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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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like frank and we might just put you on tv. that's all the time we have left this evening. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance. it hurts our feelings if you're not here. see you back here tomorrow night.
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>> for the first time the u.s.s. is acknowledging the death of an american service member in the fight against isis. >> they planned to it rescue kurdish fighters held by isis in a makeshift prison 56 miles south of irbil. >> this operation was deliberately planned and launched after receiving information that the hostages faced imminent.
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>> security forces no western hostages were thought to be there. brand new footage believed to show images. wheeler was killed in the raid. the rescued 70 hostages about to be executed. in that video leaked by the kurds you can see special forces frantically searching the building with gunfire ringing out. hostages searched and taken to safety. former u.s. army intelligence officer andrew peek is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> what do you think when you see that video? >> what jumps out at me first is how unbelievablably chaotic it is is, right? people are shouting. there is is more hostages than expected. there is more resistance than expected. there is 70-plus iraqi arabs running around when they are expecting something like 20 kurds. i think, you know, when we think about special forces raids. we think of some sort of space age elite mec warrior
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bloodless operation. and in relation, this is incredibly gritty stuff. >> is this what you would anticipate though? is it always like, this i mean, i would assume that it is. >> well, the big difference in iraq, and this has sort of been the problem with the campaign from the beginning is that the lack of reliable ground forces we have, right, we have the kurds but that's a fairly small group. elsewhere in iraq, elsewhere in syria, it means that our operators are going far behind, you know, enemy lines, right, they to sort of take are archaic phrase a lot more danger and makes raids uncertain everyone creases the risk factor and difficulty overall sncht that combat? >> yes. >> the reason i ask you is i listened to what the secretary of defense and white house eric schultz said about this. >> it doesn't represent represent us assume ago combat role it represents a continuation of our advise
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and assist mission. >> the actual mission and operation that you are referencing that was authorized by the secretary of defense, that is consistent with our mission to train, advise and assist iraqi forces under this very operation. that mission is limited in scope, but does include supporting our partners on the ground. >> andrew, the reason why i have played that is because i also talked to someone who is familiar with combat who says nothing makes a soldier more disappointed to put a buddy on the line fire fight for political reasons he won't recognize what his buddy did unconscionable. the white house not calling this combat. they call it advise and assist. >> you know, what's so troubling, frankly about this it s. it reminds me so much of the mission in somalia in '92. in the sense that the somalia raid that was nut into the movie black hawk down was a disaster because 18 americans lost their
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lives also a strategic gasser the american people weren't aware our forces were in syria fighting they were on the ground shooting there when you had all those americans i do there was revulsion against the mission and against further american engagement in the region that it led to a strategic pull back. i think for political reasons not calling this combat and i think it's indecent is. we got i don't know why the white house or the secretary of defense said that you are the expert. andrew thank you very much for joining us, i hope you will come back. >> thank you so much, greta. >> get ready, there could be blood on the floor. donald trump and dr. ben carson going at it on the campaign t plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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tragedy has hit the fox news channel. >> mary katharine's ham jake brewer. >> 34-year-old jake brewer who worked in the white house. >> he was killed in a bicycle accident while doing something for others. biking for a cancer charity. >> i know how grateful mary cath ren and the family is for the truly remarkable outpouring of support from the fox family, from our viewers. it has been extraordinary. it has been moving and it has been a very small ray of light and hope. >> jake brewer, only 34 years old, tragically died while helping others. jake was taking part in a charity bike race. he lost control of his bicycle and collided with an oncoming car. you know know his wife mary katharine ham. and she knew she needed a way to honor her husband. he was a democrat. she was a republican. but their love of helping american service members is what initially drew them together. in 2011, during their first year of marriage, jake and mary katharine ran the marine corps marathon and
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this weekend she ran in the 10 k to help keep her husband's memory alive. griff jenkins spoke to her after the race. >> this is the finish line. a 10-kilometer tribute to fallen marines and for mary katharine ham an opportunity to honor her late husband. >> congratulations. you are 8 monthsand you just di. >> thank you. >> on this great october day, nothing was going to stop mary katharine 8 month pregnant with their second baby from crossing the finish line. >> i did think this would be therapeutic and something that jake would appreciate. he was never one for anyone sitting on their butts. and so he would not tolerate it for me. >> last month her husband jake brewer tragically killed during a cancer charity bike ride doing what he loved the most, serving others. he was a democrat. a member of the obama white house. she, a conservative pundit,
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and familiar face here at fox news. but one thing this bipartisan couple had in common, supporting fallen service members at the marine corps marathon. >> we ran together at this race in 2011, which is is the year that we got married. and when i say together, i mean he kicked my butt and i ran respect'ably behind him. >> and this year jake's passing not nearly enough to keep him away from the race. >> i try to focus on the good mommy's and i try to remember that we love him here. but that he can check us out and hopefully he has got a really good seat for that. >> for "on the record," i'm griff jenkins. >> and now mary katharine ham joins me. nice to he see you mary katharine. >> thanks. >> and i told you before when you sat down how awkward this is because you never know what to say to someone like. this that's the way this works. >> you know, it really is. i didn't know your husband
