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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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there's someone on the beach that wants to kick it. >> they had to use some glue or something. >> thanks for joining us. real story with gretchen starts now. thanks for very much. china responding to the u.s. envoys that they are sending a ship into the disputed waters. one smart contending the bergdahl prisoner swap was not legal. federal officials getting involved in that school confrontation between a student and an officer. we're here to bring you the real story. it starts right now. the pentagon top brass getting grilled about isis on capitol hill today. defense secretary ash carter and joint chief chair general testifying on the u.s. strategy against the terror group confirming reports that the u.s. is looking into moving u.s. troops closer to the front lines in iraq and syria. national security correspondent
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jennifer live with more. >> there was some heated moments. what did we learn? >> we've learned the president is weighing recommendations to ramp it up in a move that would place troops closer to combat. the news chairman said he would recommend embedding u.s. troops with iraqi to enforce operational and strategic success. >> after talking with the commanders on the ground, i believe we'll have an opportunity to reenforce iraqi success in the days ahead. we've developed a variety of options to do that. >> especially in rocca, syria and iraq part of isis commanding
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control. >> that would be a by change. we were out of iraq. what did the defense secretary have to say about the naval operation? i know they are very concerned about the china sea. >> at first he did not want to confirm what we have already reported that the u.s. has a guided navy destroyer came within 12 nautical miles of the spratley islands. senator john mccain pressed him for details. >> i don't like the idea of talking about our military operations but what you read in the newspaper is accurate. >> i don't think the senator asked you when and how. he asked you whether you could confirm it or not. >> the chinese foreign ministry called it a provocation and threatened to respond. the white house said the u.s. will fly and sail anywhere that
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international law allows. >> thank you. now to politics, new national poll knocking donald trump off the top. dr. ben carson jumping up top 26%. trump four points behind. the race is a tie while the others lack far behind. marco rubio coming in third. great to see you. you get the first crack at this. what does this mean? >> it shows and e enforces the republican race is really up for grabs. it's been a volatile race. people have been moving up and down. there's still two guys dominating the field. trump had opinion number one for a hundred delays. it shows there's a lot of life
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left in this race on the republican side. we have a long way to go. i think new surprises are on the horizon. >> in the last four polls ben carson is in the lead in iowa. it shows he's got a ground game going as well. it's interesting to me that the other candidates still haven't picked up on the fact that this is not like other presidential campaigns and they need to get with the program as well and think a little outside the box instead of the same old thing. >> the struggling jeb bush campaign, a slamming marco rubio calling him a gop obama in a meeting with donors.
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let me go back to larry first. what is that all about? >> it's interesting he made these comments not to voters. if you tell republican voters that marco rubio is the gop obama, those are fighting words. he made it to donors. he was talking about the candidacy and his experience and how he comes across as a candidate. i'm sorry to break there to you john ellis bush who really hasn't been in the game but the obama of 2008 actually won the election. by calling rubio the gop obama is not too big of an insult when it comes to talking about his candidacy. >> he wasn't criticizing his policy. he was criticizing his experience. what we're seeing is voters kind of don't want anyone with political experience. that may be a good thing. >> they're running very much as
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an outsider in this race. >> there's a lot inside the republican. i think these next few days will be really important. >> thst incredible important. there's one that will be happening tomorrow night. >> larry, let me ask you this. for those establishment like candidates, when do they start shifting their strategy? can they shift their strategy? >> they have no stop running on their records. they keep showing their resume and say look at things i've done and the offices i've held. the gop electorate doesn't care. the electorate in general doesn't care.
