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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 28, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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mets in the 14th inning close to 1:po in the morning. >> here comes escobar. the royals win game one. the winner in the 14th inning. >> kansas city 5-4 victory the longest ever world series clocking in at 5 hours 9 minutes. >> social media exploding in the 4th inning when a technical glitch caused a four-minute delay. some suggesting cart griswold was responsible for that de clay. others say the yankees were pulling the power plugs from the movie "airplane." >> ready for round 3. the republican president for candidate are expecting to face off for another debate the topic the economy. what can we expect tonight?
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>> good morning to you. this debate which will be on the fox business network important for many. donald trump and rand paul and chris christie can't seem to catch fire. jeb bush sent the entire weekend trying to ensure backers he's still in the game. wi with the focus on the economy bush hopes to shine on policies he made as a governor. he told me if the opportunity arises he will try to take donald trump down a peg or two. >> there could be opportunities to do it if he talks about protectionism if he talks about a pessimistic world view which i don't share i think republicans and conservatives win when we have a hopeful reaganesque message. i will take it to him for sure. >> four candidates i spoke with said they are not happy with the economy. rand paul said he is going to filibuster it when it comes up in the senate.
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marco rubio says the back room deals at the last minute are not the way to make fiscal policy. >> what are you going to do? >> i am not supporting that law and budget they put forward. i am supporting serious ideas that put america on a sustainable path. we cannot continue to borrow billing the dollars to companies that hate us to fund going forward. >> chris christie who needs a strong performance told us on the budget deal, john, they would never get away with that in new jersey. what will be interesting to watch is whether or not donald trump takes it to ben carson. he has been avoiding attacking ben carson but now that he leads nationally in a new york times poll donald trump is getting worried telling voters why would you vote for ben carson. he can't craft a deal with china. i am the guy to do it. >> we will be hearing more of that tonight. john roberts life for us in
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boulder, colorado. >> what about senior political analyst brit hume says after tonight they won't last long and here is why. >> these people don't drop out of presidential races they have decided just on the basis of the issues they can't win. they drop out when they run out of money. some of these candidates in the low single digits it is hard for me to image they are able to raise much machine. we are clomioming close megyn y need money to do it it effectively. one state at a time it takes money. it will take money in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina the third on the schedule. these candidates way down in the polls they need to do something to change the way things are going and they have failed to do it so far. >> breaking overnight a poi lot h -- pilot had to be rushed to the hospital after a laser
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targets him. as they approached the airport around 9:20. plane landed safely. it is unclear if the pilot was injured or taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> today more than 1,000 police officers will say good-bye to slain officer randolph holder. he was gunned down chasing a suspect in harlem last week. sharpton no longer intending to attend the funeral or perform the eulogy. he wants to avoid controversy with union leaders. president obama who has been critical of law enforcement says the country needs to start supporting the police. >> too often law enforcement gets scapegoated for the broader failures of society in our criminal justice system. >> he addressed the crowd at the international police chefs in
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chicago. he praised law enforcement for keeping the country safe and blamed the media for making police look bad. >> i reject the story line that says when it comes to public safety there's an us and a them. a narrative that often gets served up to us by news stations seeking ratings or tweets seeking retreats. >> the president spoke about his plans for criminal justice reform and the push for stronger gun control laws. >> the driver accused of purposely crashing her car into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecoming parade now says she was suicidal. court documents says chambers does admit she has been treated for mental health issues in the past and she has attempted suicide. four people were killed dozens of others injured when she plowed into that crowd. she is being held on a million dollars bail. one person is dead after a car slams into a bus.
