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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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information the website is. >> >> okay. bill: good morning, they are back on the maintain. the republican field facing off. for the first time donald trump is not the obvious front runner. martha: donald trump will have that center podium, but ben carson comes into this debate with a strong head of steam. he's on the top of the latest national poll. he's calling it terrible and begging the voters in iowa to put hip back on top. >> iowa, will you get these
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numbers up? i promise you i will do such a great job. first of all i'm a great christian and i am. i do well with the evangelicals. but they let me down a little bit this month. i don't know what i did. i am not going to say carson or rubio, i'm second. it's not like terrible. but i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. martha: you can't make it up. dr. carson offered after more tempered sort of response. >> i am going to keep doing what i have been doing, and that is telling the truth and talking about the thing i think are relevant to people. bill: you have got 11 hours to
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go. who in your view has the most to lose tonight, byron? >> i don't think it's any question it's jeb bush. he has been falling in the polls for a long time. now the unhappiness among his donors has become public. a lot of those donors are looking to see does he show passion about the race? the other day he told voter in south carolina i don't need this, i have other thing i can do. bill: the new york time poll shows carson will be in a spot where people will be giving hip more attention than normal. what i the risk here. >> that is the key. you heard carson say i'm going
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to be doing what i have been doing and it's been work. but will his fellow candidate treat him differently? a lot of carson's rival for all the respect they have for hip for his medical achievement and his achievements in life, they think he's thin on policy. so carson may get more pointed questions than he's gotten in the past. bill: 8:00 pipe time, eastern time. fir debate goes at 6:00 p.m. tonight in the next panel here you will see in a moment. cruz and rubio and carly fiorina. they are stuck in single digit. how much do they have to keep these campaigns going? >> they have all done well in the previous debate. but they haven't been able to
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jump out of single digit. carly fiorina has gone the a real pop after each debate. after the fox news debate and the cnn debate but then she has been sliding down. they are trying to look for traction with voters even though they have done well in the debate before. martha: you can talking about where the numbers are. donald trump should feel good about this number. he evenings out ben carson in this poll of polls. he lead 27-22. everybody else in this poll is in single digit. rubio is in third with 9 degree. bush, cruz, fiorina. she got up a nice to out of the last one, then she lost the leverage that she had. all the bottom four candidate,
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everyone will be asking questions about them. if they can't lift themselves out of that bottom tier. bill: 50% of republican primary voter are paying attention. 70% in that same policy they are not written in stone. a lot of room for negotiation. martha: they will be put to the test this evening. in the meantime back on capitol hill, let the budget battle begin. conservatives are outraged about the deal or house gop leaders reaching that deal with the white house. they are saying the outgoing speaker john boehner they believe caved too easily. but he's wrapping up the loose end before he leaves office. >> the alternative was a clean
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debt increase without any increase to our troops and entitlements reforms. i made it clear i wanted to do my best to clean the barn. i didn't want hip to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. martha: alabama senator jeff sessions said my earsiver at the -- my ears quiver at the sound. what is the likely next speaker paul ryan saying about this deal? reporter: he told us the process will change under his new leadership but he offered this statement staying quote what has been produced will go a long way relieving the uncertainty hanging over us.
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he seize this deal as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. but here is a sample of conservative frustration. >> the process is problematic for many of us to have this large a bill with these types of issues brought before the conference at the 11th hour is troubling. it's not way members of congress should be doing business. >> it's financially irresponsible. it increases spending by $80 billion over a two year period of time. reporter: ryan is pledging a more inclusive process when he becomes speaker of the house and says there will be fewer major deadline deals. march these folks obviously want this deal stopped. can that happen? reporter: nothing is 100%. but most sources i talked to are convinced it will go through.
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there are concerns from agricultural and farming community about a cut in crop understand. but a lawmaker who said he's a likely no offered this decision. >> i think democrats and many republicans signaled they will vote for it. i would expect it's on a glide path to pass and go to the president's desk. democrats, those who are national security lawmakers and also those who are the appropriators on capitol hill will give them some certainty, martha. bill: the republican candidate weighing in on the budget deal. senator marco rubio says he will vote no. senator rand paul says he will do everything he can to stop it including a filibuster. he says it's hard for me not to
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use profanity to describe it. we should be using the debt dreelg i am force spending -- the debt ceiling to enforce spending restraint. martha: before john boehner leaves office he will sit down with bill hemmer on america's newsroom for his official exit interview. we'll be airing that friday. bill: 24 years in congress. i think this debate tonight on th jobs, the stars are aligned for to us have this national conversation. martha: it's interesting to hear from people like him. he doesn't have a lot to lose. he has always spoken his mind, but he can really do that now. bill: he will make his
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resignation on the floor of the house and we'll speak to him after that. >> a deadly crash with a school bus left upside down. >> this is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. martha: the man who may be the next house speaker challenging the house commissioner over lois lerner's emails. now a year later john koskinen could be facing impeachment from leading that agency. bill: the administration's policy and strategy against isis comes under fire. >> it's not a new issue. >> it seems to me you should have a position on it.
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>> we do not have a concept of operations for a no-fly zone. >> after all these years we don't have a concept of operations. >> that wes are prepared to recommend. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> this is incredible. >> i have a long career and that's the first time anybody has said they don't believe me.
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>> i'm willing to remind you it was not you are about grid 27 pages. most of that 27 pages is exhibits. >> being forthcoming is to say one know what, kings investigating. >> let him answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> yes, you did. bill: . that was over lois lerner's missing emails. the the koskinen says we have fullly cooperated with all the investigations. jay, welcome back to "america's newsroom."
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jason chaffetz says documents were december troifd on his watch. the public was misled. impeachment is the appropriate tool top restore public confidence in the irs and protect the institutional interests of congress. >> they said there were some poor management decisions. there are emails where they are talking about piecing together criminal cases against people exercising their first amendment rights. comes ski then came in. he was supposed to clean up the mess. instead documents that were said to be missing were actually recovered. the reality is you can't go before congress and not tell the truth. that's what happened here. the idea that the irs institutional credibility is being restored.
