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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. impeachment at the irs commissioner john koskinen in hot water. actually, this time it's boiling. tonight the house oversight committee officially beginning the impeachment process. why in the irs targeting scandal. the committee saying commissioner koskinen has violated the public's trust. and right now florida congressman and member of the house oversight committee ron desan tis goes "on the record." good evening, congressman, and this is the resolution. this is the impeachment resolution. why? >> if the irs were investigating you, auditing you, let's say, and you destroyed documents. you refuse to turn over other documents that they ended up finding, would they ever let you go away with
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that as a taxpayer. >> of course not. >> because this has been going on for a long time. why is this taking so long? why now? >> i have been agitating to do this for a long time. they wanted to make sure that the case was built. we have given the irrelevancy all kinds of time to correct the record, to produce the documents, but when you have a situation where they are destroying 24,000 of lois lerner's emails that are under congressional subpoena, no explanation for that. when they say they have turned over every email and then the inspector general for tax administration finds an extra 1,000 emails just basically sitting in plain sight, are they going to be able to get away with that? i think someone like john koskinen should live under a higher standard than what he imposes on taxpayers. under no circumstances should he live under a lower standard. >> is this in any way because the justice of justice has declined to prosecute lois learner? that announcement coming last week. >> we went in the "wall street journal," jim jordan and i arguing for this in july. this is something that was independent of that. but i do think that when you
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see this investigation and literally nobody is going to be held accountable. we have tried to investigate it and under koskinen's' guidance, the irs has stonewalled us. i mean, are we just going to walk away and shrug our shoulders and say nobody is ever held accountable in this town and it needs to stop. >> this is the town notify consequences. i will give you that one. you have gotten the green light from speaker boehner or possibly potentially speaker ryan or are you in this window of time so you could almost go rogue and make your own decision? >> ultimately support it speaker boehner's office had been supportive of us building the case. i think this is going to be a decision for the next speaker to make and obviously the judiciary committee. we have a lot of members on the oversight committee. also on the judiciary try this: republican rank and file for this. >> this is what the irs -- we reached out for the irs to get a statement and they gave us a statement.
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it says the irs statement on impeachment resolution. the irs vigorously disputes the allegations in the resolution. we have fully cooperated with all of the investigations. well, that's not exactly right. if emails have been discovered and something is not right. >> so john koskinen said all the backup tapes are gone. the ig checked that they drove out to west virginia. they asked for the tapes and they found a bunch of backup tapes. >> is it because he is not doing his job well or he is deceitful and although both would be a good reason someone shouldn't hold a diswrob but you are saying he is deceitful or can't do the job? >> either way you breach your duty. i think he was so dismissive of this that i think he didn't want to do any real investigation. i think he wanted to do the bare minimum, thinking he could paper over this and move on. he never believed these allegations were worth investigating. and i think the arrogance he displayed in front of the american people is something that a lot of voters saw and they wanted to see action. >> all right.
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congressman, ever since the news of this irs scandal broke, commissioner koskinen has been coming under fire back in 2014. congressman paul ryan barbecuing him in a ways and means committee hearing. >> i don't believe you. this is incredible. i have a long career, that's the first time anybody has said that they do not believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> that's fine. we can have a disagreement. i'm willing to stand on our record. i'm willing to remind it you was not buried in 27 pages. most of that 27 pages is exhibits. when asked about the custodians, we advised you. >> be being forthcoming -- >> -- when which we knew for one day. >> being forthcoming. you know congressman investigating -- >> -- will you let him to answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> yes, you did. >> gentlemen -- >> congressman, thanks for joining us. can i see from the statement the question with committee chairman paul ryan, a lot of unhappiness. >> understand, a couple months before that koskinen said hey, if there is any problems in our investigation we are going to come right to you.