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but when this happened, it turned all of us upside down. it turned the viewers upside down. i can't even imagine, you know, what it's like for you and little georgia. >> one of the things that i have learned about this process is that there is no quick cure. but, there have been blessings in it even though it is a terrible thing. and one of the blessings is that both people i know personally and my professional family here at fox and elsewhere and thousands of people that i do not know who are among our viewership and just people who cared about us have been willing to support us and just armies of people praying for us. and that really has brought me so much comfort and brought all of us so much comfort. i would like to say thank you for that. >> when i hear the terms, you are a young woman hear late husband. that's not supposed to happen' to a young woman. you are pregnant with your second child. that's not supposed to happen. late not the right word. you know, and when i hear all the things about jake. of all things, he is on a charity trying to help others. i mean, that's not supposed to happen. >> right. yeah, he was one hell of a
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human being it's hard to explain all that he was. because he did so many things. and he was one of these people who might have been obnoxiously good at everything, except that he was such a cool guy and such a nice guy and really was driven to help other people all the time. i think he knew that all of his talents were blessings and that they were given to him and that he needed to use them in the service of others. that was something that drove him. it's how he fit in 70 years of life in 34 years which is one thing i'm really thankful for. >> how did you find out? where were you? >> i was in durham, north carolina, with my family thank goodness when this all started happening. >> you get the phone call and then everything is different. >> well, yeah. there is sign post in my life now before and after this happened. and the thing is, and i think jake would want this for us. it is an impossibly
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irreparably sad thing that happened to us. i'm not irrepresent parrably sad person. my children would not be and our children will not be. he would want to us live bravely and i would want us to have fun. i will probably always think that the world is a little bit less fun and beautiful because he is not here, but he would say it's my job to get off my butt and make it fun and beautiful. >> you know, i see that picture, and i mean i look at him and i think wow, i would like to have known him. it's like -- i didn't see him in here with you. and i look at that and he looks like he is full of life. >> yes. >> he looks like he wants to have fun. look at you in your costumes. what was that all about? >> i'm a little bit obsessed with halloween. jake was kind enough to go along with it he is a very talented photographer. when he figured out he could take pictures of us in our get up every year he went along with it i dressed him up as captain america because frankly it was pretty believable. he was that guy.
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and he was incredibly talented athlete. very smart guy. just gifted in every area. >> i ask every woman this and every man. when you first met him, did you love him? did you like him? >> i think when i first met him for both of us there was were some reservations because of the bipartisan nature of that relationship. but i think with the reason we were together is because we believed that people are more than just their politics. they are more than just their ideologies. it's a rare person who is not a hybrid of some kind and you can find things to come together on. and jake and i agreed on many things. not least of which was the way we would raise our kids. that's one thing i feel very confident about moving forward is that i know what he would have wanted. and that i can take care of things. and one thing i said throughout all of this is if you had put this exact scenario to jake, he would have said without a -- beyond a shadow of a doubt that i could handle it.
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now, that doesn't mean that i have no doubts. but the fact that he would not gives me strength. and i really believe that and he will continue to give me strength from elsewhere as well. >> how is georgia, your daughter? >> she is doing good. she is happy to have everyone around here. there is a chance at her age that she will hang on to a little bit of memory of him. so i'm praying for that and helping her reinforce it. he loved to take photos of her. and did it every month. he did a photo shoot with her every month. and they say that toddlers connect memories to photographs. so i'm hoping that that activity that they did together that was so important will stick with her. >> it's amazing that did you the race in his honor. good for you. >> thank you very much. >> and, i look forward to jug come back here, you know, when the time is right. you know, come back full time it and talk with all of us in the makeup room and come on the set and everything else like we all do here. >> thank you. the race and this is and this whole process are about
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putting one foot in front of the other and not giving up and that's what i'm doing. >> you have got a big project, a new baby coming. >> yes. >> mary katharine, thank you for joining us. >> great. >> like i said, jake was, you know, an inspiration to all of us. even those of us that didn't know him. >> i'm glad. >> ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. test test
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get ready to speed read the news. massive earthquake killing people in afghanistan and pakistan. the earthquake could be felt across all southern asia and and 300 more injured. suffering the worst casualties 200 dead and another is thousand injured. horrific death toll is expected to climb. violence continuing in israel.
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soldier seriously injured after being stabbed by palestinian. that palestinian attack shot and killed why israeli troops and over the weekend a palestinian woman was shot and killed after trying to stab israeli soldiers. manhunt in belgium is now over after police arrest a suspect after attack army barracks. a lone attacker tried to ram his barracks and fled after opening fire. three hour search and right now police are saying terrorism is not the motive anding to investigate. that's tonight's speed read. vote obligorren twitter is tarantino wrong for making violent movies and marching in anti-cop rallies? here are the results. check this out. this is the best tweeted picture all the day. that is tita dressed up as a bee for halloween and never miss my favorite tweeted pick of the day. set "on the record" never miss best tweeted pic all day. watch your favorite fox programs how about
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111:01 p.m. each night. thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow 7:00 p.m. eastern. go check out my facebook page. i put a special off-the-record just on facebook for you. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye" which republican presidential candidate tried to stab someone when he was 14? it is always the quiet ones. and the comedian who played the president on tv became the real president. could we have a president darrell hammond? and if the show wasn't packed with awesome enough already we have a full sows. bob saggit is in the building. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly white. the white house and congression alleyeders are reaching a budget deal. it would keep them running for two more years and raise the debt ceiling


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