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it was packed with college students in pennsylvania. the bus flipped over on its roof. the car burst into flames. 18 students from lehigh university rowing team and bus driver suffering injuries. the 28-year-old driver of that car was killed. police are not commenting with reports from the driver who performed a traffic stop. dashcam video is being revealed. to a fox news alert has a major shift in the fight against isis. they are considering putting boots on the ground in syria and iraq. kristin fisher is life for us from washington with the newest information. good morning, kristin. >> what this shift would do is put u.s. ground troops closer to the area. it wou defense secretary carter laid it out while testifying yesterday with the senate armed services committee. listen? >> they expect to intensify the
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air campaign with additional aircraft to target isis over the higher heavy strikes. this would include more strikes against isil targets as intelligence improves. also oil enterprise>> if the president approves those recommendations from the went gone it means there would can more more hostage situations like last week. the u.first u.s. combat fatalit in the war against isis. they are not authorizing large scale ground forces like they did in afghanistan. it would clearly represent a reverse in strategy since president obama had a stated goal of getting u.s. troops out of iraq and keeping u.s. troops out of syria. heather and ainsley. >> kristin fisher live for us. thank you. republican lawmakers banning
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female soldiers from transfers gitmo inmates. this includes after several complained about it being an insult to their islamic faith. >> 9-11 terrorists are manipulating the system to say that our women cannot guard them. secretary charter, i hope you would agree with me this is outrageous. >> the ban is now being reviewed. >> the irs commission tier is n being impeached. costin nin destroyed evidence, lied to congress and violated public trust. the move comes days after the former irs lois lerner was cleared of charges. we will have more coming up in the next half hour.
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>> take your umbrella to work. >> we are looking at a possibility of a couple of inches of rain and flash flooding. it is around coastal areas in places like new jersey and you could be looking at high tides early today. you will be looking at the possibility of coastal flooding. new york city seeing the rain moving in later on this morning. it will be sticking around for a big chunk of today. it will be an unsettled day out there. wimpy at that especially in the great lakes. you could be looking at rain gusts at 40 miles an hour. breezy and windy conditions from the flakes to the northeast.
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37 in pro voe and 33 in denver. temperatures ranging from the 50's to 60's. during the afternoon hours across the southeast not bad at all, 74 degrees for the high in atlanta and 73 in raleigh, north carolina. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. brand new video of the south carolina police officer that is in trouble for body slamming a student does a new take to tell a different story. >> sorry, kids, this isn't a trick or a treat. another school decides to ban lol halloween over religious concerns. >> heather, how would you like some taco bell for breakfast this morning? today is your lucky day. >> new york has a team in the world series. (cheers) and donald trump is no longer ahead in the polls. (cheers)
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and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> two people are now dead after an explosion at an oregon firing range inside a world war ii era tank. police say there was a camera crew on scene filming the tank at the time. they are hoping that video can shed light on what went wrong. the sheriff's office and other gone state police are investigating. ainsley? >> the hunt for two suspects caught on camera robbing a sleeping train passenger. the man and woman snatching his bag and running away from him. this happened in philadelphia. the victim wakes up. chases after him. there is a struggle as you can see. the woman pulls out a taser and shocks the victim then pushes
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him down on to the train tracks. he fell on top of that electrified third rail. amazingly the man was not seriously injured. >> federal investigators now on the case of this sheriff's deputy caught body slamming on camera a student in class. the incident going viral as police reveal there is a new video that tells perhaps a different side to this story. kelly wright is here with the developments. the fbi and justice department says they are investigating that south carolina incident that has gone viral on social media and has everybody talking about it. this is what the fbi is investigating a video showing south carolina sheriff's deputy ben fields forcefully removing a female student from her chair had he high school in columbia. there's reports of a third video. the video is disturbing. >> it shows the student hitting
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the school resource officer with her fist and striking. what she does is not what i am looking at. what i am looking at what is our student resource officer did. >> the girl was wrong for disturbing the class and refusing the verbal command of deputy fields. but he is concerned about the way the deputy responded in this case. the parent of one student in the class is troubled. >> i can't believe a man used that much force on a little girl a big man 300 pounds and full of muscle. >> deputy fields is also a football coach for the high school football team. he was given a culture of excellence award by element i school last year. fields has been sued for using excess sieve force in the past. the jury decided in his favor. they are accusing him of targeting black students.