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the fact of the matter is the internal revenue service is incapable of self-correcting. this irs commissioner, maybe he had good intentions in the beginning but he got caught in the same vortex in the agency. bill: impeachment is normally reserved for the president. i think it last officer that faced impeachment charges was 1876, and that was the war secretary. >> there have been questions sphwp supreme court charges where the judges stepped aside. the members of the committee who feel they were ignored. the idea that evidence wasn't
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produced. that the evidence was december troifd. and there is no accountability. the department of justice gives the irs a clean bill of health. the american people don't buy it and congress doesn't buy it. bill: here is krauthammer questioning the ability of republicans to see this through. >> this won't end well. the republicans in the congress have shown they have no ability to conduct successful investigations of this administration. everything they have touched has failed or backfired. bill: dose have a point -- dose have a point? does he have a point? >> i don't think congress gives their role of oversight.
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that's what congress is supposed to do, engage these federal agencies to make sure they are within their sphere. i'm not going to write off an investigation because it hasn't done well. they have done a thorough job. we have a lot of documentation that shows the scope and nature and breadth of the irs and its attempts to stifle first amendment speech. i'm not willing to surrender this aspect of the legislative branch of government. bill require you have a lawsuit that's active. right? the status on that lawsuit is what? and can you win? >> we have 41 clients. most of them shockingly have gone the their tax exempt status, all but two.
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there was a companion case that was decided that was helpful to our case. we are not stopping and i hope congress doesn't either. bill: thank you, jay. martha: it is a stern warning from our first homeland security secretary. >> the congress and this country failed to have a lack of imagination. we don't need imagination on this one. martha: is america prepared for a possible bio weapons attack? we'll talk to tom ridge and ask what he's most concerned about. plus there is this. a lot of people with the sleepies. the royals took game one of the series.
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a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. martha: serious concerns are growing over the threat of bio weapons and whether the united states would be prepared for such an attack. former homeland security department secretary tom ridge. obviously the country faces a lot of threats. why do you think bio-weapons is
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something to wake up and smell the coffee on? >> it's not as if we can get ahead of the threat. the threat exists. some of the global community people. countries like iran and north korea. we know terrorists talk about it. let's not forget naturally occurring biological challenges like ebola, suggested to us in spite of multiple organizations within the federal government, i think this legislation, there is treaties and executive orders. political appointees. there is not a strategy. there is not a plan. there is no leadership. we take a look at that as a serious threat. martha: it's so easy to manage a scenario where something happens in this country.
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biological warfare or weapon. then we have committees and panels that try to figure out what went wrong. >> we took a look at the infrastructure that has been built since the anthrax attacks of 2001. you have got dozens of committees. i had to report to over 08 of them. you have 50 political appointees. you have an orchestra in front of you. and no one has the same sheet of music so there is no conductor. what we suggested is this is something that's serious enough that the vice president should be charged with building a dayability inside the white house. the vice president should be charged with building a unified budget. a lot of the agencies dealing with bio defense. they request dollars consistent
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with what their agency or institution is doing. not necessarily consistent with a national plan to deal with a bio defense strategy. at the heart of our recommendation we'll elevate this to an issue at the white house. this sounds like something that could fall under his purview. he's got the ear of the president on such an important issue as this. you will talk about this. it will get a lot of interest. but then what? >> it's a great question. we have nearly,000 specific recommendations. we have 100 across items and we intend to go back on a regular basis to see what the congress is doing. there have been four report that preceded us, well-intentioned report, elevating the issue and asking congress in general ways to do something about it.
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we are much more figure in the recommendations we make to the congress and we aim to follow up to see how well they take direct. this is a serious issue. one of the most revealing observations made by the 9/11 commission suggested that the congress this country failed to have a lack of imagine nation. we don't need manage nation on this one. the threat exists and we don't need to deal with it. martha: the first homeland security chief tom ring. bill: interest nag at inspector analyzing evidence from iran's nuclear program. what the evidence tell the us about tehran's am bigs to build a bomb. donald trump is pleading for more help in iowa.
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by here we go. 9:31 in washington. house republicans getting set to no nate paul ryan as the expect speaker. republicans will hold an internal vote a few hours from now on which one will be the nominee. it's expected emphasis on expected to head to the house floor tomorrow for a final vote. we shall see then. >> it has the best result. in most polls i'm number one. until iowa came along i said he poll. what the hell are you people doing to me?
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they said why don't you skip iowa? i said i can't do that because i have such an unbelievable relationship with the people in iowa i think we'll win. i think things will come out over the next period of type that won't be so good for opponent. martha: donald trump pleading with iowans to help turn his poll numbers around. he goes behind dr. carson in iowa and the national poll. let's bring in our panel and see what they think of the latest from donald trump. brad blake man is the former deputy assistant to george bush. and alan colmes. we have not coughed a candidate
6:34 am
like donald trump. that tells me he wants to win. he has fire in his belly. it's good to be upset that you are in second place and it's good to get out there and fight to turn thing around. >> but it's all about him and winning. he's playing the game of king of the hill. and tonight he won't be in the center square. it's dr. carson. desperation for a vote. please vote for me but not giving a reason why. how that's going to play tonight. what donald trump will show up tonight as well as what jeb bush will show up tonight. he has an opportunity to actually rise. so this is a great opportunity for them. let's see what happens. martha: let's take a look at the iowa polls. how much in the end historically does iowa matter.
6:35 am
you see carson as 29%. you see trump at 20%. let's show the other two. in new hampshire and south carolina he's quite far ahead. if you take both of those, will iowa matter? >> generally speaking iowa has not always been predictive. simply because you win iowa, it's not representative of the rest of the country. mostly white population without the diversity you have elsewhere. i'm not sure why we spend so much time focusing on iowa. donald trump said yesterday this poll is not scientific. the one he loses in isn't scientific. all he does is talk about himself and his poll numbers. that's like a traveling reality show.
6:36 am
martha: his supporters will say he talks about policy an awful lot and all these guys care about themselves and the woman in the race as well. and they do want to win. those quality are not unusual in a presidential race. >> he's obsessed with the polls. martha: all politicians cite the polls when they are winning and don't cite the follows when they are losing. >> this guy is obsessed with the polls. and when they are notth his favor he find fault with the polls. every one of his speeches revolves around polls. voters from new hampshire are watching these early debates. so they are in south carolina. and every other state. so that is why iowa is so important. it's not what happens in iowa, it's what happens in iowa that translates beyond.