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we will let you know. he waited several months and then he buried this news in a footnote in a filing with the senate finance committee. >> congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill a.b. stoddard, from "the washington post erin blake. a.b., are you surprised first of all that this resolution to impeach koskinen? quite lengthy. >> it's always a surprise. but they have obviously been, you know, making their preparations and getting ready and planning this for a while. and giving the comifertion the chance to avoid this. obviously on the substance, the irs has not been accountable for its mistakes. it is definitely reasonable to say that the truth was not always told and the records were not turned over. politically speaking, i think impeachment is something that the democrats are probably fundraising already over in the last few hours. and it can be a real political problem going forward for the republicans.
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>> aaron, it's a nice way the truth was not always told. nice way it to say they lied and they didn't turn over documents. i wondered wile why i called this the city of no consequences i'm treal surprised that someone is actually being a little bit aggressive looking into this. are you? >> i think what happened here is this is the logical next step in this process. last week the justice department basically said there are going to be no criminal charges filed in this investigation. they said there was no proof of any wrongdoing. so, the house was really had the ball in their court as far as moving this forwards, keeping this thing going. and, you know, the clip you showed with commissioner koskinen, you know, joist ling with paul ryan, he did that with a number of members during the committee hearings that he testified in front of. clearly he rubbed some people the wrong way. >> it wasn't just rubbing the wrong way. he didn't have the documents. i mean, you know, he wasn't forth right. it just wasn't. i mean, you can't make this stuff up. you know, he said things didn't exist that did exist. >> but you also have to wonder if the fact that he was so in your face and so
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reluctant to kind of take his grilling made republicans even more upset with him and led them to take this kind of unusual and very far step in this process. >> all right. panel. stay with us. the move to impeach koskinen coming just days after the doj announced it will seek no criminal charges against irs exofficial lois lerner. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. ted, no indictment for lois lerner or no attempted indictment. >> well with, you know, the justice department, fbi did conduct an investigation. they made a decision pursuant to interviewing witnesses that they were not going to bring any charges there. but then when we look today, greta, at this impeachment here, i have got to tell you and i may be disliked out there, but i have problems with this. when you go after the king, you don't go to wound you go
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to kill the king. this incident here is highly unlikely you are going to it get at least two thirds of the senate to vote for impeachment. you have got to understand failure to comply with a subpoena, you go to a judge. false statements under oath is perjury. >> wait a second, the problem is though that eric holder was blocking everything. they never got to a judge on any of the things that she did. katie, let me go to you, the thing that seems to me by the justice department making a decision not to prosecute, they are actually taking it away from the people: if they make a decision to prosecute. the next step would to be take it to it a grand jury and citizens would then make the decision whether a crime had been committed and sufficient evidence to choose at that point. but they they blocked that. >> you are absolutely right. you are subverting the judicial system and what it is supposed to stand for. lois lerner is an attorney. she was a staff attorney at the department of justice. she knew better. the irs investigation that was conducted by the doj and the ultimate decision not to charge her is a complete white wash of what she's
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done. we have this concept called spoliation of evidence. you destroy evidence in a civil or criminal case, have you done an obstruction of justice. the fact that the doj letter insists that there was no evidence of political discriminatory or other inappropriate action and no evidence that obstruction of justice is complete hogwash. it's completely ridiculous that lois lerner was not charged. remember, they announced this on friday. very quietly on friday they announced this. >> and, of course, i think it should have gone to the grand jury. let the citizens make that decision. now i'm going to let the viewers to vote on something. their chance to vote live on twitter right now. tell me what you think should the irs chief be impeached? tweet yes or no using #greta and you will see the results throughout the panel. let me go back to you, ted, on this. lois lerner took the fifth. eric holder never did anything to seek to enforce her testimony or do anything at all to hold her in contempt and she is getting a pension. she is allowed to retire. the commissioner goes before the -- before the house and
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says documents don't exist that do exist and he gets all huffy when he gets confronted about it. >> to me, all of those things may be true. but this is our system of justice in this country. it may not be something that we like, greta. >> it's not justice for everybody else who has been subject to the abuse of the irs. when americans are sitting at home and seeing what's going on here in washington, they ought to be damn mad and maybe this is our system of justice but maybe you peel back the scab and show what it's like. >> greta, i agree. they need to be damn mad. i'm damn mad. but the fact about it is that the justice department has spoken. impeachment is not the way to go. if you can impeach and you are going to be successful, go for it. but if you are not going to be successful it's debatable as to whether you want to go down that rabbit hole. >> ted it and katy, thank you both. >> this is a fox news alert. shepard smith is standing by in the fox news deck. shep? >> greta, a bad bus crash and terrible highway wreck.