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a lot of thing unfolding here. >> a major safety warning before you get into the car and drive to work this morning. millions of tires on the road could be defective and you probably wouldn't even know it. cheryl casone is here to explain this for us. >> good morning, ladies. the ntsb making a report that calls this completely broken. only one in fooi dete five defe tires are removed from the road. it is ineffective and we should note 530 people were killed and 19,000 were injured in tire related accidents according to that report. blue bell announced it will be offering delivery of four half gallons directly to your door. if that favorite ice cream of course anywhere in the united states. it will arrive in its own cooler and will be shifted via ups
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costing $29. ikea is creating stuffed animals based on kid's drawings and a fundraising effort that will benefit charity and safe the children. a few lucky kids are being affected with a portion going to charity. what do kids know about designing toys anyway. in time for the weekend target released an app to help you find the best houses for trick or treating by using treat search you will find them marked by pumpkins. the more votes a house gets the larger the pumpkin grows. >> that is a great idea. >> speaking of on-line, going viral now on social media first, an adorable video of an oklahoma toddler getting spooked.
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>> come here. >> r aaa a. >> oh, the priceless reaction from that 18 month old named jet with his grandfather's rather sending him in the other direction. it is viewed more than 800,000 times. >> this may be the fastest dog you have ever seen. a picture of hank being wheeled into first class going viral. the pudgy pooch gained weight from an illness. >> the picture has been tweeted nearly 5,000 times. >> i think they had to buy him an extra ticket or two actually. >> one of the most interesting sleepwalking stories we have had. >> would you give up a first class seat for a cheaper seat? we will hear what you say coming up. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> they are called into question after a 24-year-old literally freezes to death while getting the procedure. kelsey was found dead inside the machine in las vegas. police say she might have suffocated, frozen to death as well after setting the levels inappropriately. it is to help with pain and aid in weight loss. the salon didn't have the proper licenses to practice the services. a sleepwalking teen found safe nine miles from her college home. he called police when he noticed the 19-year-old was missing from her bed. she walked 3 miles and road a bus for 6 miles before waking up with no shoes on. she says she recognized a landmark and went to her uncle's
2:24 am
house nearby. >> schools across the country are getting spooked by political correctness and cancelling halloween celebrations. >> they are worried about kids being left out. critics say leave halloween alone. >> there will be no tricks or treeks another halloween costumes. political correctness gone amuck. boys in school in new jersey have canceled celebrations this year. administrators said last year 20 percent of the school's 530 student opted out for religious reasons. they sent a letter in part saying after careful consultation and collaborations we have decided not to hold in school halloween activities. the spokesperson told fox by phone children have been excluded in the past. >> they were taking kids out of a room where they saw their friends getting ready with candy
2:25 am
and costumes and taking them to another room and didn't feel that was the right thing to be doing. >> the similar ban at a milford connecticut school enraged parents which started a petition drive on-line. the school reversed the decision. >> it is open to everybody. if you choose not to participate that's your choice. no one is excluding you. >> no such turn around. parents we talked to this mixed reactions. one saying he doesn't agree with the school but sporupports the administration. >> i thought this was a place you could celebrate as long as it is not harming or hurting never one. to interpret that we need to stop a holiday that has been celebrated all my life 50 plus years, it is prufesumptuous to y the least. >> others opted to ban halloween celebrations in washington
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state, pennsylvania and other gone. heather, ainsley. >> thank you, loren. >> time to brew on this. as the busy holiday travel season kicks off what is most important to you when you are flying? >> we heard about cramped passenger with limited leg room like the woman who was choked for rekleining her seat. >> a man through water on a man to stop her from rekleining her seat. the majority of you the travelers would preser saving money to the extra leg room. when it comes to airline perks nearly 50 percent would choose ticket credit. 30 percent would choose more leg room. >> i would choose leg room. >> would you rather have comfort or cash back when flying? send us comments on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail at foxx >> could carly fiorina launch a
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>> it is wednesday october 28th. the presidential candidates gearing up for the third debate this time focused on the economy. what can we expect from them and what can we expect from donald trump who has a new top target. >> an mirn pilot rushed off a plane and into the hospital after being hit with a laser mid flight. >> the royals. the mets make history for the longest game since the world series began. "fox & friends first" continues.