6:37 am
>> people in new hampshire march to their own drummer. >> they are listening to what the candidate say tonight. >> that is true. but they are not doing it because iowa does it. >> it almost sounded as if he was talking to his management team. we need to beat this up. you are going to show me some better numbers. his supporters were out there in white t-shirts saying are you going to high pressure caucus? please bring your friend. they get it and they are out there trying to fire up the grassroots base in iowa. this may spur them on to work harder in iowa and turn things around. they have three months. >> saying i don't know what
6:38 am
seventh day adventist is. saying women like wearing burkas because they don't have to put on makeup. who can get away with this stuff. martha: donald trump. bill: game one, world series, it was a wild one. starting with the first pitch of the night. watch. >> how about that effort? here comes escobar. bill: a world series game has never started like that ever. the first inside the park home run in a world series, but never on the first pitch.
6:39 am
bottom of the 4th inning this happens. they are experiencing technical difficulties with big fox. the big truck lost power. they worked to get things back up and running including plugging things back in. bottom of theth, mets are up 4-3 trying to close it out. alice gordon goes deep. ththe if youfarthest part of th. that brings in the winning run. royals take game one 5-4 final, longest game won in world series history. 5 hours, 9 minutes. 14 innings.
6:40 am
martha: you have to pace yourself it's a long process. what a first game that turns out to be. great for baseball. absolutely right. bill: we'll see what happens game two tonight. i think ben will need a nap. martha: it was a horrific bus crash leaving a group of student turned upside down. we'll tell you where this happened and how they managed to survive that. bill: the pentagon with its strategy to defeat isis. >> what you have done, gentleman, along with the president is turn syria over to russia and iran. this is a half-ass strategy. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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recovering after a bus accident in pennsylvania. a car ran into the bus, flipping it over on to its roof. >> after the black car hit the bus, it pushed it into the cement barrier. and it flipped two or three times. martha: police say the driver of the car dired at that scene. his car was a complete wreck. the university released a statement saying student were transported to area hospitals. jofn their injuries were serious and the cause of that is under investigation. >> supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil we are supporting those strikes in the air and on the ground.
6:45 am
>> are we going provide them military help? >> our train and equip program. >> the answer is no. the answer is no. bill: there were tough:moments during that hearing yesterday. secretary of defense ash carter giving new clues about the fight against isis. carter says the aim is to build quote battlefield momentum. ralph peters, good morning to you. based on what you heard, will it work? >> we may make some progress, but he talks about gaining battlefield momentum, the russians and iranians are sprinting in front of us and we are a one-legged sack race. the measures he promoted, they
6:46 am
don't amount to a strategy. a strategy is a comprehensive plan to obtain long-term goals. the strategy he articulated was a series of operational measures. tpt three rs, raids are useful but they are limited and not decisive. ramadi, it's questionable whether the iraqi military whatever aid we give them will be able to take ramadi. raqqa, the head of the caliphate -- bill: you have got to take them all out. if you are going to win in raqqa, you have to go in there to win. does this strategy sound to you like victory? >> it certainly doesn't. you have got to fight to win. we don't fight to win anymore.
6:47 am
we are so infected with political correctness, we are worried about collateral damage. no civilian casualties either. but we are fighting an opponent anxious to die for his cause. who regard death as a promotion. it's going to be messy and ugly. meanwhile the iranians and russians are willing to do whatever it takes. these measures are helpful to a limited degree. it's not a strategy to win, and we are crippling ourselves and the russians and iranians. everything we are doing in the long term is helping now. bill: i thought his tone was reluctant. i would add a fourth "r" to that and that would be russia. this was a very good day for a dictator. assad knows in all likelihood he
6:48 am
stays, or his chances of staying in power have increased exponentially. >> that's true. what we have is a de facto division of labor, the people we support fight isis while the rawbians, hezbollah, and the syrian army go after the people we supported and everybody else. they are engage in the policy of religious collection of sunni muslims in western syria, we are in eastern syria helping the bad guys. bill: those are baby steps. i want to emphasize what you say. all these measures are useful, none is decisive. more to come, colonel. thank you for your time today. 20 minutes before the hour.
6:49 am
martha: live pictures coming to us. what make this space walk so unique. when we come back. [♪]
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i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own.
6:52 am
not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so much prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be. bill: former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert bleeding guilty in a case involving a federal indictment on hush money. hastert accused of evading requirements for banks to report large cash transactions as you
6:53 am
see the entrance into court from a short type ago. mike tobin is live on the story. martha: two astronaut are in the midst of an historic space walk. american commander scott kelly and the flight engineer shell lindgren. reporter: they are getting the space station ready for commercial visitors. it's the first space walk for the two veteran astronauts. they will be lube are you kaight the arm and adding some cables. even though they carried out 189 of these walks, there are real risks involved.
6:54 am
there was some danger in 2013 when the helmet of an italian astronaut began to fill with water. but they got him back in safe. this is choreographed down to the last second. martha: i love the way you put it about the high stake and how huge it is and how fast it's moving. extraordinary science. thank you. bill: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton stopping by "the late show" with stephen colbert. if she had the opening between donald trump or dr. ben carson, which one would she choose. she said she would leave that to republicans. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee i want to run hard again whoever is up there. >> you can picture either one of
6:55 am
those guys in the office. >> i can picture them in some office. bill: good stuff, right? sometime you are not quite sure if you know the questions are coming. martha: that one felt like she might have had that answer ready. but if she didn't, it was a witty answer. john kasich packing a punch. he says he's done being polite in this race. which side will we see? bill: former governor jeb bush. what dose need to do to turn thing around? here he is. >> we have 100 days before the first caucasus. i'm confident we'll do well.