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all hillary clinton has is her resume. that's not going to play well in the general election either. if i were marco rubio, i would be stressing the fact he's only been in washington four years. that's a plus. >> he said he was frustrating with being in the senate and wasn't sure he wanted to run. >> i'm frustrated being this close to the senate. >> all right. at least you're not frustrated with each other as much today. wait till you get to the elevator. >> larry's awesome. >> you're killing my brand. they're going to keep the government running into 2017. the proposal would raise spending by $80 billion over two years. it did not include $32 billion increase already included in an emergency war fund. it also includes cuts to social
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security disability benefits and medicare. >> it would take away the debt limit issue for about a year and a half. vice president joe biden in washington a short time ago called it a good deal. biden said they got everything they wanted but it would prevent the government from lurching from crisis to crisis. >> the alternative was a clean debt ceiling increase without any additional support for our troops and any entitlement reforms. this is a good deal for our troops and for our taxpayers and for the american people. ryan complained about the process but part of the package is designed to help the
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transition. he's been facing an immediate crisis right after taking office. >> you got to know there are some complaints about this compromise. what are they? >> some don't like the idea of raising the debt limit without a serious plan to tackle our debt crisis in this country. others don't like the idea of a last minute deadline deal. >> this is a very complex deal. this thing must take week, probably months to negotiate if less than 48 hours of having to vote for it. >> the house is expected to vote on it tomorrow. we will be counting the votes. let me tell you about this now. a bus full of elementary school kids got quite a scare. the bus got stranded on a flooded bridge. the engine stalling as it tried to pass through the water. the driverer managed to get off the bus and call for help. all 20 children were loaded into
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a pickup truck and taken to safety. no one was hurt. this is a brazen move. watch this. guy in broad daylight robs bank and starts throwing the money all over the place. what unusual thing did police officers have to do to take him down. senator john mccain encredibly angry today. calling out the obama administration for what he believes was an illegal prisoner swap for beau bergdahl. >> the law was broken when mr. bergdahl was swapped for five people. the law required that the president of the united states notify the congress of the united states, and he didn't do it.
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welcome back. man behind bars accused of trying to rob a bank in downtown l.a. it happened in broad daylight. he said he had a bomb, demanded $250,000 in cash, but employee called 911. officers waiting for him outside. the suspect then throwing money out of a suitcase before officers fired nonlethal bean bag rounds at him. the suspect then taken into custody. senator john mccain blasting the obama administration saying it lacks credibility. even though mccain is in favor of closing gitmo just like obama. >> the law rawas broken when mr bergdahl was swapped for five
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people. there's a credibility gap that's huge when the president acts in direct violation of the law. >> is it a violation of the law? >> on its face it's a violation of the law. he and i discussed this extensively off air. president obama signed it into law. this is not some ancient law that he would rather overlook. the president's argument is under the constitution i run federal prisons and i can move prisoners in and out. the congressional argument is this is a unique situation constitutionally unheard of in our history and this was negotiated for compromise. you agreed on the compromise and
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you signed it into law and violated it. is there anybody to complain about there? no. bergdahl's not going to complain because he's out of al qaeda custody. the five terrorists are not going to complain because they're out of gitmo. the complaints will come from principal people like john mccain who are upset that the law was violated. >> he said there's a credibility gap. i wonder what you think about this. there's also concern from members of congress at how u.s. military women are being treated at gitmo. listen. >> 9/11 tourists are saying our women cannot guard them. i would them the administration would do everything in its power to stand up for our women. >> i do. it's outrageous.
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>> there you have it. they're saying, they're allowing the prisoners to dictate the rules. >> they are changing the authority and assignments of female prison guards in order to accommodate ancient stereotypical and from our point of view, repugnant view of women that the detainees have. the government's argument is senator mccain you're saying we're losing credibility. we're going to be softer in the way we treat them. you're allowing a culture that we reject to dictate the way women are treated in the military and we won't stand for it. honestly, i think the secretary of defense was caught off guard because it's under his watch this is happening. he's saying he agrees with senators mccain. we'll see if he changes it. breaking right now, justice
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department asked to launch a civil rights investigation into the shocking arrest of a south carolina student being dragged out of the room. we will give you the real story as to what led up to this disturbing moment. tonight is the night. game one of the world series with the mets and the royals facing off in kansas city. that brings us to our question of the day. who are you rooting for? mets, royal, no one? tweet me at gretchen carlson and use the hashtag the real story. let me know what you think. i'll read your comments.
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a civil rights investigation is lawn mped from the disturbing video coming out of a cool. the a police officer is throwing a teenager girl out of a chair and dragging her out of the room. what's the real story behind this video? >> it's really about whether this officer used appropriate force in responding to this call. the officer was called in to this classroom in spring valley high school just outside of columbia because of a report of a student being disruptive this class. the young woman refused to leave the classroom. he tipped her out of chair and drag her to the front of the classroom where he handcuffs
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her. >> we saw a tidbit of the video. we'll look at what happened that led up to it. all of that will take part in what the sheriff decides. >> authorities say that no one was injured during the incident. the student reportedly back home with her parents. >> what is happening now to that deputy? >> in addition to being placed on administrative leave with his own law enforcement agency, the richland county sheriff's office. he's also been ordered not to go on school district property. he is an employee of the richland county sheriff's office but was assigned to spring valley high school as a school resource officer. he is banned from the schools until it completes its own investigation. the school board chairman calls the video extremely disturbing. >> thanks so much. some schools are closed in kentucky right now. police are still looking for
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danger fugitive who opened fire on two officers in two different states. hillary clinton is under more fire from veterans groups after her comments about the v.a. scandal. who is now demanding an apology because she said it was not widespread. can donald trump on john kasich claim responsible for luring jobs from mexico to the united states? >> we were able to get ford because we got a great work force. they're not going to come to your place and create jobs because you yell at them.