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this is bethlehem, pennsylvania. and this bus you see up here is a bus from lehigh university was carrying an athletic team at least 13 people on board. can you see it's upside down. it collided with this vehicle right here according to the authorities. and there is a bad scene under there somewhere as one person in this vehicle has died. lehigh university has just tweeted this is on route 22 philadelphia., north and was carrying the roing team team -- rowing team according to the school's twitter page. the school has tweeted all the people on board this bus are now being evaluated by medical personnel. they actually think they are okay. not the same is true for the people or person at least who was inside this car. a horrible crash. 22 west is shut down. traffic on a crawl on the east side. if we hear more, greta, we will get it to you. >> shep, thank you. and for the first. donald trump is not leading in one national poll. ben carson pushing trump off
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the top. carson had 26 points and trump is 4 points behind at 22 percent. what does this mean for the candidate who regularly boasts he tops every poll. fox news chief correspondent carl cameron is live in bolder, colorado, karl. >> donald trump says he doesn't understand the polls and he doesn't get ben carson. mr. trump has been in the lead until this poll for the last three months. and in some cases by very big numbers. the carson surge now on the national polling front really sort of originated in iowa where four polls in the last six days suggested that he had jumped out to a big lead in the first caucus state. particularly with strong support among christian conservatives. in iowa born again christians. they make up more than 60% of the caucus vote and carson seems to be doing better than 2 to 1 against mr. trump. look for them on the debate stage tomorrow. the third time the g.o.p. candidates will gather. this time in bolder, colorado for ben carson and
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donald trump to be standing side by side on center stage. while trump is expected to throw elbows carson seldom does. his campaign is suggesting today he is going to do everything he possibly can to avoid the debate bait. looking down the polls tomorrow. the jeb bush, marco rubio and ted cruz dynamic is going to be intense. the bush campaign started referring to rubio g.o.p.'s obama. meaning freshman u.s. senator, inexperienced all it be charismatic. the argument being that hasn't worked out so well in the republican view with barack obama. mr. rubio for his sake has been saying all week that it is, again, time for generational change. a reference to his former mentor, the former florida governor jeb bush who has been out of office for 10 years. that battle is an important one to watch. the bush campaign had to down size this week slashing payroll aggressively trying to retrench in the early voting states instead of running a national campaign. that's where ted cruz comes. in he has been slowly getting considerable traction with a variety of
4:14 pm
conservatives. some of the libertarians that have leaned toward rand paul. many of the social conservatives in the past have gone to folks like rick santorum and mike huckabee. for cruz he has been friendly toward trump and trolling his supporters and moving up in the polls. it's been a very combative week and a half. tomorrow could be a pretty combative night, greta. >> carl, thank you. the "on the record" political panel back tomorrow night a.b. after this show 8:00 p.m. the debate. what do you expect. >> everyone's eyes are going to be on trump now where poll numbers have slipped and obviously jeb bush is under tremendous pressure to change. i mean, basically his supporters want him to do something differently because they don't believe what he is doing is working. so a lot of pressure on him. i think ted cruz will actually stay out of way. is he building a lot of support on the ground quietly. and sort of tactically making sure that he is the
4:15 pm
