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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i understand, guys where you're coming from. so to use your words, liar, liar, your pants are on fire, so get yourself a good calculator. that is all the time we have tonight. thanks for joining us. we'll see you from los angeles tomorrow. >> >> if you look at the republicans versus the democrats when it comes to economic policy there is no comparison. the economy does better when you have a democrat in the white house. >> that statement is not true. at least not in today's america. the economy under president obama is a mess. tonight, we will give you the shocking statistics. >> the evidence that we have seen so far doesn't support the contention that law enforcement officials are somehow shirking their responsibility. >> mr. obama delivering a speech in front of law enforcement agents who are generally angry about the anti--cop sentiment growing in the u.s.a. senator marco rubio has some thoughts. >> issued a critical alert. the entire network went down. >> also ahead, a warning
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that a cyber attack could cripple america and who is giving that warning? ted do koppel. he will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. shocking reports about your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there is no other way to put it, the american economy is a mess. according to the social security administration, 51% of all wage earners in the u.s.a. made less than $30,000 in 2014. that number doesn't even take into account those who are not working. nearly 40% of americans eligible to work are not. the lowest percentage of workers since 1977. median income in america, which means half of us make more, half makes less now
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stands at a $4,000 a year. that is 3% lower than it was when barack obama was elected president in 2008. on the president's watch, median income has declined by about $1,600 per capita household. white house white now, there is no question that american workers are being pounded, so it would seem that the democrats would have little chance of winning the presidency in 2016. but, of course, that's not the case. it looks like the election will be very close depending on whom the republicans select as their candidate. the reason the american economy is flat out bad is that we the people have enough money to spend. salaries are low because the private sector is not creating enough good jobs. democrats will tell you the government can provide those jobs. but that's not true.
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private industry, for example, was hit hard by obama care. many small companies cut back hours and did not expand. obamacare premiums will rise about 7% next year. and 80% of those enrolled in the obamacare system are being subsidized by the taxpayers, working people. so it's clear the social welfare state is not benefiting working americans. someone tell the unions who remain under tremendous downward earning pressure. same thing happened when jimmy carter was president in the late 1970s, that's one of the reasons ronald reagan was elected. mr. reagan eventually did cut taxes especially on business and the economy rebounded in the mid 1980s. as yog divi berra might say it's deja vu all over again. if you are making less than 30,000 bucks a year you are essentially a poor person grinding it out. times are tough. if you are healthy, physically, you have to do something and not rely on the government. you have to be self-reliant. that means you might have to go back to school, learn computers, drive an uber
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car. that's a growing industry. where can you make some solid money and nobody is telling you what to do. you might have to move. there are areas of the country that are booming, especially in the service industry. in florida and texas there are jobs. and no state income tax. but hear me well, if you are not making much money and you just sit there hoping a political party will improve your life you are a fool. you are a fool. america is a competitive marketplace. if the next president does not cut business taxes, the economy will get even worse is so you yourself have to take some action. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. with us here in new york city fox business anchors. if you look at the polling, very close between hillary clinton who is going to be the nominee unless she is arrested. all right? and all of the republican contenders. very, very close. why? it shouldn't be. >> well, i think that hillary clinton is offering a lot of voters some kind of tangible benefit. whether that's going to be
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free education, whether that's going to be paid time off for new moms and dads. whether that's some kind of free healthcare plan. she is saying i'm going to give you something. >> okay. all right. we all know that but paid time off for new mom and dads, if you are making 30 grand is still 30 grand. is it not? you are getting paid 30 grand. so you don't work. that's 30 grand. you can't really live well in this country for $30,000. so i don't understand why people aren't just computing it melissa and saying you know what? this isn't working out. it's not working. >> the same reason a lot of people aren't working because they are terrible at math. i mean when you look at this. >> they can't figure out that they don't have any money? >> the free handout looks tantalizing when you are sitting there. >> it really doesn't. >> understand you brought up reagan and carter. when reagan cut tax rates he actually doubled the revenue because the economy grew. >> so did bush the younger. but, livable, you -- listen, have you ever been to a
