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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the world 142 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world with neil cavuto" starts now on america's choice for news information. a very ugly hearing with the i.r.s. commissioner probably telegraphed what you just reported, shep. we are getting word that the man who overruns the house overnight government reform committee has issued a subpoena and introduced an impeachment process against the i.r.s. commissioner saying, and i quote, the commissioner violated the public trust. he failed to comply with congressionally subpoenaed documents that were destroyed on his watch and the public was consistently misled. impeachment is the appropriate troop to restore public confidence in the i.r.s. and protect the institutional
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investment of congress. i could go more on this. but suffice this to say this all started by the targeting of lois lerner over the tax-exempt groups and their filing for tax-free status from the i.r.s. that was going after conservative groups. the justice department looked into this essentially exonerating miss lerner saying there's no follow-up action. but this is a different tactic. doug, what got this ball rolling? >> neil, what got this ball rolling and this just happened within the last few minutes, is the fact that the justice department declined to prosecute anybody in the i.r.s. scandal as of last week. you'll recall in the immediate aftermath of that decision by the justice department, chairman chaffitz tweeted, took to twitter, i should say, and said this is an unbelievable situation. that's not a direct quote. and that the house would take action. the curious thing about the impeachment proceeding beginning
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now in the house is that he was on the senate side today testifying before the president? finance committee. and chairman orin hatch said he felt that despite all the deficiencies and the problems at the i.r.s. was doing a good job and doing a good job to implement recommendations that the senate had recommended on august 5th. and he said this was an almost verbatim quote, not quite, but orin hatch said, i know i'm going to get in trouble with the house for saying this, but i think you're on the right track to recovery there. so we've got a tale of two very different houses of congress. the approach is going to be interesting the see which approach we take in the coming days and weeks, neil. >> now, obviously outside of the house and outside of the committee would be a tough sledding, to go ahead and make this stick, right? >> obviously, the house has taken a much, much more aggressive approach to this than the senate has. the federal government is not going to be doing anything about
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that as we now saw. so i suspect that this impeachment proceeding is not going to go anywhere outside of the house. and i'll be very curious, in addition, to see what the new speaker of the house, paul ryan, wants to take with this. >> all right, thank you very much. and to bring you up to speed, the impeachment proceedings will begin against the man who runs the i.r.s. among the issues they are raising is failing to comply with a subpoena resulting in the destruction of key evidence, failing to testify truthfully under oath and giving misleading information. that really would be targeting the commission but how he's alleged to have covered up for lois lerner and her e-mails or lack thereof. and finally failing to notify congress that key evidence was missing in the first place. chairman chaffitz and other members of congress were urging president obama to get to the bottom of this and sent a letter
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to the president asking for the removal of the white house commissioner. the white house didn't respond and ignored the overtures and now they are taking matters into their own hands and moving to impeach him. this would be unprecedented for a federal agency of this -- obviously, the republican committee or dominant committee was just tired of this. >> well, i think -- it's good to be with you, neil, but it is not just a partisan issue. it's an american issue. and we should not continue to have a federal government with agency hands and members of the agencies that believe that they can do such actions without any type of consequence. in any of us down here in every day main street land want to do some of the things we have seen imnig emanating out of this -- nothing
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becomes of it. you are starting to see not just the house of the representatives but really the american people -- lois lerner pled the fifth and nothing is going to be done. someone has to be held accountable and responsible. >> do you think ms. lerner would have given more response to house request for information in e-mails, because remember the first of the e-mails were missing, the server was gone. and then the e-mails came out of the blue. had they avoided that fight back and forth we wouldn't be talking about this now? >> you are absolutely right. you look for someone to have some semblance of honor, integrity and character to be responsive to the american people. this is not just about going in front of a hearing to jason chaffitz or other members of congress. you respond to the inquiries of the american people. and right now you see the executive branch that believes they are above the rule of law in the united states of america. and that should not be the case.
