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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 28, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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this is a cat dressed up as a lobster for halloween. and never miss our favorite tweeted pick of the day. >> to night on "red eye" why are people protesting nbc having donald trump host" snl? >> my guess is they would rather see him on "red eye" with tom shillue. and it is a cardboard box with his political ad. can you guess which is the better actor? and everyone is mad about murder in florida. this time it is different. this time it is about bears. first a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. a federal civil rights investigation is underway into the arrest of a texting student in columbia, south carolina. the board chairman for the
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school district says the video showing girl being tossed from a chair is shamefully shocking. the officer involved is being suspended without pay and they say the incident is disturbing. >> i want to throw up. it makes you sick to your stomach when you see the initial video. again that's a snap shot. you have to look beyond that first video and look at the total picture and that's what we are doing. >> the girl may have had a rug burn, but otherwise wasn't affected. it shows everybody's info is vulnerable on-line. speaking for the first time about the incident. >> i was certainly outraged by it. i was concerned about what people may try to do with that
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information. >> the high school student say they tricked verizon to get into the aol account. it happened for the foreign policy. west hollywood loses power after a man flies a drone into the power lines. it happens off sunset boulevard and so-cal edison says 650 customers were affected as a result. the power has since been restored and the incident comes as federal officials plan to start requiring drone owners to register their devices. i'm kelly wright. now back to our overnight show you can't get enough of, "red eye." we are talking on "red eye" right now. for all of your news go to fox >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue and let's check in with andy levy over at the "red eye" news desk.
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big day at the news desk. it is national american beer day. >> i am a bourbon or vodka guy. >> you don't like delicious ice cold craft beer? >> don't get me started on craft beer drinkers. they are up there with wine snobs. >> really? maybe my friends in this video will change your mind. >> i am a craft beer drinker. >> i am a craft beer drinker. >> i am a craft beer drinker. >> i am a craft beer drinker. >> i love craft beer. >> what do you think now, andy? >> that's the whitest video i have ever seen. >> let's welcome our guests. she is the hottest thing in all nine realms. his twitter handle is not sam, so i am not sure if he is who he isn't. host of the sam roberts show. roberts. she wants guys to talk nerdy
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to her. i can't seek elvis. host of the podcast. and if you think your commute is bad try traveling by bean stalk. giant comedian ben kissel. let's start the shouldy. live from new york it's an "snl" fight. the call to can sell donald trump as saturday night live on fof 7th are getting louder. yes, a coalition of 40 latino advocacy groups wrote a letter to lauren michaels and the honchos. we are appalled you would enable the hateful speech for nothing more than a ratings ploy. how dare you get ratings? a social media campaign called # racism isn't funny has picked up support from
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celebs. on-line petitions have protested the appearance. there has been little protest over in november. on november 14th, bobbie dw indle and jeb bush with musical guest martin o'malley. i'm looking forward to those shows. as are you jed do -- as are you jedediah. finally they have delivered. >> they deliver the goods. they have a hash tag, racism isn't funny. haven't we gotten over that? can you have other problems with donald trump? >> that's the thing. it is the liberal kneejerk reaction. no matter what someone says they call you a racist. and he was talking about mexican people and immigration and it was convenient to use that word. my advice is don't watch it if you don't like it. you don't have to do all of
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these extravagant boycotts. he you don't want to watch on snl, guess what, don't watch and the ratings will stink and it won't help his political career instead of acting like cry babies. >> they are handing him -- they are not only handing him the episode, but they are giving him this controversy. and besides that if people don't like racism and donald trump is racist, one of those can't be true because the polls don't lie. if donald trump is racist that's what people want. >> the polls do not lie except for this week when donald trump has sunk a little bit. >> he made that very clear. he checked into the polls and he said now he is not sure that's right. that's not accurate. >> it is not always accurate. >> one poll. >> well, look, ben, do you think this is fair to the other candidates?