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public housing place? cupito to live there. >> no. >> do you want to have to depend on a monthly stippen, get food? i mean, i understand the entitlement culture and i know some people buy into it. but most americans don't. they are working. and they are making less than 30 grand. >> right. >> and that's ridiculous. >> no, it's terrible. i mean the jobs we used to be able to count on in this country, the manufacturing jobs those have gone away. they have been replaced by tech jobs and jobs that people aren't trained for. >> well then get trained. >> yeah. absolutely. get out there and get trained. it's up to companies to go ahead and set up training programs in cities where they want people to come in and be tech workers. >> there are plenty of training programs. there are community colleges you can go to. >> why don't you get out and yell at people then, bill. >> but i think it may be hopeless because i think half the electorate, trish, is so stupid and i'm sorry. i'm sorry to say that but i think they are so dumb they don't know what the hell is going on. they live in a world of their own. and even though they are
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pour and they don't -- poor and don't have any money somehow they believe bernie sanders turn the u.s.a. into denmark. what kind of moron is following this guy around? >> i think that people are -- they are clinging to this idea that government can provide something for them. >> why? there is no evidence, there never has been evidence. poor is poor. ghetto is ghetto. it's there you can see it. >> i will give you example quickly in hawaii. can you get single mother of two roughly $49,000 worth of benefits. >> the living cost is so high you are living in a tree house. you are living in a hobble. >> i will give it to you an as example. roughly had $3,000 in after tax benefits. you have got to learn a lot of money to have that. >> i still think that these people if they want to earn a decent living have got to throw off this people'. what about the millions and millions of illegal workers who have come in here. laura ingraham and others submit that they have driven
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down wages for the people who are not well-educated. do you believe that? >> no, i don't accept that at all. when you talk about the jobs these people are coming in and taking. they are either taking the very high tech ph.d. tech worker. >> they're here legally not illegally. >> they are taking dayrer jobs. you talk about people living in the projects. you don't see a the love them coming out and wanting to do the day labor jobs. they are not taking those jobs. >> now that de blasio the uber liberal mayor has taken over the city, there are beggars everywhere like al cutta on the hudson. usually young men i need this, i need that i say look, you see that cab over there? you see what it says? drivers wanted. you can drive an automobile? oh. usually they can. all right. but they don't want to. and this is what i mean. i think this is -- with the ignorance about politics i think the laziness is also rising in this country. >> you you are absolutely right. the ceo of uber said last week it's not just a car
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when you push a button it's a car. on the demand economy you can have a job instantly if you want to. >> trish, the last word. >> creating a culture of dependency by giving out handouts and by bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying i'm going to give you even more it makes it very hard for people to do what you are talking about and restore their own pride and go to work and get themselves out. >> i wrote a letter to bernie sanders saying i'm getting another german shepherd. you come to my house. all right, ladies, thank you. next on the rundown, president obama speaking to law enforcement agents as violent crime is rising quickly in america. senator marco rubio have some comments. later new polls ben carson has jumped ahead of donald trump. kirsten powers will analyze the data if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart.
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under siege here is fbi director james comey. >> i spoke to officers in one big city who described being surrounded by young people with mobile phones, video cameras rolling as they step out of the car taunting them. they described the feeling of being under siege and were honest and said we don't feel much like getting out of our cars. >> i will say that the available evidence at this point does not support the notion that law enforcement officers around the country are shying away from fulfilling their responsibility. >> joining us now from bolder, colorado republican presidential contender marco rubio. violent crime is going up in this country why do you think that is. >> that's a great question. it isn't because of laws. it's illegal to do these things. we have a societal issue in america that's very serious. the most important institution in america is the society. when society breaks down and values aren't being taught the result is going to be
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expressed through circumstances you are heighting. until we are honest about the fact that we have significant societal breakdown in this country and family breakdown in this country we can't begin to address it government is limited what we can do about this. if we have a president and leaders willing to tell us not to overeat because it becauses diabetes and not to spoke because it causes cancer. we also need leaders with a bully pulpit to say at the end of the day it's what happens in our homes and communities and what kids are not learning from strong families. >> muted in this age of fractured families and anything goes families. there might another component here. in a city like new york and los angeles. community police drove violent crime down here in new york they elected uber liberal mayor who immediately insulted the police, and the police really do not like this man de blasio. so the crime -- violent crime inching up despite a good police commissioner in bill bratton.