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so the most powerful branch of our federal government as established in the constitution is a legislative branch. they need to reassert their power and not allow the judicial branch and certainly the executive branch to just run amuck over the american people, which i think is happening. >> there are some similarities with the whole controversy, think about it, congressman, with the benghazi with hillary clinton and what she knew and the e-mails related to that, her private server, et cetera. this almost touches on the same issue of the i.r.s. that had to raise 422 backup tapes contains as many as 24,000 of lois lerner's e-mails. many of them reappeared, but i think at one point they were trying to subpoena the server that these were on and they lost the server, which is pretty big deal, a pretty big thing. >> it is a big deal. >> bottom line, they are saying we can't believe -- we go back and forth on this, apparently with the hearing, how far do you think this goes?
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>> i think it has to go as far as it can. when i voted, i voted for eric holder to be held in contempt. and i think we need to send a message to the head of the agencies in the federal government. it doesn't matter whether it is democrat or republican, you're not above the law. and let's always remember that richard nixon stepped down basically over breaking and entering to a campaign office. now we are talking about a federal government agency with the power of taxation that was aimed against american people. american citizens. and we cannot allow that to stand. >> congressman, thank you very much. just to bring you up-to-date on the impeachment proceedings against the man who runs the i.r.s. we are targeting or alleged targeting against conservative groups that wanted to file for tax-exempt status as advocacy groups. but the i.r.s. claimed in response there was no disproportionate bias against the conservative groups pointing to at least a dozen liberal or like-minded groups that did not fit the conservative criteria.
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then they broke it down to say there were 500-plus conservative-leading groups that sort of were given the run-around and about a dozen that would be deemed moderate to liberal. i don't know how they broke it down, but bottom line, by the math alone, it was unbalanced. now the question here is whether this incoming speaker of the house or the guy they think will be the next speaker of the house will go along with this. i can only imagine jason chaffitz has raised it with paul ryan. it's hard to say. it caps the day on which the two sides, the two parties have probably been in agreement to get a two-year budget to keep the debt limit suspended, not automatically raised but suspended for the next two years. what that would be equivalent to is you having a visa card with a $25,000 limit. visa isn't going to raise the limit for you but nor will it come down on you hard if you go over that limit. i know it sounds very screwed up. michael daniels is a lot closer to this than i'll ever be, but
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the screwed up portion is still valid here. mike, what do we know about this deal? >> well, neil, supporters say it avoids a budget showdown in the coming months and government a state of certainty. the republican appropriations house chairman says the deal makes a whole lot of sense. >> i'm very encouraged. in fact, i'm very pleased. it's a two-year arrangement which will allow us to be able to pass, i hope, the appropriations bill next year in regular order. and it also achieves savings out of mandatory entitlement spending, which i have been arguing all the while is where we need to do some cutting. >> conservative critics don't like another last-minute deal unveiled last night with the house expected to vote on it tomorrow. others don't like the $80 billion adjustment of the 2011 spending caps. and then there are those from big farming communities and agricultural states who are upset about another item. they are worried about a $3 billion cut from the federal
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crop insurance program. >> we get rid of crop insurance policy, which this will do, if the long-term end result of this, you probably have 100 people farm the entire united states. because they are the ones that -- whoever has deep enough pockets and wants to farm, you know, the average guy won't be able to do it. >> the house is expected to debate and vote on this measure tomorrow. this comes as the house republicans are due to pick a speaker nominee and retiring speaker john boehner says he's trying to clear the barn for the next guy. neil? >> all right, so is there any difficulty in getting this passed or they just want this behind them to focus on the presidential election? this gets us passed the hump to address this late her? >> no one is speaking with absolute confidence because there's something in the deal for everybody to dislike. but a lot of folks i have talked with think they will be able to cobble together enough votes from democrats who like certain provisions. some republicans like the
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defense guys who like other provisions and think they'll be able to get it together, but we'll be counting the votes tomorrow to see if the house can get it across the finish line. >> thank you very much, michael emmanuel on capitol hill. by the way, the deal was cobbled together to keep the budget going and the lights on for another couple years. and what is happening around the impeachment proceedings against the i.r.s. commissioner. jim jordan spear-heading both on what he makes of it tomorrow. special guest on "your world." meantime, in china they have been doing something remarkable along the south china sea. they take the islands, some of them a little more than piles of rock, and militarize them. they make them military bases. we are showing you some of this here. up until now we have been letting this happen. they have done this to three dozen plots of land. and now we arrive with an aircraft carrier, not an aircraft carrier, a fightreight in the south china sea. and the chinese are upset at us. they are upset at us, after this.