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he has been getting all of the attention and now he gets to do "snl." >> he will crush and the ratings will be through the roof. this is twitter ago activism. 40 latino groups should get together and form one and they could have some powerful say. >> 40 is a lot for the same cause. i can't understand why they can't get one ceo that has -- that gives him proper messages. >> look at him bringing people together. latino community out reach. who knew you were so talented? >> if they are smart, there is a greater chance donald trump messes up his campaign if he does an hour and a half of live television than if he doesn't. they could be encouraging donald trump. donald trump in an hour and a half and he goes off script and he does say something racist and messes up. this is a great opportunity to see how he can tow the line. >> or if he just bombs.
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>> i am not voting for him if he is not funny. >> he has done way more cumulatively. that man is a ratings machine. at the end of the day what this comes down to if you look at the shows, done thald trump. donald trump. >> a lot of times he thinks he has the bravado. he delivers. he says i am a ratings machine. then he delivers the ratings. >> when he bombs it does well. when he says something outrageous and you are saying this is it for him. he gets a bump. you. >> they like he is a little out of his mind. people hike that. they find it appealing and it reminds them of their crazy uncle. i support that. >> i don't know about that.
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i may change the channel. >> i want to read this quote. we all know him and he is all over the air waves. having him on is one thing, but allowing him to host saturday night live is another. >> why does donald trump get away with everything? he is the pinnacle of small donations and he spent $2 million and people love it and he is not soliciting funds. he is not beholden to donors and he can be against tpp and the iraq war. he can be all over the map. hillary clinton said let's talk hillary where they gave millions of dollars to humanize her and convince her she is a person. >> i love that she said -- quote, i can't believe i had to spend a dollar on
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advertising. it is not that i spent 25 million, he didn't have to spend a time. he generates it by talking. >> he is a free man. nobody holds him down. >> the next story. >> be prepared for the greatest political ad this world has seen. i want you to imagine that washington is a box. on the outside of the box a man, an outsider if you will. watch as imagine nation becomes reality. >> i am ben carson and i am running for president. the political class and their pundit buddies say he is too outside the box. they do know impossible to balance the budget and to put aside partisan ship. i am ben carson and i am running for president and i am very much outside the box. there must be a good idea in there somewhere. i am ben carson. >> ben carson approved it so it must booy true. >> it has to be true, but i love he is trying to prove he
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is outside the box by doing the most inside the box example. he's like here is how we will display the metaphor cal box. we will put a box next to me and i will talk to the bach. >> why do they have to green screen the box. when he looks down into it he is not looking at the center. they couldn't just get the cardboard box. they had to green screen and have a digital cardboard box. they could have gone to staples and said do you have a cardboard box we can use, borrow? >> maybe it is a cost thing. later when he changes from the box he can green screen something else in there. he could be looking into a garbage pale and say i am taking out the trash in washington. >> it is a little jack in the box. i could make a fortune. they are all terrible. every one of us cringed.
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we thought we were dying out of shear embarrassent. if i was running for office and if theyed i have a great idea for the ad and we will get an imaginary box i can't do that. they don't know enough to say this is not the way to go. he is a nice guy, but the box -- >> i didn't cringe. >> i cried inside. >> i may dispute you jedediah. >> what is the one that gets our attention and gets us to talk about it on "red eye." >> maybe the joke is on us. i would like to say forget the box and forget the green screen. can somebody get that man a red bull? the low energy thing is catching on. it is like when somebody says something bad about somebody you say that person does -- it is like the low energy thing is getting on my nerves. >> he kept his eyes open.
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>> it is like, wow, something is going on there. >> it is true because he is a surgeon. you figure there is a method to the madness. it is not like jeb bush. he has a method. >> it is interesting. he takes the lead in iowa and this is the first time he has massive success. he already announced his running mate, box. carson box 2016. if you are a presidential candidate you can't have your vp out shine you and this is the only thing he can do. he will have to just go with a female vice president. >> there was another version of the ad ben carson's team decided not to go with. >> i am ben carson and i am running for president. >> the political class say it is impossible. >> show me what's in the box.