2:31 am
>> we were getting up for work this morning and the game was still on. hope you got enough sleep. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us as always. we are not talking about the world series but the republican presidential candidates that face off in another debate. the topic the economy. >> john roberts is live in boulder, colorado with what we expect to see tonight. were you up for the game last night and you will be up for the debate? >> i was not up for the game but it will be a competition tonight. do they watch the world series or the debate. this debate and the next one two weeks from tonight donald trump needs to rest back the momentum for ben carson leading in polls. jeb bush needs to light a fire
2:32 am
under his campaign. rand paul hoping to grab a little bit of the spotlight with a strong performance with the debate last night. also telling me he plans to oppose the budget deal in the senate in the same way he did with the nsa surveillance that put him on the map. >> i think it stinks. i will be filibustering this deal. we should use the leverage of that to get spending cut. >> donald trump getting agitated after a third poll sends ben carson pulling ahead of him. he tells iowa i am a good christian, too, and i would be much better at negotiating with deals with foreign leaders in china as ben carson would be. chris christie also looking to make the case that he is the most qualified candidate in the race to be president. >> you say you are the most
2:33 am
tested leader in the campaign. jeb bush says the same thing. >> i don't know how you testify after being governor 13 years ago and having legislature in the red state. i don't know how you say that being a governor in one of the most liberal states and democratic legislature with every one i was there with the most liberal aggressive media in the country. >> chris christie is confident he can turn things around. he has a big hill to climb because latest average poll shows him at 2 percent. another poll has him at 1 percent. he has strong backers behind him that's not going to attract a whole lot more money for his campaign. >> one candidate moving to the center of the stage mark yo rubio says that could pose a challenge. >> rubio is going to be next frontrunner next to trump for
2:34 am
the first time. he is running third in the rcp average. he has to show his strength and he might have over power trump. the other will be carly fiorina. her rise was fueled by two spectacular debates. she has subsided some what as a result of the fact that she is out of the spotlight. that puts a lot of pressure on you because that's extremely hard to do. >> an american airlines plane is targeted by one of the laser beams in san diego. striking the pilot in the plane as he approached the airport. the flight landing safely at this hour. still unclear if the pilot was injured or taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> today more than 1,000 police officers will say their final good-byes to slain pd officer randolph holder.
2:35 am
the reverend al sharpton no longer attending the funeral. he wants to avoid controversy with union leaders. the mother telling the post he is delighted sharpton won't be there. >> president obama who has been critical of law enforcement says the country needs to start supporting the police. >> law enforcement gets scapegoated for the broader failures of society. >> addressing the crowd of the international police chief in chicago. he blamed the media for making the police look bad. >> i reject the story line that says when it comes to public safety there is an us and a them a narrative that gets served up to us too often by news stations seeking ratings or tweets
2:36 am
seeking retweets. a fox news alert for you the fight against isis could include troops on the ground. the pentagon has a major shift in strategy. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather. ash carter says u.s. is planning to step up the attacks against isis. here's how we are talking more air strikes and special operations rates against isis and possibly putting u.s. ground troops closer to combat in iraq and syria. this comes as russia continues to discuss its own air strikes in syria. u.s. officials say they are targeting opponents of syrian president biashar al-assad. i think the balance of forces right now are in such --
2:37 am
>> what you have done along with the president you turned syria over to russia and iran. all i can say is it is a sad day for america. the people in syria are not going to accept this. this is a half ass strategy at best. >> if they approve the latest recommendations from the bent gone it means there would likely be more u.s. operations rates like the daring hostage rescue last week. >> the delta operator was killed the firs u.s. combat fatality in the war against isis. >> thank you so much kristin. >> while you were sleeping game one of the world series stretched into the early morning hours finally beating the mets close to 1:30 in the morning.