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president obama has been perceived as being on the side of anti--police. maybe it's unfair but he hasn't condemned black lives matter and they are the leaders now of the demonizing police movement. hasn't condemned them and hasn't been aggressively on the sides of the police in the situations like ferguson and other controversial. how much responsibility does he bear in this in your opinion, senator? >> well, look there is a legitimate issue in this country with especially young african-american males with minority communities in general that feel like they are targeted or they have a bad relationship with local law enforcement. there is another issue at play here, that is the overwhelming and vast majority of law enforcement officers in this country are just trying to do their jobs. they are the only thing standing between my family and danger. they are the first people we call when we get in trouble. and it is troubling that there are groups and rhetoric out there now encouraging people to demonize law enforcement. to target law enforcement or in some cases quite frankly to misrepresent' to law enforcement is trying to do.
8:16 pm
>> what role does president obama play in that. >> i think it's unfortunate that the white house has not acknowledged that enough. for example, we have had a another of police deaths here in the last few weeks hasn't received nearly quite as much attention from this white house or quietly the attention from the media that the civilian. some civilian shootings have raised questions whether the police individual involved in that case did the right thing, there is no doubt. what about the men and women in uniform across this country that are the thin blue line between us and danger, they are losing their lives, too. >> four or five days ago a black new york city cop was shot and quinton tarnt shows up and calls all the cops murderers. we have an atmosphere now in this country it's open season re torquely on the police. >> he would say this is anti-total but true i have a number of law enforcement
8:17 pm
that have expressed there is a sentiment of violence towards them. >> i know the cops pretty well and they are inhibited is a minor word. they are really cautious about what they do now. now, you have a big debate tomorrow night in bolder, colorado. you are already out there. unfortunately you guys are going to be up against the world series so everybody is going to have to watch the factor at 11:00 eastern time tomorrow night live and we will, of course, have the highlights and everything. but my question to you is how do you prepare for something like this do you rehearse answers? do you go over with your advisors, policy answers? is that what you do? >> we are out there every single day on the campaign and answering questions of voters. that helps a lot. that's preparation in real world in realtime. you do want to be up to date on what's been in the news lately. some issues you think might come up during the debate you want to be prepared to answer that by and large what's made it easier for us. not easy but easier. i know what i believe. in we have a well structured
8:18 pm
both foreign policy, domestic policy we have talked about extensively. when you have clear ideas about the issues before our country, i think it helps a lot in that preparation. and the most thing we do is be up to date. >> you are glib, you are better at it better than most. tomorrow is going to be economics. i was wondering like ronald reagan brought in a couple of good lines when he told mondale i'm not going to let my opponent's youth and inexperience, you know, i'm not going to exploit it and there you go again. those were rehearsed lines. those were lines that he brought. in none of you guys have done that yet. and i'm wondering whether you have a line you are going to drop on trump or carson or anybody? do you got anything? you don't have to tell me. >> no. >> you are not going to do that? >> but when you have 11 people or 10 people on a stage it's a very different kind of debate when you are one on one or one on three. very different. >> it is. after this debate though i expect some people will start to winnow out, senator. and then it will become a
8:19 pm
more intense -- >> -- we will see. >> we appreciate you coming on. in thank you. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, new polling on the carson/trump battle. and, later, ted koppel on how america is unprepared for a vicious cyber attack. those reports after these messages. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight as you may know republicans will be debating tomorrow evening as we discussed with senator rubio. and they will all be out in colorado. new cbs poll will causing some turbulence. ben carson now out in front 26%. look at that donald trump 22%. marco rubio 8%. jeb bush 7%. carly fiorina 7%. everybody else below 5% not a good place to be. joining us from washington kirsten powers. so you as a democrat, you
8:23 pm
see chaos in the republican field? how do you assess it generally? >> no. i wouldn't call it chaos i see a g.o.p. base very unhappy with the republican party the establishment. and they are looking for candidates that aren't associated with the establishment. and so i think that's why we see them really mostly focused on ben carson and donald trump here in the beginning at least. >> all right. but you, i believe said on this program, you don't believe that trump and carson could ever be elected in a general way; is that correct? >> i think -- my expectation is that they are not even going to get the nomination. >> why? based on what? >> just based on the fact that i think we are already -- if you look at the cbs and "new york times" poll showing carson now moving up above donald trump, i think that was fairly predictable. i think donald trump will probably start to slowly flame out as carson becomes. >> i need the whys. let me throw one more out at
8:24 pm
you. there is a prn poll that has trump 35.6. we don't know what this poll is. but it, you know, the polling at this point is all over the place. get a little clearer this time next week. >> right. >> why would you say that trump would flame out? i mean he is still getting big crowds. he still draws a lot offed me attention. what is that based on? >> because i think that there is not enough there there. i think. >> oh, come on there there. what does that mean? >> he is entertaining. and he is like wash ago car crash and that keeps everybody engaged. he is very much an outsider and very critical of the establishment and that draws people to them. it's hard for me to see them being somebody who actually gets the nomination. i just don't think that he is somebody who is putting forward really reasonable and specific plans. things like, again, we go back to bill the law thing. it isn't a plan. >> i have to challenge that. if i were president i could bill a wall. >> i know. >> you could do anything. >> thank you. i appreciate that. that's very comforting to hear. but i could build a wall. calvin coolidge could build a wall.