6:56 am
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martha: it is a battle in boulder tonight. republicans scare off in a third debate. this time they're in colorado. you have ben carson, donald trump, neck-and-neck now in the polls and the gloves could come off this evening. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum, i'm bill hemmer. this time the economy takes center stage. 98 days before iowa caucuses. top 10 taking part in the main event. that will be in prime time, 8:00 eastern time. earlier debate, 6:00 eastern features four candidates struggling to gain traction. will there be fireworks? ohio above john kasich giving us a bit of a preview what to expect from him anyway. >> what has happened to the our party? what has happened to the conservative movement? i have got to tell you something, i've got a plan, just like we had in washington when i
7:00 am
worked with mike dewine to get the budget balanced. we didn't throw the baby out with the bath water and come up with hysterical and ridiculous programs that won't work. bill: that is kasich. john roberts, senior national correspondent live in boulder, colorado. what is the expect tonight, john? reporter: bill you can expect an aggressive debate. certainly no one will talk about i don't care about your damn emails. this could be a make-or-break moments for some of these candidates. perhaps the most pressure to perform tonight is on jeb bush, down in the polls, retooling his campaign. had to bring out his mother, his father and his brother in texas over the weekend to reassure nervous backers to stay with him. watch him to go heavy on economic policy and he told me to try to take a bite out of the frontrunner, donald trump. >> could be opportunities to do it if he talks about protectionism, if he talks about
7:01 am
a pessimistic world view which i don't share. i believe that republicans and conservatives win when we have hopeful, optimistic message, more reaganesque message, i will take it to him for sure. reporter: trump and carson still lead in the polls, bush's main competition for establishment support is from marco rubio. marco rubio has a big opportunity tonight. he will be center stage, right beside trump with a very similar message that voters are mad as hell. >> people are really angry, no matter who they vote for, how many emails they send, how many calls they make nothing seems to change. everybody keeps getting worse and obama keeps winning. people are tired of that. i think republican establishment is in for a wake-up call this year. reporter: rubio will vote no on the new budget deal. he will be there for the vote. he thinks deal is an outrage, likely to be a big topic of suggestion. bill: donald trump what expectation for him?
7:02 am
he seems eager and concerned about folks in iowa and running neck-and-neck with carson. reporter: he is seems concerned that the polls go ben carson's way nationally and in iowa. he was all but begging iowa voters to put him back on top. what is going on with the numbers? i'm a good christian. i promise i will do a good job for you. the man lives by polls, being wounded by the polls. he is not very comfortable in that position, bill. bill: thank you, john. prime time tonight. get ready, john roberts in boulder, colorado. martha has more. martha: jeb bush certainly has a lot riding on this debate tonight. when he jumped into the race he was on top in all the early polls. a lot of people said they wouldn't even run if jeb bush got into the race. then they decided they would because he look ad bit vulnerable. this is how things stack up with trump and carson at top. rubio, bush, fiorina, basically battling it out at third place,
7:03 am
distant third place for those three. joining us chris stirewalt fox news digital editor. good morning. i think back to this meeting that happened this week that happened with the jeb bush family and the jeb bush donors and you know in those rooms they're saying look, when it comes to the debate you need to do this. what is it, chris? >> and that's why it stinks so much to be jeb bush right now because the people on whom you are relying for the financial advantage you say will make you the nominee, it's a vicious cycle because you say, all the money that i've raised and am going to raise will make me the nominee because i will destroy any rival. how do i get the money? i get it from rich people who have lot of opinions how i should be running for president. it takes me back to the top where i try to run for president successfully i have to answer to them. so if you're jeb bush, what you really ought to do is be cool. you really ought to be natural. you really ought to be likeable. you ought not be a person who is
7:04 am
embittered or who is frustrated and something because when you're a child of privilege, when you're entitled you can't act that way. so he has got to be cool. if he goes out there and tense and too many talking point in his head he will screw up. martha: the person that you just described is little bit what we saw in that earlier tape t week, he said i don't need this. i have a lot of cool things i can do. i don't need to be sort of miserable was the word that he used. you know, also, he could pick his moment tonight to go after trump. you know, some also say that george w. bush would have kind of sliced him down to size with sideways glances he gave al bore in that famous debate. is jeb bush capable of that and do you think he goes after trump tonight? >> i don't know whether it's a good idea. trump will go after him because jeb bush is trump's favorite target. it is hard to overswing against jeb bush aforementioned
7:05 am
entitlement. he would much rather fight jeb bush and front-runner tying for national frontrunner ben carson is very hard target, very nice guy, accomplished, african-american, great life story. how do you attack that guy. trump wants bush. the problem for trump, bush is another podium away. his slide in the polls put him further away. marco rubio is going to be between trump and bush and rubio will be caught in the crossfire a good bit i would imagine. martha: yeah. let's take a look at one other poll here. this is monmouth poll that we have. it shows iowa, the gop presidential race. in this one carson is out by a mile, 32% to 18. marco rubio and cruz at 10 and jeb bush at eight here. as you say, i mean, ben carson in many ways is sort of the perfect iowa candidate, is he not? and he's a story that perhaps later on people look back, oh,
7:06 am
well, carson won iowa, huckabee won iowa, santorum won iowa. it is unique place, he is that in many ways typical candidate there, is not? >> this is different. he is nationally very well-liked, very well-liked. one of the most popular and esteemed republican candidates. he is trying to buildout a campaign. we've seen a lot of reporting to build a national campaign that can do it. that is something that other iowa winners have not been able to pivot and turn and do. carson think he can be a different candidate. this is a tough road but you can't count him out. martha: when you think about those moments candidates have, unfortunately if you fabricate them, it usually comes across as fabricating. the potential is there for bush and rubio. what about carly fiorina? she had really good debate, two really strong debates. what do you think is going on with her numbers? >> what is going on with her
7:07 am
numbers nobody has seen hide nor hair sometime since the last debate. martha: what is up with that. >> kept a low profile. "wall street journal" said speaking engagement firm offering her services. campaign says not while she is campaigning. well, is there a sunset date out there? she needs to come out and look like she is in it to win it. way for her to do that, thee is tangled trump. she needs to establish she will tangle with others including establish men tearians. martha: we'll talk about that on the flip side. 10:30 eastern we'll talk about republican candidate rand paul. we'll talk about strategy tonight and budget deal he is none too happy about. rnc chairman reince priebus will join us. coming up at 10:40 eastern time. you have to have major butterflies heading in with these people. bill: down on the totem pole there. martha: nothing breeds confidence like success. for guys at top of the poll,
7:08 am
they feel good, they feel strong. when you're out there to really make your mark of that evening you have to be a cool customer to pull it off in a way that looks confident. bill: you made a great point about fiorina. two great debates and where has she been. we'll see how she turns out tonight. big issues on table later. another big issue, new inspection iran's most dangerous nuclear facility, raising concerns not because of what inspectors found but what they did not. nuclear testing equipment missing from the parchin military facility. critics show how weak the nuclear deal has become. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in d.c. what are we learning about the missing equipment? what is it and where is it? reporter: for four years the intelligence community, parchin, the military site it is believed where iran conducted nuclear program, containment vessel for testing nuclear triggers but when iaea director toured the facility for upcoming report fox news is told that the
7:09 am
equipment was effectively gone, erasing any radioactive footprint for testing. without getting into classified information a member of the house intelligence committee said verification process based on this incident is deeply flawed. >> the primary guarantor of this deal, the administration has an obligation to redouble our efforts to get the surveillance and verification right such that what the president said would be true, that the path for iran to get a nuclear weapon were really closed. reporter: missing data matters because means there is a gap in the data and it is based on this data a decision will be made in december whether the sanctions can be lifted on iran. bill: got it. is there evidence that iran is violating the deals in other ways, catherine? reporter: iran recently test adlong range missile in violation of u.n. security council resolution. this came up yesterday at the hearing yesterday before the senate arm services committee where the secretary of defense said even he has reservation.