2:38 am
>> the royals win game one. >> 5-4 victory the loppingest ever world series game clocking in at 5 hours and 9 minutes. >> we all get free breakfast attack co bell. the fast food chain promising everyone can grab a free am crunch wrap on november 5th. i said it was today but it is next thursday while supplies last. we can thank royals lorenzo cane in the 6th inning for the free breakfast. >> heavy rain, thunderstorms and snow possibly today. >> maria molina has the details. >> good morning heather and ainsley. we could be looking at a little bit of slowe snow through parts of the dakotas.
2:39 am
it is a light dusting out there. it is a sign that things will be changing here with much cooler air starting to move southward. we have a storm tracking parts of the eastern u.s. early this morning into the great lakes and interior parts of the great lakes. there will be 2-3 inches of rain locally in areas into tomorrow as well. that rain will be continuing into parts of new england. it will be a little unsettled out there. you will be seeing the delays at the airport you will need the umbrellas and rain boots for some of you. temperature wise across the eastern u.s. not bad at all. new england 26 degrees in care beau, main -- kara beau main. 30 in denver and 36 in utah. over to you>> a man who said he lost lois lerner's e-mails. republicans might get the last
2:40 am
word. >> no more night sticks. giving cops the numb chucks. i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
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>> they started impeachment process against john koskinen. >> 18 members of the house of representatives introduced a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against koskinen. making false statement the regarding the scandal and thousands at the lois lerner
2:44 am
scandal. irs erased hundreds of backup tapes containing potentially thousands of e-mails from learner. congressman says irs commissioner koskinen made false statements about the e-mails telling congress nothing had been lost of destroyed. >> when you see this nobody will be held accountable. we tried to investigate it under koskinen's guidance the irs stone walled us. are we going to slug our shoulders and say nobody is held accountable? >> there was all kinds of intent to target conservative groups. this justice department said no to prosecuting ms. learner and any one else at the irs event. that's unfortunate. it is not the fbi. it is the justice department. >> it was the department of justice this friday which closed the investigation of the irs scandal without pursuing criminal charges against any
2:45 am
one. back to you. thank you adam. to find him you can log on to thank you very much ainsley. five plus five plus five does not equal 15? a question on a third grade maht quiz is making people furious. the assignment to use repeated addition five times three is blank. the student's answers were wrong. it should be interpreted as five groups of three meaning the correct answer is 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3 plus 3. five 3's. lesson plans are up to individual states, districts and teachers. a texas school district apologizing after a district holds them to deny god is real or fail. it is fact assertion or opinion. the second item was there is a god. 12-year-old jordan said she
2:46 am
answered fwakt because faith is more important than a test. >> i tried to use things such as the bible and stories i have read and people who have died and come back from heaven and told their stories and she told me both were things that people were doing to get attention. >> the district says the assignment was ill conceived and that teacher will be disciplined. >> the teenager led out of school and handcuffed for a homemade clock a teacher thought was a bomb is one of the most influential teens of the year. he made it along side malala and kylie jenner and malia obama. the police officer in trouble for body slamming a
2:47 am
student. does the new tape tell a different story? >> a hot tub and a dorm room? what could go wrong? steve doocy here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> that's a dorm room? >> how do you fill it up? is there a hose? one cup at a time? >> lots of beer pong cups. >> we are going to watch for that, ladies. meanwhile on "fox & friends" the republican debate tonight in the economy. house republicans begin impeachment process against irs chief john koskinen days after it was announced there would be no charges in the irs probe with lois lerner. republicans look accountable. who will it be? the world series went 14 innings over two-days. we have the late night highlights. who won?
