate website. it said a conductor ordered the governor out of a quiet car.
8:59 pm
that did not happen. yet "the new york times," "the washington post," ti"time" magazi magazine, cnn among others picked the story up. that is grossly irresponsible, as these news agencies know the source of the story, they know the website is despicable and a far left hate operation. nevertheless, they picked it up any way. "factor tip of the day," the american media can no longer be trusted. that is it for us. i would like to spout off about "factor" anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be sycophantic when writing to "the factor." and when here on "the factor," you should check us out. if i say something that's not right, check it out, because we are a fact based operation, but we want you to be skeptical.
9:00 pm
do not trust the american media anymore. it's just too many bad things happening. again, thanks for watching. miss megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. the next republican debate in the 2016 cycle is less than 48 hours away with. attacks from candidates on other candidates only intensifying over the weekend, some are saying the stakes for this showdown are higher than any before. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. twice in the 2016 race for the white house, the republican field has taken the stage in a face-off that changed the conversation for american voters. this time the focus is on the economy. but with several republicans seeing a drop in the polls, and problems with fund-raising, the ones at the bottom are under increasing pressure to get it done or get out. while the top of the pack


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