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all right. i have one quick correction to make from earlier, the uss destroyer now in the south china sea is now within 12 miles of one of the islands, at least, that china has effectively come onni colonized, if that's a word. they were in the middle of the south china sea. and china set up military installatio installations. the chinese are not happy that we have a warship there. rick parnell with us now. i'm surprised we are honoring the 12-mile distance as if legitimizing china's ownership of the islands, but it is what
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it is. what do you make of it? >> it's a little bit of progress and we have been very late. we have not sailed within 12 miles since 2012. we found out this news because senator mccain several weeks ago was pressing the assistant secretary of defense for asia. and this individual said we are just not allowed to go within 12 miles. 2012 is important because that's really when the chinese began to build up and grab territory in the sea. so you see what is happening here. the chinese are grabbing sea territory. the russians are grabbing crimea. and the white house is kind of backing off saying, well, that's not good and they will learn their lesson. well, the senate, i think, and senator mccain is showing us, that when you pressure the pentagon or others and you highlight this wimpiness of the united states, something gets done because now we're finding that the pentagon is pushing
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this forward. i would like to know if the white house signed off on this or if they are just not happy that the pentagon is pushing forward. >> all right. well, we know the chinese are not happy. this is provocative action. but again, if you don't midnight my getting back to this honoring the 12-mile nautical limit to stay away, or not get closer to that, isn't that acknowledging that the chinese then have a right to this? >> well, in some ways you're right. and this south china sea is a waterway that $5 trillion that represents half of the ship-born trade of the world goes through the south china sea. that's a serious economic issue for not only wall street but for main street. so our foreign policy needs to support our economic policy. and we need to be able to go through this as normal, use the south china sea and all of the
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waterways as normal international shipping tradeways. that's what the pentagon is trying to push through. >> apparently the chinese are monitoring us. and within about a mile, and just sort of tracing it, shadowing it. but i'm wondering if one ship does it, whether we should have a greater show of force, i'm not comparing this remotely to the cuban missile crisis that was 90 miles off our shore. we were sending a signal then under president kennedy to set up or to prevent a blockade. to prevent any more russian vessels from entering the area and it worked. but i'm wondering whether one vessel does that or we need to do more. what do you think? >> no, we need to -- we need to do more. and we need diplomatically to get our asian partners to do more. because we're not the only ones who care about this important waterway. we have a whole bunch of supporters in asia.
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and so we should all get on ships and go through this waterway. and send a message to china that this is international waterway. economic trade will continue as normal. they don't own this, regardless of whether or not they put airstrips and try to own the islands and the sea territory. it's really important economic and foreign policy issue. >> it's weird because when we booked you today, this is 70 years ago to the day that we saw our own ships in new york harbor. some months after the end of world war ii and it was quite a show of force, virtually every major ship, as if we were telling them, the soviet union, this is how we won the war and this is all the goodies we have. you might always think those types of show of force are just shows, but they do send a message. by our refusal to send any such message prior in this case, and in other cases, does the enemy -- >> if you do it early enough, if you do it early enough and you have a whole bunch of supporters
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and you use your diplomatic muscle, then it's not viewed as provocative but a policy. and that's exactly what we need to do is we need to send the chinese a message. we are not trying to be provocative or try to pick a fight, but their policy of owning this territory is wrong and it's the international trade way and we're going to use it as that. >> ric, thank you very much. good having you. ric was mentioning john mccain. he'll be our special guest tomorrow as well. he's been very critical of our policy in the south china sea. as well as what is going on in the middle east. you can imagine what he thinks of what's been going on with the russians not working with the iranians to say, we all have to work together. can you imagine how loaded for bear that guy is? meanwhile, donald trump is no longer a leader in the polls. in fact, the third time in almost as many days he's in second. it's a time to start opening the
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wallet, the donald on the push for the cash? after this.