inheriter of trump support should he leaf -- leave the race. for him to get in -- you see him never interrupt in debates. he almost wants to float through. i'm not looking at a big night for cruz. i'm obviously looking at how rubio responds to sitting more closely to the frontrunner because he has moved up in the polls. jeb bush and carson and trump. >> you know, aaron, everyone talks about trump no longer number one in the national poll. just one national poll first of all. second of all he may be losing in iowa but has a commanding lead in all the other states. a poll today in north carolina. i mean, it's almost like we play the horse race but, you know, he is actually not doing badly. he is doing quite well. >> no, is still leading everywhere except for iowa and you are right, this is one national poll. at the same time, there was a period forever three months there where we did not see one of these polls in iowa or nationally that showed him trailing. he was in first place everywhere. so i think it's worth kind of examining this and looking at the rise of ben carson which is pretty
4:16 pm
amazing. i think the other person that's obviously going to be a big focal point tomorrow night is ben carson. is he going to be center stage very close to it, right next to donald trump. it's an economic policy debate. it's going to be very focus canned on those issues. hasn't always done a very good job of talking about his specific plans on the economy. on foreign policy. people are going to be looking at him and really trying to ascertain whether he is a serious policy candidate. >> i imagine that donald trump, a.b., is going to big foot on the economic policy stuff saying look at me, i'm rich, i'm successful. so he is going to say rest of them they don't know what they are doing. >> you might think we are all overreacting to his slip in a few polls. but donald trump is totally overreacting to his slip in the polls. used to be a counter puncher, now he punches first. he has gone over ben carson over his own polling numbers. is he attacking him when carson hasn't attacked him. if he is smart will come out tomorrow and just talk about his success as a job creator and not pick on ben carson.
4:17 pm
we will see if he can resist. >> junior before the debate. bobby jindal, george pataki and lindsey graham. >> the earlier debate has lost its appeal. >> its luster? >> obviously big names in there. people who could move up. the pack is still very close together. so, you know, jeb bush is not much higher in the polls than a lot of these guys are. i still think there is room for one of them to assert themselves. i doubt there is r. going to be as many watching that. >> we are the show before the debate we will have the warm up a little bit for that anyway, a.b., aaron, thank you both. actually i need you both to stick around though. in a grand new greta talk podcast set for release today dr. ben carson's wife candy. she is not a typical will doctor's wife. how she spruces up the campaign trail with karaoke. itunes, tune in or stitcher so you won't miss any greta talk episodes. the u.s. making major changes to the way we are going to fight isis. that's next. also, watch this. a police officer body
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today the obama administration laying out changes to anti-isis strategy. secretary of defense ash carter telling the senate armed services committee the united states needs to build battlefield momentum. new plan leaves the door open for american combat boots on the ground. >> we need a strategy worthy of those who carry it out
4:22 pm
and unfortunately, we don't have that: isil's claims to be a caliphate successful with military campaign must reduce isil's territory patrol, destroy its war-fighting capability and undermine its brand and/or are a of invisibility. >> unless the visibility of power changes on the ground the diplomacy as has been amply proven will achieve nothing. >> are we going to supply air support for the people we train to fight isis? do they have a goal to take assad down? >> senator, i don't know. >> what do you mean you don't know? how do we leverage assad leaving when russia is going to fight for him, iran is going to fight for him, herb hezbollah is fighting for him and we are not going to do a damn thing to help people take him down. >> this is a half ass strategy at best. >> congressman adam kinzinger here to go "on the record" also a military pilot i should add.