8:25 pm
fill more maybe not but close. >> i think you actually would give some specifics on how you were going to do it. >> use concrete and hire some construction firms and things like that. >> we need to talk about the wall or not. but the point is i just i don't see him being very substantive. >> you are looking at it from the weldway because you live with all the pinheads in washington. >> if you go out to the hinter lands and i will tell you j wherever you hang out, yeah. >> where i hang out. i was in st. louis and chicago. chicago is not the hinter lands, over the weekend talking to the regular folks. oktoberfest with the stein. singing the german songs. >> yeah. >> but what you -- what you failed to see is that this -- and i had to tell this to karl rove last night. this is a different time in history. the people are so angry. >> i think that's true. >> in the republican precincts, all right. that they believe their country is being not only is it a bad economy as we laid out. but the country is something
8:26 pm
destroyed. very fabric. and they want an avenger to come in, not only a policy wonk. if it was a policy wonk, kasich would be running ahead. they want an areligion iser. >> i agree with all of that. >> come in and stop the madness. >> i agree with all of that i just think that marco rubio could be that person. i don't think it has to be donald trump or ben carson. >> then why isn't rubio polling at 25%? >> i'm not sure that he won't be in the future. >> that's true. he is very articulate and very well versed but is he not there yet. >> h yet. it's still very early and we still have to let things sort of run their course. so, look. i'm not saying that trump could never be the nominee. i'm just saying my expectation is that he won't be. that doesn't mean he won't be. and i think you are right. we are in a very different time. i don't think it is -- i don't think it's a normal election cycle. >> i don't either. i think there is a lot of things going to it happen. and that people like you. [ laughter ] , who live in the beltway. >> yeah.
8:27 pm
>> are going to be very shocked by. >> okay. we will see. >> kirsten powers, everyone. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. greg gutfeld says conservatives need to have more thiewrm combat the liberal on slot. then, ted koppel putting out there americans vulnerable to it a cyber attack which could cripple a nation. wow, we hope you stay tuned to those repor think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi,
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and illegal entry, he came back both times, which is yet another reason we neat kate's law in this country, is it not? with us attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i'm flippant about it but i have had it. congress, after we get through debate week next week we will start on kate's law. what did velasquez do? >> he comes back. >> this is the third time he comes back at least. >> at least. >> keeping track of it. >> that we are aware of. >> i have been trying to get -- anyway, he comes back. he goes to kansas city, missouri, where this victim is -- it's a girlfriend slash wife we don't know.