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all right. twitter is out with some earnings. i don't know how you say it in 40 characters or less but yikes. the notorious guidance the company is about to get, how they see things moving out in the next few months and the rest of the year, that was not so bullish. and the stock is down 11% after trading. this after the ceo said that he is working on giving away a
1:25 pm
third of his shares with no strings attached. but that's going to do little to ease wall street fears that twitter missed when it comes to forward guidance. we'll keep you posted. later on this hour we'll give you updates on apple. in the meantime, we have charlie gasparino here talking about donald trump and the unusual situation of him scoring second in the polls. that's a trend of late, but not an overwhelming trend. since he first started the race four months ago, he's been ahead in every poll. but for the third time in as many days, he trails nationally in one poll in iowa and now two others. now we might have to start spending that money. >> i've been saying this for a while. it just struck me as very odd that donald's biggest expenditure was the plane and some hats and shirts. i mean, you would think that a guy that was really taking this seriously would have, you know,
1:26 pm
boots on the ground in places like iowa and all the other places where you have an organization. where organization matters. and i've been saying this for a long time, you really can't take his candidacy seriously until he spends. now, he might come back and say, listen, i opened my mouth, you guys cover me, and i've done stories on this on other campaigns have computed this sort of impact, the money impact of that. and it's tens of millions of dollars. that maybe true, but that only gets you so far. you really do have to spend, if you talk to people that know this stuff, on the ground, boots on the ground. organization, he's done none of that. >> to charlie's point, now he will because he certainly made it known in a broadcast interview today, he said when the truth comes out about ben carson, blah, blah, blah, i can imagine the battle royale is on. and the way he gets that message across, what do you think? >> yeah, i think so. the poll comes at a bad time for his particularly because it is super pacs supporting him that
1:27 pm
had to shut down because of allegations of working too closely with his campaign. so while carson has multiple super pacs supporting him, trump does not as he's on his own. and now carson is out with his campaign, with his first ad buy in iowa as painting himself as an outsider candidate. trump really needs to combat that. and i think this is the time you'll see, he's getting defensive about these polls. he'sng carson in his remarks. but i think he will probably start to go negative with his first tv ad buy in iowa. >> that's what got him soaring in the polls to begin with. and then he kind of nicened up in the last few months. so there is a return to that, is there a boomerang risk to that? >> yeah, it will be interesting to see -- listen, one of the frustrating things about donald is that, you know, he's unorthodox. but the other part of the unorthodoxcy is that you can smell him putting this thing away. it's like a team that's ahead by two touchdowns and one more
1:28 pm
touchdown he can put it away and he really hasn't made that sell yet. and i wonder, the longer he's waited, you have to ask yourself, why is he waiting this long to put these other guys away with ads, with ground game. >> to their point, he didn't have to. >> i always thought he had to. >> let me ask you this, if you're one of the more conventional candidates and you're seeing that there might be a problem with donald trump, way too early to tell, do those other donors for potentially those other candidates then get off the dime and open their wallets and try to help him out? to do what scott walker asked them to do about, you know, a month and a half ago? >> well, yes. i think that they will start to rally around the candidate eventually with money and support. but i think we need to keep in mind that it's still incredibly early. this week in 2011 with the primary, herman cain was still
1:29 pm
doing well. >> but donald is a much better candidate than them. >> it is a different race. and i think it's something to keep in mind with the polls -- >> i agree with that. and the public polls are really fluent. but i will say this, for the guy, as good of a candidate as he is, and we know he's good because we have watched him, he should have put this away -- he would be further ahead if he had just spent money. i question why he hasn't done that. is he really serious about this? because if you are, you spend some bucks and start pulling ahead big time. >> all right, guys, thank you both very much. we'll see how this sorts out. in the meantime, we have been telling you how iran is in part of the negotiations here, the russian foreign minister doesn't want them to be involved in that, so we have 2,000 soldiers in syria that are all part of this discussion. but the real thing is iran is impatient with their hands on all of that sanction frozen dough. we are talking $150 billion worth. and get this, they want it by the end of the year.
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we are not saying that iran was for this deal for the money and only the money. but is it me or when you hear top iranian officials talk about getting their hands on all $150 million by the end of the year, they are hot to trot to do something. what? >> when you woke up this morning, you saw the sun, got your clubs and, well, some things you just can't control.