7:10 am
>> the conclusion of the nuclear deal with iran, assuming it gets implemented which is part of what your question gets to, does not address all of our security concerns. >> but let me ask you this -- yes or no, should we respond to their testing of this missile that violates existing u.n. resolutions? >> i described one response, in our area, and that is, our continuing commitment to the development of missile defenses. reporter: that is a way of saying military intelligence at this point is developing plan b if deal is not implemented or whether there is evidence of further violation, bill. bill: got it. catherine herridge the latest from washington. martha? martha: so-called outsiders leading the republican race by a long shot. ben carson taking the lead from donald trump in one poll. still a long way to go in this race, 98 days until iowa. is outsider dominance still the rule of the day?
7:11 am
bill: also, another plane targeted by a laser, this time landing a pilot in the hospital. we'll tell you how that happened coming up. martha: irs chief's apology for employee incompetence not really flying so well on capitol hill. the move to now impeach john koskinen. >> i think there were, there was terrible things that happened at the irs that they need to be held responsible for and just coming up here and saying it was incompetence and bad judgment doesn't solve that problem for the american taxpayers who were harmed by actions of people at the irs. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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7:15 am
northrop grumman. bill: american airlines pilot rushed to the hospital in san diego after his jet's windshield was hit by a green laser. happened about 9:00 last night. the flight out of phoenix, about five miles from the airport in san diego, when the laser strike happened, that plane was able to land okay. right now the pilot's exact injuries, in the hospital, are not known. martha: so we're all looking ahead to night's third republican debate. a series of new polls is underscoring just how important these events really are because we see so much momentum coming out of the polls. sometimes they hang on to it, sometimes they lose it but ben carson showing signs he could pull away nationally now from donald trump. but you know, you have to see what happens tonight between these two folks. we're still 98 days away from the iowa caucuses. "new york times" poll shows vast
7:16 am
majority of voters say it is too early. no kid, right? 71% say i registered i liked someone, talked about liking someone but it is way too early to say i would absolutely vote for. you can't blame them. ed rollins, campaign director for ronald reagan, and joe trippi campaign manager for howard dean. both of these great guys are fox news contributors. good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: folks are saying don't rush me, don't rush me. i'm watching all of this. and ed, looking at your talking points you're ready to write a bunch of these guys off. >> they haven't measured off. first test is money. a bunch of these people haven't raised money. they have no poll numbers. no way they can possibly move forward in this drill here. obviously front-runners are people done well. carson is moving on trump. he is a perfect candidate for iowa which has very large 60% of the voters are born-agains and he tapped into that well. now can he take scrutiny which
7:17 am
will come by being a front-runner? we'll see. i think certain extent trump has been battered and bruised a little bit. he is still standing and his support are there. he stays in it. ones in second debate will not be players. three or four out of the big debate will not be players. once that is narrowed down by money can you have a campaign we'll have a much different race. martha: i get back to you on that. to see if you lay it on the line who needs to get out but i want to stick with the trump and carson topic with joe. which one of these guys is the stronger candidate in the end, joe? >> i mean, that's tough to tell. i think what is going to be interesting though is how does trump handle this drop, or not coming in first in these polls. the fact of the matter is, there are no front-runners that survive this marathon without dropping in the polls, without falling out of first place, or having some real challenge to
7:18 am
them. it doesn't mean anything, really, what matters is, how do they respond to it. that is what voters will be looking for. that will be important tonight for trump. i agree with ed. carson is, by far, sort of built for iowa. he should do very well there. there are others that might, in that bottom tier come up. like cruz could potentially emerge in iowa as well. long term, trump i think has an energized base that is likely to stay with him for a long time. the question is, can he build on it? so fares hasn't been able to. i'm not even sure he can survive over the long haul. martha: we'll see. let's look at this, which would be contrary to what you just said, who has the best chance of winning the general election? 41% of those polled in, this is "cbs/new york times poll" of republican primary voters, 41%
7:19 am
say they think in the end that donald trump has the best chance of winning the general election. now, why do you think that is? why do you think some people believe that's the case? >> because since june 16th when he announced he has been the frontrunner. all the attention has been on him. ordinary people that watch fox and places pay attention think he is viable, strong candidate and he may very well be. that pretty much reflects other polling. i think critical thing who has money? who has campaign structure? martha: money and campaign structure, jeb bush has plenty of that. look how he is doing. what i'm digging for here a bit, is the guts of this which is that donald trump, i read this woman quoted in a piece this morning. and she said, when she walked in there, donald trump's most recent performance she said i don't like him, i don't like name-calling he needs to grow up. then he connected with a veteran in the audience. he spoke to that veteran. she came out of the same thing
7:20 am
with tears in her eyes. she said, i'm with him. >> 41% out of 100%. always people are detractors. when i talk about money, bush will stay in this race. bush has $100 million and super-pac. he is running on fumes when it comes to the campaign but don't think he is not going to be there. he will be one of four or five at end of the day, as is kasich and possibly fiorina and possibly cruz and certainly front-runners. rest are all eliminated they have no money. my friend mike huckabee, santorum -- martha: you think they need to get out? >> they will get out sooner or later. martha: joe, final thoughts? >> the key here, as ed said bush has the money, the capacity to be there in the end. you know he, i had howard dean in 2004. you can get to 30% and take the lead. that's what trump has done. that's what carson has done. the question can you build beyond that. we weren't able to.