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>> what's in the box? >> there must be a good idea in there somewhere. >> i'm ben carson and i approve this message. >> i guess it takes the suspense out when you know what's in the box. >> the clip isn't that far off. the box said something negative to ben and ben stabbed him. >> all right speaking of which what is the greatest horror movie ever. hit flix. it seems weird, but it is. it compiles an all time high list based on a survey of experts they asked people like like -- to name their top 10 films and the results were, well, not surprising. at number 10, jaws followed by
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"night of the living dead." co, "halloween" and" the thing." "the texas chain saw masacre,"" the shining" and the number one scarest of all time "love actually." sorry no it was "the exorcist" of course. i always get those two confused. look, jedediah, what do you think? agree or disagree? >> i love horror movies. >> that's right, you are a fan. "the omen" is my favorite. i don't know if you know that movie with gregory peck. >> my dad showed all of the movies to me before i was 10. i swear he wanted to desensitize me to the horror world. some called it child abuse and i call it love. i can now watch them and you put me in a dim lit apartment by myself and i am not afraid. i am not afraid of liberals.
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>> that's why it builds up your immune system. . >> what do you think? >> the list is a joke. first of all to get a hundred people to come together it is the be t of all time and it is lazy. >> we went to the entire list. >> when you talk about that genre of film it is a masterpiece and it gives you lots of great ideas. >> i don't think i want to see that movie or even read the description of it. >> katie, i think the exorcist -- people don't remember -- oh you young people, you don't remember how you were in the 70s. >> you had no special effects. i actually thought this list was pretty accurate. i know you will agree with me. >> how did rob zombie not put the movie on the list?
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>> can we get back to the point where there is a legitimate thing. hundreds of people surveyed means nothing. >> i it means another "red eye" story. >> i like the list and i love the exorcist. i am a huge horror movie fan. like you were saying, it is about women empower meant. she comes back and murders all of her assail lepts in a graphic and wonderful way. if i have a daughter i will show her those films so she can be a strong fox news cory spawn department. horror films do have -- there is a certain amount of women being stalked and hacked up. >> and they get to be jaime lee curtis and murder the monster.
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>> how do we continue the horror genre in these politically correct times. >> people like to see -- well that's a great point, actually. >> they are changing history as we speak. they need a new horror film as women as the psycho. i would make a good tee male jason. i think i could pull off kruger really, really well. i think i can do it. you have to be crazy italian. i think this is the age for the female what do you call them? >> the only other way to do it is to make all movies where they kill bullies. just watching bullies be killed. >> maybe the horror movies can bring us together. >> if you kill a bunch of police officers people would be thrilled with that horror movie. i had a great catholic school
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experience, father steve who was probably in the closet. he did three days of on you exorcisms were real and on thursday and friday he showed us "the exorcist." i was terrified and i love him to this day. >> it is more interesting than when we thought you watched a live exorcism. i thought wow that's so cool. my dad didn't show me that. >> you didn't have to go to the live exorcisms anymore because you could watch the film. >> coming you, be very, very quiet. florida is hunting forbears. the bear hunt is on after the break.