2:48 am
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tral investigators now on the case of a sheriffs deputy caught on camera body slamming a student in class. the incident going viral as police reveal there's a new video that might tell a different side to the story. we're following the latest developments. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, heather. the fbi will be looking at the circumstances surrounding the arrest to determine whether any federal civil rights law was violated. it's a video that seems to have everybody talking right now. at spring valley high school in columbia, south carolina, a school resource officer seeing using force dragging the stew depth across the floor and
2:52 am
placing handcuffs on her and now a third video emerges showing the girl striking the officer with her fist. >> even though she was wrong for disturbing a class and she refused to abide by the directions of the teacher, the administrator and also the verbal commands much our deputy, i'm looking at what our deputy did. >> one student in the classroom who shot video of the incident says classmates were shocked to see the officer's response. >> i've never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point where other students are turning away. don't know what to do and they're scared for their lives. that's supposed to be somebody that's going to protect us. not somebody we need to be scared of or afraid. things like that. it was definitely a scary experience. >> well, a second student was arrested for verbally objecting to the treatment of the girl. both were charged with
2:53 am
disturbing school and released to their parents. depp tip fields has been in trouble for using force in the past. they got a tweet in this morning saying that has anyone stopped to consider if the girl behaved in the first place we wouldn't be talking about any of this. >> that video sparking a big debate. let's keep talking about it. did the officer go too far or was the student wrong for not following the rules. a live debate after the show. #keep talking. a police department in northern california is chaj bruce lee. equipping 20 officers with nunchucks. they're hoping to limit the injuries to both the officers and the suspects who were detained. solar panels, wind turbines and energy vampire. the department of energy haunting halloween by suggesting that kids dress up in e-friendly
2:54 am
costumes. the agency offering instructions how to make the costumes. the green costumes are meant to generate conversations as part of nags energy action month. coming up next, a serious warning about the safety of our tires on our cars. and last chance to send us your thoughts on today's question of the day when it comes to air travel. would you give up a comfortable seat for a cheaper one? we're reading your e-mails up next. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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happening today, gearing up for round 3. republican candidates facing off. the topic, the economy. beware before you hit the roads today. the tire recall -- people who have defective tires, you might not know t check your tires for a number on the side wall starting with bot. two americans about to make their first spacewalk at the international space station. astronaut scott kelly and shell lindgren begin their mission around 8:00 this morning. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. fox news, the top u.s. brandon facebook for the third quarter of 2015. buzz feed and mtv join us at news.
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ucla quarterback josh rosen in hot water for installing a hot tub in his dorm room. the school told him to remove the tub after videos show him lounging with a co-ed. that's against school policy. the ugly rooftop don't qualify as parking spaces. a michigan driver loses controlling ends up on top of a home. part of the roof nearly leveled to the ground. amazingly, no one was injured. time for your brew responses. what's more important when you're flying? >> new survey shows that a majority of travelers prefer saving money to extra leg room. what do you prefer? >> michael says a discounseled comfortable flight would be great. bernie tweets, i take a deal over comfort. it's rewarding to save money. >> benjamin says i prefer to skip the air all together. it's cheaper, safer and more enjoyable to drive. in these tight times, i feel most are faced to choose
3:00 am
discounts. >> i agree with that. >> you have a great day. tomorrow is thursday. tonight is the debate. we'll talk it in the morning. >> join us at 5:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it's round 3 of the republican presidential debate. now that ben carson is on top, will he become donald trump's target. live on the ground in colorado straight ahead. a school officer in trouble for body slamming a student right there. another kid in that classroom gives the other side of the story. what did the girl who was taken down do to the cop before he did that? we'll tell you what we know. a pilot rushed to the hospital after getting hit by a laser mid flight. how he's doing. that story straight ahead. because mornings, even today, is


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