1:34 pm
it is very hard to say how much money the iranians have already gotten for brokering this deal with the united states. and the united nations. if you think about it, we know some millions in the single digit billions have gotten back to them, but they have better than $150 billion assets that were frozen. and this goes back to the iranian hostage situation. but all that money could be coming their way. but get this, the iranians want it like pronto, by the end of the year, which makes you wonder, what do they need it so fast? why? and what do they plan to do with it? retired lieutenant army current schaeffer has some ideas. colonel, what do you see?
1:35 pm
>> i think they need to get in before the end of the year to get their two for one order in. >> we want some of our frozen assets, but they want the whole $150 billion. by the way, some of them argue it's more than that, i don't know what the case is, but they want it now and don't want to wait. what's the rush? >> look, we are seeing some of the evidence of it, as i mentioned, north koreans are ramping up their nuclear program and sharing that data with the iranians. it is just a matter of fact that we know they have been sharing data and working together. and more frightening to us, we need to recognize that this is going to put a lot of gas back into their global, both acquisition network, they have a network that basically does everything they can to break sanctions. so all the sanctions president obama and john kerry say they are not going to break, it's going to give them the ability to create these networks to go around things. hezbollah, hamas, they are going to get new rockets. all the rockets the israelis have been testing, and god bless the iron dome system that works very well, they are going to have more tests coming this
1:36 pm
spring and summer next year because this gives the iranians more money to start manufacturing that again. and one of the most fight thing things we have to consider is very clear in my judgment that they have the atomic bomb. now they are going to start doing that next reach for a hydrogen bomb, which obviously would make everything an older magnitude more severe regarding the detonation. that's what happened during the cold war. we had nukes, the russians got nukes, we had a hydrogen bomb -- >> well, i thought the understanding was, leaving aside the stories from iran that we wanted to put this into a peaceful energy exploits, is that they would try to show the world that they are not -- this evil villain, the united states, thinks them to be. but we know their financial activities. and i'm wondering, the fact that they want it all right now tells me they have big plans. normally when heirs to a fortune
1:37 pm
talk about getting the money in their hot little hands immediately, they are up to no good. >> right. and again, we have to recognize that they are in yemen. look, they are going to be moving things into iraq. i've been on another network, neil, where one of the members, one of the folks talking on the panel was actually a sunni member of the parliament of iraq who basically says, you americans are giving up iraq to the iranians. and so we're going to see the iranians move in in greater force. plus, you can count on them doing things like developing additional nuclear -- i mean, additional missile technology, i'm glad you're showing that, the missiles, they are working with pakistan, china, other countries and trying to develop better missiles. >> we know that violated -- already the u.n. deal. and we also know that on its surface violates or at least, you know, abuses some of the fine print in the iranian agreement we have. so here's what i'm wondering then, if they are being so
1:38 pm
blatant about this, i thought there would be a carrot and stick approach to this agreement and unfreeze the assets. you do a little bit there, we give you a little money. you do more, we give you more money. is it really that simple as they are saying, just free it up and give us all our money now? i thought it was going to be done in stages? >> neil, i've talked to members who have read the entire deal like luis gomert and others who studied this on the ill the. and everything you're telling me, we talked about this as well, there's no snap-back capability. congress will do everything they can to maintain the sanctions they control, but everything else to include all this money, neil, the executive branch can basically say, katie barn the door, have fun with it, and i don't care how many times john kerry says, we have great faith they won't do stuff. i'm sure they will. and so i think this is where the policy, there's a complete departure from the reality of faith. and i think we'll see catastrophic bad things happen when they get this money moving into the winter and spring of next year. >> thank you, colonel, very
1:39 pm
much. >> sorry to say that. >> no, you've been pressing on this stuff. i appreciate it. i do want to pass along to you, we are getting initial numbers out of apple. it sold 48 million iphones in this latest quarter and also reported earnings that appear to be up $1.96 a share near $55 billion. that's above some of the consensus figures out, but again the culprit seems to be or could be, i stress could be, that it's providing guidance for the key fiscal first quarter sales that could be seen as on the low end of estimates. whether that telegraphs problems for christmas-related sales in the all-important season is anyone's guess. but if that's true, too soon to tell, it would be like twitter. better than expected numbers out. that's a rear-view mirror action. and they are looking forward to activity that may not be quite as robust. but apple is one of the companies where just because you sell 48 million things, the
1:40 pm
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see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. all right. we have been talking about the apple earnings here. the reason we talk about apple and twitter, often they are a barometer, certainly apple's case in the general economy. in fact ashs lot of people invest in apple because it's a mutual fund because it has so many ek eclectic holdings. i have to stress, this is only the apple world where news like this would be considered disappointing. sales to greater china, which includes hong kong and taiwan, this is referring to that region, they rose 99% in this quarter to $12.5 billion.