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time for a check of your headlines. breaking out on the streets of israel. this chaos comes afterthe funeral of a 19-year-old palestinian man killed this clashes with police. former nfl stars are pushing the league to allow current players to use medical marijuana. the players saying they would prefer the herbal remedy to cope with the pain over other prescription kinds of pills. the nfl says it has no plans to change the current policy. car in orlando getting stuck in a huge sink hole happening on an exit ramp. construction crews were digging below the ramp. when the ground above caved in, that's what happened. no one was hurt.
11:29 am
bernie sanders calling clinton a flip-flopper as she moves further ahead in the polls. why is bernie sanders taking the gloves off really stepping up the attacks? >> there's a couple of reasons. he's frustrated that clinton tried to change she was in favor of the defensive marriage act. sanders is saying it's not true. >> it bothered me to hear the secretary clinton saying it was about something even worse. that just wasn't true. it wasn't true.
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it's 41-point lead. that's the other reason bernie sanders stepping up the attacks. >> it's interesting because during that first debate he kind of sided with her on the whole e-mail thing. it's interesting now. >> she said the v.a. cscandal ws overblown and republicans blown it out of portion. the obama administration it has suggested this was obviously a real problem and people died waiting for care. interesting was a clinton over the weekend in her speech in
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iowa said she realizes veterans deserve the benefits that they have earned but that statement on friday said something quite different. >> all right. thank you. are. on sunday trump tweeted this, ford motor because of my constant badgering is going to cancel their deal to go to mexico and stay in u.s. the ohio governor said trump made an police take. here is a clip when the agreement was reached back in 2011. >> many of you know that ohio assembly plant will insource work from mexico. how many companies are insources work from mexico. here is what's so great about this. they are bringing this here from mexico. they are shutting it down and bringing it here. what could be greater thing to hear than the fact that ford is made such a commitment to
11:32 am
bringing these jobs back. >> if they're talking about dollars and cents, companies have a responsibility to do what makes profitable sense. in this case the plan went back and forth so many times. a lot of it had to do with the price of gas. kaskich made a deal. they had already decided to get this plant back before the deal was approved. i don't think trump gets any of the credit.
11:33 am
>> i want you to listen to john kasich because he was on the kelly files last night. >> they're not going come to your place and create jobs because you yell at them. >> i guess he's talking about trump again yelling at ford. >> it's about math and dollars and cents. politicians can make this work better by giving the company tax incentives and making sure the work force is educated and the price of fuel factors. no one has any control over that.
11:34 am
>> whether or not people actually care about what trump said or not that remains to be seen. >> that's really true. they want to see them come back here. this is something that voters are focused on. again, it's about math not emotion. police are hunting for a fugitive on the loose. it's been going on for two days. police are looking for this guy, floyd, ray cook. he's wanted for opening fire on two police officers in two different states. chris gallagh >> the search is focused on woods in rural kentucky near the tennessee border.