4:23 pm
congressman, i don't think anybody really wants to send boots on the ground. do we have to be -- is there any way we can win this without boots on the ground? >> i think it's going to be difficult. i mean, boots on the ground, it's a term people like to say. when all said and done though, we have to defeat isis. the president has tried bombing. bomb something good to slow them down. it's good to disrupt them, but, in terms of rolling back and defeating, it's probably going to take some level of boots on the ground. i would argue we probably have some there already. >> that's what i was going to ask you is that last week we lost someone in a raid. but he went in armed, into a difficult situation where hostages were being held. and the people on the other side, the enemy, isis, shot at them. obviously shot and killed. isn't that combat. >> yeah. >> aren't those boots on the ground? >> i think so. i would argue it is. and, look, these men and women that are involved with special forces and the men involved in the front lines of the special operators, special forces, think are really good what they do. the gentleman that was unfortunately killed had
4:24 pm
something like i think 111 bronze stars. >> it's amazing. what a hero. >> these are people that sign up to defeat and kill and capture america's enemies. >> why don't we call it boots on the ground? why don't we call it like it is? >> i think the president is so scared of -- he wants to follow this legacy of i got us out of iraq. maybe 5500 troops. i think he is just scared to sit. i have said on your show many times he needs to do an oval office address to the american people and say here's the problem. here is who isis is and here is how we defeat him. is he trying to manage it for another year. >> i don't know, legacy is another way to say meme meme me, when you are worried about your reputation: the administration rather than changing his term when it comes to boots on the ground, here is what has been said in the past and what's been said now. we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq. >> american combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq again. >> the notion that the
4:25 pm
united states should be putting boots on the ground, i think would be a profound mistake and i want to be very clear and very explicit about that. >> the resolution we submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground combat forces to iraq or syria. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners and opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly. whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. >> congressman, that's what bothers me says no troops will be in combat and i actually think that's what we had last week. on the other hand, i sort of hate to hit him over the head with it and say he is doing it for legacy because i want to make it safe for our leaders to change their minds in light of greater needs. >> that's why i wish he would just level with the american people. you know, look, i don't want to criticize him too much on this because, look, he said today that they are going to step up their action. i have been saying that they have to do that. >> this is late october and not like --
4:26 pm
>> we have been doing this for over a year. >> you and i have discussed it. >> yeah. >> and where are we at today? isis is in the same territory they have been. in i guess they haven't expanded a whole lot in certain areas. maybe we can say that's good. it's going to take a big step-up. when i was in iraq. i flew an airplane that found bad guys that were captured or killed by the special operators. we would unwind these networks until they were basically disintegrated. that's what's got to happen in this fight. the sooner the president realizes it maybe is he realizing it now. i hope. so i hear the secretary say we are going to step up and get more reaction. maybe the president gets it he needs to communicate that to the american people. >> maybe that's a good idea to tell us and tell us where we stand. >> yank of the last time he ever had an oval office address by the way. maybe he has that knee is where you level the importance of the american people and like a family meeting. >> congressman, thank you, sir. so nice to it see you. >> you bet. >> congressman paul ryan isn't speaker of the house quite yet. is he already blasting how
4:27 pm
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jeb bush:believes thatnt, wamerica's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:30 pm
this a fox news alert. deadly crash involving a bus filled with college athletes from lehigh university. reporter kurt busline has new information. what you can tell me. >> thank you greta. thank you for having me. the latest is one person was killed in the crash on route 2 in the lehigh valley a area of allen town in
4:31 pm
bethlehem, pennsylvania. the fatality was not a university student we are told from the lehigh university spokes woman lori freidman. the lehigh county coroner's office is on the scene and they have not responded immediately to confirm who was killed but the fatality was not a lehigh university student so what happened? i see this horrible picture of the bus. how did the happen? >> that's still under investigation. state police are actually based right near there they are investigating what happened they have issued a news release other than to say the highway is closed in both directions in the area of the crash. and should be closed for several hours we are told from state police. >> at this point it's quite a mystery. it's not as though there is dead of winter and snow and ice and the bus ends up upside down. the good news is the students seem to be all right. the bad news is that one was at least killed. not a student. anyway, kurt, thank you. >> you are welcome.