8:32 pm
they have had a child. 2-year-old child with a knife he be a ducts her, puts her in the car with the little kid and they start traveling from kansas city city, missouri. all the way up to new jersey. can item, new jersey, where she is being repeatedly raped sometimes while the little child is sleeping right there with them. it's horrible. >> so they have him and san francisco if he had driven to san francisco he might be okay. >> he would be out. >> the feds have him now. >> is he in a federal detention facility in new jersey awaiting federal charges that will be followed by state charges. >> now, in the kate's law situation, since he wasn't convicted of violent domestic abuse, right? >> correct. >> they just deported him. they didn't want to take the time to put him in court they kicked him out. he comes right back. >> to do the same thing to the same victim. >> within seven months. >> same victim? >> same victim. they could have taken him to the system and convicted him of an aggravated felony and then he would -- >> some legislators are now saying
8:33 pm
if you are deported more than twice and come back, you are a mandatory five years kate's law. that makes a lot of sense. again, we are dealing with a congress who a doesn't care and the democratic party is just absolutely -- but i still think some good democrats would vote for kate's law. >> i hope so. now, terrible situation here in new york city. a young doctor. dermatologist out on long island comes in for a girl's night out and winds up dead from an overdose of cocaine. there is no doubt that she went to an apartment. police know the apartment, know the man inside the apartment. >> right. >> found drug paraphernalia in the apartment. now, nobody has been charged in this case guilfoyle. >> no. >> although they could be charged. correct? >> right. so this is the problem. so she was found and they weren't able to resuscitate her. these two individuals allegedly removed her from the apartment, put her downstairs in the foyer area. paramedics arrived on scene, unable to resuscitate, then pronounced dead. right now there is investigation but no charges
8:34 pm
pending. however, the drug dealer, this mr. holder, nefarious character that she was in his apartment, this is the individual that could be charged under the federal law up to 20 years behind bars. >> federal law not a state of new york law. >> enacted by president reagan. was watered down a little bit in 2014 by the supreme court. it says if you can prove it's sort of a but for analysis, but for the sale of this cocaine she would still be alive. >> in the coroner says that she died and this is a young woman now, 38 years old. >> yeah. >> from an overdose of cocaine. >> and alcohol. >> and alcohol. >> all right. see, there it is. it's the alcohol is in there and the interaction that gets the pusher off. >> maybe. i still process this. >> you would still bring it, right? >> let the decide, this absolutely. >> it's a federal beef. >> federal. >> the u.s. attorney says we don't want to be bothered. >> not want to be bothered? >> this is important. have had multiple cases in new york city where you have had three individuals in a span of so days die from what's called hot shots.
8:35 pm
it's a big problem. >> they don't prosecute them. >> don't prosecute them. i don't know why they don't. yes, it might be difficult under this law but you can do it. >> the bottom line is is the forensic report is going to have to come back with enough telling evidence. >> to say it was the cocaine. >> alcohol amount was more dominican must. in fact the cocaine that caused her to die. >> you guys will get it. if the coroner's report say the primary. >> cause. >> was cocaine. >> boom. >> we will make sure this pusher gets put away. >> very telling you about for the ingestion of these narcotics from this individual. >> not going to. >> she is not going to die from drinking wine. it's the cocaine that stops your heart. >> she went in with a friend and she was fine and lucid. >> no good samaritan laws. >> make sure somebody pays for this crime and they can't sweep it up because they don't want to. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, ted koppel with a book saying a crippling cyber
8:36 pm
attack on the u.s.a. would not be difficult. that report is next. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest...
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tonight, new book by a legendary former abc anchor ted koppel called lights out. cyber attack. a nation unprepared. surviving the aftermath. with us now is mr. koppel. that title is scary. can you back it up. >> yeah. as you know, bill, reporters don't necessarily know a hell of a lot about the actual subject until they start talking to the experts. i talked to experts in the military, in the intelligence field. in the industry itself. and the vast preponderance of them believe this is not only a possibility but a likelihood. >> some nation, russia, putin, china, maybe even the terrorists, the isis or iranians. >> right. >> they will hack into our system? >> they have already hacked into our system. the chinese and the russians are already inside. this comes from people high ranking people in the national security agency. they have got what amount to cyber time bombs that are
8:41 pm
ready to go off. >> so they are already working toward bringing down our system? >> they are a position that with a key stroke they could take down. >> why don't they do it. >> the power grid. >> the russians and the chinese amend the united states have so many interlocking interest they are probably not going to do it. that's the good news. there are others who are not quite as technically capable like the iranians and the north koreans and, yes, isis. >> they would do it if they could. >> they would if they could and they very soon will have that capability. >> if the national security agency understands what's happening, can't they build a fire wall of protection to stop any of these attacks. if they know they are inside. they have the information that beings look, these guys want to do this and want the capability of doing it, can't they stop it. >> the internet was kind to be a meeting place for professors with good ideas. it was never designed to be
8:42 pm
defended it was designed to exchange information instantaneously around the world. we are much better than cyber offense. we can do the same thing as the russians and chinese. we are probably better at it than they are. but defending it. >> so it would be mutual destruction then if somebody did it because they would know who did it. >> no, not necessarily. >> no? >> no. think how long it took the fbi to come to the conclusion the north korea, which is not nearly as technically capable as the chinese or the russians how long it took them to figure out that they were the ones who hacked into sony pictures. >> chinese have been accused of doing this for industrial espionage. so if it all goes down. if they succeed in hacking us in a cyber attack on the nation. then our cell phones don't work, right? >> that's the easiest part, bill. your electricity doesn't work. your lights don't work. your refrigeration. >> all computerized now.