11:35 am
the man hunt began saturday when cook was pulled over by a tennessee police officer. cook crashed his car and got out and allegedly shot the trooper whose bullet proof vest saved his life. an hour late r he opened fire on a kentucky state trooper. the trooper who was not hit gave cla chase. the next day he was shotted by people in a kentucky neighborhood. listen. >> just walked out of woods. he pulled a gun. i freaked out a bit now. we go get the cops. hopefully my dad is okay. he just went in. >> when he says went in, he meant went inside the house and that led to an hour's long stand off. finally police fired tear gas inside the home. when they went in, cook wasn't there. it's unclear if he was inside
11:36 am
the house. floyd cook has a rap sheet dating back to the 1970 convicted of rape, assault, robbery, variety of drug crimes. he was indicted in july for trafficki trafficking methamphetamine. now he's wanted for attempted murder and it appears he's not willing to go back to prison peacefully. police believe he's still on foot but now maybe he has an accomplice with him. gretch gretchen. tv chopper rushing to the rescue after a plane crash in the everglades. >> i think it goes through our head often doing this type of
11:37 am
mission. >> the plane's pilot suffered serious injuries. here is a look at some consumer headlines. walmart testing out a delivery service. not using drivers but drones. gas prices dipping even lower. aaa reporting national average of $2.02. that's per gallon. that's down 85 cents from this day last year. a drone causing power outages in california after clipping lines. what do you have coming up? >> he said it wouldn't happen. he said it wouldn't happen for a lot of reasons. he said it's exactly what isis wants. isis said from day one, before we knew the word we want
11:38 am
american troops on the ground. isis said bring us american troops. pres no. you can't have american troops on the ground. we know that's what you want. we won't enter into some yesterworld war in the middle of a region we don't understand. no you won't have troops. president obama said he's considering putting american boots on the ground in syria. it would challenge the president's promise, seriously challenge. you can put the promise of no boots on the ground right up there with ending the war in afghanistan. put it on that pile of nothingness. a reminder of the very, very high price of war. i'll talk to an american hero. one of only five surviving
11:39 am
quadruple amputees. i met him last week. i hope you'll buy his book. you'll hemeet him next hour. new york city police saying good-bye to one of their own. you may have heard about his story. he was killed one week ago when a gun plan opened fire on his and his partner. hundreds of mourners gathered at the funeral home in queens new york to pay their respects. officer holder's funeral will be held tomorrow. presidential candidates donald trump taking aim at dr. ben carson and his faith on the campaign trial. could this have anything to do with recent polls putting carson in the lead? my next guest has interesting thoughts on that. a couple's run to the law comes to an end. what led to their capture. sheriff's department speaking out about the fbi and justice department's role in this pending investigation.
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we have an update when we come back.
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fox news alert to tole you about now. the justice department launching a civil rights investigation into that disturbing video out of a south carolina school. it show a police officer showing a teenager girl out of her chair and dragging her across a classroom. the richland county sheriff released there statement saying i have spoken with the fbi and u.s. attorney today as i travel back from chicago. their investigation has begun. it goes onto say we have no issues with sled assisting the fbi and u.s. attorney. a complete and thorough investigation is what we both want as well as the public. the naacp is about to hold a news conference regarding this case as well. time now to check what america is clicking on today.
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a cracker that survived the sinking of the titani, sold for $23,000. you might want to add this to your holiday wish list. former microsoft exex has launched a new machine to brew pien pints of beer. about a hundred pugs dressed up in halloween costumes are stealing the hearts of millions. it includes a fashion show. presidential candidate donald trump questioning dr. ben carson's religion as new polls showing carson taking the lead in the republican race for the white house. an apparent prove to try to gain wp voters in iowa, donald trump questioned his religion and said he has no reason to back down. >> i'm presbyterian. that's down the middle of the road in all fairness.
11:45 am
seventh day adventisti just don't know about. >> he's the fox news contributor. doctor, great to have you back. help us all understand what the difference is between donald trump's presbyterian and ben carson's seventh day adventist. >> there are differences between evangelicalism but those differences are negligible. i don't think voters really care about this this election round. they're more interested many practical issues like immigration, economy and national security. i believe you'll see this battle going back nor evangelical voters for this reason. carson and trump each represents one-half of the equation of what
11:46 am
voters are looking for. strong leader and a commitment christian. carson appeals to those who believe faith is most important in candidate. i think trump appeals to those who believe that leadership trumps all other qualifications which is why trump is going after carson's faith to bring down those numbers. >> you're saying voters are not looking at this as other things as how much that would make these men handle the issues. >> i think that's exactly right. >> there are differences but i don't think voters are in the mood for theological nuance. >> do you think that politics should meld with religion. we've had conversations about this with other candidates. do you think it's the right place to bring in religion? >> that's a great question. let's go back to what john jay
11:47 am
who was the first chief justice of the supreme court said and co-author of the federalist papers. he said in this christian nation it is our duty and responsibility to prefer and select christians as our rulers. that's the first chief justice of the supreme court. i think for people who's faith matters, well faith matters in every issue including the candidate. look, a candidate's faith shapes his entire world view and somebody who says i'm a believer but my faith doesn't really impact how i would govern, that person is a liar or a shallow followers of his faith. a person's faith does make a difference. >> interesting. i want you to take a listen to something else donald trump said about another religion relating to women and burkas. >> they want to. what are we getting involved for? the fact you don't have to put on makeup. look how beautiful everyone looks. wasn't it be easier. wouldn't that be easy?