4:32 pm
thank you for having me. >> congressman paul ryan is expected to be elected speaker of the house on thursday. today is he fired up. blasting john boehner senate leadership and the white house for the secretive budget and debt ceiling talks. >> i'm reserving judgment on this agreement because i quite frankly isn't seen it yet. i want to see what it looks like on paper. but the process i can say this. i think this process stinks this is not the way to do the people's business. under new leadership we will not do people's business this way. as a conference we should have been meeting months ago to discuss these things that have a unified strategy going forward. >> fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike? >> well, greta, wisconsin republican congressman paul ryan is showing some of his political savvy here recognizing this last minute budget debt agreement would be wildly unpopular with
4:33 pm
some of his conservative colleagues. so ryan is signaling right there that under his new leadership things will change and he is saying that just before the house republican conference is due to vote tomorrow on a speaker nominee. in other words, with ryan as speaker there won't be so many last minute deals that lawmakers must quickly decide to vote yes or no facing a critical deadline. that was the source of major frustration of many conservatives in recent months. ryan is calling for each member to have a greater voice and there to be a firm deadline to implement changes noting that members of the house and the american people have lost faith in how congress works. so that is making reference to rule changes that house conservatives wanted in order to support ryan for speaker. he enjoys concerns about process on deal. boehner has been saying he is trying to clean out the barn so speaker can v. fresh start without face anything
4:34 pm
crises. fox can confirmed tomorrow in the house republican conference trey gowdy will nominate paul ryan for speaker and encourage his colleagues to support ryan for speaker. fox can also confirmed that south dakota congresswoman kristi noem will second the nomination as will texas republican congressman jeb henserling and if all goes according to plan, thursday morning the entire house will vote on ryan for speaker. greta? >> mike, thank you. as ryan plans to take the reigns will he shake things up. i hate to be such a cynic tonight but after the honeymoon is over for congressman paul ryan will paul ryan's speakership be different than speaker boehner? >> well, it will be different for a while because speaker boehner took away all of the basically the mine field that lay in front of us. there were many cliffs and
4:35 pm
deadlines j that's cleaning out the barn reference that boehner used. different system that this management thinks they won't be sneaking deals up. he has walked the plank with john boehner before. when he had kevin mccarthy his whip and eric cantor ditch him on the physical cliff vote paul ryan was there with him. he has seen this happen and knows it has to. hopefully in the next year he won't have to do stuff like this. >> how is paul ryan going to do as speaker. >> i think a.b. makes a really good point. this takes a lot of stuff off the table. paul ryan might have said this process stinks. this is very convenient for him. this allows him. >> not to have to deal with it? >> blame somebody else. >> for a very long time i might add shut down. extract concessions. have changes made with that off the table ryan has a
4:36 pm
chance to do some other things, build up goodwill, perhaps and maybe the next time this comes around if he is still speaker he can have more negotiating power. >> it's going to be interesting to watch because it is under new management the minute speaker boehner leaves. anyway aaron, a.b., thank you both. you have to see this video a police officer dragging a student out of a classroom and now the feds are getting involved. that's next. plus kevin costner builds a baseball field, dances with wolves and won a pair of oscars along the way. now he is switching careers. the star in connection with.