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you may have heard of the big bear hunt in florida. the hunt was controversial, the first one in that state for 21 years. there were protests across florida. people were holding signs chanting bear hugs, not bear hunts. florida fish and wildlife conservation commission or fwc for even shorter went along with their p hunt and then ended it two days later. here is how the hunt was portrayed by the big city media. they say florida called off the big black bear hunt after it became a big, black bear mass -- masacre. they declared it with such a success they were able to end it early with about 300 bears being cold. cold is a hunter word which means killed. since it went so well florida plans to hold annual hunts as 32 other states do. make no
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mistake. these bears will be missed. here at "red eye" we remember a few of them. >> people are supposed to be laughing and you were all getting -- you are tearing up. >> i was almost in tears. did you not grow up with win knee the pooh, thomas? >> of course i did and that's the problem. we are divorced from reality. you big city people don't understand about wildlife management. they have will be shot. you have to shoot them dead. >> we are on the bears' turf. it is not the other way
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around. these bears are just looking for food and then you have the morons who leave their food out and the bears will come and get it if i was hungry in the wild. this is mean, tom. >> can i add something? this news came out of florida. i want to make sure that it is more news out of florida. i call it wtf, what the florida. this is not the first time. they had a snake hunt so they could minimize better meet pythons. and then they realized in the keys they were over run by mosquitoes and have the deer born illnesses. they created mu tated mosquitoes. florida has no good ideas. if something happens you kill it. just go out there and kill it.
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>> the good idea they had was let's conserve the bear population. the state came in and they helped the bears survive and thrive. there are now 3500 bears. you have to shoot 500. >> and they did a very good job i suppose. >> very good. >> i am 6-7 and my parents live in fort lauderdale, florida, if i go down there with a beard during bear hunting season there is a chance i get killed. i say don't do it of the like you said don't have your trailer in the middle of the forest. >> guys and gals, look, you have to be with me on this. it is not a trailer in the middle of the florist.
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>> it is nature recycling. >> it was awful. >> it is. but the point is we need to tell the rest of the environment that we are the dominant species. there is a reason why they are on top of all food chains because we invented tools. bears don't have guns. they can't handle us. every now and then we need to walk into the forest and say you you are only in the forest because we let you here. >> but they are minimizing our chances for good news. >> you want to take out the bears? i say you go in there bear handed, no public intended and take on -- i want to see you take on that bear. or arm the bare. >> i hope the bares take over the state. >> you know what you are like, jedediah? rosy owe dom has armed guards,
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but against the gun. you have a wonderful bearless commute to your apartment in manhattan -- >> i am pro-bear, less human. >> have you put a nose in the tent? >> i haven't. i may feed him and may cuddle. >> this is absurd tee. >> this is ridiculous that we put ourselves as human beings in a position where we are vulnerable. >> we wouldn't give them guns because we created guns. >> i support second amendment. bears deserve to be armed. there is no bear organization to conserve humans. >> all the power to you. >> i know a lot of bears and they are not into women.
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>> same half time. same half channel. half time is next. first, what story got me to click on it. let me know on "facebook."
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning.
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a house vote on the budget deal could come within hours. the two-year plan that would raise the debt ceiling isn't setting well with all republicans including the next potential house speaker paul ryan. ryan has blasted current speaker john boehner for speaking a behind the scenes deal saying the deal, quote, stipgs. they -- stinks. the defense secretary is now saying the u.s.-lead coalition will step up airstrikes and macon duct more ground attacks. the u.s. has carried out special operations raid in syria. a bus carrying lehigh university's rowing team is involved in a deadly crash in pennsylvania. the bus collided with a car killing one person in that vehicle. all 20 students on board are being evaluated, but none of them suffered serious injuries. a 21-year-old man is in critical condition after being badly burned with his e-cigarette when it blew up.
12:34 am
the florida man found by his sister covered in soot after the cigarette he was smoking exploded in his face. >> they said he has internal and exter dmal -- exter national damage and smoke in his lung from the explosion and possibly the mouth piece. they say it was likely caused by the lithium batteries. hundreds of new york's nypd officers lining the streets for randolph holder. holder is the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in less than a year in this city. thousands are expected to attend the funeral for the third generation police officer. he will be missed. i'm kelly wright, now back to "red eye." remember, you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> welcoming bay. it is time to find out what we
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got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> something funny over there? >> sometimes we laugh. >> i'll put an end to that. tom you said of the racism that isn't funny can you find something else that works about trump? >> sure, but that one works fine. >> when you go to that it is weak. criticize policies. snl is handing trump the election by giving him this controversy. what do you mean by that? i think i know, but i want you to explain. >> all of the people -- they will be watching because of the controversy, and then they will vote for him because they saw him on "snl." we are not dealing with geniuses here. >> it is me. it is my people. i would vote for somebody if they were good on "snl."