8:43 pm
>> well, it's all in the electric grid. if the electric grid comes down, everything in the city like new york that runs on electricity which is just about everything is down. >> all right. so then we have zombie apocalypse. the blackout in the 70's. so you have disorder, an arcky, all of that do you foresee that happening? >> it is entirely possible. the only people who can stop it from happening? the military. >> military would have to be called in and all of that. >> that's exactly right. the patrol car is that the department of homeland security does not have a plan for the civilian population in the event that this happens. >> why not? >> because the plans they have got are for -- they have got plans for floods. they have got plans for blizzards. >> the nsa knows it's going to happen. why doesn't the homeland security have a plan. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> you need to find that out. >> no. you are going to find out. >> i might. look, i don't like any of this internet stuff. you probably know it watch
8:44 pm
the program. it's destroyed program. we had a chris i christie story fabricated. the "new york times" "the washington post" picks it up. they don't check it i think it's undermined our business. what you are writing about will undermine physical safety. i mean, you will have thousands of people dead or elderly people. their airconditioning go out. if it's the middle of winter and you are telling me that our homeland security has no plan at all. that's frightening. >> what i am telling you is i spent an hour with jeh johnson the current secretary of homeland security. i kept saying what is the plan? and he said -- pointed out to a bunch of white folders on the shelf. and he said i'm sure there is a plan. >> i'm sure there is, jay? >> i'm sure there is. but the one thing that recommended. >> yeah. >> is have v. a radio with extra batteries. >> radio with extra batteries. >> what are you going to tell people after the fact that you can't tell them now when they can still do something about it? it was not a pleasant exchange. >> um-huh. and maybe you get a kite so
8:45 pm
you can put it up in there is a lightning storm. >> that's one answer. >> the book is very provocative called lights out. ted koppel. >> if i had been thinking i would have asked you to co-author and called it killing the lights. >> it's amazing have you kept your wit after all these years. you know? killing the lights. age is catching up with both. >> not me. look at this botox. it really works. >> does it? >> but cyber attack i might not be able to get my botox thing and that would be a disaster. ted koppel, everybody. there he is gutfeld on deck. he says conservatives may not be funny enough to combat the liberal onslot. gutfeld moments away.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment
8:49 pm
tonight, another new book this one why our pal greg gutfeld. it's called how to be right. the art of being persuasively correct. now, i want you to read you a short tag passage that caught my eye in the book. it says gutfeld, quote: when jon stewart said he was walking away from his show. the media convulsed like a gerbil choking on a gummy bear. then they raised that familiar question that's launched a thousand meandering articles where are the right wing stuarts? here now is gutfeld. i like that. because it is a battle of wits. when you get away from, you know, sear arous news. and you get into the stewart realm or the talk shows at late night. it seems that the left has more people on the funny front line than the right. it doesn't mean funnier but more out there. >> exactly no conservative performance artists. there are no conservative gender studies. >> about jim gaffigan? is he a traditional guy.
8:50 pm
>> that by default makes him conservative because is he not like the rest. it's almost like he probably wouldn't have been considered conservative by being religious. >> that that guy regan on comed central has a special. he's good. ily are a few. dennis miller. >> adam. again, don't see them as political. i just see them as funny. they say more liberals go into comedy. therefore they're more liberal comedians. we become doctors, businessmen, those who pet little cats and hope for the end of the world. we're evil. they are good. we need to catch up. we need to catch up. we need to be less shrill. >> there's lots of currency particularly with younger americans if you can mock the other side, whether you're liberal and conservative.