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you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. brace yourself. this video will shock you. the fbi and the department of justice now investigating this: >> give me your hands. >> flipping a high school
4:41 pm
student a girl out of her chair and dragging her across the floor. melanie carr is live in columbia, south carolina. melanie, what happened? >> well, greta, the video released yesterday shows school resource officer ben fields grabbing a student at spring valley high school in columbia from a classroom. when she resists he flips her over in her desk and drags her to the front of the room. the girl had been using her cell phone in class and the teacher called an administrator to remove the student from the class. and when she refused, they called in the student resource officer. now, three videos have surfaced that show more clearly that when officer fields grabbed the girl to arrest her, she punched him in his face. however, she did not have a weapon and that's when he violent rye retaliated. now, we heard from the sheriff just a few hours ago who said this video made him want to throw up. they launched internal investigation in the
4:42 pm
department to determine if the officer's response was aren't warr warranted. they have asked the fbi and u.s. justice department to launch a civil rights investigation. the officer has been suspended without pay. we have looked into his history. officer fields was recognized as officer of the year last year. and is a mentor and assistant football coach at spring valley high. but this isn't the first time he has been questioned when on the job. in 2007. he was accused of exist saysive force in violation of free speech. now that case was dismissed but in 2013 he had several students from this high school expelled because they were involved in gang activity. they claim they were wrongfully expelled. that case is still pending. the internal investigation will determine whether or not this officer's actions were warranted will be completed within the next 24 hours. the school board has also spoken out saying that they are shocked to see the video calling it disturbing and say that while the investigation is going on, they don't want the officer in their school and they
4:43 pm
will not tolerate this kind of activity. now, there are are conflicting views on whether or not race played a role. some parents say yes. but our sheriff here says he does not believe it was a factor, greta? >> melanie, thank you. get ready to speed read the news. another bloody day in israel. two palestinians in the west bank shot dead after attacking an israeli soldier. that stabbed but now recovering in a hospital. also today two palestinian teenagers arrested for carrying a knife and ax from jerusalem. and the deflate gate well it's back. the nfl officially filing an appeal with federal court's decision to vacate tom brady's four game suspension. the league accused brady of deflating footballs during last year's afc championship game. the federal court ruled that the process that led to brady's suspension was fundamentally unfair. the nfl disagrees and that's tonight's speed read. >> kevin costner is a big
4:44 pm
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house.
4:47 pm
claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so much prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be.
4:48 pm
you know actor kevin costner are from his award winning roles in dancing with the wolves. >> field of dreams and more recently hatfield and mccoys. but now the hollywood a lister just wrote a new book with co-author john baird. explorer's guild volume one a passage to shanboa. >> brand new book. jon baird and kevin costner. they join me now. >> thanks for having us in. >> author of a brand new book. >> we started off 8 years ago talking about this idea fiddling around with telling a story through animation. at some point it just kind of laid there we went on a
4:49 pm
western together and at that point we turned back to explorerrer's guild. let's write the become i said you write the book. so that's that's actually how it started. >> john, what's the thumbnail sketch of it? >> well, it's world war i 1 and there is secret society of explorers covering the globe trying to find a mythical city. we learned the war and fate of civilization are both tied in with this city and secret. it's critical that it's t. be found and found by the right people. just as important to prevent the wrong people from getting there what is the city, can it be found who is getting there first and do we know who should find it and who shouldn't. we don't know until the end. >> i love even the pages. where did you find paper like this? it's like amazing. the drawing are amazing. >> the idea was to go back in time. when we are talking about trying to get somebody to read the classics to our kids. you have got to read mark twang and kipling and jewels veteran. we are reaching back into our last century and
4:50 pm
sometimes before that you wonder where are the books at now coming forward and we saw this as a chance to kind of stand on the shoulders of the things we love but kind of bring it into this century. that's what we hope. whether we got there or not, we made sure it was big. we made sure it weighed something. we made sure it made a sound when it hit the desk and hopefully it's one of those kind of things that you bring off the shelf. >> there is such a lost art of story telling and even adventures. i have done a the lot of interviews over the years but i don't do any adventures. people don't write adventures anymore. >> i don't know if they are living them as much. one of the things that we love is a lot of our favorite old writers. these are people who did sort of slug their way through the uconn. they did sail the south pacific. i don't know if there is as much a that adventurist spirit anymore in real life. kevin does a bit more than i do. is he a bit handier and a bit more into some of that outdoorsy living. i do most of it from behind a desk. >> you do think of those