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>> fair. >> you said the readings will be through the roof and you will see them? >> yes. i am big. i am big. i just want to point that out if the audience doesn't know, i am big. >> you said there is a greater chance the truck messes up the campaign if he does an hour and a half of live tv. i have no real interest in seeing this, but the question to me is can he pull off self-depp pro location. >> he does it. he does it on the campaign all the time. he makes fun of himself constantly. i think they should -- if you are are latino and you want to see him up there there is a great chance he will bomb miserably. when trump bombs he does well.
12:37 am
i agree because that's the way it has been going. at least in terms of those who like him. head to head vr success hillary is to the great. >> i think he probably can pull in more people. a lot of people will look at this and won't pay attention to his policies. if he is entertaining do them and can have a little humility, that guy is cool enough to vote for. >> i think his numbers will go up as people are now going -- >> you said if trump was nude you may change the channel. >> yeah. >> no you don't. >> for those who went to the roast i feel sorry for the snl writers. they will have the longest weep of -- week of their life of the ben carson ad, he may be worse than i am.
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>> it seems authentic. >> it does. sam you love how he is trying to show he is outside the box by doing the most literal things. what if it is like the briefcase in pulp fiction. it is what is inside that counts. >> i never heard of that. >> probably because he was dumb. forget the box and the green screen and parson's low energy level thing makes him annoy you. >> it is too much, too low energy. it is like snooze fest usa. pump it up a notch. >> it keeps me working. >> point made. >> in iowa made. by the way, tom, way to spoil the ending of "7".
12:39 am
>> it didn't really -- >> it said what was in the box. >> it was on the list. >> which we were about to get to. jedediah you said "omen" is your favorite? >> yes. >> that's number three. what the audience doesn't know is when i watch a horror i call andy levy and say what are your recs. >> you say this is a joke. i don't get it. the best is the best. >> why go so far as to publish a list and we didn't know the answer. >> now we really know. >> was that your number one. >> katie you said a hundred people surveyed mine nothing.
12:40 am
>> i can't a larger number. a big populous of data. i like to crunch numbers. >> they had a hard enough time getting people to respond. >> all we know is exorcist is number one. >> and they were all low energy. they all feeded a red bull jie. here is my problem with the full top 100 list which is a favorite. "jaws" not a horror film" southern," "silence of the lambs" not even close. et cetera. knee are not -- >> "jaws." what was the second in "seven fts? >> why is that a horror movie. it is a procedure. >> i thought that was inaccurate than following with "the notebook." >> how about psycho? >> i would not call it a horror movie, but i can understand why some people
12:41 am
do. >> i would say it is not. >> to me it was a charming story of a boy and his lovely mom. >> there you go. >> so here is my favorites. these are the all time classics evil dead two, the "the ring,"" nightmare -- >> sorry i know it is more. >> let's compile a hundred people. >> i may not tell you. threw a couple of recent films around i won't put on my all time greatest because they are too new. cabin in the woods and "the conjuring." >> that's great. >> and the first two-thirds of "goof ball." >> you have to check out "the visit." >> it is good.
12:42 am
i saw it. >> and has anyone seen the sound studio? i am not sure if it is a horror movie, but it goes off the rails at the end. florida black bear. -- >> i am hearing music. >> i am too. i guess that means it is time for a break. numb chucks when i come back and i will be headlining on november 14th.
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america's police departments are always looking for ways to better protect and serve their communities. one northern california police department is planning to do something that is sure to generate absolutely no controversy. it will equip officers with numb chucks. the department says it will limit injuries to officers and the people they detain as serving as a means of subduing a suspect. they are the weapon of choice from panthr on from thunder cats . >> i'm sure there were other tv and film characters. i can't think of any.