8:51 pm
like stewart made a living out of that for 25 years. colbert also. you're right. there isn't anyone who does that with big-time tv to the left. were you always a conservative guy? >> i was a liberal until i got to berkeley. after three weeks i saw the end results of liberalism and idiot made me sick. say a magazine and i started reading more and learning more. then i hung around people who were pretty funny and right wingers. >> were you an outcast? i wish i could remember. i was drunk at that time. >> that helped the conservative cause that you were drunk all the time. >> i was a beacon for right-winged drunks. i got out there. i started working with health magazines which was kind of an interesting thing. it taught me how to write clearly. i got to interview doctors. people who are conservative do things. people who aren't conservative talk about things.
8:52 pm
i do both. >> now, how persuasive can you be? say you're a brilliant english teacher but colleges won't hire you because you're conservative? >> right. >> we did this thing at cornell. 96%. if you're a brilliant right-winged comedian, who's going to hire you? >> that's why say in the book, lie. i mean i never let my political affiliations bubble up through in of my life through magazines. >> in hollywood they're actually not hire you. it's not 100%. i've been able to get movies produced and all of that, but it's a lot harder because some of these people are really zealots. >> they won't produce any of my movies, bill. they're a little artsy. >> i think porn is what they are. >> call them needivists.
8:53 pm
a lot of them are tasteful. >> oh, yeah. like everything you do, gutfeld. will the there are a lot of big words. >> multi-syllabic. >> he can promote it because i'm on my book tour. >> your book tour. how swell. >> i'm going all over the country in a bus. >> where are you going? >> i'm going to pennsylvania, ohio, indiana. these are states, bill. >> that you've never been to. >> i lived in pennsylvania. >> if you see gutfeld's bus, willie nelson will be on the bus smoking pot. >> don't say anything. >> greg gutfeld be the "tip of the day," something that will make your december easier. the tip moments away.
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check your broker with brokercheck. doctor "tip of the day" helping out. mr. o'reilly, i appreciate your cutting through the hype on police brutality. but did you see the teacher knocking the student off the chair and dragging her around the classroom? that kind of thing marginalizes the facts. doesn't change the facts but obscures them. american cops need to know they're under scrutiny all the time these days. act lawfully. the kid mouthing offer in the classroom isn't worth it. black lives matter appears to be a --
8:57 pm
george soros behind the scenes on that. they've not been able to confirm it. lilry, rowe, virginia, yes, it was outrages that the mainstream media ran with the chris christie amtrak story. but so did fox at 7:00 p.m. there you go, lily. fox corrected the record on governor christie. did the other outlets do that? did cornell university violate free speech when it shut down jesse waters from interviews? cornell has a right to regulate what happens on the campus even though by doing so the school looked petty. thomas kohn in new york, i'm a junior in chemicaling in cornell. nifr experienced any bias on grading. but then again it's difficult to inject politics on quantum mechanics. just don't wear a trump hat and you'll be all right.
8:58 pm
bill, you said you can't decide what your favorite kill book is. well, i read them all and "killing reagan" was the best. >> thank thanks. i appreciate that. a few birthday birthday notices. willy long celebrating 95 years. elmer smitser, navy vet, 90 in pittsburgh. the factor salutes all of you. the philosopher george santani ya wrote -- i was there -- quote, those who condemned in the past are expected to repeat it. very wise. last year thousands of you ordered signed copies of "killing patton." i couldn't sign them all in time
8:59 pm
and we had to cut off the orders. this year the same thing may be happening with "killing reagan." even though it's october york u may want to think ahead. if you want a signed copy, will take your order. all the money will go to charity which is why i do it. everybody will be happy except my man because i do personally sign all the books. back to "tip of the day." make it happen. and that is it for us tonight. poli please check out the website different from o'reilly now, tomorrow is debate night and we will have a special political factor at 8:00 eastern time and then a live factor at 11:00 after the debate in colorado with an all-star lineup. best political minds in the united states. so don't miss that one. again, thanks for watching us
9:00 pm
tonight. miss megyn is up next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. . breaking tonight, a stunning new national poll turning the republican presidential field on its head and changing the race for president just 24 hours before the next big debate. welcome to ""the kelly file,"" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. four points ahead of his nearest competiti competition, donald trump now in second. the rest of the top five are now in the single digits. it's the second time in recent polling that dr. carson has been leading nationally. marco rubio, the only other candidate in the double digits. remember,


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