1:44 pm
but sales declined slightly from the prior quarter, that was a period in which the rest of the chinese smartphone sales were busy selling and apparently slowed. so 99% growth in china not good enough. why wasn't it 100? something like that. the stock is still up a little bit under 3% in the after hours trading. art hogan knows the guys and what gets them to do what they do, buy what they buy, sell what they sell. monica and larry are joining us as well. art, what is going on here? this is quickly interpreted as okay, not off the charts, but a lot of that looks pretty off the charts to me. what am i missing? >> yeah, you're not missing anything, neil. you hit it right on the head. obviously, this is a company owned by a lot of people and the expectations are high. but look at the quarter, this is an iphone story. china is the new demand growth
1:45 pm
for apple. and at some point to time, 25% to 30% of their sales. by the way, this is the same china we thought was falling into the ocean in august and september. so, you know, i would say this is a huge victory. and remember, after this report -- >> that's an excellent point. just as we are saying china is going to go -- obviously there's enough appetite for some pretty pricey stuff. >> exactly. and this is a company that is sending out $206 billion in cash. that's a full stop. think about a company growing like this, producing the kind of sales they are and trading at 7.5 ti back out. >> monica, i'm looking at this and noticing so much of this is the iphone and now the new larger iphone and the iphone s was not part of this suspected quarter, that will be detailed in this one, but the wrap that apple gets is a one-trick pony. there's not a breakdown here for the watch. i know tim cook has been quoted
1:46 pm
telling "the wall street journal" we are selling more than last quarter, and we'll sell more next quarter than this quarter. not exactly detailed, but what do you make of that? >> exactly like you said, they are a one-trick pony and the star skew is the iphone that accounts for two-thirds of their sales. and even more of their profit. that's the major concern of the street. the iphone and smartphones have been around for a while. it's a maturing market. and maybe apple has two or three more good years and after that, what's next? and if you look at the smartphone market in total, apple actually has a very small share compared to android. android is actually 83% of the smartphone market. so those concerns are actually very valid about the future of apple. >> you're right. the highly-anticipated phone is the new larger iphone, i have one that is literally the size of the newspaper. but that's kind of the next big
1:47 pm
big thing for the time being, will that be enough? >> of course, there's a new phone on the horizon. the iwatch, there are expectations of that that may contribute to results, but it hasn't hand a meaningful result. you should hide the ipad from your kids. that's the most effective tool i find in my family. but that's not good for revenue and not good for earnings for apple. >> but do you think this is a good sign for technology, a sign we are varying it too soon or not? >> i think it's a function or two economies. we have the apple economy, the google economy, the amazon economy. then it's the rest of the economy that we all live in. that's the dupont economy, the caterpillar economy, the walmart economy. and that economy is not doing so well. it's lackluster, sideways at best. and that's the maturity -- >> but we are still buying the goodies. i hear what you're saying, but art, do you like what is going on in technology or no? >> i do. it's interesting, after ibm reported for technology,
1:48 pm
microsoft turned around to show they can pivot. amazon is doing better. to larry's point, it is not just about technology. we are still selling a whole lot of cars out there and new homes and existing homes. so it's -- >> very good point. >> we are moving to larger items. >> we are seeing with amazon, 100,000 holiday workers hired, they must be seeing something on the part of the consumer. >> well, let me say what i don't like about the technology economy. it's the apple, google, oracle has over 430 billion dollars parked overseas and apple is the biggest culprit of that. so when we're talking be about rejuvenating the rest of the economy, it's getting that money back into the u.s. and back to work. and that's where i would like to see the technology economy really contribute to the rest of the economy. >> all right, guys, thank you very, very much. again, just to put apple in perspective, guys, it sold about 40 million units, iphones in the period, 48 million, and the street is saying, well, we would
1:49 pm