7:21 am
the party turns to somebody who turned out to be john kerry in 2004 and, he lost the election as well. but, these things can really move if one of the front-runners doesn't start to build the party will turn to somebody else. i think bush will be standing there at the end, and will he take advantage of that or not? it is a long way off. we'll get to see. >> the boy, a lot of pressure on the folks and donors putting money in. they have to be on the phone, pal, i want to see a very strong performance out of you tonight? >> they don't do well tonight they will get eliminated real quick. martha: a lot of pressure. thank you very much, gentlemen. bill: hillary clinton taking aims at republicans attacking charges. republicans charge she is promiseing giveways. how does the republican counter? reince priebus is here in a minute. >> disturbing video after deadly
7:22 am
police shooting. [shouting] bill: we have more on this. was the officer justified? details on that ahead. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ martha: say it ain't so? heavy snowfall already caused major problems in the colorado mountains. that is what is looked like in denver. oh, boy. authorities shut down several roads and highways concern about possible avalanches. not all bad. skiers are very excited. the 2015 ski season she said officially gets started tomorrow. they have nice powder. bill: i know what you were saying. martha: thank you. bill: going to winter already. breaking news moments ago. former house speaker dennis hastert pleading guilty in a federal hush-money case in a
7:26 am
deal that calls for him to serve up to six months in jail. mike tobin live outside u.s. district court, chicago, illinois. what are the details of the plea, mike? reporter: well, hastert stated that he knew what he was doing was wrong. that is before he entered the guilty plea to illegally structuring withdrawals to avoid detection. prosecution recommended six months in prison but the maximum is five years in prison. sentencing has now been set for february. hastert has now left the dirksen federal building here in chicago. he arrived about an hour early before his very brief hearing. he is now stoop-shouldered, shuffles as much as he walks. the plea for legally -- illegally structuring bank withdrawals in cash, less than $10,000, therefore avoiding federal requirements to report the withdrawals. that money was hush-money that went to someone identified only as individual a. now individual a, dates all the way back to the former speaker's time as wrestling coach at
7:27 am
yorkville high school outside of chicago. on record that money was used to cover up past misdeeds. what we're told by law enforcement sources the past misdeeds were sexual misconduct with men connected to that wrestling team. what makes the case unique, most plea deals are intended to bain leniency at sentencing. most experts looking at this case, this plea deal was to avoid a trial and to avoid any secrets in dennis hastert's past going on record. bill? bill: is there a connection hastert's behavior during the congressional page scandal, from nine years ago, 2006, mike? >> right. hastert was speaker during that time. and he was accused of sitting on information for as long as three years, that what representative mark foley was doing in his connection to the young pages was inappropriate. some people are saying the reason he was sitting on that is somehow connected what he was
7:28 am
doing here. it is really tough to draw a hard-line between those two connections but what you do know for certain, there was something in the former speaker's past that was so dark he was able to be blackmailed. he was only two steps away from the presidency. bill: mike tobin, thanks, chicago, illinois, breaking news there. 28 past, martha. martha: kentucky senator rand paul is prepared to launch another filibuster, this time taking aim at the budget deal reached yesterday. we'll speak with the republican presidential candidate why he is willing to go against his party's leadership on this. bill: this is some leap of faith, man, wow. daredevils soaring to serious heights, a thousand feet in the air. those men are racing in the wingsuits. we'll talk to two of them live. whoa, hang on. ♪ four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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7:31 am
bill: 10:31, house lawmakers set
7:32 am
to vote on cons controversial budget deal. some say not ideal but for some conservatives, republican senator rand paul saying it is so bad he is willing to filibuster this thing. he is live in boulder, colorado, as he is getting ready for the debate tonight. thank you for your time. >> good morning. >> you say you go back to washington, go on floor of the senate, make sure this does not go through? do i have that right? >> absolutely. we're borrowing a million dollars a minute now. so the deal they made, the deal they made with president obama to give him unlimited borrowing power. this is extraordinary. typically when they raise the debt ceiling, raise a certain amount. what we're doing, he borrows as much as he wants until march 2017. this is i think is recipe for disaster. they also increased budget spending. right-wing wants more military spending got what they wanted.
7:33 am
left, progressives wanted more domestic welfare, they got it also. so both of them have increased spending. there is nothing fiscally conservative about this. bill: here is john boehner. clearly he disagrees. watch the speaker now. >> the agreement isn't perfect by any means but the alternative was a clean debt ceiling increase without any additional support for our troops, and without any entitlement reforms. so this is good deal for our troops, four our taxpayers and for the american people. bill: seems like this is as good as they can do right now, senator? >> it is a rotten deal. it stinks and i haven't met one republican outside of washington who thinks it is a good idea to give unlimited borrowing power to the president and to bust budget caps to spend more on the military, more on domestic spending. we don't have a strong country if we keep borrowing. if we go further, further into debt, we're making ourselves weaker and weaker. this is a disaster.
7:34 am
i'm going to do everything within my power to stop it. bill: all right, now, you, two-year deal, about $50 billion i believe of increases. one for 2016, 50 billion more for 2017 thereabouts. i understand the point, hold on to debt as leverage. like a trump card so to speak. you use that to negotiate. we'll see whether or not you get your way. later on tonight during the debate i imagine you will bring this up. what is your strategy, senator? >> what i want every american to know i'm the only fiscal conservative on the stage. the reason i say that is, i'm willing to hold the line on all spending, military spending, and domestic welfare spending, because we're not a stronger nation and we're not safer if we're going further and further into debt. so this is very important and what distinguishes me from the rest of the field, because most of the rest of the field will go along with a deal like this. they're willing to raise military spending to bust the budget caps.