11:48 am
if i was a woman, i'm ready. let's go. >> all right. what do you make of that? >> classic trump. i believe these comments may resonate positively than voters than questioning carson's faith. here is why. behind the comedy of what trump is saying, i think he's tapping into a concern many americans have about our intervention in the middle east. americans want our security protected but they don't want us spending american lives and treasures to try to impose western values on a middle eastern culture. i think that's why trump is resonating beyond republicans to democrats and independents as well. he understands those reservations many americans have. >> all right. you wrote a fascinating article on about religion and politics. i invite people to check that out. thank you. time for my take.
11:49 am
injecting faith into the political realm is nothing mu. president kennedy's catholic face was an issue before he was elected. mitt romney's mormon faith was questioned. barack obama, alleged lack of faith was talked about issue. the christian constituency extremely powerful in iowa. this poll shows dr. ben carson maintaining a 36 to 18% lead over trump among evangelical christians. carson also holds a 28-19 edge among non-evangelicals and women, 34-17 and men 31-20. the bigger story is not the shifting of numbers between carson and trump but the fact that right now voters changing their opinion aren't changing them to anyone else. it's still outsiders versus establishment with less than 100 days to go before iowa.
11:50 am
you can always get my take on my facebook page and at as well. let's talk about the weather now. the heavy rain still hitting texas. it happened over the weekend and the flooding even wiping this train right from the tracks. plus, the end of the road for these bonnie and clyde copy cats how they finally got busted. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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welcome back to "the real story." freight thain that derailed from heavy flooding in texas is finally out of the water. train pulled from the muddy banks 60 miles south of dallas. 6 4-car train found its way off the flooded tracks after the area was pounded by rain from hurricane pa vish thtricipatric
11:54 am
modern day bonnie & clyde busted. captured after reportedly stealing thousands of dollars in a series of bank robberies up and down the east coast. laura ingle with the capture and the latest. how long did this spree go on? >> we're talking about five bank robberies in four states over two months with seven dogs in tow. unlike their 1930s namesake, these guys were captured alive, but did make quite a scene when their bank robbi inbing escapad came to an end finally. joseph and jennifer carrier 37 years old accused of knocking over banks from florida to massachusetts. the media dubbing them bonnie & clyde along the way. their alleged crime spree ended monday afternoon after investigators say they held up a bank in wilmington, delaware, and sped off with police hot on their tail crossing state lines. the pursuit came to a halt when they crashed their getaway car near the philadelphia international airport and captured along with six of their
11:55 am
seven dogs. in the aftermath one of the pooches made its own escape and remains on the lam at this hour. the rest are in the pound. the dog's fate lies in the hands of the federal court. police detective from ludlow, massachusetts, has been working the case from the start. >> this is probably the happiest i've been in 30 days especially at work. they failed to stop. delaware state police pursued them up into pennsylvania which pennsylvania state police intercepted the chase and brought the vehicle to a halt. they did damage to cruisers in the process. >> delaware state police and the fbi eventually took them into custody. gretchen? >> all right, laura, so there's word this may have all started around, surprise, surprise, a drug problem. >> yeah, well these two were battling a heroin addiction while staying with family members in massachusetts. that's according to local reports and recently had been kicked out of that home. a spokesperson with the u.s. attorney's office in delaware tells fox today the couple are still awaiting their initial court appearance and charges are
11:56 am
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infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work okay. no tricks, but some tasty treats for a to komodo dragon in the san diego zoo. pumpkins filled with ground elk meat and fish parts. yum. treats were hidden inside to encourage the natural behavior of scavenging and foraging. in other halloween news, what's your state's favorite candy? the creators of this map asked that exact question. candy corn the top choice in several states, twix, peanut butter cup, swedish fish made the cut multiple times.
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who are you rooting for tonight? mets, royals, no one tonight for the world series? andrew tweets, the mets, mostly because of the mets song. i can't get the song out of my head. one writes, the mets, of course. fair and balanced like "the real story." donald trump gets an unwelcome surprise. now, a national poll shows him trailing ben carson. that's happened only one other time since the summer, but trump has an explanation. plus you'll meet the hero soldier, travis mills, a bomb blew off his arms and legs but didn't touch his heart. >> i'm thankful for what i have, tell people, don't pity me, don't call me wounded. i'm a guy with scars. >> pretty awesome scars. ahead, how travis is helping other vets recover from their injuries and telling his inspiring story. let's get to it. >> now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> oh,


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