have liked to see more. really? after this. if you don't think ending hunger when you think aarp then you don't know "aarp." our drive to end hunger has donated 31 million meals and counting. find more real possibilities at when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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paid sick days, paid family medical leave. fair schedules should be a reality. for all americans. not a lottery. based on where you happen to work. >> all right. it's a group called the working families. it's an agenda that will be big on spending to make sure that everyone is not only fair pay, fair work, extra time off with their kids, paternity leave. maternity leave, cousin leave. i'm only making point to say it's very expensive. they don't spell that out, how they're going to pay for it but the hart aheritage foundation,
1:53 pm
paul ryan if he gets the speaker job, got to advocate more time with his family. if he could get it, every american should get it. >> don't give the people in washington any idea. first of all i think it is ironic, you hear a lot of liberals, like the congresswoman talking about working families. working families need more than any of this, parental leave, free kindergarten, they need a pay raise. they need a pay raise. the american worker hasn't had a pay raise for ten years. and actually in the first year, first six years of obama was supposed to be for working families. middle class family income has declined. where's the evidence that any of these policies work. >> a lot of these are fine ideas. but -- it has to be paid for. >> and then -- >> then we have the issue. >> i was going to say, you know hot honest guy is in this debate? bernie sanders. we're going to give you all this
1:54 pm
stuff. we're going to give you free parental leave and medical leave and we're going to give you all of these things, but we're going to raise your payroll tax. >> very true, and consistent. >> do people want to pay for this? and the answer is no. if you give people all of these additional benefits, the longer-term result of that is that companies pay them less, so some of your compensation is in the form of a salary and some is in the form of benefits. if you ask people would you rather have the fringe benefits or higher paycheck? the vast majority of the people said -- >> if they're not getting the higher paycheck, we come back to the government to even out the base. we have seen the effort to hike taxes on the well-to-do to forcibly bring them down and at the same time you're forcibly bringing up minimum wage. you just crunch it. >> here's the point in this case it's not even asking government to do it. who's going to pay for it? it's going to be the employers.
1:55 pm
and the employers can't afford to do this. >> see i think republicans make a very emotionally tone-deaf response to this. they have to have an answer. >> here's the answer. >> without employers, you can't have jobs. if employers don't have money, they can't, so if you're going to -- >> do you think that sell to the mainstream media? >> i think people understand that. where do i get my job from? >> i get it from my employer, my boss. >> you know how we're vilified. we're companies, we're people. you remember the whole thing with romney. >> most people don't work for big corporations like news corp. these companies have small margins, my point is we have to stop treating employers like they're atm machines, every time we want a social policy change, we want employers. >> you're articulate on these issues. >> you know what a 49er is? not a san francisco 49er. >> ways thinking that.
1:56 pm
>> it's a business that's capped its workers at 49. why? because under obamacare if you have more than 50 workers -- >> full-time workers. >> you see it, companies are saying, i talk to employers every day, you do, too, they say i'll be damned if i hire a 50th worker. >> companies look callous and heartless, they better articulate it well. >> i love entrepreneurs, they're the backbone of our economy. sue me for it. >> the battle is joined and the battle for goodies is on. the only little detail is how do you pay for them? hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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they're suing the irs commissioner. the battle is on and john mccain is angry. he's here, jim jordan, he's here. on whether democrats are dropping the ball. she's here. all on your world. and a reminder, fox business network will be doing a pre
2:00 pm
presidential debate of its own tuesday november 10th in milwaukee, wisconsin. if it matters to you, it matters to us. business in english to the guys who want to be president of the united states. we'll see you then. hello, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the next gop presidential debate is tomorrow. and donald trump may be feeling more pressure this time around because he's not leading every poll any more. ben carson has not only taken the lead in iowa, but also for the first time he's now ahead of trump in a new national poll. "the new york times"/cbs news news survey shows carson on top with 26%, a four-point lead over the once-unchallenged front-runner. trump touts polls


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