7:35 am
it's a big mistake of the biggest threat to our national security is our debt and we've got to do something about it. this is exactly the opposite of what we have to do. bill: you're in single digits. you need a breakout moment. you're well aware of that. last night you took a tough to in. you said about new jersey governor chris christie, you got into it in the past. keep his carcass in new jersey. donald trump on eminent dough main. you said of trump, one of the biggest advocates, wears a big hat and has red hair. is the tone going to be a bit tougher from you tonight? >> i think we need to mix it up. i'm all for mixing it up. and i think the american people learn more about the each of the candidates if we have a real discussion about what's best for the country and i think piling on more debt is a real disaster for the country. bill: you also said that donald trump has peaked. he has crested. where is the evidence that shows that, senator? >> well, i think you're starting to see the polls have quite a
7:36 am
bit of up and down, particularly in iowa. i think what's important is that the polls right now still are polls of undecided people. in every poll that's been presented, and people present it conclusively, just as mathematical fact, every poll that has been done so far the majority of the people in the poll are undecided. really this is poll of leaners and undecided. we have a great ground game. we'll compete and bring it all forward tonight in the debate. bill: senator, thank you for your time. rand paul in boulder, colorado. you're right about the polling and undecideds. there is a lot of room for shifts 98 days away from iowa. we'll see what you do tonight. thank you for your time. rand paul there in boulder. ♪ martha: house republicans moving to impeach the commissioner of the irs. they accused john koskinen of violating the public trust in the aftermath of the tea party targeting scandal, allegedly making false statements under
7:37 am
oath and failing to comply with a subpoena from congress. very strong charges indeed. rich edson joins us now. he is following this story live from washington. rich, what do we know about this today? reporter: good morning, martha. and house republicans have introduced this resolution to impeach the commissioner of the internal revenue service, john koskinen. this is days after the department of justice informed congress it is refusing to charge former irs official lois lerner. doj says investigators found mismanagement, poor judgment in her division's targeting of conservative groups aplying for tax exemptions yet explains poor judgment is not a crime. congressional committees also investigated lerner and house republicans came koskinen obstructed their inquiry and misled them, failing to preserve lerner's emails. >> we've tried to investigate it and under koskinen's guidance the irs has stonewalled us. i mean are we just going to walk away and shrug our shoulders, nobody is ever held accountable in this town and it needs to
7:38 am
stop. reporter: irs destroyed backup tapes containing lerner he have emails. irs said there was breakdown in communication that allowed lerner's emails to be included in data. he claims the agency cooperated with all the investigations. in response to all of this, top oversight democrat, elijah cummings writes, this ridiculous resolution demonstrates nothing with the republican obsession diving into investigative rabbit holes that wastes tens of millions of taxpayer dollars while having no positive i am peak on a single american. martha, back to you. martha: that is not over. rich, thank you very much. bill: 22 minutes before the hour. disturbing dash-cam video shows a deadly shooting involving a police officer. was the shooting justified or should the officer face charges? we have a decision on that coming up in a moment. martha: hillary clinton ripping republican as party of the rich and more. so are the gop candidates
7:39 am
prepared to do battle with a woman who is looking more and more like the eventual democratic candidate? rnc chairman reince priebus responds to that coming up next. >> so i believe, and i think the evidence supports this, that the economy does better when we have democrat in the white house because you do have to work against some pretty powerful forces but at least you're there, you're pushing back all the time. did you know that good nutrition
7:40 am
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7:42 am
is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. bill: south carolina police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of a teenager after this dash-cam void yes was released the moment the officer fired. we'll show you video but not see the actual shooting. however you hear it. this from the palmetto state. >> stop, stop. [shouting] bill: happened during a drug sting. the driver, 19 years old, zachary hammond was not armed at time. investigators say the video clearly shows the police lieutenant mark taylor was in danger and justified in the shooting.
7:43 am
two federal investigations continue on that case. ♪ martha: some of the latest polls at least hillary clinton certainly looks like she will be the nominee. using every chance that she gets to start acting like she head-to-head with the republican candidate basically. and last night, she did more of that during her appearance on "the late show with stephen colbert". take a look. >> we have to get back to putting middle class at center of our politics. we have got to make it clear, that what has been tried by the republicans every time they get a chance, cutting, taxes on super wealthy, getting out of the way of corporations doesn't create broad based prosperity. it creates more inequality. martha: there is look at what the eventual republican nominee will be going up fence in terms of the against the democratic side. gorgeous day out there in boulder.
7:44 am
we're joined by reince priebus who heads republican national committee. >> a little cold. martha: is it chilly? >> a little cold. not wisconsin cold so it is okay. good morning, martha. martha: thanks so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. obviously a big night for all of the republicans tonight as they try to get a little closer figuring out who the nominee will be. are you looking at this point hillary clinton as candidate, nominee? >> yeah, we are. i mean i think they will have coronation on their side of the aisle. we've been saying that for months and you know, i thought that joe biden would have been tougher for us in a general election. i think he is far more likeable and obviously people, even today, will say that hillary clinton is someone that can't be trusted. you know people have always been skeptical of her. i think that will bode well for us. martha: but, you know, as she starts to articulate her argument we're hearing things that have worked very well for democratic candidates in the past.
7:45 am
worked well for barack obama. worked well for bill clinton certainly. let's listen to a little bit more what is likely to be her argument. >> i fully support social security and most important fight we're going to have to is defending it against continuing republican efforts to privatize it. >> do you want to expand it? >> a lot of women are on social security particularly widowed and single women, who didn't make a lot of money during their careers. they impoverished. they need more help from the social security system. martha: so you've got a pulling in war on women idea. as well as look, they will take away your stuff. they will take away your entitlements. they will take away the money that you get in that check every month or at least chip away at it a little bit, reince? >> look, reality is her problem is that women aren't better off today than they were when barack obama stepped in. if you're black, if you're hispanic, the promises that barack obama made to you didn't make things better.