12:47 am
sam? >> cops are good idea, great idea. >> it could be a good idea if the evil shredder uhing tays. it is ironic. we have criminals and bears in florida. so the bears in flier are they. >> the thing is they say it will help. if they train them correctly it is a good way to subdue someone. they are already using clubs? >> why not on body cameras. i have been following this over the last few years, the state evidence you can collect from right there something cameras is the most reliable source of data right now. however let's use numb chucks and a kendo stick. >> it is like a bow like donatello cameras.
12:48 am
>> what good is a body camera without good numb chucks. >> it makes it funnier when the cob hits his hayes. it will turn into a comedy of errors quickly. >> i fiddled around with toy null chucks and they are difficult. >> the cops are using the weapons they have right now with the greatest of ease. i don't know if stepping up the martial arts game is where they are at. >> i can't wait until the first protest. video comes out of a problem i'm appropriately using the numb chucks. >> it is all going to be about the training. jed due u do dye yaw, this is a good case of -- it it is not like they are in the news. >> perfect timing. i think they are getting the
12:49 am
guns to wind up shooting someone. you can restrain them did dash and i played with a few and they can backfire. seeing cops faces, it is not going to be a pretty situation. >> it is smart though. it is a bad thing to pull off. it is cool to pull out a -- >> both parties would be so confused because they don't know where to go. >> if you look at a police club you can't restrain someoney physical tiffly, but you can wrap up the risks. >> why do you like so much? >> i saw the training manual. and then you kept their arm. >> why not handcuff somebody? these people that are getting
12:50 am
to be p coulds, a lot of them shouldn't be able to get there. i can see the police officers and they are tiny. they have to reach for their gun because there is no way -- >> and now they are coming up with all of these weapons. next it will be a weird super soaker they will take out. >> i like the tasers. that's my thing. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees.
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use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. because of the gop debate. coming up on thursday anthony devito and dc benny and matt welch. wal-mart has scared up some halloween controversy by selling an israeli soldier costumes for boys. the description states when halloween time rolls around make this item part of your child's complete on seem bell. one reviewer on wal-mart's website called it utterly insensitive and gave it one star. that's enough for us to do the story. some under to the costumes itself inappropriate and others were offended by the different versions for the girls and the boys. look at that. nice.
12:55 am
just kidding. that's a joke. that's not real. did you think it was real? >> i wasn't sure. >> you were gusting lis gusted. >> the times are a changing. >> they have the boys and girls in the costumes. >> i am a little tom boy and jealous of your attire. >> look, are you offended? why? he is israeli? >> it is so stupid. you can't have munn put on a cough uniform. they have the villain from scream as an option for these young boys and there is no problem. you can dress up as jason and ones ready as and kills people. but this is supposed to -- you know this is easy rule and people are crazy. >> what's wrong with the israeli defense soldier? >> the female was not real and it is offensive. it is sexist. every costumes needs an equal
12:56 am
sexy costumes. unless wal-mart is selling -- >> it would be like a little girl costumes. >> unless they are selling sexy costumes? >> did you ever see the female follow yes, sirs? >> the tom boy. >> take a look and do a search. what do you think? >> they were less concerned about sense tough tee and more worried about the margins. one of the things that occurred to me was a savings on the outfit probably because of the low reviews. i have the numbers here. 67.62 and they marked it down. >> that's a price. >> you can't beat that. obama is in action in the middle east and it caused a situation. i think they may be military costumes for today's youth. >> i was hoping we could find
12:57 am
an anti-obama angle and you did. you did it. special thanks. that's it for me. time tom shillue. see you next time.
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republicans and the "i" word, impeachment. but not for president obama. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, house republicans are going after the president's tax man. they have begun the process of trying to impeach irs commissioner john koskennen. correspondent doug mcelway is here to tell us why. >> the spark that innighted these proceedings was the decision last week by the department of justice, not to press charges against lois lerner. when that decision was made, the chairman of the


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