4:51 pm
guys that were really on freighters and were in their own brawls so to speak. and obviously in true adventure at least for me. get you out of trouble. sometimes it's your wits, sometimes it's your fist. these were hard hitting kind of people. we set it against the back drop of world war i. >> is this the first in the series? >> i will tell you i said to him this is going to get news trouble this volume one. we put that on there. >> i saw that volume one. that's actually first -- i didn't see the one and i thought there was one before it i thought was there another one? then i looked closely. >> that one tanked. >> put volume one on. you must expect to do it again. >> idea around for nine years. if there is a place in the world for more we are ready. >> it's interesting though how -- i don't read nonfiction very often. and so this is sort of fun for me. this is a departure. and even the drawings are
4:52 pm
fun. i don't think i have read a book -- i don't know how long withdrawings are amazing i always like that in my life. in this instance and sometimes, remember you would see them in the miflgdz the book and have to work very hard to get to those pictures it was like desert in this instance this isn't just graphic art. this is the story travels through these. you don't stop -- you are not reading the protests proz and stop. the story lives in those panels and important to us that it not stop. >> it's interesting how you have to sort of weave your way through the graphics of the picture or pictures and something you don't have in the way things are written anymore. >> yeah that was from the beginning we didn't want people to have two different experiences. it was really rick roth, our artist has done such a magnificent job that i was not shy about deploying him
4:53 pm
whenever we thought -- there are times you want to conceptualize the theory of the mind thing through the words and see what's going on so we coulding to gel back and forth between formats as the story demanded. >> movie, possibly? >> there is no doubt that this sets up as a movie. when we decided that we would do this novel. the reality was that we didn't want to write a book where you could see the sign post for the movie. we wanted to make this stand alone. and if it stood a chance to be sit next to those books where i mentioned before. it was going to have to be be a novel that took its time. you know, the sign post didn't need to be there yeah, can i carve a movie out of this. and there is a a wonderful movie there. but the truth was at the point we decided, i didn't really ever care if it was a movie. i wanted it to be what it was. this represents about four years of just putting your nose down. john specifically, just going after that. >> well, the book is explorer's guild. this is volume 1. volume of -- i don't know how many more. and the authors are john baird and kevin costner.
4:54 pm
and great for the holidays, right? >> it is perfect for the holidays. >> perfect for the holidays. >> father's day, mother's day, next spring, any time. anyway, thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> and more with kevin costner there is a a brand new greta talk just released. download the newest episode of your phone using itunes, tune in or stitcher. coming up is calling someone a hard worker racist? my off-the-record next. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. let's all go off-the-record. i don't make it a habit of watching other networks, but i saw an article reporting that an msnbc weekend host named melissa harris on her show objected to the use of the description hard worker. now, what could possibly be wrong with the description hard worker? right? >> there is somebody who is a hard worker goes to
4:59 pm
washington paul ryan. >> i want us to be super careful when we use the language hard worker. i keep an image of folks working in cotton fields in my office wall because it a reminder about what hard work looks like. >> i hardly know what to say. is she suggesting that the description hard worker may be racist? if she is, that's really out there. and speaking of hard work. tv, it's easy. not hard work. hard work is being a police officer, a firefighter, a teacher, member of our military, paramedic, et cetera. while being on tv is not hard work. those of us on tv do have a responsibility not to be completely ridiculous by getting all fussed up over the use of the description hard worker that incidentally where he grew up not a slur it's a compliment that's my off-the-record comment tonight. have you been voting on twitter should the irs chief be impeached? here is your results. 822% say should be impeached. check this out.
5:00 pm
this is the best tweeted picture of the day. this is a cat dressed up as a lobster for halloween. and never miss our favorite tweeted pick of the day. said your dvr to never miss pic of the record. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. >> >> if you look at the republicans versus the democrats when it comes to economic policy there is no comparison. the economy does better when you have a democrat in the white house. >> that statement is not true. at least not in today's america. the economy under president obama is a mess. tonight, we will give you the shocking statistics. >> the evidence that we have seen so far doesn't support the contention that law enforcement officials are somehow shirking their responsibility. >> mr. obama delivering a speech in front of law enforcement agents who are generally angry about the anti--cop sentiment growing in the u.s.a. senator marco rubio has some thoughts. >> issued a critical alert. the entire network went down. >> also ahead,


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