7:46 am
in fact they are worse for the middle class. they're worse for people across this country. things aren't better. you know that's what people are going to ask. they will ask whether hillary clinton is type of person we can trust to turn the country around. right now, people don't believe that she is. and she has been part of the problem, part of the obama administration. she represents a third term of barack obama. that is going to be a problem for her. then it will be up to us too to provide better vision for this country and have real adult conversation about what is happening with debt, what is happening with jobs, and those are the things that people will want to talk about. we'll do better job turning out the vote, having better data and digital engagement plan than we did four years ago. we'll have to be better everywhere in order to win. that is our intention. martha: we will see. you know we see in the national polls that it looks like, as it always is, pretty tight race, really no matter who you put up against hillary clinton. >> it will be. martha: they will have a big
7:47 am
challenge cut out for them, that's for sure. >> that's right. martha: i have to ask you about the green room thing. >> okay. martha: you know, i mean apparently donald trump got a huge green room at tonight's debate and there was an rn c tour where y'all were showing everybody where they will be. there is donald trump. has cushy chairs, nice big tv. >> i can't see it but i'm assuming. >> it's a nice room with big chairs. looks quite comfortable. >> okay. martha: apparently carly fiorina had a jacuzzi in hers. marco rubio had pretty nice digs. there is the picture. folks at rand paul and chris christie camp were kind of peeved when they saw their room looked essentially like a bathroom. what is going on with that? >> look, we have 14 candidates, martha. 14. this is an athletic facility. it is not quite a jacuzzi. it is locker room. they're doing everything they can to space off places for all the candidates. i think all of it has been resolved. i had a beer last night with one
7:48 am
of the campaign managers from rand paul. he is perfectly fine. and i think they're all set now. things have been moved and so, i think it is resolved. i think we've got bigger problems than worrying about green rooms. i do think candidates should be comfortable. martha: you're right about that. >> the fact is that they should be comfortable when they're here. if they need a better room, believe me we'll go fight to make sure they get one and we'll look anywhere we can to make sure they're happy. martha: they're happy. the paul folks got a better room. >> we try to make everyone happy. martha: we had our makeup done for cleveland debate in visitors locker room, which i thought was pretty cool. i was sitting there, this is visitors lockers. pretty neat. >> i remember four years ago going to makeup rooms and greeting candidates. these are not, you know, facilities that have 14 green rooms. this is gym turned into debate stage. martha: you're in there for total of 45 minutes. how bad could it be, right? thank you.
7:49 am
we're looking forward to see what happens tonight. >> you bet. martha: as i know you are. we'll see you soon. >> thank you, martha. bill: some folks may need the jacuzzi after tonight's debate. martha: ice packs for their heads. bill: depending how it goes. skop jon scott coming up next with "happening now" rolls your way. >> good morning bill, martha was talking about it with the chairman of the rnc. county down on for third debate as boulder gop and new front-runner for race in the white house. ben carson surges ahead of donald trump nationally and in iowa. marco rubio in the spotlight. florida senator getting a lot of attention including from fellow republicans. hillary clinton apparently determined not to repeat some of the mistakes in the past including what happened in iowa in 2008. we'll have that for you. "happening now." bill: good to see you, jon. >> see you, bill. bill: racing on the wings of the wind. winner of this year's red bull wing suit race is live. you will hear how they do this. ♪
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up.
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and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. bill: you have 40 wing suit competitors jumping four at time in the red bull wing suit race starting at altitude of 8,000 feet. here is the issue? who can wave through the skies fastest? our looking winning wing suit flight. andy joins me. and luke aikens. gentlemen, how goes it? welcome from california -- seattle i should say. andy, what makes you the best in the world? >> a lot of training, a lot of hard work and been doing it since i was 16 years old. bill: is it physical? is it mental?
7:54 am
does it come down to guts? what is? >> a little bit of everything. it is mental and everything. you want to visualize courses. jumping out of a helicopter at 8,000 feet. of course you have a lot of nerves up there and everything. then, yeah, a lot of training, a lot of preparation and making sure you're fit for the job. bill: andy, how do you train for this? what do you do? >> jump out of airplanes. i make probably 1000 jumps every single year. i've been doing that since i was 16 years old. i have about 20,000 skydives now. bill: wow. >> and probably made bp five to 700 wingsuit jumps every year. bill: how do you, what is technique for increasing your speed? >> we have little flight computers we wear on our helmet. so then, throughout those jumps and everything we're going back and looking at data, we're just using different body positions. we're changing different wingsuits throughout the year. you make yourself as streamlined
7:55 am
as you absolutely can. bill: it is all in the core. i thought that is what you were going to say. luke, there is a course out there, right? you set up different gates you call them. how does the flyer know where the course is and how you hit these gates? >> basically we have the bottom gate at 3500 feet which is save altitude for opening up our parent chutes and they're staggered up to 6500 feet. we use gps assist. i am on radio guiding helicopters in position. i try to line up a course, we start out in the practice pretty straight with little turns and we move on we spread them out wider and wider so athletes can see them. bill: when andy is flying literally can he see the gate in the distance? is that difficult? what's the catch there? >> it's a little bit difficult to see, but you're standing out on the skid of the helicopter. you can look down the line of flight and you can start seeing
7:56 am
the first gate and second gate. you maybe can't see the third gate at the finish line but as you're approaching the second gate you really start to pick up the third gate. it's a little bit of challenging but not bad. bill: luke, you've been doing this for a while. what do you want viewers to know about the experience? >> i want them to know we have the best athletes in the world. we're trying to bring them, red bull racing is bringing them up in safe environment. two automatic openers on reserves. we can showcase their talent in lot safer environment. these guys are going 100 plus miles per hour. they know it is left turn, right turn, followed by hair pain pin. same with all of that and saving their life on way down. bill: saving their life. you're right. greatest athletes in the world. argument for that. thank you, fellows. andy and luke, seattle, washington. good luck, fellows. be safe. >> thanks a lot. >> have a good one. martha: big night tonight in
7:57 am
colorado as it is round through for gop candidates. what kind of jabs and punches will be thrown in ..
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> a big day tomorrow. we will chew over what happens then the debate. we will be watching baseball as well and we might have a new speaker too. packed day, have a great day, see you tomorrow. bill: get your stopwatch out, we are waiting for congress to vote on a federal budget that sets spending for two years, raises the debt ceiling and could avoid a government shutdown but not a done deal yet. is it? welcome to "happening now". i am john scott. >> i am jenna lee. it is supposed to be at done deal but it is not all done.


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